The Secret Society Of Taurus

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Taureans have been quiet of late and i don’t blame them.

Immune to the Zap Zone (that got the Cardinal Signs) and having been worn out by the screechy Mutables over the past few years, Taurus looked to their fellow Fixed Signs for some semblance of “support.”

So what do they get?

Aquarius – totally waking up from the 13 year spell of Neptune in their sign and too busy brushing the Blue Devil space dust off themselves and psycho-analyzing to be bothered with our Taurus.

Leo – insanely preoccupied with sobering up from their love life denial bender but IS interested in meeting up with Taurus to “toss a few ideas around” – ie; steal all the Taureans contacts.

Scorpio – so totally consumed with themselves and their sexual/psychic lives at the mo that Taurus is a beautiful irrelevancy.

WHAT is Taurus to do?

(1) Everyone vow now to be really nice to Taureans this week.

(2) Taureans might like to think of re-branding their symbol. The Minotaur only not in the underground labyrinth? Hathor?

(3) Right now, it is considered NORMAL for Taurus peeps to be confused re relationships AND work. Problem is Taurean types hate confusion.

(4) Abstract ambiguity also sends them apeshit:  They have Saturn in their 6th House at the mo, a non-stop dirge suggesting they found fulfilment in Maca Shakes and broadening their work-out regime. But Jupiter is up in the Social Sector, urging the delights of a more champagne lifestyle…

(5) Taurus, give yourself the space to be a bit Zen Noire until Neptune goes Direct and then your ruler goes Direct…ie; clarity in late Nov and not before.

(6) If in doubt, restore Bovinity by nourishing your Moon. eg; Moon in Aries – go punch something, Moon in Aqua – do some binaurals, Moon in Saggo – solo beach walking.

(7) Annoying but true. Pluto is trining your sign – April-born Cow Peeps are copping a gorgeous Pluto to Sun trine this year and Pluto rules Scorpio…Where your ruler is Retro. My point: You can’t contemplate even ONE TINY DETAIL of your love life right now without thinking of your entire life and maybe even all lifetimes, ever.

50 thoughts on “The Secret Society Of Taurus

  1. Oops!

    So I guess this means no blunt and direct (bordering on harsh) emails to Taureans regarding the state of a friendship?

    I blame my mutable screeching.

    And I anticipate full moon in Aries response come Friday. Yikes!

  2. You’re right about the social thing. I usually keep to myself (Pisces Moon in 12th house), but the other day I finally got the balls to talk to the guy who kept sitting in my usual seat in my American lit survey class. Think he likes me, buts tries to hide it, unconvincingly. I’m trying to guess his sign. Pisces? He has a Scorpionic look though, but he has a way with words and conversation that’s very Virgo, possibly Gem. Hope he’s not a Virgo. I’m tired of them by now…

    Friggin Venus retrograde’s in the way of me wanting to pursue anything at the moment though. November, I’ll be ready.

  3. Three cheers for the cow!! Hip hip horay!

    And what’s a pisces moon supposed to do hmm?? Drape myself over the closest bar and read my cocktail dregs like tea leaves….

  4. Love life denial bender

    that is a bit close to home at the moment Mystic

    And i do not think that i even know any Taureans. Oh yes, my Saggo friend’s husband and he has been IMPOSSIBLE. I will tell her.

  5. Whilst not a taurus, I’ve a crap load of important things there, and have been feeling all bloody over the place, particularly since mars and Venus parted ways. So I definitely feel for you poor cows. Guess I better track down all the ones in my life, some of whom I know are having a rubbish time at present. Guess that also means it’s not really the right time to ask my taurean dad a favour?

    • Prolly not. The horns are usually decorational, but hey, they’re not always *just* that.

  6. At work, was happy to see that our little Toro’s schedule has picked up for her. She’d thought the office mgr. was out to get her, and since the office mgr. does the scheduling of patients, was not a good feeling for her to think she had that much power.

    • And I will tell her all this too. Imagine massaging the wife of the man you are now seeing and the wife doesn’t know (they’re separated however). Mums the word and I’ve kept a zipped trap. None of my biz.

  7. so Virgo moon, work on the deets, get the deets right???

    sounds boring!

    i’ve had a tech attack, bought iMac, iPad, upgraded to iPhone 4, new stereo, flat screen TV and DVR/DVD. all at once!

    so i’m surrounded by half put together gear and cardboards and half understood instruction booklets. been thinking about upgrading (well overdue) for months………… by why all at once!

    now all my tried and true systems are in utter confusion and nothing is working at all because i don’t have time to concentrate on getting it working. it WILL work but i hate the changeover.

    don’t mess with my STUFF…………..and that even applies to myself……………why do i do it to myself……………!!

    at least the new carbon fibre racing bicycle is coming together nicely

    send comfort peeps!

    • wow… how spectacular, that is a BIG taurean techno buy! you should feel super and sublime with all that info tech around you… just get someone to come and set it up for you, have a glass of wine, have a hot bath, and revel in the joy of your glamourous buys….

      • hey, that’s bloody good advice………….a sane voice…………(rushes off, books computer guys, looks up TV guys number, selects nice bottle of McLaren Vale Grenache, books local cafe/restaurant that presses toro foodie buttons, rings best GF….. ah tomorrow night, just far enough out to contemplate pleasure deferred!! )

        DONE! SORTED! Tks muchly PG? are you always this sane? XX

    • I just bought myself a (hopefully) very nice Macbook Pro. I have been trying to get one for a couple of years now. The price (and included software was right!
      Now to get a new mobile phone, lamp, pillows, couch, curtains… actually… that list is endless.

