What Is Your Fave Tarot Card?

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What is your fave Tarot card?

Mine is The Magician. Definitions very  – there is a whole heap here, if you’re interested – but to me The Magician means skill, the Trickster at play, cunning, magical eloquence, the ability to conjure up fresh realities and manipulate situations to your own ends. Whenever he shows in a reading, there is always a really cool connection about to be made, some fascinating and illuminating gossip or major breakthrough. Obviously the card is madly mystical; Thoth, Mercury & Hermes linked.

So we should all sleep with our fave Tarot card under the pillow and see what happens in our dreams…Who is up for it?

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  1. The Star. I often find tarot readings under my pillow as I tend to do them at night, in bed.

    I’ll stick her under there tonight and report back!

  2. Oh, do I get a special prize for being the first commenter on two thread in a row? (Unless someone got to this before me…)

    But sad, really, that I’m so available. :-)

    This is great because I’ve been playing with a new tarot deck online and can’t wait to get my own copy: The Housewives Tarot. Retro 50’s! BRILLIANT.

    The Page of Swords is a little boy running with Scissors and plastering handprints across the wainscoting. And the Magician is an appliance salesman…Pentacles are china dishes with Pentacle design.

    Has anyone played with these before? Too funny.

    As links are held up here, recommend you google it yerself.

    Yeah, and the Magician is popping up in three spreads tonight. Hm…

      • Amazon has them in the US. Don’t know about Australia.

        But if you got to thehousewivestarot.com you’ll find a free three card layout.

    • Thanks weathergirl it is brilliant!

      The website has gorgeous recipes- Psychic Psalad- “this gelatin-based treat will reveal the answers to all of your questions, if you ask nicely”. I also love ‘Madame Marlena’s mystical martini’ “This fabulous concoction will enhance the potency of any reading” :-) They’re all fantastic, really.

      I also love that it does the past, present, future reading for you on the site and this is silly but it actually had themes that were specific to me this week. Ha. I think I want to get some of those tarot cards they’re beautiful.

  3. The magician is one of my favs too, as a Libran I have a few, mostly combos. The Magician and the Star appearing together are my def fav combination, added bonus if the nine of pentacles (doin it Your way) or the two of cups come up (love). Feeling like a piece of deflated crap and those come up, magic and synchronicity abound in a positive way, just have to get my head out there and work with it. Love the tarot but the ambiguity of some of the cards drive me batty at times, and yelling at the tarot seems to do nothing but antagonise them further toward confusion.


  4. mine is the magician from the thoth deck and I have it sitting upright here infront of me. part my guide for next proposal

  5. Im up for it! *jumping up and down*

    Do we report back tomorrow with dream results or what?

    The moon card is mine. Always looking for illumination, must have something to do with lack of water in my chart, except scorp Neptune.

    As for the death card….I burned it during zap zone/mega pluto transit rage!

    • Ooh I like the Death card appropriately balanced with the new stuff to come, as I am usually SO ready for whatever needs to go/end, I generally surrender it willingly if that card comes up. Much better that the Tower, it BITES, it is much more of a slow painful learning crumble type ending, strip by strip.!! (mmm Saturns card maybe?)

      • Okay, try this for a different take on The Tower: in the Housewives Tarot, the Tower is a beautiful housewife emerging from a stacked jello mold, like a long evening gown. It’s fantastic. Totally made me rethink the Tower –and take a bit of the bite out of it.

        Actually the whole deck is very friendly to women. But without the woo-woo factor.

        • Actually I my self am emerging from the towers influence and a beautiful evening gown would definately help (not an edible one though – I am trying to avoid the venus in scorp stuff). It is a positive card but its the slow learner.

      • Don’t fear the Tower. It usually means whatever you’ve dug yourself into you need the “dynamite” the Tower brings to get you out.

        The card i really dislike i 3 of swords. When it comes out, I know someone is not playing fair no matte how much i try to convince myself of the other possibilities in meanings. :/

        • Yeah, the Housewives deck calls the Tower, the “Mold of Convention” –as in, break out of it!

          Not to worry Hippychic, the jello has radishes and olives embedded; double you’d be up for a nibble on that baby.

