Surreal, Bats & Dipsomaniac

Just to be real clear about this:  Moon in Aqua approaching Neptune and with Mercury Retrograde does have the capability of being absolutely batshit insane and/or quite FUN.

Idea: You know how whatever the organization is called is always recategorizing planets?  You know, Pluto demoted, Ceres upgraded…whatever.

Well I think Neptune should be recategorized as a DRUG.  A planetary narcotic. Anyone who thinks this is bimbonic has obviously not experienced a Neptune-Sun, Neptune-Venus, Neptune-Moon or Neptune-Ascendant transit. The conjunctions are the most spooky and surreal.


93 thoughts on “Surreal, Bats & Dipsomaniac

  1. Ooooh I have a Neptune trine Venus transit coming up soon (possibly applying now – or is it just that I’m naturally bats anyway?). Well I’ve been looking for a decent new drug for bloody yonks. Gave up the “recreationals” completely about 7 years ago, went off the plonk for two years whilst Satan was in Virgo – but started imbibing again after. Can’t say I’m a fan … just gives me indigestion these days. Humfff. So looking forward to some Neptunian spooky juice. cooooooolies. ;)

    • DMT, called The Spirit Mollecule is the organic drug, of the
      moment but would have to go to South America for it.

      • that soudns interesting pegs. tell this curious pisces more [never fear Neptune is at a safe distance from every planey in my chart except Mars atm..ahem]

      • pretty sure dmt is in aus as most, the south american san(o) pedro and auyachusca are also the IT drugs… very ritual, very religious, very new paradigm/2012 ascension stuff… cant claim to have tried myself but do have inside info on the journey, of course none of these ARE new and have been used for a long time… very excellent high neptune drugs i imagine, for spirit journeying and shamanistic challenges… would go there if the time and place presented itself, but I think im far too saturn pluto girl these days, and my neptune is well behaved after years of discipline, my neptune would prefer to get high on oxygen or h20, or austere yogic postures… my imagination is definitely hanging out with pluto in capricorn, and what may be boring to others, is radically glamorous in my mind and heart!

        • “my imagination is definitely hanging out with pluto in capricorn, and what may be boring to others, is radically glamorous in my mind and heart!”

          I just burst into tears reading this. You just perfectly expressed my Pluto transit with your words. Cap Sun 2 deg, Cap Mars O deg, Cap Merc 7 deg…all in the 8th. Neptune(scorp) sq Moon (leo).

          • oh thats gorgeous… and big too with sun mars and merc in the 8th… so if the 8th is traditionally scorpio ruled by pluto and pluto is transiting, are you experiencing a super transformational pluto transit??? Is it Cap influenced in the subject of your transformation…? Capricorn loves glamour, does it? Im just remembering something mm might have written a while ago, they love the gourmet foods, and fine dining, fine wines, fine cloths etc etc…

            I say radically as it is so different to previous dreaming up Ive done, and it is radical for me to dream up/ imagine such glamorous change! Im loving it, though it may be contradictory to peeps who know me otherwise… oh well! thats a transit for you isnt it…

      • hmmm … have to say that any drugs whatsoever – whether they be synthetic or “organic”, especially if they are psycho-active, send my brain into superhyper aware hyper receiver spastic mode and I just can’t handle them – especially the after effects which usually result in a mega crash. No no … I get high off meditating, communing with ermm the dudes with no physical form and my favourite – synchronisity! I just LURV that stuff which I find rather Neptunian.

  2. The photo dates from the pre-PhotoShop era.

    So that is a real horse standing on a real piano while supported by, possibly, Laurel and Hardy, or similar.

    Strange that the horse is wearing a coat indoors. The horse looks half-asleep. I hope the hooves didn’t scratch the piano.

    Bit of a night-mare.

      • wrong how? yes its pre-photoshop but they were pretty good at darkroom techniques like dodge and burn – perhaps there’s a 3rd leg hidden behind the comics…?

        • ‘Wrong Again!’ doesn’t mean incorrect!

          This is most certainly an authentic photo. I am quite certain that Mystic knows exactly what I mean.