      • You probably need a new rug and the paint will need to be redone to enhance how wonderful the Mac Pro will look in your home.

        • Please don’t tempt me Bluesky… I need littel encouragement:P
          My Scorp housemate has been giving me a wide berth… only sticking her head out of her room long enough to tell me not to touch her stuff.

    • transiting toro, awesome buys there! All those comms-related items, drool…
      Yeah, pg’s advice is good! I’m hungry now, foodstuffs, numnum

    • and BTW, massage therapists are the MOST valuable people of the face of this earth, IMHO!

      • You are sweet toro in transit. Last weekend Cancerian Chiro Doc arranged for some massage students (still in school), to come in and give all us workshop participants a session. We did guided visualization meditation too. Went home feeling very relaxed and at peace.

        Cappy Moon tho needing to feel organized here at home. Sort receipts, open mail. Overwhelmed a bit on that account.

  8. my taurus sister is on the edge.. i can feel it… so this info was perfect timing for me to do my supportive voice, not challenging her self denigrating talk, but just try and make light of it, which she responds to much better, than me pointing out she is creating her reality when she says things like that!! how annoying must i be for her!!! i know…. so perfect time, for me as aunty to step in and change the babies clothes, and serve the older ones dinner when she put baby to sleep… thanks mm heaps, if i hadnt known they need help right now, i may have reacted to the COW EDGE!

  9. Haha re-branding? Nice way of suggesting change without using the dreaded c word! : )

    & the last point about relationships is absolutely spot on. Unfortunately.

    Any tips for my Cap Moon? Obviously the burying myself in work approach has not worked…

    • Yes, I’m wondering about Cap Moon comfort, as well. Burying myself in work (or constant thoughts of work) has just sunk me into that Minotaur Maze and I can’t find my way out! Can’t Caps do something that seems more soothing than work?

      • And did as advised and contacted a cow friend. She was indeed in distress and wanted to talk for over an hour (normally she hates to talk on the phone!).

  10. Yes yes yess.. so tired of screechy muties driving me crazy for years, like crazy Miss Gemini. But I can feel myself at the eye of the hurricane that is the Zap Zone, as everyone spins around except me.
    It is official Be Nice To Taurus week, month, year. But I am not so sure about the effect of Neptune going direct soon. I like Neptune Rx, I was born during an Rx so it feels natural to me. But Venus Rx, now that does bother me. It is hard to perturb the bull, but I feel the Rx pull. My Queen is on vacation, perhaps she needs a break from her duties, but she better get back to work soon.

  11. Well, as long as it definitely ends! I’m Taurus with a Saggo moon and the guy in the picture makes me want to get the first plane to Spain…PS. I know this is totally off topic, but I’m on day 21 of no contact with my Aqua ex who I’m still in love with. WHY THE HELL IS THIS SO DIFFICULT? Presumably that will disappear in a puff of smoke at some point? Please?

    • OH NO AQUA EX!

      Why do we do these things to ourselves?

      I remember the last time I put myself on no-contact with one. He asked why I was punishing him. HIM. Son of a biiiii…….

      • HAHAHA I know. I’m waiting for that sort of thing (at the moment I’m getting the odd two word text which I don’t reply to). I just read your message again, HAHAHAHA – well done, I’m actually really laughing. First time in 21 days HAHAHAHAHA.

  12. Moon in Virgo. Is this why the queen of steaks and buffalo wings is seriously about to embark on a vegan, anti-candida diet?

  13. Please do NOT encourage bulls to HIT anything. Super-ex bull sun cj mars mistook me for a matador. The final time tres gorey. No papa bull: mama cow’s boy: moon in libra. (Best astro Rx said shoulda seen it with his Saturn on top my sun.) No more BULL pour moi. Sexually and emotionally impotent xcept for RAGE at everyone and everything. Ferdinand didn’t like what he saw in the mirror.

    • interesting. I had a similar bullshit experience years ago. And right now the latest raging bull in my arena has decided they are the boss of everything not realising they are just another number and that their extensive experience in a niche area does not necessarily mean they are a star in another niche. REALLY striving to stand out and be seen to be “fixing” things that the people who actually ARE in charge don’t give a shit about. REALLY wants to be heard but doesn’t realise no-one’s listening. The more they aren’t heard the louder they become. Will be interesting to see how that all works out. The compassionate part of me finds it quite hard to watch.

      • Maybe have more compassion with distance aka time. How about if they listened for a change?
        Ta, sad to hear others have been BULLIED, but get rather fedup with the torrid, tender taurie fanline sometimes.

        • I’m not sure I understand exactly what your comment means but I guess the key to being heard is choosing the moment and audience. Which is what this particular toro I’m spanning time with seems oblivious to. One of those moments when you can tell what kind of child the grown up used to be.

  14. Mystic, you are brilliant but you do add to the confusion by being so terribly cryptic.

    Sometimes I feel I need a Taurus translator for my tiny tiny straightforward mind!

  15. Gem moon being placated by new Ipad. Am back with counseling, trying to buff up my toro- ness in the midst of all this scorping.must remember that everyone will presume hideous subtext, no matter how straightforward I am trying to be. Sigh.


    Every problem I’ve had lately has involved a Taurean either because they’re being too pigheadedly stupid to admit they are wrong, lying, being deceitful or outright trying to make you break the law. Fuq ‘em .. I’m not being nice to them – they can go suffer in their jocks.

        • :lol:

          let’s leave that up to the multiverse shall we? ;)

          … tho’ on the other hand with Scorp being in everything and all which opposes Taurus … perhaps a bout of unrequited horniness leading to ummm … yes chafing! mwuahaha