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My Father’s Dragon

This How To Start Your Own Country doco looks genius for a New Moon in Libra day.

I mean, it makes total sense.

I don’t know what i would call my country yet but there would be a pentagram on the national flag and a dream analysis clinic on every corner, like they  had in Ancient Alexandria. You could go there to sleep in specially aligned beds and the priestesses would analyze your dreams in the morning.

Mercury Retrograde and Dark Moon days would be official time off when nobody was allowed to work or even think too much. Every street name would be cool and evocative.

All the streets would have their ley lines aligned by the council druids. Teachers, nurses and garbage peeps et al would get their pay doubled. The only gambling allowed would be card games and things where you talk to one another.

My Mars in Virgo would eventually out and i’d legislate that you could only wear mid-riff baring tops with a permit from the Island of Pilates and then there would follow a wave of increasingly batty requirements and then perhaps peeps might start emigrating.

What is your sign and what would your own private country be like?

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  1. I’m a fantasy fiction writer, so making up countries isn’t new to me.

    Friggin marriage equality for all, for whatever people over the age of 18. (Because anything below that, sorry, live life a while longer. Or wait.) Might even include non-fuqed polygamy, if everyone in the marriage agrees. No marrying close relatives at all. It’s gross and harmful to the genetic pool.

    I’d legalize protitution, for both men and women, and it’d be heavily medically moderated of course. The hookers would be trained in proper etiquette as well, and there’d be cameras in the rooms in case of crimes, and for people who enjoy that kind of thing…

    Ruler would have to swear secularism under their public service to their country, but can practice whatever they want in their own time. (I know this exists in many countries, like France, but I’m American and our presidents, and many citizens, don’t seem to understand this…)
    Freedom of religion, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. No batshit cults.

    Taking care of the natural enviroment would be required like taxes.

    Free college for kids with good grades with at least one year abroad for every individual to somewhere differnt from what they’re used to. (Yes, I think it’s good to force young adults into different culltures so they understand the world better. Would probably backfire…)

    Proper and open sex education is a must in schools. (As I mentioned, I’m American. That’s an issue here too.) None of this “blaming rape on the victim” shit. Let’s teach people not to take advantage of others.

    Nomadic peoples will have the freedom to travel on government owned land, but must not abuse it and dedicate themselves to conserve and protect it as well.

    And though I don’t believe in war, our armed forces would kick ass without killing using paralyzing techniques. Even so, they’d be mainly for things like aiding in natural disasters.

    If I had the power to control climate, I’d make it gently snowy all winter and springy warm all spring. No summer, no heat/humidity. That’s what beaches are for, and my country will be an island.

    Taurus Sun, Moon in Pisces

    • Sounds like paradise.
      Finally, ideas that I can agree with and they are rational and reasonable not a country run by fear.

    • Love the springy warm spring Steph makes me smile and think of cute lambys amd baby chicks

    • Said it you already did…Dang, you got Avalon!!! Dammitt, you beat me to it.

      Isn’t this how wars are started? hehe

      • well if you’re happy for me to sit and ponder and you’re happy to lead the troops and together we set the agenda … I reckon we’ve got a deal missy! ;)

        • Sounds good! And then we can retreat to our Priestess abodes behind the mists and tell the world (except for the hunky chosen man slaves, er, charming consorts) and tell the world to fuq off! :)

          • sorry hun we can’t keep slaves .. err charming consorts. They have to willingly arrive and umm … avail themselves of their own prediliction (hunky or not). And we can’t tell the world to fuq off either … but I shall build a fabulous website with a blog so the world my communicate with us at leisure (whilst we are retreating to our Priestess abodes to do Priestess business).


          • I have to give the slaves, er, consorts back? Long sigh….

            Okay, well, suppose I better get to work on my own country.

            See, the world has to fuq off cuz being Aries my country is all about MOI!!


            Tis a lonely place…But I ~will~ need to take my lap top from Avalon. I’ll email when I find my own country. Okay? (right now it looks like a bed a four pillows….)

          • Ill take the consorts if you’re not using them PC They could garden or do manly things in the shed all day and “consort” with me and my friends all night. My island has no set working hours in fact there is no clocks at all.

    • Right on, cat.

      As you’ll know Avalon comes from the Breton word for an apple.

      I was into cats last week.

      But this week it’s apples.

