Our Neptune Case Study

I love this color, the flowers and all.

Even though i have come to loathe her Umbrella song (like Lady Gaga music, i think it is synaptically engineered to infuse itself in between the neurons of the mind or something) i kind of like Rihanna.

As she is so in the public eye, she will be a brilliant Neptunian Case Study.

Next year, Neptune gets into Pisces (the sign it rules) and will hover in the first degrees of Pisces for a few years. (Note the AstroScape 2011 has info re Neptune and your sign in 2011)

That’s where you will experience Neptunian weirding (haute Neptune = spirituality, higher consciousness, amazing art, soulmating etc – low Neptune qi can manifest as drugs and delusion) in 2011 and 2012.

Rihanna’s Sun is 1 degree Pisces so she will be highly Neptune-enhanced.  How will she channel it?  How will YOU channel this glam ghost of an outer planet vibe? And where do you have early Pisces?

59 thoughts on “Our Neptune Case Study

  1. T’will be in last degrees of my third house, thankfully not hitting Jupe/Chiron Conjunction at 5-6 degrees Pisces exactly opposite Uranus on MC in first degrees of my fourth house for a little while….

    And boy, if I ever needed Neptunian genius in last degrees of third, to help me write the stuff that will cement my career, it will be next year. Having already had Neptune cross my natal Saturn in Aqua, and oppose my Leo 22 degrees 9th house Mars while writing my thesis, am praying that I channel pure Haute Neptunian written brilliance into my academic writing for all of next year….instead of the rank fear of not writing well enough /mental confusion that has dogged me in the last year or so, when I should have been out there adapting and publishing parts of my thesis so I can get that full-time job….

    • Hi, Fi, it’s me again . . . not trying to stalk you, but there you are again with the same astro as me. Neptune about to go traipsing through the last few degrees of the 3rd, and, for me, crossing into the 4th house when it gets to 1degree Pisces. I don’t even try to predict the outcome of Neptune transits. For fun I could always say, “Oh, Neptune in Pisces, bring me my fantasy house . . . .” but more likely is the dissolution of the family as I’ve previously known it. Where will my mother be, now that she’s a widow. . . and where will my son be, now that he will begin looking at colleges. But how awful was that Neptune crossing the Saturn, Fi?? I had that at 17 degrees. A time I’d much rather forget. I think you’re definitely going to be channeling the Haute Neptune. Your writing is absolutely inspiring AND inspired.

      • Shucks, thanks, inchy; needed the confidence boost! How weird is this astro synch thing we have??? Honorary sisters or something! Neptune on Saturn….was seriously depressed, as I recall – Saturn in the house of the thoughts does tend to lend itself to that, without any help from Neptune, does it not!!

        Man, as for Neptune crossing my Jupe/Chiron conjunction in the fourth (exactly opposite my stationary Uranus on my Virgo MC), in a few years, I shudder to think. One might think it couldn’t be any worse than Uranus crossing these in the fourth in opposition to natal Uranus, Pluto, Ceres, Vesta and Juno (now THAT has been a trip!!!) but my guts tell me that this may be when I lose my mother, who is now in her early 80’s. Telling her how much I love her as often as I can lately….

    • I have the first degrees of Pisces in the last bit of the 3rd house (Aquarius.) This is going to be my first major Neptune transit, with Neptune already conjunct my Moon in 27 Aquarius and Saturn in 28 Aquarius.

      I have actually had another major Neptune transit back when I was ten years old. Neptune was conjunct my Ascendant in 5 Sagitta and my Mercury in 6 Sagitta. I am not perfectly sure how it affected me, but I believe it was around this time that I realized my mother was a liar, and that despite all the overwhelming cultural voices that assured children about their mother’s love, she did not love me; in fact, she was out to hurt me as much as she could. It is interesting that the transit involved an understanding of lying (Mercury) and being unloved, a blow to the self (Ascendant.)

