“…The talk of the (Art Basel Miami Beach) at least on the first few days, was about the Eli Broad profile in the New Yorker and about the many out-of-towners who were tardy to the party due to missed flights. Most blamed the weather; practitioners of the dark arts pointed to a particularly nasty Mercury retrograde...”

Finally!  The New York Times not only acknowledges Mercury Retrograde but has brilliant enough reportage/sources to grok that this one is “particularly nasty.”

Note also that, as Uranus went Direct just the other day, it began to apply to the square with Pluto that is THE theme of the next few years. And what are the key themes? Fallibility in government, power to the people and there is something else coming – weird, big and breaking news soon.

I’m thinking banks or big pharma but i am too caught up in my own personal Mercury Retro situation to give it as much thought as i would like.


85 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Go here Quads:, watch some youtube and off you go!
    It’s actually easier than it looks and it will make you the star of the party this silly season. As long as you don’t get drunk and set your hair on fire… :)

    • Then again Mercury is Retro and Fire is SO Aries, so am thinking that is very worrying astro for twirling poi.. lol.

    • Thank you!! I didn’t even know what it is called but looks so hot. On the other hand, I agree with the risks, today is set aside for cooking frenzy and burned my finger at the oven.

  2. Oooh and re that Gemini Full Moon + eclipse and all this Cappy Pluto square dancing – while I hope for more on Pharma, I am thinking the banksters will take a big hit from the Leak Community (it’s bigger than the WikiLeaks now, it’s an international movement methinks, I am quite shocked by the support they have garnered internationally). Maybe even the Fed will be under scrutiny in the states in coming months? Interesting times!

    Is it even worth trying to send Christmas cards this Merc Retro? I think I will send out Happy Rabbit New Year cards next year instead.

    • Have you considered making some kind of ecard or skyping a photo + message to your peeps? Thus saving a few trees and reducing reliance on petro derived inks and chlorine bleached card? I had no idea people still did the card thing. I mean Citibank does but you know that’s suspect from the get go.

      • that’s not a dig at you by the way – I haven’t received an Xmas card for more than a decade unless it was direct mail. Think if we want the world to be a better place we might have to collectively start questioning some of our “traditions”. In many cases traditions are simply repetition or habit and many of them suspect origins that are no longer relevant to our times. For me Xmas always seemed like the ideal place to start questioning the status quo.

        • argh I am writing essays again and it totally changes your writing style – it becomes saturnine and efficient – so not conversational. Apologies andromeda have been reading dreary marxist theory. I can actually feel a change in my physicality when I read it – it’s heavy. Awful. Am not meaning to lecture you one the pros and cons of Xmas cards. hilarious. everything becomes so deeply serious.

          • I love your “essays”, Whatevs! (Just accidentally typed “wheatevs”. Can you tell I’m realigning my diet after a week of too much junk… well, too many Ferro chocs and nibblies…)

            Totally agree with the questioning of Xmas. I just feel so “obligated” at this time of year – socially, dietary, giftarily, drinkarily… Blah. Fuq that.

            And there’s my Libby rising kicking in, saying “oh but you don’t want ppl thinking you’re a grumpy cheap-arse Capricorn!!” Heh heh. Wha-ev-ah.

            I’m only creatures I’m interested in spoiling on Xmas morning are my animals. Treats and hugs. But I did agree to go for freebie Xmas lunch with my mum’s rich geologist friends (got an invite because I’m “single” and they “feel sorry” for me. Heh heh. Pass the Moet and Tassie scallops…)

            • ***Last paragraph meant to read “THE only creatures I’m interested in spoiling…”

            • Nice, thanks – I am writing actual essays in my non mystopia world and it makes me all strident and infinitive because that’s how you have to be in an essay drive the point home etc. Is awful when it leaks into other parts of life tho, it’s not the most convivial vibe. Aqua hates it when I dwell in theory land. Gets all twitchy and too scared to open his big dreamy mouth lest I quash his stream of consciousness with some bitched up theory or another.

