The Bathroom Chez Virgo

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First Glance: A Virgo bathroom. Some where out of sight are the scrubbing mitts, steelo pads for when there is a lot of guilting residue to exfoliate.

It smells clean, of cypress and S.L.S. free simple face cleanser, no make-up for our Virgo has NOTHING to hide.

The bath is clean, the walls are white. But then think again; could a Virgo stand the slight vibe of rust and inefficiency emanating from the scales? Would a real Virgo not desire a fat monitor-bone density-weight checking automatic-corrective-nagging machine? One that preferably texts automated “lay off the bread” messages  to remind you of your goals that day?

And would  a proper Virgo be happy with the mirror propped against a wall like that?  The floors not polished?  So this room could actually be a secret Sagittarian bolthole on the outskirts of Prague, where the Sagg is attending a festival, giving a lecture and competing in a couple of water polo events.

Or am i off-track? Thoughts?

65 thoughts on “The Bathroom Chez Virgo

  1. LOL looks like taken elements from all round my house cancer sun (old vintage stuff) Venus Virgo, Saggy Asc!
    Def have a large mirror leaning against wall!

    This ones a bit sparse for my Leo moon though…..

  2. Seems like very pared down Cancer to me tho just a leetle masculine, despite the froufy chandelier. Actually it looks much like my Cancerian abode is becoming during the current Saturn in 4th transit … massive amounts of beautiful old clutter are stacked by my door, & am trying to pare down to something like the above — a few lovely old things & hits of the ornate, but with space around them to breathe.

  3. I don’t hate it – it’s a lot better than that blue monstrosity we had last time. The chandelier takes the edge off the austerity, but I still like a bathroom to have a warmer feel. More womb-like. Hmm…I think I’d like this in a hotel…at night, with the chandelier lit, and all steamed up with the shutter shut…but not so much in my home.

    • A bathroom in an Italian hotel – you can swing open the shutters and look out over the gorgeous countryside from the bath…mmm

  4. I love it, I’d swap mine in a flash, (aries sun, fish rising) but it wouldn’t look like that for long, the dust on the ”froufy chandelier” (thanks cancirca) would make me uncomfortable so it would have to go (too fiddley for me to dream of dusting). I think I know a couple of Kakatans that would like it, as long as the scales where broken!

  5. Well my Mars in Virgo just ran shrieking from the room.. What’s that you say? Something about, yes rust, and spongey wet floorboards filled with rot?

    Can’t say that mirror is appealing lying there.

    • Agree with the potential for rotting steps, first thing I saw. The scales are probably too old to be accurate and there is a light bulb hanging over the bathroom sink/mirror. This virgo says no way. Oh and soap dishes are just breeding grounds for bacteria…Yuk.

      • Totally, plus I bet I am the only one who will clean the floorboards with their invisible but totally present grime. No thanks!

        It’s like visually it works, but in fact it’s a disaster…

  6. Ah, Mystic, you remind me of one of my favorite stories from my undergrad days studying Japanese literature. There is a famous book “In Praise of Shadows,” it was written just as Western influences were hitting Japan en masse for the first time. The book is a long rant about the horrors of Western toilets and bathrooms, the author considered them un-Japanese. He asserted a proper Japanese bathroom should have unpolished cypress wood walls and floors, a creaky wooden bathtub, primitive “squat” toilets that were traditional in Japan, and all of it should be redolent with the odors of a bathroom. None of that porcelain white Western stuff, that was downright hostile to the entire Japanese bathroom experience.
    The book was a sensation and the author became fairly rich off it, and decided to build a new house. The architect came to him and said, “Oh I read your book, I know just the sort of traditional bathroom you want!” And he replied that he absolutely did not want that, he wanted a Western bathroom, fully tiled floors and walls, with a porcelain toilet and bathtub. Ha.

    • I like this little story! Redolent with the odors of the previous occupant is my issue… Also, I think there are loads of architects who design these horrible rat-trap, cold, fetish houses, but who live in fabric-rich, sensual, luxury houses themselves. Hipocritas..

  7. I can’t help but think what damage left-over poodles will leave on wood. Cap Moon speaking here obviously.

      • Yes, puddles :-) Full Moon left I believe, I can’t stop giggling at mental image of left-over poodles.

        • Nothing gory, really :-) I better find a pillow and get some rest. This was a mentally tiring day.

    • ahhaahahahah HONEY! CAN YOU STOP LEAVING POODLES ALL OVER THE FLOOR! they nearly killed me last time i walked in *grumble*

  8. LOVE it Mystic! Want it now! Just the right balance between light, olde worlde, pared down simplicity and a touch of ornate. The shutters on the window make it absolutely right. Through in some fluffy towels the same colour as the walls and a thick glass urn of sandalwood and rose maroc scented almond oil and I’d be in heaven…

    • Yes I’m with you bluelibra. Nice balance with a bit of tweeking.

