Venus Scorping Up & The Shopping Moon

Steven Meisel

Venus is still only at Zero degrees of Scorpio i think but is already Scorping up brilliantly…My in-box is chocka-block with oh-my-godding about love triangles, sex scandals now breaking and sudden-panting-lust-crush scenarios.

I shall naturally be bringing some of these to you shortly, to help aid in your understanding of astrological cycles…not (just) for sleazy prurience.

AND i have thought this for ages but Moon in Libra truly is the best Moon to go shopping on.

As an Aqua Rising, i tend to wear things until the crotch has nearly gone on them (okay, if they are jeans or work-out pants, obviously) and they kind of have to be replaced. Then i wander around and have really inappropriate anxiety attacks as nothing seems right, why don’t i fit in to the dominant fashion paradigm (?) blah blah blah.

But now i finally accept that, if one is not a natural-born-clothes-shopper, one waits till the Moon is in Libra and voila:  Shopping Utopia.  Jeans that fit fab and look good first go, perfectly genius easy classic t-shirts that go with them, insanely friendly/helpful shop-peeps and everything is on special.

76 thoughts on “Venus Scorping Up & The Shopping Moon

  1. “Jeans that fit fab and look good first go”- OK I will have to try the jeans shopping again, as this was sooo not the case yesterday. Then again if you gain 15 kg cause you live with a Scorp who has some bizarre “eat anything and it doesn’t make you fat” metabolism and you STUPIDLY think you can do the same then its your own fault if you gain 15kg!!! He has just ordered FIVE pizzas and baklava for dinner /dessert.. Now about those fab fitting jeans again, where do they sell them??? Anyone…… Oh who cares I’ll just buy more make up

    • I went jeans shopping yesterday. I almost had a cry in the dressin rooms of a jeans chain store.
      All I want is a pair of straight/kinny leg jeans I can cuff and give myself a bit of a 50’s rocker look (in black). Some of the skinny jeans I could not get over my ankles. MY ANKLES! I KNOW I DON’T HAVE FAT ANKLES. I am a &*^^**&&(^*&^ size 10 you jeans designing assholes!! and I know this _because_ I have size 10 everything else!
      Levi’s have bought out a special ‘curves’ range, where the waist band allows for the more hippy varitey of woman. I ended up at the most curvy end of the scale, and yet still ended up with a muffin top that would fill baker’s delight with awe. If I went a size up, the jeans would be all baggy around my thighs. THERE WAS JUST NO WINNING.
      I then proceeded to watch Mad Men for the rest of the afternoon, muttering to myself that I could totally rock the Joan Holloway look and should buy more vintage dresses.

      • Citizens of Humanity are the best….Or Seven jeans. Once you get into one of those, you will not go bk.

        Those curvy Levis are an abomination – massive muffin top for SURE. I looked so frightful in them i had a panic attack at the mall. Pls try citizens or seven as i think you will be very happy

        Also, in case anyone is interested, i saw a friend of mine out last night and i DID NOT recognise him as he has slimmed down so radically, so flatteringly (not like bad “illness” sort of weight loss) and looked so much younger i literally did not recognise him and he said ALL he did was give up wheat.

          • I take it all back… I bought fab jeans… and the most fantastic vintage frocks you have ever seen.
            And on 80’s shiny disco shirt. That was only a few dollars and hilarious (and purple)

  2. Really? Honestly I feel like every possiible love interest has suddenly died in their sleep. Never had such a silent couple of days. Oh well, out with the old, in with the new…will go shop instead.

  3. Ffffftttt.
    Yep feel the same tumble weeds going past me on a sat night.
    Echooooooo Echooooooooooo.
    Would love some of that love action.

      • *salutes*
        I am trying to be careful about what to wish for. I would like some male attention from someone I am willing to be interested in and who is worth my time.
        I would not like to wind up in some stupid torrid situation (again).

