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“..Darling mystic,

I’ve been pondering (a heavy word for such a lightweight topic i  guess) nail polish prefs for a while.

Do you think our nailpolish choices are sun sign dependent or moon (or perhaps in my case, neptune) related?  my moon is conj neptune in  scorp (and yes, EVERY astrologer i have spoken to has said something  like, oh, “ok enough said” or “let’s move on” etc etc so I GET IT!   erk!!!!)

But i’ve been wondering about my nailpolish choices lately…  from  (almost) birth i have been in love with gorgeous pearly luminescent  shades (NOT the same as frosted!)  and anything with a pearly cast (i  think the first nailpolish i ever bought was cutex’s “nightlights  blue” back in 1970 something).  My BFF who’s moon is in aries favours  (what she calls) lovely oranges and reds.  As an Aries w Aries rising,  i figured i prob would too, but they just don’t appeal!

I like the  lovely pearly opalescent ones!  Also ones with glitter, but that’s  prob just me channelling my moon/neptune slut  ;-)

any thoughts?

The Neptunian Aries

Dear Neptunian Aries,

Nail varnish is the domain of your Venus. Is she in Pisces?  Moon-Neptune is not necessarily “slutty” though of course you would have Neptunian longings (to escape, for a soulmate, for art, for Blue Devil, to transcend) and those could lead you into opalescent realms for sure. Geminis – Gemini rules hands – usually have the most fluid and chic taste in nail varnish if they use it. I once listened to a Capricorn complain for more than ten minutes straight (she was genuinely appalled) at someone who had ragged nails and non-done hands. Who does nail art and whose too scared of toulene et al to bother? Who gets excited at the vision of a new nail statement? My Gemini daughter coos fondly at the sight of a new season color story for nails and would collect nail varnish if she could. Thoughts?

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  1. I am Libra Sun: Scorp Moon: Venus in Virgo

    I have nasty looking “man hands”. The nails are clean, short but the skin is a bit ragged due to hobbies and work. When i had more of an office job, I used to take better care of my hands and polish them properly. Back then, I preferred black, dark blue, purple, silver, and dark reds with some occasional pearl or french manicure polish. These days I’m staying away from polish that needs remover and is not water based when I do use polish.

  2. don’t want toulene et al so I don’t bother… but I hear there are mineral nail polishes now with soy remover… so I’m thinking about upgrading from my current ragged bitten state.

  3. As a nail polish-aholic, this is vastly interesting to me!
    My Venus is in Taurus (along with my Sun) and I LOVE nail polish in all colors but it has to be quick and easy. If my nails smudge or don’t dry quick enough I wave my hands and forget it, but mourn them the next day. I tend to like brights and pastels and anything with glitter.
    Interestingly though, my best friend (Capricorn) has her Venus in Aries and her nails are almost nonexistent. She chews them so much that they are really short and more stubs of flesh than nail. (That sounds gross. Sorry!!) Why would that be??
    I did paint her nails once (a satin black) and it was rather pathetic.

  4. I never used to care about manicures….thought it was too “girly” for me, and my hands are on the big side…I”m a tall woman!
    Now I get them fairly regularly, mostly in the interest of looking more polished and professional. I like nail polish for a few days, then it inevitably chips and drives me nuts.
    This Gemini tends to go for colors of the moment…proud to say I’m the first of my girlfriends to adopt the teal craze. :)

  5. I havent worn nailpolish for ten years, and only then it was something seemingly arty and odd that i would do, nothing to do with high nail art at all, more scrungy style… but this interests me, because i have been ala natural for so long now, and only in the last week and a half have i secretly been thinking about getting toenails done (black or something, what is the high fashion colour of toenails at the mo – teal??? i like) im really attracted to having manicured toes at the moment to the degree im disappointed i havent done it for a friends party in two nights time… anyway i know toes arent hands and no nobodies gonna touch these lovely gemini fingers!

  6. Get an instant headache if I paint my fingernails so only paint my toenails – usually hot pink or fire engine red. Scorpy Venus.

    My Cappy daughter loves black, midnight blue, goth green or.. pearl sans pink (if you know what I mean). She has Cappy Venus.

    We don’t actively hunt down nail polish but an eclectic little herd has gathered in the bathroom and we like to bond in the garden painting each others nails on lazy afternoons…

  7. Aww that’s supercute bluelib!

    Venus in Cancer. As I used to play cello and piano I could never have my nails done. Nothing worse than short bright red nails like my teacher sported imho.

    Had my nails done as a french manicure, which I rather liked as it looks clean.
    Have had synthetics also, which I almost liked but found rather dirty really. My own nails aren’t strong or pretty enough to really decorate I feel.

    And the smell is just really heinous, I get headaches every time I get my hair done, so that’s enough salon headache for me.

    Can’t do it at home as I get really impatient and stuff it up. Every time!!

  8. Leo sun, sagg moon, venus in virgo.
    I have beautiful hands, thin long fingers. My hands and feet are my body parts I’m most proud of. xP I have literally always had long nails. I -hate- having short nails. My mom would always nag me when I was young that my nails were too long. I’ve had many people ask if I had fake nails, and I’ve never had and never will use fake nails. Regarding nail polish, I love having my nails polished but I paint em once then don’t bother to paint them again until the paint’s pretty much worn off by itself. I’m lazy ;p I have also always loved dark nail polishes. When I was 7 or so I would look at my mom’s nail polishes and pine to paint them dark; my mom wouldn’t let me. Now, I have a couple nail polishes but not many. I have black, dark purple, dark red/maroon and grass green. I love grass/kelly green in anything, so yeah. I also love metallic nails, especially gold and silver. Bright red is fantastic too, but I prefer the dark colors.
    My mom is a Gemini and wears pretty much only pink nail colors. She still will not buy me dark nail polishes. ;p She has pretty hands but always has troubles with her nails constantly breaking.

  9. Mine break all the time too! Very weak…also why I always keep them short.

    Is that a Gem thing?

  10. I certainly see the Gemini correlation to hands! My Gem mother has the most striking hands and nails I have ever seen. (with nails hard as rocks too!) Thankfully, I have been blessed with her DNA and can grow what look like fake nails easily. But I’m not too sure of my Cancerian venus controlling my polish taste… I do prefer cool colors (blue, green), and always have attributed my love of silver and red polish to my flashy Leo sun. Do all water sign venuses like cool colors as opposed to warm?

  11. libra sun, capricorn moon, virgo venus
    i have a love/hate afair with nail polish. i absolutely adore when my nails are long and painted intense red but nail polish makes them breakable so… i tend to stay away from that. but when i do paint them it’s always an intense shade of red. so pretty, so sexy :) that or french manicures. i am very girly like that – long hair, long nails, dresses and high heels
    other than that, i couldn’t care less about weird colors, fake nails or fancy art nail. to me, it just looks odd.

  12. Virgo Sun • Libra Venus • Aquarius Moon • Aries Rising
    I feel like I don’t exactly vibe über-femme (thanks to that Aries ascendant?) so doing my nails is one of those things that helps me feel like I’m channeling the more Venusian. Hues of blue ranging from midnight to regal sapphire to electric futurist or nebulous & inky purples make up my colour palette, almost always with a deep sheen — though not metallic. I also enjoy experimenting with layering my colours, blue french tips, and using a sponge technique for a gradient effect. It’s nice to be pampered & have someone else do them, but quite frankly I can do them just as well on my own.

    All that said, if I’m wielding thunder — AKA playing bass — or hyper-focusing on a messy art project the nails are easily sacrificed. I’ll cut ‘em short and/or let ‘em get chipped as necessary.

  13. Libra Sun, Libra Venus, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising. I LOVE pearlescent nail polish, pale shades suit me, dark ones look dreadful. But, sadly, my nails don’t like nail polish. They crack, peel and break off if I use nail polish so I just leer enviously at others with gorgeous nails.

  14. That gluggy silica drink + the clarins hand cream = amazing nails but you have to be disciplined and apply the cream all the time and drink the glug 2x a day.

    NO nail philosophy other than that CLEAN is essential and the beautiful thing about nail fashion is that you can change it with such ease. You are only mani-pedi away from a whole new look. Having said that the dark grungy and greige shades tend to only look good on chanel models in particular and men like bright + classic

  15. Gemini sun /cancer venus/aries moon/sag rising Generally have short nails from breaks due to sewing, gardening and art projects. Long nails on me show lack of productivity. I hate how my nails feel when varnished because when I wake up in the morning am instantly aware of a kind of numbness on each finger-tip!
    Toe-nails, on the otherhand are painted fortnightly in a pearly “full moon” white. No numbness detected!

    • yep re: numbness lia! Its like someone is just pressing down ever so slightly on every nail – not nice.

  16. Venus in capricorn.
    Ive never been into painting fingernails. It always looks trashy on me and gets chipped or grows out and I cant be bothered with upkeep.
    On the other hand, Ive always painted my toenails. For a long time I went for pearlescent whites and silvers or purples (nothing else would do). But in the last couple of years Ive gotten into old-school fire engine red.
    Im not into changeing it. I just use a bottle until it runs out.

