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Greg Kadel

Technically, your best look should link into your Ascendant aka Rising Sign. It’s even considered lucky.

So even if you are, for instance, a limpid-eyed Pisces who feels as if she lives half-in-Narnia-West, Leo Rising would render this woman a devotee of bling & big hair.

Aquarius Rising cannot bear “clutter” as in jewellery or even patterns. How tricky would that be for a Cancerian Sun Sign person who adores craft and admires a witty little embellishment here and there?

Aries Rising and you want red with bare arms because Aries Rising peeps always have fab biceps and scarlet is their hue. It’s a cliche but Taurus Rising has to feel completely comfortable or they won’t be able to think straight. But what if you’re a Libran Sun who craves impact via a “properly” put together look.

Boho Sagg Rising if you’re a tightly-wound Virgo?  Tres conflicted.

Do you work your Rising Sign or your Sun Sign?

If you were to totally re-style yourself, based purely on the gemstones, colors and general vibe of your Rising Sign, could you stand it?

If you saw yourself objectively, say in the street, what sign would you guess yourself to be?

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  1. I mix the two but def. the Saggo Asc dominates my look. Comfy and chic boho nomad. :) Every once in a bit, I may mix it up with some rose quartz to honor my Libran bits.

  2. Leo Rising- Mane of Long Golden Hair that I looove to brush or even better, have, brushed.
    Sag Sun – constantly walking around covers in dog hair and usually in the company of said four legged companion, double tick!

  3. Pisces rising here, not the style but colors: I try to have something sea green/green/deep blue on me every day. My daily style is earth colors (Cap moon) combined with blue/green (Pisces rising) with pearl earrings (Gem Sun), with this combination, I feel OK in my own skin.

    But a good hair is a must to make my day, even though no planets in Leo!!

    • Pisces Sun/Asc co-worker has lovely shades of scrubs!! And she’s got the “limpid” eye thing going on too!..

      • Sweetpea – Off topic, but you were right about the healing to do with the Aboriginal children who were murdered. Took the painting in today, met just the right person, she’ll contact one of the relatives, she understood the imagery, AND something came up for her which left us both gobsmacked. I can’t say more or post a pic of the artwork as it’s now culturally sensitive in relation to people who have passed, but suffice to say I’m totally relieved and pleased I was able to offer help of some sort.

    • Same here Quad. Not so much style but colours & always seem to be drawn to sea green & blue. I get so many comments from peeps about those colours bringing out the blue in my eyes.

      Other then that I dress like a casual Gemini ~ black skinny jeans, chuck taylors- white ones if I am cruising around home or black if I am working. Mostly wear this with pisces rising coloured tops or scarfs. I am forever in workout gear & that is usually all black right down to the sneakers… actually come to think of it I do have a pisces themed t-shirt I wear occasionally, whoa! 8O

      If I am out on the town~ I dress it up, I never like to over do it. I am tall enough & with heels I tend to be towering over the guys, so I am always a little self conscience of that, so I keep my style simple.

      • Peeps with blue eyes should wear blue, it has the most amazing drawing out effect of their eyes, I am not sure why, but it is so intense. I have a few friends with blue eyes and it still floors me when they wear just the right blue.

    • Am also fish Ascendant – def go for those aqua/turqoise + green colours! Been getting into crystals in a big way too, & have a pendant I love wearing. Have a major SHOE fetish at the mo – (pisces rule the feet!?), so going crazy with shoes of all kinds…

  4. Not sure what Pisces rising style would be but I am not into bling, don’t even wear jewelry (except pearls on occasion) but I am TOTALLY into my hair looking good. The way my hair looks can really affect my day.

    • Likely Pisces rising is flowing style – the kind that waves with each step. Long skirts, knitted long jackets, silk scarfs.

      • I have some long skirts but they are slim or knit so it’s more of a Mermaid effect LOL – there you go, the sea! I do have knitted jackets and lots of long sweater, can’t stand anything stiff anywhere and I love scarves, have lots of them, longer the better, same with the pearls.

        You know I was just thinking and I have to say that I do always get hit on when I wear those long skirts. More so than the minis, maybe there is something to this dressing your ascending…….

        • Mystic said once (long long ago) that Pisces was also futuristic type exercise type gear… (sorry if I’m miss quoting you) I’m sure that’s what I read. I’m Pisces rising and love this idea… although never tried it.

    • My daughter is Pisces with Pisces rising and it’s always about “something different” …. apparently doc martens have made a resurgence and trench coats? Go figure …. when she was little her idea of fashion was to wear all her clothes and jewellery (plastic sparkly beads and so forth) all at once.

  5. Virgo with Sagg rising, just like you said! Uh oh… Yeah, I think I mix them up. I want to dress like Victoria Beckham but can’t stand the uncomfortable nature of it, so I end up dressing like a rascal.

  6. Oh I don’t know….Most of the time represent Cappy Moon…always in scrubs and hair up, but make-up on. No jewelry.

    Then on weekends casual and no make-up if out running errands. Hair usually still thown up.

    When I do the full thing; hair down, styled, make up on, some feminine top or such and Aries Sun gets attention (and told I look younger…Gem rising stuff), think it’s cuz Venus in Taurus, too. The feel of fabrics important also.

    • Venus in Taurus would go for practical or sensual? I have Saturn bang on Venus, my shirts are mostly cotton and linen, for luxury statements silk.

      • Well, it’s practical if the sensual gets one what they want ;) hehe…

        But really, I think both, altho have worn a few items that I knew might feel a bit uncomfortable but were what I wanted fashion wise.

        Sounds like you’re doing Venus Taurus with those fabrics.

  7. This is a good question for me because I’m not sure of my rising sign – I have it sleuthed (by transit analysis) down to between 28 Gemini and 1 Cancer.

