Asteroid Narcissus: The True Test Of Up Yourselfhood

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John William Waterhouse

Yes it’s been a while since we had a good old asteroid bingle and this one is a beauty. Literally.

Guys, where is your asteroid Narcissus?  You can check it out on Astrodienst-

Just enter asteroid number 37117 and voila. Narcissus Rising? Up yourself to a ludicrous degree but you’re suitably hot?  Narcissus conjunct Venus like a certain Capricorn Carpenter of my recent acquaintance?  Maybe you love yourself more than any others and maybe that is a good thing? I’ve lost touch with what shrinks think re this.

The mythological Narcissus is pictured above, enraptured by his own reflection, as the nymph Echo looks on, her love for him unrequited. Hence the word “echo” for when all you talk or shout but all you hear is your own voice back. Poetic but sad, yes?

So where is your Narcissus and does it fit?

Here is Dali’s version of Narcissus: The Metamorphosis Of Narcissus. I am not sure what he think happens to Narcissus but it’s kind of awesome.

133 thoughts on “Asteroid Narcissus: The True Test Of Up Yourselfhood

  1. 8th house, in Scorpio, square Moon, trine Pisces Ascendent. Shares those aspects with the Pluto I have residing in the 8th and luckily, avoids the Venus that’s there too. Emotionally narcissistic? Or internalizes all the 8th house issues, feels them within far more than expresses them outside of myself? Holds the storm rather than becoming the storm? Just a guess.

    • Every time narcissism comes up I think of that thing Tori Amos said, “I’ve seen myself become quite angry because somebody that I love has been dragged through the streets emotionally. A vicious narcissist is hard for me to take. But a yummy narcissist, are you kidding? You’re talking to one.” :lol:

    • yes, I have 8th house placement as well. I just have no idea… And it’s in Pisces….

      twin fish staring at each other in the water? thinking of debts, loans, the mafia, and sex.

      • yet another 8th house here, in Gemini.

        Dual nature in the house/ possesions thingo ?

        • maybe it’s a fascination with the part of ourselves that are Plutonic and more Scorpio.

          maybe if we are enamored of ourselves it’s in how we attract powerful people into our lives? or how we deal with sex? or how we attract money from others?

          we like our Scorpio side?

    • Narcissus in Scorpio too, but in the 1st House. Sounds like a Classic NPD to me. oh no! :(

        • good lord I hope so.
          Malignant NPD would be dangerous NPD could be your average performer, singer or model.

    • phew what a day!
      filed 5 stories for 3 publications – journalism done for the year – YAY!!

      techie upgraded all Mac devices & backed up.
      Tumblr alive again after leaving 10 million bloggers blogless hanging for 24 hours – entire blog backed up. Xmas all but organised. cool.

      Narcissus – 7 Gem in the 3rd – any tips please??
      rght by my IC

      can’t see anyone below in the 3rd …… yet! ;-) xox

  2. I have asteroid Narcissus r 20 degrees in the 11th house of Aqua! 8O

    Trining Gemini Sun, & Moon… & Pluto in Libra. Sextile Neptune & MC in 9th house Sagg… Squaring Uranus in Scorp & True Node in Leo…

    Hmm I guess it fits… 8O

    I was reading the other day that Narcissistic personality disorder has been dropped from the DSM & apparently this has pissed off a LOT of the NPD people! That is a teeny bit funny though… isn’t it? 8O

  3. LOL Barista – I can think of a few NPD’s who would be most put out by that :)

  4. 2 deg Aquarius in 12th house and no aspects and no aspects. Do i think I’m an alien? Some days, yes.

  5. In Virgo conjunct my IC. Up myself in the home hahah

    Interesting Mr Toro man has his conjunct his Venus also.

  6. Narc scorp – fairly exact oppose natal Saturn. Well sounds like a barrel of laughs – have no idea – rule breaker?! Bored Easily ?!

    Also sqares my moon and trines (?? little green thingy) Uranus.

    Also sits a couple of degrees from where the lovely venus is currently lurking.

    Still Cracking Me up Baristagem! :)

          • LOL have no idea!!! but I think very, very minor aspect…Most astrologers just focus on conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines..Sometime sextiles and quincuxs will get a look in but if you read every aspect it would take forever..