  4. O this moon in libra, terrible terrible shopper has taken note – I have taken to the Sock and Undies wardrobe – you know the one that facilitates the seemingly indefinite alternate wearing of 3 pairs of trousers, 5 tops before a begrudged washing day? Weirdly, I do have a fairly expansive wardrobe and shoe-robe but just cannot get enthused about diversification and am too bloody pissweak to deliver the fantasy wardrobe to the opshop.

    As for that venus scorpio thing, my motto is ‘dignified silence’. Mystique is the only card I have up my sleeve at present although really, am currently feeling shockingly asexual these past few weeks.

  5. Was planning to snuggle up with Dr Aqua this evening to watch a movie, but Nooooo…Because I didn’t realise every freakin code of football was on tonight!! 8O

    Dr Aqua has never played sport professionally, but if you were here you would think it was the case. Knows every rule, calls things right before the commentators etc & this is on ALL codes…. Oh well, might go shopping instead…. :D

  6. If Venus in Scorpio is passing you by (patience – it’s only been a few days) and you don’t want it too – ie: you want action and it all feels stagnant – go activate the Peachblossom Sector…I did it the other day & voomp – instant action…aND NOW i must go out, heh heh

    • Think I may have activated the peachblossom sector by mistake … a few days ago I had an opium-dream type fantasy about having two lovers who were best friends … and the next night at a party I met two guys (best friends) who each asked for my number and I now appear to be seeing both… am going to bed early to get more sleep to fortify myself.

      Men … they’re like buses.

  7. Sorry i meant to add that there is a post on here about it and it links – i think – to where you can work out the peachblossom part of your chart. This is a form of feng shui banned in some places as – remember – it does not guarantee the quality of partner types attracted. It’s a quantity spell.

  8. As a multiple libran every thing looks good on the racks but somehow not on me. I have given up on shopping, spent winter in clothes rotated every three days that I had from last season or were given to me. (Why do I look good in other peoples clothes that they don’t look good in but nothing at the shops? – Must be those hideous mirrors and my picky eyes).
    Have taken up sewing again – which I don’t really have a lot of time for and virgo in 5th house means more unpicking than sewing. Result I still have nothing to wear.

    Will wait till next Libra moon and try this out, better start saving.

  9. peachblossom sector??? where is that? I need to know i reckon!… im thinking venus in scorp may not mean action, but if not… transformation… death to old ways of being… interesting exploration of majik and the occult in this area of our lives… but im happy if it means action… for sure! let me know

    • peachblossom into search bar to your left . . . takes you straight to it! And it just had me removing vases of old water and flowers from my sector (also my workspace) – weirdly, the vase and the flower colour and quantity were all correct, albeit the flower was dead …

    • I just did the peachblossom-sector-finding thingy.
      My toilet just happens to be in this sector…..I`m guessing this is NOT good.

  10. Peachblossum place? Have I missed something here? I feel it building M, in a big release kinda way. *sigh*
    Thank you btw and the wonderful bloggers (prowlin, fallen, sweetpea, hell everyone!) you never cease to entertain me with great wit and astro. You are always spot on…visuals ~ words etc!
    My recently battered 4 times Cap hell feels better already bring on the Sex/Love/Magic! Scorp anything has always rocked my world. Cheers to you all and feel the bloody love baby!

  11. Count me in for activating peachblossom sector!!

    Nothing nada so far, other than intense dreams, even thought whether Venus placed me in lost and found room and noone is looking for me.

    Come to think of it, Venus is transiting 8th house so maybe it is better to keep low profile. 8th house resembles Pandora’s box.

  12. Early days, allright. Dreamt of my ex lastnight whom I still love and have a fascination with but so don’t want to be with again, so the dream like catapaulted me back out into the land of availability/possibility. (Pisces rising….don’t take action without catapaults)

  13. bought two organic chickens and built a fire out side. It was huge and then I seasoned and cooked it all up like a troglodyte would. I love this time of year.
    I had to do it.

