Pluto Tripping

Wilhelm Amberg

“…Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to never was there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place… In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got…”

— Flannery O’Connor

This sounds really Plutonic, does it not?

So who’s having a Pluto Transit?  There should be a club for it.  The Pluto Trippers.  Maybe we can have a password-protected Pluto Trippers club on the site only you have to show the scorch marks on your soul to get in and comment?

Read How To Tell If You Are Having A Pluto Transit if you’re in doubt or okay, you are definitely having one if you are born in the last week of March, June, September or December…Look to what you have got in the first ten degrees of the Cardinal Signs – that’s the Pluto Zap Zone.

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  1. ” show the scorch marks on your soul ”

    Hell yeah and don’t we feel exposed!

    Hilar!!! I am starting to get my sense of humour back, although it is intermittent.

    So have been noticing in all the comments how huge these transforming times are. Some of those here are starting to reap rewards already for the hard yards which is so awesome, some of us are still approaching that place but FUQing well looking forward to it and starting to feel like it is well deserved. Oh yes I am well aware that there is more to come but I am still looking forward to a pit stop of good times along the way, like a recharge.

    Does a plutonic transit give you a bit of an attitude? Does it wear off over time I wonder. Or are we destined to retain that feeling of self worth in kick arse heels as a perminant fixture.

    • I think I am covered for entry, as far as the plutonic zap zone is concerned anyway:
      I believe I have four planets in first ten degrees of cardinals
      Venus, Uranus, Mercury (huddled in libra) and Chiron (in Aries).

      Don’t really understand the rest of it though. Have pluto transiting my 9th house in sag at the moment, the only thing I have there is Mars in Cap and MC at the other end, but from what I beleive it takes years to get over there yes?

      Have been working on the idea in that quote for quite some time, detach detach detach

      • Will take years but you’ll look back and know without a doubt what changed. As Pluto’s already passed through Sag, what’s changed about your philosophy of life?

        Pluto give attitude? Yeah, baby. Depends on what’s affected but you def. get that “been there, done that” face.

  2. OMG how do you do it Mystic! That quote exactly sums up what i’m dealing with right now… really having trouble with the “yourself right now is all the place you’ve got” … know intellectually what’s going on but living it is another matter.

    Plutonified Venus/NN/Mars/Moon and trans Pluto/NN are sitting on my SN so nodal opposition in the mix. Probably don’t want to show my scorch marks, perhaps after the pluto trip, maybe :-|

  3. That quote is amazing. that is exactly how I feel..I’ve had a bunch of stuff transiting My natal pluto (which is in Scorpio and in my eighth house) as well as my eighth house in the past few weeks. I’ve lost friends for no reason, lost lovers and have no sense of stability. My sage Scorpio mother summed it up for me, “Hun, there are things that you need to let go of. Let theses people and situations go..Thank them for the purpose that they’ve served in your life up until now and get ready for the next phase of your life. You don’t want to change, but life is forcing you to, so embrace it.” So amazing, and I felt a weight lifted. But yeah, Pluto is in my house of careers right now, so..I don’t really have one right now lol…Though I am trying to start one as a writer…

    • Here ! Here ! To Scorpio Sage Mum quote… and Gawd, Yes ! to the Flannery quote as well. So very on target, both !

      • There really is something about Scorpio mothers..Her Sun is in my eighth house, so we have an almost psychic connection and our lives parallel…Her moon is in Leo, so she’s very theatrical also..

    • My natal Pluto is Scorp/8th house as well – I know EXACTLY how you feel. Add in the Venus conjunction, Saturn and Pluto squaring my Sun and it seems like my life is very slowly cracking apart. I keep losing little pieces, and I’m torn between trying to hang on to them and wondering what’s going to be revealed once it all goes to shit and falls apart.

      I’m sending you some serious supportive huggy vibes :)

  4. Im not sure how to work this out, Ive got natal moon in the first degree of libra, and natal venus is just at 11 degrees capricorn with pluto and NN transiting somewhere around 4 degrees capricorn.
    I wouldn’t say I have scorch marks, oh wait, maybe – more cranky and jaded.

  5. Awesome quote.

    Yes Pluto mania right here, and next year Neptune joins the party.

