Astro-Charlie Sheen: A Virgo W.T.F?

Trashed Charlie Sheen coke and hooker tabloid headline

“Around 2 a.m. on Oct. 26, Sheen was removed by police from his suite at the Plaza Hotel, which had suffered a reported $7,000 worth of damage. NYPD sources told reporters that he was found naked, and admitted to having been drinking and taking cocaine.

The woman he was with, who had locked herself in the bathroom in fear for her safety, later said she was offended by reports calling her a prostitute: in fact, she is a porn star.

The next day, Sheen’s spokesman explained that the incident had been caused because “Charlie had an adverse, allergic reaction to some medication…”

What IS it with Charlie Sheen?

I feel as if he’s been at it for decades now, sex scandal after sex scandal:  his early talents & hotness swamped in a deluge of Uber-Dur decisions and Neptunian substances.

AND HE IS A VIRGO!!!!  Yes, the sign of discriminating choices, prudence, health consciousness and suave intellect.

What is going on here? Well, he’s still witty and he is still in work. A lot of actors wouldn’t be, with his carry-on. Is is that he’s from an old Hollywood fam? Or is he super work ethical when he’s actually at work and he just plays hard?

His Astro holds some clues, naturally:

* Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto in the 5th House. Okay, so he is actually insanely creative and talented. Sun in the 5th House alone is a potent performance vibe. Coupled with the outer-planet heft of Pluto and Uranus, the dude could be a generational icon.  He needs a lot of artistic outlet. Like a stadium, every night. To direct. Grand scale living.

* Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. Whenever there is sleaze afoot (drugs, sex addiction, gambling etc) Mars-Neptune is oft around. There is a haute version of this aspect for sure but the lower Mars-Neptune (especially in men) can’t keep his snout out of the Neptunian substances and has super warped boundaries.

* Gemini Rising and Moon in Saggo: the party combo; escapism central and the lowest boredom threshold in the history of the world. Gemini Rising means that if the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice etc doesn’t take him out, he’ll keep his youthful vibe well through until Uranus Return.

Here’s Charlie in the olden days, when he was still a contender and a gorgeous G.Q. Cover Boy:

Charlies Sheen hot in the 80s

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55 thoughts on “Astro-Charlie Sheen: A Virgo W.T.F?

  1. Gross. Low Virgo. I don’t care how creatively talented be Mr Sheen, he is still utterley distasteful, completely sleazy, super ewwww and lets down Team Virgo. Yeuuuucchhhh.

      • Guys you are so harsh! I find Charlie amusing. And LiLo should get cut more slack too (as pointed out below). At least she is honest about her life not being glamourous.

        I partied extremely hard in my twenties (well not as hard as him nor as destructively) and I have a virgo sun. Gemini moons like to party tho.

        I have been extremely disciplined for the last eleven years though and achieved much.

        Funny, on the 1st Nov 2010 i had just achieved some goals after hard work and discipline. I wanted urgently to drink lots lots, and talk and laugh and not be disciplined for a few hours. Alas , it was Monday night! Mates all having an early nite! Then I open mystic’s blog and there’s charlie doing whatever he wants. Had to laugh. Went home and poured drinks, played records, singing at the top of my lungs like a teenager. Did the trick. And didn’t get arrested. =)

  2. “The woman he was with, who had locked herself in the bathroom in fear for her safety, later said she was offended by reports calling her a prostitute: in fact, she is a porn star.

    Crucial difference, bless porn stars with semantics issues.

  3. crap. lol, I am slightly horrified at the amount of planet similariles…

    ‘lowest boredom threshold in the whole world’

    totally. if I had no saturn god knows what 7 drugs would be holding this arse up

  4. Charlie Estevez was in ROOKIE with Eastwood, just saw on weekend – HOT!!

    1. 2 Men & Boy Wardrobe mistresses H.A.T.E him – have you seen what they make him wear? Worst Wardrobe Ever.

    2. he’s in top – if not the top – TV earner on the planet

    3. network has no fall back hit show so continually bail him out

    4. if he was female he wouldn’t be so Teflon – the public would be cruel vs forgiving

    5. How come Li-Lo does time after time YET he gets bail after bail – gender & star status no doubt = not fair!

    6. Cant wait for Famous Porn Star spoof on the incident

    7. how come not a friend or wife or bonk or someone has told him HE HAS THE WORST WARDROBE ON TV

    ps oddly he’s kinda cute despite overt foibles ………

    ppss whatever happened to his Bro Emilio ?

    • i hearted emilio for most of my adolescent years – repo man especially – him AND harry dean stanton in the same film GOLD. He directs now. And yes, I concur charlie has some kind of charm even if he’s all kinds of wrong in some ways.

