Who Is More Genius At Scheduling: Capricorn Or Virgo?

I always gave Virgos credit for being the most ultra-scheduled peeps of all but that was before I was introduced to Capricorn David Seah whose productivity blog will give Virgoans heart palpitations of pleasure and envy.

And yes, having read his blog and flipped out – my Mars in Virgo “o.m.g. the guy is a genius”, my Venus in Pisces “he needs therapy” – i emailed to ask his sign, expecting Virgo and getting Capricorn.

I think he may be one of the most Capricorn peeps in the world.

Actually, i suppose Virgo Versus Capricorn for who is the most (ahem) productive is much like Alien Vs Predator, no?

57 thoughts on “Who Is More Genius At Scheduling: Capricorn Or Virgo?

      • It was the poor spelling and comprehension that did me. Is it some how more productive to not edit and make up new words? (quantifying dude, not quantizing!).
        Then again if he’s all about process…

        • I didn’t even catch that, I blurred myself out in a hurry! Won’t be back to peek either, too traumatizing. *my brain still in a rocking chair*

        • oh really??? now i can’t even look at the site, that I know there are spelling mistakes and lack of comprehension blah! I know im caught in the old paradigm of accuracy, but, I can’t take organisational advice from that kind of lack of care.

          • Exactly. And in the first para he admits he’s only just realized it can be beneficial to productivity to get up at the same time every day! Hmm.

            In answer to mystics question I reckon virgos are way more organized, and caps are more likely to talk about it.

  1. Capricorns have it like second nature. Virgos can flip out over smaller details in a schedule, or not enough details, as to where Capricorn will just MAKE time appear out of nowhere.

    That guy’s Dream Context Tracker makes me laugh. He doesn’t look like he’s capable of dreams, real ones at least. Then again, this may be why this Taurus’s experiences with Capricorns have been so bland…

  2. For productivity, I like Steve Pavlina, and he’s an ARIES.

    My Cappy daughter makes lots of lists and schedules. She even follows them a good part of the time. Sometimes she makes lists and schedules and lets them make her feel badly for not having completed them. I think she worships them. She’ll never give them up.

  3. I have my own system that works brilliantly

    People text me to confirm things – i go

    Friends text saying “Where the fuq are you?” – i go

    My children arrive at school on time and perfectly groomed as i am always up at first light and getting perfectly groomed and they know what time school starts. I only go to school functions if there is champagne.

    If something arrives saying “final demand” i pay it immediately

    I would rather juice fast for a week and live by candlelight then not have music, perfume etc

    I do not think anyone is going to be paying me for my “system” in a hurry. I should email this guy

    • Ahhh. I have leo moon, and my system is fairly similar to yours, most of the time. Notable exceptions are travel. When I’m going somewhere I would rather be at the airport two hours early than running into the gate with minutes to spare. I HATE that feeling of being rushed. That would be the toro rising I suppose.
      I don’t have kids, but I LOVE that you only go to school functions if there is bubbles. I would too.

    • I’m cracking up over your system! I think I’ve adopted a version of it myself, not knowing it might be my Rising Leo (and not my Virgo Sun—which, to be honest, has sorely let me down in the organizing department).

      My favorite part of your system: “I only go to school functions if there is champagne” Now there’s a system with which I can identify:)

  4. i worked for a capricorn that couldnt have organised a piss in a pot, so to speak… granted he was a entrepeneurial hippy, that preferred not this dimension so much as the one he felt like at the time… but im suspecting that he had his own internal system of sorts going on behind the wipe out from the 60s… I have cap north node, and am recognising, and learning the benefits of organisation,personal, political, bathroom, laundry, shopping list… i want to hang with more caps in full capacity of their essence..

  5. Oh yeah. I know someone EXACTLY like that guy. He resents every minute that he isn’t making money, and he owns the first nickel he ever made. I’m pretty sure he’s never had a good time, mostly because he can’t bear to schedule it in. If you mention an old friend, he immediately says, “He has no retirement plan whatsoever.”

    I wish I had just a few of his qualities.

