True Leos Are Cat-Like

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Real Leos always look feline. Ditto Leo Rising and sometimes, Leo Moon peeps.

For instance, Stephen Dorff (Sun and Moon in Leo) has a tres catty look on his cute fizzog here: like a cat who has just heard the fridge door opening.  He only needs twitching whiskers to complete the big cat vibe.

21 thoughts on “True Leos Are Cat-Like

  1. Love scruff on a man ! Leos too ! funny~ just sat down to lunch, cat followed me in, oogling me, waiting for groundscore, sits waiting with paws prancing ! You called it

  2. My 13 year old self was madly into him one weekend when Cold Creek Manor was playing on repeat on a satellite movie channel, I don’t think I slept. Then I woke up on Monday and moved on to, I think Thom Yorke.

    The film wasn’t even that good, but his character had…something.

    Looking tres cat-like here. Fabulous choice of colours on the cover only emphasize it.

    • I saw it too, he was sexy but so creepy, didn’t he kill his wife and 2 kids? He was quite believable. Terrible movie but somehow it sucked me in. I think Sharon Stone was in it too. Oh and a young Kristen Stewart, lol. Gormless.

      • Nothing draws a woman in like a psychopath! hahaha yeah he was pretty creepy but so…Mars. The house/area around it was also gorgeous, which helped get us all through that bad bad film.

  3. Lol! Cute. There is something exactly feline about the exposed, RIDICULOUS abs and the fluffy confused look on the face. Excellent call MM. Funny!

  4. I have to say, I prefer my man to have clean, smooth faces rather than scratchy scruff. I also find those extremely defined obliques less than appealing. I know many women (and men) dig that muscular V but, to me, it tends to make the legs look strangely detachable.

  5. U r so right Mystic, real Leos can be a bit amoral too! As in I’ll let u think you matter while u add to my comfort but it’s really all about me.

    The Low not the Haute of course!

  6. The nose, it’s about the nose. All the Leo’s i know
    do have cute ones. There’s a saying that with a cute
    nose you can never look ‘old’.

  7. I can spot one at ten paces, bloody Leos what is it with me and them? Can’t resist those puffed up chests haha, ugh I need a new sign to enter my realm not sure this Scorp can handle any more.

  8. I’m a Leo woman, currently navigating a very rocky relationship with a Leo man. This is my second big relationship with a Leo and I’m starting to think that Leo/Leo love isn’t for me. Too many ego clashes.

    Re: cat stuff, I am a big time cat lover. Is that a Leo thing? Seems to be, as a lot of Leo women I know are cat people.

    And the hair thing. Ugh. Yes, I have (and need) a lot of hair. It gives me fits, but I only feel good on a good hair day.

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