Capricorn Moon Square Saturn


Capricorn Moon square Saturn?

You’re writing your own script, captaining your ship, mistressing the destiny, keeping a grip, buying your freedom and doing w.t.f. it takes sans explanation.

Schemes, strategy, a plan…Yes-Yes-Yes.

You can still seethe along with the Scorpio vibe but now you have a system and some clarity…

114 thoughts on “Capricorn Moon Square Saturn

  1. Cap ex gets in touch for no reason O.o

    … after I have a big debrief with my friend about how I think I am getting better about him. To which she replied “yes… but you aint over him”

    *mind boggles*

    Cool, calm, collected. Not doing anything.

        • Ordered some of this yesterday as I’m feeling I need a little something extra at the moment. Lots of transitioning happening. Had to think before I asked the girl at the counter – nearly asked for Pluto Juice lol

        • I bought myself a bottle of Pluto Juice yesterday afternoon. I have been quaffing like a mad person.
          Does it make anyone else feel all shimmery/like they are vibrating a little? Or is there something I need to talk to my natropath about?

          • six drops in water sipped slowly 6 x a day or something – purists have nothing in mouth 20 mins prior or after (not stimulating saliva) – but I squirt it straight under tongue as oft as req. & nil affects.

            for animals (like rescue remedy / st johns wart) – dilute 1:20 per human version. worked a treat post surgery when my dog had part of her foot removed. st johns wart during crucial phase (under tongue) & walnut there after (water bowl, fresh daily). vet approved of course.

          • Thanks for the Hot tip RLP!
            I think flower essences just always make me feel a bit wibbly at first…. things moving around and such:)

        • Also feeling the need for some pluto juice…am having slightly mad moments where some of the lyrics of the Transformer song start buzzing about in my head…The…’Transformers, more than meets the eye’, bit.

          Scorp energy is usually like a default ‘comfort’ mode with my Scorp moon…it’s pretty much the sonar soundtrack for living…except that the last couple of days I’ve been feeling rumblings…and the transformers song too.

          Sneaky little plans are boiling up though. (The implementation of said plans is not of a sneaky nature, the desires behind the plans do sneak up on me however..)

    • When a received missive from ex I spent a little while doing some pleased skipping around my living room. I think my mate might be on the money:)
      However, I want to be over it and this doesn’t not mean I have to stay in that ‘skipping about’ place. Just means I have a little way to go in my transition. Am very willing to make effort.
      Still (outwardly) staying cool, calm and collected. One of these days I will not inwardly squee like a little girl. You gotta have goals:)

      • Hah, I do so, recognise the goal not to squee on recontact from some one i’m transitioning away from. Kudos for recognising the sign post of wanting to not skip Venus-agg.

        • I have utilised the incredibly early work morning (they have changed the early starts from 5.30am to 4.30 am) to bash out a job application for a place I have been volunteering at for the past six months. It’s a position I have applied for, and come second in the interview stage twice.
          Giving it another crack. I am perfectly happy for it to go either way. good excuse to update my CV and get my application skills undusty.
          Nothing like a well timed distraction to not google stalk.

  2. Thank goodness need some earthing badly, sounds like we can get things done that need to be done badly.
    Really want to fly out looking fab when Venus goes direct but am bogged down by so many to do things that are leaving huge bags under my eyes and a very fuqed neck from overwhelmedness (don’t care if it isn’t a word it is the way I feel). I keep surging out with good intent and slamming straight into walls and then I need a lie down.

    • Bonjour Hippychic, I can relate to how you feel ! even down to the neck bizzo, I’m passing on this pearler of advice “slowly slowly catchy monkey”. hope this helps !

    • Second all of the above especially overwhelmed and neck issues- going to bed early because of that even though heaps of work to do…oh dear!

    • Ok so I am looking at where Venus is now at Libra 28 and still backing up. Does anyone know what degree she will be when she goes forward?
      Because my sun is only a couple of degree back from where she is and I really don’t want all that astro exhaust landing on my sun as she zooms off in Forward again.
      Any clues? 8 days I beleive but not sure of her velocity – there is a table yes? I will go look see if I can understand any of it.

      • Wow I kinda get a bit of it (I think)

        It looks like she only goes back to 27, still very close – will be excited and cautious around the 19th.

