Happy Birthday Snoopy

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I love Snoopy…It’s his birthday on Monday.

And, it’s a long weekend where i live so i am taking a few days off from the blog – Daily Scopes & Daily Mystic continue as usual…C u back here on Tuesday…Enjoy the Scorping & I look forward to reading re whether or not you guys got Scorped on the weekend or not – bung it in the comments! xxxx

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  1. Once knew a Master of the Financial Universe in Singapore (aka the Bank)
    in his 40’s who slept with a Snoopy fluffy Dog toy.
    Thinking ‘if it worked for him?????’ NewAge Feng Shui?

    The most Zen-like cartoon liner i ever read of Peanuts (before Zen & The Art
    of Motorcycle Maintainence), was:
    Peanuts to Snoopy……..’why is the sky blue’?
    Snoopy to peanuts……..’coz it’s not green’.

  2. i feel like saying that to everybody at the mo ” has it ever occured to you that you might be WRONG”, its certainly an ongoing process in this critical reflecter of self that I am… to much so even, to the point where I just cant seem to put word to windows word, and make the assignments happen. How can i be sure of what i want to even write when i dont know what is really right. Suspend belief, go forward anyway, with a critical mind and contemplate the possibilites, maybe? On another note, I usually love my cancer moon days, but cant help feeling a little blue today, which is kinda cancerian anyway. Some days saturnian behaviour just dosnt pull it off, does it? blah

    • It’s said that when beliefs are suspended magic has a place to happen.

      Totally understand what you mean about the ‘words’ to window’s word Plutonicgem.

      Hope you are now having a Red Letter Day (special significance) as opposed to Blue x

      • yes sweetpea… i agree magic can happen when beliefs are withheld, or released from… thank you for the reminder… i feel the blue feelings are even stronger when they are not given space and heard, the heart is sometimes louder than the list of things to do! But I remember all it wants is to be listened to and held in presence… then hopefully the writing will occur again… ah heres to the last hours of cancerian moon magic….

  3. VERY SCORPED yesterday: Put under investigation due to someone else not taking duty of care during an incident I wasn’t even at!

    Drank too much afterwards and vomitted everywhere: nervous about a court appearance that was supposed to happen today but didn’t. (The prosecution haven’t been able to find my file – this is from an accident that happened in January.)

    Sought the solace (non-sexual – just company / support pre-court – of ex-firey Pisces who told me to go home. (We are no longer friends and I have told him so today.)

    So I went out for a couple of drinks, ran into Gem slut boy who told me how much of a total bitch I am until I was in tears.

    So I caught a taxi home only to find that my purse was either lost of stolen upon arrival.

    Also got told by HOT Leo that he thinks ‘I like him too much’ (ie, he doesn’t like me as much) to which I told him the truth about loving the Pisces for the past five years and how I thought going out to dinner every now and then, between bonks, didn’t necessarily amount to a ‘relationship’ which is what we agreed on in the first place.

    Too sad. Too tired. Totally over it.

    • Fuqing heavy bluelib.!!! Hugs to you, hope it eventually works out as it should. to your advantage, hang in there lovey!! xx

    • Sending you vibes of love and strength. These sent to me by my Mum after I had an upsetting night and teary morning.

      Was just having lunch outside in the sun and I had a realisation. I don’t always have to come up with the solution – just have faith that things will come out right in the end.

    • Yowza, bluelib… Sending massive hugs and whatever else you need, and keep the faith.

    • don’t sweat it bluelibra. It’s going around. My friend’s been accused of some pretty heavy stuff at work – none of it proven, but being treated as if she’s guilty, and now her partner’s been dragged into it.

      . . . been priming guys for some ‘on the side’ fun, but they’re acting like I’m proposing and offering to have their babies. . . but I’ve got an alternative that’s less complicated and ultimately better. . . and there’s always cats for cuddles and chocolate for comfort . . . and in the winter, extra blankets for the cold.

      Everyone schitzing out at work and having temper tantrums, self included, and knowing that when my TL gets back, I’ll ge the blame because I don’t take into account the influence I have on others (they can’t possibly make up their own minds that the business is a shithole. . . . they think it because I think it. . . this must be why they’re all suddenly vegan . . . oh wait . . . they’re not. . . must be some miscalculation here. . . that or they’re thinking for themselves after all).

      Count your blessings. It only seems like bad news. The hassles are working themselves out of your life. These guys are a bit silly and not worth your time. Every apocalyptic bitch-slapping session 2009 rained down on me was for my ultimate benefit, and 2010’s a similar creature, but with more rewards along the way. It’s a tough time right now, but you’ll ring in the changes and harvest the rewards if you let yourself.

    • BlueLib’ that is the shitbiz! And I do hope you get that phoenix rising feeling by the end of the wkd.
      Blessings, although I could be wrong about where they come from… ;)


    I love you Snoops. It’s been too long.

    This weekend I’m taking the new bloke/childhood sweetheart (bit of a story!) up to a gig at a private festiva in the countryl. Scorps ahoy due to having perhaps had a bit of intimate action with several other acts on the bill. Hoping very much What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour will prevail but might word bloke up on key affairs prior to event as Bloke is very liberal and understanding. Large quantities of rum to be consumed. Will try to appear angelic by appearing to play with small children present earlier in the day.

    Please wish me luck!!!! And of course good luck to all of you.

    • Good luck ladycrab!!! What’s your rising sign btw? Was reading the Venusian Weirding thingo last night, again…, and for Leo it said one possibility was about getting together with a childhood sweetheart. :)
      So good luck!

      • Thanks! All worked out great. I’m sagg rising. Lover is Libra sun and rising. We are already together but I was worried about old news spilling on the weekend – needn’t have!! xx

  5. Snoopy! Funny that he’s a Libra. My Libran dad used to get me and my sisters Snoopy/Peanuts Valentine’s candy every Feb 14th.

    I don’t get Scorped, I do the Scorping. And, alas, it has happened already with my Sagg/Moon Leo mother. (Can we do a post on what signs would male the better parents? Because I have lived through too much proof that Saggs aren’t…)

    • yes i have a sagg mum… and yeh not exactly maternal…. though thats not fair to other sagg mums i know who are gorgeously maternal…. just when i need/want to hear some maternal loving, no, mum says too much, too insensitive, and without recompense… shes much better at being the dad, which is lucky cause scorp dad was terrible and left many years ago, transitioned into heavenly realms….

  6. Mystic I am holding on to how you always come back, even when you say you will be gone for a few days..you do, you really do..don’t you? Please? I promise to try and be a better commenter. Lack of fire sign thingie is making me a bit mad.

    • TLS, Since you’ve been sharing more, you are a better commenter as you have a great sense of humor which Gemmie rising always appreciates.

      Know how you feel about the fire sign thingy as mentioned on the Avian thread that Aries here would go sulk in a bird’s nest :) But alas, Moon in now in Leo so live it up! It’s Leo’s time to shine and feel great.

