Mars In Saggo Goes To The Gym

David La Chapelle

Guess what?

When Mars in Saggo gets to the gym, it’s time to try something NEW.

Who gives a fuq WHAT it actually is so long as it’s new and force-opens some fresh brain synapses and shocks your bod into some awesome new results and thus jolts the WHOLE mind-body-soul system or whatever it is into a new dimension.


And btw, what’s wrong with wanting to wear something neon and parrot-like to work out in?

And, whilst Mars in Saggo is thinking (as always) of how best to honor the expansionary impulses, why not some therapy?  Yah! But it has to be the kind where you get to describe your dreams AT length and the dude just listens and then blows your mind with interpretations. Is Carlos Castaneda still alive?

So there will be this amazing MIND linked up with the physique honed by the pioneering new Mars in Saggo exercise regime.

Ballet, Zumba, underwater juggling, midnight Yin Yoga, JuJitsu, hula-hooping…it has to be different and the idea is that you flop into bed at night, a happy heap of cardiobolic endorphins, way beyond neurosis.

39 thoughts on “Mars In Saggo Goes To The Gym

  1. That is so AMAZING Mystic, I’ve just organised to go to the new local gym – for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE with a friend of mine! Am READY!

  2. Magical Passes……..from Carlos Castenada called ‘Tensegrity’.
    12 basic movements to gather energy & promote wellbeing = Vol 1.
    Redistributing dispersed energy = Vol 2.
    Energetically crossing from one phylum to another = vol 3.
    It’s a trippy energy workout using legs arms & hands…and breath.
    All done standing up not on floor.

    • Do you believe it works? I always thought it was just a money maker for him, picking up different styles of things and making a mish-mash..

      • Andromeda, have a friend who does them daily & he is
        musical prodigy & a Pisces.
        Have had the video’s for years , thought they might make
        group exersise buzz but never practised just
        watched them a few times.
        Guess it works if you believe it does?

  3. ps: I get why binaurals are referred to as I-dosing – I’m addicted. :) So much better than hitting a bucket of chardy…

    • Have you had any crazy experiences like flashbacks or like real world suddenly goes slow motion and you’re watching yourself in it? Would be interested to know.

      • Noooo…… . Just chilled right out. They’ve helped me overcome previously paralysing anxiety attacks so I’ve been able to get on with doing things.

        Meditation is very difficult for me but the binaurals help me focus.. or unfocus…

  4. Hmmm…in my life, Midnight Yin Yoga and sleep are possibly the same thing.
    Yet I am excited to have seen a new yoga studio has opened in my neighbourhood, JUST when I ‘d been dreaming of such a happy occurence.

  5. Zumba is front and center right now… going with a friend tonight. (you’re spooky fun Mystic)

  6. Just Wikied CC & he died in ’98 at 72 years. A Capricorn Dec 25.
    The 3 women ‘witches’ mentioned as his followers under alias’s &
    disapeared completley after his death. No records of them. Gone.
    Interestingly, they are the same 3 women that feature in Tensegrity-
    Magical Passes. Maybe they passesed themselves to another dimension.

    Amazing what organic hallucinagens create in the body-mind.

    • I personally don’t think CC was all that enlightened. Sounded like he just messed aroud in the astral realms alot. No real enlightened person would need drugs to get an interesting trip. The light of the Soul will usually suffice.

      He had entertaining books tho, don’t ya think Pegs?

      Gym? Was going to go to the gym last weekend esp. to do the sauna but caught up on sleep and filing…

        • Oh bless them. I look forward to toasting their welcome wagon. Meanwhile (accidentally wrote MENwhile, he he he) today I’m off to Tasmania, let’s hope they have an equally ‘warm reception’ awaiting me, although I fear it will be more woolens, scarves and beanies.

          • Take everything Lex. As they say in Tas if you don’t like the weather jsut wait 5 minutes

  7. So, I already hula-hoop, and it’s not working.
    I tried circus, and it wasn’t working. . . but that’s because I wasn’t fit enough to start with. . . so I dunno . . . that’s different for someone who only does different?