  14. Had a difficult, anxious week. Can’t seem to get anything done. Where’s the magic? I’m looking all over.

  15. Am hoping Venus in Scorp’s passage thru my 2nd house activates my cash sector so I *can* hit up some good shopping next Libra moon! Pending that, I’ve got 2nd-house Moon conj Neptune that would love to get it’s shop on. :)

  16. Your description of Aqua Rising made me laugh out loud – so true for me! And yes, last night went shopping on the way home and found the MOST AMAZING COAT EVER. Which is so rare for me, I have unusual taste and don’t usually find things that make me go all giddy. Plus found an awesome sweater/jumper that’s just perfect. And effortless, like you said. Libra Moon shopping is def going to be a monthly ritual now!

    Getting ready to try the Peach Blossom, have the spot picked out and the right color vase, but need to figure out what flowers I can have in the house with kitties…

  17. Venus in Scorp is moving through my 12th and right now is conjunct with my Neptune. Been having crazy dreams about practicing beautifying rituals and meeting truly hot men, just as I like them. Injured myself exercising on the new moon. Since moving the slightest bit ‘wrong’ causes me to scream, unable to take advantage of anyone who might show up.

    Had some MSM due to arrive day after injury and thirsted for the relief it would bring like a drowning in pain person would. Last bit of Mercury retro has my package two hrs from my house, then post office sends it out of state for a few days. Their explanation amounted to, We are the post office..we are stupid. What did you want? Still haven’t got it.

    Did the peachblossom fs but awoke last night thinking, IS that east?? Might need to adjust it. Hope it brings someone bearing MSM…

    I’ll have to try the Libra shopping moon.

    Moon is in Scorpio. I’m going to do rituals!!

      • ah so you do the msm stuff… and you like? i havent tried it yet, but was thinking about giving it a go until i read all this anti-msm stuff, and ive been waiting to talk to someone who has used it… do you get the cant jump in the pool thingo? like too much chlorine will make you explode or burn from the inside out? I dunno… but id love to know how it goes for you

        • Never heard the chorine thing. I love MSM. Keeps you flexible and helps heal injuries. Makes your skin and hair soft. Pain reliever, too. I exercise 2 hrs a day, 6 times a week, so for me it’s a necessity to keep the injuries away. (I’ve been out of msm and I have an Aries thing of hyperextending myself. Is it no pain, no gain, or too much pain, no brain?! :) ) I take 2-4 tablespoonsful with 1/2 teaspoon of a bioavailable vit c daily. MSM and C builds collagen. Couldn’t live without the stuff.

          I’ve taken MSM and been in a pool and haven’t exploded. I could be the exception to the rule tho. ;)

          • You could also take angstrom sulfur if nasty isn’t your favorite flavor (the flavor of MSM). They also sell MSM in capsule form. Angstrom sulfur is flavorless but more expensive. It’s possible it’s more bioavailable than cystal/powder MSM, and does the same thing. Really makes your hair gorgeous.

          • @fluidfeline — taken straight off a website:

            Pure MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)
            MSM is a sulfur-bearing molecule found in all living organisms. Sulfur is one of the five elements of life and is needed to form crucial blood proteins and amino acids. When our diet lacks MSM, the cells become rigid and lose the ability to flex back. These are cells that are associated with aging
            MSM facilitates the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients, which promote the healing process of skin. MSM is a bioavailable source of dietary sulfur contributing essential sulfur for the synthesis of proteins, hormones, connective tissue, and enzymes. As a central component of collagen, sulfur assists the body in preventing inflammation and facilitating repair of connective tissues. MSM is more beneficial when taken with a complete Vitamin C, which is known to be essential for synthesis of connective tissue, enhancing the absorption and utilization of MSM.

            I have had a good experience with it. And no pardon needed for ignorance I hope, or I’d be apologizing all the time!