      Reason: The new season of The Apprentice started on English telly 2 nights ago. The lady’s team chose Apollo for their team name, and won first task. Apollo is a silly name for a lady’s team. But no matter.

      I have an orchard of 13 different varieties of very old apple trees, all ripe for picking. And yesterday, out of the blue, someone from the BBC very kindly offered to identify all the varieties for me.

      So it’s apples for me this week.

  2. My Sun in Sabian Symbol:

    Aries 11: The president of the republic, or the ruler of one’s country

    That all sounds really hot shit but I need to take my make up off and go to bed. Can I find a country to rule tomorrow?

    Mystic, just ~did~ get/purchase your Alpha Mystic & AstroScape 2011. Woo-hoo! Reckon I’ll need sage advise if going to rule… :)

  3. I like your country, Mystic, till you go all Virgo, though gambling seems unnecessary to me. No marriage allowed!! Relationships would flow however people wanted them to. Karma would be taught throughout the schooling years so people would learn not to harm one another. Food would be natural and organic. While people would do what they did best/enjoyed most, getting grubby in the dirt with plants would be required part of the time. Art/yoga/medieval arts/whatever centers would abound. Everyone would act Amish and help each other build homes and plant crops. Everyone would have to give one month a year to community projects. There would be no money. People would have to barter goods and skills. Crap..I have to go finish my workout, my timer is beeping.

    • As a descendant of Amish and currently living in Amishland, I hate to tell you, but the Amish lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      • are you allowed to tell us why? Did you go crazy on your rumspringer? Soz if that’s spelled wrong – I love the idea of a religion that lets you out for a while if you were born into it so you can consider whether it’s right for you. Seems quite reasonable. Back breaking rural lifestyle?

  4. *claps*

    My country would only be designed & constructed by Feng Shui gurus. Liz are on standby?

    Everyone would have to do some sort of exercising so gym membership & recreational activities etc would be free!

    4 day weekends so peeps could spend time with their friends & families. Radio stations will be DJ by ME, yes ME…

    All companies would have to increase the wages for all their employees & all industries would be slugged with a tax on profits to go towards paying for the environment because I don’t want what has happened in hungary to happen in my country, or anywhere for that matter….

    The Gemini period will be a time of celebration & parties in honour of Gemini’s…. :D

    Merc Retro is banned from this country or if it cannot be avoided it is the country’s nap time…

    Any type of discrimination is banned & you’ll be thrown out of the country.

    There would be a cafe on every corner with a real barista that doesn’t burn the milk.

    All food will be grown by local farmers within the country & supplied to the local community only.

    Animals are to be treated with respect & they will all have a home.

    • Yes Barista training very important no L platers making paying customers coffees until they have excelled at free ones for ages. Can’t stand a crap coffee.

    • Barista training should be like the national service – hit 19 and you have to go to some bunker somewhere and learn to roast and foam PROPERLY. I love it.

  5. mmm could definately write an offical fat document like book on this subject.
    Some examples would be:
    Tree to vacant land ratio would be extremly high, clearing would be an intolerable offence.
    Animal roadkill would be also unexceptable so speed limits would be low, but that wouldn’t matter because no one would be in a hurry. Work limits would be few hours a day. Everyone would spent a couple of hours a week in the community gardens and farms and all produce would be free.
    A certificate from your astrologer stating that the current transits on your chart require you to become a hermit for a while would be approved.
    Littering (esp butt throwing from cars) would be two warnings and your deported.
    And all other hippy trippy fantastic peace loving arty farty stuff!!

    Sun Sign Libra (of course)

  6. Steph and Mystic, I’m with you. Education providers would be the most important people in the society and would be carefully trained and highly paid and respected. Religions would only be tolerated if they accorded full equlity to all women, and the births of girl-children would be celebrated as a strengthening force in society. There just wouldn’t need to be an army. And there also wouldn’t need to be hard-core porn, because women would be so venerated that such acts would be seen for what they are, the degradartion of everybody who comes into contact with them. Prostitution, as with Steph, would be legalized for both sexes, and only practised by trained professionals who would also be highly elevated in society for providing a fundamental service. Young men would be taught how to look after and nurture themselves and others in all ways. People would have to prove their need for a car and then pay a high tax to use one (I’m not sure how this works, don’t ask me, this is my fantasy world, right?!) Ditto domestic animals. The mistreatment of children and animals would be met with the severest penalties involving thousands of hours of the grimmest sewer-cleaning community service. All judges and members of parliament would also be paid very highly, but would be unable to indulge in popularity politics by a complete reworking of the democratic system. Politicians who were shown to persecute people on the basis of their race, colour, sexual preference or need for asylum would be sent to work in the mines of the Republic of Congo, and their earnings would be remitted back to my country in order to pay for the education and entry into society of those who come to our shores asking for help.

