Ancient Astro-Rules For When You’re Feeling Blue

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Franco Mattichio

You know the old astro saying – “when you’re feeling blue, do your Moon” – well it’s true.

You look to the Moon sign and nurture that. For instance, my Moon in Libra responds instantly to scents, incense, beauty and aromatherapy.

Moon in Saggo needs to get the fuq out of Dodge.  Moon in Aries takes action and cures via direct confrontation and/or a bout with the boxing bag.

Moon in Taurus eats a banquet.  Moon in Scorpio, well, you know.

So you do your Moon but you also look to your Jupiter.

A precise knowledge of where your Jupiter is how it functions in your chart is essential for a good time.

Do your Moon and feed your Jupiter; Voila easing of tensions and a brighter you.

So, looking at both your Moon and Jupiter, try to combine the two vibes to create the perfect astrological cure-all for yourself.

Yes, i know some things need therapy or the police or whatever but i am talking about things not so severe: the mean blues.

As an example, mine is really easy: Moon in Libra/9th House and Jupiter in Taurus/the 4th House:  scent the home to a ludicrous degree, have a vanilla scented fridge full of nourishing but sensual food (not the usual diet-bi-polar blend of tofu, rocket and champagne i let build up in there) and a pile of promising-looking magazines.

If it’s the angry (red) end of the blues you’re looking to fix, go to your Mars and work on that. Me again as an example (sorry, it’s just that it is easiest). Mars in Virgo eases tension via writing it out and Mars-Uranus-Pluto needs to run off excess energy like a dog.

So, how about you guys?

Image: Franco Mattichio

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113 thoughts on “Ancient Astro-Rules For When You’re Feeling Blue

  1. Interesting…. So if I follow you correctly… w/ my moon in Cap and my Jupiter in Leo I should do some star f*cking? I do live in LA after all…. Haha!

  2. Pisces Moon and Cancer Jupiter are trine, in the 12th and 4th respectively. Coloring with crayons while the cookies are baking in the oven at home, alone, always makes me feel better. Oh, or reading something fantasy-like.

    I have Mars in Pisces, so writing works for me too, but only if it’s creative and uncensored/unedited. Dancing at night is always another good anger-reliever. (Seriously, dancing while the sun’s out has always been so weird to me.)

    • Yes! Dancing at night really gets the angry blues out for me too. Anastacia’s ‘I’m Outta Love’ is my favourite. I can pogo to that.

    • I have Pisces Moon and Cancer Jupiter too! Except moon in 4th and Jupiter in 8th.

  3. capricorn moon in the 9th/ jupiter in virgo in the 6th here – power shopping, feeling useful, sewing, that’s what gets me out of the blues.
    mars in saggo in the 7th – it comes out so rarely, yet when it does, it’s like a volcano. i explode and scorch the earth around me

  4. Pisces Moon in 5th House- write music, song and lyrics at home with scented candles and incense or in a spiritual sacred place which includes a good coffee-house, library or haunted beautiful old building.
    One of my favorite haunts in Prague was a coffee-house and wine bar called Medusa!
    Scorpio Jupiter in the 1st House- research, read a good book with a mystery, crime or film noir drama.
    Buy beautiful makeup especially in seductive red lipsticks or read foreign fashion/makeup magazines for lighter reading.
    Mars in Virgo cleaning while playing good loud music or sing to exercise the demons.

    Baking always gets me out of a creative slump or the blues, but not sure what sign controls that unless it falls under the domesticated Virgo Sun.

    • I always associated baking with Cancer, since it’s a domestic thing, but it can be very Virgoan with all the measurements and timing, etc. A lot of precision goes into “professional” baking. I just go by tried and true recipes that I know by heart, or make crap out of boxes, which still taste soooo good…

      • yes, it seems Cancer would make the most sense, I have zero planets in Cancer though.
        The only thing I can think is that I bake creatively and it’s part of the 5th House of Home and creativity, Expression.

    • i also have pisces moon – i for some reason often think of it as in the 5th house, but astrodienst is saying 6th house… jupiter in aquarius in 4th house… mars in pisces in 5th… let me contemplate what this all means…

  5. Hey you guys! That was helpful!

    I was just about to say I needed some new ideas for my Pisces moon….Looks like there are a few of us… I can’t do the hoochie juice- theres a history of alchoholism in my fam.

