43 thoughts on “The Sagittarian Bolt Of Truth

  1. Tina Turner is so beautiful beyond her years! :)

    I heard that chain mail outfit weighed like 80lbs.

  2. She is one red hot mama. At her concert i was trying to look up her
    impossibly short skirt to see what she wore underneath….short shorts!
    It was the first time i saw red soles on shoes, Chrsitian Loubutin of course.
    The man who revived her career in late 70’s/early 80’s, Roger Davies, previously
    managed Sherbet. Iused to share a house with him & his wife before they
    located to LA when i lived in Sidders. Daryl’s wife at the time & myself worked
    at The Bondi Lifesaver wine bar aka The Bondi Wife-Swapper.
    Remember Tina was The Acid Queen in ‘Tommy’ the movie. Freaky & supberb.
    And Daryl Braithwaite played Tommy in the rock opera in Melba co-incidently.
    Tanx for the memories……..

      • Amazing huh? Thanx for that Andromeda. Of course Roger Daltrey
        as Tommy! It’s ALL coming back like an acid flashback :-)
        Went to the Who’s studio in London whilst they were recording
        Quadrophenia & blown away by the state of art equipment (compared
        to what we had in Oz). Then went to Tramps niteclub later with Kieth Moon. Bianca
        Jagger was there with what looked like a Nubian Slave wearing lots of ivory.
        She sent a bottle of Moet over to the table. A table of 5 of which i am the only one
        still alive. Sad. Sandy Denny the Voice took me around. Also gone to music heaven.
        Send me back to the 70’s in a time machine…..did i have fun or did i have FUN?

        • Awesome partying Pegs! You DID have fun :)
          I don’t know why I never liked the ’70’s vibe/culture, but I was barely there being born then, just seemed kinda sexist and sexual (not in a good way) power with ignorance or something… Perhaps I haven’t understood it correctly, glad someone was enjoying it very much!

          • Was in the cocoon of the fledgling music industry not industry
            then but run from 2 terrace houses, 1 in Melba 1 in Sidders.
            Melba one was called ‘Let it be’ & Sidders was ‘Sunrise’. Even did
            Roadie work when required & searched for band-aids in the audience.
            So i was with the least sexist peeps on the planet.
            Course everyone rooted like rabbits (pre-hiv). Gays were adored coz
            the loved women, most being in fashion & hair anything creative. And
            ‘creaming your jeans’ was obligatory when listening to guitarists or drummers.
            Billy Thorpe brought over a real true guru from WA, long white hair &
            beard who we thought was GOD. Showed us how to juice fruits & veg.,
            totaly holistic & told us to hi-tail it to QLD. This is how Noosa became
            the place it is now & Syd peeps went to Byron, where one could rent
            a 5 room house on 200 acres for $20 a week. (and grow advocado’s).
            Music industry relied on surfies to bring the hooch smuggled in boards.
            The the crims & lawyers came & took over………..end of story!
            I went to the other side of the world to live (under another name of course).

            ‘To live outside the law you must be honest’ wrote Dylan.

        • What an awesome story Pegasus!!! I too was just a little fox-let but I’ve heard of these legends.

      • OMG, I forgot all about that scene. I am ashamed to admit I saw that movie in a theater when it came out. That scene with Tina was almost as embarrassing as the scene with Ann Margaret swimming in baked beans. I think everyone who was in that movie, and everyone who ever saw it, wanted to forget it ever existed. I love Tina Turner, but she couldn’t rescue that movie. Nobody could.

          • Everything until about 75 was crap, but we were so desperate for something different, even ridiculous movies like Tommy seemed like an adequate diversion. Then we punks took over and smashed up all that pretentious “progressive rock” garbage. I loved the late 70s, that was my best time. If I could live any year over and over, it would be 1977.

          • That’s interesting, what was ‘crap’ about everything out of interest? I do like punk, can understand that being refreshing at that time…

          • My thoughts were that punk came to the fore because
            of the massive amounts of moula rock & roll stars were
            raking in not to mention The Managers & blue jeans, tee-shirts
            were being swapped for Armani. Who did that song Firoucci
            Gucci Mama..SkyHooks? In ’75-6?
            PUnk was anarchy & part jealousy. They wanted some of the
            drugs that the managers were cutting up with their gold Amex.
            It was not music tho’, it was discord & lucky for me Reggae came in
            to give me a choice. Rythmn, dub & the healing herb vis a vis screaming
            & herion.
            I freaked when i first heard & saw Debby Harry as my dials were set
            to rock n roll, reggae & blues. Just an opinion tis all.
            And Libran Moon set on Beauty…..?