      • Me too, it really seems apt with the mating with
        an AquaMan. They see each other in their reflections.
        That’s hot as.

  7. Mine is 21 Sag in the 2nd house. Not really aspecting anything but it does sit between Venus and Saturn. Am I about to have a Narci return??? Is there such a thing?

    • Mine’s there too Whatevs … And I’m not surprised either. For the past 2 months I have been spending all my money decorating my home so that it looks fantastic. The price has been no grocery shopping because there’s about $20 a week left for buying food and $8 of that goes to feed my cat.


    • Whatevs, i feel busted! Have so many mirrors around
      2 in bedroom, 2 in bathroom, 5 in lounge. Just think they
      are amazing & ancient. Scrying used to be done with mirrors.
      They are mentioned in High Ritual Magic for summoning
      ArchAngels. Also like sorta mouldy ones that have pattens
      thro’ them.
      It’s stops me being lonely. Never look at them when out like
      for preening or touchups-checks or in vanity ones in cas.
      Love the endless mirrors upon mirrors effect like the closest
      to infinity imagined.
      ‘All i do is by smoke & mirrors’.
      ‘It’s all done by mirrors’?

  8. Mine is in Cap 12th house how boring. means I work hard at being narcisstic? maybe mmmm

  9. Narcissus squares my sun, and is in scorpio in my 11th house. I suppose, I love myself more than society and my friends? ;p I suppose that’s true, I don’t have many friends; I have a difficult time caring emotionally about people aside from my family and boyfriend. But I’m also a Leo sun, so I do think I’m pretty awsome anyway.
    My boyfriend happens to have narcissus sextile his asc and 0 degrees conjunt mc, in libra. He definitely thinks he is awsome ;p He’s not super obvious about it though.

    • Interesting… I wouldn’t have guessed that interpretation, but mine’s in the 11th house too (Leo for me) and I don’t have many friends either. Squares my Mars in Scorpio, but no aspects to the sun (I’m Pisces).

      I’d expect 11th-house Narcissus to have an echo-chamber effect in regard to social values; i.e., maybe a tendency towards confirmation bias? (On the other hand, who *isn’t* guilty of that sometimes?)

  10. Does anyone have it in the 7th house? Anyone have any ideas what it means?

    I have Narcissus in the 7th (Gemini) conjunct my DC at 1 degree. It is exactly opposite my Mercury at 6 Sagittarius and almost exactly opposite my Ascendant at 5 Sagittarius.

    What’s that supposed to mean? I think I’m hot but I’m not? I don’t think I am hot, but I am? I don’t think I am hot and I’m not hot–so it’s all good?

    • Maybe relationship troubles due to not being able to “put oneself in another’s shoes”? Not able to see their side? Considering the Mercury opposition as well…just a guess.

    • Mine is in my Libran 7th house, conjunct my DES and my Moon.

      So, is it more a case of:

      “When I think about you, I touch myself”

      or is it:

      “I am you or you are me and we are all together”?

    • I have it in 7 as well, but don’t know anything about it. I have it opposing Saturn.

      Maybe – 7th house relationships – mmm maybe we expect too much from our suiters? I don’t know I have been single most of my life and when I wasn’t I should have been and it took years to get out of it. Now I am happy single again, but I am giving in relationships – fuq knows there are so many things…. Maybe that is it – I will be single for ever – great – I really don’t want to be but I am very fussy.

      I like yours better – I always get attention when I don’t feel like I look great and not when I do.

      • Hippychic, your words actually have resonance for me–when you say we “expect too much” from our relationships. Maybe that is it–with Narcissus in 7th we want the mate/bf/spouse to mirror us, read our minds, anticipate our needs, say the exact words we are thinking and want to hear, etc.

        • OMG that is so true, bumma is that expecting too much?

          Oh well at least I have lots of other things I wish to achieve in this life. :)

          • Ha ha. This is funny. Ive got it in the 7th house, and for years I was convinced that my partner had a narcissistic personality disorder. I think it trines my moon, but that is the only aspect it makes.

