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Venus in Scorpio can, you know, manifest in strange ways.

It’s strange by definition.

So yes, you could be suddenly shacked up with your soulmate and/or enjoying a massive spike in – well – activity but think also of just trying to go with whatever is your most intense urge. Within the law, lol.

It may not seem to have much to do with love or sex – it could come through as a strong desire to sort $$$ or be fit or do some amazing art. It’s the super-intensity of the drive that marks it as Scorpionic.

Follow it through in as ‘haute’ a fashion as you can, draw upon the hi-qi vibe of Venus and Mars in Scorpio and you may be surprised to see where a little bit of healthy obsession gets you by mid-December.

Because that is when the intention of this transit will be made truly apparent to you.

More, obviously, in the Venusian Luxe Astro Confidential.

152 thoughts on “Stealth Venus

  1. The Scorpion Venus & Mars is re-lighting my libido.
    Definitley getting back in touch with my body that i ignored
    thro’ Winter.
    Excited about resuming work after such a long break from
    peoples. Thought i’d lost my mojo foreva & eva but can’t keep
    a good woman down. Just as well i say :-)

    • there’s definitely something in the air-after whingeing that i was trapped in a psychic convent, my most intense soul mate/scorching-hot-past-love- interest materialised from the ether (after several years absence)… bring it on i say!!!

  2. There’s a date coming up in November that will have Sun, Moon
    Venus & Mars in Scorpio……………perhaps i could go out that night
    with cape & boots.

  3. And take the obsidian & cryatal eggs out with me.
    Bring them out on the bar & wait for the conversation.
    Hire a hunk of a body-guard to pimp me…….or a Driver.
    MMMMM could plan a fun & frolicky night that night. Imagination
    now running riot.
    My Big Night Out.
    Yeah, in Adders? I’m dreaming.
    Probably the naughtiest i could get is to go stand outside
    Tatoo Central owned by The Bikies, New Boys or Hell’s Angels
    in Hindley Street as ank if anyone wants to take me for an icecream
    to Glenelg on their Harley.
    I’ll wear head to toe black leather with fringing & studs & carry a few
    of those swordy hat pins featured.

      • Weathergirl,
        Maybe i should have laid them out at Tattoo Central yesterday,
        as coincidently a boy got shot in the neck outside there last night.
        (it is actually a tattoo parlour).
        Dammit, will take them ALL down to Glenelg for an icecream
        and sort them out.

        • sounds like fun can I come too? we can get on the Voodoo hoochie Juice and howl at the moooooon

          • Anon, why are there not Dance Parties (Raves) cosmic
            Light & Sound shows for the over 40’s where i can trip
            the light fantastic? The group NRG is really something to behold.
            I loved that ‘I am your DJ & this is my Altar’ & ‘Higher State of Conciousness’
            (circa 96′). The dance til you drop nights & breakfast with sunrise.
            And standing close to the speakers & me saying ‘I am your Goddess’
            and be vibrated from head to toe & lifting arms in air in the peace & love
            Do you know all that trance dancing totally aligns the spine with
            the bass coming up thro’ the FLOOR & those crystal laser ights that
            i’m sure reprogramm the DNA code to the ‘Happiness Gene’.
            O Dear, too old for faceBook & too young for a recliner :-)

    • Pegasus, I am loving ALL your stories. Even the ones that haven’t happend yet. You are frakkin’ awesome. :)

      • Pegasus, Funny you should mention this! Love progressive trance/dance thing. I thought I was the only one in Neptune-Scorp generation to dig such things! My natal moon square Neptune and big time Uranus aspects, plus Pluto transit x several Cap planets or whatever digs it!

    • If nothing happens, I am giving up my faith in astro. lol I am starting to believe that it doesnt work. Crisis of faith yes kind of.

      • yeah i’m having a crisis of faith with astro too. Why is just the bad astro that happens but not the good stuff?

        • So far, I haven’t seen much of intensity in any Venusian aspect. I did go shopping yesterday and buy some tshirts–each in a different color–was that It?

          I tend to take the transits with a pinch of salt. Astro seems to do well in the psych aspects–the predictions, not so much.

      • I believed in astro since i was 11, now starting to have doubts. Predictions can be hard, well to predict. You can just guess i suppose..