          I’ve actually had a thing about horses this week. It began with a post by SpiderWoman a few days ago. Some of my snaps, of women on horses, are on her blog:

          And then I posted myself, including a couple of snaps of more mythical women on horses, two days ago.

          • The backstory:

            Laurel and Hardy heard that a reward was being offered for the Blue Boy, a stolen Gainsburgh painting. Blue Boy also happened to be the name L&H’s horse. The person offering the reward, was absent, and instructed L&H to ‘put the Blue Boy on the piano’. So that’s what they did.

            Before this photo was taken, the real Gainsburgh Blue Boy had been sold, for $728,800, which was a record for a painting at the time.

    • Laurel and Hardy are…..”wtf?” They had been doing a simple repair…L&H style, when the horse came in to hoof a tune. Then the horse decided to hoof a little dance atop the piano.

      Horse is totally stoned….look at his eyes… :lol:

    • The lack of tension in their muscles makes me think there is definitely a support behind the actors. LOL Robur — I don’t think piano scratching and warmth of the horse in the room was the main consideration. I think they were going for ‘funny’. They did drug the animals back then.

      • Well, I knew/know of nothing regarding animals being drugged back then. My comments were purely in jest and would not have thought it funny if he really were drugged.

        Anyway…I have a sense of humor….like most days…. ;)

  3. i’m about to commence a 2 year neptune opp venus transit – damn – after all that work i’ve done on becoming independent and real re relationships (moon in pisces in the 1st house AND pisces rising AND sun in the 7th in Virgo) – hope I can channel it into creativity and not go bats and deluded with the new beau…

    • neptune is still a real relationship, just that it operates on a different level, it only appears deluded if one has a hard time getting out of the earth element. but neptune can be really gorgeous if you can embrace it, (as a fellow pisces rising, i’m sure you can), you just love on a much deeper level that goes beyond bodies (not that bodies aren’t really lovely, i mean who doesn’t love hands and spines?), like dream-sharing, or having a feeling of constantly communicating with that person when they’re not around and you’re not sure you’re using words. and that’s really special and adds a depth to the relationship that you could never create without neptune and will never forget.

      neptune gets a really bad rap from the more “rational” types, but if one can shut off the neurons for a bit and embrace the world of feeling rather than thinking, it can be really lovely. just as you have said, channeling it into living creatively. i think one only goes bats if they dig their heels in and refuse.

      • thanks heaps for that insight and advice – much appreciated! the last few years have seen me trying to put piscean stuff in ‘its place’ and be more virgoan with relationships – but no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        • precisely, there’s good things there. maybe instead of stripping pisces for virgo, USE virgo to channel it rather than be flooded by it. but once in a while, even the flood can be healing. :)

  4. oh, and of course, because his moon is conjunct my venus, he’s having a neptune transit at the same time – ie neptune opposite moon – eeek

  5. Completely off topic and up for input and perspective.

    Saturn – neck, ??? – lower back?

    Any guesses? Neck not as fuqqed , but lower back has been since neck better – planet for lower back? Maybe mars??

    Can’t look at that picture, it is freeeking me out, that horse looks soooo depressed, I hope there is a hidden harness in there somewhere.

    On topic – Neptune chiron and soon moon sitting almost right on the line between tenth and eleven houses. Uranus sitting right on the line between 11th and twelth houses. So I guess that sounds like a good thing – need some kind of oomph to get me out of the sludge I feel like I’m wading through, the Neptune drug sounds perfect!

    Off topic again: put asteroid 3200 phaethon in my chart, don’t know anything about its significance so pointless really – unless someone knows its representation. Have it in Taurus in the 2nd house opposing my Neptune.
    The reason was that it is the source of the cosmic dust for the geminds meteor shower in the next week peeking Tuesday. the only annual meteor shower that is not from a comet trail and the only one to make other colours than white.

    • LOL put a google search on asteroid 3200 Phaethon Astrology

      The most useful answer I got was in a post comments from the lovely Kim Falconer. The post has a bit about the story of Phaethon too which is always interesting.

