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Oh god, not only is it the Dark Moon and NO FIREBENDERS but Saturn and Venus are slightly at odds with one another.

Not aspecting adversely but think about it as a dialogue:

Saturn In Libra: It’s vital to me that I have harmonious and functional relationships with all beings. I am willing to consciously invest time and thought into having healthy relationships. Even if I am single I continue to…

Venus in Scorpio, about to go retrograde:

I think that’s fairly succinct. One does not snarl platitudes about harmony and “let-it-be”, does one.

And here is a Relationship Survey Question For You. If you’re currently single, just answer as if for your last major relationship.

What Aspect Of Your Relationship Would You Be Perfectly Happy To Outsource?

This is like assuming it could be done more or less for free and you’d be thus more free to focus on what you really enjoyed about the relationship. For me it would be bickering in Ikea and those apparently compulsory couples barbecues.

And, btw, retro-Venus any moment…Beware sudden surges of venom re long-gone love affairs.

I just got an email from a lady asking if i thought it was good timing to contact the man who stood her up 20 years ago and tell him how his callous behaviour on that night affected her at the time. I am so the wrong person to ask about this sort of thing. i have Venus opposite Mars; i don’t think it’s a good idea to contact the guy who stood you up yesterday, let alone last century.

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  1. Last night I dreamt of Bruce Willis, a Pisces (he’s never floated my boat particularly in the everyday tho). The old Pisces was in the dream 1st tho so guess this means I’ve moved on to a new Pisces :) I don’t want to talk about the old Pisces but thank you for the offer to Scorp/rant Mystic (particularly since Scorp Ven & Mars are opposite my Venus, 14 degrees Taurus right now).

    Think the Libra placements are hedging out the Scorpy vibes as have trans. Libra Sun/Mercury opposite Aries Sun and Merc. Granted these are short term as fast movers but, Saturn will be oppose Sun and Merc for quite some time.

    ‘Ain’t misbehavin’..Peace love and light and all that…

  2. I would be happy to outsource all couple social events, particularly work ones. I have been known to say in the past, “And if you get drunk, go home with another lady.”

    Really, I don’t care, I just don’t want to have to be the one to smell you and clean you up. Let someone else take care of it.

    Different if you have an actual illness. But self induced stupidity – ugh.

    • Omg3x, absolutely!!!! Gold: “I just don’t want to have to be the one to smell you and clean you up”. Absolute gold, Friday.

    • perfect.

      yes to all forced work do’s/”couple” anything. family bbq, weddings of people I barely know, the lot. Babysitting drunk boys whilst playing the wife role is beyond my idea of horrid.

      why do partners have to come to events where they only talk about work. its going to bore anyone that isn’t able to talk about xyz from last week. trophy show?

  3. i am very much that sleek and snarling panther now and loving it. Very focused and getting lots done. Was offended today when a colleague briefd me to be relaxd and low key at an upcoming gig. Just because i am demanding & getting what i want at work does not mean i have lost social, diplomatic or fun skills. I know how to bhave at the gig and have been doing it longer than him.

    • I looked at the panther and thought, “Good God, THAT’S Venus in Scorpio? I do not feel anything even close!”
      It is just so strange that I have no urge to snarl whatsoever, because I have important natal planets that both Venus and Mars are rubbing up against. I have Neptune at 17 Scorp and the Sun at 20 Scorp. With Venus and Mars transiting mid-Scorp, they are already conjunct my Sun-Neptune, and Something Should be Happening!
      What’s going on? Or rather, why is nothing going on? Is it because Scorpio’s my twelfth house and I am all nirvana’ed out?

  4. No trouble with venom surging for long-gone affairs — get out of system with V retro –as long as the other party does not appear in person.

    At any rate, mars + venus dance elsewhere, I picked Saturn, less trouble after 2 years of mandatory slavery.