      I would definately ditch the chandalier (I could not have a relaxing bath looking at that – it freaks me out) and replace it with soft fairy lights arranged perfectly maybe threading through some opaque flowing fabric.

      Need a fluffy rug to step out onto, a little wooden stool / table for oils, candles, insence, burners, crystals, bowl of floating flowers etc. The mirror may need an opaque piece of fabric over it, just enough to give everything a soft look.

      Love the shutter and the big old bulb and the floors

  9. I really like most of it, but I don’t like the mirror on the floor. I am short so it would serve me well but my cocker spaniel would just see himself and bark incessantly. Hate the chandelier – I hate all chandeliers. Needs storage and some fresh flowers. Cancer sun, Sagg rising …

  10. My Kataka moon & asc LOVES it. It’s the vintagey feel. Some small wall sconces to have dim light for a nice perfumed bath late in the evening. Does the moon light flood through that window? Aqua sun wants a splash of really nice colour.

  11. i think i saw this bathroom in a movie? A magazine? It is like the sort of bathroom Oliver whats his name (was dating Kylie Mingogue) would have. It just screams out for a hot latin guy to be weighing himself or naked in the bath drinking champagne. That is the only way it works for me. The scales are obviously ironic as he is just so obviously buff ans there is a gigantic bed next to the bathroom with an open fire place and THAT is where the fluffy towels are. Do i need to get laid already or what? That full moon was unspeakably horrible.

    • lol. now I’M thinking about hot latin guy too~ ha ha gotta love a little bubbly, dark chocolate and pulp novel in the aromatic soak…ahhh
      LOVE the tub. Had a clawfoot in the old servants quarters in college apt. (miniature weird closets, ditto this place in photo as well ?) I can be a picky little thing, and well, it drives me nuts that tubs sold now are too short and too shallow. ! yes, on the fluffy towels, I would also add candles :-)

    • mmmm ….. hot latin guy in the bath …..

      Wasn’t it horrible? i just threw out my latin love-rat pisces (well, told him to go back to his girlfriend). He wasn’t as tall or good-looking as Olivier Martinez. I’d like to trade up to something a little nicer this time. Sigh.

      • poss someone without a gf tati? just did the same with EX lusty leo but not quite sooo politely. Lots of words starting with f in my email. ex was icelandic origin who have pixie features but gorgeous forearms and… don’t start me

  12. the only house ive been in recently with a chandelier in the bathroom, was a very wealthy Gemini… I suspect of course like many of us she had some other strong influences… most of the house was francophiled…. I would love floors and casualness meets glamour bathroom like this… But I would need some healing energy in there…. its still a bit austere… even a huge potplant with a huge plant would do the trick… Two virgos i ever lived with were disgusting as far as cleanliness and order went, it was all psychological not physical… so I dont know about them

    • I think you’ve got a point there with the Virgos, found the same trait with a few of them.

    • Yup, pg, candlelight in them there chandeliers or scrap the whole hanging light and go the wallfixed candles. And now I start dreaming of who I’d love to know has lit them for me…… some nature loving adventurer who secretly snuck out to a candlemaker in the hills, by motorbike of course, and in between cooking up a fresh seafood degustation for me snuck upstairs to run the bath and light the candles….. the tub looks big enough for two.

      Kataka Venus and Mars,
      it’s all about the sharing and caring.
      Tho, on that count, I prefer bathrooms seperate to loo thrones. 2 very different rooms in my book.

  13. Virgo Sun, Leo Rising, Cap Moon

    The only thing I like about this bathroom is the window and shutter, and also the sense of spaciousness. The mirror is a disaster waiting to happen. The scale is cute in vintage sort of way, but I wouldn’t live with it as my go-to scale.

    I agree with whoever said they life a more womblike feel. I like a bath to be zen, but cozy. Not small cozy, but warmer than this room. Someone suggested adding ethereal things like white lights, gauze and bowls of floaty flowers. That would make me like this room, but I might not want it as my everyday sanctuary.

  14. Absolutely love it, especially the claw foot deep bath and chandelier! but suspect it would be too hard to clean and impractical for a Virgo. They’d have a super powered shower and white tiles everywhere, I think.
    But I love it! (Gem sun, taurus moon, aries ascendant)

  15. Love that bathroom in Paris. True shabby chic.
    All the Virgos i know x 5 are the hugest hoarders
    of everything & 4 are downright messy.
    That could be Mars placement = energy?