  5. sounds like his mars-neptune combo is beating his virgo. Mind you the drug problem virgos I have met are super orgainsed and treat drug taking like a job.

    we are sending lohan and paris to jail whats wrong with 80s party boys?

    • Charlio Estevez has on his side

      1. being male
      2. being hollywood royalty + everyone loves his dad – bro – him
      3. HUGE ratings / earnings
      4. a studio that’ll do ANYTHING to protect earnings, hence him ….

      Li-Lo & Paris are ditzy nobodies who no-oone’d heard of a minute ago & no-one will remember – but AGREE – not fair!

      is there a Hollywood of his gen that’s been similarly Teflon?

      • But also – from memory, they were driving when they were first caught, a big no-no! It seems if you just trash hotels (even Johnny Depp did that years ago!) you can get away with it! And remember, Rob Lowe, another 80’s icon, was an Hollywood pariah for years after a sex debacle and it also took Robert Downey Jnr ages to get his career back on track after drugly naked passing-out on neighbour’s lawn and various other drug misdemeanors …So not always the women who cop it..even though, yes, it does seem Charlie has the Hollywood backing behind him regardless of what he does…money talks…let’s see what happens next…

      • LiLo was fabulous in Mean Girls, the Parent Trap, that thing about the luck vibe..

        She really has a likeable quality on screen. I’d love to see much much more of her when she straightens out.

        Shame she fell in with idiots but I wouldn’t liken her to Paris hilton.

      • Oops typed my above comment before I read any further – they were both persona non grata for years – too big an insurance risk – maybe what you said Mystic re charlie’s Virgo work ethic is what also saves him…Logan will be back on track again, just wait…

  6. immed prior to me – Le Ram had an industry bit of fluff on the side for YEARS – which ended when I arrived as I WONT play double-dip!!

    She went to NZ to work on a film & ended up bonking Kiefer Sutherland for the duration of the shoot. She said Kiefer was dead-ringer (behaviour & looks) to Le Ram but mostly the turn on the charm factor & penchant for party perks etc,
    Kiefer sent her 1st class tix to Paris for Easter & of course didn’t front – which was always gonna happen.

    I felt sorry for her & pulled strings with top flight fashion snapper mate & scored her a couple of Paris Fashion Week shows as consolation. Like Westwood!!!!!!!

    Kiefer’s another one who plays Smash Up Derby & gets away with it.

    OK – Heather Locklier – gets away with it.
    what other Femmes of that ilk / era / perpetual fugups c/ bad habits…?

    Was gonna Say RDJ …. also Teflon & adored – tho now clean unlike the others ….

  7. Interesting his planets – demi moore went totally haywire in the 80s no-one remembers that. Courtney love gets away with… amongst other things maybe murder? Farrah fawcett went a bit mad re neptune and did that weird playboy “art” film. No one really knows about that. Kate Moss always comes up smelling of fleurs as does vile angry naomi campbell. Winona on the other hand stole a cardi and all hell broke loose. I think the thing about paris et al is that they’re not actually talented, not that talent should get you off the hook but you know, who would notice if they disappeared?

    • Yeah I often admire Kate Moss for being bad and still successful. But really I personally would feel guilty if I partied all the time. Virgo kicking in.

  8. would you say that jacket in the GQ cover is mustard or maybe just a warm yellow and my screen is wack? Just wondering….

      • mmm it’s like he was foreshadowing middle class male boomer style of the 00’s – the eyebrows are strangely alluring yet also disconcerting.

          • LOL I just thought to myself “who is michael douglas?” Funny. He’s that old guy right? Was my next thought. I just googled him and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single film he’s been in. I read wall street does that count? I’m not familiar with his pout but this post has helped me realise why boomer men dress the way they do – it’s how they dressed when they were 20 years younger. I wonder if everyone does that as they age – revert to the glory days?

  9. Apparently his cell phone & wallet was missing, reason he hit the roof.
    Pity he’s becoming a caricature of Charlie in 2 & 1/2 Men.
    Must be under huge pressures from his position. No excuse. Just really
    like him, although Emilio Estevez was more attractive in his youth, Charlie’s
    held his longer.
    He just wears what the Wardrobe Ladies hand him???

  10. Ummm *cough* Gemini Rising and Moon in Saggo here which quite frankly WAS my party combo until my Saturn return … and then it all got kinda ugly.

    I think the difference is that men get away with being a complete fuq up late into life and that women just basically put up with it. Whereas if you’re the female, men kinda don’t feel predisposed to be the nurturer for a woman over 30? There’s a lot of sex role judgement at play, and I think (probably more significant) – even the daftest, most fucked up chick over 30 has a bit more self awareness and a hellavalot more self guilting than males of the same age.