              Re xmas the obligation thing is hard – I don’t do Xmas but when I first “withdrew” from the routine some of my peeps found it impossible to fathom and were all like “well what are you going to do that day then?” Like I was opting out of life for 24 hours or something – funniest thing is it’s become my favourite day of the year because there is no obligation any more. And there is that alcohol is cheaper at this time of year too and there’s all the bulk packs of your favourite cosmetics and cleansers on sale etc. – I’m happy to reap the benefits and stock up on my “essentials” without the complications. I certainly wouldn’t be saying no the tassie scallops and bubbles. That’s the kind of obligation I could cope with : o)

          • How funny! Marx’ll do that to ya ;)
            Actually got married and had two kids in the space of two ‘n’ a bit years so I have received a billion congratulatory cards and letters in that time. And I have returned exactly ….none. I think I should make this effort once in my life. Am sure we have a long future of oil-less living ahead of us so I shall use the opportunity to send cards once in my life as a general big thank you. A lot of my parent’s friend’s still send me cards tho, some think emails are crass.

        • Actually, whatevs, (looking guilty and furtive), I still do send and receive Christmas cards from family and friends I’ve made in our various travels. Many don’t have e-mails and we stay in touch at Christmas. I don’t go overboard and really boggle at some of the vast quantities sent out, but I do love being in contact with my global family.

          • please don’t look guilty and furtive !! You sure as shit or whatever the phrase is don’t have to answer to me. Keeping in touch is important and letters are lovely to receive I’m actually impressed you know people who don’t do email. It’s the unquestioning repetition of rituals of consumption that I find myself questioning most is all. I have been known to sit and ponder the amount of water that went into the growing of the cotton before inserting tamponage. Have been trying to work out how they could be used in compost and whether they would break down. I have no expectations whatsoever of others to follow my lead – just putting it out there as a concept is all x

            • I actually agree. We don’t do the Christmas thing in our home, it’s more a catching up with friends, although we are in contact through the year. Me being Libran rising and Libran sun, friends and relationships are really important to me, but I have also had to sit back and take a good look at myself and step back, need to take better care of Moi rather than running around after everyone else. Good escape hatch to stop you looking too closely at growing yourself. As for consumption, I goggle at the idea of growing rice and cotton in the dry Australian weather conditions which rips water out of the environment in mega-quantities. To paraphrase Mr Clinton: “It’s the environment, stupid!”

              • Couldn’t help thinking about this last night – you know the idea of Cards Versus ECards.

                I realised that it is a serious question.. Yes, because just as it is about values re the environment as Whatevs mentions and is perhaps ‘outdated’. But I suppose the dissonance I feel it also implies is a poverty of spirit when we cannot in some material way celebrate spirit. I mean that was the whole point of Christmas, it’s the yang to the yin of Lent!
                Celebrating the fullness of summer is willing abundance into being with these small rituals. They are an act of hope and trust too.

                It is a generational shift tho, where, while we love the tangible, we accept being part of the Ikea generation. Making do with less, replacing things with thoughts that count is increasingly part of our future. I celebrate and resent this in equal parts. Not being able to hang an ecard over the (blocked-up/replaced by a gas heater) fire-place is a good metaphor for all that stuff… Bloody Marx..

  3. falliability in government…

    Hmm, there is that little Wikileaks thing… :)

    Maybe we should stand-by for a new sh*fight.

  4. I was smiling to myself this evening as I watched the news… WikiLeaks shitstorm… Pissed off students… It’s like the 60’s all over again! Hopefully this time around it will result in more permanent change :)

  5. Curious if others experienced the Merc retro last week? I had a literal sh*t storm of identity theft (no access to money for a week), strained communication, breaking things, falling down, broken mobile, texting one person and thinking it was another, and the ever-so-lovely talking to an ex (or whatever the he would be considered) for the first time since mid-September. I also woke up Monday and began looking for a new job. The point of my litany is that it was enough mishaps, both annoying and absurd, that I can’t brush them off as coincidence. Merc retro 7 days early? A karmic healing crisis? A bad week for Aries (Saggo rising & Moon)? I don’t know but this week has felt like the hangover from it. Any thoughts? Anyone else have the cloud following them? Has it made you more or less fearful for the remainder of the month.

    • Sometimes I “vibe ” things early.. I haven’t figured it out yet.. I think it’s kinda like a professor giving you the problem early, and then letting you solve it on your own time…..hand it in at the end of the retrograde period lol

      Or it could be another aspect hitting the same planets?

    • Yes, nutty last week here, and the same with my friend (we have no signs in common!)

      Also noticed that Venus Rx started about 10 days early for me this fall.