  3. Having heavy convs with ex over upcoming auction of property, he is freaking out at me, but I am staying on message. Wading through the bog with a hella good compass.

  4. Yes, yes, and yes to all of the above. Pity it doesn’t last long – loving the cap moon vibe. Feeling more on top of things instead of them being on top of me. :D

  5. Spot on Mystic, acceptance and clarity, pirating, no I mean planning the next phase, quite liberating.

  6. I’m really feeling it – how great! How long does this last?

    Gotta say though, the gorgeous sex-on-a-stick lady above isn’t really embodying it for me – she looks every inch the Leo & just about to purr or growl. The vibe I’m feeling is a little more upright & spit & polish. (And thank God for that, because the Scorp energy has been really overwhelming & distracting lately.)

  7. And whats next to Saturn,
    Next to Venus retro rising,
    A comet, found a couple of days ago.
    Just poped outa nowhere.
    Wanna don the tiara
    Wrap the boa
    N put on da heels.
    Its gunna be a good Christmas.

  8. Yes, yes, yes exactly this. Best future plans ever, all making sense and not even that emo actually. It’s my birthday and normally I feel terrible but there is too much to think about!

  9. Feeling far less scorpy and more myself tonight. Libido has gone awol (thank god) gave the current crush the luke warm shoulder sans explanation. Had an afternoon in bed with many phone calls to my support network and feellng fine. Back to work tomorrow looking (well ok feeling like) the babe in the pic. yay

  10. New diet – tick

    New vicious but one day amazing financial regime of terror – tick

    Cleanliness, new systems – yes but oh how i HATE this venus retrograde. i only have neptune in scorpio natally and that is enough. I think i access it when drunk only.

    hate-hate-hate. Having feelings for ex-husband who ONE discarded AND feeling bi-sexual about the woman in picture above. Tits do not usually transfix me. How ridiculous. I would hate to be an actual scorpio, how do they ever get any work done?

    • chesire smile leo socialite re your comment on the lovely ladies breasts… as a scorp rising, unfortunately i just get jealous, or more envious i think is the feeling… lovely picture yah? So MM thanks so much for your daily scopes projected for tomorrow, so much more positive than the doom that astrodienst is projecting for me, however more likely considering current circumstances… I really need to keep it in the positive right now, and as was suggested to me to grow a thicker skin RIGHT NOW, or perhaps let the shit slide off me and not stick… must say the cartwheels with my nephew helped mood and stress incredibly, walking home holding hands, we saw a tawny frogmouth owl, and i had this incredible feeling of being looked after… let it be let it be let it be

      • Owls are huge for me and I have heard heaps of their representation including inner vision, wisdom, intuition, mystical vision. But as always it is what it represents to you.
        They always give me an instant sensation of being connected too, like a little breadcrumb on your path.
        Tawnys are my fav.
        Cartwheels are great too if clothing allows.
        Being sensitive is a double edge sword I am afraid as is being aware.

        • wow… i just read that tawny frogmouths are not actually of the owl family, in my wildlife of brisbane book… i never knew that, they are a nocturnal bird, and do have a similar energy to owls…

          • Standout keyword from this post was “Breakthrough”
            Now I’m jealous, I had my tawny sightings peak a few months ago and definately agree with all that is said in this post – and yes the hard slog is worth it when you’re slogging to where you want to be.
            HAA – cue owl hooting outside – No shite (not a twany though).
            Maybe today will be a better day afterall still physically feel like sludge though.

          • Wow just looked at the wasps, thats sounds cool – any of that ring true for you?

            There is info on all the animals out there, I thought obscure little aussie animals like Quolls and Sugar Gliders would not return any info but its out there.

            Nature speaks through many means and animal totems are like a gentle nudge or sometimes a little universal nod of support right when you need one.

          • wow thanks hippychic… that is really great stuff to read right now… i do need to do the positive camoflague (spelling), and allow some aspects of myself to hide for protection… also the powerful message is to stay connected to nature… and i must admit being in my head so much for uni means i am disconnecting from everything else… arggh… thank you so much

    • Wow you made me really laugh then.
      I too only have natal scorp neptune – haven’t been drunk in forever – maybe that is my problem I havn’t been tapping into my Scorp side and I am lopside.
      *hunts around for a very old bottle of Tequila*
      Those boobs just made me feel worse as mine don’t look like that at all, maybe they would after a few drinks as my vision would have a nice softy edge to it.
      Crap going back to bed and try to sleep again and start again tomorrow.