    • Me too! I’m a Venus in Capricorn too and I can’t bear painted fingernails that are anything but perfect. One chip or less than perfect gloss and I want to die, so I just don’t do it. Funnily enough I’m not particularly worried about the state of my hands/nails generally, it’s just the anti-trash nail varnish thing.

      Toe nails are a completely different matter. Mine are always painted – sometimes it’s necessary to conceal a blackened toe nail from hiking! But perhaps it’s just that my feet are far enough away I can’t see the imperfections in the nail polish.

  17. Gem sun, Toro Venus, Moon in Cap: no manicure. Forced to have one once by Aqua sis, french. Liked it but never have the time to sit down and wait for it to dry.

  18. I’ve always painted my own nails and just recently I discovered non-toxic nailpolish by Priti. MM, I hope you don’t mind me posting the link?

    It’s just like normal nailpolish in terms of finish, durability etc. LOVE it! At the moment all my nails are a lovely dark coral colour.

  19. wow thanks for the info on non-toxic polishes guys! i kinda succumbed to the dominant paradigm and bought opi since giving in to chanel no. 5 perfume (hung for a lion as a lam – RAM?) after years of abstinence sometimes i just have to let the girly thing out (venus in taurua, you understand) i don’t paint my fingernails much ‘cos they chip and split etc, but a pedi is essential!!

    and lol, thx mystic, forgot about gemini and hands! my partner is a gem and whenever there is a tangle of cords/chains (no, not in THAT way!) anything that needs a bit of patience (yes, i know i have none) he is fab at spending the time and untangling stuff intuitively

  20. Venus in gem… and I really can’t be bothered (have convinced myself I don’t have time?) to wait for nailpolish to dry. Not being able to use my hands as normal drives me bonkers.

    I used to paint them quite a lot, trying to stop nailbiting, but since achieving that via knitting instead… I really don’t have the patience.

  21. Venus in Aries, moon in Gemini, Pisces sun, Kataka rising, multiple-conjunct Capricorn (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus)

    I’m hand-obsessed and a varnish collector (all colors, but leaning primarily towards muddy and cool shades! And mostly colors with no shimmer), and my hands are also easily the most attractive part of my body. I spend quite a bit of time getting them to look the way they do (varnish, lotion, you name it, I do it) but they look just fine on their own. That’d be closer to me exhibiting Gemini-ness than, say, Ariean low-maintenance, gut-happy gungho? On the other hand I can’t stand it when either my or someone else’s varnish has chipped (yes, even clear) and I go out of my way to keep my hands perfectly groomed.

  22. The only time I ever wear polish is when I am dressed to the nines, which is rare indeed. I invariably choose transparent soft pinkish nudes and pencil a little white under the finger and toe nail tips to give a fresh, clean look with just a little shine. I cannot abide chips and usually remove the polish within a few days.

    Although I rarely polish my nails, I am scrupulous about keeping them clean, smooth, and well-shaped, as is my MegaLibra hubby. We have nail files by the sofa, bed, desk, as well as in both baths. I also buff my nails when the mood strikes me. I love that satiny look!

    (Kataka Sun and Venus;Libra Moon, Aries Ascendant; Gemini Mercury)

  23. Gemini sun/ venus in cancer. I like the idea of having perfectly shaped, beautifully painted nails, but sadly thats not so! I work in the kitchen, so no nail polish except for special occasions. Favorite nail polish colors are all the vampy ones; think black, dark red, dark purple etc. or something completely sheer and neutral. This post reminds me that I should take better care of my nails!

  24. LOOOVEEE nail polish! Creams, shimmer, glitter, dark, bright, whatever! Right now I’m rocking this purple/bronze/green shimmery…trio-chrome!
    I HATE when it starts to look shabby. Also prefer my painted nails to be short.

    Pisces Sun, Sag Moon conj Saturn, Cap Venus, Aries Rising

  25. Venus in Scorpio, Scorpio Rising
    Love deep blood red, true reds and dark vampy Chanel plums and purple blacks.
    I don’t wear polish all the time just when going out at night.
    Sun in Virgo is too practical, pragmatic to wear during the week while organizing, cleaning and creating art.

  26. venus in leo– if i could get a manicure every week, i would. but i can’t afford to so instead i try to paint my nails myself when i have time, tho i’m wayy to impatient to do that, so then my nails end up getting smudged anyway. right now my nails are plain, gross, and bitten, but in my ideal world they would be manicured a beautiful shade of pink/cherry red/cranberry/lilac. ohh well =p

  27. Pisces Sun, Aquarius moon and rising, Venus in Aries… I like the IDEA of nail polish, hate the reality. Too much of a pain, keeps me from using my hands, and I don’t like chipped polish (although my hands are always a mess of hangnails and dry skin). I hate long nails (on anyone, but particularly me) – they strike me as both impractical and rather disgusting. I cut my nails with clippers as soon as they start to show white.