  7. mystic have a great long weekend. Is this a dirty weekend you been planning forever since you saw the scorping? ;) xx

  8. J’adore Snoopy! One of my fave places when I was lil was a Snoopy shop. :) It was filled with stuffed Snoopies, and I got one (which I still have) and I used to go there to eat the Snoopy ice cream. Aw lovely memories.

    Enjoy your long weekend, Mystic! Do tell us if *you* get Scorped! :lol:

  9. Hee hee I was also thinking that Mystic may have Scorpionic plans herself for the long weekend…mmmm to be shacked up in a cabin in the hills with a darling, loads of delicacies and delectable wine…Hang on, I live in a cabin in the hills with a darling! woohoo! Delicacies and delectable wine here I come!

  10. I used to have dozens of the small Snoopy books, the little ones printed by Coronet.

    You can still buy lots of the Snoopy books, through Amazon Marketplace, for virtually nothing (just postage).

    Re this particular cartoon: there’s a wonderful quote by Jung (can’t put my finger on it), talking about scientists, pagans and Christians, where he says that not one scientist, not one pagan, and not one Christian, will consider the possibility that he himself might be wrong.

  11. Not sure where im at with this Scorp V thingee!? All over my 6th house and conjunct my natal Neptune. Getting fit like mad, power walks, proper food etc. Putting things into right boxes after/during Pluto transit on mega loaded 8th house (early) Cap x several planets transit soirée. Please fuqing explain am I Cap or Scorp? Standing on the on the corner naked(in my private world)..bring it on and don’t god#%m pussy foot about it!

  12. dear Snoopy – all I want for your birthday is for the Saints to mince the Pies!!!!!!! xox

    • Sorry hon, but at 87-39 with 13 minutes remaining – no, wait, 93!!!!!!-39, this is a long, long, long awaited day for the much-reviled black and white stripes! I think I just saw Eddie McGuire crying!

      If it’s any consolation, as a little (then) Melbournian of 3.5 years, I picked Collingwood as my team, watched them win the grand final, and have had to wait another 44 years for a repeat! And you gotta admit, they’ve been spectacular today….Ooh look, it’s 102-45 demolition with 4 mins to go!

      Hope venus station brings you something yummy-scorpy to make up for it….

      no hope for me on that score (Venus tightly conjunct Neptune, Eros and Psyche bang on Scorp 12th house Ascendant), as I just told married double Toro multi-millionaire first love from California who has suddenly been emailing me love poems he’s written, and declaring his love and desire to come see me in Sydney some 30 years after we fell in love as teenagers, to go away and fix his marriage….or get a divorce and only THEN find someone new (and local) rather than being emotionally unfaithful behind his wife’s back. Ho hum, figure if it’s going to be karmic, this scorping, then I’d better do unto others and all that….even if it leaves me as is – ie broke and alone! xx

      • Rules, rules, rules…! Could it have been your karmic destiny to help him through this part of his life? Whether you accept the journey offered, his choices concerning his wife are his. We are vulnerable at these crossroads, having a comforting companion means so much. To have love given without expectation, what a gift! I wonder how your life might have been enriched by accepting the (yes, temporary) gift offered. I know you have to do what you feel best, but it seems so sad to choose to be alone rather than join someone for a part of their life.

        • His choices certainly are his… I’ve told him I don’t judge his unhappiness. All I’m saying, as I’ve told him, is that I don’t want to participate in the betrayal of his wife. If you saw his emails, and the poetry he is writing me, you’d understand: it’s not just my support he wants; it’s my heart he’s after, to stroke his considerable ego, which has led him astray before, I’ll bet. As a VenusNeptune girl, I have to be really wary of impossible dreams, which he is hooking me into. And as a girl whose heart was broken 18 months ago by my only lover of 10 years having an affair with, and then leaving me for, someone half our age, I’m just not prepared to get drawn into another triangle that might hurt someone else – and/or me. Been giving love unconditionally and without expectation all my life, but right now, I’m too vulnerable: I have to do a Saturn Girl, and protect myself from potential pain.

          • Oh, I see, absolutely. You don’t want somebody using you! No, no.. Oh my, I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I remember the shock when I found out I was cheated on..I just wanted it to all go away. Well, looks like you’re doing well and on your way to reap some good karma!

          • More power to you Fi. Your comment is insightful, evolved and inspirational. I wish there were more self-responsible people like you around.

            You are so right; knowing betrayals of trust, whether they are sexual, emotional or otherwise, damage ALL of those involved. There are always ramifications from our choices – and everything we do is a choice. I admire your understanding of your own values and how you put them into practice in that example and didn’t get dragged away by your own ego or delusions.

            If it was really ‘love’ this bloke felt for you, rather than him just looking for a target to stroke his ego, it would happen in a very different way. Why do we get those vastly different motivations confused so often? Bloody egos. Desperation is such a bad look!

            All the best to you.

          • Understand about the Venus-Neptune thing Fi as have them in opposition.

            When Pisces came back to me, newly divorced, I asked to see the papers and he coughed them up. Was important for my peace of mind (or the piece of mind I could have lost ;) ).

            Hope things go well for you.

          • Thanks, guys.

            A bit of a relief to get that all out, and I really appreciate your support, especially as Mars is exactly conjunct my VenusNeptune asc in 12th today, on what – if I am right – is also the station of Venus?

            In honor of Venus Station, hoping all on this blog who have suffered in love, or for the lack of it, get something wonderful out of this Venus weirding thing….bet you all will, whether or not it manifests obviously, a la new flirtation or option…

            …as a Venus in Scorp, my guts always said it was more likely to manifest as deep INNER processing than in outer events, like some hot new lover – eg. inner as in deciding not to self-destruct in love anymore/ transcendence of ego and/or the past, in order to keep heart open for better things in future/deciding what you are willing or not willing to (a) put up with anymore, and (b) invest in those you love.

            All one tall order, eh, especially today, given Venus Station and Leo moon…. when the thought of having someone to wrap one up in a big body-mind-soul-meld kind of hug is sooooooo alluring…….

            Little Joey, given that neither of my exes deserve it, am channelling all my very empathetic Venus-Neptune-type hugs to you today xx

          • Onya Fi – healthy evolved response – you rule girl!!

            btw – am Swans die-hard – is AFL right of passage to HATE collingwood.

            anyways – partying with Molly trumps being subjected to Eddie not matter what the sitch….. Molly still sits n the outer & Eddie surrounded by sponsors suits in the members – says it all really!!

          • D – most round here are know mon patented motto “one foot in the mosh pit – the other in the posh pit”!!

            motto or mantra who knows….

            kinda like Molly in the outer even tho he’s the no 1 ticket holder for the Saints yet is Egyptology expert or something ………hold on to yer hat Molly … here we come (again)!!


    • hope all pies and their fans choke on their drunken vomit. They are REALLY VILE and such BAD WINNERS

      Anyway, darling Snoopy shouldn’t be anywhere near this sort of thing.