    Charlie’s just the classic spoilt brat addictive typology. He hasn’t grown up because he didn’t have to. Too much protection via money and an easy run into acting due to being a “Sheen”. He probably hasn’t had to really slog hard at anything in his life … his Virgoness probably feels huge guilt about that.

    • except that really messed up Virgos always seem to create an intellectual barrage of quite plausible and logical excuses for their behaviour. I wonder if he has food allergies or bowel complaints?

      • He probably needs to be on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet! 😀 Virgos get the rep for being all into health foods but there’s a certain rebellious subtype that is the opposite.

        • well he did have an “allergic reaction to medication”?? … prob needs to focus on the cocaine, valium, alcohol, nicotene … and THEN the gluten/dairy free thing?

          hmmm such quandries 😉

  11. bahahaha – on TV just now the quip

    ‘it’s ole 2 & a half grams’ … re that Porn/hotel NY episode.///

    P.S Prowlers – ‘Mummies boys’ aka those still umbilically tied to La Mama are same same – they don’t have to do anything. ouch!
    of they had to do things for themselves maybe they had hope prior to growing man boobs / hiring hookers / being in their 40s 50s & coke obsessed

    wake me up when it’s over lol!!

    • aren’t they all mummies boys unless they have mummies that train them properly? … I met the most wickedest of new-to-be-mums the other day. Toro. Gorgeous. Jewellery designer. Damn I wish she was my mum …

  12. OK so I just glanced at the bill clinton link and swear to god I thought it said suddenly vagina thanks to saturn. It got me thinking let me tell you. Am doing my pelvic floors as I type. Do you think that whole bizarre “phenomenon” of a large percentage of americans believing martin sheen would make a great president while he was starring in the west wing (yes really that happened) has given charlie some kind of supercharged teflon? Art imitating life / vice versa? Some kind of vicarious first family luck?

  13. I have Mars/Neptune and Saggo Moon/Rising.

    I think I probably haute the Mars/Neptune at this point, thank God. I don’t do the drink or drugs, though I have definitely struggled with it.

    So what’s the haute version? v. curious. It’s also in my first house (Cappy).

  14. I have a friend that died last may from an “allergic reaction to medication” as per her mother, but we all know it was an overdose of Oxycontin. It’s sad to see Charlie not being able to come to grips with his addiction.
    I have Mars/Neptune conjoined in the 12th. I’ve struggled with it in the past also but don’t do it anymore. It’s the only way for me.

  15. I always think of Jeremy Irons as another Virgo with a sleaze factor (in a hot kind of way).

    • But it does have something to do with Charlie Sheen in particular – I don’t love poor behaviour in anyone. Russell Crowe’s temper tantrums leave me cold.

      • Really? Russ always makes me laugh … he’s such an Aries. “Stomp on my territory and I’ll stomp on you” boofboofboof … I don’t find him unreasonable.

        • Yah- but
          I dinna like him either… his tantrums don’t bother me, but he’s got some serious Cancer action somewhere- THAT combo scares me- when Cancers fight, they go right for your jugular…. and they intuitively know right where it is.

          In him that seems dangerous….maybe he’s not grown up enough?

          That’s what I was gonna say about Sheen….. Mystics comments all seem right on- maybe when his Gemini immaturity wears thin, and he starts trying to fill stadiums instead of his ghastly inner self esteem pit……

        • I understand Russell. At the time, it must just have been so annoying to be stalked by the press. With maturity he stopped showing his temper, but at first – I so ‘get it’ that he was infuriated.

          I have Aries rising.

  16. yeah yeah… did anyone else LOVE the headline: TRASHED ie the room and Sheen.

    Sorry, geeking out over puns. It’s the Virgo moon i swear.

  17. Woman from incident on a.m. tv today. She is going to sue Sheen and going to NYPD to file charges. I think he’s carried on this women abuse behavior long enough. What was the relationship like with his own Mother I wonder.

  18. Looking at Sheen’s chart on another site, some comments have been that his Sagg Moon opposite Jupiter (great for a big mouth).

    Scorp Mars square MC/IC, strong for rage.

    And Sun opposite Saturn…issues with Father?

  19. Just re-reading this, it gives some clues re The Ex. Mars conjunct Neptune in Gemini. Sagg moon. I think He and Cs nwould be Great Pals.

  20. Just re-reading this, it gives some clues re The Ex. Mars conjunct Neptune in Gemini. Sagg moon. I think He and CS would be Great Pals.

    • Charlie has Mars and Neptune conjunct….by 8 degrees I think 😯

      He really does need help and I’m not enjoying seeing this melt down. Sad.

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