The Egg Chair – So Libran?

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This is the Egg Chair, considered a classic of Scandinavian design and by Nanna Ditzel - a Libran.

This chair seems more Cancerian to me – Librans, do you like it? I think it looks cool but it would be infuriating to sit in. And not being able to have 360 vision if needed? Yick.

But Librans throng the world of design and architecture in much the same way that Virgoans dominate fashion.

Where there is style in force, harmony to be achieved or a plebian limitation to transcend, Libra will there, reeking of tuberose, undulating and talking of symmetry in golden tinkling tones. They are designing people. Don’t you think?

And here is Ms Ditzel herself, posing in one of her designs and looking tres Libran, yes?

34 thoughts on “The Egg Chair – So Libran?

  1. My Libra rising hates it. I agree – not being able to see 360* would freak me out, especially with a view like that. It’s the kind of chair you’d be shot dead in if you were in a James Bond movie.

    And I’d feel like gollum sitting in it, all hunched and cramped. Posture is important for we Caps.

  2. This 7th house Libra sun is very much put off by it, I’d rather take out that glass and be sitting on the edge. While it has swing potential and that could be fun, having my view blocked in the back is quickly making me think, “this is when they will assassinate me.” I like the second design in theory but after a while I suspect it would make me rather nauseous.

  3. Librans & design hey? Explains Libran Dads design abilities despite not finishin high school. give him a wacky sloped piece of land, and he’ll design a gorgeous home for the…
    I love egg chairs, its my Cancer moon I think, I can curl and snuggle and burrow down for a long reading session. I also love hammocks.
    Gimme. Now. Please?

  4. the things one learns!

    when building the design emporium late last century – I negotiated the agency for Pierantonio Bonacina – the Italian brand who make this chair & for all the years we sold it 1. it was one of the few objects that stood alone without a ‘designer’ being referenced & 2. the Scandinavian link was never connected. Not once.

    Cancer, Gemini & the odd Scorp covet this.

    One of the few in public space hangs at The Icebergs bar overlooking Bondi.

    very happy to look at it, sculpturally, but have scant desire to laze in it!

    • ah, i’ve sat in that one at Icebergs, cocktail in hand.
      Twas pretty lusho, but that would primarily be due to the environment. I probably would have been happier on a couch/sturdy backed plastic chair with my feet up on the railing!

    • the Icebergs was designed by Italians – or an Italian & his Australian bfrnd now resident in Rome – hence the appearance of an item most Australian restaurant owners dont feel the need to extend their invesetment to the ‘real thing’ – more often than nnot here its a copy – but the icebergs one is real

      gotta get back to writing about Art, Design, Architecture & a bunch of other cool stuff!!

  5. Love love love the view, am seeing a chair I would like to sit in to look at that veiw and it doesn’t look anything like that (although it would be suspended) and it would feel as amazing as that view (is that cane? can’t stand cane chairs of any form).

    Of course visually her work is beautiful as a piece, great lines and symmetry etc.

    Libra: Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun.

  6. Yeah, I can see this chair as a Libra product. It balances off the chain, and hangs in the air. The Taurus earth sign in me insists that chairs are solid structures in firm contact with the ground.

  7. It is impossible to have one cocktail in the thing and then disembark from it elegantly. Or even sober. Like a Ferrari.

  8. As serene as it seems, this boney Capricorn is concerned about the impact on posture and spine alignment.
    I would think Librans would be equally concerned about the spine squish factor, they are, after all, like the posture-masters of the zodiac, no?

  9. I remember my experience of it being somewhat awkward, although that may have been the cocktails.
    I do love stools, or hair dresser chairs up high, where my feet dont touch the ground. In fact now that I think about it, I am quite bad about sitting with my feet on the ground, always propped up in some way or another to limit contact with the earth. No wonder my calves cramp.
    I’m a Gemini with very little air in my chart.

  10. Interestingly… a popular Sydney watering Hole in Surry Hills features one of these chairs on the balcony, and my friend the Libra Goddess loves it!

  11. I’ve seen one of these in transparent, so you can see all the way around, it was really cool actually.
    Personally, I’d like mine a more spherical shape so it’d have a bigger base to lie on, at times fetus-position, with my furry schnukems, for when the world is just too damn harsh. It’d have loads of comfy cushions.
    A spherical mood orb!!! When my mood is bright, it’ll be transparent; when the world is too crap, it’ll be opaque. When I just want my mandatory solitude periods, it’ll come with a blind or sumfin, so they can’t see in.
    Ah shite, I can’t tell at all I have Pisces moon & Scorp asc…yuk yuk yuk… :lol:

  12. Leo Sun, Gem Asc and Scorp Moon + lots of Kataka and I love it!

    I like looking out something and the view being framed.

    Why it has been hung in a carpark is another story..

  13. I love everything about it except the fact that it would swing – it would give me motion sickness. But if it could be made to magically keep still, I would like nothing better than to curl up in there with a glass of wine and a journal to scribble in, like my own secret little pod… and yes, I hate my feet being on the floor. I always fold my legs beneath me to sit on chairs – at home, at least.

  14. Hmm I like the look of it but my spine / shoulders didn’t. Need solid, stable furniture when snacking on cocktails and or reading a book. :)

  15. I have wanted one for ages now. I love the look of them but have never sat in one – which hasn’t stopped me scanning ebay for one every now and again – they are about $700 there and I just cant justify paying that for a chair for the verandah. I can actually remember buying one as a gift for a friend back in the 80s – from a cane shop – nowhere near as pricey back then.
    cap sun, aqua rising

  16. Lib Sun/Crab Moon/Aqua Asc

    Beautiful design piece, but I see it as being more ornamental than functional.

    But imagining the restriction to movement is freaking me out – that’s probably my Aqua speaking. I can’t sit ‘normally’ on a chair, or stay seated in any position for long – could that be an Aqua thing?

    And I don’t see enough space for a person and a pillow in there….

  17. Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant – nah, I like long, luxurious lounges where you can stretch out AND admire the view, not sit in that chair and wonder a) are you going to get into it okay or are you going to miss and land on your bum; or b) if you do get into it, how do you get out of it without a repetition of a)?

  18. I think it’s pretty cool. Taurus Venus would throw in a few pillows and it looks roomy enough to stash a few things. One could sit crossed legged and get a good dose of sunshine like a cat or dog loves to do. But it would have to be the peferct kind of day….clear, intense sun but coolish breeze. The view of the ocean looks heavenly. Neat so many Oz cities are on the ocean.

  19. Not this Libra (Sun & Mercury) I sat in one of those years ago & found it terribly uncomfortable. Like Bluelibra, I need a chair I can read in.

    Also, I hate (really, truly loath) mid-century modern – I like my buildings & furnishings pre-1920.
    Old is good, old is beautiful, old has character & soul and a rich fragrance & texture. (Although I have nothing in Cancer, I have Mars, Uranus & Pluto in the 4th house – would that account for my love of history & antiques?)

  20. These hanging chairs were popular in Big Sur California in the 70’s.
    Usually in srtong bamboo.
    I like it (LIbran Moon) so as to swing in the air above ground, especially
    with that view!

  21. Noooo. I would constantly feel like someone was going to sneak up on me, makes me feel exposed and vulnerable just looking at it, out there in the middle of nothing. *shudder.* Plus the swinging would make me dizzy. Cool to look at though, and WOW would I love to have that view…

    Kataka Sun/Mercury
    Aqua Moon/Rising/Jupiter