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So now we are getting into the spooky bit of the Venus Retrograde.  In between bouts of Mars-merde temper tantrums and Neptunian fantasizing, there is romantic fate at play and the strangest insights & pattern recognition re your entire love life to date.

It’s too easy to succumb to love paranoia or lower-Scorp style stalkery compulsive crap.  Harder – but obviously more rewarding – to rise above and gaze fearlessly at whatever you’re uncovering.

Some d.i.y. astro:  Look at your natal Venus and see which planet she is in closest aspect to.  That is your love philosophy. It’s a good thing to ponder when Venus is retro like this. And in Scorpio, the sign of self-knowing.

Do it by the numbers.

Say your Venus is at 10 Libra and your Saturn is 11 Gemini. Then those two are in aspect, just a few degrees apart. Never mind WHAT sort of aspect. Just do the numbers. SO this is Venus-Saturn in aspect so your love philosophy is Saturnine: you value commitment, stability and endurance over time. There needs to be a structure for you to feel comfortable loving.

Venus-Jupiter: you’re not exactly a barfly but y0u love the fine surge of regard and hi-qi when you swoosh into a party, there is a fully laden buffet table, champagne corks popping, you looking amazing, fresh and fun prospects. This is the party Venus. You’d flirt with the mortician on your deathbed.

Venus-Uranus: You follow a set of dating and relationship rules invented off-planet and in another dimension to this one. You can morph from cheerful chastity to hell-bent polygamy within a week. So far as love is concerned, you live for electrifying sexual chemistry that jolts your mind into fabulous neuro-plasticity.

You get the idea…yes?

And for instance, it’s worth thinking about in terms of your relationships, regardless of compatibility as such.

For example: Say you are a Venus-Saturn person who shows love via being there, showing up, being as present for the bad bits as for the good, remembering birthdays, putting up with in-laws and respecting phobias.  But you’re with a Venus-Pluto person who measures love by how deep it goes, the heat of the sex, how much satisfyingly gunky psychological pay-dirt can be mined in a single encounter, the emo-intensity of a love triangle, non-stop transformation etc. Neither is bad but they’re different philosophies.

Of course, you could have Venus aspecting Saturn and Pluto – that’s where the fun begins. But for the purpose of this exercise, define your love philosophy as the CLOSEST aspect made to your Venus.

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    • I have a party/flirty Venus in 1st- what would that mean? I wonder?!
      I like the secret party concept sounds even more appealing to my Scorpio Rising side.

    • I have the party Venus too. Venus is biQuintile (144 degrees) exactly with Jupiter. Venus in Libra in the 11th (house of groups and friends) and Jupiter in Taurus (sign of the good life, wining and dining.) But I am not really a party animal at all! I do enjoy parties, once I am there, but the thought of going to them usually makes me anxious.

      Another funny thing is that when I look at asteroid placements, my Venus is sandwiched between Hekate and Persephone– Venus at 15 Libra, Hekate (and Eva) at 13 Libra and Persephone at 17 Libra. I don’t know what to make of that. Thoughts?

      • Hekate and Persephone? That sounds like powerful dark aka seductive female presence and power.
        I love the archetype and story of Persephone the Queen of the Underworld.

        I have a lot of planets in my 11th House in Virgo and being in social situations unless I am doing something makes me nervous. I am used to bar tending or working or event planning but I do not feel 100% at ease just attending a concert or party otherwise.

        I wonder if this is a 11th House affliction?

        • “A powerful dark aka seductive female presence and power” Ahhh . . . I wish! My presence is more like ” pleasant woolly sheep, who just woke up from a nice nap.”

          I don’t know about 11th house afflictions. I have read that Jupiter “rejoices” in the 11th house and that its co-significator is the Sun. Do you have those two in your 11th Virgo?

  1. Ok So number wise – Venus Libra 2 Chiron aries 3. or Uranus libra 5. I guess it would be the libra chiron thing, mmmm.

    Well since I am in a sleep deprived haze today, and had no dream memory, today evrything seems like a dream. Symbolism on the relationship front – mr and mrs duck are regular visitors – a few times a day ALWAYS together a few steps apart – but noooo not today mrs duck has been here twice already BY HERSELF, that has never happened before. And no she does not appear to be vibiing Liberated.. more lost and glum. No that is not like me, I quite like being solo mmm. God I need something stronger than caffeine – Mystic what would be the equivalent of Blue devil for this spaced out fuzzy line between the world vibe? Please send me a triple!!

    • Not sure if I got that right, no one use mine as an example. Will re read everyones later when my eyes are not so blurry, fun though!

  2. Er…Venus and Mars in adjacent houses, with Neptune close on Mars’s heels.

    Does that mean I should read those John Gray books?

  3. I have 26 Venus in Gemini &….. closet aspect to that is Uranus at 22 degrees… 8O

    “Venus-Uranus: You follow a set of dating and relationship rules invented off-planet and in another dimension to this one. You can morph from cheerful chastity to hell-bent polygamy within a week. So far as love is concerned, you live for electrifying sexual chemistry that jolts your mind into fabulous neuro-plasticity.”

    8O *coughs*

    • I too have Venus-Uranus as my closest aspect, a square. Venus makes a wide trine to Saturn but no wonder I have flip flopped and wanted my freedom but some stability too!

      Typical Aries wanting their cake and eat it too? :)

        • haha, I didn’t get Lex at first until I re-read the spelling!

          Yes, I would say we might start in the closet….clothes wise!!

          • 8-) Here we go!! Let’s nag MM for deets on finding the “closet aspect”!!

            Everyone OUT!

    • in gemini too!! we are known for our fickleness on things of morality, whatever, gemini is so flexible, adaptable, mutable, think chameleon, of course we could do all that

    • i think im the same baristagem… embaressing to admit… i know… but im afraid in my case its true… venus 18 degrees gem to uranus 19.20degrees in libra

    • I think all of us Venus-Uranus types here are experiencing a sudden awakening! On top of it, I’ve got Venus in Sagg in the 8th house so being the freedom loving sign in the house of intense transformation…well, you get the picture.

      • yes i have venus in gem in the 8th house too…so maybe this venus in scorp retro, processing this information that is coming out of this finding ie venus/uranus thing is really apt for us… major realisations for me, leading to acceptance of my unusual venusian self….

  4. Help. I’m appallingly bad at this..I think my Venus is in aspect to my Mercury oh that slippery creature.. anyone care to please explain the math to me? Shocking I know.

    My Venus in 11 Leo, aspecting (I think) Mercury in 10 Gemini, Mars in 10 Cancer and my Sun in 10 Cancer as well. I’m confused?