      • Had two days of trying to sort out a super-slow computer, System Mechanic froze up so many times it wasn’t funny, internet went superslow, keyboard went super-slow. Hair-tearing stuff.

  6. carotidlasso, a lot of people have the misconception that the effects of a mercury retrograde begin exactly on the day Mercury actually moves backwards and then stop exactly on the day Mercury moves direct. Not so. Research Mercury shadowzone information. The jumbled effects of a Mercury retrograde come not just from when Mercury is retrograde, but also from when it slows in the sky preparing to go retrograde, then same thing when it goes direct again . . . and movement is slow until it gets back to full speed. The number of days Mercury is operating at the sluggish speed on either side of the retrograde period varies from retrograde to retrograde, but for rounding purposes, add at least 3 days on either end of the exact dates. This one actually needed more like a whole week tacked on. And as it is starting in Saggo (your rising sign and Moon), yeah, not too surprising that you’d be hit a little harder. Probably wasn’t funny to you at all, but forgive me for smiling at just how convoluted things can get. Egads.

    • See, that makes sense…

      The shadowzone, doesn’t always work for me, but I hadn’t heard that about different ones being different..

      Well put, ixi…..

      • Everyone has her own favorite astro-on-the-web tools, but this is what I go by when evaluating Mercury Rx dates. With the gray dates and the red dates noted graphically on a calendar, it is so much easier to understand. Red days are when Mercury is moving less than 1 degree/day, and those are the days when you really have to be on triple-check alert.

        • Yes, thanks, Inchy, great link, I read quite a bit over there.
          I’ve also been reading about the upcoming eclipse and my brain is really swirling~ the giant cosmic clock ~ totally radical energy exchange ! Lunar release, solar intake, it boggles ! I also vibe transits before they are exact, still getting a handle on it, but definately noticeable earlier than exact. Pleased about the NYT mention and I think Age of Aqua is really gonna wake UP the whole planet to invaluable insights on a universal scale. ie: We are one race Earthlings *peace

  7. some mercury retrogrades you do not even notice – others are like w.t.f w.t.f for like a whole month – people sometimes sneer at me for being like a fanartic with mercury retro but i have avoided many a cock up by obeying mystic;s thing about the shadowzone.

    • so remind me of what to do! I know not to buy machinery or electronics

      what else?

      I know it’s not great for contracts or new endeavors. Am I missing something?

      I was feeling pretty darn good for a while and then, boom, Mercury Retrograde. I felt like crap all day.

    • I reckon Julian actually is one!

      actually I KNOW I’m one – he and I are born in the same week, month and year. That guy really resonates with me.

      • Yeah, that is what I thought. Mine is close, but yours should be closer I gathered from your posts on Nep-Jup conjunction- whatevs gave an amazing diagnosis to his chart, did you see it?

        • thanks for the shout out Q but fyi my birth time was a guess so if I said about houses was based on the guess but his planets are being manifested so clearly is like a textbook person to astrofiend on.

          • prowl and I have the same aspects re: slow moving planets, in which way they will manifest/expressed depends on house placements, you are right. I can’t talk ab prowlncat’s chart, in my case Saturn’s role is heavier, and I don’t have Sun-Uranus aspect, mine plays at exact Merc-Uranus trine. Still the uneasiness about establishment is the common point. The problem is, I think, SN on Leo – it dilutes people’s perception on the seriousness of message.

              • But see, when you are a Leo, for others the image is real, like it or not. :-) Mother is Leo :-)

                SN in Leo – projecting expired past lives, kind of wearing imitation jewelry – other than the owner, all are aware of it, or a grandfather clock which is no longer relevant but here it is sitting on top of mantel.

                At least that is how I learned the way my SN Leo operates, :-)

              • Very eloquently expressed! I think I have trouble understanding my south node as it is conjunct my ascendent in Gem… Seems to render it meaningless? Totally get your point about Leo. Btw I assume J.A. actually is very arrogant and is not just having SN issues!

              • I can’t assess how arrogant JA might be. But there are times when I feel my security is threatened, I clamp down, bite the bullet in private and then listen to others who perceive it as if I throw am-better-than-thou crumbs. It may be my Cap Moon or SN in Leo.

                whatevs is more equipped to chime in about SN in Gem conjuct ASC, my meek suggestion is that you could be comfortable in how people perceive you as a Gem, all the while knowing it is their perception.