            • ahahahahah

              I have it in the 7th too trine saturn sextile sun/merc
              (grounded with good conversation?)

              my partners ARE narcissistic

              • Ok so I am liking this angle – in the 7th – partners are Narcissistic – def rings true – am going with that

                *skips off happily*

              • ah who knows? my last one was for sure. maybe its what we want? maybe cause I keep getting with leo planet people.
                cap 7th house trine saturn sextile mer/sun sounds a bit more like some money making relationship

        • My Narcissuss in 7th too but as mentioned, conjunct Saturn and square Sun. Wish I could remember what one of ex’s planets/asteroids were that conjuncted Narciss and Saturn but, he certainly did throw some rocks into my reflection.

          He had natal Pluto opposite his Sun and it’s said that those peeps usually try to change or transform others to their liking. Well, I did ultimately transform but in my way, not his ;)

  11. whoa weird. I’ve got Narcissius conjunct Neptune in the 12th house.
    What does that even mean?
    I can only fall in love with my glamourous imaginary and unobtainable self?

    • It’s the ultimate smoke and mirrors placement?

      Is it in pisces? That’d be the best icing on the blunts and mirrors cake.

  12. Without looking it up,,,,,today i am looking the most
    beautiful iv’e been for eons.
    It’s the Weather! Humid, hot with thunderstorms
    so feels like i’m in Singapore or the Pacific Islands.
    In a sarong onlym my happiest state of being.
    Just fell in love with my own reflection. Lightning as well
    I’m blissed (but my inner Ceres not with rain at harvest time).
    My New Moon affirms & plans coming up roses, actually
    tuberoses :-)
    Better off the mac coz of lighteneing strikes.

    • Wild, that’s was the best & still coming thunder resonance
      iv’e heard in southern hemisphere. It’s like the God’s & Goddess’
      talking or making love. The Heavens are opening….maybe to let
      the Pleiadians in?

        • FF, moving North has been my plan for round 10 years
          as love humid but must be near water. Makes skin moist.
          SA is so dry i feel like crack if not constantly moisturising.
          Alas, i have a commitment to kelpie dogs for another 7 years!

  13. I’ve always thought myself to be very vain although I do try to hide it being Sun Scorp. But there it is: Narcissus 1 degree Libra with Virgo in the 8th House. But with not one aspect. Hhmm…

  14. Narcissius 11 degree Capricorn exactly square Aries Sun 11 in 11th.

    Hey, can’t call me conceited ;) If I do act the part, most of the time I’m just joking as know it appears ridiculous and foolish and off putting to others.

    Or WAS so full of myself with Sun conjunct SN, universe forcing me to tone it down a bit (hehe) as Saturn already square my Aries.

    Or, with Sun and SN in 11th and the squares, have had to face issues of not feeling loveable.

    A little bit of all the above? Probably.

      • Yes, being full of love FOR yourself ie psyche & spirit,
        being grateful to the body as vehicle?
        healthy self-esteem vis a vis ‘conceitedness’ is loveable
        You are.

      • As i have a couple of big gun Planets in 11th, can sure understand
        the ‘wanting to be loveable’. Get high anxiety if some-one doesn’t
        like me. True. Get emotional symptoms & want the prozac passed!
        So Narccisus being in 9th for me stops the Virgoness being
        a tyrant & instead gives me the take it or leave it attitude re: physical
        Getting it as i type.
        Revelations abound round here. Can always rely on a smile & synchronicity.

  15. Narcissus retrograde in Capricorn; my 9th house-is that not up myself at all, or mega up myself when it comes to 9th house activities?

    • Mine’s in 9th house too! – and just scrapes into scorp! And opp Venus and saturn in my 3rd. And no idea what it means?!

  16. It’s in the middle of my Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury 2nd house Scorpio stellium…with Saturn opposing. From 11 to about 23 I had very severe body image issues. The opposite of vanity really.

    These days… I’ve got a healthy amount of self-love.

  17. Narcissus is residing at 1 degree Sagg, snuggled closely with Neptune 4 degrees, Oh in the 9th house, close to MC.
    I really am at a loss as to what this means, being relatively new and all to the wonderfully mysterious world of astro interps.
    Any wise interpts would be gratefully received from the wise women of MM’s blog!

