Luna Luxe Is Live

Happy Sun In Sagittarius!!!!

And the latest Astro-Confidential LUNA LUXE is now live – a Moon Signs guide like no other.

Decipher the secrets of your Moon by sign and house placement, scary but useful secrets about YOU, tranquility tips, power-enhancing colors, gemstones, scents et al, major astro-passages that will be affecting your Moon in the next few years and manipulative seduction secrets that you can glean from someone’s Moon Sign re the kind of women he/she likes.

Gorgeously illustrated, obviously and though it has not gone in the Astro-Shop yet, you can purchase it via Paypal for usd $8.00 here…As with all the Astro-Confidentials, you will be e-mailed the password to go read Luna Luxe…You will either get it straight away or within a few short hours…

44 thoughts on “Luna Luxe Is Live

  1. Kitty is INTENSE! I don’t know whether to be scared of her or ask her the meaning of life. Or maybe just scratch her under her little chin.

    Looking forward to reading about la luna, thanks Mystic!

  2. Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight….She is the one, SAILOR MOON.

    ahaha i’m too young to be on here.

    does paypal do pre-paid credit cards?
    really desiring this Confidential, along with a few other now that i think of it.

    • No you’re not! I’m 20 and I remember Sailor Moon! That’s what I thougt when I saw that ridiculously cute kitty: Luna!

      • Only recently turned 21 and yes, Luna was all I could think of when I saw it, ADORED that show, “IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I SHALL PUNISH YOU” :D

    • As long as the transit is in effect if subscription is about a transit , such as Venus transit in Scorp. La Luna stays with you since your moon sign is constant Hope my explanation helps :-)

      • oh ok, I think I understand what this is all about now. Is it just one big page of info and not a constantly updated thing like the horoscopes? If so that makes sense. Thanks!

  3. Excellent Mystic, ordered! Woke up this morning wondering why i’d never tried this before, and daydreaming of getting up before sunrise to practise on Whale or Palm Beach..(bout half hour drive).. leave home at 3.30-4.00amish to practice? why not. Tres Saggi Moon indeed.

    • Golden Fleece, had the privelege of living with Fire Dancers
      whilst in Moorea, early 90′s. Davida, Teuruna & Hiro. They
      tatooed me as well!

      • Wow Pegasus, i bet that was a time and a half. What is your tatoo (if i may be so rude as to ask?) Have googled Moorea..and pisces rising is saying í’m coming i’m coming already, just looking for my passport!
        I remember Aries Mum telling me about a dark night of the soul and walking down to coogee beach with her Leo. It was about 4am and there was a fire dancer on the beach. They watched her till just before dawn and she believes that is the only reason her and her Leo are still together, the healing flames.

        • Amazing, healing flames indeed!
          Moorea, if you have a round globe of the world & put
          a line thro’ Egypt, it comes out in Moorea.
          Island of Artists & Fire Dancers. The entertainers are
          called ‘Aroi’, performers and have carte blanche to do whatever they
          want, when ever they want BUT no children created, probably due
          to being free from western morals, so implemented their own?
          The tatooes are Ghekko & Turtle in a tribal designed circle, small
          on shoulder. They itch a little sometimes to remind me that i lived
          in Paradise once.
          Why did they adopt me? Coz i ate fish heads & raw fish with them on first
          meet (plus everything else they gave me from the sea to eat :-)& never peeled my fruit
          or cut it up in a fancy way, mangoes & papaya’s for ex.
          So was nicknamed ‘le sauvage blanche’.
          Check out an artist named Bobby Holcome. You will see the true French Polynesia
          in his paintings. He gave them back their culture after it nearly being wiped out
          by English & French.
          Go, sent Damons, from here, there last year, but he came back!!! Huh?

          • Massaged this guy today and asked him what his dog’s name was. He had a large Pit Bull face on his back. He said there was no name for the dog. “Pit Bull” is the name of his tribe.

            Oh, okay. Just askin’ :shock:

          • When is your book/play/film adaptation coming out Pegs? I’m in the queue already. i am ashamed to say i do not live with a round globe, but I will be in the Australia Geographic shop in a few days time, and I shall follow your directions and get to your magical island.

            ‘le sauvage blanche” a chapter in your book?

            Your tatoo sounds perfect . googling Bobby Holcome.
            Respect to you Pegasus.

            • Holcomb….sorry.
              Will google him myself to see what’s there.
              The book is called ‘Visions’. The colours deevine, the mythology
              Darling, no book from me. It’s fabbo just being read by all here.
              Mystic is THE Writer and Kim Falconer. I just worship at their alter.

              • Wow! Golden Fleece, what a site, what information,
                the painting, the music.
                I have the rare tapes of his music, it’s now collector’s
                item, so is the book, so thanx for guiding me :-)
                You are magical, you just tweaked my Heart as i was only there in
                Huahine 3 weeks before he died & just missed meeting him.
                All the islands were so sad on that date.

    • You think????

      Braver than me BaristaGem, you are!

      Have only ever ever been scratched by a black cat.
      Owners fault, usually coz they can be trained NOT to use
      their claws. It’s just the fluffy whites have claws covered
      with feathers.
      THis kitteh has been genetically crossed with an OWL.
      (or a Full Moon?).
      ‘Think i’m scary? Wait til you meet my owner?

      • You’re scared of black cats Pegs?? 8O

        Understandable if it was giving you the claw… 8O

        Nooo! I’m not scared of black cats, how can I be! I was born on Friday the 13th, it would seem hypocritical of me… :lol:

  4. Super cool cat – that is our cat, slightly different eye colour but just as gorgeous and multidimensional.

    What is that cat trying to say – looks quite important!!

    Can just see our cat walking past soon wearing a spanking new moon brow tat made from barbie make up!

  5. Yay! Absolutely can’t wait… but absolutely must, until I get home to my computer and read my email… *sigh*

    Thanks so much for all the great things you do Mystic xx

  6. Thanks again Mystic – makes a lot more sense to me now… Love the illustrations and the ‘Spy’ sections! xoxo

    • I thought the Luna Luxe was already brilliant. But wait there’s more. :o Makes me :D :D Was talking to someone today about progressions – they were asking me about astrology and stuff and I got on a tangent :) and told them to come to the best astro site on the web.

      If I remember rightly p.moon’s in the 12th and Scorpio

      *goes back to astrodienst to double check*

  7. You were right about finding the most amazing photo of woman and full moon Mystic, I love it !

  8. This cat reminds me of our next-door neighbour’s cat, Puddha. Stayed with us temporarily when they were on holiday and now turns up to wave her paws so her attendants (that’s us) snap to attention. Reminds me of “veni,vidi, vici” only her motto is: “I came, I drank milk I demanded from my minions, and I pissed off”.
    I’m Aquarius Moon, 5th house, and the moon info is AWESOME! I have been in the middle of a painting bout, but after an absolutely crap night and sitting around today feeling like a stunned mullet, the Luna Luxe summary has reminded me how out of synch I am at present. I love the bit about routine as I’ve always felt a bit guilty about being a bit obsessed about routine (I prefer obsessed to anally retentive, lol), but this has validated what feels right for me. Wonderful stuff, MM, ta muchly.