      A quote from her response to avoid paraphrasing:

      “feeling out of control—as though you’ve taken on more than you can handle; having trouble keeping to the middle of the road!

      LOLOL – that is perfect Kim 2nd house yes have a bit of trouble keeping the finances in any other state than that :)

      • Oh, this is so amazing. Bing! The light went on.

        Mine is in Gem 5th house. All my major romances have been zero to light speed, engagement rings, etc., with Gems…then the really dramatic slow mo crash scenes.

        Wow. So what does that mean, staying the hell away from those charming, talkative Gems?

      • Eek! This placement is spooky on the 14th.

        Thanks for bringing this up. It seems like something to watch for and understand.

        • And go out and take a look if you can (and if the sky is clear) I am gobsmacked at how many people have never seen a meteor shower and there are so many ever year (but this one is one of the more unique). Have your wishes ready!

  6. A drug? Oh goddess yes. Like all drugs, it can bring good trips (ie take the edge off or give spiritual sustenance during an otherwise drudgey or crappy reality), visionary and/or deluded trips (the possibilities are endless here), genuinely creatively inspired trips, healing and/or truly unconditionally loving trips, mind-bogglingly confusing mentally foggy trips, seeing-right-through-people-into-their-thoughts-and-hearts-and souls trips, being-taken-totally-for-a-ride-through-determination-to-see-only-the-best-in-people-trips, victimhood (poor me) trips, and full on fuqing Kafkaesque nightmare trips in which you genuinely ARE a victim of some random loony/psycho/suffering you can’t control and just have to bounce back anyway.

    I recycle through the lot, given Venus-Neptune conjunct on Scorp Ascendant square Leo Mars and Aquarian Saturn (which of course, are in opposition). Have seen this Ven/Nept conjunction transited by Pluto, squared by Uranus in Aquarius, and squared more recently by Neptune in Aquarius, and crossed, in the last month or two, by Venus/Mars.

    Have also seen Neptune crossing my 7 degree Aquarian Saturn in the 3rd, and more recently, have seen Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in 3rd oppose my 9th house Leo Mars/NN. I think that the latter has possibly been the most challenging of the lot in terms of maintaining positive thinking – but perhaps that’s just the house placements, not the planets.

    • The list of trips Neptune can take you – I have oppositions, so trip endings are always “whack on bum”, “get real” kind of lessons.

      • Yes – I’ve learned to love the conjunction, simply because I know the opposition would be a more consistently flat on your-ass down-to-earthing, whereas the conjunction occasionally grants one’s positive visualisations-seeing-the-best-in-things-lets-create-a-different-reality-kind-of-dreaming….

  7. Natal Neptune zaps almost all entities on my chart: except Sun and Mars, only because 10 degree is cut off – make it 15 and there you are, looking at a drugged chart. Plus, with Pisces rising, it is my chart ruler.

    Natal aspects make me somewhat immune to transits, but I am curious about tr Nep sq natal Nep transit.

  8. Not feeling it. Channeling the aqua moon as my new goddess
    Pass the hooch but give me insight

  9. Off topic Mystic but you questioned on twitter whether wikileaks will shed news on aliens and I gotta said YES! It’s time.

  10. Yes, a drug; I’d sign up for clinical trial testing anytime.

    Neptune is like the ultimate magic carpet ride, or luckdragon flight, or spaceship trip etc.

    How dull would we be without imaginations?

  11. Neptune is at the tail end of transiting my Asc. Yes…a drug! Not so much mind/body drug, but rather like a soul drug. It seems that ninety percent of me has been out in the great Elsewhere during this transit, bringing back all kinds of information, contacts, memories, methods to accomplish arcane ends….but for what?

    For a while it really seemed I might just let go the 10% and leave. I mean, who needs the body anyway? It was FUN out there! (and I’m not talking suicide, folks, just simply letting go!) But now I’m starting to come back, come down and maybe integrate some of that far out other dimension tripping into this life, the life I now know, not theoretically, but from memory, that I chose.

    Whew! Truth be told, I’m going to miss it! I trust, being an Aqua rising and moon, I will remain connected in some more practical ways.