      • Just had a peek!!! How in blue hell did I miss the Julian Assange post ffs … musta been one of those days I had my head up my butt. Ummm hmmm yes well there are differences in houses/ascendant/moon … but overall the generational “fuq the establishment/orthodoxy – bring in the new world order” vibe is there. Also the huge attention to spirituality and the lack of interest or connection to western political and economic values. Weird as I never thought of myself as any kind of god botherer, but after 2005 when Mystic said I had some kind of “awakening” (true) God has definitely been bothering me – and virtually impossible to friggin well ignore!!!

        • Pay attention! ;) Actually I was wondering what your thoughts were and missed yr input that Assange post… I think there is point where the drugs don’t work, the intellectual position of being a moral being in a Godless universe exhausts you and God becomes the last frontier..a la Obi Wan Kanobi (only hope).

          • I could call it – the Assange/Wikileaks situation – but it would probably be pointless. I do have a sense that this thing unfolding is just as an important part of the global process as any resolutions or transformations that may come from it. The first thing that come to my mind intuitively speaking is “a time for revelations” … to every thing there is a season and so forth.

        • Funny, 2003 would be the time when I cut off any diplomatic ties with the concept of God – defined by others, told to me by others. Another 5 years to sort out the mess left behind, courtesy of my upbringing.

          • It kinda started there for me too (2003) but more along the lines of a life crash and reassesment of my entire direction. A Saturn return followed by Saturn in Cancer probably helped things along. Then some lovely Pluto transits. Feckin not noice!!

            My definitions of god have nothing to do with religion, religious organisations or even the new age philosophies which appear to have become enmeshed in as much “fairies at the bottom of the garden” nonsensical bullshit as pretty much every other religion. Actually I avoid definitions and theories, instead “following the breadcrumbs” as Paul Coelho in the Alchemist puts it, as well as my own experience. Seeking to know (rationalise, logicise, justify) the unknowable is pointless. The path is more one of direct experience, faith and the small wisdoms that come from the journey.

      • Here we go…
        I’m reposting this link for you PC….

        Astrology blog with intellegent discussion of Juliens’s chart and the Wikilinks issue….

        • thanks BlackStar … I do like his non alarmist take on the subject and I agree and/or resonate with some of the chart aspects he discussed, however I feel he’s fallen into the trap of removing the X factor out of the equation and dumbing the whole thing down into logical rationalist terminology. I too had an abusive father relationship, although mine was the natural parent. Yes it has created an inbred psychological antagonism and resistance towards male authority – especially as it is expressed in patriarchal cultural forms. But the question is … why would two people born a few days apart BOTH have significantly disturbing relationships with their primary male role model? Why would that be so? Why in fact does the movement of the planets seem to marry up to our experience not only as a global species but on a personalised level? Doesn’t that strike you as weird? … It does me … so much more to be revealed and I can’t wait!!! ;)

  8. I have (as we know) Pluto sitting on my Venus in the 2nd house of Capricorn and now Mercury is backing up over it and Mars is heading in just for more fun. Time to Buckle up I suppose.
    Yesterday I lost my credit card holder and had to stop and change everything only to find that my cat “Moose” had knocked it under and out of sight of the doorway table.

  9. One of the BIG wikileaks coming up is on the US investment firm, Goldman-Sacks and their involvement in the financial collapse of Greece , Ireland, Iceland….

  10. I am working from external hard-drives, double back-up until the merc retro is solved. Too bad I can’t backup my mind.

  11. Ah ha, the muggles are getting in on it.

    This one is going to be a corker, the last week has been full of things already and today was so ridiculous I’m almost laughing, almost. Stayling looooow key and alone this weekend, the quarantine and my love/sex life does not exist as far as I’m concerned until next year. Too much potential for things to outta control bats.

  12. practisioners of the dark arts??


    Okay who’s cutting the head off the chicken this week, ladies?


  13. Is that why the bank doesn’t seem to understand that I am exactly the same person they sent the letter to and that yes, those are the correct answers to my ‘personal security questions’ and no, they are not wrong.

    ‘Sir, you have answered the personal security questions wrong and I can no longer help you.’

    ‘Let me speak with your manager’

    ‘Sir, it is 7:30 eastern standard time. My manager is not available. You need to go to a branch to sort this out.