    Mystic what happens when Pluto and Neptune join forces do peeps lose all the marbles? xx

  6. Well, yeah, I’m having a Pluto Transit. With Pluto just days now away from squaring my Moon, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. I’ve gone on ad nauseum with all my problems here, so won’t repeat. But what is the overall astro, Mystic, that is triggering the Pluto hits to those in the zap zone? And love Flannery O’Connor. One of my favorite stories of hers is Good Country People . . . the one where the traveling salesman runs off with the farm girl’s prosthetic leg . . . about how the characters were “good country people” on the surface, but underneath they were twisted. Very Pluto, no? Oh, and just noticed that Mercury and Mars are going to be joining up with Pluto in early December. All squaring my Moon. Need deflectors on.

    • I’ll have to look that story up.
      I read the short story about the family on a drive to Georgia with the bad man following them when they got lost. Little kid in the story ‘had a head like a cabbage’. My friend loves her and named his daughter Flannery. She def. seems Plutonic judging by the story I read. I’ve been trying to imagine I am the eye of the hurricane that is Pluto transit ASC. Although feels more like Galadriel when Frodo offered her the ring.

    • know how you feel, inchy. pluto has been hovering square my 4 degrees Aries moon for what feels like ages now (also opposed by Saturn during this period of course). Damn, it’s a shit transit, which came hot on heels of Pluto moving out of Sagg – where resides my first house sag sun, conjunct pandora, and mercury.

      still, with mars and merc in Sagg, been so fuqing busy trying to kick goals for a few weeks til right now, that I haven’t had time for emotion lately, in spite of venus retro right on my 12th house natal scorp venus/neptune n’all.

      Or maybe it’s the moon squared by pluto and opposed by saturn: when it first started approaching, I had a major loss and was emotionally gut wrenched and damn near suicidal for about a year – wrong and insecure job, financial insecurity (Pluto in second house) horrible living situation (moon in 4th), betrayed by love of my life.

      Now I am at point where I am so good at just swallowing/controlling my emotions about what I cant change immediately, as in, using and controlling the underlaying emo as fuel for just head down working, working, working 16-18 hour days towards the things that will change my situation (eventually but not soon enough) that I have hardly cried at all lately and by now, so workaholic that I feel strangely robotic and totally Capricornian thanks to Pluto. Damn, I’ve even been too busy even to comment here lately!).

      Maybe that’s the lasting effect of Saturn opposite moon with both squared by pluto in Cap….learning to use/control/internalise the emotion to fuel hard work in order to create positive change where destruction and hopelessness and lack previously existed…….

      • Fi, how insightful you are. Regardless of the transits, your success and peace will come because of your introspection and consciousness. Yes, serenity comes from accepting the things you cannot change presently, a concept more easily spoken than practiced. You seem to be well on the road to living the concept.

        I may have related all this before, but you and I do share some common astro, so I guess that’s why we can relate. My Moon’s at 4 Libra, directly opposite your Moon, and I’ve also got that 12th house Scorpio Neptune. I also have transiting Pluto moving through my 2nd house and Venus through my 12th. Wish I had the work drive that you’ve got though. It was dwindling all year long, and now with the death of my father 2 weeks ago and the sudden departure of the love-interest 2 days ago, I am just numb right now. (oh, sorry, I told myself I wasn’t going to repeat my woes here). Send me some energy, okay? By the way, did you look at that astro in December? First Mercury joins with Pluto squaring your Moon (and mine) . . . then a week later Mars joins with Pluto squaring your Moon (and mine). Not huge transits, I know, but right now I am not looking forward to any added intensity of the Pluto-Moon square. Maybe that’s why Mystic’s organizing the Pluto Trippers club now. Maybe we can be charter members?

      • And while work can be a great emotional distraction, I hope you can “pop by” in the comments section now and then. Your insights are always uplifting. x

        • Oh, inchy, am so sorry about your father. I lost mine a few years ago during the Pluto in Sagg transit; loss of long-term love came several years later. But your loss of father plus loss of love interest in such close proximity must be dreadful and truly numbing indeed, and it makes me shake my presently Mars-ed up fist at the universe on your behalf.

          Big hugs and empathy and a shot of martian energy I am feeling at the moment through the ether from me to you….

          Don’t worry about your work drive at the moment – you need time to grieve, honey, since this is all so recent – be very gentle with yourself right now and during the months ahead. It took me about six months to really get my drive back after loss of relationship, but you have two major losses to grieve at the same time.

          I read somewhere that Pluto square natal moon is often linked to dealing with endings, crises or other transformations in one’s personal life and the struggle to handle emotionally devastating circumstances over which one has no control with grace. Seems very true for us…For me, the Pluto transit through second seems to have been linked to a loss of things I’ve valued more than money, and a sharp drop in self-esteem. Has it had an impact on self-esteem for you too?

