Scorping Down With The Dark Moon

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Holy Fuq, NOW what?

Oh that’s right – t’is the Dark Moon in Scorpio, always a genius time for striding about in full bitcherel mode but with stockings (you never know when you might be able to pull at the graveyard and blizzards are HOT, no?) and one’s cat one forgot to feed as too busy doing:

(a) obsessive analysis

(b) melancholy Goth style remorseful nostalgia binging

(c) compulsive fasting to become not only alkaline of bod but no longer acidic of temperament

(d) the I-Ching only you keep getting told off for asking it the same question

or (e) something intense in secret to satisfy your apparently maniacal desire for clandestine activity and to be mysterious.

74 thoughts on “Scorping Down With The Dark Moon

  1. …all of the above and more mystic… scorping down with the dark moon is an understatement. love the pic. it IS my world right now, complete with obsessing (again) over the cheating aries, and you’ve described me perfectly. thanks for your great insight! *from a seething scorpio fan*

  2. a Obsessive, check
    b Melancholy, check
    c Not so much on detox, seeing as it’s winter here. And finally got some snow
    d Been really good at using the Oracle just once for each question
    e Always! :D

    LOVE the picture. Everything about it is right. Yesterday I went out to the Big Lake looking for some gusty winds. Wouldn’t mind a refreshing blizzard though.

  3. indeed. check check check.
    am just going to spend next 5 days writing, drinking (red wine and tea and carrrot juice) and hiding out under the covers.

  4. also am experiencing everything in this post. boooo. magpie’s tidbit of her life seems to also parallel mine.

  5. a) YES o.b.s.e.s.s.i.v.e.

    b) More like being a in vengeful rage about something I have no right to be in a vengeful rage about.

    c) Had a carb binge, feel absolutely disgusting, it’s a raw carrot and courgette salad for dinner tonight with a liter of Evian.

    d) Confusing myself by using two tarot decks, two readings a day, usual zoning out on the Oracle until I get an answer that fits but that thing is spooky, it knows. Also re-reading every scope available trying to get some extra info that I might have missed. See a.

    e) Oh yes, of course.

    • Yes Charley sounds familiar! I have two tarot decks but I don’t understand it all yet- it’s a process. I’ve had one for several years and rider waite for only two years. I also do multiple readings and the oracle thing- totally.

      I love the oracle and I laugh every time it says ‘get a grip’ (actually it doesn’t say that that often). I think that’s in there just for me. Sometimes I think it should just say ‘you probably don’t have a soulmate. you’re an idiot and you are banned for at least a week’. or ‘come back when you’re more objective’. The oracle is really good fun- sometimes- and I would subscribe just to have access to that. The oracle has said mostly nice things.

      I too will be having lots of water tonight!!

      • It’s very strange. I’ve had the Crowley deck for 17 years and got the Aquarian Tarot for my birthday this year, double readings show how fascinating it it as keep getting the same cards in each deck. Explain that naysayers.

        Ha, I’ve never had the ‘get a grip’ but sometimes I wish it would do the ‘you probably don’t have a soulmate. you’re an idiot and you are banned for at least a week’ haha. Lat night I asked it the same question 5 times regarding 5 different scenarios and each answer was spot on, spooksville.

  6. (a) obsessive analysis – der, of course, Virgo Sun/Scorpio rising – ’tis my m.o. during all moon phases
    (b) remorseful nostalgia binging – yes, tho’ trying not to avoid because it will make me feel deprived, which will only lead to spiral of longing
    (c) compulsive fasting – actually, does fitness boot camp count? Trying to channel the Uranus provocation in more active form
    (d) being told off for asking the same question too many times – moi??Astrologers all over the globe are blocking my number.
    (e) something intense in secret . . . there’s the problem . . . nothing clandestine going on, making my 12th house Mars in Scorp restless . . . hoping Uranus brings me some surprise to distract me

    • ‘(b)….will only lead to spiral of longing.’

      Lovin and laughing at your B. Sad I find your misery so entertaining ;-)

      • glad you liked, Capfire. Who was it on here (was it you?) who months ago said something about confused longing leading to losing one’s pants? Trying not to go down that path.

        • I remember that quote F N funny . I think the author was it was a Leo type name. Not mine tho.

          • I’m glad you remembered it too, leogroover, yes, wasn’t it freakin’ hilarious?? Oh, there I go engaging in nostalgia binging, ha. I wonder if it was TheLeoSocialite who said it?

