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For the last few days, all emails sent to people with an Optus email address are being bounced saying “no such user” or “no such address”

It is frustrating as these people are emailing for an explanation as to why no Daily Mystic email in their in-box but even my replies to them are bouncing.

The answer is that it is an Optus error – it’s happening to me as well with my personal address, about two thirds of mail sent to me there is being bounced back to the sender with an auto-message to the tune of “this user does not exist” but a third inexplicably gets through.

So if Optus is your ISP, i can’t email you and you need to tell them that the messages are being bounced with a No such user (state 14) message.

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  1. Seriously, you should keep records on how often this happens and chart it alongside Mercury Retrograde hotspots. I wholeheartedly believe that Mercury retrograde incidents are one of the easiest astrological phenomena to document empirically. There must be some statistics-savvy peeps on here who could then crunch the numbers. Not that anyone needs to “prove” astrology to me, but I think all of mankind could benefit if we could “scientifically” establish some v. useful correlations between the celestial and the mundane. Research project, anyone?

  2. I had probs with my optus mobile on Saturday – they put a block on my phone, as I had notified them with new credit card number for direct debit, but it didn’t go through to their department (for some reason) – 45 mins on phone later after paying acct n sorting etc she tells me phone would be back on within 4 hours..then get a txt mssg from optus saying would be back on within 2 hrs…4 and half hours later still no phone, so call again, she apologizes, puts it back on immediately(!) and tells me they are “upgrading” their computer systems so they are having problems (no sh*t) – maybe the probs with emails etc are part of this “upgrade” too!

  3. bahaha

    Last friday was peak kaos for me and a few little bits and pieces since, but that day was like a text book day for example merc retro stuff – all got srted but nothing else happened that day.

    Yep she is gonna be a doosy, batten down the hatches.

    Love it – Merc retro doesn’t urk me too much – makes you realise that we are not really in that much control.

  4. Having probs with windows live, not loading!!!! And think the govt have shut down wikileaks Its not loading either…Bloody merc retro.

    The whole Julian thing is just going to go around in circles, he will go through a bit of torment, even jail perhaps then be let free. He has not done anything wrong.

      • Meanwhile, meditate and pray if you choose, as the internet is not going to save us peeps.

      • Paypal fuqers…It certainly is Sweetie..Thinking how much the gov or anyone else for that matter can control what we see on the net… makes me soo angry!!!

      • Well you know Sweetie, i just couldn’t manage
        Paypal, just a gut feeling they were’nt the company
        to go thro’ for sending moola.
        And because i bailed out fom them before transaction
        completed, they have been sending me emails ever since
        to join up. That just put me off more.

        • Oh don’t get me started about them. Only Mystic knows as I’ve recently emailed back and forth with her about them taking money out of an account I had not authorized. All sorted but I don’t want to use them again. “Pals” they are not!

        • Thanks Gemmy. I’d seen that chart somewhere today too and that time also puts Moon in Scorp in 12th besides the rising. Something in Cap in 8th trining Moon too. Should do a proper chart and put this on his thread! (sorry Mystic)

        • Hey thanks BG where’d you score that?

          Wow, Mystic was right!!! Scorp Ascending.. Also interesting it that it means he has Saturn in his 7th House, seems apt, too serious for relationships at a personal level take the world on instead and make NN in Aqua happy?
          I do hope MM is interested to share her thoughts on this if she has a spare moment.
          (My saturn conjunct venus aspect thinks he could have been more sensible about schlepping about with girls he doesn’t know well in the midst of this d’uh).

          Thanks for the link BG!

          • “Your twelfth house moon suggests that you are a private person, hesitant to reveal your feelings and needs. Often, fearful of your vulnerability, you block awareness of your feelings; you seek refuge from your inner world in habitual activities which you may perform in an automatic manner. Contacting your hidden emotional self may be difficult for you, because you have developed a lifetime of defenses against primitive levels of need and dependency which frighten you. You may feel intense shame in regard to the child-self which is buried within you”. Could sort of believe some of that about him!

            • Yes I instantly recognized that placement as I have it myself (so does super-scorp Bjork), I see it in his interviews. He’s always extremely emotionally reserved, (yet he will get up and walk off sometimes due to certain questions) and yet in his photographs you can see the depths of what’s swirling about within, especially since he has a Scorp moon. And when he does start to walk off, you witness the feelings raging within.

              That’s the thing I’ve noticed about a 12th house moon, it’s not that you don’t feel, as you do, very intensely, and to much greater depth than most as you feel all the unconscious stuff floating about in every atmosphere as well, you just keep it within as your sure its intensity will scare people. It’s not a fear of being vulnerable but rather of overwhelming others. I find it always to be intensely misunderstood by astro interpretations.

