Yes, Yes Uranus In Aries And All But…

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Dr Paul Moller and his M200G Volantor

Yes i think Uranus in Aries is going to bring flying cars and skybots, moon tripping, whatever BUT if one is going to have a flying car, it has gotta be a convertible, surely?

Would you want one of these if someone just gave it to you, it was eco and you HAD to use it to go practically everywhere? And if so, what sign are you?

57 thoughts on “Yes, Yes Uranus In Aries And All But…

  1. Oh why not. Instead of 15 minutes to work perhaps only 3-5? Cappy Moon tho might not like all the attention. Hope the glass is bullet proof though as you know how those “fly by” shootings can be. Yes, here in the desert, esp. in fall and winter, peeps drive convertibles.

    Aries Sun

  2. Bit impractical for camping…. I don’t currently own a car, but any car I lust after must have camping potential….

      • Oooooh – like the way cool ‘camper’ things that go on roof racks, and fold out into roof tents on 4x4s……. Oh, yeah, all in if it does that…..

    • Oh – Scorp….. C’est moi.

      Its like a smart car – love the concept…. but the practicality of it stumps me. Its impractical….

      But attention getting – Aries Asc loves that….

  3. I’ve wanted that damn flying car/skybot thing since I was born!! Did I mention the revelations I had as a child when I went to see Star Wars??? Well I did. Then along came Matrix which was the same kinda “baddabing” moment just in adult form. I was actually supremely frustrated in life until the advent of personal computers and the internet – it felt like the entire world was all WRONG somehow. God knows how I woulda survived the Stone Age. I’ve always been looking for stuff that hasn’t been invented yet.

    This image above though is wholly unsound for personally jetting about on the time space continuum. It needs to be sleeker, like a capsule, with retractible wings. The bubble head is all wrong .. I mean c’mon let’s get over the Jetson’s shall we???

    Cancer sun/Gem asc/Sag moon/Aqua mars/nn/mc

    • Yes design all wrong – needs to fold down to fit into bike rack with solar panels aspecting out!! And funkier much much more so, you don’t want to have to hide it around the corner esp. when everyone has just seen you fly in (tinted windows maybe)

      • Love the tinted windows thing. Over here, if windows are too dark, one gets pulled over if cops can’t see you at least a little. Spoze they couldn’t pull you over though unless they were flying one too and then you’d have to pull over to the nearest cloud (hovering) to get your ticket.

      • def tinted windows made of clear titanium or something!!!! .. and an entertaing area *nod nod nod*

  4. If it was free, totally eco, and can fit groceries and seat the furkids, then SURE!!! I don’t have a car at the mo anyway.

    Make it red, and the bubble bit, instead of see-through, make it reflective, like one of those window film coverings where you can see out but peeps outside can’t see inside…sweet…

    Virgo sun, Scorp rising, Pisces moon, Gemini Mars.

  5. I would love flying off all over the place in something like this. If it came with a stealth-cloaking option and a protective, impenetrable shield that obliterates anything solid or electrical in my path, that’d be even sweeter! I also (still) wanted a pair of flying boots but with overhead electrical wires everywhere, duh, don’t think I’d get much mileage out of them before being zapped to ashes. ;p — (1st day Piscean/Gem Asc/Libby Lunar)

  6. Love the idea.. if it can fly otherwise would have some practicalities issues for me..
    Its all very Jetsons which I loved as a child.. yep showing my age and still waiting for the little whizzing around cars…

    Pisces of course

  7. It flies, is theoreically eco-friendly and has look-at-me value. It could be a bit sleeker in design but the concept of this is awesome.

    Saggo, Aqua rising (enough said, really…)

  8. God yes, i’d be in like Flynn in less than a heartbeat, say Saggo sun/ mercury and Aries Moon. Wildly individual, ideologically sound, one hell-of-quick-and-tripped-out-journey, no near-exploding frustration waiting in traffic, and think of all the people (read men) you’d meet explaining WTF it is. (Hey man, if you can squeeze up real close, i can give you the ride of your life…)

    Not so fast, Buzz Lightning, says Scorp Ascendant – can you afford the costly eco-fuel, insurance, the outsize parking fees and the carspace, given that it is bound to attract considerable numbers of jealous/lightfingered/destructive-griffiti-ish/and or rigid parking inspector types? And do you really want lose the capacity to travel stealthily/incognito on bad hair days/black op missions?

    • Had a turbo charged engine car once. Guys always wanting to look under the hood. Too bad I was married ;)

  9. Aries – Not for the city.
    What about that Leo the Lion man, maybe for him ? resprayed with some sort of wild animal print design pattern work ? and gold glass ? ba ha ha ha .. no offence meant to the lions.

  10. Well if it is safe and has airbags and can be fitted with baby seats – ABSOLUTELY! It needs to be a bit bigger of course.

    And made a little crappier looking. I don’t want jealous fuqers keying it.

    Leo Sun, Gem Asc, Scorp Moon.

