Weekly Scopes Are Up

Sylvia Ji

The weekly horoscopes from Saturday 27 are now posted on the Weekly Scopes page…

Today’s dilemma; obey Saggo Mars dictates, tell everyone go fuq themselves and go to the beach/mountains/day spa/bar/brothel/where-ever OR cultivate security and tranquility with the Crab Moon?

Saturn in Libra demands that everything be balanced: perspective, nutrition, you view on relationships, hip alignment, your books…EVERYTHING.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes Are Up

  1. Oh, boy… which to choose, which to choose? Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States…. I can’t wait!

  2. O so easy.. Do both. Stay at home whilst ill, watching the Ashes, (Sagg) with loyal dog with head on my lap on the sofa and Rosewood oil fragrancing the abode (Double Kataka, Libran Moon). Try to partake of the plonk when ready. Sagg g/f will call tonight :)

  3. Hrmmm.

    Pay lots of money for my car service (which I thought that they had already taken out… so were has my money gone?)
    Pack bag to go to Sydney tomorrow. Have an afternoon nap (so very much need), get turned done for a job that I have come to the conclusion I wouldn’t really want. I shouldn’t care, but it smarted anyways. Am going to yoga tonight…

    I kind of just want to hide under a rock until after Christmas. This week has been… pardon the bad language… complete bullshit.

  4. Spent day juggling caring for two sick children and appts – both have the flu!? And it’s a nasty one. Last day of school for 2010 both tomorrow so they’re missing all the fun stuff :-( Anyway juggling them for the day (they are actually meant to be with their dad) and finalising xmas gifts for school staff etc AND prep for holiday. Leaving for northern NSW on Sat – praying i don’t succumb to flu virus.

    So Kataka Moon nurturing; Saggo influences giving me attitude “don’t fuq with me flu/universe, we’ve paid for this holiday and we’re going”; and Saturn in Libra – looking after the kids for ex-hb as he has critical schedule at work and has already taken 2 days off to look after son as he started first… I must be mellowing – more Kataka Moon (trans and natal).

    And Mystic, marathon posting – I’m off the computer for a day or two and wtf!? mega catching up to do. You’re awesome as usual.

  5. Hi,

    I just registered and still am getting messages that my password is invalid. I have checked it several times and unable to access the daily scopes. Is it a wordpress issue? I registered to the site to be able to see what these sections only available to subscribers. Yet, not able to do so. Is there a contact email for this site? Thanks.