Taurean Men Get Neptuned

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There is a certain enduring solidity about Taurus men that can be very appealing. No?

Hell when they’re anal and controlling, of course, but we speak here of the Haute Taurean bloke.  Whether out-Zenning the instructor at yoga, being the only sane guy in the room of the stock exchange or slothing on the gravitational center of the multi-verse that is the Taurean Couch, the guy has got gravitas.


Lately they’ve been a little bit more louche than usual, slightly crazed even and some are even gliding off to distinctly batty pursuits, a deranged gleam in their eye even as they hyper-gush you to try and distract from their mental mission.  They smell strange. You don’t even wanna KNOW about their google-history.

W.T.F.  Why have Taurus Men turned into Piscean men all of a sudden?

Well, whilst many of us have been distracted by the flashy Cardinal Signs (Aries-Libra-Kataka-Capricorn) and their demanding Zap Zone transformations & the Mutables dancing around doing ding-dong-Saturn-is-in-Libra-now, Taurus men have had (a) their ruler retrograde and (b) Neptune right at the end of Aquarius squaring Taurus and  making them doubt every single decision they’ve made since the late 90s PLUS hear the angelic whisperings of something magical.

Their Muse? Should they become an artist? Or have they just gone cuckoo? Neptune rays are weirding them out, especially this month. And why am i only thinking this applies to Taurus men? Because i am being sexist. I honestly think it’s getting to them more because females are – in general – more attuned to Neptunian weirding.

Do you think Taurus Men and Women are equally bats this month?  Or just the guys? And hands up who thinks they are cute regardless, well built and with eyes like goo-goo jersey cows?

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  1. Just the men? Because this Taurus Lady has been writing pscychedlic poems non-stop for a week, but that could be my Pisces Moon/Asc/etc. My Taurus men have been all about romantic movies lately.

    And, yeah, they’re cute, but they’ve never been my type. Two Tauruses just don’t get anywhere, and surprisingly not enough romance for this Neptunian cow. Oh, and money is always an issue.

    • My longest relationship was with a Taurus & I have to disagree… It worked really well. For us anyway! haha We barely left the bedroom for the first 2/3 years we were together lol & the break up was relatively easy… We just weren’t meant to be together. Things got a bit messy when her new Virgo gf got stalkerish with me though.

      & it’s not just the Taurean men, Mystic. I have felt so weird lately. If it’s not on with the Aqua/Cap this weekend I’m going to crack! : )

  2. I love them.

    I had one sneak up yo me like a train wreck…

    Jut as you say….coming to me full of self doubt and figuring I am the angel who’s been whispering….
    But no.
    Totally my type, if they are a grown up and have a bit of fire.
    Goo-goo eyes, check. Sane one in a room of insanity. Check. Well built, especially a big cart-pulling chest, and brooad shoulders. Check.
    Poor things….
    Just…I’m not your Mom, k?


  3. i’m a taurus female & this month i’ve been feeling totally. strange. out of my element & confused & just completely bats. i’m normally a bastion of calm, zen & sanity, so when i get like this i think it’s harder for me to handle. i’m not used to feeling this way!

    & while i can be very physically attracted to taurus males (you’re right – cute, well built), it’s not a good fit for a relationship. i have a lot of fire in my chart, & they’re just too.. TAUREAN for me sometimes :)

    • Ditto re fire in one’s chart and connection to taurus males – but I learnt that after 5 years and a child with one! We are still bonded, in that weird brother/sister way that can develop btwn intimates …

      As for this month, heavenly, I think my Neptunal self was elementally satisfied, splashing about in all the magic and karma drifting about ..

  4. The one Taurean Man I know is like this all of the time. Count on his Pisces Moon and Sun opp. Neptune to keep him all louche and trippin’. He must be getting an extra punchbowl by now. Who knows? He’s been AWOL throughout the retrograde (not counting the medium meeting), but then with all that Neptune, he’s usually AWOL any ‘grade.

    • PS–I don’t think Taurus men would like having their lower half a chill blue. It just looks uncomfortable for a bull.

  5. I agree with Weathergirl, there are taurean men who are like this ALL the time with deluded, paranoid thoughts leading to unrealistic fantasy pursuits. All the while maintaining calm and solid relationships with those of us close to them but making us worry for their sanity and safety.
    The Taurean women are less obvious but I need to follow up with my 3 taurean girlfriends and will report back.