      And yes, it has been a distressing day

  13. Mystic, is your get-away the reason there was no Daily Mystic for Fri.-Sat.-Sun.? Anyone else not get it?

    • Not a good time to have a glitch, need direction on whether to do the scorping, which has ignited my Mars/Neptune in Scorpio, and go to New Orleans with hot Egyptian or be the responsible Virgo and tend to needs of parents and of son.

      • sounds like either way yr gonna play it out fine – vibe haute & duck f-wits / be graceful in face of overlords ….. channel venusian scorping into to sex, love &/or personal genius ….. something like that. tres late here ….. bon nuit xox

  14. no scorping…there’s only so much solace I can take in university assignments, doing my budgets and organising my fucking bedroom. All the fun outings in the world mean nothing when radio communications have gone down with New Toro Friend. *takes off makeup, goes to bed early, tries to get over herself*

    • ‘goes to bed early’ lol – UP, let it play out – nighty night!! xox

        • no . . . adaptability is a virtue! Get yourself OUT!!!!!!! . . . someone fabulous could be around the corner

          • thanks D. something odd about a woman in her early 30’s loafing around solo in a bar. have done it often enough (solo movies, solo cafe, solo gallery, solo solo solo i am sure there is someone fabulous around the corner. but there’s only so many corners I like to hang out on before someone starts asking, “how much?” u know? but i understand where you are coming from and twas meant with kindness yes. :S xxx

          • I’m in my early thirties and frequent bars/music venues solo and enjoy regular flirtations which amount to nothing, but which are fun nonetheless.

            I actually really love going solo. . . I’ve found a lot of fabulous friends. . . but then I’m not looking for much else.

            Sometimes I just go out, have a few drinks alone, and if there’s a good band, I’ll stay. . . otherwise, I plan around the band. I’ll happily stay on my own all night if there’s a great band I want to see, and actually get quite frustrated when people try to hit on me, coz they’re interrupting.

          • UP – live music is the best place for one to cruise solo – could scribe volumes re encounters / friends scored via spontaneously hitting a gig.

            & yes it’s a shit to be home alone anticipating Toro-esque entertainment – vibe higher & concoct activity – even if is luxuriating on your own. make it lush & lap it up!! xox

          • I’m with D and RLP, and am a big fan of solo outings. I see them as very different things to pair or group outings. In solo circumstances you can focus out, in dyads or groups you tend to channel your interest in and miss all the stuff going on around you. And yes to meeting fab people in those circumstances. I also do a lot of solo gigging, no way I’m going to let the lapses in my friends musical tastes keep me away from things I want to see. D’s point about working it around the band works well. Turn up to only see the act, or linger on if you are into it.
            One thing I think is key though and that is to not confuse wanting company and wanting to be out. If you are aching for company and you think just being in a public place will solve it, you may end up worse off. Not sure if that makes sense, but going out solo with a cloak of shame is not good. You’d be surprised how many people think it is a brave thing to do and will be impressed, not paint you as some kind of loser.

          • Rockstar Libran Publicist is all rock!

            . . . ah Shell, how hard it is to find friends whose tastes in music reflects one’s own. . . even when you meet them at music venues!

            Orright Unpredictable Pisces. . . you know what to do!

          • Ah yes…
            Though I also am guilty of assuming I’ll just be going by myself and thus neglecting to ask others if they want to come.

          • Shell you are SO bang on re “no way I’m going to let the lapses in my friends musical tastes keep me away from things I want to see” – god last week at Unknown Pleasures – be stuffed if I could re-gift Le Ram’s tic …. but was prepared to pursue even if it meant heading out solo!!

            & D – exactement re work around the band – timing, in such sitch be everything!!

  15. Aw, now passed double Leo, Saggie rising Mum used to read me the Charlie Brown comic strip every morning while I was doing kitchen chores. I miss Mum, Charlie, Snoop and the Gang. I love your lighthearted touch Mystic even if it does pull on my heartstrings a bit.

    Checked out Noel Tyl’s current “Analytical Techniques” and Alice McDermott, Aussie Astrologer, has a fab article on “duads”..


    Did mine and found out Cappy Moon in 8th’s duad is Scorpio as is Pluto in Virgo and Ceres. Very interesting as trans. Ceres & Pluto was conjunct Mum’s NN and my Saturn when she died. Yes, they (Pluto and Ceres…the myth about Ceres makes alot of sense), took Mum. Heavy crap to find one’s Mum dead but I take heart in the fact that we used to laugh about the fact that I ~would~ probably indeed find her dead one day….And well, I did. Luckily, it was not such a shocker…I was prepared and that we laughed about it softens the blow. Get all goose bumpy and a bit teary just writing about it.

    Alice says duad energies can run through families/relationships and be the connecting “tissue” so to speak. More to explore.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We finally got cooler weather here in the So. Cal desert…thunderstorms and lightening…humidity, but I’ll take a bit of humid for the cool.The Pisces co-worker and I got our raise on our paycheck this week. She gave me a hug for asking for her too (again) but told her she was the one who brought the whole “raise” thing up. Told her that is “team work”…yay!

    Cancer Doc is our Superman! Hugs and a kiss for him…He follows through…

    • Sounds so sweet about your mum reading you the comics in the mornings. I love stories like that. My own mom was distant and cold when I was young. Morphed into being needy now. Gave me nothing as a kid, wants everything now. I’m sure she has her pain. So sorry about your loss, so nice you two could talk about it coming and so ease it a bit.

      Looked at the link. Too much for this novice but looks very interesting to come back to when I know more.

    • Oh, thanks, sweetpea. Something new to noodle with. Makes a great deal of sense, though.

      And innit a good thunderstorm just magnificent? Lovely you got that to clear the air for a bit. :-)

      • You’re welcome weathergirl. Like to mix things up a bit. Briefly today it was Solar Arc’s and also looking at how trans. Saturn is going to conjunct my Libran NN and trans. NN is going to conjunct Cappy Saturn (all will be square so universe giving me a huge nudge to grow).

        Also looked at how many Saturn retro’s will go over my NN. Said if we do the work it can be a time of fulfillment. Have been working on the book (like nearly all day today, Saturday.). Meanwhile, daughter sent her feed back on what I sent and it was good. She (Virgo rising, Gem Sun/MC with Gem Mars conjunct 9th house side), rearranged the paragraphs and I like it. Said she will always preserve the integrity of my writing but that she can streamline a bit.

        Sorta emo as it feels like I can fulfill this dream but it will take hard work and dedication. Also, some is heavy stuff. Daughter said that she understands that how to relive something is not easy but I’m looking toward the catharsis. I appreciate her understanding. Meanwhile, Saturn is requiring that in order to extract the next “gold” so to speak, it means that I have to break through some more emo stuff and get the brain sorted as far discipline. Sorta teary today…

        Long convo with daughter lastnight since she called. We usually don’t hang on the phone but instead email. Suppose that’s fitting for two very Gemini influenced peeps. She loved her Nana very much and she still cries and misses her. Said her Nana was the only person she was never angry at. Said that she heard Leo Nana (in her mind lying in bed) say, “I love you!” Daughter has Sun opposite Neptune, Uranus conjunct Moon, so she picks up alot on the subtle levels. Daughter’s Scorpio Ur/Sagg Mn conjunction were in her Nana’s 12th house.