          Venus and Neptune transiting or natally in the 12th aren’t great for self-esteem either in my experience – they heighten one’s sensitivity to spiritual and physical beauty, and longing to embody these things, at the same time as they heighten sensitivity to and frustration with one’s own flaws and weaknesses, physical and spiritual…

          I too have been eyeing the Mars and Mercury in Cap thing in December with considerable trepidation…given that Venus will still be in Scorp then, and mercury crosses 4 degrees Cap square our moons on my birthday, same day as the new Sagg moon. We will have to strive really hard to honour our self-worth then, and try to at least be grateful that Saturn is gradually moving further out of conjunction/opposition with our respective moons, not to return for another 30 years

          Again, hugs through the cosmos to you; I will be sure to be around here for Pluto square moon trippers mutual support club during December xx

        • Fi, absorbing the martian energy . . . thanks. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on all year long to try to understand the Pluto square moon transit. One theme that always emerges is change to women in your life. Well, true, my mother has just lost the man who she’s been beside for 50 years, causing enormous transformation for her. But somehow that doesn’t seem to be the fullest explanation of the transit. I think Robert Hand talks about personal sabotage of one’s emotions being the message of the transit. Ehh, yeah, I comprehend the combination of the planets’ energies to get to that conclusion . . . but somehow that doesn’t completely fit either. Slow inexorable change of one’s inner self seems more apt. But, yes, bingo what you say about when it happens in the 2nd it going to the core of one’s self-worth. And, bingo again about how the Neptune in the 12th native (plus I’ve got Mars there too!) could use a boost in the self-esteem department (always feeling “hidden” tends to zap one’s feelings of self-worth). Add to this mix that all my life I have derived large quantities of self-worth from what “my Daddy” thought of me . . . and when Daddy’s gone . . . part of me dies too. This message just seemed to get hammered more this weekend when, first, the love interest decided to abandon me, and, second, I had to go to court against the ex- on money issues regarding our son (which I won). I see all these “men” issues going on, which doesn’t sound like a transit to one’s moon (which should be about women), but I think the deeper meaning is about my connecting my self-worth to men. Further analysis required . . . off to the shrink again . . . which has been extraordinarily helpful this year.

          Well, that’s going to be a noteworthy solar return for you! And, yes, just having Saturn no longer bearing down on our moons (and away from our mutable planets as well, thank God), there is reason to smile.

  7. Can’t work Pluto transit or not BUT am writing a
    Hit List of personages impinging on my great & giving
    nature. Is that it?
    Am asking Universe just exactly HOW do i ‘reverse the energy’
    asking ‘does like attract like’ or ‘opposites attract’ or is ‘dark
    attracted to light’.
    As close to turning even more ancient, than i am, respect is going to be
    demanded. My inner sicilian street talker is
    bursting to emerge.
    Thank the Mystical Thread for allowing me to communicate this even.
    I’m tired of my mantra ‘it’s not their fault’ and doin’ ‘forgiveness’.
    My usual ‘what can i do for you?’ is now going to be ‘what can you do for ME’!

    Can some-one help with the mathmatic’s? Some-one who has it at their
    Saturn & Pluto 8 degrees apart in 8th House & 8th House is in Leo.
    Mars is in the 8th but in Virgo & it’s 10 degrees from Saturn & 18 degrees
    from Pluto.
    So my translation is: She appears to be chanelling Kali or Pele?
    Still Scorping……….coz ‘get back’ is a attitude better served cold?

    Yes…to all of the above. Feel a power trip coming on. Put on my heels & show
    ‘em whose Boss.

    • Gulp….just really really read the weekly scope.
      Uh Uh got it! Just as well before the foot went
      into the bigmouth :-)

    • Peg, also have a look at anything that is very early in signs.
      If they are in Earth signs, Pluto is trining, if they are in Cardinal signs, Pluto is squaring. A sextile will be to something early Scorp or early Pisces.
      You sound like you are more likely to have some minor aspects (to Leo), or semi-sextile, to Sag.
      But aren’t you a Cappy rising?
      So Pluto will make it to your Ascendant sooner or later.

      • Lo Shell, yes Cap rising & Venus with Pluto in Capricorn
        for a while. Merci. And no to the 1st four sentences. And yes
        to the Leo-Sagg sextiles. The map is just so busy busy tween 8th
        & 11th House!! Me is visual-aural-tactile learner. Maps of the Heavens
        hard work, maps of world & flight-road maps, easy peasy.