  5. I am going through a bit of a quandry with an ex getting in touchafter I deleted him from everything. The missive was short a fairly pass agg.
    I am trying to work out whether I ‘do the right thing’ and reply, explaining why I have elected to delete… or whether I just leave and kiss a decde of knowing someone goodbye.
    I am not really wanting to keep in contact, my reason for deleteing is that he has little respect for me (cheat, lied… likes to flirt when he is married)… but there is a lot of history there.
    Had a dream about another ex which was all ‘hi’ and hand holding. I coulf literally feel his hand in mine.
    It’s been a full on few weeks and I am not sure about giving energy out to anyone at the moment.
    Advice please?

    • V-a go, I would do what you feel is best for you particularly if you do not respect this person. You have no alligance to him because of history. That was my feeling anyway when I walked away after knowing someone a decade. I had lost respect due to his actions and choices. I cut him off and never looked back (of course I’ve looked back within myself but he’ll never know it).

      If however you feel the need to tell him your honest feelings then by all means do, it could give you a clean slate and perhaps he might learn something that will serve him in the future. In my case I did both, told the truth and then ~zip~ good bye.

      Good luck doll. I’m off to bed for sure this time just in case you respond and I don’t after that. 12:20 am and long, long day tomorrow.


    • i hear your quandry venus a-go-go… I had a situation this week where a good friend finally replied to my emails after 4months of cutting me off, and while that is very different to an old relationship, I think these communications always bring up a possibility for evolving (theres that word again!), acting from your true intentions, in alignment with expansion and love and all that. But, and heres the but, that requires radical honesty (the other IT word this week), and honouring yourself as well as the other. Im a fairly fast processor of emotions issues and whatnot I have discovered, and am totally offended my friend took 4 months to write to me, but has made me realise that every one has different timing in their processing, so I say ‘take your time’ to think and feel into what it is you want to say, if you want to say anything at all.

    • If there were no such thing as ‘do the right thing’, what would you do? Do that.

      • Thanks for the advice everyone.
        I had a wee chatette with my Gem Mum wich proved suprisingly helpful. She pointed out that he was just barking to see whether I jump, and if I reply to such behaviour, then he will know that it pushes a button and will hit it anytime he wants a reaction.
        This sort of respionse does not stop me from contact him, or him contacting me. But responsing to someone who says that my silence to his behaviour was ‘utter nonsense’ and ‘I thought we were friends’ its a double emotional swift kick. His mode of communication is not one that will end well, and not one that is to be promoted.
        Whether I respect him is not really the issue at play he, its whether he respects me. And I have no indication that he does. He has, once again, passed on the blame to me and its not mine to take.
        I am going to wait this round out, methinks. I have spent all of this year trying to stop being some guys emotional chump. Now is not a good time to start.

          • I am glad you could make sense of my post. I really do have to spell check instead of bashing these things out.

          • Yes, I didn’t include the part Plutonic whereby he tried to contact me for seven months after “good-bye”. Some just like (as your mother pointed out), to pull strings as it gives them a sense of control. They’re essentially manipulators, best to no even go there.

        • My advice exactly – just watched that smae scenario with a colleague, who responded each time to abusive ex… now they are back together – but no indication he has changed…..
          Energy drain people looking for reactions are the hardest to manage.

      • I’m with the rockstar. You reply. He’ll reply . . . most likely with more lies. You’ll get frustrated. If you don’t reply, the frustration is all his.

  6. Hm…great question actually Mystic. I’m stumped though.

    Aww bugger it. I’d outsource the whole relationship. :D And that’s totally without venom, coz we did have some good times; he did like shopping after all and shared a love of sci-fi, among others.

    • ohh my saggo friend and I share the sci-fi love. he goes away (travels for work) and calls me and reads sci-fi to me to help me sleep sometimes.

        • That brings up such beautiful imagery.
          It would be my fav part of a film, if i was to see it.

  7. I have outsourced domestic/home maintenance duties. Saves recriminations. Put it to my one spouse as a) you can do it b) I can do it c) we pay someone else to do it, or, d) we divorce, because it’s got to be done. We chose pay someone else. I felt I was doing my fair share and he was slacking. I’m not sure what he felt. He didn’t volunteer.