        As we all know, Uranus is going to hit the Aries planets and personally, my P.of. F. in 2014. I really want to give this a shot for who knows? And, I really need a transformation, like bad…I’m due…

        With the Solar Arc’s found out that I’ve had Asc opposite Neptune for the past year. No wonder I’ve fluffed around and verged on the self destructive side with alcohol and gambling (have Neptune in the 5th of gambling, for one…) Understand it now and over it.

        Thanks A.S. you a sweetie too xo

  16. Thanks peoples – you’ve been so lovely and understanding. I know I will miss Pisces ‘friend’ but there comes a time when good-bye is necessary.. (yes?).

    I spoke to HOT Leo today – straightened him out on the whole ‘liking me too much’ thing – he seemed to understand, not be too put out and relieved so that’s one win I suppose.

    As for Gem slut boy – he can go bonk himself – besides, he was a dud in bed anyway…

    A clean sweep? No more male ‘friends’, ‘boyfriends’, ‘friends with benefits’, ‘whatevers’. I’m too exhausted and don’t believe in that ridiculous fairy-tale called love anymore. Yes, I have succumbed to being one of ‘those women’, bitter and of a certain age… I’ll stick to my books, favorite toy (I call it my ol’ faithful) and leccy blanket from now on. Much less stress and head fuq.

    Well, my garden looks fantastic anyway. :) HUGS and LOVE to YOU ALL. I’m afraid I’m retreating to my bedroom for a bit more sleep.


    • Hey, hold on for a couple of years before you decide to become Officially Embittered.

      My double Cancer friend found out her boyfriend is still playing his (once thought) ex-wife along; she had a poorly placed plate in her broken wrist reset this week, some nasty infected thing broke out next to her eye, and her car died in the middle of an intersection on the way to the dr. for her nasty eye thing.

      Doubt any rumpy-pumpy’s happening at her house this weekend. But Scorpio is clearly SOMETHING out in her life, fer sure.

      Happy dreams, bluelibra.

      • Gosh! Weathergirl. Do Double Katakas believe in the healing benefits of Vitamin C? Garlic is also a great healer if able to be eaten raw – salad dressings, homemade homous, tzasiki, guacamoule (yum way to eat heaps of garlic, chilli and lemon – V healing).

        Don’t get me started on the ‘playing’ boyfriend…

        • Double Kataka is actually RAW GIRL and dropped 30 pounds in the last year. Totally dedicated to nutrition now, and survived cancer TWICE. So my best guess is this is the head’s up on flushing the rest of the toxins from her life. Seriously.

          Yeah, I’m not interested unless I’ve seen the documentation that the deal’s done. No “playing” boyfriends for me.

          But will pick up some garlic bulbs today. Sinuses are flaring, and your thought joggled my brain. Thx!

  17. Dogs not treating me too good this weekend. Yesterday a dog (owned by people who couldn’t give a damn) got into my garden and attacked our sweet, sweet little 10 month old cat. $2100 in vet bills later and the kitty is dead and gone. Buried her today. So shattered I cannot come to grips with it all. My faith in justice, peace and love is being tested. RIP little one.

      • Thank you both. The rangers are coming to get a statement from us about it. Because we actually saw it happen & know the dog the vet reckons apparently it makes it a stronger case for something to be done, but I honestly don’t know what we can do about it. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to cry do much and feel so distraught and helpless. I just keep wishing I could push a rewind button and make it all undone.

        • ohh LJ that hurts. you poor thing and poor kitty kat. I hope you get redress..xxx

          • Oh, missed this comment yesterday. I am so sorry!! Ugly, ugly. Wish you best justice on this!

        • Little Joey, you poor thing. That is terrible. I’m so sorry. Sometimes lives are short and sometimes we can’t change it. I hope a sensible outcome can be found for the dog in question, who’s behaviour is most surely an expression of its owners neglect. It is the owners who deserve the harshest disciplinary action.

          Humans have a lot to answer for in domesticating wild animals, making them totally dependent on us and then failing to take responsiblity for them, or worse, using them as an object for cruelty. The front page of our local paper this week was about a bag of puppies being drowned in the river. A couple of teenage girls bravely tried to rescue them while a group of other little sh*theads, I mean kids, stood around jeering them and making jokes. They successfully saved 2 out of 6.

          Blessings to you and your little kitty cat x

    • I literally gasped when I read your posting Little Joey. My goaty-oat (whom I have shared custody with my ex-husband) was attacked by a neighbours dog and it was only by some miracle and a sh*t load of vet bills Goaty survived. We reported the attack to the RSPCA and the dog was put down within the week. The owners of the dog were also ordered by the police to pay for all the Vet fees. Ring the RSPCA and ask your Vet to write a note verifying what happened. Vet reports are well respected by the RSPCA and the RSPCA has very little patience with irresponsible animal owners.

      Best of luck and seriously big hugs.

      • I hadn’t thought of the RSPCA! I will talk to my sis about contacting them next week. We actually took her to two vets – she ended up at Sydney Uni emergency, which is down the road from me so I can go by and ask them to do something. The problem is I am feeling so shattered that I don’t even know if I have any fight left in me for it. I have to wait for the rangers to come by and get all the details so they can track these people down – I used to have their phone number but don’t have it anymore, so annoying. I have spoken to them before and they have such a blasé attitude to their bloody dog roaming around. The only reason it got in my place is we are getting new gates put up – so it could get straight in the yard – it came right inside the property and grabbed the cat and shook her. When I saw it I went mental and it ran away, within seconds the damage was done. She was such a sweet kind natured cat too.

        Sorry I’m rambling now. I’m going between serene “let it be” scenarios to “seek and destroy”. Thanks for your kindness – it’s nice to know that there is support out there in sad times!

        • Let us know what the rangers do, it would be good to know if they can do anything, that’s just a really bad thing, my neighbour’s cat killed mine once and her dog killed three of my chooks, v bad karma, her I mean!

        • That’s very hard Litttle Joey. Try not to be angry at the dog. It’s awful, but it’s what animals do.

          I have a friend who’s on the other side of that story. . . a vegan with a rescued dog (who was severely abused by his previous owner), who unfortunately is a cat killer. Other than that, he’s a beautiful animal. He’s loving and is great with children and all other types of animal, but he’s very scared of cats. The friend has taken 2 cats off him (he escaped to a neighbour’s yard once, and a cat fell into his yard once). My friend rushed both cats to the vet, and paid for all the bills. One didn’t make it. She’s cried for days both times it’s happened. As a multi-cat owner, I find it very difficult knowing that this dog I love so much would kill my cats if given the chance, but then I also know that my cats would kill any bird, lizard, snake, rodent or possum they could get their claws on, so I try not to be angry with the dog because it’s nature. My cats would also kill a dog if they had the strength. My friend would be devastated if the dog were put down. It’s a truly awful thing to lose a pet, even if the pet has done something very wrong. Cats hate dogs. Dogs hate cats. It sounds like the neighbous are awful though.