    Birth cert says Gemini, but everyone who’s ever guessed my sign has picked a water sign, plus I’ve always dressed to flaunt my chest and I have stomach problems, among other Katakian features.

    I’ve got a personal planet each in Gemini AND Cancer so that doesn’t help push it to one side or the other.

    So what is a good look for Gemini Rising and what for Cancer Rising? Maybe I’ll settle this by picking two looks and getting peeps to vote on which looks better on me! I’m a Libra and today is my birthday– surely fashion is the answer? :)

    • Happy birthday Jessica! I need to run off to work, but have Gem at 26 rising and Cancer mostly in first house. Good question doll. Have been loving my new bras lately. Will have to think about it!

      • Thank you, aren’t you sweet! We have almost the same chart wheel. Your little one (in the avatar, unless that’s you :) ) is simply breathtaking.

        • Haha, yeah, someone asked me (think it had been William, a regular guy around here at at time), but he said, “what are you, about six years old?” lol…it’s my granddaughter and she just turned 9 on Oct. 5th. :)

      • Thank you ever so, dear! I need tips on the Gem dressing– probably my love of the occasional flashy costume ring comes from there. :)

        • I am Scorpio sun, Sagitta Rising, Venus in Libra and I have a Virgo stellium. But I am trying to dress Gemini-style because my north node is in Gemini–trying to remind myself to get away from the Sagitta Rising/South node bit, which is very very powerful in me.

          I think Gemini style is all about bright rainbow colors, patterns, athletic shoes/running shoes, messenger bags, dangly earrings, and loads of finger rings. One of these things is a no-no for me– I can’t stand having stuff on my fingers (Aqua moon) but I can do the rest of it.

          I think Geminis have a very youthful style. I am not that young, but I look young– baby face, turned up nose, curly hair– so I can get away with it.

    • Cancer rising (I have sun there too)– advise pearls (lavish for night, stud earrings for day); for top layer something drapey and sweaterish-soft rather than a crisp hard-edged jacket — perhaps belted; rock a vintage wool pencil skirt with high waist and tight sweater when possible (boots or pumps both good); pale silvery grey really does suit; also shades of turquoise and teal very flattering.

      And yes, work the breasts!

      • … I think Sagg moon comes into my look too, more in the form of “I need to be comfy!!” which sometimes outweighs pumps and tight skirt, produces trousers, flat boots. Also hair moves between boho shag longish and retro bob.

        • You are a Cancer with a Sag moon? So is my beloved man (only with Sag rising)! <3 I like you already.

          What you describe is totally my look! I'm the pencil skirt and tight sweater queen and everything I own is gray or teal. You obviously have excellent taste. :)

          Now, I wonder what a Gemini dresses like?

      • That pretty much sounds like my style and I have Cancer moon. Hmm. Also feel of fabrics is sooo important, the softer the better.

        When I was younger I pretty much dressed ike Cher – think that was Leo in me :)

        • Hey Lioness, are you a feline with fish rising and a kataka moon? That’s my signature; if so tell me more..

    • Hey happy solar return Jessica. Love that my Gem Venus, kataka NN and Mars conjunct your confused Ascendant timeline – I imagine that would be sooo frustrating. Although in the beginning of astro study (when i was 15 years old!) I did wish I was an Aqua riser (to the point of denial at that stage). I heart my fishie rising. My advice is you actually do *know* what you are. Just leave it alone, be mindful, and it will come to you ;-)

  8. ~It’s a cliche but Taurus Rising has to feel completely comfortable or they won’t be able to think straight~

    Absolutely feel this about my Taurus Venus. If I have a label scratching the back of my neck, will nearly go ape (Aries Sun part? :) ) in getting, cutting that label outta my shirt. Work clothes 100% cotton. No polyester mix for me when I need to sweat. Would die.

    • Taurus rising, Cap Sun.
      Know what cha mean Sweetpea, back in the 80s would only wear 100% cotton, the Gap store casual soft cotton type of look in solid classic colours. So easy to pull this style off in the states! When I married the Sagg (now x) and moved to Sydney in 94 I went for the classic black/white corporate gear due to work in a big city, hard to do in 100% cotton. I cringe and start itching if polyester is listed on fabric tags! Absolutely hate satin crap! Annoying when I see something nice, touch it and discover synthetics! Why anyone would wear anything but cotton crotch undies is beyond me!!!! Mostly all black (casual/work) these days, only accessorize with bold colours/patterns. In my late 40s now, and refuse to cut my hair short or go gray! (leo moon) In fact I spend a fuqing fortune on my hair!!

      • ha! Cap sun here as well and I relate to everything you mention – cotton only, never synthetic anything, lots of dark things with single splash of colour, and long wondrous wild hair at 50+ – eeeeek
        How about good expensive shoes, grandmother’s garnet rings, and the thinnest merino wool? Go Cap!
        Do NOT cut your hair.

        • Yes, cotton undies a go for sure. And used to tell Mom that I’m not going to have short hair either just cuz I’m older (she often thought it more “appropriate” to have shorter hair if getting older, but come on, this 2010!)

          Yep, just slap a box of dark brown color on my hair about every six weeks to cover any “tell-tells”. Hell, I don’t feel like an old maid, why should I look like one?

          • I shudder to think that someone would wear synthetic undies. In fact why do they manufacture them – to support the anti-yeast pharmaceutical industry – come on?!

  9. Virgo sun, libra rising.
    I do love the pressed white dress shirt and beautiful trousers.
    I prefer classics to fads (no pirate slouch boots for me when tall brown leather riding boots will do). I also don’t really wear a lot of rings or necklaces.
    Libras seem more fashionable than Virgos (sometimes), so I probably embrace the Virgo side more. That said, I am wearing black leggings, and a big scrunchy cotton/linen scarf right now.
    And being a Venus in Leo my hair really really is my most biggest concern.