    Parents would be elevated and work would be seen as secondary to child-raising. This would put paid to career politicians and the CEOs of big banks. They would only be allowed to work for love of the job and a small living wage.

    The timber industry would be banned and replaced with hemp.We would not grow ridiculous and climate unsuitable crops such as rice and cotton but rather import them from countries which need the revenue and grow them better than us anyway, ie Bangladesh or Pakistan.

    Cities would not be allowed to spread past a certain limit. Once that limit was reached, high-density living arrangements would have to be found. Television would not function in my country, a bit like Bhutan 10 years ago. Mining companies would not exist because we would all understand the sacredness of country, and in place of all our mining-produced consumables, we would simply use the enormous power of our brains and bodies to think and work our way round obstacles. Nobody would take drugs, they’d just meditate.

    In my country, we would be proud of the fact that we run on the power of trust and love, and because all the citizens of my country are magic, we would send our love and trust out around the world in waves and it would affect everybody, even those countries who thrive on bitter hate-politics. We might be a bit like my idealized vision of New Zealand, only we’d actually have an effect on everybody else.

    Gemini Sun, Taurus Rising, Aquarian Moon

    • I forgot the car thing. I’m against those things too, so health care would be more available to people, since unnecessary/unnatural fatness levels would go down. I kind of don’t mind porn, if done more as artistic expression/film than just a cheap thrill, but I guess it’s erotica then.

      And yes, teachers should get paid more, but I’m afraid that would bring in the greedy folks who would only teach for money, like the issue with corrupt doctors or lawyers.

      • I’ve never met a teacher who teaches for the money.. they tend to last less than five seconds.

        • I agree. In fact, I think teachers should be allowed to name their own salaries on a month-to-month basis. People (the ones who are not thoughtful or observant) will be surprised to find that this measure will not lead to teachers going berserk and asking for the moon.

    • beautiful SB. Love the “but rather import them from countries which need the revenue and grow them better than us anyway, ie Bangladesh or Pakistan.” Every country does what it is designed to do not what it is dictated to do by crims, world bank, economic forces etc. Pakistan has enough water to feed the world in rice while Oz is draining ours dry to prooduce it.

  7. ooooOO own island country. I would create systems that support and change our existing ones so we can bridge into a new reality rather than straight out utopia.

    some ideas.

    one free massage a month voucher for all people. this primarily to introduce people to the notion of self care and both genders can learn to be touched and not equate it to only sexual attention, so no matter what relationship/social status you can still feel cared for.

    toxic food additives banned, side roads carry fresh delicious portable cart meals. dietary advice/science is standard practice in inviting clinics where people may learn about their internal state and what is best for their makeup. strict food laws ensure basic foods meet needs of people.

    doctors and science blend with holistic for optional care treatments, each system to learn from each other as part of a solid health care program. basic free care as part of boosted medicare.

    education favours natural talents, self care programs for all students as young as primary school to teach cooking/ other nationalities foods as part of cultural tolerance program. basic herbalism, body awareness and morning meditation. all schools have care of one farm or kitchen as a social service.

    kick arse recycling program with green as it gets plant. housing will be re designed in districts for optimal sun usage, heat/cooling for area, use of space and feng shui appropriate.

    public transport becomes way more functional and fun. swan boats, flying foxes and slides appear. offices get a decorator. cheap polyester is banned and new fiber technology is promoted

    we have a bike system like berlin.

    armed forces learn cabaret dance

    • Ms, love it. Especially would love to take a swan boat! To and from an AFL match in Sydney, perhaps? ;)
      Incidentally I’ve already drawn up a plan to make the first idea work, re massage. It’s like a selfcare health credit club. As banks currently reward us with incentives to spend credit card dollars then tax dollars allocated for healthcare can be arranged in exactly the same rewards way….in a nutshell. Preventative healthcare, self responsibility.

      Wouldn’t mind having a go at rejigging the defence dollars on negotiation credits too!!!