    • I’m also Venus (in Aqua) in aspect to/with Mercury (in Pisces)

      Is my love philosophy all talk and high-concept?

    • Yep, F.A, the Mercury sextile is the strongest link there, but the Mars and Sun in consecutive signs also count.
      Venus-Mercury… Makes love with their Brains, flirts with their smarts, chatters during sex…??

      • Who moi? Chatter? tee hee.. I’ll save my comments for the sheets!

        Thanks guys, so much of this is true. I actually need exchange with a lover and a mental connection, plus huge foreplay if that all happens in a happy convergence. What Mystic said about Venus being near Mars is also true, if I don’t physically turn on at first meet, it really doesn’t happen – and this is more limbic than contrived so I’ve tried to over-ride it with reason to no avail.

        Double Libran has Merc in Scorp and it truly sometimes sh*ts me. :)

    • FA, Venus is in equal orb degree to Merc, Mars and Sun.

      How you would go about integrating them all, is perhaps how your Leonian love style/magnetization goes about expressing that through your Cancerian Sun and Mars.

      I would say a delightfully haute sexy outfit in the kitchen making those scruptuous meals of yours, and chatting it up ever so witty like meanwhile?

      How could anyone resist? :) x

      • Yes, even tho MM says don’t be concerned of what kind of aspect, agree with Lex that the sextile is the most in tune.

  5. Little confused myself…How many degrees apart? 2? 3? And am I looking at my natal venus or where venus is now?

    • Yep, Natal Venus NewStar, and yes, you want any planet which is around about the same number of degrees, regardless of sign… I’d say maximum five degrees difference is the rule…

    • You’re looking at how Venus hits planets in your natal, doll. And, what planet Venus makes the closest (tightest) aspect with no matter the orb/degree. The closer the better, of course.

          • Oh my gosh we certainly are! Just used “in tune” for FA’s post before I’d even read yours!

            It means I love you! ;) And that I’d hope that it would be reciprocated….lol

            It would mean that my Gem rising physical stuff/style would be attractive to your Venus idea/style in women (if you were a man of course!)

            Even so, as both women, we might like each other’s styles and steal/borrow clothes from each other. I’m starting with your bike!!


          • As a matter of fact, on the other hand, I always tell a Gem patient how adorable she looks…Always stylish to me…She and HER Aqua man, only want me to massage them!

  6. My Venus makes very tight aspects to Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. All between 19 and 22 degrees in their signs. My interp…?

    Totally worlds-colliding fate-obsessed romantic, drawn to the mysterious types and the high drama dreamscape of it all, soul-mate in a matter of minutes and on a regular basis, but just fucking try and house me in a picket-fence jail, talk to me about your expectations or assume that YOU will ever ever be ENOUGH for me and I’ll be gone for dust…

    Sounds about right.

    • o you and I both Lexicorn!

      Venus Aries 20/Neptune 19/Uranus 18
      (and to add crazyness Mars Aries 25)

      these days it’s soulmates or no bedmates –
      a week ago I met a ‘sametribe’ man –
      we are making music together – I am hardly sleeping
      for my brain going ‘WTF WTF WTF?’ – really just want to
      pick up the phone and ask that very question – hoping
      that there won’t be a horrid confused silence for an answer.

      • Aaah Venus in Scorp action this way comes.
        That sounds quite exciting apart from the WTF moments, but even they are nice to get once in a while…
        Perhaps that phone call ought to wait til Venus out of Rx however?? I’m sure MMs scopes will be providing some wise counsel there…

        • lol – I didn’t ask directly, but hung out with him for hrs last night – a bit more chilled out now – time will reveal all … but soo unexpected this … because am so recently out of last relationship, and he too.

  7. “Rise above and gaze fearlessly…”

    Mystic, I have just inscribed that into my arm. I love it. It encompasses everything I need to do to be the person I want to be. “… gaze fearlessly…” And boy to I need to do that at the mo.

    Cap Venus 14 deg 4th house, opposite Saturn 15 deg Cancer 10th house.

    Am spending nights quietly fantasising about boy I adore (who I just discovered is a Pisces Sun, Merc, Venus – damn, I’ve succumbed to stalking. Got access to info I’m not supposed to use for my personal gains. Ooooops). Nothing’s happened between Mr Pisces et moi. He’s currently on the other side of the world but is returning in Dec. I rarely see Mr Pisces but oh the chemistry. You can’t ignore that. I think he has a Scorp Mars.

    May I vent? Sorry to hijack the blog but I’m a streeeesed princess.

    In my real life away from fantasy boys, Mars has hit the fan – big time – in the form of my sister-in-law (Sagg) threatening to kick me out of my home (she and my bro own it but live in the US). I’m the perfect tenant, perfect dutiful sister, Libra rising kataka moon, recently left by Sagg Ex so having to handle full rent by myself. I’m actually housesitting but have had to pay rent for 7 years. So wrong. I say this to them and ask for a break on rent (at least a discount) ’til the end of the year. I get threatened. I try negotiating, I get told I’m an ungrateful spoilt brat. Parents get involved. Never mix family and business. SUCH a total mess and relationships are being destroyed hither and thither… I hate family shyte. HATE it.

    And my Saggo Ex calls to say he’s fully in my corner, offering to intervene to defend me – and today, my Bitchy McGossip Scorp mother steps up to say she’s intervening with negotiations and supporting my logic. What?? Still awaiting outcome. Stomach in knots. My home, my nest, is being threatened by irrationality. My Cap Sun and Kataka moon are screaming. And there’s a (6th house) full moon still to come? ahhhhhh!!!!!

    • Wow, sounds like they are the ungratefuls… As they are so far away, to hell with them, no? Even tho someone may get evicted here in U.S., it can take months to actually get someone out. But I hear you, how ridiculous.

      • Yeah, was going to leave but I have animals here and am well settled. But that whole “a while ago” thing is the ridiculous part – I thought it was all done and dusted and everything was going to be fine but noooooo.

  8. Venus 0 degrees Libra – closest to Moon at 4 Libra. My emotions wrapped up in relationships . . . to the nth degree. My son has Venus-Jupiter conjunction – in Sag no less – and with his Leo Moon, indeed he swooshes into the party; it’s fun to see his friends flock around him, although sometimes his head swells up so much it hardly fits into the room. Mystic, you’re interpreting the Venus-Saturn conjunction in haute fashion, which is good, but I have known low Venus/Saturn, which manifests as extreme fear of love and attachment.

  9. Saturn is with Venus in my second house but they appear to be worlds apart. Venus 4 Capricorn in the 2nd house, Saturn 13 Sagittarius in the 2nd.
    However (don’t know if this counts) I have what I believe is a sextile from my Venus to Mars at 1 Scorpio in the 12th house conjoined with Neptune at 2 Scorpio in the 12th.

    Mystic… omg.. you are not kidding with the “strangest insights & pattern recognition re your entire love life to date.” … It is non stop. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. I think every single relationship I’ve had to date has been brought to my attention for review.

    I’m almost speechless.
    I’m just allowing whatever it is to just be, but you’re right, it is a bit spooky…. and I don’t spook.


  10. Venus at 23 degrees in Aquarius, closest to Mars in Scorpio at 24 degrees. Um. I’m pretty bad at this kind of interpretation … anyone have any ideas??

    I guess maybe my love philosophy revolves around trying to resolve the tension between Aqua freedom and Scorp intensity … a kind of intense desire for freedom with undertones of Scorpionic lust underneath. Makes me sound a little bit (ok, maybe a lot) crazy … but then there’s Chiron in Taurus at 28 degrees adding a little bit of earthiness. Maybe.

    • Your philosophy is Venus-Mars which means you like to mate. Remember for this exercise, we’re not looking at aspects or even signs…just the planet in tightest aspect to your Venus.

      So whatever “number” your Venus find the one closest. eg; your Venus at 5 of anything. Find something else at 5. Or 6. Or 4.

      Venus-Mars is old-school sexy, pretty straightforward about sex, attraction and love at the end of the day. When the attraction fades, venus-mars peeps move on effortlessly. They fall in love phsycially first or it does not exist.

      • Ah *lightbulb goes off* … thanks MM! And, as ever, scarily, amazingly accurate – to the point I’m kinda blown away and can see the very definite patterns emerging. x

    • also Mars – Venus 15 Leo / Mars 5 Leo in the 5th.

      any interps welcomed??

      slugged with head flu ATM & battling on thru vice head & blocked ears / nose / brain ….. heater & uggs here at surf side central when this time of year’s more bikinis & beach time….. :(

  11. Venus Cancer 4 degrees 18 closest to Neptune in Sag at 3 degrees 57.

    So VERY idealistic in love, yes? Perhaps even a bit delusional?

    Or is it more that I want that spiritual connection. Cuz that’s all true. I started out believing in soulmates, love at first site, the whole 9 yards. Got slapped in the face by reality a bunch of times since, but I still believe in/want that idealized version of love!

    • Have Venus opposite Neptune 8 degrees apart. Not my closest Venus aspect but I can concur with what you say, esp. when someone’s Vertex-Neptune was only two degrees opposite my Venus.

      What a spiritual, bloody mess. lol…

  12. Venus conj Mars in the 5th house :shock: But out of sign, Gem Venus 29.59 to Kataka Mars 3. Venus/Mars trined by Saturn 3 Pisces conj Asc. hmmm…

    • Oh and Venus conjunct NN too – Mystic: “follow thy loins to manifest your destiny” Like :-)

  13. Venus in Aries in the 8th house trine Moon in Leo in the 12th, 1 degree 24′ orb. Mm…a dramatic, yet secret, intense and spontaneous love that makes me feel warm all over.

    • Im sim michelle in venus /moon aspect. V in lkataka and moon in scopio. That can’t be good whichever way you look at it ???

  14. Pluto 29 LIb is the only planet that aspects my Venus 25 Can. lone wolf

    Venus square Pluto
    Sick of drama in my relationships, darkness, secrets, love triangles, obsessions. I am trying to run away from this intensity I really cant handle it. It is rather exhausting. Trying to do light and fluffy.

    • Oh Sass, I remember when I’d met this terribly compelling Scorp. I’d wanted him BAAAAD…If I had not broken up with Pisces, my psychic lady had said that Pisces would have had some stiff competition. Was too late though and I wasn’t interested in all that, as you say, “drama” again as it was.

      Meanwhile, saw Scorpy’s Pluto square Venus and as he told me there was another, knew it would end up a heart break love triangle. To acquiesce would have given him the “it’s okay”, and how could I ever complain that it was not “okay”, later? Was still raw from the Pisces besides. Just couldn’t go there but I had wanted to! Felt the vortex calling me and starting to suck me under…”Steady now girl, steady”. My will was tested for sure.

      Yes, pretend you have a Venus in Gem, Aries or Sagg… some such to get you along.


      • And p.s., my Venus in Taurus ain’t exactly light and fluffy either. Don’t think we can help but be who we are, perhaps just better with lessons learned?


        • Yeah, learn to channel in a diff way maybe..accept it and embrace the delving. Just want to get away from that. But i do know if things go awry with friends and lovers I am cast as the witch always. well fuq them…..Venus in toro can get a bit fixed and possessive, but very calm and stable affect on you..God bless your Venus Sweetie xx

          Glad you turned down the scorpy, not worth it drama drama drama…

          • Humph, sounds like peeps (friends/lovers) who don’t take responsibility for their participation in things?

            With Pluto, perhaps you become their shadow as we often don’t want to take responsibility for that!

            What I was grateful to the Scorp for, was that at least he was honest and I was then able to make a choice. SO fuquing unusual…And his downfall…hehe…(but thank God!!)

          • “But i do know if things go awry with friends and lovers I am cast as the witch always.”
            Yesss! I have Venus/Pluto as the closest, Venus@25 & Pluto@26.
            Am so tired of their projections……well, at least we’re sexy. You know I draw to me Venus/Pluto men as well, I really like delving into them, it’s mutual. Just embrace it and go with it.

  15. Crap. I feel dumb. I don’t really understand the directions. We pick planets closest to Venus first? Then try to match the degrees?…even if they form no aspect?

    I have Venus in Virgo 5 degrees
    but i have Mars in Libra 5 degrees
    –they make no aspect to each other but it’s the closest one that has the same degrees.

    The closest planet is actually Pluto in Libra but it’s 1 degree
    so does that actually trump Mars? Neither pluto nor mars makes a strong aspect to venus though.

    But if we are looking at planets that are closest AND make an aspect, that would be a sextile with Mercury in Scorpio at 1 degree

    or trine with Jup in Cap at 1 degree.

    • Your Venus and Mars there make a perfect semi-sextile, that’s one of those odd minor aspects that aren’t often explored, but I don’t think you should discount it. Any thoughts on semi-sextiles peeps?? Sweetpea always has an excellent analogy for the more obscure aspects… Sweets?

      BUT, Fox, do have a bit of a think about your Venus-Mercury sextile, Mercury-Jupiter sextile, Jupiter-Venus trine however, as it is quite a nice little threeway love-triangle they have going – feeding off and into each other…

      • oh you are right, there is a semi-sextile there. I didn’t see that before. But i wonder if semi-sextile even counts. Thanks for pointing that one out to me! I am so dense tonight. :p

  16. Hmmmm. I have Venus in Virgo at 22 degrees. The closest is lilith at 20, next is my sun at 19, then my moon at 14. Next is pluto in 12 degrees and the rest just go down from there. So my venus is like, not in aspect with anything?