          Ah Bluelibra, a kindred spirit, I swear.

          Phenomenal weekend. Attended a secret show . . . great conversations, great networking opportunity if I wanted to take advantage . . . and opportunities for misbehaving with someone I’ve fancied for months – catch, of course – confirmed he has a partner and a baby. I told him I had no objections, but asked if his wife would. He concluded that she might, and went to sleep instead. The right choice.

          . . . still, an excellent night.

          Came home at 5 am to a better alternative – somewhat related to ‘old faithful’.

          • Not all cats hate dogs and all dogs hate cats; I know what you’re saying though. I’ve grown up with cats and dogs that didn’t attack each other.
            This tradition continues with my current handsome Basenji – Kelpie boy who was trustworthy around the five (now dearly departed) pinnigigs. Admittedly, this would be more difficult or even impossible if he were a breed that’s been bred to do ratting. There was a family acquaintance who thought it was funny that her Jack Russell tore a guineapig to pieces – it was their family’s piggy ffs! But she thought they were ‘disposable’…
            Specific purpose wise, my girl, who’s a Brittany (a breeder reject; how awful are some humans animals), due to her lineage cannot leave a bird alone – no killing though, not what they were bred for and their soft mouth. Though when she found a baby bird in our lil yard she was more scared of it that it was of her! :lol: She kept a *very* good distance.

          • Dear Little Joey,
            I’m so sorry for your loss. Our family lost our beautiful rspca cat when i was 11 years old, there was a street gang very close to where we lived and a neighbour reported one of them threw our cat into a park (across the road) and then let their 2 bull terriers loose on him. I overheard the conversation in whispered tones. I feel for you and your partner, and your poor little one. I wish there was a magic wand/time travelling device i could give you. I hope you can get some peace, and talk it out over Mystics most beautifully supportive site…love, peace and mung beans xx

          • It is unfortunate. I found a box of puppies once…most adorable little creatures, that someone had DUMPED in someone else’s front yard, yapping and helpless.

          • I have so many mixed emotions at this time. My neighbour told me this same dog bit her dog and when she told the owners they told her to f*ck off. They are not very nice people – and I’m not surprised their dog runs wild and causes trouble. Some people should not have pets.

            Thank you for all your support – even though I feel like all my energy and fight has been drained out of me it’s good to know that caring people are out there. Right now I’m trying to remember the goodness and sweetness of her life and not the terrible nature of her death. I know her spirit and energy live on somewhere.

            Goldfleece, I’ll buy one of those magic wands when you market them , xox

          • some people should not have pets or children

            everyone hates animal cruelty. hopefully you can get them investigated x

    • Oh how terrible for you!!!!!!!

      the rangers will procure reimbursement on your behalf. they issue a ticket like a parking fine that’s court enforcable. as you rightly said though – does nothing to repair your heary & restore moggy!!

      as for court – the angst entailed is not worth extending the pain.
      when my dog attacked by another was lucky she survived, but we haad no need to take it any further than have our costs covered. the people felt bad enough as it was, as did we.

      big love little joey ;-) xox

      • just saw your last comment above – let the rangers do it all if the ppl are not in control of what seems to be an uhappy & damaged animal. all you have to do is give your statement & they do the rest.

        how awful to have witnessed – heart breaking! x

    • darling LJ, i know NOTHING will bring back your cat but (bach flowers) rescue remedy may help you continue breathing

      am keeping you in my thoughts


  18. the idea that i might be wrong keeps me going. i wish the people who are wrong about me felt that way.

  19. The closest I came to hot sex so far was in my dreams. Safer that way cos it was with my ex!

    Yesterday morning had a reconciliation with flatmate who was once bestie but communication of last 4 months has drolled down to humffs and uncomfortable silences lately as she has been going through some kind of “teenage rebellion” phase that I have no patience for. Reconciling came just hours after I decided to astro snoop on her and found out she has venus conjunct mars in Scorpio in the 12th. This kind of info would normally get my barbed wire fences installed pronto but yesterday I was cool with it and just let it be.

    Also felt the strong scorpio vibe during massages where clients let me get in deep and really push through the pain, leaving beaming and weightless, quite literally as if they had walked in with shackles and left with unfurled wings.
    Most satisfying!!!

  20. I was woken last night by a severe asthma attack!
    I am usually pretty good with managing it & I was surprised to wake up suddenly gasping for breath! 8O

    So anyway my dreams have been amazing!

    On Friday night I had a visit from my parents (I was actually sitting on the edge of their bed so did i visited them?) They were asking me some things I had been worrying about, they were saying don’t worry about it! We talked about more stuff but I can’t remember. 8O

    Last night after the asthma attack I had a dream where I was looking out the window watching an eclipse of the Moon, but instead of one planet it was two! I could see them each clearly & the Moon was very large. I watched it until the Moon got smaller & smaller until it was a star! As the earth rotated, I lost sight of the stars. 8O

    It was beautiful to watch & i did take photos that I would love to show you all, but it was only a dream & I left them there. ;)

    • Please upload your dream Gemmy ;) , sounds fascinating.

      Perhaps you have a natal planet that is part of an eclipse if you were born close to one. Or, for example when one has planets conjunct in the natal and are parallel in declination. They are considered “eclipsing” each other. You can find declinations at astrodienst if you look to the right of the planet’s degree.

      Planets that are parallell can be quite powerful even if making no obvious aspect in the natal and connect two bodies that we wouldn’t think of otherwise.

      Declinations also work in opposition and declinations are conveyed as North (N) and South (S) on the chart info. but not necessarily “eclipsing” each other as I believe it takes a conjunction for planets to eclipse each other.

      Declinations will be within the same degree about 2.5 orb I recall. Hope that isn’t confusing or too techie as you obviously had a touching dream, but perhaps synergy wise there was a transit to a declination you share with your parents.

      Good to visit Mum and Dad. My Mum lying low since she departed but that’s okay. I understand. xo

        • Well, in thinking it through, the Sun and Moon are often in opposition regarding eclipses. But never mind, just look for the declination connections if you are interested doll. I forget stuff I haven’t used…

          • And sorry to seem insensitive to your asthma attack! Good grief (Charlie Brown!) Cancerian daughter was born with the cord around her neck…Problematic births often signified by Saturn conjunct the Asc). She has had asthma and crikes if it weren’t scary at times…

            Hope you’re breathing easeir luv. Perhaps there was something overwhelming that you were processing… x

          • Wow! Ok I think I understand but never had heard of a declination before… heres what I got! I have natal Gemini Moon 18 deg, Sun 21 deg & Venus 26 deg in the 3rd house. In the 9th house I have natal Neptune 21 deg & Uranus at 22. Is that an opposition?