    • Wow, aquacrab, I so know what you mean. With natal neptune bang on ascendant, I have always struggled with a deep desire to go home – which is SO not in a body, here on earth, beautiful though the planet most surely is. Since age 8, and I have always been absolutely sure that I will die relatively young, simply because I WANT to, and am busting my guts to learn all the lessons I chose to come back to learn in this incarnation (including surrendering to being in a body and trying to be happy in it) as quickly as possible, so I can go home for a while, if not forever.
      Of course, such feelings are deeply controversial and by even mentioning them one risks peeps misinterpreting and giving you crap…(ie people are fine if they hear you are visualising being rich, powerful, or in love, or blah blah, but mention visualising your physical self no longer existing – and people feel really threatened by, or self-righteous about, that). Anyway, nice to read your post, Aquacrab, because I suspect that even without having the Neptune thing natally, you might get it – ie the death wish that is really just a go home wish.

        • Wow. Seriously you guys? I would love to have a conversation about death with you two…

          My stuff is all about Saturn and My Aries sun having to face Pluto….death…. I’m scared!

          Aries warriers don’t like death!

          • Just shave your hair off, stick a barcode on the back of your neck and run around like a crazy person with armour! ;)

            • Aries people loooove running around like crazy people….especially with armour involved!!

              Possibly if I drink this blue “potion” I shall be immune to common earthly fears…. It’s worth a shot…Prowlin! Is there still time??!?

              *glug* *glug*

              F?*&k that a horse on the piano??

      • neptune in 4th trine moon in 12th, with both sextile Pluto in 2nd. I felt this way most of the time growing up and in my early twenties….totally get returning home. It wasn’t till my 1s born was a baby and my dead friend kept visiting me in dreams that it changed, He told me I could go with him and I refused….no way would I leave my child behind like that.

        • I think that if I had been lucky enough to have a child (not possible for me now), I would feel exactly the same way.

      • Have mentioned it before, but have done hypno for past life regression, so lots of living and dying scenarios replayed. Was a quite a theme it seems in previous lives, lots of death-by-cop scenarios, my link to this life was ever tenuous!
        One death as a healthy young man in a nether world taught me you always find your way home eventually, do not fear. Now it is just a question of patience and desire to see what I can do with this reality as I accept I will be going ‘home’ eventually.

        Very Neptunian thoughts. But important not to romanticise such thoughts as the karmic repercussions are heavy.

  12. I have that natally too Capfire. And Neptune opp. Venus, trine MC & Sun/Mn midpoint and sextile Pluto.

    When Neptune and Uranus were conjunct my Moon in 8th some years ago it was quite other worldly. It was like Uranus had to bring all the changes, upsets and jolts, flashes of insight/guidance too at critical times in order to get in touch with Neptune in an other worldly way. Music helped to sort of go off planet at various times as well but with Uranus and Neptune my whole emotional nature was transformed but ultimately in a good way.

    • Sounds like a ‘trip’ when Uranus was in the mix. Interesting with what you say about the music. I often escape into music too. Full blast in car on route to work, always playing in the background at home, playlist for every mood imaginable. Neptune (scorp) in 6th, Moon (leo) in 4th. Heaven to me is lying around the house alone with music on, candles lit and mind wondering off to wherever the music takes me. Probably done to much of this ‘hiding away lost in the music’ stuff over the last year with this Pluto transit business.

      Wondering if the natal Moon square Neptune might be the reason I run from any harsh emotional confrontation? …As in can’t stand to be around loud mouth crass peeps in my face sort of thing. Do you do this too? ..and how is the Pluto transit effecting your Cap moon square Neptune?

      Also have Neptune square Jup (aqua) 10th.

        • Hi Capfire,

          Since Cappy Moon 26 degrees, current Pluto transit not making aspect.