      A sad concept for anyone to grasp, especially a ten-year-old. So I wonder what this Neptune transit holds in store for me. Since it is involves the 3rd house, I hope I will end up getting my degree (my third– I already have degrees in business and literature) in psychology.

      • A natal Saturn/Moon conjunction can indeed indicate a “heavy” and “burdensome” mother situation. The Neptune transit to the Ascendant at that early age, as you have described it also represents a dissolving of the illusions about the connection between your mother and your self.

        But how are you feeling now? Neptune about to go over your Moon/Saturn conjunction sounds like a time of some serious soul-searching . . . perfect, I guess for completing a psychology degree. But hopefully you’re integrating some spiritual pursuits at the same time.

        • Out of curiosity, where is your Nessus located? Nessus usually indicating a poisonous element, what I call the “frienenemy” centaur.

          I, too, have a Saturn/Moon aspect, along with a Saturn square to my Mercury, so very sober thinking along with Saturnian Mother issues. But the kicker came this spring when I finally saw my mother’s Nessus conjunct the SAME degree of my Moon!

          Total clarity. Gave me shivers.

          • This is really interesting. I just looked up my Nessus. Surprise! It is exactly opposite my Ascendant: it’s in 4 Gemini opposite my Ascendant which is 5 Sagitta.

            Then I looked up my mother’s chart, and also did a synastry chart for the two of us. She has Nessus in 24 Aries, her 6th house. Here’s where it gets really weird: Her Nessus makes a sextile (2 degrees) to my moon (!–no other aspects!) and my Nessus trines (4 degrees) her moon (!!) What’s all this? I thought sextiles and trines meant a good relationship!

            Another odd thing: I am Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Sagittarius Ascendant. She was (died 16 years ago) Scorpio ascendant, Leo sun, Aquarius moon. She had her Saturn and Moon conjunct in the 3rd house, just like me. Why did things go so badly? With all the stars aligned like this, how could she hate me?

            Anyway– weathergirl, if Nessus is a poisonous element, why do you call it the “frienemy” centaur? Is it because it is an enemy who puts on the mask of a friend?

        • How am I feeling? Quite distracted! –And “flooded” with all the insights from examining my chart.

          I have a small pile of “psych” books by my bed—“The Art of Choosing,” by Sheena Iyengar, “Drive: the Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us” by Daniel Pink, “Where Good Ideas Come From,” by Steven Johnson . . . that keeps me immersed as well.

          I think psychology IS a spiritual pursuit—Jung is an example of someone who was both spiritual and a psychologist. I love looking for archetypes in literature and mythology.

          • Sorry for jumping in here, but I wanted to echo the asteroid comment. I just looked up Chaos and found it is opposite my natal mercury, and someone else I know has it conjunct my moon.
            Clarity + shivers, indeed.
            BTW, Mystic, I really love all the related posts that are linkable under the present posts, I LOVE to dive in and swim ! thx

      • oh dear Sagitta, that’s a hell of a thing for a ten year old to realise. But Neptune conj Asc must be one of the more dramatic of neptune transits?
        Maybe once it gets off your Moon/Saturn, you may be a bit home free to wrap up any 3rd house issues that it has brought up?

        • Here’s the thing: it was a painful transit–having Neptune conjunct my Ascendant– and having to learn the truth about the relationship between my mother and me. But it was also liberating– I finally realized I didn’t have to keep trying to please her. It was not going to work–period. So I could quit and just be myself.

          Which is why I am kind of dreading this Neptune transit and yet- I still have faith that it will turn out ok.

  2. Thank god for community radio, I have no idea who this chick is.

    I have my vertex at 2 Pisces. And my sun at 1 Gemini. Maybe all that is solid will melt into air? Or water? Or jelly?
    Like you Fi I am terrified I’ll spend the last year of my phd writing complete mush (also sq my merc, both in 10th), and basically come across as some airy fairy waffling thing to the serious grounded businessmen I want to impress. sigh.

    • Shell, believe me, you won’t write mush. There is something about the eye of the fuqing storm that trumps even Neptune in 3rd opposite Mars in 9th – as it was for me when the business end of my thesis writing happened.