              • Must say I relate. As a person with Scorpio Moon the fear of overwhelming others is a constant presence. ;)

              • There’s an interesting astro book by Judy Hall concerning this. It’s titled, The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon. I plan to read it soon as I have a Pluto square to my moon but it may, or rather, should, apply to those with a Scorp moon. :)

      • Ah thanks for that BG! Great article. Just blabbed below and then read this article- saying exactly what I thought was true, but sorry should’ve read it first! Yes the truth must be triumphant – I’m aqua rising and sag moon, I have to be believe that, otherwise what else is there?!

      • My new hero, thanx for that BG.
        I know Natasha Stott Despoia-Smith will be
        on his side. Do you remember the slogan when
        she was with the Democratic Party
        ‘Keep the Barstards Honest’

    • Yes here here sassy – he hasn’t done anything wrong and even all the politicians saying he is endangering people’s lives etc I wonder if that’s even true – no the only things really at risk are their precious reputations. Perfect example of scared govt’s at work – massive smear campaign first, then do all they can to wipe him out. Won’t be as easy for them now as was in the past. I have a pretty good feeling he wil triumph in the end too – it’s about time someone called their bluff and got away with it isn’t it?!

      • Ps also, arresting him/throwing him in jail (or assassinating him- he didn’t say that but am sure was also thinking of it!) isnt going to stop the tide of information. As he said last week, all the info has been sent out already, in encrypted form and once he is arrested then they will receive code to unlock it. Very clever man.

        • ‘Scared’ being THE keyword.
          Who’s mixing up the medicine in the basement
          while he’s on the pavement talkin’ about the Government’?

        • What I’m praying for is to ~please~ do not let the bank info NOT get out. Biggest thieves in the world.

            • Worth a read for sure, specially now. It was published before
              Da Vinci Code & Angels & Deamons.
              Is there a good Library in Palmy, they’ll have it.

  5. Thanx for this info as i was wanting to change from
    Telstra, tres expensive compared to others around,
    broadband. Never ever a problem with telstra so i’ll
    stay with them & hang the cost.

  6. Don’t know whether it’s appropriate but anyone wanting to switch from Telstra or Optus should try Westnet. I’ve been with them since 2004 and their service is utterly fantastic. They’re not the cheapest, but if anything goes wrong, their call centres are in Australia, they are helpful, they never flinch or hang up when they hear a scream of anguish at the other end, unfailingly helpful, polite and efficient. Wouldn’t swap them for quids.

    • Appreciated advice LA, as would like to give a change
      of telecommunications a go or tell mine they have to give
      me a better deal if they want to keep me, as paying more
      than i really have to, methinks.

  7. Wow, am trying to submit an online complaint to Optus as everyone i know (personally and who get the Daily Mystic email) is bouncing back with user unknown. Half an hour on the phone to Calcutta to be told that i must be typing in email addresses in correctly.

    So the ten people i personally emailed from my contact book – they’re all incorrect, all the D.M peeps are suddenly mis-spelt and my own personal email address was WRONG all along?

    We must be a nation of ders or Optus needs to get its shit together. You can’t have a monumental fuq up like this and tell your call centre staff to just say it is mis-spelling

    And their Online Technical Support form does not work either !!!!

    • “Optus need to get its shit together..” – exactly Mystic!!! Good luck! Drives me nuts the amount of probs I’ve had with them, though they all seem as bad as each other. Suddenly thought yesterday, if I could, I’d just have my own satellite and do it all myself!

  8. Hi Mystic, have just rung OPTUS to see if i can do anything to help, the aussie i spoke to says – to email from a different email address than your usual one, ( the one that’s bouncing back) and include the bounce back email you have received and they will have a look ……
    He thinks that your email maybe coming up as spam…..
    Not sure if any of this helps or if you have tried this already, also ring early in the morning and you don’t have to wait on hold most of the time and fingers crossed i’ll be able to read your daily advise again soon.
    Mars in Cap has to have some out let lol lol

  9. Hey Mystic – this definitely shouldn’t be happening and I’d be more than happy to look into this for you.

    The error message “no such user” or “no such address” generally means that the recipient doesn’t have an active service or mailbox with Optus but if I can get some more info from you I can certainly investigate this further.

    I can be contacted directly @ if you’d like to send me your info and a couple of bounce errors so I can see what’s happening; when you send your details through, attention it to myself and I’ll be in touch ASAP.


    Ian Thomson
    Optus Social Media Response Team