          Current Cap Pluto, Mercury, Mars and North Node however all conjunct Saturn in 7th square Aries Merc/loosely Sun. Pretty energizing as know exactly what needs to be done with certain goals but right now finishing Xmas decorating/cleaning…

          If someone is being loud and crass for funny effect I don’t mind, but if just a loud mouth idiot in general, no, I will usually remove myself or go silent. :)

  13. Surrounded on all sides by Aquas, grounded by my back against the wall, trying hard not to bust out laughing, this is so happening right now chez nous, and I luv it. What? You mean it’s rather unusual? LOL

  14. You know what sucks about Neptune?
    With Saturn you know it’s going to hurt/suck or whatever so you are prepared for it to. With Uranus you don’t know what’s going to happen but in many cases it sucks. With Neptune the delusions usually feel awesome until they get tested in some way. Whatever Neptune was doing between 2005ish to 2008ish or 9ish….sucked. Building castles on sinking sand…

    • Yeah true.

      I’m usually really suspicious of Neptune stuff.. til I somehow get sucked in…it’s pretty, then…….whammo….carpet pulled out!!

  15. absolutely agree. I’ve had neptune transiting my 6th house for 10 years now. I am totally sober, but have felt drugged on many occasions. My physical condition worsened and one of my symptoms was brain fog and being stoned. I could not ingest any recreational party favors because I was already so out there so often. As it nears the end of this transit, things have gotten much better. I haven’t had any Neptune conjunct a planet transits though.

  16. hmm, when neptune was transiting [conjunct] my moon in late cap, i would have been about 19-20 years old. It was a transit in my v late 7th-house. It coincided with a lot of spiritual learning and development. Learning, introspection. I was feeling quite distant from people apart from a few special ones in my life – rather than jovial and interested in them which was my MO before that. I put on weight, went through a period of depression [realised later], started playing in a couple of bands. Uni work load was insane. Some of this was also related to changes in living circumstances – moving to a less social environment.

    • Neptune’s been transiting my 8th now and will be for another few years, moving into Pisces. I like that idea – now that I understand astro better these days, I will try to work with that energy

  17. I had a wedding out of town. Forgot my skirt so had to make do with the crappy black jeans I’d been helping move house in earlier. Over compensated by impressing many with my air guitar skills. Ended up with the bouquet despite avoiding any effort to get it. Cleverly decided to decline the after party.
    Realised I still miss/love someone despite trying not to do that as well.
    Aqua is 7th

    • That was me, being anonymous. I wandered into the similar topics links and came across mystics post from the dec aqua moon last year and my post about my dream about the person I am referring to above having an epileptic fit and me having to hold on to him while it happened. I had forgotten about that dream. I was much more certain he would stick about then. Lately I am less sure, alternating between anger and despair that it’s all been so fucked up, in my head of course. Now remembering all the letting go coming back that featured in so many of those dreams and feeling resigned.
      Or just tired and Hungover

      I am going to try to keep the bouquet alive though. Feels right, though one is supposed to dry them aren’t they. It’s Australian natives and bits of leaves anyway. Shall see how long it lives then chuck it when it’s dead, and try to kid myself I’m being symbolic.

      • Then again functions with those people often make me long for him. In part this is because I see him as representative of a future I want, and they are from my past but have been weirdly transported (from another country) into this new life I was trying to establish. I often feel lost in the middle, there’s this new world that won’t let me in and an old world which is here because all those old world people have created new lives. So actually they are all new worlds one way or another, and I am in some void.
        Blah blah thinking out loud.

  18. my taurean sister has a pisces rising, i wonder if she isnt having some kinda transit right now, i think drugs could be good for her, the happy ones, the ones that make you go with the flow, the ones that make you see the beauty of life in the smallest of details, the ones that make you realise we are all one, and that it is pointless having a turd in your pocket for too long, otherwise you just stink! To be fair she does have two children on her own, and my singledom and childlessness could be like a terrible reminder of freedom, but my insistence that freedom is always possible is like a foreign concept to the ideologically rampant clean freak that she is!… this is perfect for me to bitch about her taurean obstinate ways here, as no one will ever know, and i have to use my mercurial processing techniques, drink my own medicine and move on WITH love! My mercurial-ness means i often need to vent momentarily to soothe the process of just realising shes stressed, tired, deficient, and has different ideas about how to live than i do… that her passive aggressiveness is like a boil about to pop all the time, red and angry, but her cool exterior is gray and yicky… I really really really want her to be happy and free, and to wake up and smell the roses, she has the most beautiful two boys, yet she is rarely joyful (sometimes though so dont get me wrong). I know and have learnt over the years, that i need to lead by example and not get down in the bog of the conflict between us, and live my life in a way that makes me happy and free and let this permeate around me… so on that note thats what im gonna do… thanks for letting me vent!