  7. (b) remorseful nostalgia binging – yes, tho’ trying TO avoid (not “not to avoid”)because it will make me feel deprived, which will only lead to spiral of longing . . grr

    • Haha! Re-reading & correcting? So Virgo. Love it.

      I’m also missing the intense secret part. So anxious/restless.

  8. (a) rational answers for irrational questions

    (b) was in black turtleneck and even thought I looked like a dark Scorp

    (c) tried alkaline diet, but any sense of being grounded sizzled.

    (d) not good at I-Ching, simply can’t get the message

    (e) for that – I try Mona Lisa smirk :-)

  9. you’re ahead of us here on East Coast US. don’t know.

    Today’s good so far. Really nice.

    But my mood, inexplicably (tho now I see a link to planetary stuff), can turn on a dime and a gray melancholy can arrive out of nowhere. will see this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

    • So it’s the end of the day and I’m still feeling great, but this has been—hands down—the weirdest day since I don’t know when. Actually, I do know when, but that was 3 years ago.

      A person in my life, not even a frienemy anymore but an out and out enemy is Scorping like crazy.

      Crazy. I think that’s her in the picture above.

  10. Sounds about right.

    All of it.

    ‘cept, you missed the power bit.

    All kinds of power worries and triumphs going on.

  11. Mystic Always Love Your SCORPING Moon Post.

  12. Hahaha, frighteningly correct!!! And I ALWAYS get told off by the I-Ching, that’s hysterical MM! Much better than when I was a kid about repeat questions, lol.

    Do we have a few seconds between Mercury going retro and the Moon doing icky crap in Scorpio for excellent communications? I need to have a serious chat about something with my mother…

    • Does the serious chat have something to do with something new or something in the past, Andromeda?

      Regardless, and MM may say something different, but I think dark of the Moon means just stay quiet. It’s Mars squaring Uranus though that wants to get things off our chest. Just better to sit on it though.

      • Something regarding the law, the church, the past, criminals, attitudes, personal growth… All ancient, unbearable history that needs to be finally resolved in a legal sense and a personal one also. 8th house, 9th house, 10 house…?? Am sitting on it right now. Though I was raring to go yesterday I stopped myself.

        • ah, that would be the approaching Mercury (slowing down) conjunct Pluto in Cap that you’re vibing on. Take the dark-of-the-moon time to gather your feelings and wits on this one, because the discussion will be intense, and as you’ve noticed that it will entail the 10th house, it will be made public, and are you ready to deal with that?

          • It’s re my bro, who is passed, I am just doing an impact statement. Talked to ma this week about making it a legal document and you would have though I personally was going to put Jesus H. C on trial… Grr. Was incredibly hurt by her reaction, wanted to vent, but controlled far. Realising this was a dark moon also helped keep me in damage control mode.

            • Yes, the more public the better, there are some nasty people who need flushing out of the Catholic church, I pray something comes of it for children’s sake everywhere. It’s unlikely though.

            • Andromeda, you had mentioned your brother and the event on a past comment, so I knew what you were talking about. Very sad and very painful. When I find I have stepped on someone’s nerve like that, I find it helpful to ask the person to tell me all the consequences that they see as flowing from what I have said. Can you move your mother from emoting to expressing what precisely will happen if you formalize your complaint (sorry, not familiar with the Australian legal system, but I take it that you want to take legal action or at least make of record what happened?). If you can get her directed to speaking in concrete terms, then it may crystallize what emotions are being stirred in her, which I am sure is quite a stew. Then sometimes it’s easier to deal with the individual emotions, and fears, than dealing with an entire tsunami of feelings. She may not even be aware of what is being stirred inside of her. And not that I am defending her, and I am sure it is v. heated between the two of you if she is coming across in a judgmental stance, but I think you would find strength in doing your impact statement if you could have your mother’s support, which I think you can only find if you can sort through the emotions by going down the path of conscious mental thoughts. Your Gemini-ness is good at that.

              • Thanks Inchy, basically ain’t nothing gonna come between her an her church, not even her kid’s safety is how I see it. I just felt like my bro must have felt he deserved to be treated like he did as her reaction seemed to be to protect the Church against me speaking out to the Law!!!! It’s so old school mad. This whole Julian Assange versus the System, the child victim versus the old man church Plutonic crap is doing my head in currently.. I am just going to leave it for a while. My mum means well, she is just incredibly wooly minded and weak. She will support me in the end, I am sure. I just need to put my Scorp moon to one side to do this coolly, at the end of the day, I want her to grow, I don’t want to punish her…okay well maybe I do just a little bit!! That’s why I gotta calm it.