    • I was really jealous of her cleavage, too. I used to have good cleavage and one day I looked down and realized the horrors of sun damage and breast feeding 3 kids. I want the flower essence cure for saggy cleavage.

      • wait! forgot to type LOL on accessing neptune in scorpio when drunk comment. I think all the scorping has had the tragic effect of making me allergic to alcohol. I get crashing migraines now whenever I drink even just a little bit. hoping this is very temporary.

        • note to all you younger peeps: Sun kills cleavage!!! not now, not next year, not even when you are 46!

          But then you turn 47…

          • perfume too – sprayed on the cleavage is a wicked cleavage damager – the alcohol and petroleum by-products in the perfume. Is there something like wild yam or carrot oil cream you can use bluesky? I can’t bear the thought of anyone losing their love for their yayas. It’s nice they got put to good use for food tho – at least the sacrifice was for a good reason?

          • happy about breast feeding. wouldn’t trade that for the world. let last one “hang on” for really long time, too.

            will experiment with oil idea… :) Plus, just like the sound of “wild yam”

            but definitely using sunscreen and shade (and no perfume)

      • Oh my god. I breast fed for TOO long and mine are like shrivelled fried eggs now, revolting.

        • Apparently it’s not true breastfeeding is the culprit! True, my mum breastfed four kids and really hers are so enviable a young girl fitting her bra commented on them. (She was mortified of course, lol)

          • I don’t know. I think it’s breastfeeding and genes combined (and, of course, aging) Mine were extra great AFTER all the breast feeding and had a good 8-10 year run of pple–especially husband–remarking on how extra great they were. I guess I’m still like a teenager in that I don’t always realize certain things will end! And I’m vain enough to notice and care:) Am definitely trying one of those oils!

          • So frigging JEALOUS. I gained a lot of weight in preg and then lost a lot, perhaps that is the culprit. Whatever, the chest I see in the mirror is ALIEN. Scary!

          • I REAALLY hope that it’s gene’s, ;) Lucy, am in the same boat, so gene’s may not help me. It’s hard to accept our body not being what it was with Linda Evangalista and her crew touting the Ageing Body Beautiful as a new norm…

  11. I am using the seething along with Scorp vibe to good effect – just sent a scathing email to a speed dating company about their coming event in Perth, which is themed “slender women” and is for women who are size 6-10 and men who like women of this size. There is no size criteria for men so I ‘nicely’ pointed out that they could be in breach of EEO legislation for discriminating against women and the stupidity of their marketing.

    • excellent… good on you…. fark… obsession with tiny women is quite sick i think, … it is discriminatory and harbouring a dominant fashion ideal in mens minds… men are actually attracted to all women, they tell me, they just get caught up in the dominant paradigm as i gather women do too. Oh that makes me really pissed off…

      • Oh I hate that!!!
        I know a guy who is quite frank about the fact that petite blond women are his only type.
        It’s soooo obvious.

        I think…. JERK! Do you think you are the only eejit who’s had that programed into them? You think that is an original thought!

        • do you think it could be primal in some ways too tho? Obviously not the actual clothes sizes that’s obviously some kind of fuqd up sports illustrated victoria’s secret kind of brainwashing but the small stature might be what makes them feel more dominant? And therefore more masculine? In a non-thinking deep seated law of the jungle kind of way? And don’t get me wrong I aint sayin it’s right, just wondering if there’s more to it than we might be giving them credit for.

          • Oh, ya, totally.
            But that’s kinda why it bugs me….

            For sure I have my own stuff/issues, as I used to be very petite and aint anymore…

            But really, anybody can like whoever they like, I was frustrated with him, because he acted like he was expressing an exotic personal preference, when really, guys who like tiny blonds are pumped out of the factory…common..
            Which actually, kind of leads toward your point.
            But c’mon men…challenge yourself…like some imperfect “types”, focus on the more exotic non-fembot features…
            But apologies- lok like what you look like…if you are petite and blonde- know that it is my personal bias that is making me critical…
            I’m also feeling like crap today, very trapped and grotty. Not really giving anyone credit, including myself. Sorry…

          • Yes, like most women want a man taller than they are I guess. It’s hard. There’s so much stuff about fashion mags peddling unrealistic images but TBH I feel like all the food mags are peddling unrealistic images too. Like to be happy you should be whipping up fantastic gourmet meals all the time, when the truth is very few people can eat that way and maintain a healthy weight.