    • I would imagine it’s your self-esteem & how you look after
      yourself. If you LIKE yourself. ‘A woman looks FOR herself
      in a mirror & a man looks AT himself’.
      And being in Sagg, it could make a regime of such ummm
      erratic? casual? speedy? wanting to know the philosophy
      behind anything that beautifies? Do it on the run from place
      to place, don’t care too much you sweat or rub it off anyway?

    • I have Neptune conjunct Narcissus too.

      I’m going to guess that with Narcissus near the MC, maybe loving yourself is part of your career? or perhaps should be? :)

  18. Mine is in Virgo, THAT is no surprise & just
    1 degree into so very close to the Lion Hair Thing,
    but more scrupulous, even, in skin & bady care, hygiene.
    Found a skin cream called ‘Moo Goo’ from the organic shop.
    Bought it then read it was for udders & cracked nipples?!!
    Did feel super creamy & lush in the tester :-) From a Virgo-
    Virgin Cow.
    An idea presso for CowGirl for Xmas (for her hands)….MooooGoooo.

      • There was a product from France in the 60’s
        that was used on horses hooves for nail strengthening.

        Those Virgoan Stellies i could never wear. It’s Dominatrix
        wardrobe wear for sure & ruin polished wood floors,
        beyond repair. Not to mention spinal alignment.

        Mother always told me to be ‘well shod’ before Astro knowledge
        of Sagg…then maybe she knew. They do you know :-)

  19. In 8th house…about money? Yes, it’ costly to look
    good at my age.
    Death? Yes, wanna look good when i die,
    Wish i could get a deduction!

  20. Narcissus 24 degrees Cap in the 10th. 8 degree orb to my MC (16 degrees Cap). I’m narcissistic when I achieve at work? Its Sq Pluto, trine Saturn, and quincunx Mars. I have a fundamental issue with what I see as a shallow past time…. which I do (how can someone stare at themselves for more than a minute or so???), however I also know that if I work at the details I achieve beauty, but it must be perfect – none of this fake tan makeup crap, and I do feel more powerful and like I can get ahead if I do dress well and wear make up.

    Drat. Pysche explained just by wacking Narcissus into my chart.

    *marches off waving hands in the air muttering about the futility of it all*

    • Picked up my sheets at the laundray today and woman there, in full on five inch heels, mini dress, fake tannery, huge botoxed lips.

      Goodness, I thought, how does she fold and stay upright? And then there are the dryer door glass reflections to re-gloss while waiting for things to dry.

      In high school, had a teacher once say that I did not have to be beautiful to take the test….Was putting my lipstick on while holding my compact up. Well, of course ~some~ vanity there, but who is going to help me cheat on the test if not sexy? :)

      • Another interp – I am FASCINATED by people who work hard on their ‘look’. What do they see au natural? Who are they trying to be? There is a bloke near me who has a little 40’s mo, rides a vintage motorbike, wears a vintage bomber jackat – looks totally cool. Or the Roller Derby girls, with their subverted 50’s glam looks. that bizarre Cat-Woman, Jocelyn whatchacallher…. Where’s HER Narcissus….

        Love the idea of botox queen in stilettos folding fitted sheets a la Martha Whatshername.

        I genuinely love folding fitted sheets. Its still a total triumph every time.

      • Sweetie, it’s collagen that fluffs up the lips & implants, the old
        trout pout is so unnattractive if not natural.
        Botox freezes the muscles round eyes, frown & mouth
        so a blank expression results. Gawd you must see much
        of it in USofA, no?
        Beautiful song by Lucinda Williams (check her out) with
        a lines that says how she loves the smile lines on her lover’s face.

        Get out….true/
        Give me the secret some-time, puleese.

        • no POSTMODSCORP loves folding fitted sheets. NOT me. I would rather pull my hair out one strand at a time so I need the secret too.

          • I don’t do sheets cuz there are so many w/work I drop at the laundry. About $20 a week and can write it off. Use my arms so much at work that to stand there on hold up sheets, fold, etc. kills me.

            Yes, at the laundry they must have a class on the thing.

        • Oh really Pegs….see have no idea cuz I will never do it!!