          • Okay, I’ll answer your question with a little game I like to play called “one of these things is not like the others.” I just happen to have sitting here, one of my vintage magazines, Melody Maker, November 12, 1977.

            Top 10 US singles
            1. You Light Up My Life, Debby Boone
            2. Nobody Does It Better, Carly Simon
            3. Boogie Nights, Heatwave
            4. I Feel Love, Donna Summer
            5. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Crystal Gayle
            6. Star Wars Theme, Meco
            7. Brick House, Commodores
            8. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Next To Me, Barry White
            9. Heaven On The Seventh Floor, Paul Nicholas.
            10. Just Remember I Love You, Fireball.

            UK Top 10 Singles
            1. Name Of The Game, Abba
            2. You’re In My Heart, Rod Stewart
            3. 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Tom Robinson
            4. Rockin All Over The World, Status Quo
            5. We Are The Champions, Queen
            6. Yes Sire, I Can Boogie, Baccara
            7. Holidays In The Sun, Sex Pistols
            8. Black Is Black, La Belle Epoque
            9. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft, Carpenters
            10. Virginia Plain, Roxy Music.

            Maybe you can see why I spent what little money I had, purchasing expensive imported music magazines, just so I could find out what new stuff I wasn’t hearing in the USA. BTW, I have a scan of that magazine, you could have a copy if you like, you should read it. It is quite astonishing to see the old guard being swept away by the new scene. It’s a moment in time that will never be repeated.

          • Esp. the top 10 singles that you list for the U.S. back in ’77, Charles, (the year I graduated high school), no wonder I was into Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, etc.

            Saggie housemate (two years older than me) worked at Studio 54 in N.Y.C. back then. Boy has she got some stories.

          • *your in maaa heaaaaaaaaaart yer in ma souuuul – you be maa somethinggggggg when I grow olddddddd*

            *black is black a want ma baby back* – busts a move

            slams down a tequila shot and belts out *weeeeeeeeeeee are the champions maaaa frieeeeeeeeeends baddabaddabaaaaaaa* – massive air guitar

            *mutters* no idea wot yer on about Charles. I thought punk was the domain of middle class white boys, loitering around in $200 cherry red doc martens looking for a cause without a rebel – who were too uncreative to do anything more than get a smack habit and play shit three chord excuses for songs. And the one’s who lived turned into engineers, geologists or dodgy entrepreneurs like Malcolm McClaren. Load of old bollocks I say!

          • Now let’s not go gettin’ all Ahmadinejad (didn’t believe the Holocaust happened) on us Andromeda. Lollll Funny, girl.

          • I don’t know what kind of posers you hung out with, prowlincat, but that was not my experience. We were lower class, we were broke and had no prospects, the economy sucked, and we couldn’t afford speed or heroin even if we had the least inclination to do it (and we didn’t). We had to dodge rednecks who liked to beat us up for sport. But we did have some really great music, it was what united us, and it changed everything that followed.

          • What interesting stories Pegasus and Charles! No, no Sweetpea, I believe the ’70’s existed – I was there, just (a lot) smaller. I just had the impression that everyone who ever saw the 70’s wanted to forget it ever existed, like Charles said. :) But apparently not, I only have my Bianca Jagger flared pants to comfort me now.

          • haha, daughter born in ’86 had on some hip hugger bell bottoms (about ten years ago), and I found myself a little “possessive”. Said that used to be “my” style in the 70’s. Been there, done that…**snap** AND, she was 15 and I could wear HER pants. Double **snap-snap up down all around snap** ;)

            Guess she WAS a poser as far as the 80’s cuz she was definitly not here for over half of it and yet had her doc marten’s. :)

          • Well that was Perth’s version of punk. A bunch of pretentious wannabes fuelled by Scottish and English migrant kiddies who decided to drag their ‘tude from the UK into the Hay Street Mall. It took them ages to chill the fuq out and figure that the economy here was good, there was plenty of jobs and wearing leather jackets really sucked in 40 degree summer heat. The only explanation I’ve got is that Perth was so homogenous and dull back then that you had to get into something as a teenager to survive the blistering drearyness of the monoculture.

            But I do like The Clash, The Saints (Aussie), The Stranglers, The Jam. Never ever understood the fascination with Dead Kennedy’s or the Ramones, or the Sex Pistols, or even what’s her face – Patti Smith. Just totally blah and leaves me cold.

