Mars: So Back

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Mikael Jansson

You might want to straighten your posture and wipe those crisp crumbs off your gob.

Macho Mars is back. SO back.

Between now and mid-December, Mars – the planet of dare-devilry, ambition, lust, assertion, war and (on a good day) defending the weak + lover of Venus  is going to be squaring Uranus and Jupiter before conjoining Pluto. Nice work. That is a lot of catalyst right there.

Oh and there will be sextiles to Neptune and Venus in this time.

Lots of sped-up scenarios in the next few weeks, for sure.

It is going to be a huge focus of my Scopes & Daily Mystic email because Mars vibes – when worked right – are amazing.

Thwarted? Yick. Like fuqing around with a Ferrari at high speed. You need to calibrate things right if you want to get your Mars on.

49 thoughts on “Mars: So Back

  1. YEAH! Sooo love that pick – its FULL on ENERGY! Shall send it to my rev-head friends!

    So.. umm Mystic – is it ok to book a (subtle) fake tan and facial (not necessarily in that order) for this weekend?

    And its not a good idea to say to someone – I WANT & DESERVE a relationship or on your bike bucko – this weekend .. is it?

    Viva le (la?) Revolution! xoxo

  2. Sounds like we could get a bit carried away here after being ventro venusafied.

    mmm timely warning *think before moving/speaking/waving/smiling….think alot* remember all the work we have just done!!

    This sounds like the kind of energy that is not good for my dominant impulsive side, but look forward to having some sense of life force back, will be calibrating as much as possible – got it!

    • True True Hippy – love your pic too!

      Yes – I’ve never had a spray on tan – always opting for the ‘natural bake’ approach but am developing pigmentations on my face due to my swimming / sunbaking childhood – so thought I’d go for the spray stuff – as subtle as possible (if it is possible???)

      Shall vibe the energy on the day – if the day comes with the VERY MARS ONE when he comes round. *serene smile*

    • translation *ventro = retro* sorry stuffing my face with lunch.

      at least my mulitasking abilities are starting to come back.

      Sounds like you are clued in on the tan thing blue, just don’t let them talk you into anything (even if they are a hot dude). Enjoy your self spoiling day, I hope you have some rocking swimmers to go with that tan :)

      I use alot of oils for my pigmentations – rose hip is really good, just need patience.

  3. Ooo this will conjunct my 21 degree Neptune & 22 degree MC in Sagg at some point…

    Btw I have driven a Ferrari & they’re frighteningly powerful… 8O

      • :lol:

        No need to be jealous Sweet P, as it is exactly like a buckin’ bronco!! I can’t understand why anyone would buy one unless it was for driving on a track… Such a waste of power to drive around on the roads. 8O

  4. And yes, this is what my Aries Moon needs to hear.

    Actually this week’s been a little surprising (early Venusian gifts?). Received lovely complimentary note from photographer whose book I reviewed on my blog. Photographer’s stuff has been in NYT and TIME online recently. NICE.

    Heading out to autism conference this weekend. My first and I’m a speaker! Need to get over the queasies, but I’m putting that down to the skitzy astro right now. And the fact I spent 3.5 hours at the printer’s today replacing and resizing every illustration in the handbook that’s about to come out. Grrr.

    Sigh. Mars, yes. Check. Light my fire, dude.

  5. Okay. It’s me speaking over here in the nunnery (see Venus retro post…), so this would be Mars in my 5th house and Uranus and Jupiter in 8th. Barring romance and sex, which seems so impossible at the moment…what are the other scenarios?

    I do have children…but this doesn’t seem like a fun vibe for parenting. In fact, I’d rather not dwell on Mars and teens mixed together with squares all over the place.

    What else??? I have felt creative, but no follow through energy, have gotten off track and sluggish with actual writing and “work.”

    Exercising, yes. Kid-raising-with-fairly-good-attitude, yes. But, forward motion on important projects, not so much. Thank goodness I made appointments a while back that I can’t get out of, or I’d be at a dead stand-still in the career department.

    • Dunno if it helps but Silliness is key factor for keeping my Aries self happy.

      Teenagers have a pretty good sense of the absurd.
      Make some stupid jokes?
      Take them somewhere? Mini-putting? Water park?

  6. *sets sights on finishing line, engage turbo charge, press pedal to metal – blast off*

    ps after all that buildup re Abu Dhabi GP how disappointing!! spectacular track tho – they have a valet for the super yachts berthed trackside – how was the illumiated swimming pools & heli pads on board? although late, & whilst disappointing – we stuck it out. The car cam giving driver POV made it seem like a video game!!