          However, in plastic surgery land out here in Palm Springs, you see the occassional bad plastic or overdone job. But most doc’s I think are good at it out here and have some of the best doc’s as rich peeps come out to be “done” and then rejuvenate in the desert (snow birds from Canada, back east, etc.).

  21. Narcissus in Saggitarius in the 6th house conjunct Neptune.

    1. If you don’t exercise in front of a mirror it doesn’t take.
    2. Happiness is a ski-tan and a pair of earrings that double as pencil sharpeners.
    3. If you apply your make-up wrong, you immediately fall ill.
    4. Healthcare workers immediately diagnose NPD on meeting you.
    5. You only feel properly healthy on days you jump out of planes while reading Marcus Aurelius
    6. You hotness quotient is dependent on Bach Flower Remedies and Gin
    7. Your hotness is a complete illusion.

    That’s all I got!

    • Andromeda, that’s brilliant, spesh # 1/3/5/7 & have my own theories
      for # 6 that don’t involve bach remedies & gin :-)

    • Funny Andie.
      I’ve it in Sagg too, but in the 5th. So if I had kids I’d be entering them into cutesy kid photo comps and making everybody tell me how beautiful they are. Till then I’ll just have to keep knitting mini skirts and off the shoulder tops so I can appreciate my fab legs/collar bones.

      • Can’t wait to hear you gush shell, ;) Ta Pegs! Used to love the humidity as my straight lifeless hair would curl into ringlets and I felt so romantic..!

  22. Tsk. I always get lost looking at these charts!

    My nacissus is 9 degrees in gemini in my 11th house, which is right next to my true node – whatever that means!

    Erm, up myself about my sexual aura perhaps? (It’s bloody fading fast now my 46th birthday is looming)

  23. 2nd house Libra trine my Aqua sun & mercury. Dunno what exactly that may mean but somehow that scares me. Just a feeling I get.

  24. can anyone please help with an interp???

    mine is conjunct (tight) with my mercury in the 9th (capricorn)


    • I’ll have a go- not sure if any of this resonates and it does depend on other aspects in the chart.

      Mercury in 9th house- the house of higher education, travel, philosophy. I guess deep thinking and a need for things to move at a fast/ constant pace. There is a need for intellectual expansion/ need to learn.

      Capricorn can be a hard task master but I really admire high cap traits. You have a sag sun which is optimistic and enthusiastic and mercury in cap adds caution and practical ability to map things out before diving right in. Does capricorn slow things down a bit? These are both signs that are known for their humour- albeit different types so perhaps this is a trait that you admire about yourself or others.

      Narcissus is about the way we think about ourselves(?), if so then perhaps the way you think of yourself is closely linked to your travel, philosophy/ideas, or learning accomplishments. Do you like to be admired for your intellect/ability to travel a lot etc- are those qualities that you like about yourself or important for others to recognise in you. Maybe you’re happier with yourself when you travel or when you have many things on the go at once?

      I am not an expert by any means but just some thoughts…

      • holy crap waterpig, that was spot on. Eerily! Thank you xx

        i have postgrad quals (alot) and i am rarely happy unless i can be sharing stories/plans for recent/next trip, or the new exciting thing ive discovered. (not in a preachy way, just very enthusiastic).

        and yes, if im honest, its important to the way i’m viewed- as a free thinker, intellectual, and philosophically broad minded.

        wow. that just saved me alot of therapy ;)

        • Oh I hope that helped. I love the DIY astro even if it’s not spot on it gets you thinking. I think capricorn in the 9th house gives the drive and determination to succeed at travel and education. It’s funny how there’s the expanse and freedom of jupiter (sag) and the ‘time keeper’ saturn (cap) at play- it’s almost like jupiter gives the optimism and excitement to develop new ideas and saturn helps to give the discipline to complete the formal side to learning or at least having a plan to move forward.

          Good on you for sticking out the postgrad study it’s really hard work- capricorn is well and truly capable of hard work. After doing all of that you need a reward e.g. travel :-) My friend just finished a PhD and is currently on an amazing round the world trip!

