The Naked And The Aquarian

Raif Adelberg via BleachBlack

Neptune is now in the end degrees of Aquarius. As early as next April (yes!) Neptune will be in Pisces, the sign it rules.

What Neptune means, sign by sign & rising sign, is covered in the Astro-Scape 2011 Thrive Guide but here are some suitably nebulous thoughts for your consideration;

* Neptune in Pisces brings a new wave of celebrities, a fresh style of fame and it will end the careers of a whole lot of peeps who’ve been coasting on the Neptune in Aquarius trip.  eg; Reality tv stars. Paris. etc. Neptune in Pisces will do brilliant things for film and photography – all art, but especially those two. Neptune IS film and glamor.  Neptune in Leo (Neptune is exalted in Leo) was the so-called Golden Age of Cinema and even Neptune in Libra gave us the 1970s New-Hollywood, Easy Riders-Raging Bulls experience. Neptune in Pisces will surpass them both.

* Where-ever you have Aquarius in your chart, it now feels like you’re sobering up or as if a spell has just worn off. Look for the house with Aquarius on the cusp and drill down from there.

* Pisceans are about to have their best decade ever but will have to take super-care not to embody Lower Neptunian Values. you know what i mean but let’s just sum up L.N.V. as grifting, cheating, lying, toxic, deluded, drunk/druggie psychic vampires for now.  Stay Haute Fish-Peeps.

* Neptune in Pisces = new religions, new cults. Watch that.

* Aquarians get zanier than ever, less lotus and more into 22nd Century living. No, they won’t give a fuq what time you think it is.

* Where you have Pisces in your chart is where you need to start envisioneering (fab word, yes? ) even whilst you vow not to sleaze it up in that sector.

* Something strange and poignant often happens when Neptune is in the end degrees of a sign, something that involves a public figure or (as Jung would have it) a anima figure. It stirs the collective psyche. eg; Princess Diana in 1997 when Neptune was at the end of Capricorn, Sharon Tate in 1969, when Neptune was at the end of Scorpio.  1984 – when Neptune was at the end of Sagittarius? Indira Ghandi was assassinated.

70 thoughts on “The Naked And The Aquarian

  1. First thought: Sarah Palin is a multiple Aquarian, if I remember correctly. Pls, God, don’t turn this woman into a martyr!!!

  2. Also, Aquarius rules my 2nd house and my Venus. Spent the whole day getting “real” about my upcoming money needs. Thankfully no debt, or rather minimal debt, but really no income right now either. Sobering up about getting in The Game. But then my SN is in the 9th house; not an excellent placement for intuitively grokking the commercial instinct.

  3. Yay! that dark moon really sucked.
    Me too re Aquarius in my second house, i am Feeling the Sobriety people. Not particularly pleasant. About to commence a property settlement claim (Fun!) and spent the entire dark moon having screaming fights with ex(he is an aqua and was doing 90% of screaming) over child support.
    Then massive tension and insomnia over whole thing. A new moon in Libra will do nicely, thanx.

    • Deja vu Lucy! Am at the tail end of property settlement – one more bit of red tape – court stamp on final orders on Tues – then it’s over! For me it has been a slow drawn out torturous process so my advice to you is to get it over with pronto, don’t let the ex slow the process down with false promises. It will end up costing you in $ and sanity. Channel Saturn Girl – stay sober, and keep an eye on the details and remember there is an end in sight. Limit those confrontations with ex – they’re ultimately not worth the Qi suck – I tried to keep communication with ex to email (not totally possible with two kids involved and him being a total f*%@wit). Good luck! x

      And yah to New Libran Moon – I get the keys to my new (rental) house on Monday. It’s a freshly renovated (brand new kitchen and bathroom) cute house – perfect for a fresh start. And we so need it :-|

      • Oh wow. That feeling of finally being able to exhale must be exhilarating.
        The whole thing is so draining, on everyone and thank you for your sage advice on getting it sorted as quickly as possible.
        Is just a suck because I literally cannot pay rent/put food on table unless he lives up to his financial commitment to me, but getting him to do so involves phonecalls/texts/emails/screaming fights – I want my Qi back!!
        Congrats to you on a new start!