          • I like this jello mold/evening gown idea for the tower. The tower is the card I got when my Saturn transit began, so I agree with whoever suggested that connection. And I was a housewife who broke the mold. Yet the evening gown venus rising on a shell from the sea thing has NOT happened yet. And counting the minutes until it does…. tick, tick…

            Although I keep having visions of myself wearing a 1940’s style evening gown! Yes, vain and self-absorbed as that is. I keep “seeing” it.

  6. My favorite is the Ace of Pentacles. That’s partially because in my cartomancy system (using regular playing cards) my birth card is the Ace of Diamonds. I think that is terribly amusing since our old pal Aleister C picked that card as his personal card, he put his personal sigil on the Thoth Ace of Disks.

    The Ace of Pentacles is a special card. When you buy a Tarot deck, it’s got the Fool on the top and the Ace of Pentacles on the bottom. It is the end of the sequence of Tarot, so to speak. It is the final result of the travel through the suits, it is the ultimate physical reality. When you get it in a Tarot reading, it means something important is coming, and it will be tangible, physical reality.

    • Cool Charles! I hadn’t heard of that meaning before. I too pulled Ace of Pents on an important reading this weekend.

    • Then Charles can you tell me the meaning of 5 Diamonds?
      Found one on the footpath last week…..would like to know

      • Well, in cartomancy (not tarot) I generally interpret the 5D as obstructions or problems on the physical plane. It could be money problems, or health problems, or a variety of other problems related to our stuff, our homes, our bodies, anything physical or material. The five pips are two rows of two, with one in the middle forming a blockage, or an “X” showing a crossing. I often see people with physical handicaps or ongoing, lifelong poverty that have a 5D as their birth card. It’s tough karma as a birth card.
        Now in Tarot, the Five of Pentacles often shows the same physical woes, perhaps money or loneliness, but more than that, it shows us that we aren’t even seeing the help that is right behind us, if we cared to look for it. In the RWS tarot, it shows two ragged beggars with crutches outside a church, we can see the lighted stained glass window, so there is sanctuary from the cold inside the church. But they are walking right past it, they don’t even see it, let alone realize it is their salvation.

  7. Cool post since I just pulled all 4 Aces in a spread. I love Page of wands bringing me a happy message, Nine of Cups, of course. I get the Priestess and Star with regularity. More recently in the last week or two Magician.
    My most favorite card is the one that brings some sort of clarity to a situation. Fave deck, Robin Wood, also the Oracle of the Dreamtime.

  8. Mine is The Empress

    I swear every time I pull that card in a reading someone near me or the ppl I am reading for is (and doesn’t know yet) knocked up! Every single time. It’s freaky. I’m scared if I put her under my pillow i will be next, but I do love the image of her. Maybe I can channel her more material aspects to actually focus on work/make money, instead of flitting off into lala land in front of the computer?!

    • OMG so true!!! When my friend & I moved into a new building, we met a girl & within minutes, my friend did her cards (she was an excellent reader). She pulled The Empress, paused & asked,”Are you pregnant?” The girl freaked out & said,”OMG I haven’t told anyone! My Mom doesn’t even know!!”
      Keep that card awaaaaaaayy from your pillow(unless you want the pitter-patter of lil feet!

  9. The Magician in my pax has heading ‘Dancing the Fire’…love it!
    The Star’s heading is ‘Opening to the Goddess’…………..ditto.
    They are round instead of square so there are degrees of reversals of energy.
    The name of them is called MOTHERPEACE.. ‘Finding the Goddess through Myth,
    Art & Tarot.
    Took the pax to Tahiti with me where dancing the fire became a reality,
    if fact my Leo GF said at one stage ‘they are coming to life’, they surely
    did :-)

    • This was my favorite deck when I started having my children. I felt they were most women/mom friendly.

  10. One would think The Fool Card would be my fave with April Fool’s b-day. I’ve always been partial to the High Priestess however, she is wise in a very deep, mysterious way. When she has shown up in my cards interesting things have come about. I have no cards currently however so can’t sleep on one. Boo-hoo.

    • I like the hierophant too, in my readings he is a person I have a huge crush on.
      He is a spiritual guide / mentor type person, but for me he is always this hot guy (who is a spiritual teacher so to speak, but hot and distracting none the less).