  6. Skim reading that site can cause serious vertigo.

    I must forward onto my Cappi Aunt. She is the Queen of all our family gatherings. It has been hard, and I hate being harrassed to ‘get back to me by … so i can organise this”, but i must also remember she was also the only one who thought of absolutely everything when my Leo Grandfather passed away frightfully early (for us), down to red, white and blue (hydrangers) for his cask, to match to the Aussie flag on his cask/et (cant remember the proper name sorry).

    She also managed to find someone, and get them to Sydney from his unit in Papua New-Guinea where he served, to talk. While the rest of us were walking round like we were on another planet. And she married into our family! She is a diamond when you need something organised/researched/looked into/a better deal found/ etc…but in no way affectionate..it totally throws her off guard and gets her in a muddle if you lay a big hug on her. And fit…that woman could crush walnuts in her biceps/triceps/abs/thighs… this sort of organisation would have me in a straight jacket in no time.

  7. I’m such a heavy mix of Capricorn AND Virgo, I couldn’t really say.
    I do know I have an innate auto-scheduler, time-manager, spacial awareness kind of gift. I guess that’s how I ended up directing, programming and scheduling cultural events.
    I see space and time like palpable units – like Tetris blocks – and in my mind I just shift them into place til they fit.
    Cap or Virgo?? – I’d urge on the Cap front actually – based on other Caps and Virgos I know. In fact, I know a Cap (town planner) who actually organises massive pub crawls set to public transport schedules and send out an itinerary with bus stop, route #, arrival time and distant to pub details on it… Now that’s got to be a clear winner.

    • oops, see there is an example of the Capricorn multi-tasking, squeezing a mystic peak into the schedule, overriding the Virgo spell-checking…

      • If it’s in Germany, Switzerland or Japan it will always be on time. No joke.

        If in Bourne Identity Matt Damon had attempted that tram switcharoo thing the character did in Japan, but in Melbourne, he’d be in pieces, either from being shot to pieces or trams shredding him from arriving whenever.

      • I’m pretty sure he factors in delays and traffic conditions with some kind of fail-safe matrix, with Plan B buffers automatically built into the equation and a variety of beer sizes and strengths depending on how off schedule the day is becoming…

        • Incredible….. I do it for my own travel etc. I have a mental spreadsheet for travel, times, distances, allowances for traffic / weather etc. But I don’t bother for more than just me. Herding cats is more rewarding….. lessons from experience. Mother is an Aqua. Time is relative to Aquas.
          Cap MC
          Virgo Jupes/Saturn/True Node

  8. double cap here, my dyslexia has to be ok with stuff like this. takes time to figure the system out. my system is get it done and have fun doing it. i do like that he respects eating at the right time. also his concept about being realistic about how long a project or task will take. there is a lot to learn from this System going to study it and make it my own. i tend to be late to events but early to important meetings. I practice bending time. what upsets me is when my asst. takes a simple project and turns it into a complex time consuming costly project.

  9. The overwhelming sense I got is that David Seah does it for the reason of money. Can’t say that for ALL Caps, although a fair few % would fall in the category as well.

    For Virgo methinks it’s just in there, specifically Virgo sun with Virgo Mercury.
    ofthephoenix.tumblr.com/post/1258947964/a-spreadsheet-plot-written-out-by-j-k-rowling – Rowling’s *handwritten*plot, so still in early stages and it’s already like that. She has Mercury in Virgo (and moon, Venus, Uranus).
    We scribble like that. Again, haven’t met every single sun & Merc Virgo, but Rowling’s scribble paints a good pic. :)
    And yes, I’m sun-Merc Virgo, my brain just organizes my own things and whatever I’m asked to do at work.

    • J K Rowling has a Leo Sun. I have multiple Virgo including Mercury and have an inbuilt sensor system and can multitask like a demon when I want to. Seems to get me by without going over-the-top-living-a-sad-nanosecond-overscheduled-life. Gotta let the magic in :-)

      • Yep, she does! I was trying to illo the Virgo Merc, that it’s undimmed, even with a diff Sun. I guess it’s not clear above.

  10. I’m an Aqua sun, Cap rising and Virgo moon. I love lists and often catch myself creating lists for the lists I’ll be creating. I’m actually creating a list of duties now, for work.