  6. Interesting. These little exercises give me a pause to think about who I know in whatever sign is mentioned, in this case Taurus, and whether I’ve noticed any similarities. One of my closest and dearest just got unceremoniously dumped by the woman of his dreams (one of the cardinals apparently). I don’t think he’s more bats. Just discouraged.

    The others. They seem a bit more stressed out I suppose.

  7. Hmmmm Ive written and illustrated a kids book … and made some customized colouring books with the most fabulous pictures….. Didnt even know I could do it…….. and there done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My lovely boyfriend is a Taurus, and one of the things I love about him is how stable his emotions are most of the time. He can get stressed kinda easily, but generally stays pretty calm. I can get super moody and he’ll stay calm and comforting.
    I don’t think he’s gotten that odd lately. He’s seriously considering quitting his job, but he never liked it in the first place. Yesterday he was all “sooo, why do you like me?” I say because I think he’s wonderful but he was all “Not detailed enough, elaborate!”

  9. THAT expalins the loopiness of me of late! I’m really stuffed then: a Taurus/Taurus-rising with Pisces Moon. Freeek-out. PS I hear the angels whispering…

  10. My son is a Taurean – definitely goo goo cow eyed and solid as a rock. Can’t see the any definitive changes this week but as for the smells he did change deoderant this week – thats quite radical for him !!

  11. Hmmm … well under normal circumstances I luv me bit o’ bovine. Whether solar or lunar Taurus I do find them very attractive and yes that inner zen thang they’ve got going on always calms me down. They’re very cute when they know they’re going to get a night in, sprawled out on their couch surrounded by cosy comforts – wriggling their hooves in anticipation. It’s like you’ve just given them a free trip to Paris! …

    but that ended a coupla months ago. Now they are SHITTING me beyond belief. Had to tell one (the ex) to buzz off. Had to tell another (a client) that I didn’t want to work with him any more. Almost went spazz at a third (also a client) who’s been driving me bats with indecision – but we worked through that. Maybe coz she is a she-cow.

  12. Only one Taurus boyfriend ever & had to go O/S to
    leave him & at the airport said ‘i’m never going to live
    with a man again’. Became a self-fulfilling prophecy &
    never did (apart from a 3 month affair in Singapore).
    But my bestie, CowGirl, the international corp admin,
    bought me a car yesterday so as to be ‘on-standby’
    for dog-sitting as they are 3 hours away. My old car (named
    Pegasus) died just as i pulled up to take delivery.
    She, CowGirl, is Venus personified & she has had angels talking
    to her. Told AquaMan when i met her:
    I’d jump the fence for her & if you don’t marry her I WILL.
    If there is a male version of her anywhere, i’m THERE!
    New car called ‘Phoenix’ my new chariot. Mobility is so Sagg & Jupiter
    is calling me to expand.
    My Libra Moon loves Beauty & i’m feeling blessed with a dose of gratitude
    & humility along with topping of Love for all. Noice place to be. Join me :-)

    • Almost missed this.. but how lovely, enjoy Phoenixing Pegs, there’s nothing quite like new flight smell.

      • Very sweet of you all to share my joy!
        Wishing you all a ‘Lover for your Lives’
        faster than quick.
        Phoenix previously belonged to an Asian lady
        who as you would know, kept it immaculate &
        added all special extras.
        ‘Mobility is Nobility’.
        A Timothy Leary quote.

        • I love that you personalise your relationship with your car! I try not to as I know he will be replaced sooner than later.. Do you think a car has a personal vibration worthy of gratitude and respect? I am not entirely sure… Hell why not though.
          Happy travels in the Phoenix, lucky you!

          • I think the car does actually – but this is new to me. Had been banging on about changing cars once financially sorted with ex. Looked into VW Polo sport and the new Peugeot 3008 SUV but find i am comfortable with my 7 seater even though it seems to double burn the juice. Things I love about my car:

            – she’s very roomy – lots of leg room, adjustable seats and storage space;
            – tinted windows, dvd player and reverse sensors (yes i know can get with new car but i got it all for free with promo)’
            – being non-euro means cheaper servicing and repairs;
            – being a mumsmobile, the police totally leave me alone :-)
            – final plus – the colour – hurricane or slate blue/grey – love it.
            – oh and i could easily sleep in it if i become homeless :-)

          • Is it strange that I call my car devil? He’s like a black tiny ninja with loads of room inside, extremely light and of course, low emission.

            Biggest plus? The low profile wheels actually help with drift, hee hee

          • Happy for you and “Phennie” Pegs.