  7. So just over the scorp action of past 2 weeks and along comes aries right on end of term. Great. Shall hibernate in my room me thinks, switch off internet to the kids and pray to the goddess of parentling to give me strength.

    • dear goddess of parenting
      i’ve tried to be nice I’ve tried too hard
      i’ve tried all the tricks
      Nothing has worked and now it is dark

      • I am praying with you

        I am tired too, the end of the year, the kids are really tired and rather hard to talk to.

        It will get better, get some rest. I barely stay up past kid bedtime now days, it makes me feel pathetic but I am too wiped.

        • Maybe Mars will help?

          Aries- silliness and child-like perspective?

          Mars in’t all about tough guy…..But it might give you a helpful energy recharge..

  8. mars aint so smart
    but knows how to have
    a good time
    ,I guess…
    and who doesn’t
    love venus but
    does she love
    you back is the
    question and the
    answer is not
    really.. but what
    a tease!

  9. Pisces Sun/rising, Libra Moon co-worker….Mars in Aries….said to me today, that she’d done an hour and a half at the gym this a.m. She wanted to do Zumba after work. Meanwhile she’d done five full bodies in a row. She said “no way man am I going to do a Zumba class now!”

    Guess even Mars has it’s limits. I did 50 minutes on the treadmill, sauna, then 5 hours massage.

    Mars trine my Sun right now. Yeah, we kickin’ ass. ;)

  10. I now have a DJ gig for NYE (at a venue that isn’t that rad… but I have the prime slot… and you have to start somewhere).

    I went to the gym this morning, I have been working my little ass off, sending some terse emails to people holding me back on the work front.

    New surf rock music from RUSSIA:D

    Trying not to have a small fit at my housemate… not over anything big… she is just rubbing me up the wrong way today.

    Going to an Arian’s house to warm it tonight. Sleep, yoga, straight to work, bra party, sleep, early work for the next 2 day and then a chilled Sunday.

    No time for breath… LET’S ROCK AND ROLL PEOPLE!!!

    • Unless yr 5th house is about 1 degree then not possible Victoria – Mars doesn’t move that fast! Check yr ephemeris or keep an eye on (Mystic has link with planet moves on lower left side).

  11. I see, this explains why I SO wanted to take out the vulgar mole who sat behind me on the bus eating her rancid food and licking her grubby fingers so loud I could hear her jaundiced tongue dragging across her oily skin and when she used the same gross licked fingers and hands to rub all over the pole etc while she was hanging on as the bus was slowing down to let her off I REALLY wanted to take her out. It’s like that pole’s been in her mouth now.

      • Effective diet plan, tho’. Completely sick at the thought of other people’s eating habits. I could keep this image in mind and completely lose interest in lunch.

        Congrats, whatevs! Taurus rules my sixth: will work for food and not much puts me off that game, but your mole just did it.

      • nup. can’t. this venus/jupiter/neptune retro phase dun me in and I’m deaded! Deaded I say. Wot a load of poxy nonsense has this last three – four months been. I mean what was the POINT in all the effing backtracking I ask???? Felt like being back at school again where I was miles ahead and then because some dullwit wasn’t “getting it” had to revise, revise, revisit, revise on their behalf! … grumble

    • YAY! So glad you’re back in tip top mind shape. But what are the names for? You have something in scorpio or taurus? You have a shitlist?

      • Hehe….
        I dunno? I have Saturn in my eighth right now…does that count?

        I think its just an American saying- Prolly from a western movie….

        I should have a shit list. With examples. That might help my Pisces moon remember who to stay away from…lol…I could keep it on my fridge for those moments of moony sentimental wanderings down memory lane….


  12. So the Aqua, Gem Moon, Mars in Aries office mgr. just could not help but assert herself today as trans. Sagg Mars trine her Aries Mars (on) and my Sun.

    She tried to do a little controlling spiel about the schedule and all in all, she said something to the effect of if a husband and wife come in for an appointment for example and they are not done at the same time (alluding to the fact that it takes me a bit longer to massage the husband as he quite a bit HUGER than the wife) then the wife will sit there and huff and puff.

    Out right lie. Told her “so don’t let it affect you”….Oh she nearly had a fit and walked away. Wanted to say “You may have Mars in Aries but I AM an ARIES…”

    Know it sounds petty and egotistical of me to say so, but don’t even go there honey. Wow, and here she’d done so well for so many months.

    Boy, give some peeps a little fire boost and they go berserk. She needs to get on the treadmill or find a constructive outlet for her energy.

    Pisces/Libra Moon, Aries Mars co-worker said ‘well, I got is PMS’. Told her it’s how one uses the energy and she is certainly not controlling…at least to me. Sounds like she gives her poor Scorp boyfriend a run for the money however… :lol: