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“…The incredible ‘space-time’ cloak: New concept that would allow history to be ‘edited’ and people to suddenly ‘reappear’…It sounds like a concept straight out of science fiction. But one day a ‘spacetime cloak’ could make it possible to ‘hide’ history by editing out passages of time. The device would speed up and slow down light to give the illusion that events have not happened. A ‘cloaked’ individual could, for instance, travel from one place to another while appearing to vanish and rematerialise instantaneously in a new location….” Daily Mail

Wow.  Well this really is IT.  This is like the Everything.

I have not had a major must-have fashion moment since Pluto went into Capricorn (funny that) but here it is. I have been saying for yonks that Uranus in Aries is going to result in some fantastic inventions – things as revolutionary to us as the motorcar was to people in when it became mass-produced.

I think that with a sexy Space-Time Cloak, some Pluto Juice nipped into a small thorium flask of Blue Devil and one’s face slathered in Soul Restoration Serum… a lot more possibilities will open up.

Don’t you think?

Where would you go first?

42 thoughts on “Go Uranus In Aries

  1. Where? Wherever the Nemesis Urges calls me to go.. that or somewhere for a good perv. Yum.

  2. correct me if im wrong, but isnt it saying that we could go to some point in time and erase a memory? At first I think I want to erase last relationship mirth and unfolding sequence of events during the break up… but, then, NO, maybe I wouldnt be who I am now!, older, wiser, and a whole lot more self respect… mmm

  3. OMG they even call it a ‘corridor’. This is what Arrows of Time is based on . . . that and a good witch’s glamour!

    Love that science is catching up with reality (or were they just cloaked)


    • Well Kimbo, aren’t you waaay ahead of the game.
      Loved the Quantam collection.
      Looking forward to book #4 (or #1 of new series).

    • Penny Drop, Kim…….wondered how the corridors worked,
      there were some questions i wanted to ask but my reading
      trilogy was bought by the local Library at my request.
      This printed diagram, thanx to MM, has given me the answer
      as had problem visualising them.
      Stuart Wilde is the Great Navigator Mathmatical Metaphysics
      & even tho’ written on the blackboard,i couldn’t understand the
      dimensions or visualise them according to how is.
      This diag has explained so much of your Quantam Series.
      kis kiss

  4. Hang on …. erasing memory…haven’t we got drugs and hard liquor do that already??

    As an Aquarian I think we don’t need the cloak – we can use our thoughts to manipulate energy – so we can use them to manipulate time and our concept of it. So all we need are our minds…. and no cloak… right??? (I know what I mean in my head – don’t know if its coming out right. Its the drugs and hard liquor…)

    • Mostly we are made up of memories. There is a practise called
      ‘re-framing’ which i call taking them ‘to the dry-cleaners’.

      All organic substances are from ‘Le Pharmecie du Bon Dieu’,
      it’s all in the measurements.

  5. OK this I get. And the weirdest thing is for the last few days I keep hearing myself say did that happen or did I dream that? I had a whole conversation with the aqua questioning his taste on an item he’d bought – I was describing it in great detail to him half an hour ago and say I could never understand why he liked that and bought it and he just kept saying BUT I DIDN’T! And it’s true. He never did. It never happened. Apparently.

    I would be happy to test this item for the inventors.I suspect they may have already asked me and I’m just missing that piece of time.

    • I have had this before too, its like you have one foot in a parallel universe where all that stuff happened. You have to question everything and actually often don’t believe people when they tell you No that never happened, Cause it did *somewhere* It lasted about a week for me in Jan this year – totally freaked out my mind! But sadly normality returned slowly. Wonder if its a transit thingy thats prominent.
      Mine actuially included paying a bill online and I would have bet my fav stuff I paid this as I can still remember doing it even now, but there was no record of it – it was so real.

      • OMG hilarious – the bill especially. Yes it feels so absolutely as if it HAS happened – all of it. Aqua luckily is an aqua so is taking it all in his stride. Mirth and some head shaking. Now I swear he’s denying things just to take the u know what tho. I mean who would know?