    • U are a venus lilith person…WOW…Dark? Femme Fatale? LIke to go on top? See mythological and ancient resonance in every orgasm?

      These are just ideas i am chucking around u understand. I am just diving in at random here.

      BUT, for instance, i suggested a few things for Pisceannn above with the venus mars and there are at least three other peeps here who’ve id-ed as venus-mars so they can read wot i said for her as well.

      • My Lilith 15 degrees and Venus 14…..~Then~ they square Uranus, 12.

        The independent thing can be huge and I know men have been taken aback by that. Often wondered how I could be in a relationship and moi at the same time. Think I’ve reconciled some of that now but hopefully never completely, after all, didn’t someone once say “I belong to me”.

    • I’ve Venus Lilith too if we are counting asteroids.
      Otherwise it is surprise surprise – Venus Saturn (with Venus Merc only a few minutes off).
      unfortunately a venus/saturn/merc combo resonates more i think.

      • well yes if we counting asteroids then Sappho is 24 Venus 25. I certainly had few lady relations in my teens, dont tend to go to the same anymore. anyone else have Sappho close?

    • Fun! I have something similar as well, and such a shining light moment

      Venus 22 Libra squares my Moon at 23 Cancer
      BUT the Moon is conjunct Lillith at 25 Cancer (incidentally also squaring Venus)

      That’s a fun combination!

      I want balance and fairness in my relationships – true
      I hide my emotions and sexuality behind a strong wall, unless I trust you – also true.
      Many men I’ve met seem strangely (to me) attracted to me, and I am often very clueless about this.

      BUT it absolutely explains the multitude of horrid emotionally jagging sitautions/relationships in which partners have accused me of being cold and sexually broken, because they’re wanting this femme fatale (I’ve got Leo Rising as well) and I’m psychologically yelling at them “well come in here and get me out!” The relationships I’ve had where there’s been deep trust, absolutely a lillith-ish type.

      Thankfully current bf has a Cancer Moon as well, so that’s actually working out quite well in terms of trust and understanding.

      Cheers Mystic, this has been quite insightful

  17. Venus at 4 degrees conjunct Merc at 5 degrees (in Sagg). All talk no action? Sounds about right….

    But as I mentioned on the Pluto post, I have a whole whack of planets at the 4-6 degree point….. Intensity plus.

    But I very much need to be engaged with someone mentally, I need to be attracted to their mind, and what comes out of their mouth!

  18. Hhmm… so I have Venus in Scorpio at 26 degrees with the closest being the Moon sextiling in Capricorn at 25. I have no idea what this means btw.

  19. OK, I don’t get it. My Venus aspects to other planets are all minor, like septiles, semi-septile, semisquares, and a sesquiquadrate. Which one of those is the most major aspect? I have no idea.
    I do have Venus nearly midheaven so that might be the most direct aspect, of a sort. I have Mars and Venus both in the 9th house, but not in the same sign.

    • The closest. So what number/degree your Venus…?

      Find same number or near to it

      But just to be glib – if Venus/Midheaven your closest, you are a star-fuqer? Sleep your way to the top much?

      • Hmm.. never slept my way to the top of anything. But it seems like a good idea, if only the opportunity occurred.. ha.

        I have Venus at 14 Aries and Mars at 15 Pisces, so that’s probably the closest (semi-sextile). Mars is closest, except for Mercury at 1 Taurus, which is a quatturovigintile (I had to look that up, never heard of it before) and I’m not sure that’s really even an aspect.

        But if you’re talking closest like orb, the closest is my Venus Pluto sesquiquadrate, which is within a 0.2 orb.

  20. Venus-Mars Conjunction in the 5th in Virgo? Any help interpreting would be appreciated, am I mean’t to have a sporty/creative love?

    • Leonic, it sounds like playfulness in love, you enjoy the courting process, but maybe not the full-on marriage. It can be a little on the twisted side, but not overboard.

  21. can anyone remind me which chart to look at on astrodienst for this info… I have a venus in a stellium in the 8th house in gemini… venus 18degrees, mercury 14degrees, saturn 21 degrees, sun 5 degrees…. i think it would have to be venus-merc hey… okay now im suspecting its venus-uranus ven 18d gem – uranus 19.20 libra…. both would make sense whether it be uranus or mercury but then hold on the wounded healer chiron makes another close aspect at 19.31degrees in aries…. well if its any help im sure ive been a bit of a wounded nightmare in all things venusian…. hence the secular homebound nunhood ive been in for a long while, but this venus retro has me reflecting and healing majorly now!! My dream the night before last was me going for sexual healing treatments with some sacred sexuality healers that I know, some that I didnt know… but that was a bit of a sign i reckon.

    • if you go to daily scopes on and scroll down to the bottom of your daily (assuming you have entered your birth data), there is a link to your natal chart with transits, and a chart on the lhs with all your degrees, and below that, your aspects.

      • thanks virgolicious…. i just went to and looked at my chart, but i do want to go to the one with the aspects so thanks for the reminder!

  22. Hrmm…

    I think mine is Venus in Sag at 24 degrees and the closest is Chiron at 27 degrees. Does that sound right? I know very little about Chiron… Will google!

    • Perhaps ‘Love heals all’ sorta shite with Chiron in close company? I also have Venus at 24 Sagg but Saturn rained on my parade!

  23. My venus is 20 degrees in Gem… I also have Mercury at 20 degrees in Aries and Saturn at 20 in Virgo.

    So: I may or may not be interested in you. However, I do really, really like it when you talk… but I can talk more and better and FOR GODSAKE DO NOT PUT THAT THERE.

    I am _totally_ going to die alone.

      • No u right first time…

        Venus-Mercury likes eloquence AND you’re Venus-Saturn so you want an official relationship…U need, like, a senator who likes to be talkative in bed.

        we all die alone & at least your Venus is well clear of the zap zone lol

        • I love a man with a good voice.
          True fact.
          The last one was a radio announcer with this gorgeous little slight lisp. Amazing.
          Maybe I get a little too distract by the voice and it take me a little while to work out they are talking bollocks;)


    Each week waiting for that email – ók learner peeps this week your assignment is….”
    Followed by gasps giggles and a few what the… around the world.