    I’m in love with the idea of being organised and have this need to be able to clearly visualise a list of things to be done, otherwise I feel like things are chaotic and all over the place. It’s a vicious cycle – chaos and mess (due to my Aqua sun) and general flakiness and then a bout of madman organisation, then back to chaos again.

    • Yes, I have a same need to keep things herded so they don’t become chaotic. It’s like I have to catch the energies and focus them into a beam of accomplished creativity, or they escape and run around me and badger me with their freneticism.

    • *stands beside capqua* I’m aqua by one day. List-maker — I have lists of my lists. Thing is, I can’t keep the lists straight.

      I love to spend time with organized, competent friends. If a dependable friend is willing to take over, I can relax most control issues — very rare, indeed.

  11. I love lists, when they are complete I no longer have to think about them or do them. Yes time is relative to an Aqua.

    The most amazingly organised person in my life was a capricorn who arranged billions of tiny beads by colour into hundreds of little plastic trays. She is gone now, but I still have these little containers. Looking at them, makes me appreciate cappos.

  12. I have no idea what you people are talking about … but whatever it is sounds frightening …

  13. Aw, poor Capricorn. Caught in an endless “goal displacement.” Scheduling and tracking performance is not a substitute for actual performance. This reminds me of some of the backlash to the widely blogged “Getting Things Done” movement. There were dozens of blogs with endless discussion of To Do lists and how to work them efficiently. Then some guy wrote a productivity blog with a list with only one entry:

    1. Stop making lists and DO SOMETHING.

    In any case, Cap and Virgo are amateurs at productivity compared to a Taurus. But I have no time for further comment, I have to be in the office in 30 minutes. I just finished a 63 hour work week and am scheduled for about 75 hours this week.

    • Sorry, Charles, but not any Toros I’ve ever known, and I was married to one! They seem to like to get through the work to enjoy activiites with eating involved. Go to the museum but be sure and stop for lunch. Watch a movie at home surrounded by food. Go visit friends…for a BBQ. Get together at a bar, eat snacks while drinking. Going to a movie? Meet up for ice cream afterwards. Jazz at a restuarant.

    • My Aries sun says, The way to conquer the world is to GO! and I will have everything I want! My Scorp rising advises, There are better ways to achieve than bashing through everything, let’s look for something truly powerful in making others become our slaves. Pisces moon chirps in, I know! Let’s think about magic! Magic makes everything possible, just like Disney movies! Let’s just THINK our way to getting what we want. Aqua mars, You are all insane, we must work for the better good through innovation. We must create a utopian society. Then we’ll all be truly happy.

      It can be confusing.

  14. This SO fits!! Yes, productivity WONK.

    My Cap Sun is always attracted to stuff like this b/c my Sagg rising is all over the range and needs serious corralling to get anything done. Happy to gallop through the green grass, but fretting fretting fretting at day’s end when I can’t point back to productivity. “Did you get from A to B, or did you just chase your tail all day long?”

    Like you, Aries Moon says, “Just Do It.” But my poor Sagg rising suffers from BigVisionoia. I freak/flake myself out before I’ve begun.

    Now it’s down to me to make it work.

    Starting my own business, though, makes this guy’s structuring ideas v.helpful right now. Need organization for my brain.

    • Also think it’s tres Cappy to take a weakness/struggle and transform it into a viable income source. They find out how to make it work for them –and others.

      Learn from my pain.

  15. How much time did he waste on that plan?? That system would take too much precious time. Get on with it! Not being productive really is a result of not knowing what you’re doing or not writing goals that are specific enough. It can be as simple as finding out what you need to know to get the task done- and practice and asking other people who do the same or similar work. Prioritising can be dependent on other people being on time but for the tasks you need to get done alone isn’t it better to break them down into steps and then allocate time for each. That can be done in a more straight forward manner than the chart.