    The only thing that works for me is getting out into Mama Nature. Preferably by a body of water….Not too social tho.

    Mars in Gemini. When I’m mad, I usually want to talk about it, yep.

    • That would make you very sociable but you have to find your “space” … you need to be out and about amongst the local peeps in your community who gel with your Arian values to be in contact with the social juju. You’re probably an asset to any community organisation regardless of your lack of hoochie-juice consumption. I bet you have a big open smile. I bet you’d be a fantastic social worker – paid or volunteer.

      • Yes, true- and thanks!

        I am getting out and about lately, but hard to find that “space” igzactly…
        I had to double check my jupiter. In Pisces too- so I guess that’s twice as nice….

        • I am actually thinking that Neptune leaving Aquarius is gonna be v. good for me……

  6. Moon in Sag/9th vs Jupiter in Libra/7th, hmmm, Mars in Sag/9th too. Top two blues busters.

    A. Tidying up, making sure everything looks nice and symmetrical, clean and organized, then settling into some book about philosophy, travel, esoteric whatever and some astral internet traveling/mental running away.

    B. Packing my life into some (matching) appealing luggage and running away to visit friends.

    For the mean reds, getting out, out into the air, mud, fields, hills and walking for hours (running away). There’s a theme.

  7. Do my moon and jupiter? …. hrmmmmmm thinking thinking thinking

    Ok I’ve thunk.

    Moon in Sagg in the 7th house. Yes am socialising a lot more lately for the purposes of fun, with people who I have mutual simpatico. Not interested in sexy sexy … just genuine connection. It’s nice.

    Jupiter in Scorp in the 6th. I donated money to Movember today? Did actually feel good – tho I did keep getting this gripey little voice in my head about donating to male prostate cancer and depression when there are a billion or so abused women/children out there needing help and if men had a uterus these issues would possibly get far more attention … but that’s probably just me being churlish!

    • Sagg?

      So when you are down, do you ever just point your finger on a map, and just say- I’m going….there!

      Meh, don’t feel guilty, you are doing something. How do scorps like to be praised for stuff? Do that….

    • The mens illnesses get way less attention than the women’s ones Prowlers – that’s why Movember was invented. Maybe just keeping it about helping others who are less fortunate when donating to charity will make it less of a gender-based mine field? We need healthy men just as much as we need healthy women and children.

    • I know I know … male depression and/or health issues are a hugely ignored area, mainly because men tend to try and “tough it out” and not seek help … which has huge knock on effects for families and the general community. That’s why I donated to Movember! Actually I’ve decided to tithe a percentage of my business profits annually to one worthy cause – thinking animal rescue or something along those lines. And maybe volunteering at the soup kitchen on sundays ….

      BlackStar – me and “point your finger on a map, and just say- I’m going….there!” doesn’t work unfortunately. 2nd house cancerian with 1st house venus in cancer … I like to fantasise about stuff like that tho it usually involves a rocket ship or an underground cave that’s completely self sustaining … hmmm

  8. Moon in Cap 11th house – friends who talk sense – trine retro Jupiter in Scorp 8th/9th house; connect the dots to invent inane observations. Meh, most often I dig fear in one form or another.

    • same Cap/Scorp combo. Should i work hard at having great sex. mmmm?Can say it always puts a bounce in my step. With the gentle cap (current crush) I have to work hard at my impatience to go at his pace — slo mo. Buts thats ok its good for me.

      • Cap moon in 5th, and Scorp Jupiter in 4th. Yep, definitely up close and personal will left my spirits. Or a poor second place goes to dark chocolate and a good book. Either beats my bad tendency to turn whatever’s brought me down round and round in my head to try to get to the other side of it. Long, slow, torturous process. Mars in Leo, conjunct Venus and Uranus. If I can’t talk thru what’s got me angry, then walk it off somewhere by myself.

  9. I am confused. Do we do our natal Jupiter placement or the current Jupiter transit?

    And it’s the transiting moon we follow for cures, correct? Or do we always “do” our natal moon? For example, if my natal moon is capricorn/6th house—am I forever doomed to working on my health and daily routines as a cure all?