      • Oops, I was gonna write that you could be up yourself regarding your fierce intellect and ability to make Socrates look like a dilettante whilst scaling a granite face of rock! But what waterpiggy wrote is much more sophisticated.

  25. Narcissus conjunct Venus & NN in Gemini 11th house. That is the house of hopes and wishes, friendship and organisations etc. Oh and Venus, NN & Narcissus trine moon (aqua) & pluto (libra). Narcissus opposing neptune in 5th (am I delusional????). 5th house is self-expression. Problems with expressing self in groups??

    I don’t really know what to make of it. ‘Love yourself more than others’- not consciously/ that i’m aware of. I like to have balance- it’s not all about me.

    I don’t consider myself to be self-centred but I do get lost in my own thoughts when i’m lacking direction or a strategy or am excessively worried about something. Narcissus opposing neptune perhaps means i’m not seeing things for what they really are.

    I’m not really sure, sorry.

  26. Narcissus in Scorp, in 8th house. Opposing Sun in Taurus, Squaring Moon in in early degress of Pisces, and Trining my Ascendent, in the later degrees of Pisces.

  27. Holy crap. I have narcissus sitting bang on my sun in Virgo and the 6th house. Less than one degree! What does that mean? Am I prone to disappearing up my perfectly exfoliated and toned backside? Someone help please, I have no idea how blind self love can manifests in this placement.

  28. Narc in Aqua… my fourth house. It squares my moon and and trines my Venus and Pluto.

    None of this make me feel remarkably comfortable.
    I have been know to attempt to make people happy to make me happy… i get a zing out of nurturing, but it bites me on the arse.
    When I am up myself people think I am all dark and hot?

  29. Can I have advice on this.

    Narc in Sag in the 6th

    This one of my Aries – they’re all self absorbed & none shy of giving a nod in the direction of own good looks, but this one particularly self obsessed, looks obsessed, mirror dweller, not shy of commenting on his own prettiness in the most charming & entertaining way of course

    he’s curious re Narc placement in chart – tips welcome ;-)

  30. Narc in 5th at 25 deg aquarius in direct opposition to mars jupiter conjunction in 11th house Leo. Although I am a talented singer, I don’t perform…was a dancer and ditto. I avoid the spotlight although I am not shy and mix easily with people. My creative talents focused more on solitary pursuits, esp writing.

  31. Narcissus in Taurus

    I am not even going to comment

    But poor Echo – see how in the picture she’s got one tit out and is looking shy and aloof etc but he is paying no attention.

    Oh i know this situation so well, sigh.

    It was trendy a few years back to diagnose everyone who was annoying with N.P.D. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but i haven’t heard about that since the credit crunch

  32. I have narcissus in Libra almost exactly opposite saturn which in turn squares moon. I remember looking at myself in the mirror a lot when I was little and being severely teased by my siblings because of it. I developed a real love/ hate relationship with my own image, that very unattractive combination of pride and severe lack of self worth. I never really found a happy medium. Now I avoid mirrors altogether.

  33. Narcissus in Sag in the 3rd and square my sun. No idea at all what that might mean. Thoughts?

  34. Conjunct Neptune in Sagg/4th. Can convince myself of gorgeousness in privacy of own home – realise I am deluded when out in public? Moment of realisation usually occurs in shop fitting rooms.

  35. omg just checked ex-scorp – narcissus conj Venus and Jupiter in Scorp in the 3rd!!! Self obsession to the max. (Mine in Toro conj Jups in the 3rd) Could never compete lol.

  36. Narcissus in the 8th in Leo.

    I am transformed and validated egowise via my fab hair? General fabulosity?

  37. Narcissus 12th Cap, sextile MC.
    Don’t think I’m a memeber of the Up Yourself Sisterhood, because I actually can’t be bothered figuring out what this means, I’m just happy reading everyone’s funny stuff. Freaky dreams lately, messing with my mind, watched Inception last night before going to bed. Mistake.

  38. In Saggittarius in the 7th house, square Sun,Mars, Mercury; Virgo/5th house. Getting lost in partner, seeing myself in my partner.

  39. ah ha! Narcissus in Scorpio, in the fifth house (opposite Saturn)… I guess that explains some things about, um, sex and mirrors.