    Don’t feel any venom. I think the lady should email the man. Maybe it will FINALLY be out of her system, and he’ll probably say WTF!! and hit delete, trying to remember who she is. And everyone will live happily ever after. :)

    • I tried this very thing, Arienscorp, in almost exactly the same words, to get the house painted. Ultimately we paid professionals to renovate the whole house. Well worth it.

      Unfortunately, I find myself having to use this approach for just about everything in our marriage these days, and I am about ready to outsource the position of “Husband” to somebody else.

      • Hate to say it, but that’s what I eventually did. You’re either on the same page or you’re not. I like things nice and well-cared for. He was more Meh. It finally became one of many points of contention. He is now married to an older woman who mothers him so he doesn’t have to be responsible. Not the position I was looking for with a partner.

        Maybe your hubs will come around. They get moody sometimes.

        • I often find myself saying, “I’m not your mother.” Not what I was looking for, either.

          If he’s going to come around, he’d better be quick, and very convincing!

  8. yeh i thought to outsource the whole relationship, but thats exactly what happened unconsciously, the universe found them someonelse, and i felt betrayed et al…

    • I felt sorry for the next person who is living in a relationship I outsourced… especially when I know the ex made no efforts to evolve at all.

      Lets pray, I said, that she is not too intelligent.

      • yes Q sometimes all you can do is pity the next one… but thats a big wake up call in itself isnt it! Ive spent a long and I mean long time, making sure I dont repeat the same patterns from last relationship… or I would just go on pitying myself, now thats something i cant sleep well with! I wonder if we had the perfect or a great relationship is there anything we would want to outsource, I say Yes, cause I dont think two peeps can ever fulfill each others needs, desires, banalities, dreams etc… interdependence requires community!

  9. Well right on cue as Venus about-to-go-retro and conjunct trans Mars are square my Sun, I am reading this post whilst:

    (1) Scorp ex (Leo rising at 13 deg) emails more nit picking weirdo requests re trivial deets on property settlement consent orders – and THANK YOU Mystic for such fabulous pics – I attached the evocative black panther pic above with my reply – perfect timing :-) He has sacked his third lawyer and so is now making all sorts of tiny niggling BS queries to my lawyers that I have to inevitably pay for (!) Just infuriating but will not change the outcome so fuq him.

    2. Aqua-crush from over a year ago (we’ve been in intermittent txt/email contact) txts me ask me out for drinks to catch up and he also added that he has broken up with his fiance :shock: what to do, hmmm

    3. FC emailed a few days ago to tell me he has been to see a psychiatrist as he is not feeling “mentally well” (the problem with English as his second language and my French being scant to say the least). Anyway psychiatrist prescribed a major antipsychotic drug after two visits which he was right in being very weary of – FC is lucid in his emails and functioning at work, just not very happy atm. Advised him to get a second opinion and/or see a clinical psychologist who are not so bound to drug companies. In my research I found out that France has the highest psychiatric drug prescription in Europe – very scary. One part of me wants to fly to Paris to be there for him and do what I can yet I actually have a life here with my kids with much (good) going on.

    So not venom for moi but confusion. Except for ex – but it’s more annoyed pity, like get over it ffs, rather than venom. All the Scorp action is conjunct my chart ruler Neptune in Scorp in the ninth. What to do?

    • :) On last Q: try to detach and read your post as if it is not yours. the answer is then obvious :)

        • Between 2 and 3, if you follow up any of them, which one would have higher emotional cost?

          • Oh der – obviously 3! But there’s always that “rescue me” pull from the FC (I am Kataka Moon/Mars afterall). He is moving to Australia early next year after he gets 12 months up in his profession (required for Australian residency). You are right Q – he’s a sophisticated grownup with a high IQ (and we share love of sci-fi too btw). I’ll look after my interests and maybe go out with Aqua-crush out of curiosity. Thinking about a short Christmas trip to Paris anyway

          • Umm derr – thanx Q! Obviously 3. FC is a highly intelligent professional who can take care of himself (or his family can if things get dire). He is moving to Australia early next year after totting up 12 more months in his profession (requirement for Aus residency). Sometimes I need to remember to tone down my kataka moon/mars urges to “rescue” peeps, especially lovers (5th house). I am considering a short Christmas holiday trip with my Aqua-girl to Paris, Venice and Florence as a reward for her fabulous achievements this year.