      • Oh, so not. Sooooo not.

        Cappy’s are Earthy. There are many other Earthy pleasures to do rather than work.

        I have Cappy rising- I have a very earthy sense of humour….. I think down and dirty sex is huge fun and good exercise.

        Also- think the word capricious- that’s where it’s from, girl! Ever watched baby goats at the petting zoo?

        • Thanks. I’m down with the down and dirty sex part…just need to figure out the partner piece of that.

          And next time I see baby goats, I’m watching them closely:)

          Thank you for the new perspective. I absolutely love learning where words come from.

    • 12th rules feet, institutions, collective unconscious and large animals.

      Go get yourself a pedicure and hang out at the library reading books about the elephants in the room?

      • TRUE!!! I do love the pedicure/long walk &/or trip/book-reading cure. Not much experience with large animals… Maybe I should try horse-riding!

        Thank you for your help 😀

  10. Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter in 9th – philosophy and travel boosts my spirits :) Mars in Cancer opposite neptune, er drift into a fantasy world & nest? I would love a more productive (traditionally aggressive) way to channel my Mars.

    • Hey I have Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter in the 9th as well. I was going to say the whole confrontation thing doesn’t work for me (I’m a Pisces sun). I have always tended to escape my woes, and always end up back overseas. A new chapter of life always cheers me up.
      Definitely travel.
      I am not a fighter, more of a chocoholic. could be the Mars in Gemini response I guess.

      • Sports, sports, sports and more sports……. works for Aries…..

        Watch it on TV if you feel like caving/ nesting…..
        My Cancerian friend watches Golf… Bleurgh for me….too slow.

        Or try a sport like Badminton or croquet. Can be very romantic and Victorian…
        Or a knitting group? quite social…

        I think, what I am getting from this…is try it, you might like it….

  11. Moon in Scorp/2nd, conjunct Jupiter in Sagg/3rd. Hot sex, out-of-town, sounds fabulous, and it would do wonders for my mood!

  12. moon in aquarius in the 10th and jupiter in cancer in the 3rd…
    do some abstract googling/research and vision boarding re: my vocation, and find some of my closest peeps/siblings to have some food and nourishing conversation with.

    • I have moon in aquarius in the 3rd–which means Communication and Technology. That fits– I can definitely distract myself out of the blues with some browsing and surfing.

      Jupiter is in Virgo in the 6th. Yes, the Virgo part suggests writing as therapy, and it works. I love journaling to get all my kinks straightened up again. The 6th house is also about serving others. I like doing something small to cheer up others–get them a book from the library that they’d enjoy, do an errand that would save them time– and their pleasure comes back to me, and makes me feel better.

      • “I have moon in aquarius in the 3rd–which means Communication and Technology. That fits– I can definitely distract myself out of the blues with some browsing and surfing.”

        I do that to. Calms me right down Mars in Aqua in the 3rd.

  13. Any suggestions for scorpio moon 9th/ jupiter pisces 1st?

    Stalk my long distance ex lover and see if I can get lucky?

    Have I grasped the concept?

    • perhaps something mind expanding and deep?- meditation, etc, mixed with some serious poetic creative expression?

    • I’ll have a go. Let me know if these ideas are any good–

      Scorpio-Moon-9th: Scorpio is about deep analysis. The moon is about memories and mothering. The 9th is about scholarly work, and long-distance traveling. Maybe you could escape the blues by reading books that examine the mother-daughter dynamic, or memoirs with a lot of psychological depth, that focus on childhood or travel. Maybe you had a professor who was a caring, or motherly figure; you could think about her, and explore ways that you could transform your life through her example. Or you could travel to a childhood haunt– a place that you really loved, and bring back elements of it to transform your current home.

      Pisces-Jupiter-1st: Pisces is about being changeable and versatile, having multiple avenues of expression. Jupiter is about expansion. The 1st house is about projecting your persona/image through language, clothes, body language etc. So you’d work your Jupiter by expanding your “looks”– not just be boho all the time, or Parisian chic all the time– but have a range. (This means you need to go shopping when you’re blue.) If you hate shopping, you could take language classes, or learn how to project your voice, or take acting classes.