      • not revolutionary ideas but I think better health care and food awareness would make a massive difference esp when people learn about their bodies. and imagine if really good food was everywhere. I am coeliac so I guess bit bias

        and I love swan boats :)

    • Cabaret dancing soldiers is only JUST bettered by the flying foxes. I have been saying for years that I want to erect a flying fox from my office window to the pub across the road. It just makes sense.

    • taking a tangent off your “touch” requirement, in my country, any baby carriers except wraps by which you can hold your baby close to your body would be banned. No more of those ungainly instant baby carrier-to-car seat contraptions that manufactureres have convinced mothers these days that they can’t live without. It’s created this habit where parents now carry the baby around in the seat, with this plastic handle separating them from the baby. They carry the baby around like a fashion accessory, ugh, depriving both themselves and the baby from that one-on-one skin/ warmth contact that is vital to nerve development and we-don’t-even-understand other development.

  8. Something Arctic, I have a thing for long dark November nights, log cabins, and fireplaces. Individual libraries for each subject, coming together to form the biggest collection on the planet. That’s all, really. Libraries tend to naturally create lovely people so I think I can leave the moralizing out, it’s not my place to tell someone else how to live. Though Dylan Moran will be our honorary King.

        • Yes I have! Absolutely adore Doctor Who!

          “You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have – arm yourselves!”


          • Am also familiar with the Borges story. You all have wonderful taste and knowledge! Drinks on me!

    • Sort of off topic does anyone know why there seems to be a model of the TARDIS roped off from the public on the same level as Medicare in the Myer Centre Brisbane?

  9. I would like to live in MM’s country, but in mine there would be also music venues everywhere with constant gigs to suit everyone’s taste and a gallery in every street too and art art art. and dancing everywhere too.
    It will always be warm but not hot, with occasional fairy rain, and the odd messed up thunder storm. 22 – 28C.
    Bartering would be the money system. Inventors and scientists would get loads of ‘funding’. Science, Mysticism and the Arts all living in harmony. Of course it would be an anarcho-syndicalist system. Sigh…
    The national day would be celebrated with free booze for all and parades in the street. This would happen every month with the new moon.
    Napping would be mandatory and mothers would be free to stay at home with their babies for as long as they want and only women who have had babies would be able to be able to deliver babies. old people would be cared for properly and nobody would be poor.

    Oh I do like this!

  10. An island where there was no need for money. People would live together, raise their kids together and grow everything. Do exchanges with eachother por example you do reiki, massage whatever in exchange for the person growing vegies. And free range with partners. :-) Cancer sun/ moon Saggi

  11. I would be a benevolent dictator, the Taliban would be wiped out, obviously fitness and music would be the first port of call before pharmaceuticals and hot Brazilian guys would all be offered permanent visas, no questions asked.

  12. Gemini :
    And I’m in a weird mood after just watching BURIED in a half empty cinema, by myself. Yes, tragic on a Friday night…

    …. my country would be primarily well connected to all the other countries. Fast and furious communications HQ would be the capital, and Wonder Woman’s truth lassoo would encircle it so we could only ever communicate honestly. “to thine own self be true…”

    Combined intelligence and scintilating communication would provide the basis for resolving any problem nonviolently and in good humour, resulting in exponential growth of Gross Domestic Personhood.

    National sport and entertainment would be listening to young children’s ideas and hearing debates among elders. And disco. And maybe roller derby…

    The country would thrive on one principle, change.

    Balance of work play would be like a 20:80 RATIO

    Only actual food, ethically sourced or produced, would be in the food chain and women and men would be fundamentally, uncategorically, reliably equal in status.

    The national anthem, if we had to have one, say at the Olympics, would be “You can’t stop the music”.

    • oh my god does Ryan get OUT?

      I could not bear it if no.

      I have to vizualise him all happy home and in bed tucked up with Scarlett.

      • Doh! if I tell you how it ends you won’t see it, and it is worth seeing because ever since The Cure did that film clip almost entirely in a wardrobe has there been an attempt at a full length film in a coffin?
        I suspect the writer has a lotta gemini with that level of respect for the power of the mobile phone, ie life and death!
        I give it 4 phones.

  13. OmyGod, I looove this post!

    So this is the future of my earth:

    Cities planned around the energy grid of the planet. Wild animal pathways wending throughout to promote diversity.

    Every square inch of spare space is utilised for growing of food – so food is FREE, orange trees line one street (Orange Grove), Blackberries another and herbs grow in traffic islands. Organic, bio-dynamic EVERYTHING on tap.