      • Word! Leo Venus and I don’t trust just anyone with it! Have been with the same hair magician for years, what now, about 13-14 years? The longest relationship I’ve had with a man who’s not my dad, hehehe…

  10. LOVE it. I’m Sun Aries but Aquarius rising and I dress sososo Aquarius! I’m all about the sleek, futuristic sci-fi look (tempered by somewhat Ariean tendencies like “can I climb trees in these heels?”). And that’s crazy because you’re right, I HATE patterns/visual clutter.

    I think I look pretty Aquarian. I make a distinct effort to dress like a college student from 2080.

  11. Pisces sun, Libra Asc., Venus in Aries. I’ve been told many times that have that “sexy librarian” look.

    • Ha – didn’t see this before I wrote below but ‘hot librarian’ is the look I aim for!

  12. I like this topic. I’m a Virgo and I look like a Virgo, I think. Clean, compact, demure, sort of always look neat and tidy even when I don’t mean to, no bling, no tan, no perfume, hair is naturally flat and mousy – I have it coloured a shade blonder so maybe that’s one concession to my rising sign… which is Leo. What is true is that how I feel about how I look colours my whole outlook and attitude for the day (or night). Deep down – very deep down – I have some fairly flamboyant fashion impulses but I try to suppress them, especially now I’m, well, older. I’m a secret show-off. What I’m wondering is, could I/should I let the Leo out a bit more?

    • Yes! Let ‘Er roar darlin!! DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT end up regretting that you didn’t roar!!

      Progressed Asc Leo and learning to roar a bit more also!!

    • I’m a virgo rising and I think I look very virgo as well. My sun is Aquarius. Every now and then I throw in some weird things into my outfit. I’m also pretty lazy. Dirty, perhaps, but when people see me they always see a nice, clean, wholesome person. My nose is pierced, I leave my hair as it is, even if it looks like a birds nest (I can’t get a brush through it unless I spend an hour in the shower) and my clothes are faded and ratty and wrinkled. Somehow I always look put together. Thanks to my virgo rising I presume.

  13. Pisces rising, so I have the privilege of dabbling in many styles, from kiddish Converse shoes with colorful socks to a more ethereal flowy dresses in various shades of blue. My Taurus sun sometimes hates this because she prefers simple plain hues like black, gray, dark gray, charcoal, and white.

    I’d definitely think myself a Pisces, since I’m soft-spoken and always reading or doodling on something. (Then again, I also have Moon and Mars in Pisces.) Constantly solitary. I can’t walk in a straight line to save my life. Also, I look younger than I am. (I’ve noticed this is a very Water-sign trait, with the exception sometimes being Scorpio.) Even though I’m only 20, I come off as 16 to many.

    • ah i’m a mix between aquarius rising and pisces rising (b/c i’m 29 degrees aquarius) and i’m the same way!! i’m also soft-spoken, love to doodle & read if doing something like sitting in class or waiting in a doctor’s office (otherwise i get really restless), and i look a LOT younger than i am– i am 20 yrs old, too, and i’ve def gotten that i look 16– sometimes even younger than that. funny stuff!

  14. Ha, Taurus Sun, Kataka rising, lots of hips, thighs, boobs, proportionally small waist – another sexy librarian here.

    • I love the Secretary-Librarian look if it’s worn with just a peep of lace showing,
      (just below the hem or at decollette),
      and black lace tops with suspenders, seamed stocking…gorgeous & secretive.
      Your persona flirts with a ‘guess what i’m wearing underneath’ :-) it can’t help
      but do so..

  15. Leo sun, sagg rising! I think they go well together. I love fabulous clothes, and I’m pretty goth-y, but they have to be comfortable. I love the look of corsets, but can’t stand wearing em. I love drape-y, flow-y clothing. I wear mainly dresses and skirts, with tights or stockings if it’s cold. I can’t stand pants most of the time, too constricting. Tho I love the look of skinny jeans.
    Despite my leo sun, I do pretty much nothing with my hair! It’s lovely when it’s short and I just leave it as-is or put it into a ponytail when it starts getting too long. I -always- have jewelry on, I feel weird without any. I have a necklace from my boyfriend and 3 rings I wear, and usually wear a crystal bracelet and maybe other necklaces. I definitely think my Sagg rising affects how I dress more than my Leo sun.

  16. Aqua rising more my style so havng 3 op shops in my street I can manage the kooky look and am learning to love more jewellry ala Leo. Like last night went to a country feral pub dressed in chinese style top and white hippy pants. Nearly wore the t shirt and jeans but fuq it. Would love to dress like a saggo gal but don’t have the chutzpah but i can do Leo Coco look style when the occasion permits.

  17. this whole thing makes perfect sense. I’m going to clear the wardrobe and only dress based on gemini conjunct lilith. hehehehe

  18. Think I’m a pretty good mix of Scorpio Sun/ Cappy rising. Dark colors, rich textures, classic cuts. Of course, always accentuating my best features — cleavage and eyes.

  19. Nothing like my Aries rising, hate colour, especially red, really do not like my upper arms or exposing flesh. I think physically I couldn’t be anything other than a Scorpio. It’s so obvious it’s funny.

    • Although stylewise, aside from the leather jacket/boots, reckon the ridic Libra stellium takes over somewhat.

    • I’m Aries and wear a lot of black; it just turns out that way. I also like boots, but am careful not to accidentally look too goth, as I work around a lot of teenagers, and that kind of thing can either work or really backfire.

      I also don’t like exposing my upper arms. Wish I did, but I just don’t have the muscles.