        • Yep almost over, deep breaths. Lucy are you here in Aus? Child Support Agency are there to make sure you get your child support payments on time. If he is continually late they can arrange to deduct it from his employer and pay you on time.

      • congrats and let us know how it all goes for you FF .. very pleased for you as I know it’s been a nightmare :)

        • Yes I can now stop boring peeps senseless in blathing about it forever on this blog. Great outlet and much needed distraction here though for desperate times :-)

  4. Zenith Moon wow! Life has changed, am living now on own, feng-shui’d the office, the next thing is the boss I liked is sacked, the replacement I heard is a control-freak.

    Next time office feng-shui will start with offices occupied by peeps I like.

    Neptune continues to glide in 12th house, but Pisces is ascending, so perhaps I will look “elusive”? Cat-eye make-up, yes, something new to learn.

  5. I thought this post could be called the naked, the aquarian and the mildly insane. Lol

  6. Fishies rules my 4th/ 5th house (which is where Uranus is). So that transit will keep going for me till something like 2016. “Looking for a home” yes I do not feel I belong in any one place/group/way of thinking currently. Liberating, but also deeply disturbing for a Crab. All sorts of anxiety issues.

  7. MM promised this would be a not-to-be-missed post and she delivered! The most affirmative, eye-opening thing I’ve read here in recent memory.

    Earlier today I made a major life decision: what I wanted to be when I grow up. (OK, so I’m about to be 21 and technically already an adult but I’ve got Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn in the 10th house, all in Cap with house cusp in Sagg, with Uranus conjunct MC SO THIS HAS BEEN A TOUGH DECISION.)

    And the decision absolutely fits this post. (Pisces rising, btw.) For the longest time I was sticking with Jungian analyst,(Aqua on cusp of the 12th, home to an Aqua moon and NN). And as I explored what’s being taught in universities, I realized the psychology I love no longer exists. The model has switched entirely over to behavioral methods which I really don’t think helps anyone. Universities spend almost no time on Jung. But I still stuck with it because, having a very abusive childhood, I was looking to create stability for myself, with a career where financially, I’ll be well taken care of and I also never have to rely on anyone else.

    AND THEN THIS WONDERFUL MARVELOUS THING HAPPENED TODAY, where I could finally ask, “If I could do anything, what would it be?” And of course the answer came instantly, Scandinavian Studies, possibly specializing in Norwegian or Icelandic. And with this death throes of Aqua spell, I could finally let go of my rigid grasp on psychoanalyst (being a 12th house career of course) and say hello to my dreams and decide to pursue them. Of course the prospects of a career in this field are a bit nerve-wracking but… a friend of mine is studying korean and she was talking about co-op placements and it was only then when I realized HEY! People will be willing to help you if you’re willing to be helped! The school will assist you in job placement, you don’t have to do this all on your own! You can trust in this world!

    So Aqua spell is fading, and we’re welcoming Neptune with the most open of arms and dreams.

    …That was quite long, but the energy Mystic speaks of here just fits my life so perfectly atm, I felt it was good to share for those of us who need a bit of kick into the new Neptunian energies.

    • Sounds like you’ve really thought things through Appleskies. Good for you!

      Years ago met two wonderfully fun young gents on an overseas flight. They were from Norway and one of them was astonishingly enlightened. Was blown away by his perspective on things.

      Good luck with your studies!

  8. oh dear. i think i should be worried? I am sun, mercury and mars aquarius and pisces rising…

    And I need an astrology lesson. When I look at my chart – they are all in the 11th house (nearly the 12th) but when it lists the houses on the site it says Aquarius is 12th house. So am I 11th or 12th?

    I was really hoping for some sort of planetary shift that saw me get my mojo back. I used to have it by the buck full and the last 5 or 6 years it’s disappeared!