        • I know how you feel, Sassy! Have at times gone, so wth, nuttin’s happening…
          This is true btw, not making it up whatsoever:
          I was having one of these moments, and was reading Aquarius Papers looking for a particular article. Out of all the articles brought up, I clicked on one. It wasn’t what I searched for, instead it was one that contained this reminder (I have it copied & pasted for easy access to remind myself): “Remember – it is NEVER in the stars, and ALWAYS within us. I do not believe that the planets or stars “cause” anything. There may be correlations with tendencies, but never causation.” I was like, wtf! Then looked up at the multiverse and proceeded to have a convo (one-sided?) saying fine, I get it, ok? *with some pouting thrown in for good measure :lol: *

          • I think you are right there UPV. Look too hard for what you think is ‘supposed’ to happen (and/or because you desire it to be so) and you miss what does happen. And that applies to life in general I think, not just astro.

        • it’s latent energy you can tap into to navigate things with more awareness not stone-cold facts yet to unfold. If you have a consultation with an astrologer it’s always going to be them with their own personality interpreting it in their own way – important to remember that with any kind of “reading”. If it’s predictions you’re into at the moment then maybe study some more esoteric angles like the horary + arabic stuff and the fixed stars cos they’re the ones that are actually based on where the stars are in the sky right now. The arabic parts are interesting too. It’s normal to have the crisis of belief or whatever they call it – they = the people who call things stuff. That’s usually when you’re at a turning point. xxx

    • Well, I don’t know…astro just points the way, right? We have to get up and do the walking to get anywhere. I’m having a lot of fun playing with the idea that the astro is enhancing love/sex, so where in my life can I change to maximize that? (The astro was good for love yesterday according to MM and my Saggo friend comes by unexpectedly bringing body oil for massage time. I’m a believer!)

    • Its how we channel the energy – I had the same crisis years ago, kept getting amazing ‘love’ stars, but zip zero nada happening…..
      The Astrologer slipped a comment in one prediction finally, that it is about where you focus the energy – so my ‘love’ stars we being focussed on myself and my relationship with my parents. which is now amazing. So these days I am aware of what my goals are are, and where my energy is going, so I note when the combo of my energy and the astro scene collide – and yep, there is ALWAYS a correlation…. I’ve had to practise this tho…..

  4. One can surely see how psyched up i’m getting over this date
    night in November…the one where fools go that angels fear to tread.

    I was conceived next to a Harley with a side car….my Father’s &
    in an orchard i was told.
    This was a time in the long past where everyone that wasn’t married, lived at home
    under the eyes of siblings or parents.

    • That’s a great story, Pegs. What kind of orchard was it? I wonder if anyone ever does an astrological chart for the moment of conception.

      • Conception can take place up to five days after the sex, so it would be really difficult to get a truly accurate chart as far as the fast moving planets.

      • Inchbyinch, it was my Aunty that told me (Aries)
        not secretive( Scorp) Mother, but being Adders, apples or pears.
        Strangely tho’ during one past life regression i was floating in
        the stars & refused to leave when the practitioners said i
        ‘had to come down to earth’.
        Always crave to make love in nature at night. Saggo trait
        or the way i was conceived…….they probably did it again the following
        5 days. All indoors feel like prisons to me. All clarity of thought is under
        the sky = spaciousness & freedom.

  5. Definitely resurgence in the libido for me. It’s sex, sex, sex! So glad. I thought I’d lost all interest in the past few months. My hubby’s glad too!

    • Lol – I asked an Aries friend with a Leo partner how their sex life was….. Experimental was the reply! We nearly fell apart in hysterics.

  6. Most intense urge? Freedom. To not be held by anyone’s expectations. But then I had this weird thought of finding some incredibly in-a-stable-rut guy and marrying him so I never need to think about what trail is best to blaze because the expectations are all laid out before me. I even know one I could pull off getting a marriage proposal from. Maybe my most intense urge is Doing Something Different. Probably.

  7. ditto on the libido reignition….well timed long wknd getaway to byron. Something much more interesting about random humping in a different town. No awkward bumping into humpee in coles,keeps the mystery magic alive.
    Still lusting after a beautiful gem boy, but like a fuqing fool helped him book a dirty wknd away with his new lady friend,in a fit of im so ok being pals with you lunacy. very distracting to chat with him while he is licking his lips and rubbing his nipples, not appropriate just friends body language!!

  8. Not even remotely romantic for moi … it’s all ’bout boundaries boundaries boundaries … no matter how damn cute they are and how much I might’ve liked to drag them into private time shenannigans in a prior life. They’re all mirrors and they’re all inappropriate. Oh blissful thanks for the lack of obsessive compulsions.