  13. Haha that pic was so me in the Sydney rain the other day! Except I had a skirt on lol Thought it was just crappy weather (I’m a Queenslander… Where’s the sunshine already????) but now I think about it the last two dark moons have been killer! Wish I could hide out this weekend. Not going to happen though!

  14. I’m having a great time these days… everyone seems to be “lovin” on me. Family, friends, cats, birds…. everyone wants to be SUPER kind, loving and nice! Ahhhhh Venus is here. Going to enjoy it while it’s here cuz as we ALL know nothing lasts forever.

  15. … that would explain this morning’s application of eyeliner and mascara (saggi ascending rarely wears this stuff), current penchant for statement and impractical jewellery, thoughtful dreams about secret spaces, and moody disgruntlement = in a shitty mood but at least I’m being vaguely glamourous about it

  16. Holy Moley… 8O

    I had a dream last night that a woman came to my door with a phone & a note. She said call the number… 8O I looked down at the number & it was my ex’s number, the same one I had deleted from my phone years ago & forgot about very quickly. BUT there is WAS! I couldn’t believe it! She dialled the number & handed me the phone, I could hear someone on the other end but they were unaware the phone had rang… 8O I told the woman to please go away & handed her back the phone & said No thanks! Then I saw a spider (I have a spider fear, like a squealy type of response whenever I see one…) 8O When I saw it & I got a little shiver & walked inside… 8O

    *runs around the house squealing & falls into a heap on the floor & rocks slowly*

    • Hmmm, wow. Has he been in your head? Is there any reason you’d think you need to talk to him?
      I dreamt I had moved in with an old friend but the house was full of all of her crap (like multiple fridges, two tvs that were both on etc) and I really wanted to organize things, throw out old shot, replace some of get crappy stuff for mine etc but she wouldn’t really let me. There were a lot of mangoes though.
      Ive had a similar dream prior, it’s always someone else crap in the house rather than mine, which I find weird.

    • No, not really… Well a brief thought but only because a friend I met through him has recently lost their child. But there was no reason to contact him about it as he never remained in contact with her. There is no reason & it was weird to see his number on this note. Maybe the woman was Saturn girl & checking to see if I would bite… No way sista!

      Wow shell your dream is interesting! I’ve had similar dreams about multiple stoves & ovens. I would guess that if you live alone now, it would be very weird to go from that to sharing your space with someone else’s crap! 8O

      • True, yes when you think of it on a surface level, moving into someone elses stuff would be weird for me. The last time the stuff was from previous resident, not even person I was moving with.
        I think of houses as personality things, though, and really I wouldn’t even consider embarking on some kind of purposefully taking on other peoples shit these days. could not be bothered.
        At least you told the woman with the phone number to go away, test passed I guess.
        funny thing the brain is when left to its own devices.

  17. mmmm – tired at the moment – unable to raise my pulse from ‘sombre’ not even with fruit smoothies or vitamins… Looked in the mirror and found myself looking as though I’d gone thirty rounds with a bottle of tequilla – which is so not fair as I haven’t had so much as a glass of vino for weeks…

    Making myself unavailable to certain peeps who have been taking advantage of my goodwill and cut price salary.

    btw: that cat looks preggers…

  18. Ah, I wish I was striding about in the snow with only my cat for company. Instead spending all weekend entertaining mother, that or work. sigh.

      • Good luck with the Leo mother Quad…they certainly havent been themselves of late… (I have a Leo mother, can be very demanding sometimes)

        • omg I am a Leo mother and I have been horrid. my poor kids are stuck at home with me. thank you for thr perspective will lay low on the hissy fits altho had one last night with my L plate teen driving home he nearly ran onto an ambulance! i went off but not too bad. i wasn’t watching for the spilt mo it can take.

  19. Ahh spending wkend with Taurus man. He has Uranus rising in Saggi..Should be very interesting to say the least.

    • so only (e) applies to you then, Sassy? [something intense in secret to satisfy your apparently maniacal desire for clandestine activity and to be mysterious] Or is that classified information?

    • I find it impossible to get out of bed with a Taurus. Mix that with a dark moon and perhaps some unexpected whims (Uranus/Sagg)

      Lap it up honey!

      • yes, Sassy, agree with Capfire. Uranus rising El Toro may be introducing you to some new things that even your Mars in Scorp couldn’t have imagined.

