What IS Mercury Retrograde Good For?

We all know what Mercury Retro is not so fab for but what is it GOOD for?

Obviously this varies depending on your chart but in general, it is great for reading and gathering info…Especially the variety that involves instinctively meandering through books from your past or to a section of the bookstore you can’t usually be bothered with.

If you are creatively blocked during this retro, take that as your celestial cue to go and re-infuse your brain with ideas…A leisurely bookshelf unclutter is the perfect activity for Mercury Retro. Of course, Mars-Pluto in Cap might have other ideas, none of which involve “leisure.”

Force yourself to see how productive it is and read something you would not normally read. Eg; if you’re normally doing fiction, do a biz guide. Or if you read loads of self-enrichment material, do a graphic novel. Or just re-read the book you loved most as a teenager. Biographies of insanely successful and fascinating people work well with Capricorn retrogrades…yes?

Or – my fave Mercury Retro activity: Chardonnay Mind Mapping. Ludicrously insightful and an excuse to buy glitter pens.

Think also: bibliomancy.

61 thoughts on “What IS Mercury Retrograde Good For?

  1. 8O

    I re read all my cookbooks JUST like Nigella is doing in the pic… 8O

    Actually I am reading Crimes against Humanity by Geoffrey Robertson as well as all my cookbooks… 8O

    • Oh … Nigella. I love Nigella. If I had a Nigella cookbook I think I might read that at the moment too.

      I am just about to start ‘The Whole Lesbian S** Book’ by Felice Newman. And am in the middle of ‘Anthropology of an American Girl’, which is FABULOUS! All that teen angst … fabulous escapism back to memories of my adolescence (all-be-it an adolesence that took place 15 years after the time the book is set in).

    • Wow, I didn’t realise that was Nigella, I looked up her DOB on w/end, just wondering what sign she would be, I was suprised by Capricorn.

    • Ah Nigella. Nigella was the first in Food Show Porn. I remember caling my Nebulous Cancerian ex in from wherever he was in the house to tell me what he thought of the show, and the strangest look came upon his face as he watched her work the mandolin slicer er..vigorously. He’d gone quiet then went..”that’s like..dirty”.

      • ;) … Oh yeah! Definitely why I love Nigella. Hedonistic full bodied woman who loves all food … Gotta say … fabulous!

        And I’m so not surprised she’s a Capricorn – I always knew Cappies were my weakness :D [Love Taureans too!]

      • Ha ha FA, funny! I first watched Nigella AFTER studying hypnotherapy and NLP and I was taken aback at the blatant scripts encouraging the food/sex connection! (“The creamed sugar should feel like sand, just like on a hot day on the beach, as you wriggle your toes through the wet sand, it feels so good,etc.”). Totally OTT.

  2. This Mercury retro is so all about catching up on reading and sleeping. So far that’s all I’ve wanted to do since the retro started. And oh it’s been divine!

  3. Can someone please explain chardonnay mind mapping (with glitter pens)??
    In my case it would be champagne mind mapping… LOL

    • Yeah I just suddenly took more notice when MM said “glitter pens”. I’ve never mind mapped either…

      • Last time I saw my fab new agey Leo hairdresser, she was having everyone create “Life Maps” in the salon whilst letting our haircolor bake. LOL.
        It involved writing your name in a circle in the middle, and the drawing boxes off it, stating all your desires for your life as if they already exist. For example: “I am married to _____”, “I am a published writer”, etc, etc.

        Wonder if that’s what MM’s Chardonnay mind mapping is….

  4. i thought craftin an orange pomander ball would ease the mind now..

    so happens it confused the funk out of my virgo sun & sagittarius moon brain. virgo tensified to line each clove perfectly, but sagg was on the other shoulder stompin around exclaiming ‘where is the creativity!~?
    i should be using it as target practice for stars sake! meh as entertaining the thought lingered.. cleaning up was not a turn on.


  5. reading a folklore study on the banshee, because who DOESN’T feel like an irish death messenger is on her way to you during a mercury retro?!? ;)

    i think my 10th house is ready to commit suicide. transiting mars & pluto conjunct-ing the hell out of natal saturn, uranus & neptune. of course mercury is aspecting them as well. I DON’T KNOW, I JUST RUN AROUND WAVING THE URANUS MIDDLE FINGER WHILE I TAKE UP THE HOBBY KNOWN TO NORMAL PEOPLE AS CLEANING AND START HAVING VISIONS AS I TRIP OUT ON ALL THE CHEMICALS IN THESE PRODUCTS. and i keep injuring myself, like a mermaid learning how to walk, i don’t know how people do this cleaning business on a consistent basis. i’m only doing it to avoid the cerberus calling for me from under my bed, the fumes rising from the delphic oracle.

    • LOL banshee,

      I am named (derivative) after the banshee queen ironically from scorp irish ma, how goth is that? look up the valkyrie when you done as the link between the Tuatha de Dannan -Morrigan and the Valkyrie is strong esp since the Danu people herald from Norse.