  25. Pluto literally ON Venus. In Scorpio. In the 8th house. No wonder all the guys I meet seem shallow…

  26. Well, this explains it! My Venus is 11 Libra… closest aspects are Neptune at 11 Sag and Pluto at 10 Libra.

    Perhaps why I am enjoying this Venus Retograde so much – the re-appearance from a mega mind/spirit/heart-connection crush from years ago. He’s o/s and we have been communicating via hours of frantic Skype chat everyday since the 8th October. Aaargh – it’s like a drug. I can’t get enough. Small problem that I’m married to Mr Aqua with whom there is a distinct lack of said connection. Hmmm.

  27. Philosophy of venus?

    my neptune is on top of venus in sagittarius, but venus also exact sextile to pluto and semi-sextile uranus and venus opposite asc. But. conjunction wins so its venus -neptune with a plutonian feel

    soul mating

  28. Does anyone know much about Chiron – it has to do with healing wounds? Perhaps Venus-Chiron = I may use love relationships as a way to heal myself?

    • Hi Capqua,
      I too have Chiron 1 degee away from Venus on one side, and la Luna 5 degrees away on the other side … and am lost on this !

        • In a composite I had with someone, NN and Pluto opposite Chiron ended up very healing and transformative.

          NN-Pluto, heavy soul stirring stuff. Add Chiron in and shazam…healing on Soul stuff level. Some things are just meant to change us, forever.

    • god aren’t all your planets retro as well? is that you? What sign are they in? profound

      • Yep whatevs. All my outer planets(saturn,jupe,pluto,neptune) are retro. Venus and stuff is direct.

        Vennis is in Taurus in7th. I must be some type of astrology classic study. Had this lady in England do my char, and of course lovlely Mystic,she said because the planets are so tight togetherr when a lunation happens most of my chart becomes activated. Don’t want to talk about the recent Pluto fuqery.

        • venus in toro in the 7th seems like the upside tho – in her own house but in the other sign she rules. Grounded.

  29. So strictly by the numbers, then my Venus at 0 degree Leo is in tightest aspects to:
    Libra Psyche at 0 degree,
    Kataka Jupiter at 1 degree, Gem Mars at 28 degrees,
    Libra Pallas at 3 degrees.
    What orb are we using here folks? (Next is Virgo sun at 5 degrees, Taurus Chiron at 5 degrees and Scorp Uranus at 8 degrees.)

    Ehhh…so the Queen Bee Venus sextile the Libra Psyche, semi-sextile Jupiter-Mars conjunction. I like love that gives me space and adores going in-depth (since the Jupes-Mars combo is in 8th house)…? That’s the best I can come up with! :lol:

    In another website app the natal Venus sextile Mars and Jupiter = warm nature, and the attraction needs to be social and intellectual, so not just physical, which rings true for me.

  30. I have Venus in the 7th trine Uranus. This is also my closest trine (2 degrees), which MM says is v.important. Apparently this means, among other things, that I am never faithful. Hmmm. *drums fingers on table*

    • Really?! It actually said somewhere that having that aspect = never being faithful? I thought it meant the unusual more than being unfaithful. How have you experienced it anyway?
      I found another interp, though mind you that it’s an interp that stands alone, so a bit cookbook-ish, but hey, it’s astro-lesson of the day:
      “Venus Trine Uranus
      The trine formed between Venus and Uranus shows that you are a person who enjoys life. Your pursuit of happiness makes you appear a little out of the ordinary to some. You gather eccentric and out of the ordinary friends about you, and gain though the connection with such people. You have a broad viewpoint being more humane than personal. A strong social consciousness is shown by this placement. Your well developed sense of harmony and appreciation of beauty may be expressed through the arts. This aspect produces an intuitive ability in financial matters.”

      • That’s what one website says. Astro?? can’t remember. Well, I was thinking about it after Mystic posted her Closest Trine post and realised I have interestingly experienced it as being able to almost effortlessly attract Aquarians. Literally everyone I have ever been involved with has either been Aqua or had Aqua strong in their chart and I have had quite a few profess their undying love. Also have a LOT of Aqua friends.
        I don’t think, in all honesty, that I am particularly creative or clever re finances.
        Is a bit suckful as having said Venus and my Moon in Cancer means that perhaps an Aqua is not my best match?

        • Forgot to add, have just broken up with partner, so perhaps it also manifests as surprises/upsets in my partnerships? I guess time alone shall tell…

        • Depends on Aqua sun’s venus and moon too, though, coz they might have water moon that will ease that ‘fit’, how comfy two people can be, I find anyway. I see it as a good thing that your Venus in 7th is trine Uranus, since it’s an ‘easier’ aspect, smoother. Perhaps the Uranus is about unconventionality? (is that even a word?) Sorry to hear about your breakup…

          • Thanks UPV! And thanks for listening to my navel-gazing! I am pretty at peace with everything at the moment.
            Having a mental breakthrough tonight for some reason and decided to call things off with the Sagg I Am Chasing. Feel really happy about this too.
            Ah, freedom, it smells sweet.

  31. Venus is at 15 Aqua, Chiron is at 14 Aries and True Node is at 16 Cap. *gulp*. If this heal thyself through love thing is true, sheesh. Enough healing, more love, love, love.
    Any other insights? Anyone?

    Capt Aries also has Venus at 26 Aries and Saturn at 25. Aries. In fact just noticed exactly how many planets he has in Aries.

    Is the Universe playing some kind of joke?

  32. Venus-Node = follow thy loins to manifest your destiny

    Captain Aries is more fatherly in his affections…that sounds pervy. But u know what i mean. Note that you even call him captain

    • Ahem. I think my Venus is closest to my True Node. At least that’s what I can figure out. Follow thy loins hey… Alright!

      • Eeeek, my closest to Venus 16 Aquarius are Hecate 16 Scorp, and True Node 14 Scorp.
        This sounds kind of like a kinky an witchy destiny, doesn’t really sound like me at all.

        Also have Lilith, Sun and Neptune at 13 in their signs, and Moon, Circe and Anteros at 19 in their signs.

    • I do have my North Node trining Venus, and Pluto to follow soon. I feel the loin thing, but it’s not getting me anywhere! I’m sequestered in house with 3 kids and piles of laundry.

      This is one good reason why I am here on this site:) I can take a few seconds away from laundry and driving kids all over town.

    • Captain because he tells everybody what to do. Makes one feel like a minion at times. Fatherly? Blech. That aint gonna fire the loins.

  33. Hmm, my two closest to Venus at 12 sagg, are Uranus at 7 scorp, and Neptune at 20 sagg.

    Unconventional soulmate love??

  34. Venus in Virgo and the closest to the degrees is the Sun – one degree apart. Everything else is in the teens and twenties, they are the only close ones.

