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Terry Richardson

Oh how i wish i could headline this post something like “Saturn, Interrupted” or “Saturn’s Mysterious Disappearance” but no!

Saturn is strong at the mo, thank you three planets in Capricorn, including this particularly vile Mercury Retro AND Moon square Saturn.

I could go on to show you how Saturnine things are but you get the gist, yes?

My version; dentist with scary, non-good news, mistake in billing that leads to ‘overdue’ notice that is the first i’ve heard of the thing, spending FIVE hours a day on phone to call centres trying to resolve Daily-Mystic-being-blocked-hassle, a death in the family that was expected but which nonetheless has led to some rather unpleasant dialogue, more time on phone to call centres, irate emails from people re me being so behind with admin due to the five hours a day/mortality etc situations and general  YICK.

Oh and it’s the Eclipse as well.  Hey, all the Eclipse Horizon Mini Cosmic Consults will be out by Friday night Sydney Timezone & i PROMISE they will not be so whinging as this post. If i haven’t changed your email or gotten back to you about an admin thing, please understand that i am functioning on five hours sleep a night…

And anyway, how are YOU going with the Mercury Retro-Eclipse-Saturn Activated she-bang?

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  1. Oh my goodness, Mystic how are you still functioning? I’m so sorry to hear about the death in the family. Even when they are expected it’s still a shock when it actually happens. I hope you’ve got some good friends and family for support, such an amazing woman as yourself, I’m sure they’re flocking to you right now.

    What a doosie of a Merc Retro we’re having. I say, “select all” irate emails and hit delete. You are a true woman warrior, I would be a quivering mess.

  2. My ‘Mercury Retro-Eclipse-Saturn Activated she-bang’ has got off to a fine start. My horse broke his leg in the paddock last night and I had to euthanise today. I am feeling so sad. He was 20 years old and he was a beautiful boy. A bit of a yobbo and larrikin, but he had a wonderful spirit and he always did his best for me. He was a beautiful ride and he provided me with the most accurate reflection of my state of mind. This always prompted me to try harder at being at my best with him. We shared many experiences; we were a good team. The vet and the manager of the property were wonderful, compassionate and looked after everything for me, there were no nasty words over the incident, only kind words. One phase of my life is sadly over, and another is beginning.

    • I am so sorry to hear that, I hope you are managing ok. Thatis very sad news. I am glad you seem to have so many special memories. xxx

    • So sad!

      I just looked up asteroid Epona for you (the Celtic Horse Goddess from where we get the name “pony” – there are some posts about her in the Asteroids category) and she is in Aries right now and trine the Sun in Saggo; that makes me think of a hero-horse and of him riding free someplace beautiful, is Valhalla horse heaven?

      • Thanks Mystic, that’s a lovely picture. I hope things get better for you as well. People handle change/death/grief/finances in very different ways. Also thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I hope everyone meets their challenges with hope and dignity and comes out at the other end a bit wiser and happier.

      • Jen – i can’t imagine, you are gracious in your retelling & hope the grieving process allows you to fill the hole that without doubt prevails. you are so brave, love to you woman & blessings xox

        MM – inspiring reference. will ponder horse heaven & valhalla xox

      • Dreamt of a horse on the beach last night. Blessings for your loss Jen and to Mystic also. xo

    • Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, jen scorp, they are our little angel companions here on Earth. hugs x

    • I’m sorry I didn’t see this last night~ have only one eye working… 8O

      That is so sad jen! So important that you had wonderful supportive people around you at that moment, hope you’re ok. x

  3. Oh wow, hope you ok.
    Yes I am also functioning on 5 hours night sleep as I am trying to make up time for stuff ups etc. Unfortunately I am not very productive as I am in the same state as the girl above, my eye balls keep rolling back to check if my brain is awake and no its not!
    I did manage to see a very short section of the meteor shower last night complete with a couple of wispy ones and a long tailed one. Unfortunately I was too spaced out to make a wish, but that was one thing I could cross of my list for the week.
    I have done almost nothing social this week which is probably a good thing as I am incoherent and I look like crap.