      Every now and then my Pisces rising just gets me obsessed with something like quartz points. Made 3 necklaces out of them because I thought they looked like icicles.

  20. Taurus sun Libra rising: I definitely vibe both always comfortable and put together I obsess on getting it right and my wardrobe has been building since i could buy my own clothes and i appreciate that my mum put stuff together for me and I still look back fondly of the outfits she bought me i dream about them i remember events by what i wore. and if i get the comfort thing wrong as on rare occassions i have, i have to close my eyes and grit my teeth till is over pretending im comfortable. I went to my sons formal i had the perfect outfit , i was tired and stressed and i forgot a crucial belt, I had to overcome disaster and do without it . i cant bear to look at the photos of me, cause to me, the outfit is a disaster and i was uncomfortable am gutted i got such an import night wrong. if only i had had the belt i would have felt more comfortable and i would have believed i was fabulous. I should have packed my outfit the week before !!! planning is everything , I dont like to close my wardrobe doors I like to lie there and plan my outfits for up coming dates and events.
    I reckon if i knew enough about astrology youd pick my taurus libra stuff easy! really down to earth comfortable in my skin totally matching and they say… charming and pretty dressed right for every occassion

    • i didnt say anything about hair but it must always be perfect you wouldnt know it to look at me but it also suits the outfit. however im a minimalist, i try to have perfect without working too hard one hair band! no hair dryer no products unless its a formal/dress-up and wish i could have bigger hair with big curls but its dead straight so i try to have perfectly messy up do’s to compensate

    • Happy Cow, how do you feel about synthetics? Poor quality polyester?? What about some of the clothes made in China?

  21. I think you once advised me that I have Gemini rising Mystic? If that’s the case then I won’t be able to decide who’s look I’m styling on any given day…

    No – must have on me at all times: my impact / waterproof mobile phone, my not so waterproof pager, nifty pens and something to write on… It’s all about Communication for me! :D

    • Although I do get told quite a lot that I dress very Libran.. slightly flowery yet not over the top, extremely feminine even when in jeans and Blundies, occassionally pre- Raphaelite…

      I dress mostly for the weather. Well, the visible layer anyway….

      • Love it, BL. “the visible layer…” I love that underwear can be sooooo sexy when you’re top layer is jeans, shirt, garden gloves.

        I’m Cap Sun, Libby rising. I’m kinda scruffy, dark colours, always comfortable, hair kinda scruff too (but long and strawberry blonde so I can get away with the “natural look”). Never brush it, hardly style it yet always paranoid about it. Constantly checking mirrors and have mirrors all over the house. Guilded, glorious mirrors, dahling.

        Oddly, i tend to get complimented on said “natural” beauty even though am caked in make-up (well, not so much caked as carefully de-spotted, mascaraed, rouged, tinted to look perfectly natural.)

        This post made me check my wardrobe. I have strange combinations of stuff. Lots of black and grey, jeans, but floaty hippy tops. Lots of purple too. Not into jewellery at all anymore. If so, some cheap groovy rings with cameos (Kataka moon) or art deco stone arrangements – so to look terribly expensive and antique but I know I got them at Diva for $3. Heh heh. Frugal cap meets floaty Lib/ Kataka??

  22. Aquarius sun, Libra rising. Black vee-neck tops of all kinds, black vee-neck sweaters, beautiful slinky fabrics and big crunchy fabrics — I like texture — good jeans and khaki trousers, black boots and heels (always black, don’t own brown), good black bags, black leather jackets, a wardrobe of large funky pearl earrings and bracelets, rarely wear necklaces. They’re chokey. Severe lines and leather mixed with floaty silk stuff. If I wear color, then only jewel tones. Naturally Big Hair has to be perfect, minimal makeup, groomed. Niche perfume and lots of it.

    • Aquarius sun, Virgo rising. I wear a lot a lot a lot of black too. If not black, grey. Only “colors” I wear are very dark; burgndy, navy, emerald, purple.

  23. Ok, enough active procrastination for now. On with the Ruthless Regeneration aka Job Application = income increase asap!

    • You go girl. Happy birthday for the 19th – we share a birthday, today is the first day in ages I don’t feel like I need to scrape myself off the ground and gaffer tape me to a post to stay upright, could be my aries rising is coming outy of hybernation!

    • MM tweeted about her money mojo for the house a couple of days ago – do floors with basil oil for $$$. Better yet, bust out her Good Housewitchery ebook and go nuts (that’s my weekend sorted!).

      • Hmmm yes, thanks for your support Hippychic and virgolicious.. strange thing are happening I must say!

        Four fire calls that I ignore to get the job application done…


        a current studen of mine rings seeking counselling and inspiration because she’s just been told by her husband that he is leaving her and the kids next week – and she’s three weeks off finishing her degree – and I was the only person she could think of to talk too because I’m upfront about being a single mum and am apparently making amazing headway through my phd…

        Then an in-depth phone conversation with my uncle who works in the area I’m applying for who then talks me out of applying because (as he pointed out) its nearly two hours drive away.

  24. Sagg sun/Aqua rising. Both vibe really well for me.
    Normally it’s hipster style jeans and a t shirt, long hair worn out unless I have to and maybe one ring or a necklace but really stripped back. I even went through an anti-bag stage where I just kept everything in my pockets. The more overt aqua things for me are things like a t-shirt of a band no-one else seems to know or an in joke with a friend, and fairtrade sneakers. Subtle but definitely aquarian imo!

    • I’m an aquarius sun and half the time I’m wearing band shirts and I don’t carry a purse unless I need to. (Going out for a long period of time, need more than my wallet-keys-phone.)

    • Totally vibing Aqua/Sagg blend Panda Girl! Love it :-) I’m secretly coverting this vibe for my next life.

