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Paris Vogue November 2010

This cover is SO Saggo in its sensibility that i feel it’s like a Sagittarius Shaman Of Fashion or something. Thoughts?

Even the coverlines; don’t Sagittarians just love their festivals?

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  1. Oh, I was just about to comment on the Neptune Princess post about “What is happening with Neptune at the mo ‘cos I have had some seriously crazy dreams, especially last night…” when I read this about a Sagittarian Shaman… Eek. In last night’s seriously vivid and creepy dream I was being stalked by a “Dark Shaman” (who TF knew they existed) who was creating horrible Blare Witch style installations outside my house and telepathically STITCHED MY EYES SHUT during my sleep, saying my fingers and mouth were next.

    Sorry, but the coincidence just totally freaked me out Mystic…!!

    • Lex, in one of Lynn V. Adrews books (a female shaman from Beverly Hills, originally), she is confronted by her dark Sorcerer/Shaman.

      She sees a lizard with his mouth sewn shut and knows some kinda gig is up.

      Her dark shaman dogged her from day one but her teachers told her that it was eventually to return her to light.

      She was of light originally, and for this reason was why she was conscious of being on a path at all. But it was all a bit confusing. (Did I mention she is a Pisces btw? She really is and not I’m not just being a smart arse but do want to giggle a litltle :lol: ). I found her books tho such a comfort when I was frightened by things. Her confusion was mine, you know?

      Just love her books. She truly walks the edge, venturing into the underworld of the psyche. But she always returns, transformed.

      Realize that may not be much of a comfort right now. But love and light. You’ll be okay. Hugs.

      • Hey, I went to a reading by Lynn Andrews once, I think it was the early 80s. She just wrote a new book and was reading about an indian marriage basket. But it has been so long, I have forgotten the details.

        • Neat that you met her in person Charles and had a book reading with her.

          The marriage basket was from her first “Medicine Woman”, whereupon she had to stalk the sorcerer and then strike thus culminaiting in a confrontation.

          She won/earned back the basket (“for all women”). A balance of energies needed here on earth.

          Sent her a little letter once and she wrote back. Was late 80’s and was quite thrilled to have it written in her own hand.

          In her book she quoted someone (couldn’t find it) “Magician’s of the world, unite!”

          • Balance of energies? For all women? Ah, that explains some things. My gf wanted to attend and I went with her. I was the only man in the room. The women in the audience wouldn’t let me sit in the chairs near them, they made me sit on the floor in the back of the room. I am sure Lynn would not have condoned their behavior. Ha.

          • Haha indeed. Lynn’s teachers always talked about “the firstness of women” and so of course that being a relatively new idea back then, those gals at her reading pushed and shoved to make sure you ended up on the floor :lol:

            No, think Lynn is far more fair minded than that. Everyone needs a place to sit! And good on you for being the only male! x

    • Poor Lexicorn. That sounds just awful, I live in terror of dreams like that. It’s why I do an energy read of my house then a psychic sweep before sleep.

      I used to wonder if it helped and I think it does. I dreamed that Greys were popping out of corners the other night, frustrated they couldn’t get to me (whatever it means) and I felt good.

      Best of luck with whatever means you choose to approach this. I suppose like Sweetpea suggests, you may be too far down the Shaman’s road to turn back at this point! Not comfy.

    • Hey you lovelies, thanks for the sweet thoughts.
      How intriguing about the Lynn V Andrews, SweetPea. I won’t go into the nature of the creepy Blare Witch sculptures by they were pretty brutal on a few furry, feathered and slithery friends.
      Well, I trust it was a fleeting thing and the ooky Dark Shaman will not be returning… Suspect it has links to personal fears, having almost lost an eye in the past and bad sight now thanks to it, couldn’t live without my fingers (being a pianist AND writer) and well, what’d we do if someone did literally ‘shut my mouth’… I’d be lost if I couldn’t wax lyrical!
      It was just unreasonable in it’s vividness, I understand nightmares happen, but they should at least seem silly and fake in the moment, no?
      But good idea Andromeda, it’s been a while since I had any unwanted ‘visitors’ in my home but I might just do a thorough clearing tonight, just in case… xx

      • Freaking …!! Now I can’t sleep worrying about your dreaming Lexi – you don’t deserve the scary violence. Trying to think about deeper significance though as to dream like this is like a lightening bolt from your soul.

        PS and I just woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep so am here online at this ungodly hour. Sheesh ….

  2. No No No! Hate the hair!
    Leo moon, Sagg Venus.

    I do festivals if I can find someone my age (scorp Neptune generation) to go with.
    Over the past few years have fallen in love with progressive trance music. Went to see Armin Van Buuren and others in a 10hr fest, must have been the only person there not on other substances. Vodka & Mother(the energy drink) was enough to keep me UP! I loved the energy of the room and shirtless boys (young enough to be my son). Many complimented me on how ‘cool’ I was to attend such things at my age and were blown away by my knowledge of the music genre. Looking forward to attending NYE Van Buuren show in Melbs.

