Without Having To Say The Achtung…

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Hans Joachim Schmidt

Without even the hint of an implied ‘achtung’ Mars glides into Capricorn but really, honestly…Mars in Capricorn is ALL about the getting a grip and who cares if you would rather slouch over your “work” desk drinking grapa (?) and grizzling about politics.

Mars is EXALTED in Capricorn. Mars is in Capricorn until mid-January. Mars Exalted in Cap means Mars gets OFF on being in Capricorn. Mars works well in Capricorn. Mars will do anything to impress in Capricorn.  Chin ups on the door frame. Fending off an invasion from space. Spread-sheets. Reverse cowboy. You name it.

What you can’t do? Wimp out. Or even in.

And you might want to comb the chrysalis gunk out of your hair.

51 thoughts on “Without Having To Say The Achtung…

  1. i have mars in cap natally (conjunct neptune, which uh, changes it a bit) and since yesterday I have all of a sudden had some will power. it’s really strange but thank god!! I need a little structure in my head, it feels nice. oh wait. sounds more like that’s due to saturn sextiling my ascendant. feels nice, whatever it is.

  2. this is fabulous for me… i think… with north node in capricorn in 3rd house and the prospect of applying for professional jobs over the next two months. Considering I have a weak mars placement in pisces, Im hoping to draw on this current astro vibe to really go for it. Good news!

  3. Am loving this new energy!!! After a grumpy week last week and an unsettled Monday, just felt it all lift yesterday- yay! It’s like NOTHING is too hard or impossible to do/achieve…

  4. This, along with the Virgo porn director, Virgo shoe fetish thing, and my Christmas bonus has made this week very Earthy so far. This Taurus likes. Sorry Sadge, but I just want you to shut up now.

    Also, guy I currently have a thing for has Mars in Cap. Think he’ll finally grow the balls to ask me out? Before the Merc retrograde?

  5. After a week of zero productivity I’ve woken up ready to work today too. In every respect, not just paid work. Feel like getting stuck into living

  6. Woke up wanting coffee – REAL coffee – with wine in it.. and sex.. and sugar and cream.. and chocolate.

    Only have Chai Latte in the house. Shall imagine the spices hold magical sensual qualities.

  7. And not a moment to soon. Pulling 12 hour days from here til the end of next week so I need all the Capricornian help I can get!

    Can I just pause here for a moment to have a rather loud whinge??!!
    TWO YEARS IN A ROW I have had to weather my most busy and details-rich event production deadlines under a Mercury Retrograde. And we’re not talking some little event, we’re talking one of the largest film festivals in the country – with 100 odd titles (which means that many contracts!!) flooding in from all corners of the globe. Last year I got my arse bit BIG TIME by Mercury and there is no chance I’m going to let it happen again. Doing my best to get the big stuff all sorted and signed off by the 10th, but there is a heck of a lot that will have to deal with the retro… So…


    Plus, totally feeling it since yesterday about noon (that was probably Uranus turning too…). BUT. I’m Pumped. On Fire!!

    • Best of luck Lexi, am sure your Virgo stellium must be trining that Cappy Mars and producing some big energetic help for you too? Big weapons at hand.

      I believe I got to see your special moment on Foxtel repeat of the award show. How nerve wracking it must have been, yet you were so incredibly smooth Lex, very impressive. :) Congratulations handsome man!

      • Ah how funny. I was the one accepting an award from a 10 year old. Eek. And reduced to breathy high-voice from nerves and stair walking… hehe.

        • You sound a bit embarrassed? You were wonderful!! So gracious and totally in control. Made the 10 year old look sooo contrived. ;)

          • Funny, I went to Uni with Yumi S. We were friendly and hung out a bit – she seems just as lovely as she was then.

            • she was very sweet to me at the after party. pushed to the front of the line to get me a beer and all. bless.

              • that’s cute! it’s good to hear she hasn’t lost her manners, she was always thoughtful.

          • Oh thank you. Always hard to watch yourself when you were nervous. It’s only that I know there was a really composed and witty mid-section to that speech that got a big applause and I felt quite good about, which of course, got cut.. But blah blah. I still got my aquamarine weighs-a-ton souvenir bottle opener on my mantle!!

    • Ahhhhhh… good luck Lex!