          • Yes Blackstar, and then you don’t a get choice in the end really… My hub wanted to fall in love with an exotic looking girl who loves cooking (like him) and instead he got me (who isn’t that). *Sigh* years of attempting to fit myself into the fembot dominant paradigm only to be shot down.. Just kidding, but I do empathise and the glut of images of porn style blondes around is totally depressing in so many ways.. I resent the girl’s in my fam growing up and taking this in.

          • yeh absolutely whatevs… obviously they would feel more powerful if they can throw the woman around and apparently so much about male biological drive is about power… I have another theory as i could not get to sleep last night, and its a bit crass, so forgive me, I thought that it was possibly small dick men that assume being with a small woman means theyll have a small snatch, which as an experienced lover of snatches, I know not to be true… mind you i did never make love to a size 6 or less, when I was growing up size 10 was mostly the smallest size for women and now its teh biggest, this is quite fuqed up, and as a larger woman, directly effects my life, as now everyone assumes Im huge, but im just not tiny… Amazonian, volupuous, powerful women are also loved by men… fuq the dominant paradigm

          • Meh – my uncles, all between 6’2″ and 6’6″ all have TINY wives. 5′ nothing. I however loom around at 6′ even. Not many men are taller than moi, and I wear high heels. I figure if a man is only attracted to someones physical manifestation, they’re not worth my effort! Small and blonde? Thats fine – whats the personality like? I’ve never even particularly wanted to be smaller than I am – the advantages are beyond belief and I love my height! Plutonic Gem I am with you – bugger the paradigm, I am more than that! Actually this relates back to the previous post…. lol

    • I can’t beleive that crap still goes on, isn”t that old world stuff? – Yuk and highly inappropriate for 2010

    • This is infuriating and the same reason I want to write a column called FuqMenopause that will address the saggy, crippling, impotent, ugly things that happen to men as they age (not to be mean, b/c if you were my male friend or partner, I’d totally back you up and support these “changes”–maybe even be blind to them). But since I’ve been glancing over online date sites, I’ve noticed a lot of fat, bald men with beefy necks saying they require their date to be “toned.” Some even say they are looking for someone pretty!!! I consider myself fairly attractive and mildly toned, but immediately skip over jerks who say they want someone “attractive.” It would be nice if they did a few sit ups themselves and skipped the extra beer, cause it’s leaving a patchwork of red lines over their nose and cheeks (you can spot the potential alcoholics right away—look for those red lines…).

      • i know…. who do they think they are??? moreover, i cant be asked spending two seconds looking at a man, who does not have any interest in his ideal mate, outside of what she looks like! what a bunch of tossers… I know many a man who loves his woman for being smart, highly motivated, powerful, daggy, and def not fitting into the dominant norm… I only recently looked on these dating sites too, and i checked out the women also to see what kind of women have their profiles up there, and most of them I would say are quite attractive, whereas the men were rather disgusting, only the occasional good looker, who then I was immediately suspect of, imagine how much attention the 1% of good looking men on dating sites must get. I havent gone there properly so I dont know. I like the sound of your column, and of course it could be a self help thing also, but to take the pressure of women being physically perfect in the media, and point the finger at the men, but please dont do that we must feel sorry for men thing that the the patriachy tends to do. even though i do feel sorry for them myself sometimes..

        • Plutonic gem…it’s not their fault most of the time, it’s
          conditioning & what has been drip fed over the last 30 +
          years. They also don’t know their roles or position since
          radical feminism & tend to do ‘get even’ stuff. They are very simple
          creatures even cats are more complicated.
          As a bodyworker i actually get asked ‘what do you wear’ or
          ‘what do you look like’….immediatley they’re vetoed.
          Funny i used to quip ‘tutu & army boots’ but that’s a far out
          fashion now…hahah. I also answer ‘it’s the way i make you FEEL,
          not what i look like’. This is learned behaviour from them unfortunatley.
          This online dating bizzo has had them thinking they can place
          an order & it will be fulfilled….poor sods.
          Goddess grant me patience with them
          but please be quick.
          If i meet a tall-big man socially, my thoughts turn to how much he would cost
          to feed as i’m a slim blonde useless chef with small appetite :-)

          • smile… thanks for the insight and pep talk… i do get very disappointed at times… and have a lack of empathy……. frustrated!