    When I do polish my (still-short) nails, I heartily dislike pinks and most reds, and prefer blacks, whites, weird neutrals (I did buy and use a few bottles of grey and taupe last season, when I could be bothered), bright colours not found in nature, and metallics – silver, not gold.

  28. OK, this is probably too much information, but us Tauruean males have nail issues too. Of course a Taurus prizes his hooves, which he uses to stomp on the earth with all his vigor. But this leads to problems. I’ve had multiple surgeries on my feet and toes, I think I lost count at about 10 surgeries.
    Now my most recent hoof improvement has been my toenails. My dermatologist pointed out I had fungi nails and prescribed a 3 month course of systemic antifungal pills that kill the fungi off from the inside out. And oh it works like a charm (if it doesn’t kill your liver by accident). The only problem is, you have to wait a year for the nail to grow out, before your old disgusting nails are finally gone.
    So now it’s been like a year and a half and I’m still waiting for that final few millimeters of grubby nail to finish growing out. I must have the slowest growing big toenails on earth. I try to cut them to the quick, and it is just impossible. It will take ages before I finally have perfect toenails, maybe just in time for next summer. In the meantime, my big toenails are so jagged, they just cut holes in my socks. My expensive jogging socks are just cut to shreds and destroyed.
    Well, I suppose it could be worse. I hear that the new fad with long distance runners is to have your toenails surgically removed, permanently. I considered that.. for about a half second, then I cringed.

    • So impressed you did something about it Charles,
      coz soooo many men ignore their toenails.
      Am always impressed by a man that has groomed
      nails on toes & feet.

      • I wear sandals a lot in summer, so it did bother me. It also helped that the drug went generic and a course of treatment cost $12 for 3 months. But my toenails weren’t really so bad, it was a question whether or not I should treat it at all. But a vain Venusian Taurus will be rather concerned about his hooves.

        But you’d probably be unimpressed by my nails. When I was young, I used to study classical guitar. That required long nails on my right hand, to pluck the nylon strings, and short nails on the left so I could press my fingertips into the frets. I was always chipping my nails and I had to carry an emery board with me to do emergency repairs. But I had to quit after I had an accident that almost cut off my right index finger. I have a hideous scar, if you look for it.
        I pretty much lost dexterity in my finger, so I switched to electric guitar. I can barely hold a guitar pick, but I bash away anyway. My right hand fingers are always scarred and red from bashing into the strings. But oh my left hand.. The pressure on my fingertips from hitting the strings causes calluses so thick, I sometimes have to whittle them down with a knife. I sometimes have red blood blooms under the tips. They say you can tell a stringed instrument player in an autopsy even after there’s nothing left but bones, there are dents in the tips of the finger bones.

  29. Venus in Gemini. I’ve bitten my fingernails right down for as long as I can remember. I tried growing them last year but they just annoyed me – got in the way, and they got dirty and needed cleaning all the time. If you don’t have any nails, you can’t get dirt stuck under them! Plus I kept accidentally scratching myself. The only thing they were useful for was opening cans. I have been known to paint my toenails though – usually rose pink or sparkly blue.

  30. Kinda makes sense-

    Aqua venus… I like my hands to be practical, not with big long claws….but I will occasionally paint my nails a funky colour no-one else has…..

  31. Yes! My Gemini daughter is obsessed with her nails and their color, which she must think about for a very long time (going back and forth, scrubbing wrong colors off and starting over…and over again). Just this morning she banged into my room (this is normal, she always bangs in) and disappeared into my bathroom. When I finally dragged myself out of bed to go get ready I discovered my floor littered with sneakers, socks, nail polish remover container and about five or six cotton pads soaked in remover and nail polish. A lovely aroma of toluene to greet the day. She gravitates toward blues, now so dark they are almost black. When younger, it was a pearlized sky blue.