    Oil conserved, more people walking about, riding, hover car for long distances..

    All animals have rights. Abottoirs run with kindness and respect.

    Education in how to govern is primary topic at school as there is no central government/no taxes, all people must work together with intelligence in harmony.

    Raising of children the most respected line of work!

    Healers and light workers raise the level of consciousness by cleaning the energy of the planet/cities/people – second most respected line of work!

    People may go walkabout to various festivals and communities most of the year.

    Work a few months of the year or a few days a week as their work dictates.

    Currency by barter. People wear amazing quality clothes of natural fibres. They are fitter and more luminous. Love abounds.

    There is no need for equality – everyone is appreciated and celebrated for their individual merits.

    • Oh and criminals would be sent to solitary confinement on Vipassana Island – only allowed out for group meditation.

      They are released when they have cleaned their energy sufficiently!

  14. I want my own country, maybe some remote, inaccessible island in the South Atlantic, like the Galapagos. But I don’t want to live there. I want the power to send people into exile there.

  15. I just got my cosmic consult – a few days later than due but SO WORTH THE FUQING WAIT OH MY GOD and ha ha when mystic said venus retrograde means ex lovers come crawling around, i was actually a bit sceptical but one just arrived at my door. He texted me and i was ignoring it and then i got one saying ‘i know you are at home and i can hear music playing’
    the stalkery shit is always SO attractive…not. fuckwit

    • I wonder whether stalkers ever get a flash of ‘maybe this _is_ a little creepy… they may not like this..’ before they hide in your cupboard… you know… just to watch you sleep.
      I have come to the conclusion that if som doesn’t want to see you, forcing the issue will not do you any favours in the long run.

  16. oh god this is great my own country at last!! :D;p ll


    ok, i’d legalise prostitution for both sexes as well,

    free health care outreach clinics on every corner

    robots do most of the labour, and we have a massive population supported by ultra efficient business processes, high tech recycling and ai controlled resources management

    a mega fuq off army ensures law and order is maintained

    all drugs are legal, as are guns and weapons, but somehow we improve human nature by having education and symbiotic enhancement groups that eliminate excessive greed, people aren’t walking around brainwashed by advertising news and FEAR all the time. somehow they see things more clearly, but their is not meditation freakus community or ultra-chilled out mandate either, its just balanced and human, but haute human not the other

    territorialism property rights and corporate greed and ambition all still exist but they are all chaneled intro creating a balanced harmonious society

    so there is no war, massacre, drowning of kittens or child porn, but if people want to do any of those things they got two choice to explore their dark side. a massive hi immersion VR complex, where entry / payment is somehow designed so that it improves the world like by community service in exchange for being a virtual bastard choice 2) is you go to this rough as guts outpost place…we call it old town.

    it’s like the world is now, but a little more lawless and autonomous. basically we section this area off and everybody has a choice. you can live like a hi human and stay in our cool place, or if you’re gonna be a hobo or an animal you can go to old town. in old town the law of the streets rule, it’s like colombia or mexico right now but even more bullshit and worse. basically peeps learn that their attitudes have consequences and you can go experiment in old town for a taste of those

    anyway back in new town the coolest country in the world EVERY single shop is like walking into an art gallery, all the objects and layout and display and design is exquisitely and perfectly matched to ergonomics psychology qi energy natural rhythms resources and on-message. there is no hicksh** trash mega stores with fluoros and runways stacked hi with anonymous poor quality good. (except in old town) all the stuff is made to quality (appropriately prices quality) at different levels of refinement, but even basic clothes and shoes are like what the luxury brands make now.

    you get the choice of the gods (immortality or mortal) by electing to be part of the experimental program to enhance technology and replace biology with cyborgs, you can have parts of your body and brain progressively replaced/enhanced by tech if you want. those 100% cyborgs are pretty much immortal. you can upload your brain and zap it across the galaxy to body on another planet too, if you like.

    out military is so fuq of kewl that evil regimes like the taliban get totally anihilated, they have absolutely no technological / strategic / psychological advantage.

    government and power is totally transparent, with everyone’s bank accounts being public knowledge. privacy doesn’t really exist in a lot of ways, but in other ways it totally does. so dnt worry. come to new town. :D;p

  17. Still in the planning stages but am certain my country will contain no unnatural fibres, naysayers or languid slow walkers.