            Gonna do a facelift on my Honda after tax time next year. A new black paint job and window tint. Yes, like me, she needs an infusion of color (me, more often than her). Feelin’ kinda gansta besides. Should I lower it and then make the front end go up and down?


          • Happy for you and “Pheenie” Pegs.

            Gonna do a facelift on my Honda after tax time next year. A new black paint job and window tint. Yes, like me, she needs an infusion of color (me, more often than her). Feelin’ kinda gansta besides. Should I lower it and then make the front end go up and down?


          • Happy for you and “Pheenie” Pegs.

            Gonna do a facelift on my Honda after tax time next year. A new black paint job and window tint. Yes, like me, she needs an infusion of color (me, more often than her). Feelin’ kinda gansta besides. Should I lower it and then make the front end go up and down?


          • Good gawd…Guess I AM happy for you Pegs! Internet sorta bonkers tonight…lol

            And Angel, guess you been drifting on and off the Santa Monica? :)

  13. I wonder, does this apply to Taurus moons as well? Because I’ve definitely been noticing all the above in my Sagittarian boyfriend lately (who has moon in Taurus). It’s like he’s become a Pisces lately, you’re right — which annoys me, as I’m usually the only Pisces in the house! Looking forward to some direct planetary motion soon.

  14. This explains a lot from the Cow-Aqua. He has suddenly felt his career life has been going the wrong direction and wants to take up writing. I say “go for it”, but I am a Uranian child so when i experiment and it goes wrong i rarely pay the price for it the way others do

  15. Oh yes – and the picture sums it up so well – bovines do not like to be in deep water. Earth + Water = slushy unstable mud! Danger!

  16. please don’t talk to me about taurus men. I am still trying to forget about TWO of them. *sigh*

    Ps this is UP going anon :)

    • OMG and YES if i think of them as pisceans, it is much easier to understand. I would throw some emotionally unavailable aqua-ness in there for good measure

  17. I have a developing friendship with a taurean male, and yes, he’s defn been a bit off lately. Was oozing sadness last time I saw him. Poor boy has merc and Venus in gem and then a Taurus mars. He seems to be doing a terribly flitty gem round and round thinking thing, and then can’t really do anything. Top it off he’s got moon late Virgo, then Jupiter and Saturn early libra. So was/is still being shafted by all that Saturn/Uranus stuff.
    We have interesting synastry. My sun on his Venus, his sun on mine. His mars is on my south node, and my mars is on his north node. He is cute and well built, but he’s all earth and air, I do need a bit of fire from my men. Feels like he’s my younger brother. It’s interesting.
    But yes, he’s been a bit up and down of late.

  18. Two words. Adulterous Toro.

    And after him, I think it’s avoid, avoid for me. They’re lovely of course, all that groundedness but I need a bit of air or I just feel like the object of the game is to turn me to stone.

    My gosh the rampage over his stuff as well and looking askance when I start flapping my wings. And what is with always having to do it on the bed? Comfort always before experimentation..hmm. I do adore them but I’m just not vibing on them like I used to..

    • Imo…bed is the worst place for sex, it can result in what
      i call ‘the roll-over bonk’ in eve or morn.
      CowGirl bought her hubby a boat so as they can hang the
      ‘gone fishin” sign up on weekends, but she secretly told me
      they have sex in it. I was so pleased.

      • roll over bonk..i know, wtf. men [to date] treat it like a bodily function, like taking a piss after they wake up. i say, piss off!

      • I like the rollover bonk. My mind is going awol trying to find bad example but apart from creepy Libran/Scorp ex hb, i love the rollover bonk; omg, i miss the rollover bonk!! LOVE waking up afterwards with body satisfaction going about my routine day :-)

        • I like it too… It’s what I missed with Pisces Ex who refused to sleep in the same room as me.

          • wt…? how can a lover not sleep in the same room..? That would be hard to take tati, no wonder he’s an ex! xx

    • How delightful to literally be rocking the boat! I did manage to get the Adulterous Toro to break one hotel desk and the toilet seat, but methinks that was more the result of the holiday than anything else.

      I think that being able to reach over occasionally for that roll over bonk isn’t a bad thing as long as it doesn’t become the default setting..it’s ironic that loads of men love a rut (pardon the pun) yet claim boredom when it becomes rote.

      But really more than anything, however it happens, if your lover is there with you and so present, it’s the most beautiful thing.