        • LOL hmmm well shaping up to be a very indulgent wkend with el Toro. If he is true to his sign it will involve food, music, sleep, sex. Sounds good to this lil crab..

          • I have forgotten what all of that is. sleep? sex?? don’t know what you’re talking about. oh well at least someone’s remembering :!

    • I like your interp of mystics ‘stay in bed’ for the dark moon
      though if he has uranus rising you’ll be all over the house ;)

  20. Always love hiding away on dark moons with melancholy music.
    Found this gem of a song recently, fits the (B)

  21. Mystic & Wise Wons,

    So.. nows a good time to write up resumes per dream jobs of the future.. but not send them till the new moon – Monday – yes?

    So.. resting, writing, resting, writing, resting, writing, maybe while wearing black lace, sexy stockings or black velvet in honour of the inner scorp….

    Just seeking a little bit of clarification in the midst of all this INTENSE OBSESSING :)


    Oh – What are good scorp thangs to imbibe during Scorp Dark Moons – apart from blood red hoochie juice…?

    Ooooh – Blood Orange Juice maybe.. with crushed plush red strawberries and a slip of dark dark red-gum honey?

    Shall get thee to my cauldron!

    • Bluelibra, yum on that blood orange juice jazzed up like that. Making a list right now. Yes, you’ve got it, don’t send ’til the new moon (times are on daily email from MM or look on And of course you should persist in job-hunting, but just know Merc. is already playing trickster, so promise yourself not to get frustrated if application process starts getting gummed up. Or play the Merc Rx game and send out a few resumes to people you’ve worked for in the past.

  22. Um, listening to songs that basically say ‘I miss you’ and/or ‘say you miss me too’……… My dogs are sick of it, sorry pups!

    Yeah, that, and dammit, will clean the house pre-New Moon!

  23. Oooohh I would REMEMBER to feed my cat… If that was me in that graveyard I’d be on my arse in 30 seconds due to my cat/s winding around my legs, whilst crying, and demanding to be fed – doing the “feed me trip up” move as I believe it is called in cat circles. Another good tactic is the lovely “starving puke” – (works best on bed as a wake up) which involves puking the empty contents of stomach to persuade owner that you must be fed… NOW

  24. I am beginning to forget what its like to not be obsessive.

    I think it might have been nice…

    *goes back to the application black hole*

  25. I love shes wearing heels in the snow only focus is the rose not the amazingly insane tightrope act of snow vs heels

    hilarious FB war happening with scando/german crew telling Londoners to refrain from the exaggerated use of the term “arctic” to describe current snowfall. Last year the snow took out the whole public transport system and all the estate kids were racing each other down the high street on plastic lids. made me smile.

    i have a new health plan to enact after this. somehow have to balance seriously hmm news with new career prospects. Make my folio super and get some actual money so I can pay for all the medical. All I want to do is read books and eat pancakes

    • Agreed… pancakes and books sound so unbelievably good right now.

      My mum has convinced me to go on a plan and get the new i-phone (my phone went kablaam this week. Both of them). After the Dark Moon.
      If I wasn’t staring down the barrel of 3 application due on Merc Rx, I would totally be drinking lemon tea in bed right now.

      You will do it quicker and better when you are not hauling your carcass… if you know what I mean.

        • YES! MANY PANCAKES!!


          One is completely handed in… they other 2 have been sent to people to help me redraft. Should have it done by Monday…
          No working on it tomorrow. Tomorrow is Work, Nap, Room Clean, Face Mask… with a light smattering of Xmas party.
          Delegated to Sunday (when I am at work. Again)

          *falls in heap*

        • i’m the same slothness about buying a new vacum cleaner VGG. Just can’t bring myself to do it I have a phobia there must be a name for it. eeek…

  26. loving the dark moon… totally in touch with my inner Scorpy… on a detox diet, just had my eyelash extensions redone, and on my way to get an ionic foot spa detox treatment… tonight going out for a very casual & possibly nostalgic dinner with an old girlfriend who is visiting from afar. *blissed*

  27. I’m waiting for the perfectly darkest darkness of the moon and then getting out the candles and powders and stuff and making things banish.

  28. On this dark moon I have sent an intention of banishment to the Lusty. Well written, polite and direct and perfect timing for a swift getaway- After he replies of course.

  29. Bad Bad Bad mum moment. just yelled uncontrollably at my cappy daughter (I NEVER yell at her – ok maybe once a year).

    Asked both my babes if they could help me in the garden – both of them gave me the ‘meh’ attitude.

    Have also threatened to cancel Christmas.