            I think you’re right about the processing part & it coincided with the from Mum & Dad…. interestingly a clairvoyant once told me that they won’t come if I am not ready. She also told they will sit on the edge of my bed & I have just remembered that that since I have been writing this comment. 8O
            It has taken 19 years for my parents to visit me & they showed up early last year coinciding with some major processing that began around that time too.

            I am sure your mum is around you & I hope she doesn’t take 19 years to visit you! ;)

          • Your Gem positions are definitely conjunct and in opposition to Neptune and Uranus natally if those are the birth positions. Are those the declination degrees tho? (not sure).

            The visual is of planets not only being conjunct for example but also declination (latitude) degree wise, sitting side by side (parallel), in the sky at birth.

            This means that the conjunction, because of the declinations, is given more archetypal power.

            If the Neptune and Uranus degrees that you include are the declination degrees (and they are conjunct natally by degree), then they too are conjunct and parallel but also contra parallel the Gemini placements.

            Again, to be parallel or contra parallel, planets do not have to make an actual aspect in the birth chart, but if they do they are more powerful as would be a conjunction that is parallel for example.

            Hope that makes sense.

            That is very, very interesting about your parents and your visit and what the clairvoyant told you. Had something similar as when I had been told something nearly 13 years prior but it didn’t dawn on me until I sat looking at “light stream through leaves”… A psychic had told me that “knowledge is like light filtering through leaves. You don’t get it all in one big bunch”, and there I had remembered and connected my experiences. Was quite a revelation and very prophetic feeling.

            Sounds like you are very in tune with yourself through you dreams and that is such a wonderful thing.

          • It’s also not suprising Gemmie that you have such vivid dreams and experiences with Neptune and Uranus opposite your Moon and Sun esp!

            Perhaps your Gemini ruled 3rd house (it’s natural placement as it is), Sun and Moon, Venus could ride around on your bike (third house, neighborhood stuff) and communicate, coverse (3rd house) with others about your dreams. A travelling Dream Teacher/Weaver (9th house)!

            I think you do indeed have alot to offer there in some manner!

          • Ahhh Comprende!
            I just found it on Astro… Sorry Sweetpea I am little out of my depth on this. Here is what Astro gave me:

            Sun: 21°43’56” Declination: 23°10’54” N

            Moon: 18° 7’24” Declination: 18°22’28” N

            Venus: 26° 1’54″r Declination: 22°51’29” N

            Neptune: 21°17’21″r Declination: 21°44’47” S

            Uranus: 22°24′ 2″r Declination: 18° 6′ 6″ S

            Hehe a travelling dream teacher, that would be great! :D

          • You got it girl…

            Using a 2.5 degree orb (could be less but that’s what I remember loosely and couldn’t find it readily on google),

            Your Sun and Venus are parallel as well as conjunct natally. So very strong Gem energy there esp. adding in that they are in Gemini ruled 3rd house.

            They are also contra parallel Neptune and make an opposition natally. So very strong again.

            Your Moon and Uranus are contra parallel and in opposition natally. Very strong…

            Even though the 18 degrees declinations are five degrees away from 25 declination Sun (and 3-4 deg. the others), I would consider them as tying in at least as all so strong.

            Those are some mighty powerful placements. Again, no wonder you dream travel so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future you get even more and more lucid with out of body experiences even and have teachers guiding you in other dimensions.

            I’m very excited for you! Keep your notes and journals as others might need your knowledge one day in the fact that “there is more” and you can show them the way. The world sorely needs guides from this world to the others, opening doors for others to give hope that we are not stuck here!

            You are obviously very perceptive and intuitive. No doubt about it. I would look into those placements natally and then amp it up alot.


            Off to bed now and hope I dream! Miss Uranus and Neptune on my Moon. That was an extrodinary time and girl, you got alot of it naturally!

          • The Leo Moon was conjunct my Uranus in 3rd last night Gem. It wasn’t pleasant tho as I had a dream paralysis where one is awake inside but can’t move.

            To back of me I heard something negative making a guttural noise and felt it touching my back. I fought to shake myself out of it.

            So the Moon and Uranus opened the door in that manner for me, but just as important is that the Moon and Uranus were square the current Scorpy Venus-Mars on my Vertex. The Vertex is like a door way to other dimensions (as you and some may know), fateful encounters, etc. Alice McDermott (who I mentioned here), does alot with the Vertex and does Kim F.

            I feel suprisingly great today, however. Sometimes we release stuff and then encounter it, as a thoughtform, so that could be it also. Hard to tell sometimes if it’s our own stuff or an astral being.

          • Wow Sweetpea! I have never explored dreams before & I have thought in the past how deep they go but I just thought that everyone must have the same thing.
            I have been keeping a dream journal for a year now & write it in everyday. Sometimes I have over 4 pages (small notebook size) of details from the dream! I have so many dreams about planes, so it is funny to think I am astro travelling with the use of a plane… :lol:

            Last night I had a dream where I was in a dangerous situation & I watched myself in the whole picture from a distance. I had to complete an obstacle course & involved poisonous snakes. i had to cross the floor with about 20 of them wanting to get a bite at me. I was able to make it across by sliding across the floor right next to them & because I was sliding they didn’t know what I was & were more curious then hungry so I made it across safely. I was then given a prize… :lol: I don’t know what it was.

            I have had those paralysis dreams before & forced my self to wake up. They are often very dark & confusing but it amazing how they trip our survival instincts even in our sleep! Says a lot doesn’t it! 8O Maybe that is why you feel good, you’re body did a good job last night protecting you & reinforces the strength & confidence within yourself. :)

    • BG – hope yr thru yr asthma!!

      LOVE the star dream.

      If you have an iPad – get STAR WALK.
      is addictive.
      face iPad in ANY direction & it relays the constellations viz GPS with heaps of options to learn more about said star / group / sign etc.

      sunday night in we each had our iPads & were lost in the stars …… love it!!

      trusting the air flows freely BG xox

  21. Bless Snoopy too cute for words.

    Dunno, this scorping has had me thinking that there’ll never be any kind of sexual/love/lust action happening again. It’s a weird feeling, quite barren. And old loves shit, playing over and over even when it’s was processed ages ago. Part of the processing before moving truly on I guess.

    • Savannah, the past is a great teacher, huh?
      After every love affair i say ‘Never Again’, but we are
      programmed to mate, it’s just what we do!
      I’ll probably find the next true love in a geriatic rest home…lol.
      I had no idea wounds lasted so long or just that some deeper that
      Women without partners on some level or other, WANT to be solo.
      What is this thing called Love bewteen Man & Woman???
      Thank the Goddess, i party really hard in my dreams :-) They the dreams
      are so very busy, no wonder i’m tired in the mornings.

      • Lol Pegs you make me laugh :) & I love your hope & outlook lol. Yes it’s very much a transitory time.

        Come out of a long term relationship to find myself in my early 40’s and everything’s gone & changed on me, namely me. Ha!

        Temporary horizontal action is probably what’s needed here only if I didn’t know everyone on a professional level in this isolated town.