    • I’m learning to love languid slow walking. It’s the white rabbit in you that dispairs such activity. Deny the rabbit. Deny

      Ok so you don’t get where you are going quite so quickly. But the journey is more pleasant. (in fact completely stereotypically whilst thinking about this today I stopped to smell some flowers, oh peace, love, red wine, and sunshine

  18. Sign: Double Virgo, Scorp Risiing

    My Island is called “Fabrica”. It is in the Carribean and I have a very large beautiful sophisitcated house with an outdoor pool that overlooks the beach.

    The island has fabric and wool shops EVERYWHERE. Like Mexico, you can even get your own yarn spun up.

    It is a culture of artisans and coffee shops.

    Being in the Carribean dress codes vary from cut offs and bikinis to fashionable clothing.

    There are sailboats EVERYWHERE.

    There is a sense of love and harmony (yes Feng Shui) in what everyone does.

    It is a mix of Melbourne and St Thomas, USVI

    Schools are all based on the Sudbury Valley School model.

    Only one immigration requirement… the desire to feel joy and all level of ones being.


    I love my Island.

    And YES Mystic: Mercury Retrograde, Dark Moon and hell-why-not… Moon void are all official holidays!

  19. Aquarius. LaLaLand is open for business. I’ll worry about the particulars when I have time. It’s my country, so I’ll work when I want to.

  20. My über Libran stellium is visualizing a matriarchal society with similarities to Ancient Greece. Plenty of olive eating, peaceful intellectual discussions, balanced debate, soft white fabrics and good skin

    There would be however, lots of semi clad males doing violent, vigorous sports to satisfy my Aries rising/Sag moon + mars and Scorpio sun. Observation of all astro transits obviously obligatory, the moon is the only religion, most animals sacrosanct.

    Alcohol would enhance liver function/general health, being pale, overly hairy and Irish looking would be considered a great honor.

    I have a rancid cold and my last dose of Night Nurse is about to take over, if I keep writing things could get weird but you get the idea.

  21. First it would have to be de-cluttered and no storage facilities. If you have to store it, you have to ditch it by giving it away to new immigrants.

    Amazing schools, hospitals, libraries

  22. off-topic, but got my hair done today with the Libra moon and it is the best cut/color I have had in years. Was super expensive, but looks soooo beautiful and is making me want to update everything.. like I can’t believe I am still carrying around this ratty old purse!

    Going to continue making the most of the moon and go shopping!!

    • I’ve been reading that Venus retrograde (October 8 until November 18) is a bad time to get hait cut / do make over beauty type things or make big luxury purchases? I was going to hold out till it was over.

      • innnnnteresting. i hadnt taken that into account though i guess it makes sense.

        good thing i got my hair done today before the retrograde is full blast.

        as for the shopping moon, I got an amazing purse, the perfect size and suits me perfectly. I also found some pants, really easily! they’re black skinny jeans that are pretty much the right length (!) and SOO comfortable they feel like yoga pants. i got other stuff too but those were my big successes, which have ensured that i will prob only go shopping on the libra moon from now on. we’ll see how it goes next time.

  23. This is unrelated, but interested in some thoughts. I’m intending on setting up a business (although I could pretend it is a country to run with the theme) and I want to call it Third House Research. Cause 3rd house stuff is exactly what it is all about, and every other idea I/others have currently come up with just disnae work.
    But, target of govt, and very mainstream ‘even qualitative research is a bit of a stretch’ kind of companies means having to explain what third house means, as a way to link name to purpose, needs to be done without woo woo (I think, does it?)

    • Sounds great shell!

      What kind of research if you don’t mind me asking? To be honest I don’t know much about research BUT Dr Aqua works in research & I know ALL about that! :D

      • Qualitative research, so words not numbers. About things like neighborhood and social interaction and consumption stuff. Do community consulation type work. Which can be useful for councils, traders associations, property developers.
        But I also/would do qual research generally, so do data analysis for people, edit research publications etc

      • I don’t know. Someone suggested to me the name doesn’t matter to anyone but the person who dreamed it up. But, the marketer in me says in services it really is a good thing if your name provides info about what you do.
        Maybe I think I want to explain it cause third house issues so cleverly summarize what I do, and just trying to show off my wit???

        • Maybe if you didn’t want to explain the actual reasoning behind the name you could just say something like…

          It represents the 3 fundamental principles etc of the research company, 1 being the subject, 1 being the researcher & 1 being the company.
          But you know the real meaning if your worried about all the woo hoo stuff.