      • i’ve got my moon in scorpio, too, but in the 8th house. not sure what the 8th house symbolizes, but anyway, sagitta’s suggestions above are so great– particularly the reading suggestions you gave. maybe that’s why i loved english class so much in high school– b/c i loved to analyze the way the characters thought, lived, and interacted with one another– especially when it came to family relationships. also love your example about thinking about a motherly figure and viewing her as a model– i def do that often. and it’s funny b/c i’ve recently been thinking about my childhood bedroom and how i can incorporate some of its elements into my current room.

        if you have any other suggestions that relate more to the 8th house, sagitta, i’d love to read them! =)

        • Well, when I think about the moon in Scorpio in the 8th house, what comes up is dark—even ugly. I could be wrong—and I hope I am wrong!—and if I am wrong, I apologize. I don’t intend to offend you.

          The 8th is the house of the Underworld. It is associated with death, loss, secrets, things that are buried/repressed, ghosts, things that haunt you, things you would rather forget, things that are deeply personal, private and intimate– and sex.

          Since the moon is associated with memories and mothering, it makes me wonder if you were abused as a child. Maybe you have painful memories stemming from a harsh and abusive mother—sexual abuse as a child is a possibility, and that’s the ugly part I mentioned.

          The thing is, if all this is true, IF –then, your blues are not the usual kind, and it seems trivial to suggest reading, or soaking in the tub, learning Italian, etc. These are temporary distractions at best. What you might have are “midnight blues”—long periods of depression, deep feelings of shame and self-loathing. Scorpios need privacy like they need food and air, so part of the problem may be that you would rather die than speak.

          The good news–again assuming all this is true—is that your moon in the 8th is in the sign of Scorpio, which is about transformation. It is about ‘trash to treasure’. Also, the 8th is a creative house, but it is not like the playfully creative 5th house. It is a house in which what you create is your own self; you give birth to yourself. Like the phoenix, you burn your own nest with yourself in it, and then rise again.

          This quote, kind of sums up Moon in Scorpio in the 8th for me, maybe it is about all Scorpios—it’s from Tom Stoppard: “”We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered. “

          • i def feel like i do need to repress some things in my life, and i am kind of intrigued by the idea of ghosts. and actually, there are some things that haunt me– the current thing haunting me is a guy i dated at a point last year– within two months, i met a guy with an identical twin, the twin having the same name as the guy i dated– which is so strange b/c the guy i dated also has an identical twin with the same name as the guy i met. we will call them joe and bill. plus, they both live in an obscure state in america very far from where i live, in a town 20 min from each other. and i ended up hooking up with the guy i met a couple of times. plus, after that, i met a guy with an identical twin with the same birthday as the guy i dated. there are a few other coincidences i could mention, but i don’t want to bore you lol.– and this i something i would rather forget.

            i also would say that i definitely am a very personal, private and intimate person.

            i was actually never sexually abused as a child, and i had a really good relationship with my mom as a child. I would say there were some points where I had some ugly and intense verbal fights with her as a young and late teen, but idk if that is just normal?

            but to be honest, when you say reading and soaking in a tub is just a temporary distraction, i will have to agree. stuff like that is never enough for me to feel good. i sort of just view doing those things as silly and on the surface. not actually satisfying.

            i’ve definitely experienced long-periods of depression tho (or sadness, not sure if I am actually considered “depressed”– we’ll say i was unhappy). and yeah there are times when i would really rather not speak about things. tho i would say i really love to have those deep conversations with others in private about how I feel about something.

            and yeah i really am into transformation– getting over shit and moving on to be a better person. it’s definitely an important part of my life.

            thanks so much for your response!

  14. Moon and Jupiter in Leo in the 6th…

    Does that mean I just need to get my attention seeking queen on and wear big hair? Actually, if I don’t put on a show I tend to completely withdraw so that might be right…

  15. moon in sag (11th house) – being active usually works for me, especially outdoors at one with nature etc (but usually alone), although a walk and talk with my bestie has same effect – but jupiter in virgo, 8th house – so a bout of very active sex on clean, line-dried fresh sheets??!
    And mars in sag 10th house – be angry at stalling career and confusion blighted by neptune in scorpio in same house??!

