Mercury In The Bush Of Ghosts

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Catherine Ryan

So we have the diligent, dirty-linen laundering Moon in Virgo – check! I had celery juice for breakfast and drank it whilst eyeing off suspicious looking grouting grunge.  I denounced punctuation errors. I self guilted a bit.

My morning look was holistically groomed, reminding myself of Not-The-Typical-Virgo although she would have gotten up an hour early to read another one of the latest Booker Prize winners (She only reads award winning books – is classic Virgo?).

So Moon in Virgo is present and correct. So correct i could scream.

Then there is the Venus-Mars Scorping quietly seething along in the background – or foreground, depending on how Plutonic/personally affected by Venus and Mars in Scorpio you are.

I have it in my Brilliant Career sector so i should probably be seducing someone over a boardroom table a la those big thick airport novels but no, it’s just me and les cats, Gemini daughter attempting chef-dom and a daring new Feng Shui placement; highly experimental, maybe frowned upon by some Feng peeps.

AND THE w.t.f-**kery for the day comes courtesy of Mercury in Libra square Pluto.

“Piss off” you want to say to the morass of conspiracy theorising, compliments from strange quarters and loose skeletons tumbling out of where you did not even know there was a damned closet.

Yes, Mercury-Pluto is a flashpoint, sometimes dealing with the Scorpionic end of town (police, brothels, burlesque, occult).  Great day for insights, scheming, clarity and the uncovering of what has been kept hidden from you. Scummy emo or enmity could ooze out. Shocker of a day for trying to keep a secret.

20 thoughts on “Mercury In The Bush Of Ghosts

  1. Oh MM! You are so bang on! Yes I am gagging to declutter if only I could get a moment at home, PLUS I have been obsessed with Brian Eno all weekend (Taking Tiger Mountain …) but was camping so nowhere near an iTunes store for the hit.

  2. MM – just wanted to compliment your writing style. I would read your novels.
    WTF…yep, that’s just how I feel about reading your blogs. As a copywriter, they READ well. Keep up the good work.

  3. Am I scheming? Against myself? I decided I spend too much money and want to stop so I can budget for other things. Just stopping didn’t work, so I gave back my Saggo friend’s credit card, shredded mine, took all my money out of my checking account and gave it to S. F. to put in his. Everything else I can’t touch. I have two checks from him for emergencies, like needing to eat. I do know my credit card number, though, and the internet is there waiting to be shopped. Crap! I’m telling myself I’ll only buy one book from MM’s link AND THAT’S ALL. And fasting is very spritual.

    • I keep a record of every purchase. I write it ALL down in an exercise book. It is my end of the day ritual, with a cuppa (used to be a glass of wine).
      I also keep my credit card OUT of the wallet, so I cannot just ‘purchase’ something for the heck of it… I manage to live on $200 a week this way (excluding utilities/rent etc…), and save masses of money!
      Anal yes – but it works….

      • I like the picture of your accounting for the day’s purchases with your cuppa. Like a rewarding break for being good. That’s an idea with merit! I’d like to find something that could chart my spending, too. Then I could see what my trending spending is.

        • *I’d like to find something that could chart my spending, too*

          Its called a Virgo moon……. Seriously. I work it all out and suss the patterns. So much fun!

  4. Revved up Mars Scorp is laying rubber on my road ~> this is one Venus I am feeling. Finely crafted mystical correspondance, with the sweet little ending, followed by a ‘what the fuq, why not?’ Mars pressing send. ah well.

  5. Meh. Been talking to my ex all night. You’d think that, him being a Sag, he would’ve left me alone after breaking up with me. Not so much.

  6. Venus/Mars are sitting right on my ascendant. BUT… Pluto is sitting right atop my Venus in the 2nd house and has been forEVER!
    So.. you know… it’s all in trusting the process.
    Good time to clean aye?


  7. Oh yeah.. and let’s not forget the Merc in Libra squaring Pluto with his ass plopped on my Venus that Mystic pointed out…… sheesh! Maybe I’ll clean out everyone else’ closets too!

  8. “Shocker of a day for trying to keep a secret”. Booyah!! And I now have Mars-Venus bang on my ascendant; talk amazing stuff or just plain hunting drive. Which just as well Mikey Lutin reminded Scorps/Sc.rising to try “praying while hunting”, since the people we hunt “are people, not pink bunny rabbits.” (his words) Besides, I’d rather hunt people, not bunnies. ;) Though it’s not people I’m eagle-eyeing, just one.
    And about keeping things a secret, well yeah, I might’ve scorped him by inviting to meet up, finally in ages. I was gonna actually call him but didn’t.
    Coz there’s that thing where you sense that smth has gone beyond a certain previous line both parties adhered to (with exploratory nudges under the banner ‘we’re bestie friends so we can do this’), and now it’s in a different territory altogether, both parties having to feel her/his way through it.
    And the time has come to see that hopefully both are brave enough to actualize this meeting, instead of the ritualized (and safe) “but I really100x miss you so come to Melbourne coz I have no a/l left” and his “this number still good for ya? miss ya loads” or “how are you my love? you late on visiting me in london”.
    At any rate, I cherish our reciprocal synastry grand water trines.

    *brings up that succinct gem shell typed, about being positive re outcomes but not being attached to em – aum navah shivayah rpt*

  9. “are people, not pink bunny rabbits.”

    :lol: oh Mikey’s hilarious!

    Sounds promising. Hope it all works out for you.

  10. natally i have mercury in gem in the 8th house, conjuct saturn and venus, and next to that sun, so a stellium in the 8th… my mercurial skills seem very stuck today, i have major procrastination, apathy and lethargy. i was looking forward to virgo moon for analytical clarity, and its all gone to shit! Im sure mercury is to blame.

  11. power cleaned for 6 hours & SUCH RESULTS!!!!!!

    Murano lights sparkling, windows gleaming, underneath sofa / fridge / dishwasher – spotless …… then finished final swoop & cleaner txt he’s back from o/s & did I need him lol …..

    rewarded self with mani / pedi / massage as 3 day house reconfiguration now complete!! love it!!

  12. Ex resigned his job yesterday, so his overlords got their letter from him when they walked in (Monday here). He’s a double Libra. Glad for him.

  13. bang on as usual mystic.
    did my post end of semester apocalypse clean and order. all is now clean, particularly the oven ;)

    have confronted fear of doctors and made the scary appointment to check on my ovaries again. fingers crossed.

    supercrab was in the foulest mood yesterday, first time I have seen the undercurrent cancerian mood pollution act. had to run away to get some space. now I am sitting in the middle of martin place waiting for shops to open so I can do my research. its one of those massive to do days only my footwear is less than appropriate for the day treck. have oversized bottle of mineral water to flush hangover. hangover is the only non virgo bit.