        • Hello hello Ms.! I’m convinced Scorp mothers pick the best names for their children, something that’s always creative and connecting to a very ancient thread. Almost always a pre-Christian name (never encountered a child with a Scorp mother with a Christian name, but one must always accept exceptions).

          Celtic mythology is the last one I’ve learned about i.e. in the process of it now, which is ridiculous since it’s the one my family connects to, though academically, I’ll be studying Scandinavian mythology and the languages of Old Norse/Icelandic/Danish. Might move onto Irish studies when I’m done.

          I’m quite aware of the Valkyrie, but really know nothing about the Tuatha Dé Danann, so I’ll be reading about them today, and their connection. Thank you for the pointer! :D

          Astro deets wise, I’ll just offer up my chart, http://bit.ly/eWR5n2
          THAT 10TH HOUSE IS BEING BOMBARDED AT THE MOMENT, though the dreams are fantastic :lol:

          • my name is quite plain but the derivative and her witching name is the thing rather than being direct translation, thats her style. There is lots of links abroad due to the invasions, think you’ll find it interesting. Scotia is also one to look at

            just had a look at your chart, interesting. Pretty intense times. I had massive pluto transits when I was that age so I relate. So what career work things plus housing is happening atm then>??? x

            • yes, indeed, that is the scorp style, hidden depths of meaning. bluntness usually hails from sagg. it’s never a showing thing, the names they choose are always more like a code, but still with ancient ties, with memory.

              i think i’m too young for the usual go-to items of such transits, i.e. i’m in school, not working. perhaps it’s the natal mercury in the 7th but the thing i find to be very shaken up at the moment and feeling those transits is relationships and people rather than work or home. very strange occurrences happening there, people from many years ago contacting all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere. and me saying yes to someone only to realize i had to say yes in order to know i meant no. so now i have to have that conversation, which i dread, because there is still love there, but it can only exist if i destroy myself, if i become something he can “understand.” so i console myself with thoughts of the multiverse and for infinite universes for each infinite possibility, and so in one of them we could love for a lifetime, but there is not here. is not here.

              • but surely your ambitions are forming? any interesting things developing there? pluto just blows everything so intense and you have an opposition too. eh, but libra will always look to love/interests to map the tide. Lots of reflections and learning curves there then. Hope you got some kind of yoga or grounding routine going that sounds exhausting, esp all that air.

                Are you writing this out ? x

    • just realised the irony of that with my merc retro in scorpio and mercury as my asc. what are your astro deets again applepieskies?

    • My 10th house is being killed in this Merc retro – on the other hand Pluto is involved, so I trust the process will eventually work out for the best. Today,it was Mystic’s daily that prevented me doing what she wrote “don’t do it – not now”.

      • Mystic’s advice is always timed perfectly and spot on, it shouldn’t keep surprising us by now, yet it does. Pluto is definitely adding some depth to everything, like you, I feel it’ll work out quite nicely in the end, even if the process put us on the edge.

  6. Does music count?

    Last week, a storm blew in and very oddly knocked a single water glass over which happened to be sitting on my bedside table beneath the window. The glass then poured water onto my MP3 player which happened to be resting on the edge of a shelf below it… Anyhoo, my MP3 player drowned and I NEED a new one. What do I go out walking to? Silence? What am I supposed to listen to to drift me off to sleep? My Cappy self-talk?? Ahhhhh! Damn you merc retro!

    So last night, I dragged my old chunky CD stereo player whatsit into my bedroom, plonked it on the bed next to me, stuck in the only headphones I could find (that weren’t cutting out like all mine seem to be lately) and played CDs!!! Just like I did as a teenager! I listened to whole CDs like I hadn’t done for YEARS! It was odd. Retro. Eerie, sad, revelatory that what I used to find so inspiring was actually quite depressing somehow? Is this what I used to put myself through – long CDs of melancholic music- and that’s what I’d drift off to sleep with??

    Gawd, I’m SUCH a different person now and not just because technology’s changed. I’m just… “happier” now? Not looking for the dark side of everything??

    I’ve also found myself watching old favourite films and TV series lately, favourites that I found SO inspiring in my childhood, teens, 20s but now, they’re completely underwhelming. I’m sure the don’t suck but they don’t have anything that I can cling to. What did I like about them? What happened to the masterpiece?

    I couldn’t even begin to write up a list of “favourites” of anything at the moment because I realise my entire taste is changing. I think I’m ditching the concept of favourite things and living in the moment more – yeah me, a Cap – because it’s far more satisfying and relevant. C-c-crazy.

  7. I love chardonnay mind mapping, and mercury retro doesn’t even have to be happening. Full moon, new moon…all is good for chardonnay mind mapping!
    Speaking of re-reads, I re-read Lynda Goodman’s sun signs last night and was shocked by how many sociopathic tendencies only applied to my Leo Boss. It’s a Leo thing! So then i forced myself to admit that yes, I’m a loopy piscean who sees the past/present/future as one and has illusion/deception down to a T, as she describes us fish peeps too. That book is a classic. I wonder if she’s still alive?

