Pluto On My Mind

Angelique Houtkamp

Hey I put in the Daily Mystic email that Pluto was going direct this Friday, when i meant to say Jupiter.

Sorry about that!

I have Pluto on my mind.

Thank you for your patience whilst i was not feeling well…Plus i got up, prepped to get back into it again this morning and my keyboard was not working properly…Not being able to type O and L really messes with one’s writing.


Uranus is in slo-mo, direct soon and THAT often operates like a mega-mental Mercury Retrograde, with lots of strange synchronicity amidst the techie screw-ups.

So thank you ALSO for patience as i work my way through a massive in-box of emails.

Also of note: this Full Moon now looming is a bit of a bitch-moon, with a slight Plutonic sting to it. I will be going on about it more soon and at length in the Daily Mystic but in short: already difficult/psycho etc peeps go off-planet bats and it can be a bit trying.

More soon!

35 thoughts on “Pluto On My Mind

  1. Hi Mystic, hope you’re going to take it easy. Hope you are getting better :-) I am not really looking forward to that new moon even if it is in taurus… Thanks for highlighting the slo-mo uranus- this explains a few things…

    Just wondering what others thought about the guy from immigration department trying to find the girl while venus is still retro. Unless, as Mystic said, he is cancer/pisces and they of late have an exception? I hope he finds her!! Maybe Jupiter means he will have luck on his side :-)

  2. I thought of Venus retro too when I read that! I don’t know, I think I would find it a bit too desperate. Surely there was another way of tracking her – asking fellow party guests etc.
    Yay, MM is back!

  3. Oh christ! My daugher has an early 12th birthday party this weekend. Her actual birthday isn’t until 5 December but it’s difficult to get many come once school holidays have started hence the bringing it foward.

    Two weeks ago there was a massive fight between two girlfriends of hers (over her I suspect, her BFF has changed) and even mothers became involved. I refused point blank to be any part of of the mothers’ shit and figured the girls would all soon be friends again anyway – which they are.

    However! This means the whole crowd will be under my roof with tensions still simmering. AAAAaaarrrgh! I think I’ll have plenty of wine handy and an eagle eye happening the whole afternoon!

  4. Glad to see you’re keeping your sense of humour despite ill health and technical trials.

    LUCKY ME INDEED. Love that image today. Don’t know what was happening in the astro but you know that massive national mega award I was hoping to win last year when having a Jupiter transit, but missed out…?? Well, not this time. WON IT, Sunday Night. Am in blissful self-loving afterglow!! Woo Hoo.

    Great to see you back on line too – icing on the cake… xx

  5. Full Moon now looming is a bit of a bitch-moon – gemini moon looming, bitchy ha, just for something different from gem, not

  6. Yes, in Taurus & i have a spa-sauna booked
    with Blis. The spa room is built out onto the garden
    with glass all around to view out & half ceiling is glass.
    Thought it would be perfect time & there is no bitchiness
    with her but shall be a titch reserved & not give her ALL
    my secrets, ideas, plans & work feedback as i tend to do, as
    Jupiter so wants to share knowledge.
    Thanx for advice on that one, you voiced my intuition, Mystical One.

  7. how come Toro moon is bitchy? I would see it as a fecund luscious food-laden night of laying about, good times etc. With, of course, the usual heightened emo and full-moony zing [ahahah, i just wrote fool-moony, I had better tread carefully then!].

    • Tis not bitchy! Anon above was intimating the full moon was in Gem and tres bitchy. your vision of Toro full moonery is right – earthy sensual venusian activities flourish ;-)

  8. Welcome back Mystic. Hope you are all better. The current astro sounds too good to be holed up feeling crook!

    Speaking of keyboards, my mum and I rescued a kitten off the street that was severely malnourished and completely scabbed over from flea bites.

    Our darling new kitten is now a picture of robust, feline health. The supreme boss of the house (a leo!) and has re-payed us by destroying anything leather, smashing all xmas baubles within reach and my personal favourite..ripping the ‘r’ key off of my keyboard.

    Why not ‘z’?? Who uses ‘z’?!

    • Funny my cat took ‘a’ and ‘h’ . but that was the computer that retired itself and its memory during the zap zone.

      They are very all about me cats but are very hard to say no to!