  18. I have mad shopping skillz. With my Moon in Libra and a stellium of Sun, Mars, and Venus in Cancer, I can almost always find what I want at the right price.

    I have what I have long termed “bargain radar”: I just get this feeling that I should go to a particular store at a particular time. Somehow, I always end up finding one or more of the items on my list of stuff we need/want/will need eventually*.

    *I keep an inventory of necessities that I have gotten on sale in my basement so that I never have to pay full price. When I need a new box of foil, jug of laundry detergent, or bottle of shampoo, I just trundle down to my basement.

  19. Am totally going to try the Libra moon shopping thing.

    I went shopping a few weeks ago and had to check the ephemeris to see where the moon was since it was the most FANTASTIC shopping experience ever.

    Found fabulous jeans that fit, just picked the first ones I saw up, tried them on and voila. Plenty of sales, i.e. dresses which were $80 were now $1.99, crazy stuff like that, so I bought six. And just wonderful shop assistants who actually HELPED me.

    Designer shirts on sale so bought one for S.O. and the most fabulous pair of jeans for him by just guessing, and now he wears them everyday.

    I was so shaken after the beautiful shopping experience I almost shed a tear.

    Just checked and the moon was in Gemini…hmmm, but there was a New Moon in Virgo coming up so maybe energies were with me for an overhaul of basics.

    • ~I was so shaken after the beautiful shopping experience I almost shed a tear~

      LOL I understand your feelings, I have horrible, frustrating shopping experiences. Tho I did find my Virgo new moon shoes very quickly and marked down, too. Moon in Gem then.

  20. ok ladies and gents. It could be because I also just – serendipitously – got on amazing Chinese female tonic herbs, but both my multiple Sagg bf with Venus in Scorpio, and this little Cappie with Gem rising – also Venus in Scorpio – have been shag-shag-shag non-stop.

    Or it really could be the Venus in Scorpio. Yikes. At this rate, and with these herbs, by January who knows what may happen.

    Oh, and we’re off to vacation to islands for a week the week after next. Warm water and more sex. Omg. I am in trouble.

  21. This is insane..from getting through the zapping zone to Venus in Scorpio and now the shopping moon. It all resonates sooooo strongly for/with me. Clothes fitted first time, shop assistant girls kitting me up for hot date..bring on the Venus magic, sex karma!!!

  22. What with Virgoans dominating fashion and the influence of air, both Libra and Gemini, would shopping come under Mercury and Venus?

    I wonder how a Taurean moon responds to shopping? Maybe that’s too much like hard work and then you would have to stop for extra creamy chocolate milkshakes and Chinese shoulder massage every 45 mins…

  23. I’ve been online shopping All. Day. Long. I want to find the perfect fall/winter leather boot! Hopefully my quest will be fulfilled.

  24. Ran into the person whom I felt I would run into, but about whom I know longer trust my instincts. Said person pretty much played out the sitch like they’d been reading the dailies, leaving me feeling much like my dailies suggested I would. Tried to be excited that at least maybe my instincts are back, but instead it reminds me that whilst there may be magic and karma, I’m not sure it is going to be very much fun.

  25. Went shopping for new sensible but fashionable shoes for work yesterday, and was seduced by totally awesome (and not at all sensible) stilettos (at half price even). I was thrilled by my purchase but new Pisces lover just seems to see it as one more thing about me that he can’t understand – so feeling really unsettled this morning.

    And not helped by the fact that unfortunately some other (at this stage anonymous) natural born shopper was also enjoying my credit card yesterday – woke to email to contact Bank Fraud section this morning. They were reassuring but I feel worse today than at any time during the Zap Zone. Still, means my day can only get better from here … I hope. Peachblossom hey?

    • Hmm, just read peachblossom and that’s not what I’m looking for. Hugs from my Pisces man is all I’m wanting.

