65 thoughts on “Venusian Redux

  1. On the nail Mystic once again on the-fuqing-nail. Thank you cause I’ve been on the verge of killing HOT peeps and or chucking the biggest tanty. Sanity quietly restored.. or balance for me.

  2. Hmmm – I just wish I could pass the info on to my non astro inclined Gem/Taurus moom amiga. She’s a lot OTT currently with her comments re me being single….. I’m fine with my current state for the most part, focussed on career. But she’s come out with some cracking nasty hits lately. Eg – after I commented how much I miss study, “well if you had a fella you wouldn’t need to study”. WTF? Or “you syhouldn’t get a cat before you get a man”. Or Saturday nights response to someone asking me if I had a partner “no she dousn’t have a man”. Ummmm, thats enough now. If you can’t handle me single, fine, but over the nasty commentary.
    Glad Sunday is over, massive migraine. Until then had been blissed out for the most part….. relaxing after difficult week at work.

    • Oh dear , your moon in Taurus/gem friend needs to get herself a deep tissue massage, and. I mean DEEP!
      Nobody ever died of singledom but how many murders are committed by one’s significant other? Significant numbers.
      Not to put you off love…

      I’ve just watched about a decades worth of Saturday morning tv, aka music videos and if Christina Aguilera, Miya, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot etc can make so much money making independent womanhood look so damned hot I think we owe it to ourselves (ok, by that I include popular culture) to give it a redhot go.

    • I’d be giving the friend the “seriously?!?” look/talk/flick. I’ve never understood peeps belittling others. You just keep being your fabulous self darling. Will probably irk her more but just flick your hair and flip her off. :) Or have a DM about how you feel if she’s a true friend. Do real friends get narky like that though?!?

    • Sounds more like a (nasty) mother. Well, my mother. Avoid avoid avoid. Isn’t it funny how, at the stages in our lives when we’re happy to be single, for whatever reason, others seem to have such an issue with it? I think it’s envy on their (partnered) part of our contentment to be non-partnered.

      • Lol – the study comment was in front of my mother if you can believe it. I’m not sure whats happening for my friend, or what her investments is… I tend to lean towards its her care and concern coming out a tad bizarrely (Sagg Asc). But this is a friend who can be absolutely amazing, but like a blunt object in terms of tack (or lack therof).

        I’ve been feeling a bit distant anyway as her and her hubby are VERY big drinkers, and I have stopped – that was a major challenge for them both, had some ‘interesting’ comments around that. We’re just in different places right now, and my guess she’s anxious about it, and so the commentary.

        I have just canned a day at the cricket on Saturday with her and her husband for a 1 day meditation course…..

        Friendship status waning towards “on hold”. I’m evolving, they’re….. not.

        • Love that last line…I have had to do the same more often than I would like, but the universe, to my delight has ushered new teacher friends into my life. Enjoy your meditation day~

          • Thanks – I am beyond excited about it – I’ve been asking the universe for a teacher for a while now, and literally stumbled over this place at the top of my street after having lived there for 3 or 4 months…

        • so not cool to dis your girls like that. tactless for sure. at least you aware. you’d think with all the wah about manhunting that someone rocking her own career high would be oh no wait. yes that means we are infertile and cold. god forbid you have higher aspirations than drunken bogan wifehood.

          I loathe when “friends” give you “advice” based on their own limited experience. Thinly guised ‘this is what I want’ *Force outline of cookie cutter onto you style*
          Perhaps she should take her asc traveling and get more haute herself?

          • *Force outline of cookie cutter onto you style*
            LOVE IT! Thats exactly what it is – reactionary fear to me breaking the mold… this is a friend who I thought was also into breaking the mould of what a woman should be, but as she gets older, she becomes the cookie cutter. At uni, socialist… Now? Middle class liberal voter. I’ve noticed she is VERY influenced by the company she keeps, but claims to be an individual thinker. I feel frustrated by the discord between what she says, and what I obseve she is…. Ms, your comment has cheered me up no end, as it prompted a massive “uh huh” moment just now!!!!

  3. Brilliant Mystic! 8O

    You know Mystic, I reckon you are going to become insanely well known like an internationally renown astrologer soon!

    Just a feeling… 8O 8O

    • Well i love your prediction. Are you often right with these psychic flashes? Any for my love life? Beyond Aquarians?