          • I think men are very linear and simple. Only a few are more complex. I tend to be drawn to “complex” but have learned that complex does not equal good. Not all the time, that’s for sure.

            I have a son and I realize that even though he’s very smart and sweet and all sorts of positive things, he is also very linear and “black or white.” Very literal. So if men’s magazines only feature a certain type of woman, then they will pick up on that cue and be sort of programmed about it. Although, the men in my family tend to go for brunettes.

  12. Ditto re the breasts – real they look precioussss. Sumptuous. And the collarbone. Great shot reminds me of whatshername audrey – you know… sherilyn fenn? Boxing helena? Scheming re the buying of freedom. Neptune and chiron have stopped messing with the Aqua so I no longer have to scheme alone. Thank god my co-pilot is back from the weird zone. Is no longer naysaying and vague – I mean the last thing you need is an aqua losing their mojo. Is like living with a dazed mute alien. So much easier for the Libra to scheme with as opposed to without.

    • LOL. Dazed mute alien is right!

      AquaGirl got it on with the scissors last night after fighting me all summer with grand declarations that she as gonna grow long hair (her hair grows at snail’s pace and she fights a wicked cowlick on crown –the perfect “halo” for Her Wierdness).

      Anyway, last night she showed up with shaggy chopped hair and a new declaration that she had to cut it off coz “golden retrievers don’t have long hair”.

      • We don’t have a family dog, so she’s decided she’s the family dog. Big dog angst every day here.

        • ok now I’m counting my blessings he’s a man and not a teenage girl (have I got that bit right?). Hormones + aqua would be surreal!

          • Girl is only 8, but I’ve been put on notice about the hormone years. Surreal is probably about right: she’s already angry she’s not a boy so I’m really looking forward to her stunned face when she finds out yes, that blood shows up every month… Remember NOT being happy about my “womanhood” emergence back in the day. Most likely the apple won’t fall far from the tree.

            But maybe she’ll still be dog then. And our dialogue will have devolved into just barking at one another ;-)

  13. Well, I am officially out of it. I ‘ave been over Saturn-Pluto whatevered.

    I’m done.
    Totally F’d.
    I am just twitching and darting my eyes side to side.

  14. I am so everything, whatevs. If I had any money, I would get a reading. But literally *EVERYTHING* in my chat- haha- I typo’d heart….is heavily aspected.
    If you look at the transit chart, it’s all on top of mine…..

    I feel like gridlock on top of a deer caught in the headlights wrapped in a muscle spasm.

    • I suppose so, but it happens every month, so it’s a bit like getting one’s period. Lol.

      Better yet, your PROGRESSED Moon arcing over your ascendant.

  15. Hehehe.

    I haven’t done any progreses stuff before…

    But I looked at my chart and I actually had Mars exact conjunct Neptune when I wrote that.

    Well, still

  16. This Venusian transit through Scorpyness has matched the arc of my No.2 10 month’s old transition from baby to biting, crawling, investigating machine. He is a Scorp Rising.

    I don’t know what happened. One minute we were all co-sleepy-breast-feedy-mummy-lovin’, next I have a miniature commando (who no matter what I do is refusing my mammarian expression of nurturing).

    I feel rejected! Abandoned! And my hormones are freakin’.
    He is a Scorp Rising but a Cappy Sun/Merc/Venus/Pluto/NN. I think this Cap Moon has solidified his ambitions. He is not looking back..

    • wow … that must be hard… im not a mum, but i live with my sister and her 7 month old and 7yr old, and the baby is still at the suckling co-sleeping through the night stage, plus wants to stand up at every chance and subsequently could fall over and bang head, so said mum is not only sleep deprived she is constantly on guard all day…. i ended up asking grandma to come over today, I have final assessments of a degree thats taken me 7 years, and am STRESSED to the max and not the best help for my sister right now… even trying to talk to said sister about that almost started a ball breaking battle… Sorry to change the subject from you andro… I think what prompted me is hearing you talk about baby issues… looks like you will have a very successful child, not that that helps the hormones and rejection…

      • Thanks PG, have really hit a wall, no words to describe the last month… Happily the transition means he isn’t as interested in waking up all night for a feed! It was a total shock to be rejected though, was intending to breastfeed till he was two or something I suppose. Plus we are all sick and expressing while you have a fever is another kind of torture, especially when he rejects that too!
        Your poor sis, it’s soooo hard. But tell her it will pass and to enjoy as much her cute baby as much as possible!
        I can’t imagine being so stressed about your final assessments with a little baby around, they require three adults to care for just one imho. Best of luck with your studies, sounds amazing!