    Oh and all my new bed linen arrived today … it’s like PINK and white and cabernet and embroidered and de-fuqin-lux *bounces into bed for a catnap*

    • What happened to your plan to do something with someone inappropriate?! (And don’t tell us that you took your Nana nightclubbing or summat.. :O )

        • well let’s put it this way .. be careful of what you ask for coz someone *did* rock up, having just ended a long term relationship, all needy and so forth and also very, very drunk saying “come over come over come over” … and I felt myself devolving by the nanosecond just for entertaining the possibility. So whilst it met all the criteria of inappropriateness I honestly felt I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up in the mirror with any semblance of self respect if I engaged in such a tawdry …. scene. Instead decided to just “be a good friend” and enjoy my new bed linen unaccompanied. Howzat for Saturn in Libra eh eh eh??? ;)

          • Well done prowln, self respect always the happy way to go, you are too sensitive to engage in tawd.

  9. Libido has been crazy since re-connecting with new Toro, but no outlet. So I figured that Venus in scorp conjunct my natal Uranus is a fizzer (to date), as far as love n the rest go. But YES re the $. most diligently updating budget spreadsheets, setting up payments for debt ELIMINATION thank you v much, and chasing up someone who owes me a couple of thousand dollars :( So yes, I guess this is manifesting in terms of $$.

    and chalenging moon-uranus anything, esp square like today, always brings strange realisations re the Ex-toro…sadly true today also :(

    anyway on the balance it’s ok I guess. Sex and love are still in limbo land but the rest is under control, for now at least.

    • go for it UP & the boons will no doubt overflow to other essential areas requiring care!! ;-)

  10. it seems to be exciting work/nerd related things turning up and inspiring me, in nice practical taurean application type ways. a business related plan is slowly formulating. yay

      • Ah well I’m outta town so little opportunity for tempests. (though in old home city so who knows who may turn up at the pub tonight).
        Did leave a casual trail of bread crumbs for someone to follow if they so choose. But not getting attached to any outcomes.

        • Genius! Breadcrumbs! Where are you now, shell, this old home city?
          And this crumb-ee, from Melbourne or old city?

          Was weighing up within my noggen whether to leave breadcrumbs or not. Would the intended person be aware enough of said crumbs? Coz you know, I might think the crumbs are bloody obvious, but to another set eyes they may not be.
          Or should I just put it as ‘finally, in like forever, I may very well be on hols for Christmas-NY period or first two weeks of 2011; I’m gonna be here and here. You & I have been wanting to meet up for ages, so do you wanna?’
          Nearly did meet up end of 2009 but had no A/L left so couldn’t, even though he offered to shout tix to Thailand.
          Venus-Mars about to hit my ascendant, so things are a lil up in the air kerazeeeeee! So many things to put together, it’s seeing which piece falls into place first, such as can’t wait to start seeing naturopath, et al to finally sort me out in a wholistic fashion!

          • Brisbane is old home town. Breadcrumbs were defn melb. This place us defn no longer for me.
            And the breadcrumbs were not subtle. In fact prob only became breadcrumbs after my initial ‘do you want to do this’ generated a counter offer that couldn’t be taken up due to ne being in bloody Brisbane. I say do it. If he doesn’t/can’t take up your offer he either has a reasonable explanation or he doesn’t want to. Remaining non attached to outcomes (and only imagining positive ones) is key I think.

          • *copying and pasting “Remaining non attached to outcomes (and only imagining positive ones) is key”*

            Thanks for this succinct gem, shell!

  11. back to google stalking, strange diets and morose introspection BUT venus etc in my money sector apparently and that makes sense as i have become pleasurably obsessed with the stuff. LIke, saving it even.

  12. something is definitely brewing
    not sexually. need to be fed on a whole different level.
    did practically slap upside the supercrab’s head yesterday for meandering around in bed- just so he would hit me harder. anything less than pure intensity made me violent. I walked through every wall he raised. made him shag me twice then left straight after I came. conversation seemed ineffectual.

      • you go girl love the imagery, Sometimes words just can’t match the intensity of passion. I tried often to write how I felt after the Lusty Leo did a wombat but failed horribly.

        Most times I just lay in the dishevelled bed and breathed in the fading smell of lustand finished the leftover champagne feeling done over by a velvet mack truck, Next few days spent slathering paw paw on chin and every netherregion swoon
        I will never forget the intensity

        • Q. to wombat is disappear? hehe your description of lust is SO Leo. Textures and champagne, swoooning memories *cue hair flick*

          confession: I once had a large floor fan and it ended up by my bed (to accompany the arranged light sources) in summer for film clip style boudoir moments..

