Finally: A Firebending Saggo Moon

Keith Weesner

As posted here,  there ain’t much Fire around at the mo.

Well, there is actually none.

So some of us peeps addicted to a constant flow of zippy, Fire-sign hi-Qi morale, ego and oomph may have been a bit low.

Obviously, once Jupiter and then Uranus get back into Aries next year, there will be plenty of Fire.

But for today (and tomorrow) may i present the Sagittarius Moon: rad candour, go-go and get out of your own way already.

The Hot and the Restless.  Have fun with it.

23 thoughts on “Finally: A Firebending Saggo Moon

  1. First piece of music I heard this morning was the ‘Jupiter’ theme by old Gustav, knew that something was up …

  2. Feels like small low embers burning slowly, making its’ way to a firebending fire.

    And how to control/master the fire when it comes back is key.

  3. V interesting Mystic about the shape up shoes. My mother is in london and she got a pair, asked me if i wanted some. Had a look at them and thought I mean as if, this is just another info comersial about those ab workout machines or whatever I mean do they really work??..You have to slog it out at the gym the old fashion way..

  4. Dear Mystic,
    Kayne is in Sydney for one night only – tonight, to promote his newly produced flick and soundtrack .. hoping you know someone who can get your bum on a seat !!
    Fav Saggie Barista very happy to hear the moon in Sagg, and i was very happy to be able to pass on the news on your behalf !
    Happy Monday !

    • “The film chronicles West’s fictitious relationship with a girl who becomes a phoenix from outer space” – after some quick google stalkery .

  5. Well the weather in BrisVegas is miserable and windy and wet – not sure even a Saggo moon is going to perk me up!

    • I hear you postmod and there’s heaps more on the way apparently. I am putting off removalist until Friday as it’s too soggy to move house for this pussycat! Still I think it preferable to this time last year with those disgusting dust storms and water restrictions. Bring on the fire energy.

  6. I am sorry but where are shape up shoes mentioned?

    This Moon feels fantastic.

    Nothing can phase me.

    • The shape up shoes are mentioned in one of MM’s tweets on Twitter. She says they are on the OUT list.

      • thank you!

        AND Oh how much do i fuqing want to be that chick in the flying car right now, naked (?) and zooming through my city skyline to get to an exciting meeting. Or maybe she is “working.” It must be warm on uranus or wherever she is

        • I was about to comment how much I wanted the car but yes lets just get the whole package. lol, no she looks like she’s had it, got bored after less than impressive man saga, had a bottle of something good, hopped in the car nude and is just zooming so she can feel something x

  7. This morning I felt so much better than I did over the weekend, eating too much chocolate and fretting about men. It’s almost as if Venus Retro never happened.

    Bring on the fire energy!! I’m more than ready.

    Leo sun/Aries rising


    Finally the vibe lightened the fuq up and all torrid Ex-resentment was given the flick whilst I had lunch with my fabbo Saggy friend. The sun was shining and it was all just terribly lovely.

    Thank you day.

  9. Hooray for beautiful Sagg-ie moon. But weird Venus-retro action: had two emails this morning (unconnected from each other) from two men who had gone awol from my cyber life before they could amount to anything i.r.l. but still had potential – weird that they should both be getting in touch this morning (or, I guess, it was overnight) to get things going again between us. Too weird for words after absences of weeks. Anyway, bring it on! Bring them all on – I have loads of pent-up, going-nowhere mojo energy (probs due to venus and mars in scorp…).

    They can wait until tomorrow for an answer ;)

    (plus, sagg moon = travel plans intensifying, broadening and becoming much more bold)

  10. Saggo Moon yesterday (and my girl’s Moons) were bang on my Saggo Jupiter.

    Had a fun Libran gdaugther birthday weekend.

    Later, talk turned to more philosophical/religious/spiritual subjects esp. with one daughter’s boyfriend, a Gemini. His Saggo Jupiter conjunct my Jupiter and the girl’s Moons.

    Nobody got haugthy and tried to kill each other. One thing I love of high Sagg is that it can be very open minded. Today Saggo Moon trine my Sun and Mercury.