  19. Not _that_ weird… apart from my dreams… which are weird most of the time.
    I am actually feeling very calm and clear. I am on the last week of having 3 weeks without a day off, I have handed in 4 job applications, I have chatted to the guy with ma dream job who is going to mentor me and I did a radio fill in last night which went well apart from me fuqing up my announcement… at one point telling a story, where I was talking about a gig I went to with me and my boyfriend, only he wants my boyfriend, he was my friend’s boyfriend… and my friendship with him made her very uncomfortable… I am hope she wasn’t listening. Thank you Merc Rx… rad cakes.

    … what is troublesome is that I am hosting a birthday dinner for my housemate’s sister and then going to pick up my Uncle, Aunt and cousins who are flying in from Paris about 3 hours after people arrive, I will be an in, feed, get out type situation… And tomorrow I am going for ‘sensible’ drinks with my ex’s sister. Still very calm about it all.

  20. OH EM GEE!!!! I have totally and completely fillped out this weekend. My usual stoic outside demeanour degraded into some sort of “pyscho-bats” frootloop of a clown-girl. Everything I’ve done this weekend has made me cringe, I’ve spent since Friday evening half-pissed and am fully aware of every paranoid action I’ve taken – even as I was doing them. I can’t even explain the thought trains whilst doing these things as anything other than: you shouldn’t do that but hot damn what else can be done to relieve whatever pressure is bearing down and making me think that psychosis is the answer.

  21. Had ‘healing’ sex lol thang the last few days it has been, wild, fun and all of the above. I don’t feel like a work/biz/rat on a wheel anymore, it’s negated any burn out that was building. I doubt that my 3 weeks holidays coming up will make feel this good :).

  22. Surreal. Definitely surreal.

    Today at work I had to contend with several bees, two hornets, a lizard, a frog and a cockroach. No, this is not normal, I don’t work at the zoo, I work in a winery.

    Normally cockroaches freak me out but frankly, after the hornets, I was happy to collect him up and take him outside.

    • LOL
      got stuck on a repeated path on a bush walk today by following the signs so we didn’t get lost. Following the signs also meant crossing a fast running creek accross rocks because that was where the path lead and the sign said “slippery rocks” oh do you mean those submerged ones a couple of feet under!!!! So when we arrived back at the crossing again after starting to notice simular things about the rainforest, we turned around went against the advice of the signs (on a path) and found our way out.
      Still enjoyed it but after a few km aqua girl had lost her sense of humour and I thought I was going to have to carry her out. I was surprised how quickly it became apparent we had been that way already, even though it was a rainforest and you’d think it would look the same everywhere.

      Thanks Merc and Neptune. I did have the giggles which made Aqua girl irritated and she yelled out in the quiet forest “Ïts not funny!!!” Oh but it was – “hey I’ve seen that tree before” – drug indeed!!!

  23. Just one question. If Neptune is a drug, is it snorted, shot up the arm, drank or simply immersed in?

    How odd that tonight of all nights I cracked open a bottle of Chilean red and I DO NOT drink. I do this for my health (yes, really) after reading scads of research on how the phyto-wotever-good shit is in the wine makes one’s blood happy, flowing and free.

    I always associate Neptune with Jesus, like not smiting Jesus but Rock Star Jesus, the rave in Cana and how he was so chill he never wore pants.

    • Neptune is not something external that you take in. It’s already there within you, a little dark spot in your brain, just waiting to be unleashed by whatever it is you choose to unleash it with (or it chooses to be unleashed by).
      A bottle of red, a shot in the arm, a busy rushed day. You can’t really tell when Neptune is going to slither it’s way out, stultifying Saturn girl with a few quick shots. The only question is, do you go with it?