    I was just thinking the other day what a shame it was that I can’t be how I want to be because it makes people uncomfortable. I don’t know what they think – but people don’t like it when you are nice to them – they seems to think you want something? It’s weird. I love to give people presents and I know it seems weird to them but I like to give people things and I like to do nice things for people and I don’t want anything, I just like to do it. I do a lot of things anonymously now, it’s better. I wonder if that is connected to this………

    • Perhaps some peeps don’t know how to receive. I’ve been one of them at times. “No, I can do it myself, thank you very much”. Often wondered if it’s my Aries Sun, Cap Moon and Gemini rising…Don’t want to feel obligated back. But takes away another’s feeling good of giving, you know? So, I’ve worked on that.

      One daughter has Virgo Venus conjunct MC, but her closest Venus aspect is a sextile to Pluto in 12th. She is a wonderful little server and giver.

      Her Cancerian Sun is in 8th and after finishing cosmotology school just didn’t feel it satisfied her soul so she’s going to school for different things now. She’s very much interested in women’s studies and helping women.

      • It’s odd. I think most people are bad “receivers”. Even if you do something little that is nice, people get that suspicious look in their eyes LOL Either that or they think you’re stupid, and try to take advantage. It’s tiring. Maybe I should do everything with a disclaimer – “You are in no way obligated to reciprocate.” I think the anonymous thing works best for me and it’s so much fun!

        I can’t figure out any of the conjunctions but I have a Cancer moon and Pisces rising. Tell your daughter to be careful, if she is like me it will be easy for her to drown in charity work. There is so much need in the world – it’s overwhelming. I went six years without a day off at one time in my life, it almost killed me.

        • 6 yrs. w/o a day off? That is huge. Spent the last two weekends running around, not home. Am feeling like I simply must re-group.

          One thing I don’t care too much for tho is peeps who walk up to talk and are so close your space is invaded. Noticed that about me this past weekend and ever so subtly took a wee step back or two.

    • I agree with Sweetpea there, Lioness, some peeps don’t know how to receive. Target better receivers…? Hm…might be a good lesson for myself too…

      • Hmm at little test maybe in the beginning. At my old office job sometimes I would bring doughnuts into work and it made some people leery. Maybe there could be a doughnut test. LOL. If they act weird if you bring them a doughnut …

        • Oh now there, I will take a hunk of doughnut and say thank you Lioness for the treat, for sure! x

          • Response to below:

            They are suspicious of the doughnut!!! I have had people look me in the eye and ask, in all seriousness, if I was trying to make them fat. Can you believe that?

            I just think sometimes, you need a doughnut.

        • Exactly! They’re just donuts! It says waaaay more about them being sus over donuts that it does about you, the generous giver, Lioness! :)

    • Thanks for posting the Sun/Venus link. I cannot seem to come up with the symbolism on that. I always have a tough time figuring out my own astrology (brilliant with others of course, lol;)

      My Venus is closest my Sun. Exactly conjunct. I don’t get it. Although I do resonate with you in that when I am myself (in as much as I turn on my full high-beams–not trying to reference breasts at this time, btw) people seem to back away. But I still don’t get what Sun conjunct Venus is.

      It’s even murkier when I look at what comes next, within 1-2 degrees I have Pluto/Uranus. How the hell to make sense of all that in love???? I know I’m a complex bird, but sheesh, sometimes I wish things were simpler.

      • I can relate to the “high beams” comment. If I meet someone and I like them then I’m all over it – we are pretty much friends at that point as far as I am concerned – it’s bad with men sometimes, they get other ideas but I’m just chatting, I don’t want to sleep with them!

        I just know right away if I like you or not, works the other way too, I know if you’re not for me immediately.

          • This might be inappropriate to ask and I would never do it if this board weren’t anonymous but I was wondering if any of the other Sun/Venus link peeps had a high sex drive? It might be a Leo thing but it didn’t seem like a Virgo thing to me so I was wondering if it was the link… one has to answer, just wondering.

          • I don’t think it’s an inappropriate topic at all, btw.

            What I’ve come to understand about myself is that I do have a high sex drive. It took me a long time to figure that out (I have no idea why I didn’t understand this earlier, because it should have been obvious…but I just didn’t see myself that way).

            Along with the Sun/Venus link (also linking to Pluto), I have Sun Virgo/Rising Leo—all in the 2nd house (Taurus themes).

            I’d be curious to know about the Sun/Venus link, too. I Googled it and one site said it meant we were lazy. I’m guessing the writer had an axe to grind with a Sun/Venus person! Not that I’m “never” lazy, but still!

          • Nope, not lazy at all here. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to lounge around, because I do (especially in the sun) but I am certainly not lazy.

  35. mmmm… venus 9 in pisces – pluto 9 in libra- true node 7 in sagg

    Where’s me bloody soulmate already

  36. Mystic, does this apply to any other planets or just Venus?

    Just that I have lots o’ the little suckers between 8 and 13 degrees of signs.

    My Venus 21 deg Cap, Asc 20 deg Lib, Chiron 19 deg Aries. Ergh. I need someone to tell me I’m pretty and loveable and I still won’t believe them.

  37. Closet is Venus Aries/Pluto Scorp, biquintil, but I’ve no idea what biquintils are…

    Second closet is Venus squaring Neptune Cap, which I understand all too well is about idealization and disillusionment. Add that too all the Pisces in my chart and you have a sucker for such a perfect love, anything else annoys/upsets me. It’s not as bad as the Venus/Saturn (again in Cap) square…

    How do you better a completely afflicted Venus? There are no good aspects to it. All squares in my chart.

  38. Venus 7 degrees Cancer:

    Lilith 8 deg of Aqua
    Neptune 6 deg of Sagg
    (Next closest are the Sun & Pluto at 4 degrees).


    So “Dark? Femme Fatale? LIke to go on top? See mythological and ancient resonance in every orgasm?” + Venus/Neptune I am guessing about needing a beautiful and ideal lover who I can project images of poetry and music on to if they are lacking it? =

    The image I get is of a drug-addled priestess surrounded by snakes, who sings her oracle-chosen lovers into a stupor, then has her way with them..

  39. Actually, I just read this properly and I have Venus in Virgo at 20 degrees and then the closest are the Moon at 18 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees, how would you interpret that?

  40. Mhm, I’m not sure I got it right… but everyone here seems so confident, so I’ll give it a try.
    My Venus is 8° in Cap. Closest in number is Mercury 6° in Scorp. Next one would be Mars 13° in Virgo. Where is the aspect? Is this a case of Venus-Mercury then, like virgo-a-gogo?

  41. Sorry – haven’t had a chance to write anything I’ve just been flat strap of late: today being my birthday – The day of conscientious Dissent. I found out that I was born in the city of Conscientious Dissent today too!