    I also did a Grateful Dead concerts/fest back in the 80s in states. Yes, this was a trip to say the least! Loved how the ‘dead heads’ ask afterwards “how was your show man?” referring to your individual trip. It was all peace love and die yuppie skum!! Full of saggs and aquas no doubt! Many travelled from show to show on converted school buses selling tye-dye and those now trendy braided bracelets to survive. I of course returned to reality(Cap sun, merc, mars) after the weekend trip.

    • Hi capfire~
      Those were fun times, fo’ sho’ !!
      *kind veggie burritos* after show served up with a smile :O)

    • While I definitely dig the hair, I’m a Leo moon and Sagg venus as well (and asc) but half of my planets are in Capricorn including my sun.
      Your description makes me laugh because it reminds me of me… I love a good, trippy adventurous time at a music festival or camping on the beach…
      but when the weekend’s over, it’s over.

      Work hard, play hard, you know?

  3. Hmm.. that’s a classic example of what I think is the goal of fashion photography. The goal is not to be beautiful, but to be striking. Grabbing attention sells fashion. Being beautiful means people ignore the fashion.

    Maybe that’s a good metaphor for Sag: be striking.

    • What a lovely idea charles, I would definately go with that, being a Sagg. Never thought of it but I think they should go with it, sans shame. This whole post is resonating with me, and funny its intertwnied with the neptune stuff as I am really connecting with my pisces rising at the moment. Synchronicity CITY tonight!

  4. I really hate that bleached eyebrow look that’s been going around. Almost every Sagg I’ve talked to hates it as well, unless you happen to be a natural blonde with those.

    But yeah Burning Man is tres Saggo.

  5. Most of the Saggi’s I know are more bouncy and athletic than shamanic. Well during day-time at least.
    Maybe they are the Werewolves of the Zodiac?

    I do recall SaggEX in makeup at a full moon party with a feather in his hair, but I think he was going through his ‘questioning his sexuality to attract women’ phase. Or playing YMCA for the tourists. Something like that.

  6. yeah, image is very sagg! And yes, really, who can go past a good festival? My faves are the ones that involve a road trip there and back, tho i’m getting far too old to think that being grubby and having to deal with festival portaloos is still ‘cool’. too many years of my saturn in virgo activated the last few years.

    Anyway: i think the whole pluto in sag thing (for what felt like 100 years) turned every sagg i know (alot) including me from our natural upbeat not a care in the world to suddenly fascinated with the underworld, slightly troubled, and if not able to channel it intensely into psychotherapy/shaman studies/even more travel (but to ever more weird places), then heavily into the drugs. (not me- as i felt my grip on reality already a little questionable).
    Sometimes all of the above combined.

    pluto in Sag was a hellova trip.

    i think the Sagg as Shaman thing is actually more accurate than the happy go lucky archetype of us these days. tho we still bounce back from pretty much everything. but with sometimes sad/wise eyes behind the jokes.

  7. I read I think in Stephen Arroyo, or Claire from Astro.com, that we arrive at our sun sign’s true meaning later on in life,..when we have done our other journeying. Maybe us sagg’s become more shamanic later on…once we have accepted responsiblity or whatevs? jsut a though.

  8. and yes I absolutely love festivals, especially the hippy vibe you get by day 3, but I dont like it when they get too muddy,.

  9. if you look very carefully, you can see her STERNUM poking up beneath her throat. nearly photoshopped out. she has no breasts or pecs to speak of and I don’t think it’s because she spends all her time cross-country running or surfing or climbing the back-tracks to photograph a spotted phascogale for her ecology project. NO. SKELETAL IS NOT SAGGO, VOGUE. this pisces is upset on behalf of her saggie friends with healthy appetites.
    Saggies eat lentil burgers or , channa dhal, banana splits, mapo tofu, french onion soup, home made [or made by the hot neighbour’s mum] baba ghanoush, coffee and thick soursough toast, anything except nothing. right..??

  10. OMG Hilarious ! Saggo ex was ALL ABOUT the *festies* ~ we had fun all over the country ~ he could fall asleep all xxx’ed up within seconds on a rockpile in a camp full of full-throttle freakers. How did he DO that ??!

  11. O i love my leather & furs, feathers & stones.Wearing bits
    of nature. The book ‘Urban Shaman’ was close by me in the early 90’s.
    Just received Lynn Andrews newsletter this morning as loved all her
    Translated the original Flower Power into Aromatheraphy.
    Had my tatooes done by Tahitian Shaman who whose body was completly
    covered top to toe in them. His fare (house) was alive with vines growing inside,
    hermit crabs & gekko’s in the stone bathroom, clam shell for washbasin, frangipani
    & gardenias EVERYWHERE. And an amazing fire-dancer. Hot as.

    Only eat soughdough bread & used to go festivals. The burning man one seems wild, but never
    attended one.

  12. Hmm, this pic creeps me out, Sag sun conj venus here. I do love the festivals and the feathers, and I do wear my hair in braids, but not poofy ones, and there is something totally disturbing about the no eyebrow thing. Only David Bowie is allowed to do that.