Weekly Scopes & December Scheduler Are Up!

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Chrissie Abbott

Weekly Scopes for the week from this Saturday on plus the monthly scheduler for December are up!

Subscribers go look, if you don’t subscribe please check out the Astro-Shop as it is insanely reasonable…

6 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes & December Scheduler Are Up!

  1. Mystic – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new format for scopes and subscriptions. Very user-friendly and organized!!! Thank you! You must have at least a bit of Virgo in your chart. :)

  2. She has Mars in Virgo! I am grinching Christmas too – telling ex he can have our son this year, so I get him for the lovely new moon xmas next year.
    I had to google who Ram Dass is – I felt certain it must be a porn star, but no. Great quote though.

    • Also re Fire/Air = Dog, Water/Earth = cat – I like dogs but think most Leos are cat people. I could be wrong.

  3. And this big-mouth Sagg says (after looking at the William & Kate
    vids & photo’s) She is wearing too much make-up as it makes her
    look older. Black eye-liner too harsh for fair skins & colouring.
    And never the full eye outlined top & bottom & into corners. Only
    Ancient Egyptians & jet black haircolouring can get away with THAT!
    Love the navy dress tho’.
    Liked that her Mum chewed gum at wherever it was……
    Hope she chew’s gum at the wedding…lol
    ……reaching for a piece of watermelon gum right now.