      All I have noticed with Mars in cap is that people are SW-EAR-ING all over the place. Its like some popped the cork of polite off the bottle of nas-ty.

    • Mercury retro natally and they say if so, one does not get affected as much as otherwise.

      Not sure how much that is true. Haven’t ever really kept tabs. But good luck to you Lex. Your an Ace so will ace it, I’m sure. x

    • Thanks Loves.
      Virgo-ing it up for safety’s sake while charging a la goatman.
      Yes, we are f*ckin ace at blitzing the sh*tty-stress-spots and negotiating mercury-challenge F*wits in our mutha f*ing paths… Will get there, even with the distracting conversations about New Wave Surgery Porn bantering around the office…. WTF?
      Somebody pop the cork off a bottle of nas-ty for me, I need a f*ing drink!

      PS – seeing BLONDIE in concert tonight. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.
      Not a care in da world.

  8. Just told a certain large corporation to go shove it as it won’t accept our credit card details nor pronotional code. So wrote them a ‘Oh well we won’t be able to run that $10000 campaign after all emai’ to see if they pay any atttention.
    I ‘ve tried this trick before and got a phone call rather promptly. and no we don’t have $10000 right now but we may have in the fuure.

  9. yes i am really really really feeling this.

    competent. swearing more than usual. practical.

    do not cross me.

    it has NOT manifested – yet – as adherence to rewarding dietary principles.

  10. mmm – did tell the ‘ladies’ behind the Harris Scarf store counter to shove it yesterday after my Cappy daughter and I got caught in the Adelaide monsoon. My girl’s high school orientation info back was paper and had turned into pulp so I asked if we could BUY a plastic bag. The sphincter-spasmodic-hag-with-an-inflated-sense-of-beige-twin-set-self-righteousness said no ‘for security reason’.

    My poor lovely daughter just stood there saturated and dripping, clutching the paper mache that had become her high school show bag and said to the old bag behind the counter.. very quietly,

    ‘Wow, you’re mean.’

    We then sallied out of there and went to the Cancer Council shop – and the women were much nicer and lovely there.

    Fuq Harris Scarfs. May their stock be invaded by fleas!

    • ~beige-twin-set-self~Wow, you’re mean~

      Hilarious blue. Hope your daughter all dry and snuggly with Mum now.

    • I think there’s a special place in Hell for people like that, bluelibra. Good for your daughter to express the truth so directly.

    • Bitch on a power trip- you work in a scarf shop- get over yourself!
      I’d never even heard of Harris scarfs before now, but they are on my blacklist.

        • Ha!! Woops, am I showing my small town ignorance here? We don’t have many shops in my town. Quite proud we won’t let in any Mcdonalds, KFC, or the like, though.

      • LOL

        I used to live down there and I remember thinking as a child that grown ups must really love scarfs to have such a big shop with multiple floors to sell them. But that was before I actually had been in there.

  11. Seems everyone in my world who is Cap, Is fuqing happy and la di da. Everyone else is fuqing losing it!! hahaha

    • Current Cappy Mars on my Saturn and trans Pluto. Had only two patients today, VERY unusual but skippity do dah, got to come home early. Mars in Cap breaks a break! The rest of the week full on as usual.

    • I lost it twice on Monday caught up in mindless buracracy. stormed off both times aagh just so frustrated with life. Gimme a break

  12. I’m loving the hard working Cap vibe and am getting off on it. With Sag and Uranus doing their thing on Mon and now Mars entering Cap, this week has been truly amazing so far. And it’s only Wednesday :o After some cool synchronicity on Mon a biz opportunity – which starts tomorrow – fell in my lap. I had done a quick tarot reading re the month of Dec and bam it said it exactly what has occured. The cards said it would happen quickly too but this quickly?!? :o

  13. Very good, my Cap Moon was almost pushed to its limits re:mental stamina at work. Mars in Cap hopefully will blaze the way out.

  14. mmm have mars in cap natal – think it must have always been dormant though, none of this is anything I have experienced by memory . Hopefully this will wake it up, I could absofuqenlutely use some of what is being spoken about.
    I know zip about mars energy, sounds like exactly what I need at the moment, cause I have no external oomph at all.
    So Mars in Cap sounds like a non-embarrising (like you won’t freak out over your actions after the energy wanes) force of reconing – me like.