    ‘Ma’am daylight savings time is NOT eastern standard time. I live in Qld and we have eastern standard time. It’s still 6:30am. And what branch? There are no branches open within 50km of my house except during business hours when I work.’

    ‘Sir, I cannot help you. You have not answered the security questions correctly.’

    I hang up. Wait 5 minutes and phone again. Oddly enough, my details are correct this time. Same details just different operator. Unfortunately no joy. The payment I have a receipt for – paid in a branch (of the same bank) doesn’t appear to show up as having been received. But I paid it 5 weeks ago.

    So yes, there’s definitely something going on with the fuqing banks! And now at least I know the astro answer.

  14. Membership card for gym failed in the swiping machine last night. Huge grin on my face when I told size 0 bimbo attendant “most likely mercury retrograde issue”, she had no clue what I was talking about just looked dazed and blabbed on about machine/computer stuff ups all day.

    More (knowing) grins yesterday as I farewelled the IT team I work with to start my 4wk holiday.
    Know I should raise merc retro risk issues in planning meetings but honestly 90% male geeks would just laugh and blow it off. Instead I plan holiday like any self absorbed strategic Cap would do.

    Well known IT budgets are some of the biggest in organisations. When things go wrong we work 24hr days, overtime rates etc…and we aint cheap honey! Just imagine how this eats up profits in big banks.
    *smug grin..laughs*

  15. OK the single most frustrating aspect of mercury retro for me is commonly: WHY is itunes crashing all the time? I just want some new tunes to soak up the semiotics with and it won’t work. WHY WHY WHY? AND why do they always release updates as mercury goes retro you’d think steve jobs would have an in-house astrologer working on release dates.

      • Gemini also rules the hands. As well as the mind/communication things mentioned by Saturnrox above, Venus in Gemini can also mean being creative at handicrafts, attracted to hand-made items, dexterous. Venus in Gem also brings a witty, humourous & charming style to things. Look to the House placement for ideas about how to use your Venus in Gemini to its full glory.

        Low-end expression of Venus in Gem includes being overly attracted to nasty or malicious gossip, not sticking with anything, being duplicitous & unreliable, never satisfied with what is.

  16. I am wondering if it’s Mercury retro aspecting my natal Mars– I have been having a series of little accidents. I ran the big trash can over my toes. Then I was out walking and ran into a low-hanging tree branch, which scratched my face. I dropped a bowl of soup when I was putting it in the microwave . . .

    I am not a klutz at all. I am not athletic or graceful either, but definitely not clumsy. So this is very strange. Does a Mercury retrograde only cause mental glitches?

    • See, that’s an interesting question…

      My thought is no…. it affects places in your chart that are mercury driven….

      For me that is diff than others… I rarely get wierd electronics problems, but oftan get truly bizarre spoken communications issues at work. Which holds up in my chart.

      • “Places in my chart that are Mercury driven”

        Ok, I have Mercury Rising in Sagittarius. Since the Ascendant is supposed to be the body, that might explain it.

        Interesting also that Sagittarians have a rep for being clumsy . . .

        • sagitta, here’s a little astrology secret: when Mercury is retrograde, you can blame ANYTHING on it. : – 8

          • “When Mercury is retrograde you can blame ANYTHING on it”

            Excellent–that means even a Mercury Retrograde has its silver lining!

            I broke a teacup today morning as I was emptying the dishwasher–banged it against the cabinet’s edge.

            The teacup was one of a set I bought because it was on sale. I hate it now but can’t bear to waste/dispose of a perfectly workable set. Maybe Mercury-R will do it for me. One down, five to go! :)

            Everything has its uses

  17. I have to comment that my computer is working well, I have good communications with friends lately and everything I have ordered online turns up on time also. Maybe it’s the moon in Aqua but this so far this Merc Retro is quite acceptable, so far…

  18. This Merc retro starts at 10th house, slides back to 9th house and crosses MC. I really would like to think what am doing with my career.

    Plan is wow not to be depressed over dismal work conditions, but create an offense list, fend off a supervisor who has taken interest in my work likely-to-say-gotcha!, nose to the grind, distant from workplace drama, and plan in secret. And no luxury spending unless absolutely necessary, which has only one item: cat food

    I mean last month they almost accused me embezzling money out of a project, just because they couldn’t locate the paper they themselves signed. How more creepy it can get – am out of door once the other options are lined up.