  4. is there such a thing as ‘functioning’ on 5 hrs sleep a night? my own sleep requirement seems to have gone up to 10 hours a night plus naps so such a concept is just unfathomable. not to mention the other beastly things mentioned.

    i almost feel guilty for saying that things are going rather well, touch wood. except my mercury-in-gemini-rising -gemini-sun father seems to have totally wigged out (or maybe i can now see it as he friended me on FB). i also have had a bit of a rough week with signing a contract on a house merely hours before mercury went retro.

    however, i have learnt ALOT from the little hiccups with that process, both about legal matters and about myself. and i learned that it does pay to clear space to allow new stuff into your life when you feel like things are ‘stuck’. my leo husband also learned (finally!) that it pays to get good people around you to give you good advice when needed and mght even have a new career path ahead of him that (gasp!) actually fulfils him instead of just being about a steady pay cheque.

    maybe its the uranus-jupiter action at 25 deg of pisces (on my sun & mercury) that is powering me along, over riding the mercury woes.

  5. god that was so me this year mystic. *hugs* here’s to a massive rest for you at end of year xx

    (p.s I did take non dentist surgery advice but tooth still looks like yo iceberg x)

  6. oh the poor horse, so sorry. yeah its an odd time. difficult. this whole year has been a wrangle.
    meanwhile. TERRY RICHARDSON is with barrack obama on his website first image, that totally cheered me up. Go Terry. PLus i love that sewater.

  7. Sounds like you are doing it tough, mystic.

    My list so far…

    * Someone broke the window of my car for no apparent reason. I live on a really quiet street.

    * My internet’s been blatting on and off furiously for a week. Mostly off.

    * It appears the logic board on my laptop just suddenly died today. which raises the question, do I have a warranty or don’t I? There was always something ‘grey area’ about the warranty I purchased; no info that I could find but I was assured I had one. Off to the mac shop tomorrow for the verdict on that.

  8. Thank fuq for some Jupiter action my way or I’d be a prisoner of my disconnected, broken and disfunctioning phones. 3 of them!!

    Am taking a reprieve and teaching myself the tao of mobile phone games.

    lame-o is my emo at the mo’

  9. Holy Mystic! 8O

    I’ve complained about this in a previous post~ since Merc Retro~ Two migraines & a nose bleed. UNearthed major core emotional gunk & feeling very fragile… SO unlike what I am use to feeling. I smell of dencorub & I can only see properly through one eye.

    I also have 19 degrees Pluto in Libra & Saturn is close by at 15 degrees… 8O

  10. SATURN? I MEAN AFTER ITS TRAWL OVER MY STELLIUM IN VIRGO FOR 3 YEARS GOD WHY AM I YELLING? yes the trawl, + over Sun & South node in Libra pluto was SO involved and hooking up with my 10th, asc IC and MC as well now Saturn sextiles most of my chart I mean this is blissful – things seem “stable” LOL this is uranus conjunct sun IC & Pluto natally talking you understand – what concerns me is impending full moon eclipse conjunct ascendant on my wedding anniversary + solstice – my time of harvest celebration – I am SO hooked up with work right now – I can afford GREAT champagne!!!!!!!!!!

    • oh and weird thing I worked on an account that used that iceberg image for its advertising 12 years ago – aloha jupiter on the MC again.

    • how amazing, its like house arrest with uranus as liberator into new universe

      here’s to your harvest and good heart doll

      • that is so weird – thank you i mean but I am having a transit that’s all about heart if you look at the medical astro! funny. YES here’s to my good heart – long may it pump!

    • Oh, whatevs, I sooooo understand the trawl. So, so understand this as it scraped back and forth over my virgo stellium in similar fashion. pummeled.

      Congrats on the great champagne!

      • LOL yes saturn through the stellium sure as hell made me feel like and icy moonlet – that’s a photo of me – how’d you know? ;o)

    • oh, the trawl – 4 planets in Virgo, and then a twist of the boot heel over my MC. I didn’t understand the individual astro throughout most of that time but now that it’s over I am looking at Saturn ripping through Libra – whaaaa?!!! It’s almost halfway through? In just a few months?! Was Saturn’s transit through Virgo particularly punitive?!