        • Andromeda, your’e doing good, it’s sooo brave to give birth
          & your hormones must go completly awol.
          Just congratulate yourself for a job well done.
          I could have never breastfed in a million years, specially
          And in the past, there was a whole TRIBE to share the children.
          not just one. Royality had wet-nurses to do it so adverse were they
          to such intimacy.
          Indian Baby Massage is wonderous for…..babies?
          It was customary for amah’s (the help) to put their mouths
          on little boys thingies to quiet them. It was outlawed the last 50 years, but
          heard it worked a treat!
          Not suggesting…….ooops!
          Mama Magic aka Taurean Alchemist with 5 of the
          little darlings could be a great support to you & likes to commune with
          Myst’s followers & has great MotherHood advice.
          Bon Courage x

          • Ha ha, ‘specially babies’?! And what are you feeding otherwise!?
            Yes, apparently Queen Vic saw her babies every three months or less for half an hour. She said there was nothing uglier than an undressed baby and dressed baby was still pretty awful.

            My mum’s family are related by culture and her anglo-irish mother only learned mothering through a book (written in the 30’s, eek!). Mum was so hungry she cried all the time, so Nana put her in a room at the other end of the house…so awful. Esp. as touch so important to babes as you point out.

            TA seems like an original Gaia Woman, loads to learn from here. I love intimacy and babies, learning to guide a young person is another cup of tricky.
            But thanks, I am proud of doing as well as I could, it’s much harder than people tell you. Xx.

        • ~He is not looking back..~

          lol…could be with all that Cap. Nice for Mamacita that she will get a bit more nite time rest tho.

          Moon in Cap today so my Moon in Cap day too! Just a real nice SEVEN AND A HALF hour massage day. Yikes. Five of those hours are straight thru.

          ~It ain’t fittin’. It just ain’t fittin’~ (Hattie, Gone With the Wind)

          • Lol, can just see you muttering ‘it ain’t fittin” on your way to the massage room.. How can you do five hours straight through?? That’s beyond exhausting, no?

            Saturn squaring his lil’ Pluto right now, will gradually go hard on the rest of his chart, poor thing is teething all at once..

  17. Star iq daily scopes says that today will have a strange air about it. So true. Not only did I wake from yet another astral trip this morning (one of many since all this Scorping), noticed people behaving very aggressively all morning. There is def. this wierd edge to my environment.
    And for some strange reason I feel hopeful about getting back with my ex – and I havent even heard from him yet! Maybe it’s crazy, but I dont care. I just feel his vibes again. : )
    She has magnificent boobs.

  18. i know this is the pot calling the kettle black right (as a ramzilla), but seriously, i find the drivers on the road more insane in when moon is in cap than moon in aries .. a woman nearly took myself and children out on the road today and as for the trucks going up to the national park . .whoa..i’m not a drinker but i feel like a scotch or maybe a gin sling ! so totally agree on the agression out there – we will be playing safely at home for the rest of the day.

  19. For one so ordinarily distracted by fascinations in a such a broad range I have been highly focussed this cappo moon.

    Does it include walking away from fuqwits midsentence?
    Normally am too polite for this but yesterday this dude got chatting to me and the moment I heard the sound of someone blowing his own trumpet , and not hitting any high notes, I just got up out of the chair and walked out of the room.
    Cappo moon is like mission moon and am glad to say this month, mission accomplished!
    Rest tomorrow

  20. My home printer is not working so had to draw up some “offical” letters to send off the the Internal Revenue Service and then print off of Doc’s lap top. Had to do it two nights in a row after work as found typo’s this morning after the first one.

    Trans Moon will be conjunct mine tomorrow and those little suckers will be in the mail tomorrow. Enough Cap already!! Like being on a three day drunk (of yucky responsibilities)

    • Oh, and of course with the Moons being in 8th, it’s all about THEIR money and how they’re going to get more of MY money. What’s a girl to do? Pay her taxes? pfffft