            Will go out with Aqua-crush out of curiosity – you never know tis scorped atm :-) least cost emotionally, and he’s very hot looking – spot on Q.

          • not sure what happened – first reply disappeared so retyped and now both appear :shock:

          • Yep, you found the blind spots (rescue remedy for peeps) and, at least for the moment, what to do. Asking which one has higher emo-cost cuts through Neptune’s fog :)

          • Thanks Q – I’ll keep that technique in mind for my Neptune moments.

            And how spot on is Mystic’s Daily email today – fuqing Mercury Pluto action indeed. AND my ex action can’t get any worse – can it? FC phoned last night and we spoke for about 20 minutes – he is doing ok, not great but hanging in. At the same time ex scorp was sending me a very detailed email of his thoughts re settlement and changes he thinks should be made *tearing hair out in exasperation*. After this I think i will be immune to any scorping (I don’t have anything against scorps btw just neurotic scorps).

            And I couldn’t even escape ex’s in my sleep. Full on dreaming last night on escapade with ex-scorp and my darling ex-Gem bf – the guy I was with before i met scorp (the one i should have married). Lovely time with Gem – lots of handholding, laughter and light. Ex-scorp present but not annoying nor threatening.

            So that’s ex’s by phone, email, texting and now via my dreamscape. What’s next, wait … is that someone at the door ;-)

    • ff, that Scorpy ex, he doesn’t quit, does he? He’s gonna run out of lawyers who’s gonna want to work with him – word travels fast, hehehe… I haven’t exercised my nutcracking abilities for a while, just saying, if you feel like it, mmkay?
      Aqua-crush, does he really wanna meet up or potentially using you to prop up his ego? Do you still like him? Then again, Venus goes rx in two days.
      FC, yeah, get a second and third opinions. Plus good psychiatrists have a good combo of meds & talk.

      • Thanks UPV – hee hee re scorp. Haven’t thought about Aqua-crush for ages and he is not in the realms of FC.

        • Should add I never got past flirting with Aqua-crush let alone sex with him as he was attached, although I was very attracted to him physically and he made me laugh (v impt to me). FC connection was made intense through sexual connection although out connection since physical separation has been very close and loving. N o t getting any clarity at all – it’s all Neptune’s fault.

    • Oh fuq yeah. A million times fuq yeah. For me it was BOTH his parents. Strangely enough, since they were divorced, their respective partners were lovely!

      • that’s really tough, I’ve had serious issues with a couple of partners mothers seeing me as some kind of competition despite totally putting myself on the line well over the call of duty. I know my family is far from perfect (and I try not to intro them to people on account of behaviour I don’t accept in my life) but when partners don’t make the call to set the power dynamic straight that’s insanely frustrating.

    • You’ve nailed it RLP. I swear I will never become a witch-in-law to my son or daughter’s partner. Think this particular “relationship flaw” would have to be up there as the number one pet peeve most would like to outsource dealings with.

    • I’d outsource the whole family of inlaws, the sister in law was just as bad as the mother in law!!

      • Oh my lord…….I’d forgotten about her! She was a manipulative Cancer way into her drugs and managed to get her dad to still think of her as an innocent girl. *fuqin huge SNORT* Right…. Yeah, yeah, the sis in law too, Scorpophilia!

    • Mmm! I forgot about her! I’d outsource mine in a moment!

      I plan to move out of this place next year and she’s an add to the list of reasons to move on!

  10. Sometimes I found myself thinking “this guy should be telling *someone else* about this…”.

    It was as if he didn’t notice that he was talking to me as if I were someone else that he was getting advice from about having a relationship with…me. Does that make sense?