    • it’s anti gravity inside honey! you don’t need airbags. The kids are attached to like a vacuum suction droid that automatically encapsulates them in … oh fark I dunno … sugar free chocolate bubbles or something should they get out of hand!!! :mrgreen:

  11. Sigh…it wouldn’t matter if I wanted one, masses of people commute flying would quickly reduce population statistics.

    • you would obviously have to take a psychological aptitude test. The whole thing would be run on GPS satellite navigated system and peeps that aren’t deemed err … capable get to sit in the back sipping I dunno ultra-delta-brain-inducing tea whilst the thing flies itself.

      Obviously you being an Arian Scorp will have none of these problems :mrgreen:

  12. Pisc Sun Kata Asc Vir Moon plus multiple conjunct Lib… definitely but without the racing stripes. And I will keep the bubble as I wouldn’t want insect bits and disgruntled bird crap between my teeth or all over the controls… besides that’s what the air-con is for. No wind swept hair mess either.

  13. Aqua sun, Sag moon, Cap rising. Well my problem with it is that we have already clogged up every inch of the planet with annoying vehicles buzzing past at 100kms an hour – and now we want to do the same to every inch of the sky? Ahhhhh…..

    Quite frankly the way some people drive I’d live in constant fear of one of these smashing into my roof. Imagine the d*ckheads who would love to hoon round and show of their fully sick moves to their mates. “Watch this man” …….* vroooom crashhhh*. I think you would need some sort of an IQ test before you could have one – that way morons who smash into you and write off your car because they “didn’t see” the three prominently displayed “no right turn” signs placed at the intersection don’t get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these and f*ck up my air space as well.

    That sounds elitist – it is – I know, but I don’t care. I’m an Aqua – we are just so freakin’ humanitarian and all in all bleedin’ wonderful we can get away with it . (“Don’t take what she says to heart gov’nah….You know underneath her mean exterior, bad temper and refusal to suffer fools gladly – she’s gotta heart of gold ”)

  14. would i use it?? if it was given to me and did everything i needed it to and it looked as cool as that? for SURE! who wouldn’t?!
    pisces sun, cap moon, gem asc

  15. As a Taurus, I would absolutely use the flying car on only one condition: it never goes higher than 1 foot off the ground.

  16. Love one! Was ABSOLUTELY convinced as a child I could build one, would not be convinced otherwise. Parents were quite concerned. Been waiting all my life for my flying car!

  17. Don’t give a shit what it looks like- if it flies through the sky I am driving it. As a kid I used to dream I could fly and have had a fascination about flying ever since……love it!

  18. Absolutely – I think it’s freaking cool, and the way people drive (and wander into the street without thinking to look for traffic first) around here, I’m sure it would be a whole lot safer to hover a few feet in the air instead of being on the ground.

  19. This is not a Uranus in Aries look. It’s like a naughties corvette. Uranus in Aries is when this thing is installed in the basement. You get in, give it directions and zip… Your downloaded, and transported to another pod like this any place on the planet. It’s why we need fibre to the home ;)

  20. Libra Sun/Aries Moon

    If I could afford fuel & flying lessons, than yes – definitely. Have always dreamed of flying.

    I liked the skycar volantor better (photos in link) – the one above is a little ridiculous-looking – like a cartoon of a UFO. Too bulky – you’d have trouble seeing the ground you were landing on over the body of it. The scientist looks so absurdly seriously in it – he should look like he’s having more fun!

    It occurs to me that if this is the future, then I should enjoy the relatively clear skies now while we still have them. They’ve always been my escape when the world on the ground is ugly and cluttered. How much longer do we have a sky where we look up and see mostly only birds and blue?

  21. As amusing as it is to imagine, I think Not The Future. Reliance on computer generated safety features too prone to error. Same (present) prob on the ground with goods movement logistics with robotic transports. Anti-grav stopsigns? Air clutter protests? I think we are heading to reconnecting to the earth/Gaia and our future technologies will incorporate this. If we fly, it will be as individuals, the experience being closer to a bicycle ride than car transport.

  22. Infuriating. How far did the Segway get – hello?

    Who could we trust to legislate this crap?

    lets sort out cars/pollution/petrol before we go here?

    do i sound eco? Just went on date with mental aries greenie – he thinks we should get used to life walking (that’s it) and cycling – no hair dye, no music except live stuff we compose and perform ourselves (as against electricity) and i said “wot – no botox?” as (sort of) joke and he lectured me for half an hour.

    He so not my scorpio thing man

  23. I don’t like it at all. I mean, what’s the point of flying around in the sky anyway? How is it going to solve traffic congestion? And when we do, won’t it just be a sign that we’re running out of room on the ground? No more beautiful parks etc.

    AND I don’t like the look of it. I mean how cliche can you get? BORING. If we’re gonna make a new invention it better look super cool and different too! :D Why copy aliens with their UFOs when we can be individual as a species :p

    Pisces sun, a touch of Aqua, Leo rising and Kataka moon.

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