  16. Moon in Gemini 4th house/ Jupiter in Capricorn 10th house. I’m good at talking out how i feel/writing emailing what im going through with the closest of friends.

    I’ve no idea on Capricorn in the 10th house and what that means though.
    Anyone else got same planetary postitioning ? Would be grateful for any insight.

    • I don’t have Jupiter in Capricorn in the 10th house. But it sounds like Jupiter would expand the ambition and career-related tendencies that go with both Capricorn and the 10th house. Maybe it means that you would cheer up and become energized by doing something that would advance you in your profession. Something like meeting a deadline, finding a cost-effective solution to a problem, writing a forceful memo . . .?

  17. Gemini Moon 3rd House & Virgo Jupiter in 6th House…

    All I need to do is communicate & exercise/eat right=feels good… & I can’t even remember the last time I was blue because all i do is communicate, exercise & eat right!

    Preventive measures are always the best remedy… 😯

  18. Oh, I love these DIY Astro things! I’ve got Aqua Moon in the 5th, Cap Jupiter in the 4th, and Scorpio Mars in the 2nd (technically the 3rd by most measures, which makes more sense anyway, as we’ll see). I suppose this is my usual approach to feeling down:
    1. Find space to be alone. Immediately. My moods come on suddenly and I’ve been known to vanish from parties.
    2. ??? To be honest, I’m not sure how Jupiter is expressed in Capricorn.
    3. Write long rants in secret diaries that are deeply hidden from everyone.

  19. Pisces with a Leo Moon. hmmmm. Wonder what does that means…
    I do know I could go for a quiet evening with a lover, in cabin with a fireplace and a bottle of wine

  20. Moon conjunct Mars in Libra/4th, Jupiter in Gemini, 11th-12th depending on which house system.

    I’m feeling nostalgic, so –

    To cure the blues, I used to catch the tube to Trafalgar Square on a rainy Sunday. I had the same route each time, the human equivalent of a badger at midnight:

    Get out at Charing X tube and Trafalgar Square. Look at the posters to see what was on at the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. Not necessarily going in, but the National Portrait Gallery restaurant on the top floor has the best views in London.

    Walk past St. Martin in the Fields church. Down past all the little antique map shops round the back of Leicester Square, mooch in the windows for old P&O ship posters/ancient movie photos. Sigh a lot. Look at the rain and the puddles. Immediately feel better.

    Stroll up to Seven Dials and wonder how much longer Les Miserables would still be playing in Leicester Square.

    Wander round Neal Street market, and then straight into Mysteries Shop on Monmouth Street for a tarot reading.

    Back down Charing Cross Road, past the Silver Moon feminist bookshop (sadly now defunct), down the spiral staircase next to the sex shop, and into the Cork and Bottle winebar – best Aussie winebar in London!

    Meet my actor friend Roger (aptly named) for a quickie, into all the pubs on the way back, rattle home on the tube, happy.

  21. Me…
    Moon Jupiter Mars (and Saturn too) all conjunct in Virgo… One dimensional, much?
    Perhaps this lack of options is why, when I get the blues, I get stuck, sit, wait it out, plant head firmly in sand, etc…?

  22. Moon in Aquarius…what would that be? how do I find out…read about Aquarius I suppose.

    • I wonder which house your aqua moon is in? I have it in the 7th which is the house of relationships. At the moment that’s the point of sadness. I also recently found out (from Mystic’s amazing consult) that I have this thing called a grand air trine with aqua moon, gem venus and libra pluto. Aspects can affect how your moon works for you.

      In ‘Past Life Astrology’ by Judy Hall, she says Aqua moon finds emotional sustenance in socialising and ‘working for society’ but a close ‘intimate relationship with someone who is able to appreciate a need for space would provide nourishment at a more personal level’ (2006, p.51). I don’t know about you but i’m a very emotional person even though I have aqua moon. Sometimes I wish I had cap/cancer strength of composure.

      I associate aquarius with independence, humanitarian things and socialising in groups. You need your space but really need human connection. I think that my aqua moon is why I like astrology. I don’t know the complicated things but I like to look at what is going on in the astro. I like tarot cards too but don’t understand them yet.