    • Mercury is the prankster – he likes to remind us mortals how little control we truly have in the scheme of things despite how strongly we cling to the delusion that we do. Apparently we need to be reminded of this often! ;)

  8. I’m reading In the Absence of God (Dwelling in the presence of the sacred) by Sam Keen which was given to me by the Virgo next-door-neighbour and is a complete mind fuq – bit like him really.

  9. hehe, I am currently de cluttering and de branding my room that was the live in mood board. Lovingly re shelving and finding new homes slash storage systems for all reference files, creating a new e-port and going through all computer work for the year and re filing it. It’s all about creating a new personalised system with all my work. Perfect astro for said task and at my own pace which is nice change.
    Throwing myself into this merc retro and loving the timing for once. :)

  10. Well, I am taking my book to the jacuzzi this evening (again..did last night too)…The pool is heated also and last night saw a lovely falling star…or something/asteroid.

    Beautiful weather here in Palm Springs. Still drinking de-tox tea…no wine. Have no inclination for it right now whatsoever…

    Retrograde…..”Re-re-re” everything and because Mercury retro natally, does that make it easier? Not sure but something has shifted.

    • And goodness, get while the gettin’ is good. By Friday will be 20 degrees cooler and raining!! (secretly, I prefer that this time of year actually instead of 82f…far too warm as we DIE all summer)

        • ~add a dramatic drumroll before your last bite, or punctuate that dinner conversation with a solid rimshot~

          OMG, now that is hilarious!! Sounds very Arien too!! lol…..Thank you for bringing that option to my attention!! :lol:

            • Oooh Sweatpea, seeing a falling star is auspicious. The last time I saw one was night before i met the divine French Kataka :-) Yes I made a wish.

    • Yah sweetpea you saw one of the Geminds Meteors , the shower peaks tonight but runs over a two week period. Was it a white one or coloured? Missed it so far as we have not had a starry night in yonks but it looks like it could happen tonight as it is finally blue skys today (we have had only a few in the last couple of months). Suppose to peak at up to 60 per hour depending on viewing conditions. Make a wish if you see another tonight.
      Your evening sounds wonderful.

      • thanks hippychic! Actually, I read where someone/s (you?) were commenting about the showers recently. Thanks for the info. Will see what happens when I step out. Will let you know if I see one and yes, make a wish! Had wondered what I had just been thinking about when I saw it and said to myself “well, that confirms it” (about said subject/wonderings :) ) It had been a white one.

        One year I saw a rainbow and Hale Bop all in one day! It did NOT turn out to be fortuitious in the short term but was in the long… x

        • Love the magic of nature. Once I was on an absolutely crappy bus trip and dying for it to end, I was trying to see the best in the situation as was gazing out the window look at the great view and saw my first intense double rainbow – so wow! Later found out that I was pregnant with my very own rainbow girl :)

        • Yes it was probably me I tell everyone – I’m on commission :)

          Yep this is the one that we were talking about that is connected to the Asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The only annual meteor shower that is not connected to a comet and that sometimes produces colours.

  11. Mercury Rx with all that warring smash-up on ASC makes me glad I don’t have shotgun shells ~> Squaring my stellium, squashed, repressed, ignored, anxious and fed up to Moooon with it ! oOoh honey don’t even get me STARTED on the Neptune shiz. over&out

  12. given the last scheduled job for the year fell into next year – have scheduled documenting Le Grande Plan … bouncing nuances of clever peeps & now prepping to detail so all can be game on for the new year!!

    not sure about chardy mind mapping …. & agree above that no excuse required for glitter pens!!

  13. im just buying myself presents and making friends with enemies. im dancing in the retrograde. am i the only one having an extremely creative period?!

  14. hmmm. from the looks of this comments stream, mercury retrograde is good for going off on tangents… yes? Or perhaps that’s just me having a merc retrograde non-comprende moment?

    I love Nigella too

    Oh yes, probably both…

    so, for me, Mercury Retrograde is good for going over old ground… looking for what is familiar and trying it on again for a new take.


  15. Bought myself a new digital camera…rather daring since merc is retro and probably will fuq with the whole plan.

  16. Mercury retrograde is good for turning everyone into Virgos to check and recheck all the details so not much goes wrong. And then it’s good for being Scorpionic and delving into why you created the mishaps that escaped your pretending to be a Virgo.

  17. It’s Merc Retro Sunday! I went to the museum for a special exhibit that happened yesterday, ding one. Lost my ring while I was there, ding two. Almost got hit by inattentive LA drivers at least twice, ding three.

    But doing quite well with going over all sorts of things sans chardonnay.

  18. I have broken all the Merc Retro rules and installed adsl WiFi, TBox and new TV over the weekend. So far no problemos BUT all of the above purchased well before retro except for TV which scraped in Friday am before Merc turned.

    Have to say i am loving this Cap Mars energy – I have achieved more in the last 4 days than in the past month! And it’s opp my natal Kataka Mars, go figure. Hope it means today’s challenge will go well – assembling Ikea entertainment unit :eek: Have my genius kids on board so should go well.