      • I think it was Virgolicious. I don’t know what we did to PO Saturn. Maybe it’s our freedom and desire to enjoy the good things in life without working as hard as those Saturnians seem to ;)

    • Whatevs – I am totally with you. Saturn spent the last 3 years trawling over my stellium in Virgo too. I am so glad it’s now in my 1st house because it sucked the big ones having it in the 12th (which is MY house so Saturn can go jump ;) ).

      I got so smashed by my Saturn Return and then that nasty nasty Merc Retro immediately at the end / afterwards (MC is in Gemini, as if Stellium virgo wasn’t bad enough).

      This time round it’s like a walk in the park … Lots happening but nothing that’s sending me crazy. :D

      • OH MY GOD DO WE ALL HAVE A STELLIUM IN VIRGO? I mean no wonder we’re all here trying to make sense of it. We are all beasts of burden ;o)

  11. WHY am I insanely hot but have ABSOLUTELY no love-life to speak of? Why has it not bothered me for almost a year. WHY WHY WHY is it so bothering me now? And When The Hell is it going to change? Is there something wrong with me?

  12. Mystic I’m really sorry to hear you’re having an angsty time – Brauer calm or stress oral homeopathic sprays are EVERYWHERE now – chemists, transit lounges etc – a hot tip? xxx

  13. Totally agree with your world Mystic. Unexpected death in the family, flattened in bed with the flu in like a nano second on Friday, Email pressure from work that I am trying to keep up with (but nothing wants to download) at 9.30pm-midnight because I’ve been at * get this* an agression management course for the last 2 days. I’m getting a little more aggressive than I expected cos the trainer is an eejit and a shitty communicator. Payments through E bay have gone into the ether and I get my 2011 uni fees invoiced to me that seem to be like twice the cost I was quoted before. Freak me out brussel sprout. I’m over the retrograde and after the last few fuqing years of saturn all over me…I’m so ready for something new. Bring it.
    Pisces Sun, Cap rising, aggression rising!

  14. My mentor, Herr Jung, tells me that when things go wrong, there is a psychic cause – something in the personal or collective unconscious. I don’t know if he’s right, or wrong.

    Trying to dig the hole ever more frantically might not be a good idea.

    If you take a few days off, the world won’t stop. (Another assumption).

    If this was a dream – a night-mare (it’s that horse on the piano (v interesting that posts above also refer to a different horse)) – then the answer might be in the images you post…

    An iceberg (definite reference to the unconsious) … Heff providing trashy US porn for Arabs …

    Now a girl, glazed-eyes, a pentacle with horns facing up, Celtic-cross ear-rings. I can’t make out the pattern on her chest – looks almost like a zodiac.

    Meteors last night too… heavy stones falling to earth… from the asteroid Phaeton in Gemini.

    Take tomorrow off.

  15. damn… venus is now conjunct my ascendant and I heard that is meant to be good for some good lovin… but mars is also now goin off in my third house and i had a verbal raaaaaaa yesterday and another one tonight, my tolerance for bullshit is very low, and I cant imagine how i could possibly see good lovin, maybe it could all be perfect actually. Sun is opposite saturn today, which i dunno but it all feels difficult, annoying, and not flowing. Ive really had enough and am drawing up some more boundaries. I wish i saw the meteors, I was looking at the night sky about midnight last night and it was very magical.

      • oooh if it is, it is perfect timing, Im just losing it as far as my ‘look’ is concerned. I only feel comfortable in my winter clothes, and it is now sweltering tropical summer, and my summer clothes are all indian cotton and are too prissy for my mars action right now. Im feeling bonds t-shirt and shorts, but that looks been done before so there is nothing new about that, the new could be losing a few kilos so i feel comfortable in anything actually…

  16. Oh mystic sorry to hear you’re getting a Saturn whipping, thoughts and vibes with you. I’m a first house Saturn cap, saturnine, but totally getting the planet of many rings biting mine! Saturn’s been squaring my natal sun all week to boot. Deadlines gallore, crazy unhinged uncomposed peeps abound, have been swallowed by work every waking hour AND somehow still exercised Saturn discipline and forced myself to meet quit date after a promise to self I’d ditch this dirty smoking relapse. Urgh. Nearly midnight, so tired, but now glued to tv cos have discovered brilliant English comedy and oh boy I need a giggle!!
    Thank you for whinge space. Needed one! Now back to it and may this Saturn stint move on, as they always do!