  11. Hard to pick but I would say THE WORLD is my fave card to find in a spread, but of course it’s in hot competition with THE MAGICIAN.
    Depending on whether the majors or the minors are in play, I (me, myself) always turn up in a spread represented as either Knight of Wands or The Magician.
    Cannot find it online as is very obscure Renaissance-esque designed deck that my Mother bought, decided she didn’t like and gave to me when I was 16 or so… but I just love the illustrations in this deck and when I used to do readings at a market stall yonks ago, found it the most effective for bouncing me off the cards an into clairvoyance. The Magician card is just beautiful in this deck and is going under my pillow tonight!!

    • did you>??? lol I used to read for a short time at psychic fairs. but I hated it, everyone used to ask me if they should leave their husband or was cheating.
      I was too young for people to base an entire decision like that on. ironic that is also I found out how my ma was leaving my dad. she asked me for a reading when I was 15. I made my first deck on the major acrana when I was 13 based on this italian renaissance deck. would love to make a deck one day. I think it would just look like surrealist pop though.

      • surrealist pop Tarot would be completely marvelous, why not?
        I had an artist do impressions of a number of Major Arcana cards for a film I made where all the hetero symbolism in the Tarot cards was reworked as homo… eye rolling completely permitted…

        I too was probably too young to handle the responsibility of readings and how 24/7 “switched on” you become when you do like 8 readings in a row every Saturday for a month and then start having intense psychic visions about your friends when just trying to have a relaxing beer in the pub, yada yada…
        Also, was only so long I could be taken seriously – at that age everyone asks you “so what do you do when you’re not being a psychic fair guy?” and my answer “I’m a professional actor…”
        Hardly inspires confidence in your legitimacy… LOL.

      • When I started doing Tarot readings, I used to tell people I didn’t do “tall, dark and handsome”, as a bit of a joke. Most people weren’t bothered but one woman went into a right snit as that’s the sort of reading she wanted and flounced off in high dudgeon. Luckily I’ve got a sense of humour!

    • That’s fabulous. Design fabulosity. Queen of Cups a la Tarot, could also be quite noice…

  12. three of swords. I am confused about the meaning however, have heard all different things… I just love the symbol. I have always been fascinated with Tarot but don’t really have much of an understanding.. If anyone could shed some light on this card for me that would be helpful!

    • Opening of a stagnant wound so that it can at last be healed. 3’s – initial completion – something had to give and it has and there has been a release of energy which is definately a good thing.

      • That’s a really interesting reading on 3 of Swords, Happychic, because this card came up this year when I was processing my mother’s death at 63 and my own approach to 63. I finally twigged what it was about, by the way, after puzzling over it for some time. Big DUH!!!

        • My mother also died young at 64, Scorpionically stung
          herself to death…slowly. It also gave me the creeps for
          many moons thinking i wouldn’t pass that age.
          Yup worked it out as well but not without a lot a lot of help.

      • I hadn’t heard of that meaning for 3 of swords yet. Very nifty!!

        Sadly what it tends to mean for me, if it comes up is that I’m about to be betrayed either by a friend (for another involved party) or most of the time by a lover who has decided to see someone else. It’s not a card that comes up frequently for me, but when i see it it strikes utter fear and despair in me.
        But yeah different cards even if they are “negative” for one person may be “positive” for another. For example, I dig the Tower even though many of my friends dislike it. I get the Tower somewhat frequently though, but I have Uranus conjunct many things so I expect it.

  13. Mine is death and Now I have read the meaning and gods associated with it so makes sense. It is associated with Scorpio ( duh!) , Ares god of war, who had an affair with Aprodites producing eros . i have eros in scoprio so tres twang with this card. love the evolution of it. Rejuvnation too thats my life ever evolving!

  14. I guess it is the Empress – what with the Leo Sun and the 2nd House placement anything signifying dignity and luxury is pretty pleasant (especially as it is somewhat lacking atm, lol).

  15. The Knight of Pentacles from the Mythic tarot pack. If I have to sleep with someone, I want it to be him. And his horse.