    • savannah, I couldn’t agree with you more…I was just about to write a post basically saying “worst. weekend. ever.” and as I was scrolling down about to do just that, I see your post so I might as well add my voice! And it is a big fat whinge, don’t feel you (anyone) have to reply to that…

      but you’re right – it IS a strange feeling – like, if nothing now, then fuqing when? never? do I have 2 heads? i refuse to paste a stupid pollyanna smile or sing a happy song when all i want to do is scream. I hate this. It’s like Love no longer exists, has never existed and I don’t mean familial love, friends, all that shit I mean big fat romantic he thinks I am Amazing, go and eat noodles and drink wine at 2am in a corner in Chinatown, get drunk at home then go out and get drunker, sex on the beach, random trips to the bush, small wonderful gifts, hours-long conversations under a blanket on the lounge on a rainy day, nothing.

      this new toro really pushes my buttons and he hasn’t even done anything. talk about old love shit. I don’t even know WHAT to process. Is this a lesson in never giving a shit about anyone because no one cares anyway? because that’s the only lesson I ever seem to be taught. :(

      • aww i know how you feel, especially when you said: “if nothing now, then fuqing when? never?”

        I haven’t had a ‘serious’ relationship in friggin 2 years!! I’ve had a few psychics say that there is someone for me, that it’s my time now but i have to wait a bit. Is 12 years not long enough! I can’t grow any more on my own. I’m tired and i give up.

        (((( Hugs )))) x

          • Oh yes, did one of those ‘no matter what I try to do it’s still crap so why the f am I bothering’ phases, trying to be all sell aware blahblah. Then kind of got to the point I realized all it was doing was making me feel crap, and tired and grumpy and negative about everything. Self flaggelation, not self aware.
            And mow a little moment if just not doing that anymore is making me realize just how shite I felt, and making me not want to be that more. So I am trying my best just to not worry about it, not imagine a personal slight everytime relating type situations don’t turn out the way I wanted. Maybethis approach ain’t gonna move situations along either, but at least I won’t feel shite in my stasis.
            Not sure how long it’ll last, but I feel way happier, and am getting some good work inspiration which makes me happier too. I can only hope the process of that

          • I phone typing in space thing there. I was waffling anyway. In summary, hugs my dears. I so know how you’re feeling. Sending a bit of melb sunshine your way

        • Oh, poor UP & Scorpy. You are gorgeous girls and ‘love’, sex, fun etc will find you for sure. I know it. I’m sorry it isn’t turning up exactly when and how you want it right now. Sometimes we don’t get what we want when we want it. That doesn’t mean we are not worthy of it. Sometimes ‘it’ doesn’t appear in a form that we want it to right now.

          What to do to get through? Accept situation. Show love & nurturing to self in new ways. Love what IS around you – this helps to bring your focus to what IS, rather than obsessing on what ISN’T. Count blessings. Get physical – run, walk, swim, DIY to release the tension. Get good sleep. I’m not being shallow and trite here. I think these are very profound things to change one’s focus and help to cope with dissatisfaction. Things will change. Life is changing every second. Try to stay in the present and show love in new ways.

          UP, no, I do not think that “this a lesson in never giving a shit about anyone because no one cares anyway”. You don’t really believe that do you? You are not a defetist by nature. You are just frustrated and disappointed at the lack of something. And it hurts. And maybe a little over-focussed on that something just at the moment? I understand the feeling.

          Final suggestions, just for you two: maybe don’t try to ‘grow'; don’t try to find the ‘lesson’ in this or analyse it to death. Just be for a while. How does the concept of control by letting go sound right now? Love to you both x x

          • As always, Nat’s version is way more profound. How you been lovely? I’ve been wondering where you been at too.

            Cool thing I saw once. Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want doesn’t mean they don’t love you the best way that the can


            (feeling all terms of endearment gushy today. Sunshine!)

          • scorpy, yeah babe.. true we sort of feel like well how long do i have to just be, go for long walks, “be happy in my heart”, let go, before we can mix things up and make it interesting again? There’s only so far we can go alone before someone else can push the growth and relationship understandings (and tantra, hehe) to a new level. But….like the lovely Shell said, i’m the only one making myself feel crap, why do this to myself? try not to worry about it, hee hee normally I am the one telling other people that, the irony ;)

            Nat, yes control by letting go, i remember you writing that and I actually noted it down cos I loved the idea…had forgotten..any more letting go and soon i’ll have to let go of everything. hmm lightbulb moment..change and challenge…I might meditate on what i need to let go of!!

            I was also doing some reading last night which set me back on a happier trail – back into my sense of self a bit more. In fact it was this: erinpavlina.com, her newsletter comes with a little e-book called 10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration in Under 10 Minutes [no connection with me, it’s just a nice site and interesting to check out] – simple stuff of course but I was in such a low place even just reading it made me realise it was easier than i thought to get back to a more positive and self-sufficient space..
            Wow talk about off track, I was on a high a few weeks ago. Time to sort my life out again. Maybe liken this phase to going off-road for a while, engage low-range 4wd, keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, relax, take in the raw nature, breathe the fresh air and watch for the low-hanging branches and deep muddy patches :D

            love you all xxx

          • I think we all go through phases of feeling this way. It’s what you do with them that counts. For me, it was a few months back. . . but then I took myself on a holiday to some of the most beautiful places in the country, in pursuit of music of course, and it healed me. Barely a weekend has passed when someone hasn’t tried to get my number or get me into bed. . . but I’m not available. I’m single, but not available, and I’m really loving myself, most of the time.

            I was single for 8 years, mostly by choice, but got sick of it, and jumped into a particularly ill-conceived relationship or 8. . . fast forward 5 years down the track, more time single than not, and now I really start to panic if someone wants me. . . like really panic. The man who changes my mind will have to be really special, and will probably end up cheating on me. . . but that doesn’t mean it’s all shite and not worth the trouble. We take something from every relationship we have, but it’s really important to cherish the time we have with ourselves. . . and apparently unattainability is entirely irresistible to the opposite sex.

      • I did the alone thing for awhile — brave Aries woman, competent and confident, everyone looking on and applauding my brilliant life without needing a man. And….I wanted a man. Couldn’t seem to find one for awhile. HATED IT. The intense dissatifaction created a desire to find the friggin’ answer of why so many are alone when not wanting to be. I found what works for me: seeing men gently, not as a potential relationship, but a person, and accepting and being grateful for all interactions. It is certainly a different way of doing things, but for me, it works. Too bad there’s no one answer to everything or we could all be happy all the time!

        I think working your dissatifaction is the important thing. There’s a reason your inner brilliance isn’t happy with the way things are, and it’s goading you to Go In a Different Direction. The answer is out there, it’s probably just packaged in a way present belief systems abhor. Hence the conflict between wanting and having. The oh, no, I couldn’t do THAT to have my desire. Well, THAT is probably exactly what you have to embrace.