        My issues at mo are about precious books & tapes lent to peeps
        that are part of my vast collection on ‘the healing arena’ that will
        be passed on to an appropriate student eventually or stored in
        my ‘Archive of Life’.
        Feel leaky. Sense of loss. That gutted feeling when the penny drops
        & you realize you’ve been used-ripped off. Got while you were’nt
        looking. The trickster Archetype at work.

        Sweetie, i actually went & dusted the steelies….lol

  8. Mystical Peeps: I’ve just been browsing my chart v. HOT Leos chart processing the Luna Luxe (if you don’t have it, get it, its lovely) and noticed that I have no fire in my chart and he has no air…

    A female Libra with no fire & a male Leo with no air.. compitable, dichotomous, just plain weird.. wtf?

    Think I need to go process a little more……

  9. It is have been pluto-rama for so long it just feels normal Two-plus years of natal moon conjunct pluto, and now, hoorah, pluto just moved onto my mercury. Just took a book out of the library on non-violent communication, think there is a connection?

  10. I’d like to buy 7 memberships, please. One for my Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, SN, NN, and Progressed Venus and NN.

    This despite the fact that I am already a card-carrying member of the Persephone Club, thank you.

    That Sag Pluto trine to my Moon lasted the better part of two years (retros and all), and was soooo glad to see that go buh-bye. Will vouch that Neptune transits are scarier, tho. (If you’re looking for comparisons.) So glad I’ve got the better part of a decade to prep for the Pluto square to my Moon. Oh, joy.

  11. Quote is so apt; am in the greatest lonely, career-confused funk I’ve had for years. I am one of those people about whom others say: She’s so lucky, she can do anything. I have the dosh and the aptitude. Now if only I could commit to what career number three will be. Or narrow it down. Am feeling very lost.

    • CanSagg- me and a very good friend of mine are feeling exactly the same. If it’s any consolation,you’re not alone!

      • Ditto CanSagg just not the means, so options feel somewhat limited. Taken to reading Existentialist crap ala literary valium, helps to while away the time waiting for panic attacks to chill tfo. Gardening not bad either, get into it. x

        • Been gardening and baking, meditating, reading self-help, working round the clock. Still listless. Be great when we all come through it! New careers all round? Or lots of courses maybe.

          • Hey, Watery Saggo Ladies, two books i found motivating
            & inspiring read-ups when at cross-roads are:
            The Artist Way AT Work, by Mark Bryan with Julia Cameron
            and Catherine Allen.
            Strategy of the Dolphin, by Dudley Lynch & Paul Kordis.
            Ask your local library to obtain them for you even.
            Give attention to what courses you fill your heads with
            & ask yourselves where the ‘Gaps’ are in services. What’s
            not being done. Specialise. Invent ONE thing that costs ONE
            dollar & sell to ONE million peeps.
            Make a small business plan & sell it to investors. They could
            use it as tax break. Get some cards printed ‘Hired Help’
            (think i’ll do some re-vise maself now the books are out!

            and a mobile # :-)

  12. Yes, the quote is highly relevant! This is all I’ve got–in terms of raw materials–myself. I cannot rely on others (although lots of people are reaching out to me to help me through a rotten time). There’s a strange energy at play in my life whereby nothing anyone tries to do FOR me seems to work very well beyond it being comforting. I’ve known for a while, that whatever the rest of my life is will only exist as a result of my own making, so I have been compelled to figure out what I truly want and need. There is nothing else (except love–but even that can be a hall of mirrors). I’m left with myself, looking at myself, and ultimately treating myself like the life raft I will save myself with! eeek:)

    I looked at my cardinals and there was mercury at 3 degrees libra (got pummeled by Saturn and Pluto–but also strengthened some things) and then there’s Juno coming up at 9 degrees libra in 3rd house. My Cap Moon is at 23 degrees in 6th house, so in my future I get some sort of something with that. Can’t quite say “yay” on any of it. Intense, for sure, to the point I’m sometimes feeling akin to Sigourney Weaver in Alien series. I’ve wised up fast in many areas. Still feel like there’s more to go, and oddly excited and empowered.

  13. Yeah, when I was about 31 years old, spiritual teacher said ‘there is no place to go’ I was like OMG, wtf?!!

    Anyway, Pluto on my Saturn, 7th, square many Aries placements right now and for many, many Moons to come.