  42. “Venus-Uranus: You follow a set of dating and relationship rules invented off-planet and in another dimension to this one. You can morph from cheerful chastity to hell-bent polygamy within a week. So far as love is concerned, you live for electrifying sexual chemistry that jolts your mind into fabulous neuro-plasticity.”

    So true that I can’t even begin to explain. Venus/Uranus both at 9 deg followed closely by Mars at 10 deg.

  43. BTW – What does it mean if a planet is 5 deg away from venus (doing it by number) but there is no aspect at all? Looking at friends chart and their closest aspect is Saturn but by number it’s unaspected Mercury.

        • a conjunction is when they are 5 degrees apart – ie really close to each other. they might have if 5 degrees apart but somewhere else in their chart? ie NOT a conjunction?

        • soz that makes no sense – a conjunction is when they’re close together. But you may be noticing their positions in their respective houses of the chart are 5 degrees apart ie venus at 10 degrees of libra + say saturn at 15 degrees of libra is conjunct but if saturn were at 15 degrees of another sign, say capricorn would not be conjunct. not sure if that’s any easier to understand but fingers crossed!

          • Thanks for the clarification whatevs.

            After re-reading MM’s post I realise that it is the aspected ones I should be looking at (not just the degrees). Duh!!! Friends nearest aspect is Saturn. It just happens to be 15 deg away.

  44. venus+mercury exactly conjunct in Libra + gem ascendant conjunct lilith – I’m on top – don’t forget it – and I talk before during AND after.

  45. No I don’t get the idea at all … like no. My venus is bang on 0 point between Cancer/Gemini … looks like opposite Neptune 0 in Sag?? Jupiter in Scorp close by … huh?

    Who cares, I like being a celibate nun … couldn’t think of anything more revolting than sex with an actual human right now.

  46. oh just remembered totally relevant quote re venus neptune- sex is your drug
    (previous lover)

  47. oh my goodness! A big kettle of fishies!
    I have been trying to make sense of my own as the pattern as I see it is kinda feakin out this fish… I have
    Venus at 21 deg in aries
    Saturn at 22 deg in aries
    Pluto at 24 deg in virgo
    Pisces with moon in cancer and cap rising..

    Arians usually scare me a bit..but I’m thinkin I might be projecting. Interprets gladly welcomed!

  48. venus conjunct mercury/kalliope.

    Communication (verbal, written, etc) is a big thing for me. If there’s no banter/flirting, eloquent lovenotes (smutnotes also good), I’m not interested!

    I also have a thing for foreign languages, so he gets bonus points if he’s bi/multi-lingual.

  49. Amazing what you can miss in your own chart til something (thanx Mystic) prompts you to take a closer look. Had always thought Venus-Neptune conjunction in Scorp on Ascendant made me a neptunian in love. I am, but its an orb of about 1.5 degrees, and it’s always seemed to me that there’s more to it than that.

    It is only just now (wtf???) that I’ve noticed I have a Ceres-Pluto conjunction in the 10th (ie both at 12 degrees of Virgo, within 4 minutes of each other) sextile my Venus in Scorpio in the 12th at 12 degrees 22 minutes. So I guess that makes the Ceres-Pluto conjunction just as, if not more, important to my love style as it does my Neptune. And boy, does it fit….with everything.

    Scorp ascendent meant experience of traumatic birth (blizzard, midwife couldn’t come, mum left alone in agony as dad headed out into snowstorm to try to get help) then temporary loss of mother (who was hospitalised and not allowed to see me/siblings for a month immediately after my birth). So my father attempted to take over looking after a new baby in a deep outer outer London winter, along with care of two older sisters aged 5 and 6. When mum was released from hospital, she was very weak, healthwise, and couldn’t breastfeed me, and my father and two sisters immediately came down with mumps, simultaneously. So she had to care for them, plus new baby she couldn’t breastfeed, with no extended family around (they were all in Australia). Then SHE came down with the mumps. Apparently, through this rather challenging first six months of life, nurture-wise, in the worst London winter for a century, I kept pretty quiet and undemanding, as one does when one realises that adults in charge of one are either absent, at death’s door, or stressed to the max caring for other parent and children.

    Just consciously realised that all my life, men have made a bee-line to me for nurturing – even in primary school!! – and this is one of the key comments those I’ve had serious love relationships have made about me. ie That I probed deep inside them to dig up all their shit, or at least made them feel willing to talk about it, nurtured them, and through this, transformed them.

    Anyway, there are so many details – including loss of the only child I could ever have had – in order to sacrifice my needs to those of the father of that child – that are just so damn Neptune -Ceres- Pluto that I can’t believe I didn’t see it in my chart before….

    • wow thats blown me away reading your story here… i also have scorp ascendant and understand the intense loss stuff too…

    • Fi, wow, amazing indeed. I’m getting chills reading your story, not just from the intensity of it all, but just feeling with you the epiphany of all of that coming together for you for the first time. (scorpio rising here too + my Neptune is conjunct your Venus + my Pluto is conjunct your Pluto, so I really do feel it)

      • I have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in the 1st House instead of the 12th.
        I guess I am a bit of a flirt, and do love a good party- a fun one, but I always considered myself lucky in love even when I went through very destructive, unstable and abusive lovers.
        I survived.
        I don’t recall a traumatic birth or an early loss unless my mother kept it a secret from me.

        This is very enlightening- thank you for sharing your story.

        • I actually only found out about mum’s depression/illness, and what actually happened back then, when I turned 30, and sought help of a shrink, due to deep depression, and because one sister was blaming me for the alcoholism that she was hiding from the rest of the family. Anyway, shrink asked me to find out about the circumstances of my birth, and write him my life story, and I asked questions and found out about it all then. So just like it can take years to fully appreciate all the connections in your chart (if you’ve tried to analyse it yourself that is – my advice is to get Mystic to analyse it for you!) you never know what you might find out about your birth relatively late in life…

      • Thankx guys. I don’t think I actually know any Scorpio ascendants beyond having read the comments of the delightful scorp ascendants on this blog…Good to know there is a sisterhood out there, particularly given that most people recoil if you tell them about the heavy wallop of scorp in your chart!

        • you don’t tell them. otherwise you get a verbal lashing of the last bf/ex/mother that fuq’d them over. say nothing. ;)

        • and, lets be honest, a wad of scorpio requires some seriously good personal energy management. x

        • Nah, someone tells me they have Scorp rising and it’s one of the only times in public I let my eyes widen. ;) It’s that feeling of meeting ‘ah, there’s another one of us’.

          • xxx to you all, scorpio ascendant ladies of the excellent personal energy management! Bloody exhausting, ain’t it?