      Does aqua like new things? I always feel better when I find something new whether it’s knowledge, music, a new food, a new outfit, and occasionally a new gadget- but I have lots of taurus and Leo rising so they come into it, too. I know mystic says do your moon sign but I prefer my taurus sun for comfort.

      Some people have commented on here before that their aqua moon makes them get static shocks- I often do, it’s funny. Also, I love jewellery (leo rising) but have to take it off as soon as I get home (aqua moon & sensible taurus thinks it could get dirty or food on it). Many aqua people say they have more lightbulbs go on them than other people would. I have found this to be true.

      I know your moon sign is what comes easily to you and what you are learning is your sun sign. I guess when Mystic says go with moon sign it gives you a break/ cut yourself some slack. I’ll bet the things you do when your blue correspond with what you read about aqua. Let me know if you have any insights.

      In terms of jupiter it’s in sagittarius in 4th house so freedom to be creative, things to do with children (don’t have any yet) but I want to work with children. Where is your jupiter? I still have so much to learn about all of this!

      • Oh no I didn’t realise how long that post was! Sorry. For some reason I wasn’t logged in…

        • Good post, Water Pig. My sister is double Aqua – Sun and Ascendant, needs her family around her and stability, but needs her space and can’t stand to be hemmed in. Has a very funny and crushing sense of humour – one-liners. She, also, can’t wear watches as they don’t work on her. She’s also a bit of a stunner.

          She surprises me as she can be very conservative, then, all at once and out of the blue, I’ll find she’s reading the latest trendy book on gay relationships (she’s straight), or has got her telescope out again from the loft and is telling me about some comet about to traverse venus, or whatever.

      • I’m similar – taurus sun with aqua moon in 8th house & jupiter also in sag but in 6th house. Whatever that means.

        My blues atm are all re: feeling flat & unemotional. Keeping on keeping on…

  23. Sadge moon and Cancer Jupiter. No wonder I’m fucked and can’t be happy 😛

    Even worse, Sadge moon with no car and can’t escape 😛

  24. Moon is in cancer and I think I can work that one out…

    But my mars is in scorpio, and when I do get angry and don’t get the chance to you know, have it out with the person, it seethes away for ages, literally making me sick, it doesn’t easily just fade away… anyway not sure about tactics to deal with it.

    Does anyone still reading this have suggestions?

    • ; o) does adding their name to the mile-long shit list not help?

      Your query SO makes me smile janie – I grew up in a nest of scorpios so I’m no stranger to what you’re talking about – they get constipated when they’re freaking out, either that or vomit. Stride around with their little fists clenched. Is full on for them. Homeopathic, bach flower and bush flower remedies can help and binaural or hypno mp3s or a yoga or meditation class?

      • get some sunshine sister. Vit D and fresh air does wonders. That or put some music on loud and hve a good sing to a happy song.

          • I guess, for posterity and comparison, I should add that I’m Moon/Capricorn/6th and Jupiter/Aries/9th.

        • LOVE that the leo suggests sunshine and singing a happy song – I recently shared a few months of close proximity to a leo and your energy is so totally infectious – there was NO downside to time spanned with the lovely lion.

  25. My Moon is in 2nd Cancer and my Jupiter is in 12th Gemini.
    I don’t know what that would mean at all!!

    My Mars is in 1st Cancer and makes sense because I get REALLY emotional when mad and just letting it out through a good cry always soothes my aches!

  26. Fortitous given I’ve been feeling rather flat. Pisces moon, Jupiter Taurus, Leo mars. Once I can gather my thoughts and get out of my pjs I’m off for a pub lunch and watch a back street go cart race with a lovely mega saggi Scorp pal. She was merc/ Venus/Jupiter rising in sag loosely trine my leo mars/Saturn rising. And a Virgo moon to complement my Pisces one. Someone always wants to stay for another drink.

  27. Moon in Cancer/3rd – baking! Make the bed! Sweep! Buy flowers! Basically get the nest all nice and homey smelling. Jupiter in Virgo/5th – Wash the dishes! Wipe the benches! Do my filing! Sweep! Laundry!