      I know you will nail it, girl. Sounds like our theses are totally different – but still, I’ve worked in quAL/quant for businessmen, and I can tell you that it was mushy businessmen losing a boutique strategy/research company that could have been good that led my back to a PhD. DONT DOUBT YOURSELF BABY!!!! JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE NECESSARY OUTPUT.

      You will be cool, darls; it is so obvious from all that has gone before that I have read on this site and your native intelligence that you are ON THE MONEY HONEY. We both are. We just need to manifest it. I am waiting to hear on contract issues (re teaching, given that this is where I am at mo) as I write….

      Now teaching year has finished I will be checkin in regularly to check you are ok, possum…..Shell, we will be ok, ok? It would be totally crap if we had gone through all these sacrifices for nothing, so I refuse to believe that this will happen, darl. I refuse to believe this in spite of my total fear spasm as regards getting published at the moment. I say again, I refuse to believe this, on your behalf, too xxxx.

      • You’re a sweetie Fi, and yes right of course.
        These things get done one way or the other don’t they?
        And of course every writer has moments of wanting to bash their head against the computer screen and yell ‘work brain damnit’!
        Thinking about it has inspired me a little to plot timelines a bit more specifically though, to try and work around real moments of vaguery (vaguary? can’t spell that word, funny), or times when I might be inclined to use ‘neptune transit’ as an excuse for being lazy. I get jupiter in my 9th/10th loaded taurus in there somewhere, which will be a boon.

        Good luck with your publications. The whole writing papers from thesis thing is a bitch I know, still not managed to finish something from my Masters. Really I think it is about being over the subject matter and having it so ingrained in your head you’ve forgotten whats interesting about it, rather than any planets. Good luck with the university bureacracy too, god way more frustrating than any bloody transit….

        • So true about being bloody over the subject matter you’ve written a 100,000 thesis on….and equally true about having forgotten what’s new/special about your angle. That makes me feel better, shell!

          But so right about uni bureaucracy – even worse is the fact that most jobs are contract, not permanent, and these days, very few Lecturer A (as in bottom rung jobs), but you have to have lecturing experience to get Lecturer B (better paid jobs). Happily, I just found out today i got a gig lecturing my favourite course for summer school at the uni I’ve been tutoring literally hundreds of students for over the past year….lecturing job will at least give me the lecturing experience I will need, on top of the bloody publications, to get the full-time job in the end….and resolves a few money worries given imminent end of current teaching contract. Big sigh of relief…

          • Great news on the teaching, I hope it’s the first step to something more solid. Am very familiar with the hoops they’ve got going this days, I am glad I saw enough of it to realize it’s not for me.
            Write those papers girl! ( mutual cheer squad)

  3. I have Pisces rising at 5degrees and neptune on MC in Sag, so either I will be living as a spiritually inspired travelling gypsy teacher of sorts or snorting lines off the sweaty backs of a tribe of teenage tramp “ravers” on the gold coast, blogging to the world about our answers for everything. …or maybe write some music as catchy as Rihanna’s. I do love that track RUDE BOY.

    Was in a bar in Newtown, Sydney and 2 young chix with waycool rockout lesbian haircuts were deliberating over the jukebox for ages, punching into the keyboard but no music. Til one of them finally asks me, excuse me, how do you spell Rihanna?

    Is that a Neptunian curse. I’m fairly neptunian and have changed my last name to a dead easy spelt name but am asked to spell it every time I give it. It makes me wanna say- there’s nothing mysterious about it, just try!!!!

    • Wow, now my naming troubles suddenly make sense. I have a slightly unusual– just a tiny bit off-roady first name and last name. People just don’t get it– and I, like you, have tried using my middle name instead, or using a very common nickname– and people still end up calling me by some bizarre version of the middle name/nickname. Maybe it is the Neptunian curse.