      • That saying ‘if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there?’

        But due to those decades of sound, now in 2010 music is an
        integral part of my bodywork techniques using a Bose system with their
        earphones plugged in & onto person for ‘touching the divine’, Music
        as Therapy. Music as Healing Force, the Mozart Effect ‘n all
        but not with Mozart not even Tschaikovsky!

        Going for another infa-red sauna, spa float (Watsu) & reiki-toning
        this arvo (Taurus Moon..right on). She wants advise on what music to run thro’
        the 20 min sauna as she now uses the subliminals for confidence re-inforcement.
        YAY……WATER….Torquoise blue….under muslin-gauze drapes….in enclosed glass
        studio over english garden with fairies at the bottom of it :-)
        And something about DNA encoding……she better be the Goddess i think she is.

        • Charles so remember Melody Maker Billboard & New Music Express as
          here in Oz they gave us, before Rolling Stone, all the goss & info. But
          took 3 months to get here unless posted direct by friend. What a joy
          to have them hot of the press in London when there.

          Must say during that period of ’77 was in the East so it was disco
          disco & disco…especially Brick House. That was made for dancing.
          Bee Gees Lady Marmalade mostly Mowtown stuff in Singapore.

          The list given is very eclectic………Thanx it’s a piece of history. Music being
          the food of life ‘n all.

          • I was lucky that here in the US, I got NME and MM only 2 weeks late. That was about enough time to start looking for the new albums in the record stores, which would show up a month late. But that wasn’t good enough, so I started listening to shortwave radio to get the new music while it was new. BTW, anyone want to buy an amazingly awesome vintage Sony shortwave radio?

  3. 70’s sci-fi movies — very strange. :| Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Logan’s Run..

    Oh, on topic? um…the Goddess *could* be like Tina Turner coz she’s powerful and everlasting.

      • That’s why I don’t believe raw vegan is a fad. Not only are the health benefits indisputable, it is a sustainable diet. A small bit of land and you can feed yourself. Barter with your neighbors and you just increased your nutrient diversity. Raise chickens, rabbits, of fish along with it, if you like. Backyard sufficiency. If we fed ourselves, small commercial concerns could feed those who can’t. And then we wouldn’t need Soylent in any color!

        Maybe I should start wondering about those raw, green ‘crackers’ I buy.

        • ArienScorp, you’ve just stoked my dreams again of being in my dream home with a vegie garden that’s big enough for crop rotation and to provide a home for some lady chooks for their eggs. Sigh…and it’s raining now in Melbourne, will daydream some more…

          What are these green crackers you buy? Better check the ingredients again, my cynical mind says it’s made of third world country people…those who stood up to neo-colonialism via land grabs, fresh water grabs etc by o/s companies and the like. Whoops, sorry, cynical bitch down girl! :lol:

  4. Did a creative endeavour sampling some of the dialogue in those movies
    & echo-ing them with electronic sampling. Love it.. so space cadet-y.

    Especially Barbarella….some of the dialogue is hysterical.
    ‘An angel doesnt make love…an angel IS love’
    And ‘excuse me while i adjust my voice box’
    Think i know it by heart…so to speak.

  5. Mystic, I read in a book called “sacred space” that everytime Neptune has a major square or opposition going on we get social reemergence of the goddess or a feminist positive swing and there’s the suggestion that as Neptune is heading to the point it was when humans first discovered it that this will herald another feminist turning point.

    Anyone else know anything about this? It’s due next year. Bring it on, I say. Am so over this gender divisive rubbish about men as boy beasts who can’t be held responsible for maturation. And women as domestic slaves, sexual hiennas or backward thinking princesses.

    My chart is ruled by Neptune, in Sagg, and I live and breathe to innovate other ways (chasing rainbows ) but I know all that “Men are from Mars/cars, women from Venus/quilting” stuff has been shown up to be so shonky and unscientific. I wonder if it’s just a clever economic tool to double the sales for every product and service available if you give it a gender.

    Anyone have these thoughts or am I on a slippery slope to Saggitarian cuckoo?

  6. i seriously love tina
    have same astro venus. I love how masculine her voice is.

    that red dress in tommy, infact that whole scene as acid queen has stayed with me forever. if I was an abstract character in someone’s head I think it would be that.

    • MS…is she just so hot she steams.
      Rarely use the word hot but for her H O T.

      Shall be on You-Tube all night now :-)