The Heavenly Tenants

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Ilonka Karasz

This beautiful image is from a surreal sounding 1947 children’s book called The Heavenly Tenants by William Maxwell. This article about it is quite fascinating…I’ve never seen it but basically, the constellations of the zodiac disappear from the sky and turn up at this farm. That’s the plot. Has anyone read it?

14 thoughts on “The Heavenly Tenants

  1. I havent . .. but just picturing it, I’d hate to be there when the scorpion and the lion develop a competitive intersest in the water bearer!

  2. This sounds absolutely fantastic. Could you imagine being in this farm with the constellations? What a wonderful adventure. I just LOVE it! I think this will be a visionary lullaby which will rock me to sleep this evening.

  3. Lovely story, would like a farm like that….wonder what they did
    with Leo the Lion?
    It’s own reservation?

  4. I haven’t come across this gem either D but my does it tickle my narrativist funny bone. Thankyou M!
    Fable, Stars, the environment AND melodrama.
    Last night I took my 2 and a half year old Rammy son who’s middle name is Auguste out to see his moon ( he was recently called a superstar the other day and quickly corrected the admirer with “NO ima supamoon….”). So in touch with his feminine side already.
    He munches kale and parsley growing around here; fab, but I havent convinced him on the nastertian flowers his great-gran planted that have got into the creek and are possibly a bit of a problem… Theres a dash of cute narrativist irony if ya check M’s link to the story. WAY cute! That Illustration is Amazing.

  5. FANTASTIC!!! So grateful to wake up this morning and see this. Thank you, MM.

    Love your story, too, lacuna!

  6. sorry i don’t have a twitter to reply on, but for the natal hard aspects making soft aspects in the sky thing, do conjunctions count??

    • Conjunctions count?? Of course they do Glow.
      It seems to me Mr Maxwell was emoting Biodynamic farming. Perhaps an area he may not have been familiar with at the time. It elevates Maxwell’s legacy more than most would appreciate.
      A frisky 550 BC Chinese wiseguy said ” So it is said that when you know yourself and others, victory is not in danger; when you know sky and earth, victory is inexhaustible.”
      His allegory, like Julian Assange’s current issues with the Pentagon were about general human conflict…Momma Gaia’s crankiness is probably only just now starting to be addressed. kids books are key :) It IS about our kids….and their remaining wilderness.