    James Hillman wrote something very insightful about Narcissus.. if you can get hold of his book Puer Papers do so.

    • Do you mean Narcissus in Scorp 12th, opposite Jupiter in Taurus? As Scorpio and Taurus opposites doll.

      Just a thought…but your “everyday work” (6th house, and if Taurus), and with Jupiter there…

      May be to reflect whatever mode of service you choose, from a deeper place of love – the 12th house and Scorpio, Narcissus, and to shine that love back out to others in a service oriented way.

      They then shine that love back to you and it is fulfilling and expands round and round…give and take…the Reflection… (Jupiter, expansion, and Taurus ruled by Venus regarding Narcissus Scorpio 12th house, a higher love, you become more of Yourself through your service which is essentially, love).

      Does any of this resonate with you? What do you do for a living/the everyday, and do you feel it fulfilling from the depths of yourself? Or do you have a dream to do something that will be fulfilling in a deeper way and is a reflection of the love you feel from somewhere beyond?

      • Yes, it is opposite Jupiter in Taurus. This is an interesting way of looking at it Sweetpea. I’m still a student, but majoring in Journalism… I do love the idea of spreading knowledge (through written words)… And then those that learn from me, then send me back satisfaction as a result.
        It could be true! Thank you for your help :)

  40. Was doing a little play on words in my head…

    Narcissus = Sassafras… :lol:

    Sassafras oil. Nature’s “Truth Serum”

    The Mirror/Reflection

  41. Narcissus in Sagitarius 1st house only 6 degrees sag as first house is scorpio, are opposing sun and mercury, or maybe opposing, I dont know, there is a direct line from narcissy to my sun and merc… mmm might have to do a bit of research on this one… but get this at the moment I have moon, mercury, mars, pluto and true node with narcissus on its way transiting my north node in the 3rd house…. wow… what does this mean!

  42. Oh good god you did it again Mystic. Fall out of my chair crazy connected-
    I pulled out my most Salvador Dali coffee table book from the depths of my basement bookshelves YESTERDAY, the 7th- WTF– I cant even think of what to say- but wow

  43. ps- can someone put the actual link of where I can pull up the asteroid info, all I am finding is the asteroid index that lists narcissus. Thanks for your help Im dying of curiosity-

    • Hi Holly,
      click on left hand side – Free Horoscopes. Click on All horoscopes at a glance,
      Scroll down to Éxtended Chart selection” on lower right hand side of page,
      A page should come up saying Horoscope for :
      then scroll down to left hand side, and enter astriod 37117. An astro chart will come up with a little “Nar” where it is. – Sorrry couldnt cut and paste – couldnt get it to clear the horoscope for : bit .. (thus revelaing my true superhero identity!) hope this helps .. The Fleece. x

      • Thank you Thank you thank you! Mine is in Pisces 11th house… now the analyzing begins… weeeee thank you again cheers darling

  44. Mine is in 9th house 13aquarius57′ in exact oposition with true node in 12leo57′. It also squares moon and venus (in 6th, scorpio) and chiron (in 12th, taurus). Any ideas for what does this position mean?

  45. U should go see the Past LIfe Contest on the front page – maybe you were a narcissist in a past life lol? You are up yourself re your acquired wisdom and life philosophy?

  46. Narcissus in Pisces 12th house conjunct Pisces/Chiron Ascendant as well as Venus in Pisces 12th, and trine 8th house Scorpio. Not sure what to make of this except that the first half of my life has been one over-merging after another through blind love, distraction, and self-discouragement. Though I’ve craved credit for the good and sometimes excellent works I do I end up a partner for them becoming false trophies for others or discounted into nothingness. My impulse now is to burn bridges and strike out completely on my own – which I believe would be suicidal in a way. It is time for me to finally work out how to merge in love of all types without becoming diluted into inertia – to love, heal, trust and express “me” thoroughly so that I don’t reach the point of either cutting and running or burning down the house.

  47. 26 degrees Scorpio in the 12th House
    My true and mean Liliths are at 27 and 28 respectively in the 12th House
    Asteroid Lilith is also conjunct my moon in the 12th
    Moi spiritually narcissistic ?
    Pas du tous!