Astro-Query: Sagg Asks “When To Strike?” At Scorp C-List Celeb

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Piotr Frolov

Hi Mystic,

I have well and truly been zapped by the Saturn-Pluto-Saturn-Uranus transit….and my question/scenario relates to this…

In May this year I separated from my musician/performer/lezzo icon (C-grade celebrity) Scorpio girlfriend who was shagging the ‘new’ friend/groupie whom i have affectionately named Holly-the-home-wrecker. Apparently we (Scorp C-grade celeb and I) were having a monogamous relationship and it was forever bla bla bla….Life lesson 1: i trust myself (my intuition is sharp as a chef’s knife).

Stupidly, back in 2009, I gave Scorp C-grade celeb a stack of money (house deposit type stack) to produce and promote her latest CD. She convinced me that she would pay it back within two years. Little did i know that Holly-the-home-wrecker was already on the scene grooming her way into the relationship – she is a psychologist – can you believe it???!!!

Anyhow…when breaking up in May 2010, I mentioned that we needed to discuss the stack of the money and the need to repay it – this resulted in the Scorp c-grade celeb chucking a narcissistic-rage-tanty (one of many throughout the relationship). How surprising she never really intended to pay it back. Thankfully we had split and i didn’t give a fuq about her reaction but needless to say it was interesting planting the seed and testing the response… Life lesson 2 – never loan $$$ to your partner for a bad investment/lame CD (i can hear the entire universe screaming DER!!!).

Now i am life-experienced (numerous life lessons to rant about but will save it for another time) and self-worthed-up to the nine carat diamond status, i am ready for the fight and i want my money back. i’ve sorted legal advice and know what i can ask for etc. my question to you Mystic is:

Astrologically, when is the best time (in the near future) to send the first letter (non-legal at this stage and presuming it will go legal – which i would rather not do) of request for repayment of the money?

Zapped Sagg Diamond

Dear Zapped Sagg Diamond,

Well normally for something this important, i would say to get a proper Cosmic Consult but i am booked out into early next year now. Frankly, if this were me, i would barely be able to contain my venom at the thought of Scorpio C-List Celeb and Holly-The-Psychologist Home-Wrecker “analyzing” me as they lay giggling in bed together. I’d ramp up regardless of transits, no matter if Pluto was parked out the back of my house lol,

Okay, so obviously legal advice has already happened, which is good, as it sounds like Scorp C-Lister is going to claim it was a gift. HOW stressy.

Actually, this very week is good for this sort of action as the Full Moon in Aries and Mars in Scorpio trine Jupiter favours warriors and those up for a righteous fight. I’d send it on Thurs morning (Sydney timezone) as Mercury went into Zero Scorpio and Mars trined Jupiter and with the Moon in Aries.

Yes, Mars is also squaring Neptune and so you need to keep-it-real, nothing overblown and any Mars-Neptune nonsense be from her end, not yours. Mars-Neptune merde would be if you sent a reasonable and politely worded request for your money back and with a deadline etc but then hit the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and followed it up with some lurid texting re the shrink or someone’s bedwork technique.

You get it? Stay haute Mars and this is a fantastic week to begin to sort this. Sexual cuckolding AND $$$ crap is a hideous way to end a relationship – you poor darling. I am sure that fabulous site viewers have loads of brilliant thoughts and wisdom to help you out in this moment…

And hey, you DO have Uranus in Aries to look forward to. And Jupiter BACK into Aries soon.  Think about it: You broke up with Scorpio C-List Celeb RIGHT before Jupiter and Uranus got into Aries. You were subliminally clearing the way for something amazing.  Yes?


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  1. ooooh what a biatch! So glad you r feeling self loved now and ready to fight the fight… I have no advice… I just think the lovely ladies are always on the make, especially when they are c grade… I had one once who would always have a line up of peeps/entourage waiting for her attention… and when i finally intuited the home wrecker in our midst, i told her she denied it and did it anyway… sounds like your on it!