    Mars in Leo/5th – Wash and style my hair. I kid you not. If I look a million dollars, then I feel a million dollars. I am also prone to vicious outbursts when backed into a corner, and I will throw things and scream. But thats extreme, and so rare its not funny (most people have never seen that side of me). I also will laze on the couch with a good book, a plate of goodies, and drink de jour when in a fit of pique….

    • Jupiter in Virgo – second round…. update my Goals List. It has 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and lifetime goals on it. I found my most recent one Sunday night, was shocked how much I had achieved on it already…. so time to update it!

  28. Interesting!

    Moon in Aries / 10th House – punch some things… in front of people?
    Jupiter in Pisces / 9th & 10th – philosophise, read spiritual books, conjure dreams of long distance travel.

    And combining the two – now that’s where I’m stuck!

  29. Moon in Aries in the 11th house – for the blues, I guess I should get up off my ass and go organize something meaningful with friends.
    And Jupiter in Taurus in the 12th house means I should retreat to my inner world and/or get a massage?

    Mars in Leo in the 4th house – this one confuses me even more.
    So for the mean reds (hello, Holly Golightly), I should lord it about at home?
    How does one actively manifest leo at home? – I think of Leo as being all about gorgeous showmanship and getting lots of attention, not hibernation.)

    • Moon in Aries- Pep talk and go boxing (work out in general)
      Jupiter in Taurus- After the work out have a good rub down, then reward yourself with a lovely meals in comfy surroundings (probably with friends and expensive cushions).
      Mars in Leo- Get bling for the house. Then prowl around it.

      • Thanks, Venus – that all sounds quite do-able. :)
        (Sigh of relief as I exit my inner maze of astrological abstraction.)

  30. Hrmmm.
    Moon is in Libra (12th)- pretty art, smells, music cheers me up. Also things that feel nice (massage, certain materials). Making things- baking, drawing, mixtapes… whatever you like is pretty good.
    Jupiter is in Virgo (11th)- Cleaning frenzy/ Achieving goals. Getting my space is order. I hate not having enough time to sort my shiz out. A fun afternoon in my teenage years was alphabetising my extended families record collections. Something very calming about the process. I should really organise mine. Its covering 3 room currently. GAH!
    Mars in Leo (11th)- Vegance is mine when I am at a party, looking fabulous and just too damn busy to talk to you. To show no hard feelings I will stop briefly to tell you about all my wonderful projects I am doing right now and all the glamour and the glory, but then I really do have to rush off darling. *air kiss*

  31. Moon in Leo in the 8th and Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th…

    This is true. I love the idea of a Leonic renaissance, if you will. Changing my look for the sake of staring in the mirror and adoring what I see. I always do this in my post-breakup wallowing state… I cut or color my hair dramatically for the sake of doing something rejuvenating and forgetting the past. And I do like the attention I get for it.
    But the Taurean Jupiter is spot-on as well. The best remedy for the blues is a baby soft blanket, a glass of red wine, my Netflix queue, and a good spot on the couch where I won’t be disturbed and/or asked to move anywhere for a very LONG time.

  32. So.. when I’m feeling blue, Moon in Aqua in the 5th, along with Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd, plus Mars in Cancer in 10th means what?

    I should be hosting a humanitarian benefit I funded via partnering with someone for funding while using it as sweet revenge as I am both do-gooding and getting rad publicity?

    On a more personal level, feeling blue means I need a mix of alone time with my projects at FIRST, then I get happier if I suddenly have to stop mid stream because a partner in crime plans something exciting for us to do. I definitely need my space to process first but sort of begin to resent it when I don’t get to bond some after that.

    I find the mix revitalizes me, and I go back to doing what I have to/need to do happier and livelier. But I definitely need some time to let the emotions used to be that being blue meant I had to RUN, the farther the better. I’ve come to appreciate that while distance and a different environment are a great help, it still matters most that I can shift my perspective.

    • Oh and yes, definitely finding something fun and new perks me up.. even if it’s just a new way of thinking of things.

  33. Sag Jupiter in the 12th instantly helps the blues disappear – imagining all the amazing places I could travel to and cultures to absorb.

    Gem Moon – a little trickier. Communicate yes but when I feel blue I tend to not want to talk and I venture into my imagination (which would tie in with the 12th above).