          • Ms…A Wombat eats roots & leaves.
            It’s an Oz term for a man that does that!
            I love the animal variety BUT the men that do that
            are so rude & classless.

  13. orders of leathers and chains have arrived just in time. will be cruisin’ this wknd for someone who knows how to admin without freakin’ out. don’t mind the bruising or surprises, as long as i get off.

    • applepieskies, I have a friend who is also having Venus & Mars transiting her 8th house, and she’s been having the “other people’s money” part of 8th house issues, including intense battles with an ex- over money and with the bank that holds the mortgage on her house. I Will Survive has also been her motto recently.

      • I imagine the money issue will reach its zenith when Saturn enters Scorp. Shuddering already. I’ve been having the same troubles, along with a lot of coming-out-of-nowhere charges and fees.

        My natal Venus is already in the 8th house, along with Pluto. I was hoping to not get hit so hard.

        I send virtual comfy blankets, tea, and a fierce calm to your friend because from my current experiences, they’re needed!

        • applepieskies, She’s got Venus in the 8th house like you as well. (Plus Mars). I offer the same gifts to you that you offer to her, but I have found by being around her that she practically THRIVES in the cliff-hangers and the intensity. With Pluto and Venus in your 8th house, you no doubt are no stranger either to times like this. You absolutely will survive.

          • Yes, I would agree that these circumstances are certainly when we thrive and even actively seek out. Stability just isn’t in the stars for us. (I also have a lot of aspects that declare emotional intensity and living life in a form of constant resurrection/transformation). When I was about 6, I declared Jupiter to be my best friend. I admired Jupiter’s ability to hold that constant storm, to hold it and be it, despite that desire for just one night of peace, of a cave to rest in. Jupiter carries on. As we both will.

            But we will not hesitate to admit of being in need of some tea and chocolate! ;-)

  14. I think Saturn is busy putting the kybosh on anything remotely fun in my life and I’m feeling strangely dispassionate about most things. Typically contrary of moi!

    • no I am fighting that too. strangely dispassionate then click into fire. I think that’s a big part of scorpio honestly. all and nothing, its very serious and intense, people really don’t get scorpio vibe cause of the sex tag I think but sex is almost a by product of the rest of the energy. like if shit isn’t feeding you, really feeding you deep inside it all comes out fierce and people start saying what their gut says or acting on repressed thoughts been locked up for ages. Saturn is in 12th for scorpio anyway so that is a whole other fish. monk fish.

      are you kataka or scorpio I can’t remember sorry.

      • I’m a Scorpio. Yep agreed on all points, a complete lack of grey area is what dictates my whole life. All or nothing in every way and I tend to be inpatient with people who don’t really understand. I think my Aries rising makes that even more obvious ha. Also really feeling that 12th house Saturn, gone from being the life and soul of every party to fantasizing about a shack in the middle of a wood, fasting and meditating. Tried to fight the astro but it’s taken over!

        • go with the grain,
          I am also finding 12th house knocking hard on my door, but I actually really like it (despite fighting it too at times). cleaning out on a whole new level. who doesn’t like evolving. get sacred xx

  15. My very close super Hot Sagg. invited me to go with her a another Hot Sweet Gemini to her Aunt’s country house for the Weekend. The Sagg. and I have never gone all the way ,have flirted and Kissed awhile back. I have always wanted her. We are close she thought it would kill the friendship. I am tempted to go. There is alot of tension any way. Should I Go???????? Capricorn on the rise

    • When wondering about should I or not,
      ask yourself ‘what’s the wrose that can happen’?
      If it won’t give you hives or you can’t die from it….
      do ti!

  16. It’s feeling like -a-new shoes,socks,underwear,suit,haircut,super job, healthier ego, cr-ea-tiv-ity galore coming my way…

    (In attempts to free myself of past limitations, everything I’m trying brings on a lot of the time weird reactions from people like why won’t my projections just stick on her already ? whine, whine, errr.) Ha Ha !

    …gonna- ground- myself- and- do- more- energy- work- and keep tossing the unsuitable out the window and let myself be the person I should have been years ago but lovin’- every- moment- transition and oh must make some money too.

    Don’t let bored people who are unwilling to self-actualize stick on you cause that’s just dead weight. Just say, um, no, go away, vamooses.