  2. Saggo Diamond…….exactly as MM said, get the money back
    if it was an agreed loan with agreed repayment, not a gift.
    Always get an IOU signedif lending to friends, it’s a legal document
    that holds water in court.
    Best of Luck (Saggo’s have it buckets).

  3. That bites, I would skip the polite request and go straight to the lawyers, but I have a short fuse with this kind of thing!

    If it’s any consolation the home wrecking psych can’t be too clever. She’s shacked up with a cheater AND a thief. Plus if you are C-list and have an album/movie flop does that not demote you to D-List??? Lol.

    • I agree with Virgo. If your CD flops that removes you past D- list to off the alphabet. Is there a X-List or a Z list?

      It will be hard to claim it was a loan w/o a signed document but try anyways.

      You dodged a bullet sounds like you dumped a con-artist not a real artist. Consider yourself blessed.

  4. Hello Zapped Sagg

    I had an experience with a client a couple of months ago whereby he asked me to do this illegal thing which I refused. Subsequently he stiffed me on the latest bill for actual owed monies. Obviously not a partner and sum of money smaller, however I was still PISSED OFF … so know the feeling …

    Anyhoo I asked for spiritual help on the matter and was advised not to go into “battle”. Actually when I looked into my own feelings I realised I just wasn’t up for a court-fest type retribution and decided to let it go .. handed it over to the multiverse and did my best to let go of consuming Plutonic resentment about it.

    Ask yourself how important the money is to you … it may not be a fair situation but you did give it without any contractual agreement (except for verbal promises). Perhaps you need to value your resources more? Perhaps the money is a metaphor for how you de-value yourself – especially in relationships? Come to terms with what’s really going on first, then decide what you want to do once you are a little clear about your own self and your own motivations

    Paul Coelho
    ~the universe conspires to make our dreams come true~

    ~so be careful about what you fuqing wish for~
    He rang today out of the blue saying he was gonna pay .. weird.

  5. Dear Sagg Diamond, OH I feel your pain. No, literally, I had a similar situation though mine was actually less clear as moneys were mixed i.e. it was not a separate distinct chunk as yours was intended for with promise of repayment. But the subterfuge polygamy etc. it all rings an awful bell, my Ex the Sewer was unfortunately a blight to the many sterling members of the sign and also a Scorp.

    So..I’m not saying you’re out for vengeance, but let me just modify that statement to: Justice is a dish best served cold. In this instance.

    To me, sending her a non-legal letter is a courtesy that is somewhat pointless, seeing that she’s already told you very clearly that she has no intention of repaying it. Usually courtesy letters as such are extended as “compassionate gestures” to parties under financial stress who may be willing to pay yet unable to do so and where there is a relationship you still seek to preserve for future purposes i.e. delinquent clients fallen on hard times, your mother etc.

    NOT parties clearly lacking in sanity and conscience.

    Pardon the lawyerly language. I feel that sending the courtesy letter will simply provide a warning of what you intend to do, thereby allowing her time to gather resources (read: make up shit, flee the country) to contest/abandon your claim. I don’t think like Virgo Aqua that this is indicative of a short fuse. It’s tactical.

    Now if she had gone to you and said, look, I really can’t afford to pay you all the money, or set up a repayment plan at a reduced amount or showed you some effort at cooperation, it would be different. Instead, her antagonism towards you dispells any idea of that..even if she responded as such, I would be wary and suspicious that its intended to show false cooperation, in case it does come to court later.

    A letter from a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to pursue legal action, but it does show that you’re not afraid of doing so. It’s cut and dried. The lawyer’s letter need not be threatening either but simply FACTUAL i.e please be informed that you are requested etc etc. It also may make her aware that this thing may publicize and I’d assume being a public figure she’d be a bit concerned?

    I know this sounds cynical of me, but do YOU feel confident she’ll respond positively? I don’t. To me there’s not much ambiguity in this. If she were still committed to rebuilding a friendship following the demise of your relationship, I’d say go non-legal. But truly, she’s jacking you for your Sagg largesse and you my dear, will no longer stand for it.

