Lunar Virgo

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Louise Dahl Wolfe

“I am not a has-been, I’m a will-be…” Lauren Bacall…Sun/Mercury in Virgo.

Let the Virgo Moon restore order, prudence, dignity and chic. Yes, it probably is a good idea to trim off those split ends & do a power-exfoliation before attacking admin with ferocious glee.  Yes, even amidst the Scorping.

You may not be able to control what other peeps are doing or banish irritants from your beautiful life, but you can control your own conduct and gleam with an uber-Virgo degree of extreme cleanliness.

Hands up whose booking in for a dental clean a.s.a.p.  Lunar Virgo makes you realize that your Mars-in-Saggo smirk of triumph can not be undermined by saffron slimy fangs up front.

Another side-bonus of the Virgo Moon: Clarity. Thinking like a flow-chart and no, it’s not mechanical. Or if it is, it’s like something beautiful that works.

39 thoughts on “Lunar Virgo

  1. Bang on yet again Mystic ! Had a dental clean at 11am this morning. tongue gliding over teeth v.smooooothly. Thank ye Gods for Virgo Moons !

  2. Yes! I felt very irritated for most of today. It doesn’t help waiting for the job interview results……………………… ……………… ………. Meanwhile, have been contemplating getting my teeth ‘done’, have purged boxes of paperwork, broken electricals, now onto more paperwork.

    Am restraining from making any bold moves re: MEN, LOVE etc. Apart from the Binaurals, affirmations et al. Too tired from last weeks job bid maybe.

    Oooh! Just have a sudden URGE to have a bubble bath – IMMEDIATELY!


  3. Today: Got up early, went to the gym before heading off for an exfoliating facial. Bought some things to get rid of my ever thickening lines.
    Just paying my bills and thinking about culling stuff my wardrobe or whether to nip up the street and buy the fab dress I saw.
    Maybe maybe god and comphrensively floss instead.

    yesterday was epic. I sprung out of bed, baked 2 banana cakes (wheat, diary and sugar free. Still delicious), scrubbed the bathroom walls (no fan, it was getting moldy… that will never do. No matter how much my Scorp housemate teases me), did my washing and made a roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, asparagus and butterbean salad with roasted pine nuts. I then dropped one cake off to my brothers house and helped him sort out some of their paper… and fix his toilet- oddly. Dropped the other cake off at my parents and assisted them in some very quick gardening, to which I was fed dinner and ran into a family friend that offered me a little extra work on the side. My current work place is making early shift even earlier (4.30am is a nasty time to start working) so I am glad of a back up plan.
    I am having some terribly interesting dreams at the moment. My dream diary is getting a thrashing…
    *off to floss*

  4. I had awful, vivid dreams last night! I think Neptune is prominent atm?
    I have cleaned like a mofo today but not done the uni work I am supposed to be doing.

  5. Interesting. Just realised it’s been 3 years since my father died, lit a candle for him, and wrote a blog, a sort of tribute, but getting out the bitterness and anger I’ve felt, had bottled up inside me, but now had the push to get out of me. So a big bow to Virgo Moon, some good emotional tidying-up done. It’s interesting, did a tribute to my mum this year in September, now a sort of tribute to my father, mega-big steps forward from the past to the future. Wish me luck, lolol!

  6. Thanks Mystic, loved L Bacall quote, what I need to stick to my computer today. Tedious admin tasks save sanity.

  7. ahhh and that explains why after 2 weeks of tripping over all the clothes from my wonderful holiday, they are this morning all washed and on the line … and the bedroom is getting a spring clean finally :)

  8. thank Chirst for Virgo moon clarity – accelerated efficiencies researching MAJOR architecture feature (um not area of expertise…), whilst shooting emails for my book, & sourcing for next mag gig – LOVING the patter of rain on the vast expanse of glass beside me & LOVING the new office set up. HOT! & ORGANIZED!

    no booking dentist but feet will not see public until AFTER tomorrow’s scheduled mani / medi!

    Admin – done!

    • Dear Friend RockStar, soooo happy you are also ‘moving
      & grooving in the right direction’.

      I just met a Real CowBoy, here to buy horses, didn’t want to ask his
      sign so said “I’m a Saggo & i love horses’.
      Replied to me “So am I”.
      Very funny…….’they shoot horse, don’t they”?

      • an emotionally emancipated Piscean bestie – now a leading Arts producer with our government broadcaster – took off on adventures in her previous incarnation as a journalist. My favourite of all of her journeys was 6 weeks on the rodeo circuit & boy did she LOVE it!!

        said the blokes were men, spoke their mind & existed sans riddles, were the pinnacle of ‘adventurous’ males & VERY well mannered … the latter c/ male female ratio in their world. Oh yeah & hell of a lot of fun, if not more than a little hick compared to metropolitan living!

        go get em cow girl!!

        better get back to researching contemporary churches in Finland LOL … ;-) xox

        • Well now, this dude had THE most beautiful manners
          (and fabulous tooled Texan style booties), so howzat!