  16. I’d be happy with this bathroom. Having no shiny surface on the floor means that when my virgo planets come on-line as they do from time to time, I could scrub them old school and then bask in the glow of my own smugness for hand scrubbing the floor. My Virgo sun sister and I both agree that the free standing claw bath gives one room to be able to clean under the bath. I find claw foot baths that rest along walls a bit maddening. I wouldn’t be able to get to crevices and would worry ( a bit) that the wall is rotting somehow from rivulets of water running between bath and wall.

    The mirror on the floor gives ( anyone with anything leo) a chance to check themselves out in the bath. It could be rather flattering as the light doesn’t seem over powering and the steam would add some mystique.

    I imagine that around the corner is an alcove within a well lit well organised dressing room totally prepped for grooming and dressing. Admittedly this is in a Leo/virgo in three planets world.

    • Wow. Despite not acknowledging my own planets which I am a Leo/Virgo (which I am born on the cusp-Sun) the mirror is so Leo!! The white wall screams Virgo but the decor of it all: light bulbs, antique scale & floor panel scream Aquarius 2 me…interesting.

  17. wow, i really love that bathroom. it is a kind of ostmodern byzantine ascetic vibe. nice nice. Although yes I would hang the mirror [perhaps its owner only just picked it up from the estate auction and it is yet to be attached to the wall]
    and mystic, that sagg description totally resonated with me! activity, culture, travel, obscurity, mystique n things like that xx

  18. the virgo I know would not be happy with that floor at all… too many places for grime to accumulate. and he’d rather go a bare bulb than that chandelier!

    • I said Aquarius sun, virgo moon w/ a dash of a Leo mars…

      Not acknowledging my own.

  19. Scorpio sun, Aqua moon, Sagitta Rising–(but the more I read this site, the more I am convinced I am really a Pisces . . .)

    I love the bathroom. It looks serene and simple–but it has those little touches–the fluffy towels, the carved mirror–that add luxury and prevent it from having a self-conscious and life-denying ascetic quality.

    At first, I thought, “It looks dingy with the rusty weighing scale and the dark floors. Bathrooms should sparkle!” — but then I changed my mind. A bathroom is where you care for your body. If it were all sparkle and freshness, it would make you neurotic about your looks and the aging process. I think the worn-in shabbiness in this bathroom makes it really soulful.

    • I love the way your thinking here with the ‘soulful’ bath !
      I have spa days @ home, for no $ to go out.
      It IS a soul experience to wash away the dregs and dross.

      Anyone have Scop rising peeps that take epic showers ?
      I have had 2 stay over, and asked another, all vigorously nodded heads when asked. curious.

      • Well, soulfulness is something I am working on, when it comes to the body. Most of the time, I feel impatience, anger, disgust –even loathing–for my body –in fact, for the whole concept of being embodied. Maybe that’s the Pisces effect– the longing for transcendance.

        I keep this poem pasted on my mirror to remind me of the body’s value. It is by May Swenson:

        Body my house
        my horse my hound
        what will I do
        when you are fallen

        Where can I go
        without my mount
        all eager and quick
        How will I know
        in thicket ahead
        is danger or treasure

        How will it be
        to lie in the sky
        without roof or door
        and wind for an eye

        With cloud for shift
        how will I hide?

        • impatience, anger, disgust?? I’m sorry to hear that saggita…I’d like to think that part of transcendence can only happen once we accept our current state [of mind, of body, etc]. Why do you feel those things? It’s a pretty cool thing, manifesting in material form so we can experience the full gamut of earthly existence as a human being. Love, hate, peace, anxiety, heartache, warm sunshine, a cold drink, bowl of noodles. I mean, sure, some biological aspects might make make day to day existence [western / modern existence perhaps] a little difficult, but even that must be appreciated. If you’re a woman, for example: the power to create and sustain life.

          Like, what do you want to ‘transcend’ and why? Write it all down.. “I hate the way my legs look” or “I wish my back was better” or whatever. Wisdom through acceptance? I don’t know, I’m no Zen master right now but the more we try to deny something, the more in-our-face it becomes. Name the nasties and go within from there.

          Hope I don’t sound too preachy, want to be helpful – I get upset when people say they don’t like themselves / something about themselves. (probably comes from my own journey to self acceptance! takes a while!) xxo

          • Oh, I agree with you one hundred percent! I am not sure where the negative vibes come from– upbringing? media? my Virgo stellium? :-)

            I love what you list in praise of the material: “warm sunshine, a cold drink, a bowl of noodles.” I want to add: “trees in autumn, the warm softness of an old quilt, the smell of my daughter’s hair.”