    Next up? Point of Fortune and 13 degree Aries/Libra nodes. Oh boy, we get to transform where we’re going! Oh I forgot, that’s nowhere…. :???:

    Just joking. Actually, decided that tomorrow I’m going to make a list of what is serving me or not serving me for my future. Want to see it on paper.

    • list is good idea. i’m dragging my heels on making that list. think as much as I’ve “let go” and moved forward I must want to hang onto something that is not serving me (actually I know exactly what it is) and I’m stalling…

      knowing thyself isn’t always pretty or even the “magic key.” there’s an action component that I’m having to find and add to my repertoire. back to Sigourney Weaver…

      did your guru help you?

      • Yes, after a channelled session on the phone (I’d never met him beforehand, he was in Hawaii and I was in Cali), about a month later my life turned upside down. Did some workshops with him after that but meanwhile “inner” teachers stepped in. Long story and one I’ve found it my life’s work to articulate and like you, I stall alot because know I must sacrafice certain things and be more disciplined. Hopefully Pluto will help as woke up the other day and felt/said to myself “it’s time”. First time in a long time that has felt good.

        Good luck with your action component Bluesky. I’ll remember that term!

    • great things, lists…wrote mine night before full toro moon said prayer, watched it flame up…all the best those phoenixing x

    • Doing exactly the same Sweetie, hence the Hit List.
      Have signed everything i own over to CowGirl & AquaMan,
      so nothing belongs to ME. It’s theirs lock stock & smokin’
      gun (and some rare asian recycled wood furnishings).
      It will also prevent me loaning or giving anything away,
      from now on coz it don’t belong to me.
      Seems like a Pluto in Cap scenario for sure.

      Yes, Even CowGirls get the Blues…:-)

  14. Pluto opposite my Jupes, and it’s rather fresh from opposing my Mars, as M & J are conjunct.
    Just noticed smth else: Pluto sextiling natal moon.
    Singed tail feathers or as I’ve called it before ‘Pluto Chic’.

  15. Pluto in 4 deg Cap is in opposition my Mercury at 5 deg Cancer, than moving to directly oppose my Sun and Venus is 7 and 8 deg cancer respectively. It’s been hovering over mercury for over a year now and I can truly say I have died and been reborn…willingly. Transformation is my middle name and it seems that this energy is not only affecting me but all the lives of the people that come into close contact with me. I feel like I’m plugged into a different, higher voltage; more alive, more aware, more transparent, more open. And my words seem to carry more power, making more of an impact. They seem to be coming straight from my heart and bypassing what is left of my mind and moving others in that same way. Thirty five years of an arduous spiritual journey finally bearing ripe fruit. And it ain’t over yet; just warming up for what’s coming next year….

    • Oh can I relate. I’m sun virgo and have had that pluto square my mercury with saturn squashing my mercury (it seemed like all of last year…)

      but I understand and feel that thing you’re talking about with the higher voltage and the words from your heart (more alive, more transparent, more open—Big for Virgos to be more transparent and open!)

      • I also have a 27 degree virgo rising with neptune conj asc at 1 deg Libra….I don’t complain however no matter what is going on…I’ve asked for it…not interested in life as anything other than an adventure…so I am pushing the envelope and going to the extremes of whatever cycle I am in….

        • I totally agree with stance of life as adventure. In fact this concept has been ultra strong for me for about 4 years and even amping up, currently, to new level of adventure

          but, if my adventure were a template hollywood movie, i’d be at the part where i’m dangling from a really high place by a few fingers with, really, no definitive idea what to do next

  16. I’ll give you a Pluto Tripping theme song. From the new 2010 album by Devo, “There’s No Place Like Home (To Return To).”

    • Oooh. And this here, song AND animation too, has been my Retro-Venus PLUS Pluto Transit all at once THEME SONG. Love it. And the singer is damn hot too.

        • Oh dear, i think that video just broke my brain. LOVE IT. OK people, keep your Pluto-Songs a’comin…. Perhaps that’s what Pluto-Club can do to pass time, obsessively, in dark corners, silently curate Plutonian mix tapes…?

      • Goyt…brilliant Lex & bighuge thanx for that contact.
        It’s like ‘Apollo 11′, not many have heard of them, need
        to be personally turned onto it.

        • I am not unconvinced that Wally / Wouter, key creative and frontman is actually in truth my soul mate, regardless of what orientation he may be.