        • Not entirely sure what you’re after here, shell. I agree that your name needs to provide info. People like it simple. Third House Research: Community Consultations & Data Analysis, or whatever you feel your main thing is. Your website can be more detailed. As can your ads. If you’re trying to describe reason behind name, and do you need to? that’s tough to do without possibly offending some clients not into astrology or other woo-woo. :) Unless you’re targeting clients into woo-woo to have a better vibrational match to who you work with/for. Which has its own merits.

          • Thanks Anon. I’m not entirely sure what i’m after either…. :)
            Reassurance that i can call my business whatever the hell i want and that i really shouldn’t worry about feeling like I need to explain why…?

            Highly unlikely clients will be a ‘vibrational match’ (men in suits), so yes my concern is probably that in the process of trying to make a link between the name and what i do i either offend/confuse clients, or the name/description link makes no sense (and thus confuse clients)
            I am probably over thinking it….

          • Hey shell, having worked as research manager for boutique business strategy company that expanded/rebranded itself with new name no one could understand (to consternation of me and some others who were not surprised when company later collapsed), the marketer in me also says name needs to provide info people can understand (particularly a new start-up business, unless you already have a strong client base that will be helping to market your reputation by word of mouth). But if you are set on Third House Research, my advice would also be to come up with a “logical” for-clients explanation of what Third House means in case they ask (which, from experience, i can tell you they will). Think you are right about keeping the real (astrological) meaning to yourself…

            Qual research eh??? Right up my alley….make sure you link your website to your username on this forum, when you get going, so i can take a look!

          • Hey Shell, I’m just setting up a business too, and yes, I think somehow the name needs to give people a hook on which to hang a hat. Now I’m on this site but every time a hous is ,entioned, I still need to look up what it means. It think it’s also vitaly important to have a name which springs to mind when people think of the good/service you are offering, particlarly in this internet age when everybody jumps on to google to source whatever it is they’re looking for. You don’t want your business to be found in the astrology pages, however much we love the,m. Soprry all the spelling mistakes I am typing without my specs on and can’t see the screem.

          • Thanks ladies. That’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking, do I want to have to explain where i got that business name, no.
            And I didn’t think of the googling aspect.
            Such a pity I have a kinda stupid surname for branding purposes. And all the everyday jargon associated with my research area is very value laden.
            Oh well, something will come to me.

          • did a google & the only thing that comes up when you type in 3rd house IS astro stuff so you’ll be outing yourself without even trying and then potentially leaving it to people’s imaginations if they have to work it out themselves and in my experience people are often errant in the conclusions they draw when left without instruction or further informaiton – what about something to do with mercury? – people understand mercury as communication – nike use his wings in their logo. And why not the MC if you’re hooked on astro themes – is there something in the MC you could mine? You’re saturn’s bitch toots – what about kronos? or however you spell it.

          • Yes, but one doesn’t google ‘third house’ when looking for data/research services. It’s the other way around. You google for the service and third house research would come up. Borders isn’t an illegal immigration prevention service, it’s a bookstore. I say name the business whatever the hell you want, build a solid reputation to gain name recognition, use good search labels. Starbucks doesn’t sound like coffee from name, does it??

          • my point being if someone could only remember part of the name and google you they’d get all the astro info – and one should know not everyone searches in the same way shouldn’t they? if I can’t be arsed typing in a url i google part of the name and click on the link. It’s a mistake to think everyone uses the technology in the same way. But I guess that’s what research is all about.

          • Yes totally get your point whatever. Search engine optimization would be a waste of time. Whilst what you say about borders et al is true anon, they have bricks and mortar to display there goods.
            Not set on astro themes at all. Third house is the only one that hadafe it through the myriad of filters so far. But because I am saturn’s bitch legitimacy matters. Which is of course why I am flirting with the unprofessional….
            I’m glad I asked thanks all

          • Drunk iPhone driving. Why does the stupid screen disappear after a certain volume of text? And god all my bloody one finger phone typos really shit me.
            Anyway, what I meant to say before rudely interrupted by f’in technology was thanks for all your advice peoples. I appreciate it and it kinda reassured what I needed to know. Got me no closer to a name, but whatever. That’ll arrive when it needs to. Bed now.