        Just my Sunday morning full of coffee blather. Take it or leave it! I know life is complex. :)

        • AS I love coffee blather ! yes i was thinking that ok, maybe I should just be appreciating attractive guys in my circle as exactly that – I used to, I don’t know what changed? – and leave it there, let it be, without applying pressure to the situation, etc. I can leave people to their own devices, why not leave dynamics, interpersonal energies, to their own devices too? “leave well enough alone” let the universe just do its thing and stop prodding and fuqing with things. I know I wanted more men in my circle in general, like I used to have, so maybe this is it, just starting up. xx

  22. Man, these weekend has been nuts for everyone I know!

    Lots of drama. Family fighting. My sister is withdrawling from an opiate addiction she’d hidden from my family but got called out on after stealing from all of us and finally getting caught. Very intense.

    I’ve had the most beautiful, surreal dreams…spent much time in my room with machinegeist radio on working on art.

    Connecting with friends and strangers at very highly emotional levels. Super unlike aloof, Aquarian self.

    I feel like right now the world is collectively realizing at the little time left we have here and staring at the demons in the mirror or something.

  23. very busy all the time. when will this end so I can sleep or watch a movie and eat and drink tea..and make stuff at my leisure??
    Is it mars in my tenth? or Uranus in my fourth? oh well, it is all swell and so I am happy..

  24. My weekend is going beutifully. Saggo friend is being wonderful, kind of quiet weekend — Japanese stroll garden with chat, taking turns reading to each other, a little work out in garden. The sex seems to have a lot of deep introspective emo in it. Interesting that I’ve come to the decision that it’s OVER.

    Realized the every 8 yrs Venus thing produced an ending of a significant relationship. In the 90s was Toro ex break up, next 8 yrs yielded Cancer longtime bf end. Will I be busting up a karmic relationship every 8 yrs?? Hope not!

    Time to gently let this one go, being grateful for what it brought and taught me. I am now officially open to what’s next.

  25. No Venus action here, but Mars has just rocked the earth am standing on – a small size earthquake. Oh well, now my world is literally shaken, so far all happening was figurative.

  26. Have been having the strangest sex dreams lately. Power tools taking human form and jumping into bed with me. Forest creatures sweet-talking me in a bar. And last night I dreamed my psyche split into five or six different people, male and female, each then running off in search of the perfect lover and coming back with more power tools, woodland creatures, etc. Woke up thinking vaguely I should write down the details but was too weirded out to do anything but lie there.

    This sort of thing has been happening every night this week!

    • awesome!!!!!!! lovers as power tools, woodland creatures, multiple elements in your psyche helpfully searching for you… So what does a hammer drill look like in human form? *leer* ;) xx

  27. Snoopy, so innocent and worldy, so sweet and lazy. Libra huh? I vibed Pisces on this one.

    Didn’t have a tv growing up, we had comics:

    Asterix & Obelix
    Tin Tin
    Prince Valiant

    Lots of books too of course. Asterix was a big help in learning to read – though I didn’t get the subtleties till much later (a potion concocting Druid called…Getafix?).

    • :-) Know what you mean. My daughter is just getting into Snoopy, but here it’s Calvin and Hobbes all day, every day. ‘Splaining the vocabulary is tough sometimes, though. But hey! she’s getting some big words into her little brain!

  28. here’s a hope story for those seeking to be unfettered from long-term absence of love / love action :

    close girlfriend was in serious rut. early 40’s, personally sorted out, great girl. then share house of 10 years forcibly disassembled sparked mini-mid-age-meltdown centered around displacement & being single for 12 YEARS!!

    had heard her world had changed in a nano-sec & was excited for more deets.

    saw her friday & boy oh boy oh boy what a change love makes!!

    mates had asked her to the Icebergs for a stake (downstairs not the posh-nosh) & they’d bought a mate & bingo!! she & her guy utterly adore each other. he’s the real deal – a bloke, financially sorted, beach liver, suitably eccentric & born & bred legend in our local scene who also been partner-less for way long.

    she enthused – imagine if I didn’t go, almost didn’t opting to stick in her rut but spontaneously said yes to an ocean side steak & beer!!

    magic happens – have faith & believe!!
    put it on that list & make it happen ;-) xox

    • awww thats beautiful RLP. a relative has found L.O.V.E. at 37 with a much younger man, there is hope. I ain’t necessarily chasing marriage blah but u know, mutual chemistry, social misfit-ness, rebellion, creativity and intrigue always good to spice up summer lovin’ options ;) xox

      • 2 gfrnds – partners in known fashion label & both in 40’s. one just had 5 year wedding anniversary to 10 years younger husband who also has a label. prior to that she was single for eons. the other just became single after 17 years with her bloke. she’s fine with the decision & bought a classic Navy Blue Porsche to earmark her freedom & the fact she wont face school fees…… comfortable in her skin.

        life dont always turn out how you expect – but when significant things like new relations crystalize – as does the reason the other things didnt ‘work’ becomes suddenly apparent!!

        self belief ppls.
        even when you don’t have it be bolstered by those who do.
        like breeding like et al ;-) xox

    • fabulous… yes i needed to hear that story!!! im close behind your friend in number of years of singledom… really had to think about what “beach liver” was… thought it might have been some local rheto for something like “having gall”.. heheeehheee…

      • hilair PG re ‘having gall’ – typo central at this end (had Hammer Drill in one hand / iPad in the other….) – somewhat Freudian beach LOVER is also one whom LIVES (i.e a liver) on the beach

        seriously – our friend is SO justifiably floating inches above ground …..

        not one person in her realm entertains anything other than happily ever after – YAY!!

  29. That is FANTASTIC RLP for all your friends. I love it when people find love! One of the happiest things I’ve read all weekend! :) :D

    I also received a Cosmic Consult from Mystic. If you haven’t already guys – invest!

    Love n hugs to all.

  30. Scorped?????

    Sex/relationship scenario sorted nicely – ie lovely couply w/e at coast confirming that everything I needed was, as they say, ‘right under my nose’. So that was way less spectacular than expected…

    $$$$ on the other hand!!!! Lurking urges to make more moolah – and lets face it, this has been an underlying drive of mine for some time now despite outward appearances – mushrooming dramatically into my life over the past 3 days. Sudden realisation re my current job reality (which is hard but prestigious) that I have been deliberately making things hard and that this is a MAJOR habit! Spotted job opportunity which could bring more $$/make life easier – applications due Thursday. Sat down to type application and burst into tears, feeling utterly mortified and conflicted.

    My $ compass is like the one on Pirates of the Carribean where CPn Jack Sparrow can’t find his bearings, because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT.

    Why am I so addicted to punishment??? AAARGH!. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth underway. I need to get over it or act dagnammit.

  31. so good to read all these blogs, thought i was going mental- havent been astro sleuthing lately and completely felt like someone pulled the rug, yikes….got a budding bun in the oven and thought, wow could it be the hormones…….LOL i have two little ones under 5 and i think i out tantrummed them…how embarrassing!

  32. …and bigger realization, how much i love my friends and how a square can become a diamond xx