    It was like he found me so open and approachable that he crapped on into territory where I thought “Hey! Not THAT honest, please! I’m standing right here!”

  11. The waiting.. waiting waiting.. for him to get back to me. I would’ve had my people tell his people when I WAS available. In the end I just said, ‘See ya.’

    Sometimes toe-cutting is more effective than outsourcing. I’m just saying that because I bought a new pair of pink secatures and floral garden gloves for spring. :)

    • yeah BL outsource the waiting or the drunken txting so when I feel the urge to drunken txt something intervenes and it goes nowhere.
      Also outsource all nasty thoughts of cutting off his balls etc and live in complete bliss. Am i in wonderland or what?

  12. If poss, I’d outsource all arguments (as opposed to disagreements). Arguments are just about ego and undealt with baggage. I know some peeps find them v good for spicing up the bedroom but not me. I think I am feeling the Saturn in Libra influence.

    • Ugh – hate arguments. Disagreements I agree are ok. They get worked out. But those round and round topics that never go Draining, I think.

  13. For the last relationship – it would have been grocery shopping.
    The amount of times we almost broke up in front of the biscuit aisle, or argued at the checkout, or I clutched a can of tinned tomatoes and almost aimed them at his head would be too many to count. His idea of staple dietary requirements were far different from mine, and I was constantly judged. Not that he thought I was fat or ugly, or anything, but “there are some basic eating habits that could be worked on”.

    • what a DICK. That would drive me insane, him trying to control what fuqing GROCERIES you buy ffs.

  14. The arguments, the sex, the MIL, the domestic duties…gotta love that Zap Zone for sorting some stuff out!

  15. I would outsource the power games and the bitterness about being ‘more successful’ than him.

    … If that was an actually possibilty, that business would be worth its weight in gold.

  16. well a lot of people do this around where i live – men out-source the sex to brothels and women outsource the conversations where someone gives a shit to their trainers/hairdressers/girlfriends

    As for in laws i think there should be WAY less pressure to even talk to them. One of the nice things about being a certain age is that the next relationship i am in, i don’t think either of us will give a damn whether or not parents “like” or “approve” of the other.

    iAs i have a reasonably sunny disposition it took me years to realize that my mother in law was a pass agg bitch who actually hated me for – she thought – blighting her sons life and lowering his expectations.

  17. Ah hell I would like to outsource the negotiation of weekends when relationships are all new.. its either too much or not enough and I am totally undecided about what I need or want..every option looks good at the moment..hermitude, moving in with my honey.. other flings..who knows..

    • I know it CF. The gentle Cap and I have had zip time together lately and it may stay that way for weeks due to life getting in the way. Other flings is looking godd in these early days as just incase measure as its so fluid isn’t it and you never reallly know when you to move from stilletto & lingerie love to trackie dack love. its a fine line.

  18. I would’ve kept my last relationship exactly as it was…. but outsourced the sex. Damn world.

  19. a great tip on outsourcing sex… if you are thinking of a niche business, a brothyl for women.. thats right men selling sex to women, the place its needed is in Byron Bay… totally hot gorgeous women all tantricked up… and with a ratio of 1 man to 5 women, with a large percentage of those men being losers, there is a totally huge market there!… My friend and I discussed it though, and realised, we might need to get funding from the government, and make the payments medicare refundable. Free business idea… if you set it up let me know… i could find some clients..

    • Lol! Too much eostrogen and not enough testosterone?

      I went to a wedding there years ago now, and was amazed at the rage demonstrated to anyone who was a visitor.

      Women are more territorial than men I reckon! It must permeate the whole coastal district!

      And speaking of the brothel thing… when I was single and the last thing I wanted was yet another bloke hanging off me to ‘fix’ everything wrong in their life (particularly finances) I went for the paid deal. It was great! I could order what I wanted! And he went home after the fabulous time was over.

      Well, for a little while. I got fantastic unpaid for sex too for quite some time too.

      We still text occasionally, but he definitely wasn’t my type.