  9. I welcome the Virgo moon, have been cleaning out the old for what seems like years and years, hello Virgo moon and the final fine tuning of studio, books, (yes, inspired by the lovely books post, thanks !) garden, and reaching temperance in all areas including fields of my mind… zen abounds

  10. Just filled in my long-procrastinated divorce application. Ms Will-Be indeed.

    • Good luck, TLE.. I did my own as well. I was sat at a coffee shop working on them & happened to be seated next to a law student who asked me incredulously if I was doing my own divorce. The forms are a pain but really once you get cracking, it’s just a matter of knocking it out one by one.

      • Thanks, FA. No kids or property settlement (we separated a decade ago!), so just have to get it witnessed, pay the $$ and send the ex his copy. The online form was not too hard to deal with. I just resent it, for some reason.

        • Fuq of course you do.. because you think, REALLY I HAVE TO DO THIS TOO??

          Like can we not be equitable in dealing with our messes sort of thing..I felt the exact same way but overcame that by reminding myself this is precisely why we split and really, if I don’t do it, I will NEVER be divorced.

          I actually ran into my ex-husband a few weeks ago, and by Goddess, those forms are nothing to the pain I’d be feeling now if I was still even legally tied to him. Really.

          • Ha! Yes, “do I have to do this too??”, that’s exactly it.

            Thank you, I understand myself better now :)

  11. Gee, this is all sounding familiar. Virgotronic Cleaning, check. Dreams/Nightmares, check. Admin, check.

    Bluelib, I had the irresistible urge to be in water so took a very warm bath where I literally just soaked, wrapped myself in towels and a blanket, then started lucidly dreaming that my left chest area was beading up blood.. the same way sweat appears.

    I wipe it off only to have more droplets surface, my left hand is slimy with blood, like I’d just reached deep inside.. then it segued to me actually being inside my heart chamber, deafened by my heartbeat. Then I am off riding a winged white horse, that dives deep into the ocean. It goes under and gracefully rests, I dismount walking away from it while under the sea.

    The dream gets more bizarre from there, some story about a widowed father raising a daughter on his own and choosing between two women. I’m not one of them, but there as some kind of prophet that appears as the child gets older. I feel alright when I wake up but cannot rid myself of the feeling that I am missing someone.

    For the last few months, I have been plagued by these dreams and I am so tired. It feels like I live another life with my eyes closed. Thankfully, they’ve changed but its nice to know I’m not the only one having them.

    • Angel, i have vivid dreams EVERYNIGHT.
      It’s like i have a whole other life when i go to sleep.
      Night moves/movies. I love going to sleep.
      The winged white horse watches over you x

      • Yes YOU DO, Pegs. Really, it was beautiful, the winged horse part.. and you know, there was a young winged foal as well when we got to the bottom of the ocean. It was laying on its side and sort of mewing a bit, just freshly born it seemed.

        It glowed ethereally in the grey-blue water.. I’m happy to have the dreams, but not the incubus attacks which have lessened, thankfully. Gosh, a relief to know you dream loads too.

    • Oh goodness Fallen, thank you for sharing your amazing dreams. I have the most horrid dreams last night -woke in fright four times – which is very unlike me – I usually only have two or so vivid dreams per night. These were enough though – featured a montage of myself and my children in a Nazi war camp run by my ex-husband and his new girlfriend… Subliminal Transition Central.

      • Ick, perhaps the Nazi bit actually quite real? I jest, bluelib but my gosh I feel for you. There’s nothing to be done for it, I too am using Binaural right now.. it helps a bit but obviously when things in the real world get to be too much, the haunting over spills.

        I hope you get some rest and care..I try to use imagery to let go of thoughts but some are too deep to reach consciously. I’ve taken the view that as long as the dreams change and lessen in “emotional charge” it’s more a cleansing than just a haunting.

        • We both seem to processing, you and I Fallen: baths, dreams, binaurals = cleansing and recharging. Had fruit-salad for dinner last night, am about to do it again. HUGS

  12. right moon went into virgo at this very moment… and I am so damn grateful, i need this clarity seeringly, i need the analysis brain, and attention to details, i desperately need these, after a weekend of flunking out via a physical virus or pyschic emotional attack – i couldnt tell… booked a massage for this morning, which i thought would be perfect during void moon, and it wasnt! or it was depending on which way i look at it… it found me screaming and crying all the way home, with utter frustration. Maybe i needed to get that out of my system, to make way for the clarity – i dont know? In any case, I celebrate NOW and the planets for aligning to support me right now… bless and all that

  13. well i guess it’s good that the moon is in virgo sometimes, lol. it’s needed. but i don’t really enjoy it! drives me a little batso and it’s not much fun.