      And if it comes true i will open a Psychic Cafe and you can be in charge of the coffee x

  4. Hey Mystic, in the interests of sanity in the face of adversity I just watched the first episode of ABC’s Making Australia Happy Series – featuring 8 vollunteers from an inner Sydney suburb and how they go on the road to personal happiness. It was actually really good, well at the very least it made me happy! Hope you don’t mind, thought I’d pop the link here:


    Wishing everyone redux Venus happiness.

  5. Been rearing to go since Venus went direct. Lots of changes occuring and yet there is confusion over direction – too many choices. Your words of advice couldn’t be more spon on.

    Thank you soooo much Mystic xxx

  6. Instead of getting involved with weird message flirtation with ex on Facebook (why is it that hey always hound you when you swear off ‘em?) I am going to go some gardening.
    And bake a cake. And start making rumballs… all listening to new music.

    Who? What? I sorry? I am too damn busy..
    *flits away*

  7. thanks needed that – all ex lovers have been about the place or phoning in, one being the significant ex of 21 years of marriage – talk about delving into the past…
    Interestingly, one potential new “friend” exits mid Dec – not meant to be, I am taking?
    And one of the very interesting (with very limited, but oh-so-fun, short term potential) returns mid Dec …
    One other one that I am meant to avoid at all costs, is here and now, an who is an absolute no go zone for so many reasons; I must admit with all his intensity and charm I was getting a little confused – thanks for the timely advice!

  8. Date with Taurus man went really well. He is complete opposite to what i normally go for. He is a typical blokey bloke into cars, sport etc.. See how the next few dates go.

    • did the astro for today mention any zombie like characteristics… half dead! or is it just me… its a fine combo of super stressed, and brain numb, and NOTHING to do but study, completely uninspired by life today (how disgusting is that – im sure i could find something) – I think the problem is, is that when i do, im racked with guilt. Subject of my study is so depressing, like genocide, colonialism etc… i just cant go over it again… i know it too well… i just want to have fun and romance and guilt free fascination with like EVERything, and trot around the hills smelling the flowers, and getting into ridiculous conversations again about EVErything, go to the counsellor and pour out my unheard heart…. Jaaaaaaaaiesus its gotta stop soon


  10. so we are silent movie Batgirls?

    I’m glad the wings have claws for hanging on until mid-December. And I felt like I was looking at myself in above photo. something about the sleeping woman. Thank goodness for your posts on how to deal with the moon. I’ve been doing all things Taurus and feeling ok. Just trying not to freak out over unknown future.

    • Andromeda, Saturn’s transiting my 11th house, but not making any aspects to anything. And other than the Full Moon falling on my 1st/7th house axis, highlighting relationship issues, the astro really isn’t that bad for me right now . . . hence my “WTF?” And speaking of that astro, Sassy, the $ hearing went all in my favor, with the judge even awarding me my attorney’s fees for having to go through the trouble of getting the ex- to do what he’s got to do by law anyway. Another reason I thought, well, if the $ issue is going well, that the other Venus issue, i.e., relationship, would go well too. (glad you had a nice date the other day, Sassy. You need that)

    • And, honestly, I don’t know if I’m okay or not. Was it wrong for me to ask him to just hold off on the decision a while longer, with my dad having passed away just 10 days ago? Right this second I feel okay, but, really, isn’t this a little much to ask for me to take??

      • Some people have no emotional intelligence re the timing of stuff. I hope you’re doing OK. Sometimes shit like this happens all at once tho – mars pluto uranus where are they at in your chart? That might be the key to understanding xxx

        • the biggest transit going on is Pluto square my Moon, to be exact in about 2 weeks (2nd to 11th house). The North Node squared my Moon a couple of days ago – somehow this seems more significant, but have never studied nodes properly, so can’t tell for sure.

          • This might be giving your major transits nudge – Mars, Mercury and Pallas Athene are conjunct today in no holds barred sagg – is that your ascendant?? Pallas relates to a few things and one of them is issues with men or alienation from them. She was her daddy Saturn’s girl. Powerful.

            • interesting, whatevs. I’ve got Scorpio Asc (and so does the dumper). I do note this though: the dumper had that Mars/Merc/Pallas Athene business all squaring his Moon exactly this weekend, another reason why I suggested to him that we just give it a few days’ rest before he made up his mind. Thanks for your puzzling over this, I appreciate it.

              • thanks for not being irritated by my rational approach to crisis points : o) I hope you go OK over the next few days/weeks you’ve had some big things go down and it must feel totally raw. x

              • of course not irritated, whatevs. it showed that you cared, and that meant everything. And, with my Virgo Sun and Mercury, logical analysis approach matched my own mindset. with Scorpio asc though I must be careful to not then get obsessed with analyzing it. time to take a deep breath, cloaked with all the hugs from the peeps here, and rise from the ashes.

        • some peeps jsut don’t care.IbI However,simlair thing happened to me and everything at once concept is crap but at least its not dragged out. Its happened like this because you can and will handle it. the universe/god /whatever you believe gives us nothing we can’t handle.

          • Thx, leogroover, I guess I do accept that we can handle whatever we are given. It just really messes with my mind.

      • Well, he sounds unable to handle the transformation vibe around you, for sure. I don’t think you should have to handle this right now either. It’s not very big of him, but maybe in the long run it’s for the best or something.. This is a huge time for you honey, xx.

        • Yep – I agree with Andromed Incy – sorry this comment is so late in the posting – have been transforming myself – if he couldn’t cope with your Human Right to grieve and support you at a time when you need support, even if he thought he wanted to break up in the future, he could’ve had the sensitivity and diplomacy to wait. The lack of his empathy and patience seems to indicate that he’s not the one .. and someone increadibly fantastic is there for you very soon!

    • Oo. Sorry. That’s no fun at all. Awful, in fact, if you were attached. Take care of yourself.

  11. OMG, last week I lashed out and had my hair done and just this morning I brought a new vacuum cleaner AND fridge. I’d had a guts-full of willing my 20y/o fridge to die..(strangely, only the modem, hairdryer and Mr Buzzy went??) , so I thought Fuq it and when I got home here was your post!! Very low key make-overs, but made me happy!

    Thankfully, D isn’t coming home till this evening so we missed the full moon together, and I must tell you that I the last thing I did last night was re-read my Venusian Luxe!!!

    Will keep cool and THANKYOU VERY MUCH for your timely advice!
    Take care

  12. Ha!! LOVE the muse. hola batgirl. bwhahahah

    I honestly didn’t think any of this venus love angst was going to affect me at all only because I am not really into having a love life atm. I am free of supercrab one day and counting and I feel amazingly fresh. Snuck out of study hole for post bday massage and WAS eyeing off cosmetician…. current fantasy hair and zen makeover due as you dictate then. Is it ok to breakup with people then as well? I plan to sell most of my things and start again

  13. OMG, just put this together then. I put up a pic of Jupiter and Juno together in bedroom love corner a few weeks back. The pic of Jupiter looks slightly like Taurus man (tall, rugged looking, a bit of a bushiness on the face and I guessed he was a sagg rising and yes he is. he is 6ft 2 also woooahhh…

  14. Could not wait till Mid december to sort out men. Everything needed sorting now regardless of astro. Chucked huge hissy fit on friday now minus one lover/bad boy and am soooo relived. Today gentle cap breaks up with me. Not my choice i just wanted to talk but nooo. So I f*n grilled him till he was squirming in his seat- got nothing of course but feel great I asked all the big heavy questions and didn’t wimp out. I told him how i felt (very politely and no anger) but still teary now.

    • thx MS that was awesome. i looked over the lyrics too. Sooo how i feel trapped in a dead end job wanna hang out with people with passion. feel a job resignation coming up this week. soo over bring constrained but I know the realitlies of kids, mortgage etc. must be my cap in 12th, My multi leo wants to say f u all!

  15. God I had no idea there was advice to pause. I just sorted out a stupid patronising man – told him to pull his head in and then thought fuq it why not also say something along the lines of take his job and shove it, finished for the evening and said seeya round – satisfying. Efficient. Thank god I’ve got my nights back. The evening yakka was stating to irk on top of the daytime gigs. I am not a machine. Now I can go do the meditation retreat I was thinking was all too much for me because I’d have to go to that stupid job on the evening of the 2nd day when really one should simply glide home and relax after a retreat thingie. I anticipate no regrets.