  17. I am so in the Pluto club, and for quite some time to come.
    That quote is precisely what I am feeling, but in a very gentle, comfortable way, in my creative world at the mo. Alone time is being relished (I’ve always been a loner and eternal bachelor, so never THAT much of a big deal for me…). Pluto is sitting on (and crossed back and forth) my Natal 5th House Cusp for the past month and throughout this whole Venus-Scorp-a-thon. And now Pluto heads towards my Merc-Sun conjunction in Cap, 13 and 15 degrees respectively, I think…
    I love a good bit of Pluto action, so really calling it on.
    This weekend, under Toro Full Moon, I dug out and revamped an old short story, a kinda post-post-mod-feminist retake on Dante’s Inferno crossed with Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy in Oz, the disappearance of Anastasia Romonov, Nefertiti and Madeline McCann, amongst other things. Went wild with research and re-edit with the view to enter it in a comp and perhaps a couple of lit mags… (I’ve been on a winning streak of late…) Still reworking it and loving it.
    Reading this post now it totally occurs to me – this story, right now – how very f*ing Pluto of me?!

  18. Currently have Pluto Square my natal Pluto in 8th, opposite my natal Saturn in 5th. It’s also conjunct my Cap NN in 11th.

    I’m still not good enough at the interpretations to know exactly what this means, all i know is I’ve been feeling STUCK for a while now. Just wanting to run away from my own life and start over. So ready for a major transformation, and getting impatient for it to happen already!

  19. Am sort of giggling this evening as Dancing with the Stars is on. I usually have it in the background while I play here at MM’s after work.

    Giggling because last week, some guy didn’t like that Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, made it to the finals, so, he shot his t.v.

    That’s sorta Plutonian, ain’t it? Or maybe full on Mars :lol:

  20. So, Pluto Trippers: Do you REALLY want to belong to a club that would accept YOU as a member? (Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger – pace St. Stephen Colbert – to a certain Mr. Groucho Marx.)

  21. Natal Jupiter at 5 degreee Capricorn and I’ve been waiting patiently for this transit. (Read “overspending in anticipation of OTT windfall”)

    After the saturn transit of natal pluto in the 7th, I need the mogul transit!! Still mending the broken heart.

    Jupiter is in my tenth and I’ve just arrived interstate to follow a big dream, expanding my simple little massage business to a whole new enterprise that’s very me. As yet I don’t have the financial backing but that is not dulling the enthusiasm that is getting generated around me for taking the risk and if it can happen by luck, now’s the time.
    Alternatively, my debts force me in other directions on another of life’s character building courses.

  22. Apparently I’m having one. Who knew? Is square my sun and trine my natal mars and vesta. Vesta Mars Pluto trine seems like it’s manifesting in obvious ways. I have some kind of firey determined energy I can feel – purposeful, focussed and taking no shit. I mean seriously, none.

    Is it a grand trine when they are all trine each other? They’re all in earth signs too. It does feel grounded this energy I feel. I feel really deeply seated within my body – feel like there’s a good foundation to what I am building on. Is strange but I’ve never felt so able to succeed and reach my goals before. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a slacker for the duration. I’ve been relatively disinterested in whatever my true path is until now. Figured it would show itself eventually. Only now I can see it was showing itself all along and I just didn’t realise what it was. It appeared in many guises over the years. Finally the blindfold came off. Amazing. So now I’m all about getting on with it. But fuq that venus transit really twisted it around and mangled it for a few weeks but I’m amazed at how knowing what your purpose is makes you seem to be able to endure a lot more shit – something about being on a path. I dunno. Prevents derailing.

    I’ve got all that generational stellium business with Jupiter Uranus & Pluto in Virgo which Pluto trawled over for the last few years so maybe what I’m feeling is what my generation is feeling? Are any other Gen X’s feeling like they’ve reached a plateau and can survey the past and the future and know that this is the point at which they cease to touch and that you’re in the space in between? Or your own version of that?

      • Well that explains the grounded feeling + the firey energy of mars and vesta is kind of nice how that hums. Wow is this how earth signs feel all the time? It must be nice to feel so sure of yourself. I can totally see why some of them are so unmoving in their attitudes now – they’re just sure they’re right? How luxurious to be certain. Gemini ascendant and uranus conjunct libra sun seldom avails me of certainty.

    • Gen X yes. Plateau yes. Just not necessarily in the form which you’ve described whatevs – tho’ I’m happy for you that the path has been revealed and you obviously feel a sense of belonging to it. That’s one helluva good vibe when you’ve got it going on! :)

      With a Gem Asc too – as well as some other major bits and bobs going down (zap zones, neptune/jupiter/saturn blah) – my overwhelming sense currently is that of being totally lost. Not only that, but extreme irritation and a strange sort of recalcitrance toward co-operating with spirit in any form. The best analogy I can come up with is that character Cipher from the Matrix:

      “I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?”

