The Sagittarian Games Room

Douglas Friedman

Every Sagittarius needs a games room. Even if it is just a small study in which the Sagg can meditate, drink Blue Devil Hoochie Juice or zap the brainwaves into theta via Nintendo or something.

And a Sagittarius of means such as Ms Christina Aguilera can clearly afford to way over the top with the games room. Note the pink pool table, pinball machines and retro-Atari machines (Space Invaders?) perfect Playstation style couch-plasma set-up teamed with chandeliers.

She is so totally a Sagg that it’s ridiculous:  Venus, Midheaven, Mercury, Neptune, Sun and Mars all in Sagittarius. Multi-multiple conjunct Sagg. It’s also all in the 10th House – loaded 10th House so often = peeps who live quite happily in the public eye. You see it in successful performers and those who run big enterprises.

This is like Sagg heaven. The perfect place to wile away the jet lag and entertain one of your 10,000 close friends.

What do you think? Would you Zen out in a games room of this style?

42 thoughts on “The Sagittarian Games Room

  1. snap! I think my saggi ascendant was psyching this games room notion – I was just day-dreaming about how I need to gather a personal collection of exotic musical instruments … spooky

  2. oh wow! awesome. i wouldn’t zen out tho, that’s for my sauna / 100 hectares of ocean-side rainforest to do… this is one big playspace. what it would be good fpr is distracting the mind while i am processing Big Thoughts – i walk out after 3hr marathon pinball session and eureka! my answer / creative solution pops into my head. aaah

  3. Not at all appealing to Aries Sun, Sag Moon. Although I would play pool and sit in front of the fire, the rest is too over the top for me. As someone who works at computer all day the last thing I want to look at during leisure time is more screens.

  4. this saggo likes the colours and such, but i’ve never really been into those kinda games. once was pretty good at pool, but not anymore. i would like the option of a room like this everywhere i went, that i could go to for some “me” time – lol :)

  5. Oh my god…

    I would lose my freakin mind in that room!! There would be no Zen, just fierce competition…’Dirrrtty’ even…
    ‘C’mon Xtina, you be walking over….but you be limping back!’


  6. the colors, crystals and over-blown poshness are sagg for def. but the multiple tv’s would cause seizure to anyone not on coke/crack. actually, i think a gemini could handle all that media, but not without being in dire mental straits to begin with…. that said as a multiple-y conjunct gem.

  7. Zen out? No.
    So many colours.
    Being in that room would make me feel sick. The carpet is gross.
    Mind you, it would prolly be fun on acid.

    • but Vera, how would you ever find your way out ?

      Too many patterns, sea sick feeling …

      Defo out for sun, water and 4 x gem – Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn maniac !

  8. Yoiks that’s a high-energy space. Have Sagg moon and it looks like great fun for about 5 minutes to me. Cancer sun would feel blitzed and need a calmer refuge immediately.

  9. Nonononononononononono.

    Cant handle it. At all. Gimme a nifty Backgammon set, preferably in the park (or memorably on the ferry one evening after a long weekend at the beach). Boardgames yes. those pinging/flashing/singing things? Nononononononononono

    • Ahaha backgammon!

      Reminds me of when I was at a lodge in the snowies & after dinner we all went to this huge lounge room over looking the snow. After a many few drinks, the board games came out & after a while this guy says ‘er I’d really like to play backgammon’ & everyone groans! I felt bad for the guy so I ended up mediating for a game of backgammon & my peeps still laugh about it.

  10. No. Not ever. If i were forced to spend time in that room i would be found in fetal position the pool table.

  11. I would LOVE to play in this room. But my Toro/Katakn planets want a nice king bed & mini-bar upstairs for my private afterparty.

  12. Ive misplaced the spare set of keys to my car, I’ve already lost the originals… pissed off at myself. Then I saw that picture had an urge to poke my eyes out with a pen.

  13. Sagg moon here and I must say I think this room is really really UGLY. Its like a 1970’s RSL pokkies room on steroids. Make it stop…..

    • Irk … you’re right there LJ … way too much retro stuff happening. The ugly side of retro at that.

  14. This Sagg-Moon is disgusted by the not-full-sized pool table – and green please. The baize must always, and without exception, be green.

    The room is in frightful taste but I applaud the spirit of the thing.

  15. Once again proof that money cannot buy taste. I think that’s the lesson for the downside of Sagginess: just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  16. Well, it ~looks~ fun if anything. Now whether I could see or think straight to play a game is another matter. But I love Christina and imagine her Saggie just OTT with that huge stellium…

    She got a standing ovation for this performance….

  17. I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it – thanks Mystic! I’m not as multiple as Ms. Aguilera but it definitely works as a fun space/design idea for me :)

  18. I’ve got nothing in Sag or the ninth house & my libra self is shuddering. Too, too, too much head-spinning bling. (Makes me want to run away to a Zen monastery.)

  19. Cancer Taurus Tarus: this room makes me want to curl up and die. Zen out in that room? No way….it’s way too over-the-top busy for me.

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