    With my Venus in Virgo, hmmm. I don’t know if this sounds very Virgo, but I tend to only paint my toenails and switch colors all the time (can’t make up my mind to stick with one: is that mutable Virgo? b/c I can’t stay with one thing?). Overall, I guess my goto color range is in the deep red category or the purple category. Although this summer I was wearing gold. The main thing is that they look perfect;)

  32. Blue & green nail polish? As a dedicated fashion mag
    reader, have never ever seen it or in real life. Dior doesn’t
    make those colours but does have mileage, staying power
    & excellent pigmentation. My latest fave is Orly ‘Elizabeth Rose’.
    But only on toes. Or a a clear red. Inherited fab nails but work
    keeps them short for cleanliness & safety & remover wrecks them
    so buff only to high shine.
    Cream-white on toes in summer when tanned look spesh.
    Have never taken to the black-navy on hands or feet, looks a
    bit nasty to my Cappy parts.
    Muslims, btw, are obliged to have short nails for cleanliness.
    Older Chinese grew their little finger nails to use as a tool.
    Thumb nail needs to be short to scape those fuqing price
    stickers off items.
    Yellow was wild in the 70’s. Am probabley a bit behind the 8 ball

  33. Kataka Sun, Kataka Venus and I die a little when I can’t have everynewshadereleased!! My favourites are the duo-chromes and holographics, but I love the glass flecks and flakies too. I follow nail blogs and whimper over the brands and colours I can’t get. I even make art now using polish as an excuse to buy more polish! :D

    Got my first gel nails this weekend. Pink glitter tips, naturally.

  34. Venus is in Capricorn. Mannequin fingers and toes: fingernails are short, oval and natural. Toes are usually painted in a color that matches my skin.

  35. I go with friends for manis. My cap friend gets dark blue or purple and my Libra friend chose Lilac last. I buy shades from each new collection; blue from Shrek, burgundy from Burlesque, shocking pink from Essie back in the day. It’s fun and I like to have one perfect-ish thing.

  36. I can’t be stuffed with nailpolish. It doesn’t last long anyway, turns your nails yellow (when you remove the stuff), and is generally a pain in the bum. If I was going to spend time on “beauty” (most of what I spend is necessary not luxury extras!) then nails would be way down the bottom of the list. Strangely enough, I do do nailpolish on toes as toes look a bit gross without it (toenails always seem to be a bit odd shaped). Plus the polish lasts forever on feet and doesn’t need to be perfect as people are far away from it.

    With Venus in Gemini (and Leo Sun) you would think I would care, but no. Must be all the Aries / Aquarius lurking, just cannot be bothered to spend the time on stuff I personally do not care for.

    I thought it might be a Libra thing, I had a Libra housemate who used to reminisce about her slightly younger days where she would spend whole afternoons doing nails (once a week) and paint very intricate designs. But where we were living, people just didn’t care (philistines!) She was from Siberia of all places – it seems Siberia might just be an undiscovered haven of nail-loving artistes.

  37. Two other things:

    I have never had a problem growing nails. Personally I don’t actually like long nails (very impractical, and I was a violinist way back when – they say lazy kept woman to me). However, mine grow so fast I have to cut them every two weeks, so I do kind of like the fact that I can piss off the people who actually WANT their nails to grow, in that regard!

    The tips for long strong nails: Don’t ever use scissors (they tear the fibres of the nail) – use clippers. And cut nails on the waxing moon, when things are growing faster (full moon is the best if you want strong nails).

    the idea of glueing plastic nails onto my own creeps me out no end. I cannot believe people do that.

    Second thing:

    I never realised how many people are so thrown / distracted / taken aback when they see a chipped nail or chipped nail polish! My God … this kind of makes me want to have imperfect nails, just to upset people who are so sensitive (to wield a secret psychological weapon!). I may or may not be having a super Aries – Aquarius day today but there is definitely something in me that LIKES to upset people because I am not conforming to their ideas of “good breeding”.

    As you may have guessed, I am not very girly. I struggle with the idea of wanting to be girly in any way (which is quite different from wanting to look good). I somehow just cannot make myself care about this stuff.

  38. I’m a Gemini who DOES collect nail polish. Oh la life!

    My favourite colour at the moment is mint <3

  39. Leo sun, Virgo ascendant, Libra moon, venus in Leo
    My taste in polish changes constantly; same with whether I care about it at all. I’ll go months with bare nails, then suddenly start painting them like crazy. I used to have a clear plastic bin (6″x10 1/2″x 5″) absolutely stuffed with every color in the rainbow. Now it’s only a quarter full. My last color obsession was pale sheer pinks and nudes, but I’ve gotten sick of them and find myself longing for something more colorful. My current color craze is old-Hollywood reds and metallic golds. I love glitter, but it’s a major pain to remove and I feel that as I get closer to 30, it seems too childish. I hardly ever have time for any kind of nail art, and I inevitably end up smudging my manicure end when the bottle claims to be quick-dry. Been seriously considering picking up some of those instant manicure strips :)

  40. Just file once a week. Depending on genes, nails may break easily. Nails often break if they are uneven, and nails naturally grow unevenly. So stash files everywhere, and whenever you see unevenness, file them all to the same length, shape, and size.*:’`

    All the best to you <