    Please see the lawyer asap. Much blessings xx

    • Ha! Happened to me too, similar circa but with Pisces man and he’s failed Z-list at best, she’s not a psychologist but came across as a very nice person to start with, and finances were mixed but I did the working for his cd/career. Yes I am very stupid. FA’s advice seems sound. Good luck!

    • Hells yes!!

      Agreed on the “tactical” part.

      I think she thinks she and Giggly- under- the- Covers psycho- wierdy are confident they have somebody holding the bag for their mental/psyche objectification of themselves…..

      A little venom on my part, I have had the experience with Mars- Neptune nonsense, and a dodgy psychologist.

  6. Hi Saggo Diamond,

    I concur with Fallen Angel.

    A house deposit is a lot of money and I can only imagine you might like a new house with new beginnings, bereft of mediocre cds. The money represents your toil and sweat under fluro lights, in an office with no windows, drinking government issue cups of tea, which is like sawdust. No wait sorry that’s me. But you get the drift. You earned it! I think you should go for it!

  7. This sounds hideously familiar. Could my Ex – the C-Lister Scorpio Poet-Musician have had a SEX CHANGE?

    I backed him. Oh lord how i backed him. Gave him my contacts. Threw parties for him. Pulled every single journo contact i had to launch his stupid thing. Lent him a substantial amount of money for his commercial lease on what was to be the centre of his i don’t know fuqing what – creative empire. Gave him my CAR to enable his video art.

    He gave me chlamydia, a fuqed credit rating for five years, an anger problem – oh god don’t start me – HIS choice of home wrecker was a moronic little bitch who told me she had “Aquarius Rising” and a “Taurus Ascendent”. When i said you can’t have both of those she tittered and said i did not understand. She was a counsellor who had never heard of Freud. Disagree with Freud? Fine. Never having HEARD of Freud? Mental.

    Her name was, i think, Claire. I ran into her and Scorpio C Lister guy at a party once and she said “oh well it’s good to see you’re still so materialistic” and i said something elegant like ‘so nice to see you’re able to hang on to a sexual diseased bad debtor of a lousy fuq soon to be d-lister low life wanker” .

    Zapped Sagg, i heard Scorpio C Lister went to Bellingen for a “tree change” – ie; to fail – but i think he had a sex change. Did your Scorp C List Celeb sigh after sex and have really bad flatulence?

  8. Sorry and anyway – my point is do you think YOUR female Scorpio C List celeb and my ex-male Scorpio C List are the same person?

    And get your money. He/she is already going to talk shit about you. Get your money. Don’t listen to anyone telling you to be noble. You want to sleep well between beautiful sheets, your rent or mortage paid and soft scent soothing you.

  9. ohh .. maybe you could sleep with the Justice tarot card under your pillow tonight ? (if you dont have one – i think i read in one of Mystics previous blogs a drawing – so i spose maybe a print of the card…or what about the ace of pentacles ? ) Best of luck Saggo Diamond – and may the Force be with you !

  10. I’m sick of this shit……sorry but im over the analysis. I love mystic but this is crap.

  11. Fight. Fight hard, fight fair but fight. Otherwise in time you’ll be sorry you didn’t DO something. If not for the cash for your own piece of mind.

    There’s some real pieces of work crawling the earth isn’t there?

  12. Darling Mystic, I have a real ambivalence to your astro-queries. Whilst they are riveting and amusingly written: we are only ever given ONE SIDE of the story. So how is one to muse and comment with only half the story???

    Soz, I am so a “need to consider both sides of the story” person – Pisces rising? Or perhaps blame my right-brain dominance…. If there were some way you could get two perspectives on the situation then that would be truly riveting and damn interesting to see the responses. Love you always xox

    • I don’t think both parties involved ever completely understand their own side let alone “both” sides, however, even if we did have “both” sides my judgments will always be somewhat off and limited in scope as I’m barely an expert in my “own” life and I’m living it! So…. for the sake of just being wonderfully human… if it were me I would take Mystics advice and send the note Thursday am.
      If we don’t think we’re worth sticking up for ourselves when someone does something that is clearly wrong to us ……… how can we ever feel true self respect and love?
      We teach others how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves.