  24. The isle of no regrets
    A lagoon where fish are abundant, For me and my lover – 2 bungalows (his and hers) built over the lagoon joined by a bridge.
    Airstrip and jetty to bring in anybody who wants r n R in the many private bungalows scattered over the island.
    Lots of secret paths leading to secret spots with day beds for snoozing or making love or chatting
    Fresh food on tap 24/7 at the communal slow food eating hut
    Daily think tanks and creative sessions in funky stlye discussion pavillions
    No TV or and limited internet- def no Facebook
    No isms of any kind allowed-Equality for all
    Love & Respect

  25. re: venus retro – my ex has been texting me all day. i haven’t seen him in 5 years.

    • re. re. V in Rx. very very ex from early last year sent me an url to a french electrical appliance website. i didn’t dare open it, He is aquarian after all.

  26. In Omnia Lexigovina we have no National Flag. Our sense of National Identity stems from a shared understanding and respect, we have no need for symbols of status, unquestioned oneness or ownership; we just get on with our shit.
    We will have a new national anthem each week, composed by a fellow citizen and then remixed by the rest of the country in witty YouTube clips that remind us why we love each other.
    The primary export industry of Omnia Lexigovina is (r)evolutionary thoughts, people will receive tax credits and concessions for thinking up beautiful ideas. The national sport – parlour games. Education is free and it never ends, school / study / independent learning is built into all aspects of life from cradle to grave.
    In place of a financial system, citizens award tokens to other citizens who have inspired them, made them happy, taught them something, challenged their mind, made the laugh or made them cry soul-swelling tears – at the end of each month these tokens are presented in exchange for basic supplies and services. The service providers, farmers, bakers, fashionistas, (witch) doctors, teachers, can have free access to whatever supplies and services they need – their work is considered ample contribution to the greater good.
    There will be no need for Same Sex Marriage, adoption and parental rights, as the institute of marriage will be abolished and adoption decided on the personal attributes of the individuals applying – be they straight, gay, single, partnered or otherwise.
    Likewise, the national dialect has no words for wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, defacto or even partner; these words imply ownership rather than personal impact and are replaced with ones such as ‘beloved’, ‘paramour’, ‘kindred’, ‘gift’, ‘counterpart’ and ‘muse’.
    Peacocks will roam freely through the abundant public space, which is PUBLIC space. There are no site permits, rentals, permissions or public liability insurance – by way of using public space one owns their own liability and accepts the consequences of their actions are just that – consequences. Citizens are encouraged to use the pubic space to bring more joy to their fellow citizens – portrait painting, public karaoke, silly dance move competitions and extraordinary shared feasts are just some of the activities that will take place here, amongst the peacocks.
    There are no public holidays because there are no working hours – people just use whatever time is necessary to do their work and the rest is up to them. Nobody has out-of-office auto-responses on their emails – because in Omnia Lexigovina, we just assume you are out of the office anyway.
    Immigration policy – to enter our country you must first make us smile.

        • But as we know u know pegs, if we can’t dream of Utopias we needn’t dream. Have a wonderful time at the beach, your beach. And may there be pandoras on every corner.

      • If I was still writing my thesis on public space I’d have been asking to quote you! Bring on the peacocks.

        • PLUM!! I spent a few months in Berlin this year and on return wrote an article on public space… ie Berlin does it right Sydney does it WRONG.
          Could riff on it for hours, the civil liberties and the civil love. Let’s book in a date and rant… yes?

  27. About to leave for 5 days at the beach house, glass wood stone
    sand ocean sky sun & moon in the stars.
    Praying for 26 degrees daily & 16 of a night.

    I Ching said i needed to ‘Sojourn & Retire’ to advance with
    integrity that will amaze peeps…….ok, so who am i to question the ancient
    book of coins & yarrow sticks?
    “Excellence in retiring. Divination: the way is open”.
    Sounds good to me.
    It can be quite cryptic so i ask questions with key words & watch the exact
    same words come up in the hexagram, so no confusion of subject.
    Time out with loved ones & their 2 kelpies. CowGirl in the kitchen, AquaMan
    at the mac reading obscure matters, me down the shore with the animals =
    My COUNTRY, the BEACH.
    O and Cajun Voodoo Priestess/ 7th Day Aventist Minister (yeah she’s a trip) had
    tix to Simply Red & Marcia Hines tonite in the Barossa Valley but had to decline
    due to retiring & sojourning…..
    for success later