      • Sounds ominous. But fun. Like a wonderland in a sleeper cell.

        Yes, in my mind, Jesus is Viggo Mortensen and a bright blinding light shines when his robes part. Speaking of, I was at the museum today and a young Jewish docent actually tried to hit on me by amusing me with his little flash light. Emphasize, little.

        He went off to lay down – well, literally after I was friendly but uninterested.

  24. OMG we had an insanely fun weekend!!

    besties rolling into town for summer. aussie beach beaming with sunshine. kids & dogs & rock pools. longs days lazing waterside under the brolly – heaven!

    sunset ferry cross sydney harbour for roller coaster rides & side show hilarity at Luna Park (we got all the dodgem cars & drove the other way round the circuit, cried laughing!!) …..

    post yesterday’s lengthy beach day segued to visit a neighbour’s new dog, ending up on another neighbour’s ocean view balcony with the chilled out sector of the fash pack (avec kids & their dogs!) & interestigly thre was the Sartorialis’s girlfriend famsoue fashion blogger Garance –

    topped off with backyard barby & midnight stroll home – good clean harmless fun!! ;-)

    wacked out dreams tho ….. freakin me out style …..

    • BTW from Luna Park we could see the LAVISH fireworks for Oprah & were horrified to see the Harbour bridge lit with a giant red ‘O’

      locating taxis walking from circular quay ran into Oprah’s audience – couldnt resist some ringside Q&A

      asked them what’s the best bit about Australia so far ‘buying this dress in Melbourne’, OK, lets try again – what was your best expectation prior to coming to Australia ‘seeing Kangaroos in Melbourne’ right so there were kangaroos in Melbourne – at the zoo we take it? ‘no just those cute toy ones that look real’ ….orrigght give it a final go what’s the best bit about Sydney – ‘seeing the O light up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge –

      the audience had a stately dinner in the Botanic Gradens, lavish fireworks over the Opera House, the lighting of the bridge & they’re staying at The Intercontinental!!!

      good to our taxes hard at work!!

      • LOL that’s so funny RLP, poor things they we’re probably overwhelmed at the sun shining out of Oprah they couldn’t think or see. ;)

      • I am totally freaked out that it’s the Oprah house for the day – I dunno, I’m not high brow by any stretch of the imagination but it’s an OPERA house ffs she does not get to name stuff willy nilly it aint right.

        • many sydney siders cancelled all plans in CBD today – central city is grid locked

          0’s & 10’s of thousands (of women) lined up to catch the big O

          Bon Jovi opening as I type (their roadies at the beach yesterday was hilair!!)

          & they reckon this entire junket costs just $3 million of tax payers dosh?
          my foot!! this ain’t no inexpensive jaunt – sponsorships aside – this is one top dollar road show.

          guess its time to add some more kangaroos to Melbourne in anticipation ….

          • am thinking that’s $3m per capita??? I only found out today she was being bought – i was all “wtf is up with this chick rocking up and renaming things? Who does she think she is?” and then someone kindly let me in on the secret LOL Doh!

            • it’s Australian tax payers $$ (avec sponsors) who fund this circus.

              Tourism Australia upped the $3m (admitted) to $4-7M – & yes they’ll justify the return down the track – but of course this junket cost a whole bomb more!!

              there’s something inherently wrong with the consumerism that’s rammed down the Oprah audience members throats. WOW YOU GET A DIAMOND WATCH. OMG YOU ALL GET A PEARL NECKLACE. YOU GET TO GO TO OR_STAY-LIA. *cue close up of tearful O with meaningful message* ‘its about each & every one of your stories that make me strong’ blah blah blah sell sell sell

              FUG instead of catching it on tele tonight wish I bought one of those $40 tix they couldn’t sell at U2 & watched Bono increase his carbon footprint with his verbal landfill ……

              soz rant over – they all offend me & the dumbing down of the circus approach is socially irresponsible!!

              PS Camilla Franks will be laughing all the way to the bank with that caftan Oprah wore for 2 days……

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