    • I actually had to pause the other dat and check whether I had dreamed something or if it had happened in “real life”… [conclusion: dreamed.] not quite as detailed but when the dreams are complex and somewhat resembling my waking life…

  6. Not sure about this. So I guess if its an illusion then the events still happened and everything as a result still does too, So it would just be memory erase? Not sure if I feel good about that being in certain hands.

    Hope this is also a prelude to some cool environment helping super stuff, like a atomic tree replicator to fix the desloated forests around the world, or a super instant water purifier for drinking sources like in India, or a super smog sucker, a good vibe generator like some kind of happy air dose where anger etc cannot function. I could go on but I am barely coherant. Good Night!

  7. Undetectable!!! I like that a lot. We could go anywhere we could disslove into everything, Into cells and go our seperate ways.

    • and then.. the cells could all join up but as a spider web all over the world evryhting the cell touched would connect with an energy beam- people buildings, dogs, earth, air molecules and the cells would rebuild into solid beings again, taxi! straight to the aqua loony bin to join the other funsters

  8. but it’s not a transporter as such, so how would one “instantaneously” appear elsewhere? You’d have to catch the bus or hop in the time machine or something. Am I missing something? Perhaps I should read the full article [and perhaps not the Daily Mail!]

    apart from that, i would want to see the dinosaurs. What was earth like, 400 million years ago? what did antarctica look like? i would climb a tree on the continent before it separated from Australia. I would go to Lake Eyre when it was part of the ocean and Australia was about 40% underwater.

    I would visit Paris when it was just a busy village on the banks of a large river.

    I would send myself support and signs that it was OK to leave the ultra-dickhead ex [other ones were just lessons to be learnt].

    I would DEFINITELY make sure my family invested in some real estate when it was CHEAPER!

    assuming we have conquered space-time with this device, I would also move into the future to see what’s going on. Greenhouse Effect, China’s economic policies, the world’s fisheries, trash some misogynistic world / religious leaders – maybe intervene in their diatribes so they are actually preaching love respect and inclusiveness..

    the possibilities are endless!

  9. I also agree with Little joey – there’s an artificial way and a native way – power of the mind (or non-mind..??) to manipulate quantum fields and things like that… *off to meditate now*

  10. So is it like teleporting? or do you actually travel in regular time but the appearance of it is seamless like it never happened… I love the cloak and want one so I can go and visit a certain individual…

  11. I would go back in time and erase this device. Like watercolour works of art, there shouldn’t be a “do over”. If everybody could do a “do-over” there would be chaos. Plus i suspect govts. would want this device to do stuff like erase WWII and crap they wouldn’t want regular citizens knowing about.

  12. Is this why I keep fantasising about finding a cave in the mountains to live in?? This just sounds HORRID!

    • To be ` invisible`( an illusion), you need to jump up to the corresponding spot on the spiral above ( future)….the `lightness of being`….this can only last a short time, as your density will return you to `the present`.

  13. Ugh, don’t even want to entertain such notions. This topic is not even vaguely appealing. I prefer reality just the way it is thanks.

      • yep. Saturn on my Venus, Cap rising. I have fully embraced Saturn… or he has fully embraced me. Hehe.

        I would love my next lover to be a Capricorn. Can’t see it happening right now, but it’s nice to dream. :)

          • ps, completely agree with you on the reaction to this idea.
            Fancified pulling coins from ears says Saturn, lord of time, king of the ticks, who WILL NOT TOLERATE no one messing with his precise realm.
            or something.

            • :)
              Love how you get an ‘on’ after your title, like you’re making an announcement. Very apt for one so monikered.

              • :lol: i never even noticed that! Well spotted my friend. It’s all in the details…. details *sigh*

              • Ah fret not, we all have ‘on’s. You’ve just got bigger font. Yes it is all in the details hey. Help if they were the right ones though…. sigh.

  14. What I see is that poor little stick figure falling between the gaps to who knows where. Some say ‘they’ are already tweaking the history books for children over here so that others will not appear like the monsters they really are.

    This tech frightening in the wrong hands.

      • Hi Sweetie…well Meta-Physics means ‘above physics’, don’t it?
        Many Sci-Fi stuff i read as a teen has come to fuition.
        ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’…
        it’s out there….