    • Hi AB,

      Looks like you are getting confused between where planets are, and where house cusps are.
      So you may have sun, merc, mars in aqua (early/mid?) and then a ‘pizza slice’ line after that, which is the 12th house cusp. This would mean that your 11th house begins in Capricorn.
      So you have Aqua planets, in the 11th, which in your chart is ruled by Cap, and then Aqua rules your 12th house (and the 12th probably runs into Pisces as well?)
      Does that make sense?

      • thanks shell. that does make sense.
        i think my sun, merc and mars are late aqua – 21, 22, 16 degrees?
        and then it’s the pizza slice line to the 12th. which looks empty.
        so yep – panets in the 11th ruled by cap and aqua rules 12th.

        so for this neptune stuff i’m looking at my aqua in 12th? is that right and should i be worried?

        • I wrote something there. Techno bugs ain’t it. Summary neptune rules the 12th so should be very happy there, just watch the low Pisces as per above

  9. As a Pisces, I am SOOO excited for this. Actually not really because I’m a Pisces… because I’m still not really sure how Neptune transiting my sun’s sign will affect me… but because Neptune has been in my 2nd house all these years.

    Thank god I’m 22 and it’s been there while my parents were still expecting to support me through school. Perfect life timing!!

    Being so young when it entered my 2nd house, I didn’t really understand the effect it was having on me until a few months ago, when I felt the spell starting to break. I had always felt so… soOOO Neptunian about money and earning a living. No better way to describe it! I’ll be very happy for it to leave so that I can feel reality in that realm.

    So looking forward to the film stuff; Oh how i love the movies! And a new celebrity culture is much needed!!

  10. I’m looking forward to the death of so-called ‘reality tv’
    I broke up with TV 5 years ago. . . might get back together if there’s something worth watching.

  11. Pisces Rising, Moon (in the early degrees!) and Mars, all in the 12th house but Rising. Can’t wait, mainly because I’m tired of reality tv. Let’s get more whimsy and creative in entertainment!

  12. hmm, i’m not so sure i share the enthusiam. For the death of reality TV, yes, defn, but Neptune has been well and truly making itself felt in my 7th for quite a while now, and it will continue on doing so for a while in Pisces. then finally get to my 8th and be conjunct my moon (which is sq my natal neptune). It’s squaring my Venus, Merc and Sun to varying degrees now and for a while yet.
    Whilst I think I got low neptune type behaviours out of my system in my younger days, I still have some excellent skills in fuzzy fantasising that can defn shape reality in not good ways. I am not sure that a Pisces version of that is going to be better than an Aqua version of it. Its quite possible i may just turn into a big puddle of escapist vagueism….

  13. BRING IT.
    Have had Neptune all over the sixth house for the past decade and can confess to the lower neptunian vibes on the healthy living front from time to time. Strangely – and so right Mystic, “sobering up” indeed – recently launched into a health kick, less binging more body-temple worship, yada yada – and feels like a very good thing to be doing.
    My Descendant is 1 degree Pisces, so couldn’t be more welcoming of those Neptunian rays falling across the 7th, coming very soon… Will be less bingey with this transit tho, promise.

    • My Pisces Sun/Mn midpoint at 3 degrees and 5 degree Mc is on your descendant Lex. Am sure I’d like you very much! But then yes, we’d have to forego the booze binging…Gee, but that might be hard/tempting as you’d be so much fun for sure.

      Okay, body temple it is.

  14. oooOooo Mystic you are good ! 2nd house Aquarian here sobering up to financial demands a la single woman single income and becoming tighter than bark on a tree. ah yes poor as a churchmouse, but happy-as-a-clam after booting the ex ! …getting more tuned in spiritually every day and eating healthy to boot (ha I said boot, maybe I will treat my feet in celebration)

  15. Suddenly started feeling less fearful about things a few days ago.

    Aqua in 12th.

    Hope it lasts.