      “You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.”

      “freedom? what freedom? all I do everyday is eat this goddamn goop and do what he tells me to do.”

      I guess I’m pretty damn resentful right now. :(

      • ‘Tighten your seat belt, Dorothy, Kansas was never like this?
        I adopted unthreaded cotton turtle necks (got my Rattie to
        eat some holes) in black & grey monochromes after viewing
        Matrix many many times. LOved the clothes.

        • “buckle up Dorothy coz Kansas is going bye bye” hehe ;)

          yeap not sure which I preferred – subterranean rat gnawed wear or “residual image” latex and leather. LOVED the movie.

          • Mm, Matrix was amazing! That quote, ‘freedom? what freedom? all I do everyday is eat this goddamn goop and do what he tells me to do’ is how I always feel about being in the GODDAMN moment, power of now space. Very Saturn.

            I definitely see you in latex and leather cooking chicken soup prowln. :)

            • Hey! I was born in Kansas. :sad: Kansas going bye-bye? Say it ain’t so. There is still the Wizard and sparkly red shoes to click for wishes and stuff…And, and, then the balloon ride.

              Okay, I ~never did~ see the movie in it’s entirety lol…

  23. Hey does anyone know what the transiting north node being conjunct pluto as well does? Anything? I don’t really get the north node as a transit. Seems a bit ephemeral.

    • yeh i would be interested to know that… i have north node transiting north node either right now or very soon… hope it dosnt mean im going to self implode with all my unachieved nn issues… then with pluto transiting nn too following on from nn… what does that mean… does the fact that im in a constant state of longing have anything to do with it?

  24. Also, this is something that I put up as my Facebook status a few days ago:

    “There’s something comforting in knowing that you can be your own Orpheus when the time comes to go into the underworld and there’s no one else around to pull you out.”

    Came up with that one right off of the dome.

  25. Pluto conjunct natal moon and Saturn, 6 deg & 4 deg respectively in Capricorn, 5th house. Real emotional challenges and growth. Felt totally lost when pisces said, oops we/he moved too fast. Decided the only way to anchor myself is to be true to me – to act in accord with my feelings, values and beliefs. Love the quote.

  26. I do think I’m qualified for entry. Pluto, Saturn, Venus and more recently the sun, have been on my imum coeli, opposing my tenth house.
    I have no way forward or back. The past is a bucket of ashes. Pluto hit my 4th house last October and my mum died followed by 5 others in the next few months. I then thought I’d found the answers via a new job and a new man on a tropical isle so threw everything away to move there, only to respond to texts of “how are you?” a few weeks ago with “do you know a good psychologist?”
    There should be pluto psychologists.
    Anyway, made it through the fire. Now to rebuild the house…
    I keep pulling the death card of the tarot! Pluto transits are tough as you have no idea what you’re riding towards. But you just keep riding…

    • ” Pluto transits are tough as you have no idea what you’re riding towards. But you just keep riding…”

      So true fishgirl.

    • Wow, the same card, fishgirl! You’re continually transforming alright! Can feel exhausting after some time though, right? It’s like, I’m glad all the transformations are happening, but really, a rest for just teeeeny bit, please?
      Keep riding girl! Hold on tight. :)

  27. Pluto’s scorch marks are on my ass AND my soul. lol Now where do I sign up??? Pluto currently quincunxing my Sun at 0 deg and trining my MC.

    So Uranus in Libra at 9 degrees is a cardinal in the Zap Zone and Mars in Aqua the same??? Never looked at these before as having anything to do with this. Mars is conjunct my asc right now – no wonder I feel like action woman. Uranus square Moon (although s) and less than sign (semi-square???) my Mars. Not sure what any of this means but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

    Love and believe in the Flannery quote. It does make it hard though deciding where to move because you know you can make things work anywhere.

    • Uranus in Libra = cardinal, but Mars in Aqua = fixed, not cardinal. So you can take that worry off your mind : ) (and soon you’ll have Neptune off your Mars, so you should get more energy)

  28. Since it’s rather plutonic and seems related –


    When in my darkness, no darker can be
    Like the deepest, coldest part of the sea
    Where no light shines, and I’m all alone
    Only my breath, my spirit and bones
    Can reassure me I’m still alive
    When I’m even free of the yearning to survive-

    -The peace of blackness-the cloak of fear
    Somehow it is a friend, like the release of tears
    When all my toils seem so in vain
    And my best intentions have only caused pain
    That cold,cold deep-
    Like a pre-death sleep
    Where I wait for a dragon
    Not knowing if it’s friend or enemy…

    I discover that despite mine- all I claim and control
    and messup
    That life is kind
    There’s no rewind
    But while there’s time
    To begin again
    From breath, spirit, bone alone-
    My will to be form and to dance, groan and sing

    From lead to gold
    Alchemy in the cold
    The myseries of my darkness and solitude I would never be without.