        • Oh it’s nice to have a body all right.To be able-bodied,full-bodied,any kind of embodied,that is a good thing!

  20. I’m Cancer and I love it….. but it totally reminds me of ex-Virgo-boss’s bathroom when I house/baby sat for her once. Right down to the old bath, the wooden mat, the unpolished floors… her bathroom had a shower though, and in that shower….. shower spray and a scrubbing brush – the intention was the you clean the shower as you clean yourself. I’ve actually adopted that routine…. hahaha.

  21. Of all the crazy bathrooms I have witnessed on this site this is bar far my fave. It would fit (the architecture of the room too) without hassle in my imaginary dream home. I suspect this may be CAPRICORN bathroom, albeit Virgo-influenced-Cap, perhaps…

    • In fact, who are we kidding. Rusty time-honoured scales in the corner. SO CAP. Aesthetically / spiritually ‘weighty’ reminder of your weight-regime.

  22. Taurus sun / Capricorn moon / Virgo rising. The ONLY thing that redeems this bathroom for me is the depth of the bathtub. Every thing else detracts.

  23. Virgo sun, Saggitarius ascendant. This bathroom ticks all of my boxes, simple, light, spacious and incorporates old and functional objects. The mirror is only temporarily propped against the wall while the Virgo/ Sagg occupant determines the best place and means of securing the mirror to the wall. The occupant would rather wait than compromise perfect placement. However, the chandelier is identical to one in a Gemini friends bathroom and the scales are definitely Capricorn adorable solid luddites that they are.

  24. There is not enough color and there’s not enough “mess” in there to be a Sagg bathroom. But i’m stumped of who would love it “as is”…

  25. Well I believed 2 look & look again in2 the bathroom & something totally came 2 my attention: the light bulb tht was dangling 4rm the ceiling meeting the mirror half way. 1st came 2 mind: Aquarius. Cool floor panel w/ the step, antique scale, w/ white walls screams Aquarius. The white walls tells me this is his time 4 him 2 hav his mind clear & free. The Bathroom also looks very airy. Now its very possible tht this Aquarius has a virgo moon…w/ a dash of leo in his mars. But hey I cud b wrong!?

  26. Virgo expresses itself differently in different people. My Virgo mother’s bathroom is crumbling, and her house is piled with stuff… you would never guess her sign from her house. But she can tell you EXACTLY where in all the piles her utility bills from 1971 might be, sorted chronologically. She can also tell you the right way to do anything, which is probably not the way you do it.

  27. a Virgo would freak out from not just the fact that the chandelier may fall on them whilst they are ‘relaxing’ in the bath ( which means they are mostly likely scrubbing furiously there skin or using detoxing crystal salts to cleanse) but more so the cleaning that is needed for the light.
    I would know, iim surrounded by virgo energy everwhere!
    The chandelier has a nice cancer/leo vibe to it.. I would love it for my place!

  28. yeah, with my sun in virgo, i gotta say that this bathroom is not quite what i’d be looking for. 1) why is there a chandelier in it?? that just doesn’t seem to look right… 2) the rust on the scale would definitely piss me off, and yes, it is def way too outdated– and not in a chic-retro way 3) actually, speaking of outdated, the whole bathroom is a bit outdated (like the tub, the sink, etc.) 4) the floors are also too old-lookin’, the mirror is unattractive, and the whole room just looks far too bare.
    but this is just my opinion, every1 thinks differently– don’t mean to offend anyone who likes it!

  29. I like it. *ducks from others with strong Virgo in their charts*

    The only things I’d change: add a simple wooden shelf close to sink, and polish the floors, coz otherwise it’s get waterlogged, and perhaps paint over the mirror frame to be a touch lighter.

    Love the chandelier. Love the mirror overall, though have to be careful not to get sucked into it during Piscean moon night baths…might not come back out.

  30. I think it would drive most Virgos I know crazy.

    It’s a Libra bathroom (A Libra with Kataka influences) & smells of lavender & almond scrub & old wood – & a big vase of roses that’s just out of sight.

    This is by far my favorite of any of the bathrooms you’ve featured. It looks like a bathroom in a beautiful old pre-war NYC building (one that hasn’t been renovated into sterility).

    My 3 Virgo planets aren’t making trouble about the state of the floor or the slight grime because 2 of them are in the 4th house & the authentic old-fashioned feeling of the room has blissed them out.

    My two Libra planets love the carving on the mirror, the feet on the tub, the lovely old chandelier & the very high ceiling. (Admittedly, I prefer showers to baths, but I’d adapt.)