  16. The end of Paris Hilton. Who else is Aquarius and has been coasting along for a decade with no real substance?

    That Princess Di, Sharon Tate etc thing is weird-as! I do not think sarah palin is iconic enough to qualify.

    • that would be the best news ever.. not that she died but just that she faded away and no one photographed her any more..

  17. Does this have anything to do with Tauruses?? ‘Cause I think I’m revising my previous “thumbs up” for the sign and downgrading it to “get the fuq out of my space you stingy mofo fuqing asswipe IDIOTS” …

    Toro #1: tries to get me to do something illegal, which I refuse to do, then stiffs on paying bill for legitimate works and will now probably have to take him to court to get paid.

    Toro #2: informs me (yesterday) that the money he gave to me 8 MONTHS AGO under the guise of a “gift” was not actually a gift and he would now like it paid back. H E L L O … I was the bloody one saying, no I shall pay you back Mr Toro Stingebag Asshole because I appreciate the loan (it was to help with my business during a tight spot). HE was the one who said nononononono it’s a GIFT and I’m happy to help you out …. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Toro #3: sorry I can’t even be bothered explaining as I’m starting to froth at the mouth and a nanosecond away from firing off devestatingly ascerbic missives to all three telling them what a bunch of stingy, tightwad, fuqing pointless wastes of space they all are and can they just fuq off and never ever come back …


    • Could it be Venus retro and Mars opposing their Toro Sun?

      *strokes prowlncat gently and offers her a tasty treat*

    • Aw prowlncat!

      Don’t these fuqers understand who they are dealing with???

      Just wondering…. Toro #2: A ‘gift’ of moolah can be claimed as a tax deductible & seeing as it was 8 months ago that he gave you the ‘gift’ maybe he has popped that little figure into his tax claim for 09-10 & is having two bites of the cherry so to speak….

        • Haha…Hope my Cancerian, Sagg Moon, Leo Merc (like you) daughter has your firey, tell the truth moxy….She has boycotted places because of “how they treat the tomato pickers”..I think she does…

          • I would boycott a place for how they treat the tomato pickers!!! What a great name you gave her … Hope.

    • Standard practise from my experience. everything is tallied up and there are bills and account books in their heads . . . and sometimes actual account books when it getsextreme. . .

      They can’t help it.

  18. Pisces ascendant 1 degreeish – does this mean I am going to look like I’m stoned/wafting around in a Neptunian otherworldly daze for the next however long?

    And yah – goodbye to reality tv and faux celeb gurus. I detest reality tv crap – have never watched any of them apart from a little MasterChef (i blame my kids) and now Junior MasterChef as the twins Sofia and Izzy are friends of my daughter. They are actually the most gorgeous girls and multigifted academically and musically. And no I don’t know if either of them wins as they have been (legally) sworn to secrecy and thankfully no one hassles them at school.

  19. Hmmmm, Pisces 12th house…. This will be interesting. I am seeing the sobriety at the close of Neptune in Aqua – literally. No booze for over 2 months now. And still not missing it.
    I am trying to get things sorted so that I can place meditation and yoga into my life – for the first time this year I am hitting 7/10 for feeling healthy. Its been hard yakka, but pleased to feel well (ish). So maybe it will click next year with the move of N into P?

  20. It all sounds fabulous. Can’t wait. Aqua is in 3, so the Fish are in 4. I am very happy in my temporary home, but my perfect permanent home is the plan in the next number of years. Paid for in cash. My serious Aqua-ness may help pay for my new house. With bamboo floors.

