Salvador Dali Meets Raquel Welch

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This is the surrealist Salvador Dali meeting the actress Raquel Welch sometime in the 1960s.  Charming picture but understand:

HE is a Taurean Artist.

SHE is a Virgo.  No, a Multiple CONJUNCT Virgo: Sun, Mars, Mercury and Neptune in Virgo.

She’s thinking that she’s going to go fumigate her hand right after Dali has finished slobbering over it.  Note the tension in the hand hanging onto the painting.

34 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Meets Raquel Welch

  1. It looks like she’s taking a deep breath and counting to ten, just waiting for it to be over.

  2. Oh that’s not true at all. Virgos and Taureans were made for each other. A Taurus could even convince a Virgo to roll in the mud, and enjoy it.

    • well Taurus men do seem keen on giving oral pleasure – and even a Virgo can’t find much to complain about that!

          • Have been reliably (?) informed that Earth and Water signs are far more likely to be adept at or even interested in performing cunnilingus. Does that scientific enuf?

            • well accept for Librans who do it because it’s completely impolite not to reciprocate

              and if you get a Leo bloke with a Virgo Venus and Toro Moon???? ………… wwwwwwwwwahaaaaay. I haven’t met one, but I’m sure if I did I would force him to marry me.


  3. Not bothered about her, I’m afraid. I saw Dali in the National Gallery when I lived in London and just loved his art, my introduction to symbolic work. Then I saw the Dali exhibition when it was at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2009, like going back 40 years to my youth, really weird. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. He was mad as a cut snake but a brilliant artist, and even in his nuttiness there was some amazingly logical, analytical stuff.

    • The Dali exhibition in Melbourne was SO good!! Some of those photographs were pure genius, you’re right M he was mad but brilliant. Went with my Taurean daughter who is an amazing artist herself, we laughed so much! Unfortunately some people take art way too seriously and don’t realize some artworks are purely for our enjoyment – not to study like a science experiment! One painting was of a man with a huge round circle as a head. My daughter said “look Mum I think Dali mucked up his head so he had to paint over it to cover it up” We got quite a few disapproving looks because we were having fun, this made us laugh even more……..

      • oh funny ! You gotta laugh ! Glad you enjoyed the show. I saw a Dali exhibition that came through my are a few years ago and loved his work as well. I love your story ~
        Something similar happened to me in the jungle room in Graceland.

        Young tour guide was explaining the next few rooms we were going to, blah, blah, blah, raquetball court room was coming up, which was where Elvis had been playing a rousing game before he died.

        Meanwhile, I was busy gawping at all the MASSIVE tiki furniture and waterfall wall, until my multiple conjunct Sag ex drew shocked breaths from the tour group when with a cocky laugh asked, “…you really believe that..?!”

        Gasp ! ~the horrors !~ The crowd separates–OMG if looks could kill–poof ! I was laughing, really laughing with him, saying ‘I can’t take you anywhere !’ If you get us kicked outta Graceland, I’ll be SO mad !
        haha still makes me laugh

        • Did you see Rake last night where the gallery owner spouted that 50% of the art sales were going to help people in the Congo, and Cleaver Greene choked on that and spat out a whole heap of plonk on the woman beside him. Sounds like your experience, it was bloody funny!

      • Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I wouldn’t put on a headphone with running commentary, interferes with inner appreciation and just enjoying the whole thing without a load of clutter pouring in my ears.

  4. Or maybe she is just holding on for dear life as he yanks her hand toward him in his eagerness and all she is thinking about is keeping her perfect-angled pose??

  5. Dali, the ARTIST Bull is acknowledging the ARTIST Virgo. She has many qualities(!) he admires: she is strong (mars), she is vibrant and communicative (merx), and she projects her VIRGO (allure of the bad girl posing as good girl and vice versa) femininity theatrically (neptune). I certainly don’t think Dali the effete Dandy would roll in the mud with anybody: he might harm his moustaches.
    Ms Welch went on to become an actress of repute, and her comic performances – with an enemble cast of greats – in the Muskeeter films (1973 and 1974) are bravura and brillo.
    (Virgo actresses to consider: Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall.)

  6. if I had the choice between being raquel welch and being salvador dali, I WOULD CHOOSE DALI that is all

    • not because i want to kiss her hand by the way. i am not that pathetic.

      but nonetheless at what point did famous female sex symbols start to look like they had zero% body fat and spent 20 hours a week with a personal trainer?

      even the Page 3 girls looked ‘normal’ in the 1970s-1980s…

      • Plastic surgery… what is the astro of the plastic surgery craze??? It’s really grossing me out and I hope it stops, SOON!!

  7. I’ve just hung out in Glastonbury for a few days with a Taurean artist!!! Synchronous to read this upon my return… I’m now waay curious about taurean artists …

  8. She looks like a woman, not a child. Imagine that.

    She’s being polite. Smile is sort of fixed. Yes, kiss my hand, step back and then we can both get back to work: look at the camera and smile.

  9. Mystic wrote:
    “She’s thinking that she’s going to go fumigate her hand right after Dali has finished slobbering over it.”

    Oh yeah, Virgos and the freaking out over body functions.

    I have a Virgo stellium and to my shame, I put good manners and appropriate conduct above morals, intelligence, good looks, good taste, wit, personality or what have you. I know it’s irrational and wrong, but I can’t help it. It is what it is.

    I was recently at a dinner party where there were many people of varied ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds. I was seated opposite a very nice-looking man, at least ten years younger than myself. He was well-dressed and well-spoken, sensible and charming, and he made me laugh. I was enjoying the encounter.

    Then he lifted his pinky to his left nostril and dug in it. Enough said.

    (The horror! The horror!)

      The body language and stuff people don’t even realize they are doing ! (Presumably, a potential wouldn’t consciously pick a booger right in front of you… at a fancy dinner, no less…?)
      I notice sometimes when guys talk to me, they are grabbing their goods, or the liars are rubbing their noses. All sooo obvious, but they haven’t a clue I am reading them like a book. Sun, Uranus, Pluto conj in Virgo 9, how about you sagitta, where’s your stellium.
      ps. sorry it didn’t work out

  10. Actually, it was not a sexual or potentially sexual situation. I am married. I do appreciate a platonic conversation with a good-looking, smart, and funny man, though!

    This man was very un-self-conscious about his nose-digging. He belongs to a country that is very relaxed about such matters (I know because I lived there for a while.) There are no social sanctions against belching, burping, farting, digging in your ears/nose, scratching yourself anywhere, etc.

    But the thing is, there are people from that country who are very careful about not engaging in those behaviors even though they have not been brought up with an awareness of its ickiness! I don’t know what to call it –delicacy? refinement? –they have it, whatever you call it, even though their society does not require it. I don’t know how.

    In defence of this society’s norms, I must say that I loved watching the people laugh. They would throw their heads back, slap their knees or the furniture, and just roar– with tears in their eyes! It was an endearing aspect of their lack of restraint in public.

    Anyway, I have my MC at 7 Virgo, and Mars conjunct it at 9 Virgo. Also have Uranus and Pluto widely conjuct the MC at 14 and 15 Virgo. That’s my Virgo stellium.

    • sagitta, I like your story. I was misinterpreting, sorry. Culturally acceptable, I get it. It is nice some others show more delicacy around those who have different customs at the dinner table.
      Guess I am sensitive to this because my ex had a way of sneezing that was more like spewing. I tried many times (sweetly at first, then angrily) to get him to cover his mouth. (shrugs) nothing doing.
      WoW, lots of power in your stellium !

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