  25. Cap rising. I guess I should probably wear more designer labels than I do. I do like simple, well-fitting neutral pieces though, maybe that is a Cap-style minimalist aesthetic? I have Leo hair (long, blonde) but it doesn’t really do what I want it to unless I have it professionally blow-dried, which needless to say I LOVE.

  26. Scorp rising (Piscean sun) I definitely don’t dress like a goth. I did when I was a teen though. I have always tended to wear a lot of black, until recently.

    Now I make an effort not to wear black at all if I can help it. I have discovered a love of colour.

  27. Pisces rising- also love deep green and also golden brown hues.

    I’ve been told that my ‘normal’ appearance doesn’t match my eccentric personality

  28. Taurus sun – Aqua rising. Black and white everything with high impact red embellishments. Latest and greatest craze (as my mother would put it) is 1040’s/50’s mens style: quiffs, brogues and tuxedos with bright red lipstick and nails. Fashion fetish de jour…Stripey 40’s head scarves tied up a-la-“we can do it” feminism posters.

      • ooooh love it, sounds fab, might have to steal your headscarf idea to hide my roots.

        • Headscarves are hot & helps stop discrimination over Islamic Womens’
          There are sooo many ways to wear them.
          Have been looking out for them at opshops, found a Picasso print
          & a genuine CC Cartier and an obsure beautiful number from Israel
          for starters, all pure silk & hand hemmed.
          Very satisfying and only a few dollars lighter.
          That’s another Sagg/Cap blend.

          This subject has bought me out of the closet.
          Now i understand my taste & style better.
          Thanx MM……………….Libran Moons rock.

        • I always do headscarves when hair is between jobs. have my fave one on now. highly recommend. just get something non satin for extra bite so it can hold the tie and your hair. my best one is large bright red cotton print

      • Your right! Its very rockabilly…but kind of a bent play on the masculine version. Its so much fun, and I’m even contemplating some Brylcreem!

  29. I think I dress more for my Venus (Scorp) than sun/rising. I wear loads of black mixed with deep reds and purples, or go the opposite and loads of colour: say a bright blue dress, hot pink stockings, apple green top, red jacket… and almost always black boots because I HATE delicate feet. Mostly wear dresses, my clothes are a mix of thrift store vintage, designer bargains and chain store finds. I love wearing jewellery (chunky, not flouncy) but have to remove it as soon as I get home. I brag about bargains, I’m almost embarrassed if clothes cost too much. I love the simple, well-dressed look of say crisp white shirt and tailored black pants or well-cut suit but can’t wear it – I feel instantly invisible.

    • I’m the same way about bragging about bargains. I’ve never heard anyone else put that into words before. And being “embarrassed if they cost too much.” I do this “bragging” impulsively, like a reflex. As I hear myself doing it, I almost feel I need to reign it in a little, as though pple may be thinking “why is she telling me how cheap this was and where she got it?”

      • Oh yes, Bluesky, that’s me exactly, too :) My auto response to any fashion compliment is, “Ebay for $10″ or “It was $2 at Goodwill”. I tell myself to be more selective with these comments but like you say, it’s a reflex! The other day I overheard someone bragging about their “bargain” $300 dress and I had to bite my lip not to stick my head in and say, “bargain? You call that a bargain? THIS is a bargain…” like Crocodile Dundee with the knife LOL.

  30. Today I am wearing
    Red boots – custom made
    Black skirt, with brown, red, white and yellow diagonal stripes, ugly but fabulous. Altered from something else, cut above the knee, unhemmed.
    Black sleeveless shirt, cut with wide neck, home made, again no hemming.
    Both skirt and shirt and slinky dealt fabrics that aren’t tight but defn ‘drape’ well

    I look and feel fab, and this look defn suits me. But to summarize that as only Leo rising? Not possible. Saturn/mars rising, Venus Taurus and Piscesmoon on a gem body is more like it.
    And we can’t forget the influnence if the sunshine!

  31. I’m lucky, I’m Libran Sun AND Libra Rising. I love long, flowing dresses, lots of bling – have 3 corkboards on the wall loaded with necklaces and earrings – and wear purple, blue, black, turquoise or blue-red. Anything yellow makes me look like Typhoid Mary. I like black pants and ring the changes with coloured tops (but no florals, they look crap on me) and have a big collection of jackets. It took me until my mid-fifties to recognise my style and now I feel very comfortable with my choices. Often get compliments about my red goddess dress and my jewellery.

  32. LOve colour BUT cain’t wear it as it distracts me, i feel it too much.
    Consequently my Cap rising wears monochromes of every nuance & shade.
    Amazing how many shades of ivory-ecru there are!
    Fabrics must be quality, the very best i can afford (and not). Fave Louis Jordan
    shoes are 15 years old, never date, my clothes never date as i’m excellent with
    accessories to update, accessories (equipage) must be a Sagg thing, the leather,
    you know. Have huge collection of leather to satisfy my horse soul, must be well shod.
    Much silk everything…scarves, lingerie,shirts,pants, hair decorations…silk, the older
    the better, so it’s about FEEL. Have ballet dancers shape, figure & silhouette (there’s
    a difference, and love being in leotards & tights, swimmers & pareo’s, jeans & black or white
    T-shirts, when not ‘dressed’.
    Purchased well 12-15 years ago when in career prime as was also my own receptioniste & have
    taken care of them as tho’ they live in a boutique. Yup, stuff shoes straight after wearing them, when warm to keep shape. This is Cap rising.
    Shopping in Collins Street in my youth resulted in my being such a well dressed hippie.
    My first trip was wearing Pucci, OOO, and it was quite a sensation when it moved around.
    So clothes can be a brilliant disguise if one is doing subversive actions & looking like a Qantas
    air hostess did me well when travelling tho’ customs:-) vintage silk ankle length chemise d’ nuit
    is ok to wear in Ubud, long sleeves & legged everything in an Islamic countries & fur in Kashmir
    so on.
    I must stop the Saggo archetypal rave. It’s kinda how the Cappy-Sagg dresses tho’ out
    the decades 50’s to 00’s. 6 decades of dressing the body when NUDE is Natural!
    Ok G-string ONLY then.
    Going to shower & dress me now……………..end of story

    • Oh please don’t stop! My Cap (mega) and Sagg venus is having an orgasm reading your post!