  21. lol…should have known that Mystic’s “The Naked (as in the Emperor/idiotic peeps have no clothes maybe?), and the Aqua” had nothing to do with what I had in mind…

    Yes, get rid of the reality shows. Also, send Sarah Palin and her late degree Sun packing back to Alaska ‘where the sun don’t barely shine’ (and we all know where that place alludes too…)

    Paris Hilton’s days are numbered. You don’t see her splashed on the mag’s as she was, for one. She is a liar as far as cocaine, pot, etc. Knew from the get go at the World Cup that they fell for her “the pot is not mine”. She’s been unraveling ever since, poor thing. So young but lessons are hard…

    Late degree Aqua in 9th conjunct Pisces MC is where I’ve had my Chiron Return. Yes, more and more real and more and more sober as to what I need to do with my life. Chirst said “stay sober and awake”. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jesus and Mystic.

  22. Aquarius in the 8th – yep, been very closed off from my in-touchedness with the universe of late!

    Pisces in the 9th – envisioneering that I would love to do some alternative study but no time atm. Pity! Good astro for some study, blogging as usual, gives some relief!

  23. It’s all in my 4th house anywhoo, so it’s just the flava that changes – those half-half houses. Neptune’s been in my 4th for yonks now. Looking forward to the positive flava changes. Hopefully when it opposes my sun it won’t get woozy-hazy.
    And thankfully it’s still a while until Neptune in Pisces then goes into my 5th. (!!!do not buy rose-tinted glasses missy!!!)

  24. 7th house pisces. Hm. I just entered a dreamy, binge inducing, obsessively romantic relationship. This might get crazy.

    • Me too. 7H pisces

      But my house is empty: Valid or Invalid?

      This only counts on Natal chart?

  25. Confused. Aquarius sun, and 4th/5th pizza slices (houses?) are about halfway of aquarius. Have no idea what that means. Oh well. ** is ignorant**

    • Sounds like Aquarius is on the cusp of your 5th house (i.e. your 5th house begins in Aquarius), which probably means Pisces is on the cusp of your 6th house. 5th house = romance, creativity, children…6th house = health, um not sure what else, but try a search of the site to find out more

      Does that make sense in relation to Mystic’s post? Is your love life getting serious? Is it time to dream up a new exercise regime?

  26. My Chiron and Jupiter are progressing from Aqua to Pisces. Hrm.
    I do feel a bit like my luck is not treating me with the love that one really, really hopes for (which could be the dark moon hangover talking).
    Aqua is mostly my fourth house… Family stuffz is pretty chill at the moment.
    Pisces is alllllllll 5th house.
    How am I not to make that sleazy???

    • Actually… on the luck tip… there are a few friendship that are ending, a few projects are on their way out. crunch time for some life altering decisions. It’s tough… but ife will be so much better out on the other side, you know?

  27. If non-real celebs start to fade into obscurity, I really, really hope that Katie Price (Jordan) fades the fastest. I wish her no harm, I just don’t want her in my concsiousness (I find conscious a difficult word to spell, even when committed to memory – am not even sure I spelt it correctly this time).

    I have pisces mainly in my 4th house, with my mean node, and about a third into my fifth house, which is also crowded with mercury, venus, chiron and sun. Good? Bad? Reserve judgement?

  28. Hey Mystic,

    Interesting as just saw on an astro forum that over here in U.S., Jillian Michaels, “fitness empire guru”, tough-love persona on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and “Losing It with Jillian,” is under fire…. She is not globally iconic obviously but is hugely known over here, nor is this terribly poignant but she does have an end degree Aqua Sun.

    Sun 29 Aqua with trans. Neptune hedging in. Astro administrator states “Neptune not even on her Sun yet -a piece of humble pie on the way”

    From quote on astro forum, source unknown….

    “Also in February 2010, a class action suit named Michaels, Thin Care and Basic Research and Walgreens over the potential toxicity of ingredients contained in Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner. According to that suit, the supplement contains citrus aurantium, an ingredient that allegedly causes high blood pressure and cardiac problems in certain individuals.

    In August 2010, a $10 million class action suit was filed against Michaels and Thin Care International over the ingredients in Triple Process Total Body Detox and Cleanse. The plaintiff in the case is a registered dietician who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.”

    Feb 18, 1974
    Los Angeles, CA
    12:00 pm (solar chart)