  19. My only experience of Taurus males has been via an ovary-exploding experience a few years back. I found myself severely hot & bothered + wiping my reproductive organs off my puter screen and telly, as for some reason I’d found myself totally ______ by three then four actors. I googled them, and voila!, the only connecting thread was that they were ALL Taurus.
    I mean, I know now that my seventh house is ruled by Taurus, but really, I never thought it could’ve manifested that way, as in, even via visuals only I pretty much did the self-combustion thingo…
    Now I have a much-enhanced perceptive ability to spot one, including the latest find of this footballer who has a stellium in Taurus. I knew he was one from his pics from his lips, nose and overall ‘thing’.

    Never gone out with one, never met a Taurus male in my life (that I know of). Have only met lunar Taurus.
    The only female Taurus was a bad memory from primary school who was batshit crazy kniving bitch as. Last heard from peeps from back then she’s still doing the same m.o.

    How are you doing now Mystic? I just plugged back into cyberspace and your site to discover you’ve not been well! Hope you’re on the mend, but still sending you BumbleDuckies blessings anyway.

  20. Taurean men always calm me and feel very bovine solid but then controlling in my experience. Havent had any on my radar for a while now tho.

    The above astro resonates with me alot tho- Neptune and Chiron are exact sextile of my Asc in Aries. No wonder i feel all over the shop!

  21. I’d love a Taurean man… don’t know any right now – apart from my Leo friend The Real Artist’s ex husband, who is a total fruitcake, completely obsessed with her and goes around inseminating girls to see if it makes her jealous (among other ridiculous things like sending her text messages with photos of him having sex etc claiming he is ‘so happy in his new relationship’ yeah right)

    ick. shudder.

    But I’d still love a Tauren man, even one acting like a Pisces. Actually, ESPECIALLY one acting like a Pisces. Love ‘em.

    Are you listening Universe?

    • Hello, this is the universe speaking.. order up! We wish, glad to see you here again TA.

  22. I love my Taurean girlfriends. They are so musical and earthmother rich in vibe… but Taurean men generally make me feel like sticking my head into box of cement and leaping off a bridge.

    This is my Neptunian Taurus song (to be sung to “Mack the Knife”).
    Abridged version. Preferably sung by Iggy Pop:

    “Oh the Bull has, pretty horns dear,
    And he shows them, pearly white,
    Just the Taurus keeps them filed dear,
    Keeps them ready, in case of any slight…

    “When the Bull gores, With his horns dear
    Scarlet billows start to spread, Fancy Hats though
    Wears McToro-o, So there’s not a trace of red..”.

    Etc. Thank you vere much…

  23. I’m a double Taurus and feeling extra psycho lately. But at the same time stuck…

    ” Neptune right at the end of Aquarius squaring Taurus and making them doubt every single decision they’ve made since the late 90″

    YES. I keep obsessing about what I could have been, yadda yadda yadda instead of moving forward.

  24. Taurus Husband is going through a very difficult time, confronting old demons which he can no longer evade. He is behaving oddly and his fondness for the gravitational centre of the multiverse has increased, as if that were possible.

    His solidity is wavering and it’s a sad sight.

    • LOL! There’s a lot of action right now with the Great Attractor, a spot in Sagittarius that functions like the gravitational center (or suckhole) of our galaxy. Your Toro must be tuned in. ;-)

  25. Had a new Taurus massage patient today. She “ooohed, ahhhed and mmmm’d” during the massage.

    Yep, She a taurus alright… :)

  26. Oh, you want some zen, eh? I’ll show you zen. I can out-zen any ten of you. But I just don’t have the time for that lately. I’ve been working 75 hour weeks on the new temp job. Now that the big crush is over, everyone has to work 40 hours a week, no overtime allowed. That is utterly ridiculous. How can those non-Taureans stand to work so few hours, and do their jobs so poorly? I don’t have time to work so few hours. The only way I can justify working that few hours, is that I know the rest of the crew is making fewer errors, since they’re all working fewer hours too, and that means less crap to clean up after them.

    • I average 24-25 hours massage a week. Shame on me? Part time but intense tho. Still, pretty good for Venus in Taurus no? Gotta have time for my own luxe.

      Charles, is it truly natural for a Taurean to be talking about time so much? Where are the fields of flowers you are supposed to be trapsing and sniffing your way thru?

      Never the less, I wish you a nice massage and a nap when you can. HUgs..