  16. My absolute favourite is The Magician in the Thoth deck, I draw that so often it’s amazing – and inspiring. I also love Rachel Pollack’s The World – Shining Woman image. I really love that deck too, has anyone else worked with it? Although I work with that for myself. With others I always work with the Thoth deck, it sings to me. But I remember when I was just starting out and practising with Rider-Waite, that a woman acquaintance drew the 3 of Swords, 9 of Swords and 10 of Swords. It’s really hard to look at that sort of spread and, gulp, offer a constructive reading when you’re a novice reader!

  17. Oh my, this looks like fun and I am dropping from exhaustion and too tired to even read all the comments! I like the magician, too, and pull..jeez..the hawking lady, can’t think of her name right now, somebody of pentacles..all the time when I’m having fun doing a daily one card pull. I shall sleep with both of them under my pillow tonight and see what they conspire to bring me/show me. Off to sleep…

  18. The Lovers! 10 of Cups & 10 of Pentacles. Yes, Pisces like mushy cards, just as in life. Good thing I’m w/ a mushy Libra!

  19. Am new to Tarot. Sister gifted me the Crowley deck b’day last year but I am afraid of over using it and haven’t had much time to delve into it yet. The few “readings” I’ve done have resonated though, with my family/friends and myself.

    My favourite card is Crowley’s Lust (Strength) closely followed by Princess of Disks and Ace of Swords. Question to holders of Tarot knowledge: Should I sleep with all three under my pillow or stick with major Lust?

    Right now with trans Moon conj my Asc/Saturn in Pisces I pulled Power – 4 of Discs and Fortune (Wheel of Fortune). Interesting considering I am on the threshold of new beginning post settlement and about to move into a No. 4 (85) home. Will have to read some more.

    And thanks again Mystic for yet again more inspiration, love it :-)

    • I think if you can put a few under there without damaging them go with your feeling. I need combos – It is my solar return tomorrow so I think I will do a little manifesting spread for the things I wish to draw in and create. I rarely remember dreams so I will go that way and see what happens over the coming weeks. I will have to be very careful about my wishes I have learnt of late :)

      • Many happy returns for tomorrow Hippychic xox

        Mystic just spoke of using one card in her latest post on: The Eternity Night, Neptunian Dream Hacking – what a title, LOL. I have been remembering full on dreaming forever, can’t remember when it began – might be a combo of fabulous therapy with Neptune/Chiron in my 12th house (at the end now approaching my Asc). Of course I’m going with Lust (Strength) so Leo and I love the illo (Crowley’s)

        • Oh and tonight am sharing my bed with 10 y o son and two cats so only willing to risk one card under the pillow :-)

  20. I have an egyptian deck. Bes if my favourite and I often sleep with him under my pillow – the aqua was in major strife a while back because he changed the sheets etc and in the middle of the night I went a bit mental in the darkness because my cheek knew the texture of the pillow case was different and WHERE WAS BES? Cue ranting aqua hurling miscellaneous soiled items from laundry basket. me (yelling like a maniac): “it better not be in the fuqing washing machine” he (domestic feathers ruffled): “How the fuq would I know you keep things in your pillow case? I’ll never touch your pillow again. Deal? me: DEAL. Hehehehe Bes came back a little worse for wear but at least he never made it to the machine.

    Bes is a lesser known but widely worshipped god. I’m all about BES.

  21. I like all the cards because they all point to a place in life’s journey and isn’t it just fantastic and amazing that, through the law of attraction, cards can be used as such a poignant indicator of where one is at???

    I particularly abhor any kind of deterministic “psychic” reading of either the cards or the future and find it all quite repulsive, let alone karmically irresponsible … but don’t get me started on that rant …

    I love:

    the devil: for speaking the truth about the shadow side of self which is far more persuasive and influential than our rational, conscious minded ideals about self willed determination are willing to acknowledge. Def Pluto inspired.

    the hanged man: which states emphatically that the journey to truth and return to spirit require giving up “old ideas” and beliefs … I also like the nod to patience and “universal time” as being keys to spiritual progress. Tres Saturnian.

    the wheel of fortune: regardless of our delusions and illusions of control, the universe continues to do its own thing and our lesson is to learn to flow with it.

    the tower: GOD I LOVE THIS CARD … actually it’s not very pleasant but it’s so ruthless and crucial in spiritual development. The ultimate deflation and destruction of the superficialities that the ego conjurs … a humbling experience … truth like a lightening bolt blowing away all bullshit ego driven delusions. Uranus in all its glory.