    • Me too! I’m good on the new super job and home improvements, plus relationship rut-busting, but I am not done with the overhaul. And yes, it goes as basic as new underwear and socks, but I also want a complete wardrobe overhaul, new makeups, and new bed linens! That’s gotta help usher in new bedmates, right???

  17. I have been spending the last few days in a deep funk style thingy. I ahve not gone to the gym in a few days. Would probably be better for me if I did.
    Mostly chain smoking (4 a day is a lot for me), drinking whiskey and darkly grumbling to myself.
    Things that I obsessively require:
    A new job- one that has normal hours, is full time with sick and annual leav, allows me a creative and intellectual outlet. It will also have a boss that is not a complete asshat. I have been looking for years and the inroads I was making into a new career paths just came to a grinding halt. I am getting sick of investing so much energy for no pay off.
    A new plaything (I have been lusting, lusting, lusting after ex. Nononononononono)

    Both of these issues are making me feel like I am wearing a sign saying ‘Chump’. And I am not one. I have my moments… but I have been slogging it for over 12 months now.
    Universe… give me a goddamn break.

    • Can i ask _and_ have a bit of tanty.
      Cos I think its mostly tanty at the moment. I was all set to get out of it, but I have just discovered that music awards that I was going to tonight (fancy dress, looking schmick… hoping for some hot stuff) will not be attended by the boss.
      He thinks we should all ‘start early with a few beers’ at week.
      … couch looking ever so tempting.

      • And its the first weeknd I have had off in over a month:(
        *pouts harder*

        • venus agogo – I’ve noticed that we have similar astro along the way and I completely relate with where you’re at … 12 mths, career stuckness, etc, so … commiserations … I try to remind myself that it is absolutely impossible for this to be a permanent stasis!? Have had a recent shift where I just can’t be bothered worrying about it anymore – fuq it.

          • I think you have hit the nail on the head FB…
            I got in my frock and then called up a mate and went to a tequila bar instead.
            This bar had a nice bar that was apparently hitting on me… did not notice until he had knocked off and we got our bill. I did no paying for any of my cocktails that night.
            Maybe the universe isn’t being mean… maybe I am just being unobservant.
            Please universe- lack subtly.
            I also spoke to my Fish man magician and he said “I believe in you… your time will come. Hurrying never did anyone any good”
            Which helped a lot. Strangely.
            I cleaned house. baked Lavender scones (which failed). Made a nice fritata, pounced around in the garden in the sunshine and started writing in my journal again.
            I also sprung a couple having loud sexy times in the alleyway outside my house last night. Scorp Tee Hee.
            I am feeling much less down… mainly cos i am being less hard on myself

  18. Well here’s how Mars and Venus have affected me. I’ve recently become a “courtesan” of sorts for two wealthy older men. They fly me out to whatever city they’re in and I get a certain amount of money each month. V and Min Scorp is in my eighth house, which hindsight makes perfect sense of this whole thing. It’s also awakened a few sides of me that laid dormant for awhile, especially in the arenas of sex and money. I also have a strange (and mutual) obsession with a Scorpio ex-lover. We don’t talk anymore and make every attempt to stay out of eachother’s way, but there’s something there that refuses to go away. I feel him even when I don’t see him. Later I’ll realize that he was around. Anyway, M and V in Scorp has been so much fun for me. I don’t want this transit to go away.

  19. Totally loving the Scorped up vibe. I’m turning heads and noticing them turn – without even trying. Three scrumptious sorts were fawning over me last night (granted I had just won an award and was holding a statuette) and the hottest of them planted me with an open-mouth congrats kiss. I am happy for Venus and Mars to stay right where they are for as long as they like!!

    • Awesome Lexi, heady champagne times for you! Singing and dancing is AWEsooome! (sorry am forced to view much Yo Gabba Gabba atm). Seriously very cool.

    • And for the acceptance speech a la Sally Field….”You like me, you really, really do like me!”

      “Yes Lex, we really do like and love you!


      • Actually, true story, was so shocked I went to say ‘oh my g…’ and stopped myself using the big G word, and instead it came out ‘oh my gaylord’
        WTF. I scare myself sometimes.
        Thankfully no tears but there was slight lip quivver…

        • My female gay housemate has a gay male friend. He has fake nails and while she thinks it weird I think it cute. Flutter away with those lashes!