      Be brave and please keep us posted k

      I love that you share these emails Mystic. I love hearing from others about what they have going on in their worlds. It’s nice to see we ALL have “stuff” going on.

      ok.. back to my Neptunian “Cave”

  13. Dear Zapped Sagg Diamond,

    I empathise, I truly do, I have just completed (it will never be complete with children but you know what I mean) property settlement with the fuqing weirdo scorp ex. Not the same but know the scorpionic fight.

    I ask you though ZSD, in para 3 you say “… I GAVE Scorp C-grade celeb a stack of money (house deposit type stack) to produce and promote her latest CD.” Not sure there’s much legally you can do with that but wish you well. ‘Cept see, I am also thinking, yes but I dont know full story so Scorp C-Grade Celeb might be a fine person getting the bitchy gossip treatment – how would i know? Still if story is true then bad juju to you C-grade Scorp :razz:

  14. Huh.

    Good points FF.

    I LIKE that you are putting that 2 cents in here…..
    I can’t say right now, exactly what I think, but you are right, it is hard to give a contrasting view….

    I think Mystics advice is excellent.
    I really feel this one…. especially the “grooming their way in” bit.
    F&*k I been there…..

  15. I’m backing Mystic on this. But also give yourself permission to understand you were being kind and generous and not stupid. This person took advantage of you.
    I was always told don’t lend money to anyone, including family members and friends, that you can’t afford to just let go. I had “loaned” my now Aqua ex-bf a sizeable amount of money. He was pretty much on his last leg then and to my shock he repaid me 2 years later. @_@ I never expected to see that money come back, ever. He was just so hopeless with money i knew i was throwing it down a toilet.

    That being said, I secretly cheer you having the guts to collect that money from her!!! wooo! When i had a break up with the Sagg bf years ago, I should’ve sued him for all the repairs i did on the house and other loads of money sucking projects that he never paid me back for when he sold the house.

  16. My Cap rising says lend NO money – ever. I don’t care how in love you are. Or how good they are as a friend. Don’t do it. EVER. Here endeth the sermon.

  17. I would LOVE to see both points of view for these things. It’s always really intersting. But having said that, i enjoy reading them as they are like little vignettes from a movie and they make me feel a whole lot better about my life being not so magazine profile perfect

  18. I’m thinking that if the money used to pay for CD is considered capital then perhaps the flop of same when released may be considered a capital loss? If so you may have a chance at getting something back?

    Though I consider regret a part of life, it’s really only the things I didn’t do to stand up for myself that grind me when I let it.

    I too will be launching legal requests and action if required very soon……

    Good luck !

  19. omg I split with my scorp lezzo temper tantrum throwing wannabe C list celeb in may too! ?? argh. enough to put me off scorps forever.. lent her loads of cash too.. dumb. dumb. dumb. she’s now hooked up with the girl she pretty much cheated on me with.. I’m now basking in the light at the end of the tunnel but what a ride.. Good luck Sagg Diamond! ! !

  20. wow! i have been totally blown away by all your fabulous fabulous support, perspectives, wisdom and life experiences! thanks a trillion everyone and mystic!!!!! and omg! oh-so-funny-haha!! comments – some are total gold! :)

    update: i sent the letter thursday morning, politely worded of course and i kept it real (evidence based). so far, not a peep from scorp-c-list-celeb. but did receive mars-neptune style text msg from scorp-c-list celeb’s flat mate at 2:30am on friday. it was about 200 words of blue devil hoochie juice inspired ramblings which were actually projections about her own relationship failings and lack of self awareness…needless to say i remained silently haute Mars and thankful for zap-zone evolution. xx