  17. the chick in the pic above looks like she was feigning death to avoid being ‘interrupted’ by that sewer rat Richardson. Fuck he makes me boil, how on earth can ppl let a dude with a camera whip out his peter on a shoot in the name of ‘fashion’ & get away with it ? ? ?

    Alright – daily mystic forewarned rants (tehehe almost midnight) – but seriously if it wasn’t for the axis of evil (tom ford, corrine et al) who’d protect him if he was in any other industry he’d be in jail!!

    so no wonder the chick above has a near dead eyeball rolling non-fash face!!

    merc Rx?
    nil communique be ill communique (to quote the Beastie Boys or something….) ……

  18. GREAT GRAND MYSTIC Remember Who you Are the one and only Great “”MYSTIC MEDUSA”” Sending you lots of LOVE And ORDER with PEACE.

  19. Well, Mystic, I think you will need that vacation you plan on taking. Sorry you’ll need it so much:( The good news is…you planned well(???).

    But, yes, sorry about the death in the family and the dental “news” and the admin crap and the lack of sleep. There’s not a lot there to find comfort in. Although I suspect you have lots of people around you who are ready to help should you ask. And LOTS of good wishes coming your way:)!

    The last 36 hours have left me feeling like girl in picture (happily so, but edgily so, too) after a couple of weeks of feeling quite good. What happened?! Much has to do with deadbeat ex and money crap. But if I can manage not to pull some kind of Julian Assange thing in my own life (or maybe I should?????), then I’ll get through this, I suppose. Hmmm. Julian Assange….what wisdom is to be culled there???? Maybe I should….

  20. So Sorry Mystic. I hope brighter days are ahead for you~ I love what you do here and I want to thank you for all the wonderful things to ponder and the fab gathereing place and I think once again, the pic says it all. x

  21. Like the recent “fly” pix (which cracked me up everytime I looked at it) this pix also so Mystic and hilar.

  22. I am so sorry to hear of all your travails, vile indeed. As for me, and with having Moon and Asc. in Cap w/ Scorp Sun, I’ve managed to lie low and avoid most fuqwits. Of course, it’s only because I’m taking your direction. Who knows if left to me own devices what would have transpired? I did, though, almost get into a fist fight with the most awful of she-elves at the X-mas tree lot on Sunday, but other than that so for so good!

  23. I don’t know if it’s the Mercury retro (especially since I’m a virgo) or the eclipse or what but I have been SO uncharacteristically unsure of myself lately, on top of (or because of?) painfully slow progress in my three-week-old work from home businesses. It’s really starting to drag me down. Because the Cap rising side of me really hates being behind in business too.


  24. I’m fine, thank you. Everything is well. Moving ahead on all my projects. Christmas is done ‘cept for waiting for reindeer bells. Yup, life is good!

    Poor Mystic! And everyone else having a bad time.

    But oh my the fights breaking out today where I work! Zap yes!

  25. Dear MM, hang in there, this WILL pass. That’s one of the promises of life.

    For some reason I am reminded of the beautiful, haunting and wise writing of Michael Ondaatje in his book, “Anil’s Ghost” where he writes: “She used to believe that meaning allowed a person a door to escape grief and fear”. I think you can substitute “knowledge” for “meaning” too. Don’t mean to be so melancholy. As twinfishrising notes, Jupiter (and the sun) are on their way with their rays of hope, opportunity and expansion.

  26. Condolences Mystic. sounds like it’s hitting you hard.

    I’m just moving everywhere verrrrrry slowly and dramatically avoiding people. Which would be more successful if I wasn’t currently living on my mother’s living room floor, less than ideal and everyday is one long Mercury retro/Mercury in Scorpio square Mercury in Leo misunderstanding. I swear we would never row if it wasn’t for that bad Mercury combo. Other than that feeling tres sorry for myself and suddenly obsessed with LOVE out of nowhere I feel the need to have it, so gross.