          What was that song by George Harrison…”My Sweet Lord”…George never specified if his lord was straight or not, lol

      • SP snap!!

        is a long weekend here, with MAJOR house reconfiguration & indoor type weathe – so Fri night in was LOADS of 80’s films starting with Mrs Doubtfire …. which has since sparked litanies of …”you really like me” quipage!! xox

    • Thank u all!! xx
      has been such a wonderful week with praise and acknowledgement at every turn, seriously diggin it.
      and the hits keep coming, more fab news came flying in the door yesterday (Venus-mars currently in my 3rd) and I am actually dragging myself to a f*off dance party tonight, which is extremely rare for me but I figure trying new things (and Hims) is the theme of this month. I have feather false lashes for the occassion!! x

      • Get the distinct impression that Our (Gay) Lord has nothing to do with it, and that you really deserve all the kudos coming your way! Feather eyelashes and golden glitter all the way baby. Have a blast!

        • Was indeed BG, I never do those things so was fun to go… Get rained on… Get an eyeful and go home… Not very sleazy but dud the truck
          :-) x

  20. GENIUS venus in scorp in the 5th idea has come – a new tangent and one that can be mined until the proverbial bovines come home but mars also transhitting the 5th is making it hard to conceal my unbridled rage re a situation in which i am helpless in my work. Furious. I mean REALLY uranus and Jupes on the MC are giving my naturally anarchic styles a nudge. I’m feeling the way I used to when I was young enough not to know better about decorum. When I close my eyes all I see is a crossroads. Which I love because that’s potent but I also hate because that means the libran has to make a choice. I am SO whipping up some sigils, candles and incense this weekend.

    • how frustrating but exciting.. man I have to laugh at similarities at times. your writing style makes it easy for me to get it too. Teen upstart self has been having words in my ear re-anarchic pangs. I like to think the positive of page of swords keeps it young and fresh though ;) hope you get an answer in the circle.

      • mmm she nods re the similarities of mood and themes it’s a bit eerie sometimes – yours make me laugh because our responses to things are similar too shades or graduations of the same colour – we share some funny synastry – soldiers in the same trench hehehe. The gemini factor’s gotta be part of it – I can’t remember what else we share but there’s gotta be that generational jupiter pluto uranus late 60s thing in virgo at work as well. Is interesting.

  21. OMFG what a circus – 3 known lords of hotness presented themselves over the past week & yes (of course) managed (barely) to retain chastity but jeez is like spring sprang a ripper so much so bring on summer!!

    channeled any residual excitement into the new world biz order … & a mini-renovation. in between shinanigans that is. stoked Le Ram finally home this weekend. musta picked up on vibes hotness lords attempting to scent his territory sparking txt-a-thons from Arabia re gifts, stories & almost home-ness – yeah baby!!

    sheeesh the flattery doesn’t go unchecked tho – the other Aries, the martial artist & the Indy rock god – all remain unified in hotness, sensitivity, & being GREAT guys. was all a girl could dream of & more. each arriving unannounced & professing undying respect – & yes friendships were strengthened. but thus far – Le Ram won. as did I – in the evolution stakes. to be continued…..

    • Le thrill, rockstar! So Le Ram was a little psychic about the hotness beams you were emitting? Sounds a little familiar, tho slightly different dynamics. The Polish ex- who is not completely an ex- (a.k.a. the Aries who really isn’t an Aries because he’s got Saturn on his Mars) got a little psychic last weekend and was complaining about how he couldn’t sleep and he felt unwell . . . at about the same time that I was, um, attracting a lot more attention than I am accustomed to. A fine time to get all nostalgic and missing me, I thought. I would have loved to have soothed Polish ex-‘s brow, but, really, I’m thinking it’s too little, too late. Who was it who said on here recently that it’s more painful to go back than it is to move forward?

  22. October 1. New month, new 30-day trial. This one is going to be effictiveness of astro on personal development. Using MM’s daily, weekly, monthly for Aries & Scorp, and DM (bunging in Venusian advice also), I will note key themes and make all possible practical application for each day, even if it isn’t something I would normally do. I will be looking at, Does the astro for my signs have specific meaning for me, and, Does it matter as good suggestions are helpful in anyone’s life, so did I grow as a result of being more mindful due to daily reminders/suggestions.

    • if I may add a little adage? … trust your own intuition first and foremost, listen to your body, you create your own realisations so if you’re going to be mindful of anything, start to recognise the hidden hand within you rather than focusing on what’s going on “out there”. Would be interested to see what results you turn up at months end.