      Interesting stories though. He was a fascinating human being. So ‘straight’ on the outside with his very ‘proper’ job. So ‘out there’ outside of working hours! And the escape stories always had me in stitches. You know, when hubby/boyfriend come home early……. and there wasn’t time for full fruitition of the paid deed…..and the hiding spots/leaps from window stuff!

  20. LOL! It’s always a good time to contact the person who stood you up. as long as you do it for your own closure and not for trying to manipulate the other person. But heck I’m all about explosions.

    I’m with Aqualala….when it’s over it’s over…outsource the whole damn thing.

  21. I’d have outsourced the sulk management. i.e. just tell me how long he doesn’t want to speak to me for, then I can book in some girls’ nights out, get all those jobs done round the house, perhaps a spa break, you can do all the tip-toeing round his bruised ego and bring him back to me when he’s over it. Bonus payable if you can get any explanation whatsoever as to what he’s actually sulking about.

  22. I would have outsourced confronting him about his pot smoking. No more druggies for me – anyone who’s old enough to date me is old enough to have outgrown the self-centered petulance of the pothead mentality. (Also, pot makes certain… uh… things taste bitter & disgusting. ’nuff said.)

    (Libra Sun/Aries Moon/Gemini Rising)

    • OH MY GOD YES! The weird emotional swings, the braindead day after… And funky tasting spunk. People justify it because it’s “just pot” but ugh!

      • never noticed that taste myself with the ex but moody god yeah and would never admit he had problem despite 5-8 cones a night plus more on weekends.

  23. I would’ve outsourced mornings – have someone else wake up next to him and decide whether to hug as lead in to loving, or sneak out quietly and let him snooze, or lie there and wait for him to stir – didn’t matter what choice I made he still woke up angry at whatever I’d done/or not. Outsourcing him was def the best decision I made.

    • GemLeoRising, that makes me so sad. But I’m happy that it’s in your past & not your present.

    • We weren’t sharing the same man were we? Did he get better as the day went on or stayed a right shit?

  24. I would outsource everything except sex, snuggles, and the part where I get massaged. . . so it makes more sense to walk away from the relationship and juts outsource for sex and massage. He was kind of sweet, but I don’t like being expected to tag along to friend and family outings. I don’t like the fights.

    . . . though, if I could find one to go for long drives, listening to great music and having great conversation, without having to get into a heated dispute over whose taste in music is better, or walking by the river leaning into each other, with no expectation that we’ll spend time with each other’s friends or family I’d sign up for a lifetime membership.

  25. Happily, don’t want to outsource any of it (Scorp Moon, Venus in Cancer – how could I?).

    Find the whole concept a bit.. unusual? Feel like we are here to take care of our gardens so to speak, with all the weeds and kinks and failures… Aren’t the areas of weakness red flags for psychological vulnerability that need to be addressed?

    Eg. Messiness can translate to a lack of boundaries, Neptunian issues etc. (not that I wouldn’t LOOOVE a cleaner!).

    On a global level, what happens if the sky falls in world wide and places like England, and soon Australia, don’t have an agricultural industry to support their population? Mayhem.
    Outsourcing dangerous exercise, not very holistic view imho.

    The thrust of the question seems very, um, Aquarian to me in nature! Aqua friends often good at compartmentalising things/emotions/needs in my experience.

      • No, not too serious Andromeda – you sound extremely sane to me. Although I can’t see anything wrong with outsourcing the cleaning (espesh when you have babies/toddlers underfoot). Love the idea that messiness translates as a lack of boundaries – too true. My youngest sister (Leo) is prime example of this. She is so messy it is unbelievable that she is genetically related to anyone in our family. And boy does she have some boundary issues.

