Behind His Piscean Teen Idol Goobly Gaze…

Behind the suitably Piscean goobly gaze of teen idol Justin Bieber lurks a canny capitalist.

Obviously aware that fame can be fleeting, he’s got his people developing a line of products that, frankly, i want: Holographic nail varnish and scent infused dog and cat collars.  Genius.

He’s got Pluto Rising in Scorpio – always excellent for hypnotizing the masses, the Sun conjunct Saturn (that’s a little bit old beyond his years and maybe even a tad melancholy, yes?) and Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn/the $$$ sector: Killer biz instincts.

He could be like the next Armani.

Oh and how much i want holographic nail varnish aside, Pluto Rising in Scorpio means you’re real inscrutable. The power of discretion and self-control.

46 thoughts on “Behind His Piscean Teen Idol Goobly Gaze…

  1. Oh those poor little pooches and pussy-cats.
    No doubt they’ll be subjected to the fumes of synthetic fragrance-fakery, wafting out of those collars.
    btw- why is this kid wearing more kohl than Cleopatra?

    • I agree..For me there is not one bit of sexy nor does he have an alluring persona. This one I just don’t get!

  2. Creepy, plastic, scary mary!

    Just what will the animal think of the scent & it will be Scent
    not Essential Oils…they haven’t been proven to work holistically
    with animals. If fact many are allegic to them.
    A clean animal, same as a human with good diet, has a great smell.

    OOO just read Margi & WeatherGirl…..hahahah touche & snap :-)
    Great minds think alike……

    • I love the smell of cat fur … it’s the loveliest most comforting of smells (well, when the cat is well adjusted and cared for). Can’t say I’m a fan of dog hair tho – not the texture nor the doggy scent

        • Dunno, a trine I guess. I’m never much sure on the relative importance of angles over planets, but I guess you treat it the same as any other trine.
          OR, we could come up with a name/character to associate with it, like … Something to do with trigonometry I think, like um, hypotenuse? Or oblique. Oblique I think, you could be (insert planet) oblique.

        • hey prowln, … “trine is a harmonious aspect, the planets involved work together in a complementary fashion, enriching one another. Trines show where our natural talents lie, whether we actually make use of them or not is up to us. ” courtesy of astrodeinst.

          And I so agree with you re a feline’s smell – it’s distinct btwn cats, eg my female is musky cf my alphaboy but both divine.

  3. Doesn’t he look maufactured, like BRED to be a celeb.all the way.
    Another “Paris Hilton’….

    Anyways just want to tell you if reading your followers, Myst, that you
    are The Most Tuned in Personages that i know, the other Space
    Commander happens to be Aquaman. So it’s the Aquarian Rising.

    Ha, welllllll Age of Aquarius ‘n All

    My Libran Moon is sending me to the art shop to get my first Rotring, Rapidiograph
    pen since foreva, like since Tahiti (the colours there). And 3 size nibs, whilst Moon in
    Virgo for eyeing the details of
    A .2 nib is ultrafine, seriously fine. And 3 ink colours. Then the next week the special
    paper shop. I feel another ‘Mask’ coming on. Maybe finish the sketches that have been
    done over that time.
    This is an investment purchase.
    Xcited beyond. Art Shops & Perfumers. Think i’ve died & gone to Heaven. True.

  4. No i think he’s really cunning. Right now he is doing this look and he’ll keep morphing as he matures. It’s all deliberately crafted. he has researched vintage donny osmond

    yes you’d want the scent infused collars to be essential oils – i was thinking something like lemongrass to deter fleas.

    • you don’t reckon he’ll A. end up a train smash or B. evaporate as he ages & will actual tween stardom – & actually become credible?

      does he have stage parents managing his brand / licensing products bearing his monicker?

      BTW the fashion snapper mentioned in an earlier post – bought DOG PERFUME back from the Paris shows YEARS ago. It sits on my desk. it’s called ‘Oh my Dog’ – & has the BEST bottle / packaging. made by someone called Dog Generation …. as they do in Paris.

      AS for scented collars – sorry – my girl prefers au naturale & gets about in the nude!

      Humanising animals is a bit of a worry …..

      • He’s only six years older than my granddaughter. She’s 9 and not into him or was into Hannah Montana, etc., but he’s not doing anything any different than Mylie or Selena Gomez, etc. He’s just a kid to me and I say have fun.

        Love his smokey eyes :)

        I loved David Cassidy when I was a very young teen (and pre teen I think…) I mean I was nuts about him. Heard that JB’s Mom very strict about who influences him. I’ve seen her on interviews and she appears to have her head screwed on straight.

  5. He’s done up like a prom queen. He’s kind of giving off effeminate MJ vibes too don’t you think?

  6. hmm. He doesn’t even look like an appealing baby dyke, like Leonardo Da/Di Caprio used to. In an unaffected way. I agree with the others, bit creepy.

    • too busy scenting canines & felines it seems ….. Angel maybe ‘your people’ should talk with ‘his people’ ? ? ?

      maybe pitch the reality show ?

      Behind the scenes brainstorming new products?
      infused water for pet parrots? tank accessories for terrapins? Zen art for Hamster cages? piped music for mice?

      of course there’s the Bieber wig – contract Donald Trump to be the face, UM, Head for the Bieber hair piece?

      the pitch might have legs eh?

      • Ha, hmmm I’m vibing you are somewhat skeptical of the Bebe there Rockstar. Surely you don’t think it’s all a shallow construction of a fame industry looking to use up and spit out any slightly talently sappy looking patsy who comes their way? If that boy is in control of his current look then who cares if he is a genius, because he is also a fool for being complicit in selling that kind of look as real/expected/something to aspire to.
        (I never liked NKOTB either)

  7. I don’t know if I like him or not, but I will be interested to see where he goes. He’s a smooth little operator alright. Piscean, eh? Interesting.

    • Slippery little suckers.
      Pisceans I mean.
      My dad is one – he has the most amazing ability to not have his personality defined, like trying to define him feels like sand slipping through your fingers. Love him to bits :)
      I wonder if JB is the same?

      • Yes my dad is too… He’s horrible and wonderful all at once.
        A friend of his once said to a group of people, “Er, have you all met Vincent? Good, because it would be hard to explain otherwise…”.
        A truer word ne’er spoken.

  8. I cannot abide JB or many of the other tween “talent” being inflicted on us lately – the Jonas Brothers come to mind. Really nauseatingly manufactured to the extreme. Makes me want to gag.

  9. I don’t think he designed or any product himself. I think he was produced by his mom and agents. He probably had very little to say in matter. Especially when you sign a record contract your opinion means nothing anymore. They own you.

  10. Whatever you think about JB, imho he embodies Pluto rising purely in his eyes alone. They look scary eternal to me.

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