      • This one is not an inspiration/subjective reality type of thing. This one is specifically to see if ‘out there’ suggestions are helpful. I am looking for PD tools anyone can use easily and effectively. Your daily horoscope being one of them. But, yeah, ‘the hidden hand within you.’ Coolio stuff.

  23. I’m seeing the Scorping as a ruthless self honesty thing, without guilt or judgement attached. Just seeing The Truth as best I can given my current capabilities. Since Libra is in play it’s also the time for great shoes and handbags to soften the depth psyche. I started today by getting meself a new Olga da Polga handbag … oh hang on that’s a story about a guinea pig … I meant Olga Berg – but who cares! I love the handbag .. and the new scarf .. and the new bed linen.

    • Ruthless Honesty Prowlers is def not for the feint hearted, you know.
      It takes courage to admit some of the things we wished we had never done :-)

  24. New random male roommate is suspiciously, um……..IDEAL for me. But yeah, trying to not even go there. Danger.

  25. Mars ‘n’ Venus Scorping up my 5th house currently, apparently this makes one more ‘magnetic’.
    I suppose I am feeling more playful! But I am also feeling a little …savage too.

    This isn’t typical and I unnerved my family this week. *sighs twitchily*

    Need that Taurus Moon massage…

    • Darlin’ please massage yourself!
      Time out alone to give some energy back to yourself.
      A quick ‘breather': Place your left hand onto the middle of your
      chest (cleavage) where the spiritual heart resides (4th chakra),
      place your tongue upwards to the roof of your mouth (soft palette),
      and breath deeply in & out of that space, once you have your breath
      rythmn, direct the energy to crown of head (7th) then extend it to
      the universe-space with your tongue.
      Visualise a golden thread of energy going from your heart to your crown
      then back down thro’ your body & to the earth.
      Makes you feel very connected & balanced.
      Ask hubby for a luxurious foot massage….it’s his job!
      Your libido is running high….ground the feeling with some physicallity.

      Some strong exhales after the excersise thro’ the mouth as if you
      are blowing the energy down to your feet & down to the earth.

      • thanks Pegs – similar to drawing beam of light in thru crown, down thru each chakra & thu feat into earth deep into core of earth sprouting roots. also tres grounding.

        dreaming of massage – lifted everything in the house bar the piano & an industrial timber bookcase – left that to the burly Brazilian removal dudes.

        subsequently between shoulders feel as tho beaten with broomstick lol – got the drill out now – time to bore into brick & art direct new gallery layout …… how it’ll all fit god knows!!

        • exciting times rockstar! I have sun in 2nd house, so I dream houses all day long! lil’ bit envious but mainly excited for you!

      • Thank you Pegs, I haven’t meditated in so long (apart from chakra and house cleansing/protection). I used to love meditating once or better twice a day, I enjoy vipassana and visualisation techniques.

        Hubby has been ordered, now if I don’t fall asleep at 6pm with the kids like I did yesterday, I may get my massage!
        (I am sure I’d be friskier if I wasn’t so shattered)

        Thanks so much, I will use your technique. :P

        • Andie love, I don’t mean this to sound flippant or something, but you have been saying about your missing meditation on here a lot of late. You clearly need to go do it. I get the whole time/peace and quiet issue, but you must be getting some to be hanging out here. We won’t mind if you give us up for some clearly needed stillness. Or something similar you know. Stop talking about it, go do it.
          (please read that as sent with concern)

  26. Current Scorpy Venus-Mars only a few degrees away from Vertex in 5th and opposite Venus.

    Venus rules my 5th house in Libra, Mars, intercepted in 10th ruling Aries 11th.

    So here I am, doing some creative stuff instead of low Neppie.. Turning (Vertex) point. Child called (5th house) and Dad called his child (me) this morning…more 5th house.

    Daughter and I talked about our, more specifically my, 10th/11th house (Mars) stuff. Grateful that everyone came outta the word work to support!

      • I love it when you talk like that, Sweetie :-)
        All that techie stuff that i can never ever in a million
        years work out….ok maybe it will take a million years…..

        • haha, still schelping around the net listening to some old 80-90’s tunes. Never went higher than 9th grade math. Luckily, massage didn’t require much brains in that area…hehe Thank goodness for computers and the “machines” :)

  27. This Venus-Mars in Scorp biz: No to being involved in triangles, esp. where the points are all comprised of living, breathing people.
    So there.