  33. Can sun, Sagg rising:

    Until I was 35 I never wore trousers, was a goth so very colour limited. I still way prefer frocks and skirts, boots, nice fabrics but am defo boho chic (or ‘ageing bohemian’ as my ex described it), and I love accessories, particularly handmade hats and scarves. Favourite colours are purple, pink, coral, green, silver.

    So a mix of both til it comes to jewellery, which I love (but the real thing, ie silver and gemstones, not really a beads type), especially, stereotypically, PEARLS! I wear them in some form most days. Sun sign wins out, but I feel lucky as my sun/asc are somewhat complementary!

    • Cancer Sun, Saggy rising too

      Sagg Rising def rules my style and even my physique, I think people would guess it easily…I’m like a crab with a brightly coloured shell.

      I’m a total magpie for fashion and I love putting a look together which can be various themes or styles depending on my mood…kind of a bit schizo from gothy rock chick one day to classic Audrey Hepburn the next.

      BUT I am a total scruff pot about my hair most of the time…although it is fiery red. I’m sure it’s the Saggy free spirit thing!

  34. Funny I have had arm band cravings for months, have started to make a few arm bandy things to wear for summer, and been hunting around for a cool pewter one I had a decade ago – Aries Rising LIbra Sun
    I like shades of neutrals – like greys with black, olive green, steely blue/greys etc- low key colour. But I wear mostly black with a small something for colour – Like a bright choker or something.
    I panic if my outfit will not cope under the pressure of any surprise (yes tree climbing included Aries aqua peep) so I tend toward the can cope with anything look made of beutiful feeling fabric in low vibe colour. (I always get into trouble when I go out in a red dress – so that does not occur any more). If it doesn’t feel good it does stay on, comfort always wins over look or I can’t have a good time!

    • “doesn’t stay on” – my proof reading skills fail me on this site regularly, I would’t be applying for that job.

  35. Scorp Sun and moon rather influences my personal style I think. Black, grey and white with a distinctly minimalist and austere vibe. Think sexy nun habit as designed by Tom Ford or Stella McCartney. With expensive, well-fitting but sexy lingerie (also black and grey) underneath. Probably look like a Virgo on the outside (I have none but my dad was one and he was my first fashion adviser/stylist) but Scorp underneath ha. Not “classic” style though, I like starker more asymmetric or edgier pieces.

    Nothing too fancy, flowing or flouncy. I prefer trouser suits although I’ve been wearing shift dresses and tights more lately.

    Definite preference for (vintage) fur, leather, skin, feathers etc – my tastes do run to a sideline of New Orleans Gothic, or baroque.

    I’d do much more exotic perfume if I could afford it – experimenting with mixing oils at the moment.

    Definite preponderance of black -not goth so much as the “creative professional” look. I’ve tried wearing more colour at various times but always gone back to black as that’s what I feel most stylish/confident etc in (coordinates well and hides the bloodstains, haha)

    Would (in fantasy) love a fabulous long red evening dress but in reality would probably take one look in the mirror and take it off in favour of my YSL-style tuxedo suit look for evening. I live in constant fear of being mistaken for a waiter at fancy evening do’s.

    Taurus rising – well I do like natural fabrics and I hate feeling uncomfortable or constricted by clothing – anything too tight or uncomfortable heels etc. Love silk, cashmere, cotton jersey etc. OK I do need to feel confortable so I can think straight and focus.

    Venus in Sagg … every time I do something fancy to my hair like a proper edgy haircut or dye it, I get irritated with it and want to go back to my long natural locks… Oh and I do like going nude, although I think it would disturb the flatmates.

    • When you are rady for a signature french perfume, Tati,
      try Gueralin’s ‘Mitsouko’ or ‘Shalimar’…….just a flash.

      Do you know you can use vodka as pure alcohol isn’t avail easily
      to mix your essential oils? 5 ml vodka to 10 (total) drops of EO’s.
      Atomiser & shake up before use.
      2 drops of a resin will act as fixative. Just think top middle & base notes
      give them lasting power as they evaporate fast with top note first to do so.

      • Pegs, I was after Shalimar thinking it had no alcohol in it and went to Myer only to be told it did afterall, is it true that Guerlain produce an alcohol free version? Thanks if you see this doll!

    • Yes I get off on beautiful fabric !! The taurus influence def :) Tom Ford is one of my future husbands.

  36. Taurus rising, leo sun natch. I’m a bit of a mixture – long mane of hair, but comfy clothes. Today wearing purple linen pants with linen/cotton shirt. Like Sweetpea, can’t stand scratchy labels and always cut them out.

  37. Ha, just this morning I was thinking “all of my black clothes are no longer black enough, these used to be pitch black now they’re kinda charcoal, and they’re stretching, where’s the tailored shape to them, why aren’t they perfectly highlighting the best bits of my body anymore?” Virgo Rising.
    I swing between classic, classy, tailored lines (Virgo Rising / Cap Sun) and a very hefty dose of Venus in Aquarius downright kooky WTF is that? kinda outfits. I have been known to just tie pieces of fabric around me in interesting flowing falls and just walk out the door.