    Also, I don’t know that the chart is all that helpful in evaluating your long-term productivity/ effectiveness over any time period because it’s very difficult to compare progress over different tasks for different groups/jobs. There are also environmental impacts that may alter your productivity and in that way would not be a reliable measure of progress. Being overly critical of yourself in terms of time management can cost you a lot of time. I admire this guys drive and determination to make the most of his time but I do think he’s being overly critical- ‘how long things should take’. If you think a task could be done quicker think of ways that can cut down on time but not quality- you can’t quickly/ visibly see that in a chart. He’s over thinking it. There are also some days when you just can’t get your mind around statistics (we all know the impact the astro can have on productivity) and others when you’re not creative enough to write an article. That sort of impact is not noted on the chart- this lessens the validity and reliability.

    A big issue I have here is that there is very little room for a contingency plan- no room for error or mistakes. Kind of links back to the being to critical of self.

  16. My Cappy Moon makes a to do list (not every day for heaven’s sake…), but do jot down things as I think of them esp. stuff I don’t do on a weekly basis. As I mark them off feel a sense of accomplishment, organization, and being on top and in control of my world.

    Funny cuz I was just talking to Gem Sun-Virgo Rising daughter this weekend and she says she makes lists but then they sorta go to hell…”Where did that list go?” So she makes another one. But says she always gets things done just in her own unique way compared to Pisces Sun/Leo Moon conj. Saturn hubby who drives her nuts with his own anality as his Saturn-Moon (in my opinion) makes him hard on himself with his own expectations and control freakery.

  17. I have Cap sun, Taurus rising. I make lists a LOT. But I am usually doing six other things at the time and forget to take the list !! I am a mad multi-tasker, recent example Sunday, I was making a Pineapple and Coconut Cake, an old fashioned from scratch Lamb Casserole, washing towels, watering the lawn(moving the sprinkler) and using BAM (lung lining-stripper) to clean meldew-ey bathroom ceiling. But I feel like I never get enough done! and that my home is ALWAYS in some sort of mess. I am not the ANAL cleaning freak spotless house type Cap. It gets messy and then I do a super clean whilst cooking and gardening too, is all, Then I fall into the comfy chair devour the delicious food, drink too many beers and leave the bottles on the floor , then shower and go to bed!
    But I will then lay there and think about the the next list that I have to compile! and wonder why I can never get enough sleep??

  18. What an exhausting person. He sounds fragmented. Total schizo perception. I agree with Baristagem, he breaks my brain. He is pretty though.

  19. I have Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Virgo (along with Mars, Venus and Mercury) and I am constantly coming up with different calendar styles (I can only make my own as finding one in the store that fits my specifications is impossible) and different ways to chart my income and spending. I have also at different points in my life have kept track of other really unimportant things (such as “which books I read this month and how many pages I read each day” or “what tarot cards did I draw today” complete with a system of tallies to show which I draw most often). There must be something flaky going on in my chart though because I can never seem to stick to any of these for more than a month. I will be really diligent and obsessive about it for weeks only to forget about it completely! Maybe it’s not flakiness but the realization that keeping track of these things is totally unnecessary?

  20. virgoans love the idea of scheduling.

    capricorns don’t.

    but when it comes to who has the iron will to make the schedule and keep it – capricorn. must come with being a cardinal or whatever.

  21. Wow, a secret trove of commentary! The comments have given me insight how my writing style doesn’t fit with a general audience; I know it’s pretty dense and inaccessible at times, but it’s not really written for a general audience to begin with.

    I’m not versed at all in the various traits of the signs, but I can maybe provide more data:

    I’m not particularly well-organized by nature. I struggle with it. What I want to have is a sense of certainty, and being able to visualize my goals in one place seems to help with that.

    I don’t particularly LIKE to be scheduled at all, but I see it as a necessary evil so I can get some of my dreams out there. Currently, the dream is to be self-sustaining and self-employed so I can have more time to investigate things that interest me, and see what people are up to.

    What seems to please me is lining up things, categorizing them, and figuring out how things work. I’ve tried to apply this to my productivity challenges. I never claim to be a productivity expert, mind you, but I share my thoughts along the way. I figure maybe 2 or 3 percent of the people who stumble upon the site find something to be excited about.

    I’m not particularly driven by money (I’m self-employed for freedom, not riches), but I’ve come to recognize that without it I can’t do some of the bigger projects I’d like.

    If MBTI type matters, I’m an INFP with INTJ tendencies.