    • Here here to all the above Ms PC.

      I have over time too bonded in my own way with those cards and they have helped me surrender to that which is necessary and that later we are soo grateful for and definately wouldn’t change the journey through the darkness as it changes your vision and reminds us we are whole beings with a rainbow of lessons in dark and light form.
      But I must say I do need rather a large rest as they can take a bit out of you.

    • I get where you’re at re the foretelling of the future prowlers because not many people can do it and those who can’t and try are often on some kind of power trip or similar but I have had some amazing readings that have foretold future events down to descriptions of fabrics and wallpapers etc in the rooms things happened in. Years in advance. The future. Foretold. With no intervention on my part to “make it so”. So I think that there is some frequency that some people may have access to and when they become a clear conduit for that frequency or harmonic supernatural things are possible. I haven’t had a decent reading in years tho – the static free lines are few and far between.

      • whatevs, i agree with you, that such readings are possible, and also that a lot of people say they can do such things when they really can’t, just for a power trip.

        my mother had a reading a couple years back and the woman said she’d be getting lots of cats and my mother said “that’s ridiculous, i’m allergic.” not only did we have three cats given to us within the year, her allergy disappeared! there were a bunch of other things that were spot-on but that was certainly the part that was most drastically different from the time when she had the reading.

  22. The Empress, maybe because I’m Taurus Rising? Will try her under the pillow tonight and let you all know how I go tomorrow.

  23. The Hermit. And the Magician. Biased because the (one and only) reading have had (April this year) began with Justice, Balanced on The Hermit (for months and months) and ended with The Magician … think Magician is current energy … was an amazing set of signposts that reading.

  24. The High Priestess, used to carry it around in my backpack during my pre-teen years. Still shows up in my own readings very frequently.

    I also love the imagery of the Three of Swords, despite it’s heartbreaking meaning, but at least when it shows up, you know it’s over.

    Last year I found THE GREATEST TAROT DECK EVER, for me at least. It’s called the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Instead of swords, wands, etc. they use the elements. And instead of king, queen, etc. they use child, maiden, mother, crone. It’s also heavily involved with astrology, each card has a symbol, representing for a example, Venus in Scorpio. Not to mention the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, I actually wept when I first saw Pele’s card. I shall never need another tarot deck.

  25. Have tarot cards given to me as gift that have been too scared to use but will open now and get first card out and put under pillow IF i can sleep….

    Knight Of Pentacles…what does that mean please? A man? With money?

    • Yep all that wonderful male earth sign stuff that they are good at. Can represent an earth sign male (or one you whom you see that way) coming into your life but also a reflection of focusing on these these things in yourself. Grounding, everyday living tasks etc. I think the knight is generally considered the younger energy as opposed to the king older wiser energy of the same stuff. The King of Pentacles to me is always the midas touch in such things.

    • depends on placement, but since this is a one card thing I’d say it’s a suggestion that you need to be willing to apply yourself as the diligent student and learn something new. Knight of Pentacles is about persistence and patience, as well as the “humbleness” to be in a learning situation without expecting immediate rewards.

    • I must be secretly Libran. I love the Lovers.

      And the Ace of Cups.

      Oddly, I “like” (if that’s the right word) the Tower. Maybe that one intrigues me the most.

  26. I love the Pages of all suits and also the Knights. They usually bring movement and change and I find that exciting and intriguing. I am somewhat overwhelmed by the Major Arcana in most readings and when I get many of them in a Celtic Cross I feel like something huge will soon happen. True.
    I think the tarot is amazing and difficult. In fact, today I happily await Kaplan’s Volume IV of the Encyclopedia of Tarot. Like the synchronicity here Mystic. Your site is looking better all the time. Glad I re-subscribed. xoxo

  27. Waite-Smith Two of Swords has resonated with me lately…. I love the simple balance it depicts. The girl on it seems almost peaceful even as she’s holding the swords — but even that doesn’t seem threatening. It’s almost as if she’s holding them more out of habit than anything.

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