      • And the Bank to get the person flogging your dosh! Hugs GLR… Maybe serve your Pisces lover his / her fav beverage wearing nothing but your new stilettos just as the sun is setting..?

  26. Lol, yesterday (the 11th), my best friend of 23 years (sagg) and I (gem/lib rising) went shopping to help me find some new glasses and some prescription sunnies. we ended up having a very cute and absolutely hilarious encounter with our Scottish sales guy who ended up spending around an hour and a half helping us with my purchases. through which we all literally laughed so hard we were in tears and he preceded to tell us that we are two of the funniest lasses he has met in Australia and that he wants to write us a short comedy skit to perform :) and my best friend who happens to be engaged decided that she’s in love with him! talk about libra moon Scorpio Venus craziness. lots of fun!! :)

  27. You are so on target with the shopping moon thing – jeans, t’s, lingerie & shoes – all fit and looksfab and are on special and you you didn’t even know till you went to pay! It’s like you’re living in The Truman Show!

  28. Thanks for the advice Mystic, I dislike clothes shopping too, get exactly the same way when I’m forced by need to go into those alien places.

  29. Nada. Nothing for this Ramzilla so far. Sixteen month drought (not that I am counting of course) must end soon PLEASE!!!

  30. Sarah Wilson’s piece struck a cord re going without new things – 1 month no new clothing items lead her be resourceful & to wear a different piece daily that hadn’t been worn for months / ever ….from her existing wardrobe.
    But then again she’s got a pretty rad collection…….

    Links to October run Salvos drive – nothing new for a month :)

  31. Week of anxiety and discomfort turned into an end-of-week slap in the face. If this is karma? I must have been a real asshat in some past life.

  32. Sorry to sound like a total wanker but i go without new things for a month ALL the time. I simply buy at the start of each season and that is that. It is the easiest way to do it. Now, of course, i am going to wait for the new season libra moon

  33. Libra moon-time has always been a good time for me to find new clothes/jewelry/ accessories, but I have always attributed this to it being my lunar-return time (i.e., I’ve got Libra Moon natally). Might that be the same reason for you, Mystic, that you’ve found luck buying new beauty thingies when the Moon is in Libra? Anyone else notice the time each month when the moon is in the same sign as your natal moon that shopping is particularly auspicious?

  34. Not much of a shopper. Been where I live three years and that’s exactly how many times I’ve been to the mall….3

  35. Bugger where the moon is, I can do clothes shopping any time! BUT I donly buy a lot, only buy what I happen to see looks unique and suits me, stuff fashion and being told what to do by the fashion police. On Saturday I went to a plus-size fashion show, great fun and very laid-back, and bought two purple tops, a lace over-top, and a GORGEOUS purple patterned jacket. All reduced by 25% in the fashion show. How good is that?

    • Joan Rivers has a new show over here (she’s had it before)…”The Fashion Police”. Brutal…(but okay, hilariously brutal albiet shallow but that’s Hollywood…You couldn’t pay me to walk any red carpets).

  36. As good as it gets Libraquarius, and after my post yesterday I hit the shops and bought TWO pairs of jeans REDUCED TO HALF PRICE and DOWN A SIZE from last time due to weight loss!!!!! How good is THAT!

  37. All I have to say, is that the picture for the post is driving me nuts. HER FOOT!! HER GNARLY TOES!! wtf, please lady, unscrunch your poor toes!!!

  38. What else is this Venus in Scorpio phase good for – other than possible love stuff? Seriously, I think they’ve all died. Either that or my mother has contacted my phone company to block incoming texts from anyone toxic.

  39. I’m horny as hell!!!! But stuck overseas. A few cuties. But I can’t undertstand anything they say, and the lazy bone has taken over.

    But the shopping budget has hit sky high levels.

  40. completely true. just scored completely fab clothing at store unexpectedly. went in for a dresser came out with $84 of clothes and a kick-ass ginormous mirror.