  50. Venus in capricorn 13 deg
    Pluto in scorpio 14 deg

    SO DEAD ON with the venus-pluto! The only thing that matters to me in love is how deep it goes, how much shit we have overcome, how true and real it is. How much pain we are able and willing to suffer at the hands of eachother is significant to me, it shows worth and trueness. I would die and kill for my man and I know he would do the same. If he ever betrayed me that would be the end of me, so I am EXTREMELY paranoid about it. Sex is soul searing. Sometimes I’m frightened by my own emotions in this.

  51. Venus 13 Libra closest to NN in Leo at 14 and Chiron at 15.

    The Venus – Chiron thing makes so much sense, especially in conjunction with the NN too. Fascinating, thanks Mystic!

  52. Gemini with Scorp ascendent and basically this what my chart tells me:

    Venus 12°40′ Cancer, in House IX

    Uranus 27°01′ ? Scorpio, in House I

    Pluto 21°36′ ? Libra, in House XII

    Saturn 3°05′ Libra, in House XI

    Jupiter 0°58′ Libra, in House XI

    Vesta 11°34′ Virgo, in House XI

    Ceres 12°34′ Leo, in House X

    Meaning that i have no idea…

    • Well from that line up Venus would be in closest aspect to Ceres, Ceres is all about nurture. How you nurture, what kind of things make you feel nurtured? So if you look it in conjunction with Venus it might mean that you show your love by cooking and looking after someone? Or maybe that’s how you feel most cared for and loved, especially since it’s in Leo!

      • wow I was reading your comment and thinking “hmm I certainly don’t oppose to making nice things and favours to my loved ones” but then I reached the last part and it was like looking at a mirror lol, I love being taken care and it’s something I can’t deny…

        Here’s the rest of my chart:

        Mars 7°23′ Gemini, in House VIII

        Chiron 20°39′ Taurus, in House VII

        Fortune 10°34′ Aries, in House VI

        Sun 24°25′ Gemini, in House VIII

        Mercury 3°53′ ? Cancer, in House IX

        Pallas 6°25′ Cancer, in House IX

        True North Node 2°13′ ? Leo, in House IX

        Midheaven 9°15′ Leo

        Juno 23°05′ ? Libra, in House XII

        Ascendant 2°38′ Scorpio

        True Lilith 15°58′ Scorpio, in House I

        Moon 2°21′ Sagittarius, in House II

        Neptune 23°27′ ? Sagittarius, in House II

        Also, thanks a lot Charley!

  53. I’m confused. Is it which “natal planet” is closest in aspect, or which “transiting planet?” I suppose either would be interesting.

    My natal Venus is conjunct my natal Sun. What does that mean? The Sun isn’t as clear to me as the outer planets, in terms of it’s meaning. My mind draws a blank whenever I have to think of the Sun’s meaning. The only thing I can ever come up with, other than “our core identity,” is “shedding light” but that seems lame for a star at the center of our solar system. What else does the Sun do?????

  54. Are we counting only planets, cause then it is to Mercury – which makes sense.
    If we could all the other stuff/things, then it is to Lilith, which is sort of freaking me out.

  55. Like Fi above this has shed new light for me. I have a Venus/Eros/Uranus conjunction in Libra and thought that pretty much said it all BUT my Venus/Moon square is a tighter aspect (not sure this is a good thing). And I’ve been getting moony over someone with a Venus/Neptune conjunction, which I’d been focusing on, but I now see he has a tighter Venus/Pluto sextile. And I have planets on his Pluto and he has planets on my Moon. Now I just need to know what to do about it! Probably nothing, sigh.

    • the most annoying thing you can do is hide the way you feel with a venus/neptune. show your bewitching. they want soul and drugging access. film like soul glances and with pluto its not fluff romance.
      are you at least flirting with this person? let them know you are alive, kicking and raw. even if its for a glance. x

  56. Also – super useful in deciphering the craziness of others!
    Interestingly current crushes:
    1. Another Venus -Mercury connection – which is why we LOVE to talk
    2. A Venus – Uranus madman – which is why he came out swinging with the “totally ready to settle down” and then VANISHED.

    wheeeee!!!! this is fun!

  57. Very interesting.
    For me, it is the Sun and for my husband it is the Moon. I’m not quite sure what that says about us as a couple but if I look at both charts together, it is the same: his Venus is in closest aspect to my Moon and my Venus is in closest aspect to his Sun (and Uranus that is in exact conjunction).

  58. Hmm. If there are any benevolent peeps out there left on this thread?

    On love styles via charts, I’m trying to grok the recent brief life-affirming affair between me and a haute muso-aqua man (who lives overseas but travels much). It felt all such complementary and understanding body and brain energies (without being stupidly intellectual at all) on so many levels, but I refuse to get too excited about underarticulated attachment or yin-yanning…. Any help most appreciated. Can’t stop gently, peacefully, kindly, preciously thinking about him and need to know if i should stay in touch or stop being so flaccid/archaic/Romantic (and make room for a new year more of my nature, possibly?). He is playing sweet, sincere and cool. Recently cooler. Which given aquas (in my experience) is not necessarily an indication of anything much. Need some help if any is around.

    Rising Sign is in 14 Degrees Virgo
    Sun is in 14 Degrees Taurus.
    Moon is in 20 Degrees Aries.
    Mercury is in 18 Degrees Aries.
    Venus is in 09 Degrees Gemini.
    Mars is in 09 Degrees Leo.
    Jupiter is in 03 Degrees Cancer.
    Saturn is in 23 Degrees Leo.
    Uranus is in 14 Degrees Scorpio.
    Neptune is in 17 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Pluto is in 14 Degrees Libra.
    N. Node is in 05 Degrees Libra.

    Rising Sign is in 23 Degrees Virgo
    Sun is in 23 Degrees Aquarius.
    Moon is in 02 Degrees Taurus.
    Mercury is in 13 Degrees Aquarius.
    Venus is in 29 Degrees Aquarius.
    Mars is in 24 Degrees Cancer.
    Jupiter is in 26 Degrees Gemini.
    Saturn is in 27 Degrees Leo.
    Uranus is in 16 Degrees Scorpio.
    Neptune is in 17 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Pluto is in 16 Degrees Libra.
    N. Node is in 06 Degrees Libra.

    Any clues for ways of reading would be so so great. Curious about whole of chart influences in either direction (i.e. not just “love and sex”. I already sort of know about that;)

    Love! .

  59. Err…. Venus conjunct Pluto, in Scorpio. Of all signs!

    I’m doomed ?

    This resonates though, my last partner had a Venus/ Saturn link (+ Saturn in the 7th!) and he behaved exactly as you described by being the ‘good boyfriend’ and me wanting a tad more drama.