        • I liked the messiness-boundaries connection, too. Immediately thought of someone who it is true for. I’ll never look at messy people the same again. ;)

      • Actually love your comment.. I have been a relationship phobe for most of my adult life till I hit my 40’s and have been a serial monogamist with barely a break.. but somehow I am learning to like relationships the good the bad, the uncertainty the adventure and the opportunity for some true emotional honesty and connection.. I take back my outsourcing comment I was just being impatient with the most amazing man in my life right now.. we are on a path just dont know where it is leading to at the moment.. :)

      • I’m with ya love. I have nothing but failed relationships to look back on, but honestly couldn’t think of one thing to outsource – even as a witty gag! Felt very bland on this topic, but maybe we should celebrate our easy-going take-it-as-it-comes reaction. x

        • I wonder if we’ll continue to see relationships in terms of failure. We look at sex outside of a marriage contract as acceptable now, when once that was a moral ‘failure’. Perhaps we will see relationships for their growth opportunity and dispense with the pass/fail grades. (My view of the future.)

        • oh honey.
          maybe this is oversagg/not so secret hippie in me but what is a failed relationship? if it they were successful i’d guess we’d be all in our last ones but shit sometimes we just grow up/out of people.
          The knowledge/lessons (as twisted as some of them are) is just the result of choices and time. I know thats insanely unromantic but we need that awareness so we don’t go in circles. Even last ex who was my bestest friend and partner in crime. You are clearly hot stuff babe, no doubt about it and in the face of super new contenders all the ‘failure’ is going to be the shit that makes you appealing cause you know your heart, your mind, esp in the context of another heart. I like to date people who have had serious relationships in the past because its like dating an emotional virgin when the player settles down

          that goes for all you hotties!!! x

          • Always remember a dear friend speaking about her Ex Husband, stating that the relationship was actually a complete success – from beginning to end!
            He was a great dad, he was what she wanted at that time and they are still friends. Now that’s the kind of divorce worth waiting for ;)

  26. Nope I wouldn’t outsource any of it!

    Now if you had asked Dr Aqua, the response may have been ‘BG snoring’

    But don’t listen to that nonsense because Dr Aqua LIES like a RUG! :D

    • Oh gosh, am told I snore. What would I do with a boyfriend anyway…stay up all night so he’d never know?

      Found one of my bed pillows in the kitchen the other morning. Think I sleep walked. Am a bit concerned! Musta been one heck of a dream Gem?!

    • Snoring? don’t start me. yes def outsource that. I’m getting earplugs next week.

  27. I honestly try to avoid partnering people who do not share my value system/lifestyle choices as to avoid the need to outsource in the first place.

    • Oh that is huge Ms. Wish I would have inquired more in the beginning in many a hook up. ;) Spot on.

  28. What Aspect Of Your Relationship Would You Be Perfectly Happy To Outsource?

    Umm, the dutifully grateful wife thing that adores his every footstep in the sand.

    I am quite happy to do that when I am free of other commitments and not as busy as hell looking after everyone’s physical needs along with my current study needs. Frankly, when I hear those footsteps come home and I am at the computer madly hammering away at something that has a deadline, the last thing I feel like doing is acting like my hero has just arrived.

    He is my hero.

    Just not every minute of the bloody day.

    Someone else can take that part of the deal any time!

    But I won’t give [up] the conversations and sex to anyone else…… no way!

  29. So funny…this girl I work with was telling me about some dude she interned with 2 years ago and briefly hooked up with calling her out of the blue to beg her to lie when his girlfriend asked if he had cheated on her. Then she got a psycho facebook message from the girlfriend.

    I’m seeing A LOT of shit that’s been hidden come out into the open in the last week or so. Guess that’s what happens when Venus in Scorpio meets Saturn in Libra.

  30. This Kids In The Hall sketch demonstrates what happens when you contact the guy who stood you up 20 years ago:

  31. I am nervous. My natal chart has Mars, Mercury, Venus,Mars & Sun Scorpio.
    DOB -11/13/1974 1:37am EST Stamford Connecticut USA. This return of planets in Scorpio is scary. I wouldn’t know how to read death in a chart but I am kind of freaked out!

  32. I loVE this Anthony Lister!!

    how did I miss the post??

    *recalls busy ;-) oct 2010*

    oops!! ;-)