    Should I join a gym or something? . . . unlikely.

    • Hate gyms. Love roller-blading with ipod blaring or horseriding. The sense of covering a lot of ground fast always gets me unstuck from stagnant moods but maybe that is a peculiarly Saggo thing.

      Then again, Pilates gets the fastest results re overall lost inches per minutes of working out of all the things I’ve tried. Hard, but worth it.

      Fuq therapy. All this stuff about loving one’s shape as it is is fine as far as it goes, but let’s face it: men are the visual sex, and the bulk of them are turned on by curvy + slender (good studies show this – I say this as a phD in social science!). Whatever one’s age, nothing builds your power/confidence/loosens your inhibitions with the opposite sex (particularly with someone new) as effectively as getting a bod that looks shit hot with no clothes on from most angles.

    • cue vision of women sitting in circle with spinning wheels being instructed by goddessy type in drapey frock bathed in golden light talking to themselves.

    • ALWAYS do AromaYoga coz the deep breathing facilitates
      the essential oils goin’ up your nose into the brain.

  8. i looked at the photo and all i could think of was “hey that’s the village people working out!”

    am going to atone by a power stomp up the ridge behind where i live

  9. Working out in neon has got to be better than sitting around and brooding about old shite like it was for a awhile there.

  10. Boring old beach walks for me but while meditating to the rhythm of my step. Can’t do flouro aagin- once was enuf for me back in the 80’s. ((Shudders)) Also good old fashioned bike riding – love it espesh at night as it makes me feel like a slip of a gel again.

  11. I am working out with cake at the moment. 4 MORE REPS.
    Oh God.
    I ate so much cake yesterday.
    But seriously… I bike ride, walk, swim, gym, yoga and pilates in a week. I am not sure I have something new in me right now. I am about due to change my gym routine… so I might step that a week forward or something something.
    However… I would like some sort of exercise involving me being stationary on the couch:)
    Dark moon vs Mars in Saggo… Dark moon wins

  12. Like venus-a-go-go I am working out with some dessert at the moment…

    PEACHES & ICE CREAM! I was trying to be good & used a teeny bowl but then I just tried really hard to cram as much as I could in it.

    Anyway I have upped my bike ride from 32km to 45km a few weeks ago & since then all I want to do is eat… 8O

    So hungry…

    Hey venus-a-go-go wanna go halves in a cake display fridge? I will take the top two rows & you have the bottom two, I think there is some lemon tart somewhere… :D

    • A fridge workout? Sounds totally hot and in.
      You are so on, Baristagem;)

      I like the fact that I have the bottom half… it means that I can just lie on the floor and still reach :D

      Rubenesque a la mode…

      • You crack me up Vgg. Can you youtube the cream pie fight afterwards- if you can lift your head off the floor that is or screaming cream floor sliding in your sox and undies!!

        • Can I do a tummy slide through cream cakes in my socks and undies (whilst probably trying to cram them into my mouth… it would be like extreme apple bobbing… only with cream cakes… or Lemon Tarts;))

          • There was meant to be a question mark in there somewhere…

            *eats the question mark like the cookie monster*

            Oooooom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

          • you can slide anyway you like vgg its your fantasy baby. Just get the lighting right so the youtube shows your best side/slide ha!

  13. Went back to the pool with my training group on Monday night after not swimming all winter. In fact, a few backsliders showed up and we were consigned to the Special Lane (read Circle of Hell) and put through our paces. I did pretty well, all things considered, and went home feeling refreshed and optimistic…until the soreness set in! That’ll teach me.

  14. I’ve amped up my usual hooping/yoga routine with cycling class. Realized that calming type exercises aren’t helping me get my fuckin rage out!

    Also going to amateur stripping night tonight, extra workout. LOL.

    [I used to dance, haven’t worked in ages, but I thought it would be fun to go back and try it out again for fun]

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