      I am actually Scorpio sun, Sagitta rising, Aqua moon–but feel mostly Pisces. I have my Sun and Neptune conjunct 3 degrees in the 12th house, which might explain why.

      Pisces is at the “root” of my chart, on the cusp of the 4th house, and it has Chiron in it.

  4. Oh bring on the Haute Neptune.

    Early pisces is in my 11th House which seems to fit great for next year. I have many projects that I have seeded recently that will sprout next year, and most of them require involvment of others, some of which are showing interest now. I am very excited about this astro as it seems to point toward what I was feeling and hoping for next year anyway after being a hermit on projects (and life) for so long.

    SO Haute all the way, as I have enough drugs alcohol delusion from previous decades to keep me coping for a while.

  5. That’s it! (chucking a tantrum of half fear half excitement)

    I have a myriad of planets in Pisces though most are in mid and late degrees, and I have Mercury in Aries.

    I’m teaching at an exclusive girls school next year and I need to be on the ball and to be able to speak properly.

    I think it’s time I got a chart done again for next year.

  6. I have my sun at 2 degrees Pisces in the 5th house. How long will I have to wait for my Neptunian weirding I wonder.

  7. Huh…don’t know what effect will emerge, but I have Part of Fortune in the 5th at 0Pisces30… Am blanking out on that at the mo….

  8. I’m very nervous at the prospect of Neptune moving into Pisces. I have Mercury at 0 degrees Virgo (10th house) exactly square Neptune at 0 degrees Sag (12th) and Saturn at 4 degrees Gemini (6th). So I’ll be having a hum-digger of a mid-life crisis by the looks of things! Removing myself from society for 3 years may be my only option!

    My last Neptune transit (Neptune conj IC & Mars in Aquarius) resulted in me falling delusionally in love with Mr Ex-alcoholic Emotional Abuser who I met at a music festival, moving 2 hours away to live in a tiny village with him and his children, and putting up with his angry, psycho ex-wife who lived 5 minutes away! Thank goodness my Pluto square Pluto-Moon came along after 11 months of that and ripped my rose-coloured glasses off quick smart!! I was out of there in a matter of weeks and left wondering whether someone had been slipping drugs into my drinks for the last year!

    Mercury rules my 7th and 11th houses and Neptune rules my 5th so I’m hoping this time around I meet a lovely soul mate and not a psycho!

    • JodeMaree, Neptune transits are not as difficult for you as for others, because you are a walking Neptune transit. Merc sq. Neptune natally (and at 0 degrees, gives it extra power) makes you a tres Neptunian person. This aspect can alternately be interpreted as you being easily swayed by the influence of others as well as you being seen as the one emitting the siren’s song, luring others into your fantasies. Neptune hitting those sensitive degrees (in 10th and 12th houses) should bring interesting Neptune themes indeed for you, wow. You may already be aware of the source of the Neptune transit, as Neptune turned direct a few weeks ago and is on its way to your Neptune-influenced chart.

    • Oh, and I realize that was unsolicited analysis on my part, JodeMaree. Forgive me if it was unwanted. If I crossed any lines, it was unintentional.

      • That’s OK Inch, no lines crossed! I am quite Neptunian, having Neptune trining my Sun in Leo in the 9th, as well as Neptune sq Merc. What keeps me grounded (at least some of the time!) is Saturn in Gemini in the 6th. It opposes Neptune and creates a T-square with Mercury in the 10th at the apex. Saturn also sextiles my Sun. So I tend to swing from Saturn-Merc – totally focused, disciplined and realistic – to Neptune-Merc – totally vague and off with the pixies! I struggle to find a middle ground there.

        To be honest, that Neptune transit to my IC & Mars was one of the most difficult transits I’ve experienced. I was very lost, felt basically invisible for 3 years and had no motivation, direction or energy. So I’m quite nervous about the upcoming one. I’m pretty sure it will bring changes to career (I’m feeling drawn to doing some more creative) and possibly my home life but no idea past that. It’ll be a bit of a surprise package no doubt!

  9. Early Pisces will hit my 4th. Am going for Haute Neptune! :)

    That way it’ll lay a good foundation by the time Neptune hits on moon at 9 degrees. Boy, I hope that one’s NOT gonna be a doozy! I hardly ever drink anyway, so that’ll help stave off the lower Neptune.

  10. Gawd, am already suffering from intense dreams..my chart ruler Neptune hitting early Pisces in 12th house will possibly dangle me between hallucination and sleep-coma.

  11. Early Pisces in the 12th house… With Persephone rx at 0 Pisces and Hekate rx at 1 Pisces, trine my Moon and Jupiter in Cancer… Hmmm. 1) After the man of my dreams steals me away… and I emerge it from it shaken but wiser, I begin to peddle bewitching wisdom and/or love potions? Or 2) After a spell of drinking and living it up (or weeping) in the underworld, I reach a crossroads, with clearer dreams… or more delusions?

    I opt for a mix of the two scenarios, as I am 3 months into a Hades-Persephone relationship (after a heartbreaking marriage to an emotionally abusive man) with a man from the other side of the country. When we see each other, I lose all sense of time or place. I don’t know my own bed anymore, spending it either in his city or in the countryside where his parents own a pub, attached to their labyrinthine 9-bedroom house. After staying in bed until 2 pm, we go downstairs for breakfast or a walk, and return to stay in the pub laughing and chatting and drinking among the local bohemians until dawn.

    A really lovely time, for sure, but when I return to my city, I always feel like I’ve just emerged from the underworld, and it takes me days to return to a reasonable schedule, catch up with friends and get my work back in order (I am a PhD student). I start to question why I am in this relationship, because the last time I got this deep, I married the man (see abusive marriage). So I fluctuate between desire and ambivalence, heady emotion and frustration.

    ANYWAYS. Pandora rx at 6 Pisces…So–???

  12. Ew, Just went back a few years on my chart transits to see when Neptune hit my natal Saturn in my 7th house. It was just exactly as Saturn entered Virgo (my Sun sign) and Pluto had been lurking in my 5th. Talk about soul mate madness and delusion! What a horrible and destructive transit that was. Like a tsunami in slow motion that scraped up my life and tossed it in the palm trees these 3 years later.

    Could it have been different? Not sure. I didn’t follow astrology then, but I grasped that what was happening to me was way bigger than me (see tsunami reference) so I began to teach myself about astrology to try to figure it out. But it’s taken a while, so I only just clocked back my transits to fully compute that perfect storm in my chart. I knew a lot of it was Saturn, but did not fully comprehend the huge Neptune influence. Ugh. Neptune will be in 7th for several more years! Then 8th! Does it get better??? Are there gifts to go with the madness?

  13. Using Koch system, Pisces is entirely inside my 3rd. Glory be. I’ve been thinking about this on and off for months. Then forgot about it entirely until MM’s entry here.

    Will have to apply super-Saturn Girl powers to all personal relationships vis a vis what comes out of my mouth (bigmouth Sag rising, yes!). But I hope it portends fabulous hidden creativity gushing forth for projects, projects, projects!!! Would kiss the stars to see that part of my brain finally blooming.

  14. My descendant is 1 degree Pisces. I guess I should anticipate attracting more Neptunian types into my life… Do I really need more Neptunian types in my life?

    • I missed watching you the IF awards last night!!! Grrrr 8O

      Although I would have had to guess which one you were unless your name is really Lexicorn… teehehehe

      *cheers for Lexi*

      • Oh, that’s so sweet, but honestly, blink and you woulda missed it. They chopped all the content out of my speech, so they just aired the shocked brain-blank at the beginning and then the awkward ‘umm how do I wrap this up’ moment at the end of the speech. Confident, poignant and poised words about young queers having an alternative vision of gay and lesbian life from the mean-spirited misinformed crap our politicos sometimes say about us and comments about homophobia in the entertainment industry all ended up on the cutting room floor.
        Oh well. We drank a lot in honour of it!
        And the award for best editing of queer political commentary in an awards ceremony goes to…. The SBS broadcast team. yyyaaaaaayyyy.

        • Really – that is really unimpressive – not happy SBS I would rather decide for myself thanks. Thought they knew better.

          • I think it was more to do with time constraints than anything else… how else would they find time for 20 minutes of inane red carpet commentary?? And I did kinda waffle on… Oh well – I still got my statuette!!

        • Darn Lexi, I missed it too, I was hoping to see you have your moment in the sun. Sorry to hear it ended up so brutalised – if it gets youtubed do direct us to the link?! Congrats Mercurial Man – bet the speech was elegant, gracious and well presented. I can imagine you with pale skin and grey eyes wearing a fantastic grey suit and a top hat. Dunno why! You are probably tan and hunky for all I know!

          • Think pale girly Jesus look-alike with immaculately groomed eyebrows and you are somewhere on track… :-)
            Apparently it is rebroadcast on Foxtel over the weekend, but blah blah, my colleague is making vague attempt to get a copy of the full speech for us to use for PR yada yada, but I think we will give up before long…

    • I went looking for when that was for me (neptune on desc) after finding something I’d written about someone how very briefly entered my life but was very significant at the time (and of course who I had forgotten about) turned out it was within the week of Neptune conj. The next few years of my life actually involved me shedding a lot of the neptunian stuff/people I had going on, (kinda, slowly, in an early 20’s way). Of course as I’ve gotten older I’ve replaced it with much more sophisticated/convoluted means of deluding myself, but anyway.
      I did also discover much to my horror though that for a number of years prior to Neptune conj asc I had Saturn, Pluto and Uranus all doing mean things to me. No wonder my early 20s were such a complete goddamn mess. Compared to all that the Neptune stuff don’t seem so bad.
      In some ways I really wish I had gotten the message way back then that it seemed I thought I had fleetingly gotten when that random person turned up. Would have changed the future thats for sure.
      Keep your eyes open for inspiration from the blue Lexi.

  15. Rihanna has got such a big voice! I haven’t listened to a great deal of her music but I recently heard her song with Eminem & I love her in this, so raw & so personal for her after dv incidents with Chris Brown!
    I think she’ll swim this Neptune transit & do some good work, but I don’t enough about her to know what.

    I have early degrees of Pisces in 12th house however I have the last few degrees of Aqua in the 12th also. I hope I can channel this Neptune transit into something good. 8O

    Here’s her vid with Eminem

  16. Oh and SO TRUE about the neuro-scrambling music. Completely not a fan of the genre but I swear, her goddamn ‘make me feel like i’m the only girl in the world’ song has been wedged in the corner of my consciousness for weeks, to the point I have considered a lobotomy or just thumping my self with blunt objects.

  17. Rhianna seems sweet enough, the music is a bit uninteresting to me.. Funny how we laud the music of our youth as the real stuff and can’t bear the modern sound, I guess it’s normal enough.

    Haven’t anything in early Pisces myself. I can imagine Rhianna deciding that she will take more control of her life at some stage. She still seems a little like a puppet for the team that manage her music/look etc.

    Maybe she will even start wearing pants to accompany her jackets… :o

  18. i’ve got it in my rising sign– i’m 29 degrees aquarius, so i also consider myself a pisces rising, too– particularly b/c i look really young for my age, i’ve got a soft face, a soft voice, all that stuff. hopefully the haute neptune will kick in– i do hate drugs so that shouldn’t be an issue, but just gotta pray delusions don’t get me =p

  19. Yesh. Neptune will…. trine my sun, opposition my moon, trine my pluto, sextile my neptune next year. NO WAY drugs, but I might go mad beacause Pluto will oppose mars, sextile ascendant and will be opposed by jupiter.

    How to channel it? I am thinking of hybernating and going deep into dream analysis. I see no other way out.

    • the good thing is I am also going to have a multitude of Jupiter and Saturn (positive) aspects. So if all goes well a major breakthrough.