  38. Mum and I were at a mall and saw this guy strutting around, perfect posture, head tilted up, really long, shiny hair that he had curled at the bottom and took great pleasure in flicking and swishing about! It literally looked like a lion’s mane.

    His clothes were flamboyant, look at me fashionable. Really over exaggerated movements and the most bizarre texting technique I have every seen (delicately tapping buttons, one by one, in between hair adjustments!).

    I said to Mum, if he’s not a Leo or Cancer/Virgo with buttloads of Leo planets then I am the Pope. So she just asks him out flat and he was a Pisces???

    Could he be Leo asc? Next time I see him I will ask what time he was born!

  39. Leather Lace Velvet Silk black purple, structured, figure definition

    Cancer Sun, Scorpio Ascendant

    Loving the military ATM

    • Getting those suspenders to wear with thigh high stockings, sometimes I like to freestyle without underwear. Love it actually.

  40. Virgo Sun, Leo Rising

    My hair is very important. In fact I’m reminded I need to make an appointment with my stylist (even though I really shouldn’t spend the money…).

    I like very well-fitted pants or jeans. They have to fit perfectly. Lately, I’ve been into red, but that’s only lately. It used to make me feel literally hot to wear red. Stuffy, even, like I couldn’t breathe. Now I’m drawn to either an orangey red or a cerise. I love citron and peridot colors. And can always, always wear a blue. I wear lots of black, but not at all baggy. Almost a catsuit look. Lingerie is almost as important as hair.

  41. The cancerian sun with aquarius rising would be me. I do the simple colours, nice but unique cuts look, and rely on my accessories and possessions for the crafty, antiquey, handmade etc. I LOOOOVE patterned and coloured textiles and tend to amass a whole collection that I can never wear.

    • oh, same goes for jewellery- have a beautiful collection- but just can’t bring myself to wear them

  42. Aries rising. Red, scarlet and purple are my black. Slim cut styles and drapey or clingy fabric to show off sporty physique. Leo sun, so hair and jewellery go without saying.

    Becoming more of a blinged up scarlet woman every day. And loving it.

  43. I have Leo rising and I definitely look better when I let my hair be its big wavy self, instead of straightening it. I feel naked with my necklace, nose ring and rings.

  44. Libra rising = a definite love a ‘put together’ look.

    I guess I tend toward quite feminine/hippy-ish looks during warmer weather – love a nice flowy dress (in a neutral colour) and sandals during summer with tousled hair (which is naturally a curly mess of a lion’s mane, so tend to tame it down a bit). I do however tend to wear a fairly ‘greige’ colour pallet: white, black, blue, grey .. with some red/deep purple thrown in. Mostly black – makes me feel oddly grounded. same goes for under-garments … I love the sleek (and somewhat sleazy) aesthetic of Helmut Newton. Not much jewellery either – prefer one interesting ring … rarely wear earrings or necklaces. Too much fuss!

    ALWAYS wear perfume (although not too much) … even now, sitting round in busted trackies. At the moment it’s Etat Libre d’Orange – Like This by Tilda Swinton. It is SO amazing – subtle but captivating.

  45. Leo Sun, Gem Rising

    I like structured clothes. I wear comfy stuff. I love formal clothes. I wear casual stuff. I prefer silk, wool and cotton. I wear cotton blends.

  46. Can I say both? Aqua sun, hair has to be happening. Even if it’s covered in dust & sweat, (which is the state it’s in a lot).

    Kataka Moon – funky sunnies, tops & dresses with a feminine slant. Pinks & reds & purples. To make up for all that time in bright yellow work gear.

    I find the colour is a more reflection of the days state of mind over style mostly.

  47. As a limpid green eyed Piscean, with a mane of unruly curly hair Leo rising, I would concur.

    My two best features which I always get comments on are hair and eyes.
    Someone even described my eyes as ‘smashed jade’ once.

    I don’t wear my hair out at work as I feel I need to appear ‘conservative’, but my authentic self is hair out and wild.

    • But bling is not my thing. Despite not having any Saggo I love turquoise and always wear it in silver rings. Also, all jewellery is basically from Tree of Life.
      I do have a motto, ‘when it doubt wear red’, could be my Aries Moon. However, lately I have shied away from it. Maybe the self esteem isn’t there, but I am feeling like I want to detract attention away from me.
      I find I am wearing a lot of grey marle, charcoal, black and navy at the moment.
      I am afraid of wearing the type of clothing I covet- boho luxe in gorgeous fabrics, because I always seem to amplify it, and people look at me.

      • Leo Sun, Fishie Asc, AND Kataka Moon too spmlar, so same combo but different Sun/Asc energies, yet very similar in hair and clothing colours. I have great hair – full on long blonde natural curls – Kate Hudson beach hair but better. And I have blue/green eyes – they change colour – browns and eggplant really highlight. I’d have to say my eyes and lips are most piscean (full cupid bow lips and still look good at 46 – with no injectables tyvm). Hair is uncontrollably Leo.

        I have no hips and find Grab jeans the best, esp their skinny ones. I only wear black, blues (denims/dark) and shades of grey with very occasional reds/silver/white. White, pinks and coral orange at home (pjs etc), never yellow. Also like browns but not a lot in the wardrobe now. Saturn on my Asc says NOOO to patterns/fussy details of any description. I wear minimal quality accessories. You must always maintain great hair and skin, be well rested, clean and freshly scented. Saturngirl. LOL. Ts is my “utopia, shame it’s not always the reality. But I do swear by natural fabrics, except for the stuff in good exercise wear which feels like natural!

        The only Kataka I reflect is my boobs, 10D-DD and still in reasonable form; and my love of silver. My youthful look is down to my Gemini Venus methinks :-)

        • Hey FF, I am a Saturn rising too, which is probably why I don’t have the chutzpah to unleash my leonine self.