      • Sweetie, doing 25 hours massage a week is the same as most
        people’s 50 + hours sedentary.
        Figured each massage is the equivalent of a 2 kilometer walk
        in energy expenditure.
        In a very old bodywork book maybe written in 40’s, said that one
        shouldn’t (bad word!) massage after 40 years of age as it depletes
        much from the practitioner. Very satisfying tho’.
        Times have changed of course with better nutrition & mind-sets, but
        i seriously have to pace myself or end up at Physio frequently & must
        do stretchy yoga stuff to maintain constantly.
        It’s a profession that i wouldn’t redo again, i would be a Marine Biologist
        or ‘Lady Writer for the TV.’ would write scripts.
        All Touch is Love…..

        • Yes, I read that massage is THE most labor intensive work one can do. It suits my Aries Sun and Mars on the Asc tho. I love physical stuff but 25 hrs is plenty.

      • You remind me of one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes comics. Calvin is ranting, “someone told me I should stop and smell the roses. So I did. And they just smelled like a bunch of darn roses.”

      • I did not mean to cast any aspersions on non-Taureans in general. I was ranting specifically about the people in my office. Most of my coworkers are elderly ladies in their late 80s and 90s. To them, a telephone is a newfangled alien technology. They don’t belong anywhere near computers, let alone doing complex data entry.
        Just to give you an example, here’s what happened today. One of the elderly ladies was given a list of 50 customer names, with instructions to look up their customer numbers on the computer and write them down on a list. She returned a list of 46 numbers. We don’t know which 4 she missed so it has to be done all over again. I suggested the task be broken down to no more than 4 names per list, to avoid overtaxing their short attention spans.

      • True. Don’t mind me ranting about work. That is a common Taurean strategy, we believe we have the strength of Atlas, but we just end up with the weight of the world on our shoulders.
        Anyway, I do have my share of Venus Rx and Neptunian stuff going on. While I work myself to death in an intensive but mindless job, my mind drifts away to thoughts of my lost love Miss Gemini. I haven’t seen her in weeks, I heard she moved away and I will never see her again.

  27. dont like taurus men, they do nothing for me, i lernt tht since i got pregnant to one and hs tried to make my like hell ever since, my son is 12 months old now, we fight all the time coz he just wont back down [my mars in aries] and his never even seen him and now supposebly him and his new fiance wnt 50 percent custody yeah right like that is gonna happen ever in his lifetime, bad bad experience, always tring to get one up on me, dragging my name thru the mud around town etc and will not get over anything at all, and the the only taurus women i know are in his family and exactly the same, yeah does nothing for me my venus is in aries

    • Never say never anon. Parenting is fluid and can get difficult on yr own or partnered! As difficult as it is, always try to think of your son’s perspective when he is a teen/adult. it’s always wise to involve the other parent unless they are truly dangerous to the child. you can’t go wrong with this approach. However deep your spite and resentment runs, think always of your son, it will in the end bring you the deepest peace that you did the right thing, and he, when he is able, will appreciate what you did to enable that relationship. Venus and Mars in Aries is brave – remember be brave with your emotions. good luck anon. xxx

    • hey, taurus female with moon in aries. sad you have a resentful taurus on your hands. when the bulls are angry, they know how to make others around them just as angry. and wont stop till they have!! i wish you luck. but dont cut out tauruses completely!! i love me! lol, but maybe that is the problem!

  28. Don’t start me on Taurean men.-my ex i am relying is faltering also. Total rock is drifting Pisces like. better give him a ring.

  29. A taurus man from high school has jst got in contact with me. and we are catching up this saturday. I didnt really know him that well at school, though we are fb friends.. He is totally adorable, tall, tanned, that toro cute look.
    Is this a good idea? and yes i have been fantasing about this guy for a while, has been in my dreams of late and he now contacts me tonight

    I dont have any experience with toro men, never been with one.. Can anyone give me any tips pls??

    • taureans…direct appreciation of sensory experiences. the 2 toros that I am still smote by in various ways did have some things in common altho v different venus / moons:
      Definitely shared good food experiences. delicious eating pleasures.
      Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. [if you get to that point].
      don’t be lazy / show that you like working, goals, don’t tolerate lazy bums.
      i guess work hard, play hard.

      my 2 cents. x

    • Hey Sassy! Where have you been? Good luck with the Toro Man. Love the statement ” I didn’t really know him that well at school, though we are fb friends…” Just sums up to me why i dont do fb. But i may change my mind if all goes well for you with toro ;-) Keep us posted.

    • Sassy, I forget if you’re a Cancer or Leo but Toro (Earth) is generally
      fave for water (Cancer) element.

    • Sassy, in regard to this particular weekend & current astro, I would be very careful that he is not using you to satisfy some delusion he has got running. Keep it real and very straight to start off with. Keep your own counsel and don’t come over too desperate/needy. And, of all the weekends this year, surely this is the one to stay sober & off the grog?! I’m thinking 4 days of mineral water starting tomorrow!