    * *

  29. Oh yeah, I feel like the poster child of the Pluto Zap Zone. Pluto is right on the angle of my IC, which is also where my Saturn is located. So it’s zapping all 4 angles of my chart. Just to make it more fun, I have Venus in the 7th right on the angle of the Desc. Oh, and there’s more, Saturn just passed over my Asc. and added to the bombardment of all the angles of my chart. Luckly, that phase is ending. I actually feel relieved only having to deal with Pluto!

  30. Zippy McZappersons all over my MC/IC and Asc, Jupiter, Saturn. Mmmm lovely, absolutely everything in my life right now needs to change at high speed but I feel stuck knowing where to start first, spread too thin.

    That Flannery quote resonates especially, I don’t technically live anywhere right now, all I have to feel grounded is my laptop and the links it gives me to my friends, routine, blogs, music etc. Sure as hell don’t feel ‘home’ in myself, that’s for sure.

  31. I have no idea where Pluto is in my chart, but the quote resonates pretty damn strongly with me. I could check my chart, but I am just a bit too damn tired today.
    Was yesterday a bit of a whopper for anyone else?
    I put my car into be service on Monday, it was just a once-a-year checck up. Nothing was rattling, squeaking or behaving badly. I got a series of phone calls yesterday where the price went up each time. My bill is now 4.5 times the orignal quoted price (which amounts to 3 times my rent… which is due next week, btw). I am meant to be going off on a girls weekend to Sydney, visiting a friend. I have no idicated that we will be having a lovely time with homemade sandwiches and playing firsbee in the park, instead of going to the theatre. I am not even sure how I am going affprd food for the next 3 weeks.
    One thing is for cetain… I am not going back to that mechanics. Ever, ever again.
    I have been volunteering at a place that I really wanted to get full time work at. I realised yesterday that the work (and office) is quite dry and stifling. Need to rethink that one. So dissappointing.
    Then, I had a doctors appointment that turned into series of blood tests and a *huzzah* botched pap smear. Good. Times.
    Thriough out the doctors appointment I recieved a variety of phonecalls from two friend _I_ had organised to go to the movies with and then promptly FORGOT ABOUT. My dad was dropping off some food cos of the whole car things (bless him… he is a fuqing star) and promptly told me to take his car.
    Then I watch Harry Potter… and it is not a relaxing film in any sense of the word.
    I had a worst anxiety dreams last night. There was a photography group project and we had half an hour to hand in something we didn’t have.

  32. Pluto squares natal Pluto + Saturn square Saturn.. Phew!
    Found this:
    “around the age of 35, something else happens, called the Pluto Square ..this one comes with a major evolutionary shift — it’s often a time of getting a lot of personal work done, or a time of intense personal crisis. To say the least, it’s a time of awakening, and of cleaning up what’s left from the growth work of the Saturn return”.

    So just when you think you are out of your Saturn Return – bam!

    • I feel your pain, Andromeda. Just got through my Saturn square, and am still in my Pluto. Am questioning everything: who I am, what I’m doing, where I’ve been, and especially where the hell I’m going. So ready for change.

      The icing on the cake is when I google these transits I keep seeing “Mid-Life” everywhere. Gee thanks, that really helps me feel better… ;)

      • Haha, yes fellow mid-lifer – you will live to 100 or so, can’t really believe the ‘mid-life’ tag imho.

        That Pluto Saturn Square is a poignant little pain in the arse if you ask me… I have a lot of fixed and cardinal in my chart too, so I find it hard to release and move on gracefully. More like an earthquake!

    • Boo, feel better, TLE. My Venus is cancer is at boiling point atm.. But I am dealing with it as best I can. xx.

  33. Does a terminal transit count – Pluto conj Asc?

    Wisest words ever heard from an old Plutonic man to me when I was younger and suffering rather than living it – Colours ya mind dont it…

  34. Is VIP seating available if you have more then 3 planets getting hammered?

    Actually make that a bed in Pluto ER Ward! STAT!

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