          I was told by a shop assistant today that I am a navy person!
          So I went to my hair appointment, and said Do what you want to it, just make me look different!

          Hair is now modern and short so I can wear it out, and not be such a navy person…

          • LOL – “you are a navy person” – what a ditz. And there’s nothing wrong with navy, but i know how you feel. If I cut my hair short it would make me look like a mushroom – seriously. Sometimes i long for the ease of short hair though.

  48. Aqua Sun – Always go for quirky/unusual stuff but not if it’s OTT.

    Cappy Rising – Like classic cuts, vintage and black. Am a fabric snob and recoil at the feel of synthetic.

  49. Pisces with Gem rising… I need Signature Items. The thought of even OWNING the same item of clothing/accessory as anyone else, let alone wearing it at the same time at the same place, kills me. (I used to make my own clothes for this exact reason, but I can’t afford a sewing machine at the moment.) I don’t stick to any one particular style, just mix and match according to my whim du jour. From frumpy librarian to sex kitten to dirty punk chic.

  50. Aw man, this is no fun, I’m a Virgo Sun with Virgo Rising! Obviously I have a good dose of Virgoan style in me because of that, but I definitely think that Libra energy influences me a lot (esp. since I have Venus in Libra in 1st).

    It’s clear that I’m a Virgo because of the sheer cleanliness and pureness of my clothes – I’m not a big “layerer,” nor do I like to have a lot of “stuff” on, ever… and that keeps me far, far away from patterns, or anything that could essentially be considered tacky. I love satin, silk, sheer fabrics, cotton, and everything must be sleek and (generally) hug my body. I don’t like how “loose” clothing makes me look bigger than I am. Yeah, illusions like that are enough to send me into a tailspin. haha I’m such a Virgo, it’s not even funny

    I think the Libra influence comes in because of how much I NEED beauty and glamour in my life. I think I would die if I was forced to give up either of those. As far as jewelry, I love diamonds, hoop earrings, classic rings. I sometimes wear necklaces and bracelets if they aren’t too big/long or gaudy. I’m always wearing heels or high boots – I’m not a fan of flat shoes unless they’re sneakers. My basic uniform is like, sexy jeans, a form-fitting shirt, long, voluminous, supermodel hair, & perfect make-up. It’s all carefully constructed lol

  51. Reading your comments is so much fun :) I love you all Mystic readers.

    Anyway. Cap Sun / Virgo Rise, how boring is that? I think my Aqua Moon/Venus gives it an interesting twist, since I hate looking like everybody else.
    I mix the classic (like the white button down, which I LOVE) with something different, like a green or purple bag. Obsessed with cleanliness and quality. Can’t stand wearing something that looks old. And you’re dead on with the visual clutter thing – no patterns except on scarves and minimal jewelry (I end up wearing nothing but pearl stud earrings, white watch and commitment ring every day, even though I own a good amount of jewelry). My biggest fear is looking as if I’m a Christmas tree, and I think style and originality is defined but how much of a statement you can make with as little as possible.
    Minimal make up, as in mascara and brown eyeshadow, no foundation. And some lipstick, no lipgloss EVER, it’s sticky and makes me feel gross. Hair… It doesn’t bother me much, really. I just let it be, since it looks ok naturally. It has all these colours in a mousy brown background – I have blonde, darker brown and red. No highlights needed, just cut the bangs straight, blow dry and go. My Libran + Leo Moon man loves it about me, and tends to get fascinated with it.
    It’s easy for me, I think. My mother always says I’m good at dressing myself because I don’t get distracted. I know what I like and I get it, and my wardrobe is coherent.

  52. Cap sun/Sagg rising/Leo moon

    I think I embody the fire aspect of my personality in my wardrobe far more than the Cap. I tend to overkill it with the accessories (I love dangly earrings, hair combs, and a ring on every finger) and quirky vintage or thrifted tops, skirts, and shoes. I tend to really like turning heads when I walk past… though if they’re just peering at my clothes, I guess it sort of defeats the purpose of being “looked at”. Whatever.
    That said, I tend to stick with dark neutral tones and I always balance — if the top is ostentatious and voluminous, the bottoms never are. And if I had the money to, everything I owned would be designer.
    I never fuss with my hair though. It’s been a deep red tone for the last year and I quite like it that way. I hardly ever put it up or mess with it. My makeup is usually low-key as well.


  53. I love pretty, dreamy vintage-y stuff (Libra Sun), and also funky, original combinations – playful & offbeat (Gemini rising). But it feels like the style I look best in is clean lines – almost a bit military (would that be my Aries Moon at work?)

    No matter how I dress though, people always say I look like an Ivory Soap girl – like I subsist on organic this & that, living a clean and natural lifestyle. (I’m guessing maybe that’s all the Virgo in my chart.) So much for Libran glamour.

  54. taurus rising libra sun here. always choosing style over comfort. i adore dresses, skirts, heels, pastel/neutral colors, floral patterns, lace, feminine chic clothes who flatter my body. i am not into eccentric fads (harem pants, ugh! or those heinous shapeless boots that make your legs look like tree trunks) and i believe in dressing appropriately for the occasion. jewelry, yes, as long as it’s gold/pearls and discreet.

  55. Green eyed Pisces sun with Leo Rising – gotta have big, brightly coloured, swoopy, textured hair (Kimberly Caldwell’s bob-esque), LOTS & LOTS of bling, massive rings, religious prayer beads & multi chain necklaces, long swoopy maxi dresses (better if they blow out hugely in the wind), studded bags & open toe fierce wedges. FIERCE.. with soul. Ha.

    The thought of flat hair, a singlet & denim shorts terrifies the hell out of me.