      In general though, Cancer-Taurus is a good and comfy combo. Can get stuck in ruts of the Cancer over-feeding & over-mothering the Taurus or the Taurus over-controlling the Cancerian (espec in relation to display of emotion). But if you can manage to avoid the ruts with a Taurus, they can bring a feeling of security, solidity & reliability – traits loved by both Cancer and Taurus. Useful if you can find out his Moon & Venus placements.

      Love your new avatar. Is that a spanner crab? ha ha

      • Sounds good to me. I dont mind the boring bits since i am toro asc ad multi cancer. Does that say something about me since i was the one to ask him to go out this weekend? Am i projecting onto him or we both are.? Thanks guys…

        Been away from blog becasue of computer. Spilt water on it. gone. My ipod froze, my dvd player broke and my camera went spazzo and home phone will only let you talk for 5 mins… About 2 months ago I was saying that i wanted to get away from techhnology. That is really freaky…whoever is there is listening!! BTW i also said in a post about toro about a year ago on MM that next I wanted to be with a Taurus.

        • Go Sassy! Have you had an expansion of energy in some way lately? I find that when my energy is high I nuke my phone and everything else around me. Really Uranian energy imo.. Nice to see you, that’s a cute pic of a crabby.. :P Luck with El Toro!

          • Thanks chicky…maybe a bitt buzzing on a diff level, been feeling higher..Thought it was neptune giving me a good ol sqauring off.
            He is very cute…keep you posted…xxx

  30. Iam a Taurus female and would think twice, three times even before I would go out with a Taurus Male. Cute, beautful eyes but womanisers just can’t help it Great as mates but that is about it.
    Iam having a lousy time at the moment,everything going wrong. Keep wondering when things will get better……HELP

  31. Erstwhile husband is a taurus, and has been el-psycho for the past, Oh, I dont fuqing know…EVER. I got home today recovering from pneumonia and after being at the hospital doing student doctor things for 10 hours, walk through the door to discover he is moving out. Again. (I have honestly lost track of how many times that is now….) Only he doesnt TELL me that, I just discovered this after wondering out loud where the bedside table had gone and why the kids were eating an early, wierd dinner of fried salami. (So he could take off in some wierd Taurean huff (which no-one understands the cause of) to his new place (which no-one knew about.))
    At least pisces men fall devastatingly in love with you first…

    • bun, sorry to read this. Please look after yourself & the kids FIRST. My suggestion: let him go this time. ACTUALLY go and not have access to you or that which he has chosen to leave. Respect his choices and your own security and change the locks. This sounds like irresponsible self indulgent behaviour on his part and a common pattern I’m guessing? What ever it is that he needs to sort out, leave him alone to do it and face the reality of his choices.

      Be VERY SURE that is has nothing to do with you, has not been caused by you and is HIS and HIS alone to sort out, despite what he might try to pin on you.

      Meanwhile, you look at your own support structures and re-balance your resources to better support yourself and what is of value to you. That is very with the astro of this weekend I reckon.

      • Yes, like nat says. Otherwise, lock the bastard out. My heart breaks for the children…. and eating fried salami. My Gdaughter part Sicillian, she likes it but is not her dinner staple.

  32. Ok so I love sex and food and comfort (when I’m not on a Scorpio asceticism jag) so Taurus men should suit me just fine. However the stubbornness and controlling-ness drives me right up the wall, and the only Taurus that I know I slept with was most certainly NOT hung like a bull. Most disappointing.

    All that and them acting like a Pisces man and I think I will take a sabbatical in a nunnery to avoid.

  33. Question MM: How long will this last for Messrs. Toro? I’m not keeping close tabs on the astro these days. Is this merely a prelude to that 12th house Uranus experience?

  34. both my parents are taureans. i have noticed slightly (grok) elevated levels of crazesterol in their systems.

    my dad in particular has been talking more vividly about offing a particular annoying neighbour a la ‘paying a hells angel to do the hit’ yikes

    when do they come back to earth?

  35. taurus female here. i have been having these random ideas from creating a fashion site, to writing poems. loving whatever it is, but also feeling…. ummmm confused? what does my future hold? what direction should i take? what are my biggest strengths and are they going to help me be happy?!? hurry up jupiter, enter taurus please!!! oh, and excited about the full moon coming this sunday! hopefully i will get some more questions answered.. and hopefully these taurean boys do too! :)