  14. Love that quote & my Dentist is Rich.
    Thanx for the suggestion for a power exfoliant
    have been wondering whether to buy some body-
    scrub. Or time for visit to Aqcua-Blis.
    What a great day. Met a Real CowBoy here to buy
    horses. Didn’t want to ask his sign, so said ‘I’m a Sagittarius
    & admire hourse. He replied he was too & 2 days apart.
    So this reminded me of Melbourne Cup tomorrow & just how
    finely bred the enteries are, wet track & if they really LIKE racing
    even tho’ the are treated as royalty. Really?
    ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’? (a book to read…again?)
    But it’s dangerous, so is life sometimes, so i resist getting too much
    involved in quillions of molecules moving the planet in whatever manifestion
    about & which chakras are receivin or resisting. It stops my heart bleeding :-)

    Now Mars is going into Virgo, where my natal Mars is.
    Then Mars into Capricorn, where my Venus & Ascendant is.
    Well, i planned my Revival by MM’s Planetary Wisdom’s & my Intuition.
    Want to work my Sagg Jupiter with this revival to expand the knowledge
    & nutshell the Philosophy & Techniques ie ‘explain the production’ & package
    it for others on DVD……………….& live off the royalties.

    O thought i’d lost this box when i went to the exfoliation mat site….
    repeated myself, sorry.
    Yes, i have one of those knitted coarse scrubbing blood tonify mitts, mine’s
    a true mitten with thumbspace.
    Have a Elancyl rubber or latex with mountains type brush. Washing of the body
    is Ancient ritual, a sacrement even.
    Birch branches?

    Reminds me to put it in the sun

  15. Omg! I just sat down after doing a Power exfoliation using electrical derma brush thingy! Mystic you are amazing! Let me be your agent. : p

  16. Reckon the emo-outletting after massage has to be good thing, especially for a plutonic type, since we get ill if it all stays inside…maybe that was what virus/feeling of psychic attack was about – too much held inside ? –

    And there’s definitely something about working the body/bodywork that prompts the externalising of all that stuff, no?

    Have often found with Scorp rising (intense emotions often very tightly controlled/repressed as a matter of necessity) that I will suddenly start weeping uncontrollably DURING a really good massage (to my great embarassment, and hence as quietly and unobtrusively as possible) or during a heavy pilates session at home (which is easier since there’s no one else around).

    Kudos to you for making it to the car first!

    • Fi, bang on with being ill due to intense-o-rama going spazz, I can vouch for that. All sorts of stuff.
      Loooooove massage, though have never wept during one. It has occured when I’m dancing, just at home, expressing the emotions as movements, during those times the tears have come out.

    • Yes there probably was too much held inside, trying to keep it together, graduating from undergrad degree in 4weeks time, im a mature age student and have had many obstacles on the way, and much support also. Last 10 years working as a bodyworker, and find that it is really powerful for shifting emotions, doing the plutonic transforming stuff, taking responsibility for self, moving negative thoughts emotions etc… I love crying in a massage and having a full release, I was frustrated that this didnt happen today (big expectations possibly), and i wasnt lulled into oblivion where all becomes one and im fully aligned… no, i was so frustrated that i was in the car screaming at the universe for help from the stress, and it bloody well ever worked, the scream that is… and the crying… so its all perfect! UPV – that is so lovely to dance and emo at home, ive only ever done that when i lived on my own, never had the privacy since.. so good… sounds like us scorp risings are into processing the emotions… keeping it in motion!!

  17. Agree Fi. I really believe the body holds emotions, mine does. Many times a massage for me is having someone “touch” my emotions and move them around when I have inadvertently petrified myself in pain. Yoga does it to me too.

    And yes, plutonic gem, you did need that! Here’s to celebrating NOW and what’s to come with a fresh spirit, mind and body.

  18. Is that a real dog sitting on the couch with her or just the cutest fluffy cuddly bathmat you’ve even seen… I want that puppy.

    • Think it’s a West Highland Terrier, wonderful family dog
      if you need one.
      A good dog’s better investment than a badly behaved man.
      Unconditional love minute by minute, time after time then some.

      • yes must find a way to bring dog into my life at some point, terribly envious of women running their dogs

  19. What about Venus cunjunct moon in Virgo ?
    Clarity of love perhaps.
    And with Venus so close to the Sun at the moment, and mercury,
    What sort of mish-mash are we headed for ?
    More of the same probably.
    Ahh, these planetry gods,
    and a morning story, dawning.
    A reference for invention.