    I find my Mars the hardest to deal with – Aqua energy in the 3rd. More communication but chaotic? If I really think about it my rebellious/non-conforming attitude is definitely sparked here. But how to channel it better?!? *ponders*

  34. So for no real obvious reason am presently just a tad cranky blue…

    Moon in Scorp 6th house… Jupiter giddy in Gemini end of house 1 and Mars in Libra in house 5.

    Sex would be a temporary solve…not sure about the other stuff. Open to ideas though.

  35. My moon is in leo (in 9th house) – if feeling blue, should I get someone to give me a round of applause?

    Jupiter is in scorpio (in 12th house) – if feeling blue, should I get therapy and/or pray?

  36. does anyone have any suggestions for moon in scorpio/8th house, jupiter in leo/6th house, and mars in taurus/3rd house?

    • Huh. Scorp/leo/tauro

      Build a fantastic waterpond with koi in your backyard? And have a huge psychic garden party?

  37. Moon in Scorpio in 8th house is like a double scorpio moon, so you should probably pay special attention to it’s dark, subterranean needs.

    Honor things to do with transformation & the mystical… maybe this is a good time to go for a psychic reading of some sort? Do the tarot, practice Kundalini yoga, do a past-life regression, reach for intensity & spiritual/mystical connection with a lover(s) – and probably it would be good to clean out your emotional closets & confront the folks you’re holding grudges against with their wrong-doings, clear the air of all that lingering vengeance miasma.

    It’s just occurred to me that maybe the thing to do when you have a double planet-house in one sign is to read Mystic’s “Haute/Lo” post on that sign & follow the guidance for the “Haute.”
    So here’s Haute/Lo for Scorpio:

    Hope that helps. (I’m going to leave your Jupiter & Mars to the experts here – double Scorp seemed a bit simpler.)

    • thanks very much for your response!!
      i absolutely love tarot readings (my mom is an astrologist so she does them for me sometimes). but i’m not quite sure about how to engage in past-life regression…? also definitely love those intense connections with lovers (tho i have none at the moment– so i’ll look to connect w/ beloved friends). and the confrontation idea is actually a really great suggestion. i’m holding a grudge against a friend now and should prob talk to her.

      also read the link you posted, and i def agree that i’m inscrutable, discreet, pretty spooky, and principled. i guess i can be strong like everyone else, and i am def more “wildly celibate” than immersed in my sexuality lol. but don’t really see myself as “sexy” haha.

      • Anon, I don’t know much about PL Regression – just that it’s a form of hypnosis that supposedly helps you access deeply-buried memories of other lives you’ve lived. I think it’s done with a practitioner who does that specific form of hypnosis & can guide you through it.
        Good luck with your uber-scorp blues antidotes. :)

    • I wonder if the doubling (planet in the sign that has the corresponding house) would happen only to people who has Aries Rising. But in that case, all their signs and houses would correspond, right? Wouldn’t that mean they would have to be Haute Aries, Haute Taurus . . . etc all the way down to Haute Pisces? Sounds like a lot of pressure.

  38. Moon in Scorpio in the Sixth House trine Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th

    Maybe I should go to a country spa? Get pampered with organic food and have some in-depth therapy of some type.

    I imagine 9th house Jup likes to travel and do new things, while Moon in Sixth in Scorpio needs attention to health and emotional plumbing.

  39. Moon in Libra, my 5th – Jupiter in Gemini, my 1st – Mars in Sagg, my 7th (Sagg takes up my entire 8th as well) –

    So . . . . . After whiffing (sniffing?) a million guys hoping they’re all wearing OS, my consciousness explodes all over the place and I’m turned into silvery-white cosmic dust??? No?

  40. I went off to DIY astro my moon/jupiter combo, only to discover that I may have a Leo moon and not a Virgo moon. Now I’m not so sure. And I thought I had a grasp on myself. I think I may have just lost it. :(

    Better start saving for another mm consult.

  41. ok, i understand what my scoprio moon needs, and it is quite true, but how does this compo with my jupiter conjuct leo rising?

  42. oh, this was a great post! Moon in Taurus – I do it when I’m blue….lounging with light entertainment and nice food; Jupe in Libra, after making the house smell nice with some sort of uplifting oil :)