  27. I’m really sorry to hear about your s(h)ituation! that goes to everyone included…

    Things are really not going so badly on my end. I have a significant amount of Saturn aspects happening in my chart to begin with, so this kind of climate remains inspiring, not restrictive. Getting to the bottom of stuff, no BS, and not wasting any time. However one thing I find bad about these kinds of periods is I can binge on a Sunday night and do everything with no guilt, and charge into Monday with collected cool attitude.

  28. I dreamt last night that I lived in a very cute small apartment in a different town and a girl I know turned up to inspect it. That was the first I found out about it, but I was being evicted because I had not received my bills. So I had to leave town 6 months earlier than I had planned and could not finish the job I was there to do. A very mercury retrograde dream.

    The only big event in waking life is that I started renovating a table and turns out that there is much more rust under the paint than I expected and I have to go interstate on the weekend and not sure I will get it done in time. It wouldn’t be a problem except I have a friend staying here and she will have no table. Hope that’s the worst of it for me this time around (touch wood).

    The rust under the paint could be a metaphor for a lot else that needs repair, however. Scratch the surface of consciousness and there’s a lot of rusty thoughts that eat away at you if you are not careful.

  29. Hello all, read my I Ching this am and what came up reflected much of the times, I will share: 30 Radiance: (exerpt I Ching Plain and Simple- Karcher)

    Your efforts will be successful if you accumulate the receptive strength that can carry burdens. The way is open. Make an intelligent effort. Spread your awareness, connect and illuminate things to the four corners of the Earth.
    The Sun and Moon hold with heaven and illuminate it. The many plants hold with the Earth and illuminate it. Brightening things again and again lets people correct them. This is how change occurs in this world.
    take care all ~

  30. Sorry to hear your bad news MM and that your having such a crap time of it generally. *hugs*

    My world’s not been so bad … thx to your advice. Practicing patience, don’t rush it, stay cool and objective, and started Aikido, which is helping me centre. Car needs crash repair work, but it’ll wait till after Christmas, and I’m maintaining my cool everytime a woman at work tries to bait me into battle about a decision I made. Biggest hassles are Xmas shopping and inability to focus properly at work … but nought in the scheme of things.

    Take care.

  31. Sorry to hear that many of you are suffering through this. I’m not finding this Merc Retro as severe as the last. The last came smacking me about from the moment it hit the shadowzone.

    This time around, I’m very aware of difficulties with communications and contracts, but it’s making me more tolerant and clear in the way I communicate, and more vocal about the way my friends and associates are communicating. My flatmate’s and his sister are sending irate communications back and forth regarding a will and the purchase of a business – all smack bang in the middle of this extreme retro. I haven’t mentioned it to him because he’s not into the astro, but I think I’ll quietly encourage him to think about it for a few weeks and nut out the details. Nothing’s yet been signed, so perhaps his subconscious is more in tune than he thinks, but his venomous communiques are pretty extreme (though I think they always are).

    I have noticed communications are down in my so-called love life. There’s been no life to speak of for a few years now, but there have been ongoing flirtations and interests to keep me entertained. Lately, those have been interesting. There are meetings and encounters, but no progress, and no conversation. Then there are the important but recently absent interests who seem to be back – and there have been minor miscommunications, which have been calmly and quickly sorted out. It’s like they were waiting for a Merc Retro so I could find them again or something. . . like backtracking to find something one has lost. . . very strange. I’m not expecting any actual movement for a few weeks, but I don’t mind. I don’t really want any. I’m not ready just yet. . . stuff to do.

  32. Possibly a Merc retro dream last night – was hanging out with a distant ex with the express purpose of discussing and getting to the bottom of the situation with the latest (Venus rx) ex who upped and left on the day Venus went backwards to ‘find himself’ and is still resolutely awol (despite me observing all the rules of Venus rx and leaving him be with the hope that he’d come back as indicated by the heavens).

    All through my dream I kept telling myself – this is ‘transference’ (I’ve been watching In Treatment lately!). Is it?

    • you will prob find it is your minds way of trying to figure out and put into perspective what happened with this latest man, all the unsaid things etc and why he is not around or whats going on with him etc etc, i have found and also alot of people around me that things this year that havent worked out for whatever reason, even if you feel fine about things in waking life alot of it has been playing up in dreams, its the subconcious way of dealing and understanding things x x x

      • thank you for your thoughts – I have certainly been dreaming a lot more, and more actively, than usual. I am also loving my sleep of late, so perhaps my mind is demanding processing time for what cannot be fathomed in waking life.

        I feel like this year has been one long astro-passage – Saturn bitching it up over all my Virgoan bits and midheaven, then the Zap Zone, then Venus rx and now the eclipse coming up. Merc rx a doddle so far but then you never know what’s around the corner . . .

  33. In real life: call centres also featuring strongly. Phoned one to be told I had to email, emailed to be told I’d emailed the wrong address, emailed the right address to be told I need to phone! In my dreams: boy band members. Rather embarrassing but more fun than call centres.

  34. mine is going surprisingly well, i feel fine with where i am in life and just over it all really, my ex who i pined for for ages tryed to contact me last night didnt answer and couldnt care less so very proud of myself, hope the eclypse brings in someone new x hope your ok mystic x

  35. Oh My Goddess Mystic, you would not believe the malarky that blighted my day yesterday!.

    So I’m temping at an organisation I’ve been with since Feb, I applied for a permanent job in another department, yesterday i got the call that I got the job, two hours later I got another call that oops ‘we’ve hit a snag’ we may have to pay a finders fee for you, which is an utter balderdash.

    So I have exchanged countless emails and phonecalls with both organisations and becasue you have suggested so have tried to keep my Leonic dignity amidst this merde-storm.

  36. This is the most difficult period for a long time for me. My new partner and I (of several months and going strong I thought) went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We had a wonderful time. Later at home that night when I came out of the bathroom he had gone. He left his watch. This is completely bizarre. I’m trying to take daily MM’s advice that this is about the other person not me.

    This morning I noticed that his car had gone. My god. It has thrown me.

    • Ooh … that’s strange. Perhaps something came up. Does he have other significant people in his life (e.g. kids or parents or siblings)? Maybe something urgent happened and he had to go help out.

      I hope he comes back and that the explanation is one that doesn’t cause pain ((saturnian))

      • Thanks so much Herby. Yes he does have teenage children. So good point but no phone all this morning.

        • Teenage children. Had them myself. Say no more. No doubt one of them needed him.

          His phone battery is probably dead or he’s left it in his car or he turned it off before he shared your bed last night.

          What’s his sign? Maybe that holds a clue. *hugs*

            • Unfortunately, don’t know much about Librans. Does that placement hold a clue for you though?

              I really only know anything (and then only a little) about Virgos, Taureans, Leos, Sagges, Acquarians and Capricorns. I.e. the people in my family and Cappies (who I am fascinated by)

    • GOD awful – I hope things have come clear today saturnian – saturn vs uranus jupiter + pluto squaring for him with all that libra might be putting the pressure on in the headspace? I hope this is all a distant memory for you by now and not the ongoing story of the day. xxx

  37. How do we go about getting some hard intelligence on whether the traffic through call centres increases during Merc Retro?

    I usually manage to steer clear of them, but in the last week have spent ages on hold.

    Latest example being this morning: rang up the gas company because my bill is hysterically wrong. Last quarter: $81. This quarter: $260! They agree, the water meter must have been read “inaccurately”.

  38. I work in a call centre, and all hell’s broken loose.
    I have to Citrix in to one environment and the servers are soooooo slooooooooooowwwwwww.
    And now calls from the general public for customer A are now coming to my servicedesk (the one customer A should be calling if they’re having technical problems)

    Grrrrrrrrrr. . .

      • Oh dear. That happened once at work when I’d forgotten my coke in the freezer. I ended up having to defrost the mess…

  39. I bought it from the front counter. It’s just the magic of Merc Retro I think.
    I’m taking it a lot better this time.

    Also Buckle . . . I work in a call centre. I swear it increases. I swear!
    You could request call reports for incoming/outgoing calls, I suppose if you wanted hard evidence, or you could just take it from me. . . the last few days have been hell. . .

  40. Muthachukka!!!!! The servers have been down all day. Merc Retro is ripping through the company I work for like a fury!