    • In triangles of lovers….EVERYONE gets hurt or loses.
      That’s been my observation of that.
      Drop both & extricate yourself tout suite. Faster than quick.

      • Itawy Pegs. Having observed my surroundings, I just needed to put this into writing to self, ya know? Best to be alert.

  28. CORE…getting to the core of all is my new mantra of the mo
    for the Scorping…working the 8th house.

  29. just ran down to the art supplies store after early dinner date and overheard cutest conversation ala scorponic (with what I imagine will be me in 25 years)

    1st art lady
    – ah so how was your date then?

    2nd art lady
    – oh yes my gentleman friend whom I saw last night. well I spent the evening and it was all very pleasant company. wonderful company infact, then he text me this morning and thanked me for a good night and I replied, yes but there just wasn’t any spark there was there. the man is lovely but i’m afraid rather dull.

    even hot art ladies in their 50s are feeling dispassionate dating lol

    • :lol: oh that’s hilarious!! I feel the same – dispassionate. 4 more years before i become a 50 year old art lady.

          • thanks – yeah good – nothing great / nothing bad – a tepid day was had by all LOL yours is soon? You know after all that zap zone astro everything feels kinda mediocre with sudden flashpoints interspersed. Is weird.

          • love your new avatar scorpy.

            Happy Birthday whatevs I hope you are feeling less tepid soon! xx.

          • thanks andromeda!

            @whatevs – yep, I have a tepid birthday coming up in Nov. Will probably stay home by myself. Who wants to celebrate turning 46! Not I.

            No mediocrity in my neck of the woods. I feel like i’m experiencing another zap zone. I guess it’s to be expected with Pluto on my Asc and Saturn on my venus and Goddess knows what else. Ho-hum.

          • well, 46 is four years off 50! Not ready to be 50 yet, not ready for menopause either but i’m preparing myself. *sigh*

    • oh dear, I didn’t mean this to come off ageist. Twas only the fact they were giggling like schoolgirls after statement that made age reference at all. was really cool to see

      and boy they were sassy dressers!! pure grace and sass. prrrr

      totally agree with rlp – 50 years young

      • it didn’t come across ageist at all. Good to hear 50 years young ladies have standards. I know I won’t be letting go of mine in a hurry.

      • Ms nothing ageist w yr post at all – good story!!

        I hear boring 20 or 30 somethings signing their freedom points away with dullard step by step life expectations. yawn/ That’s old. then am blessed by an inspirational 60-something being liberated & totally HOT & I immediately embrace aging with gusto!!

  30. Productive long weekend. Ducked wine, (wo)men & song – even a music festival – the lure of The Dandy Warhols was strong believe me!! – currently 98% thru reconfiguring house.

    HUGE office purge & relocated to other end of house. EVERY book/object off shelf revisited & cleaned or recycled, filled halfa skip with defunct client & admin records. Fueled by deep satisfaction with new spaces, & memories galore revisiting ‘stuff’ / objects – happy memories…. photos / books / ppl / times ….. that pandoras box activated by bein surrounded by ones possessions / life.

    Had been guiding no 1 client thru entirely new biz concept, & she chimed in on Saturday in crux of dilemmas re way forward. as a rule don’t take client calls on weekends – but she’s the exception – supremely gifted, clever & total go-getter plus excellent odds should this take off pretty hot potential pour moi intellectually AND financially if I build myself into the plan. She called again Sunday – to thank me & in genuine appreciation for my guidance, support & ‘genius concepts’. being appreciated is rewarding in itself non?

    By this stage feeling pretty damn fantastic.
    LOVING new cobalt wall in new office with fave classic 20th design pieces against it – looks HOT!! Ready now to commence synopsis of my book series.
    Feeling MUCH lighter ridding office of forest worth of no longer required paper – shredder working over time. boxes of books recylced to those who’d use / appreciate.
    Wardrobe purged – & house deposit worth of designer duds ready for our next fleamarket (will post link for December fleamarket for those in Sydney…. 10 stylists/creatives selling props/their stuff)

    Then psychic flash.
    Acted on it & bingo – found my diamond ring!!!!!!!
    Reward from the sky that great things are in action.
    So happy & no longer doing head in as didn’t feel ‘LOST’ but had prepped to accept perhaps inadvertently been thrown out ….

    No Power Drill out rehanging the art gallery, dusted off the crates of vinyl & then off for mani pedi reward for enduring Le Grandest Schlep.

    then Le Ram jets back into camp tomoz …..

    …….& so the merry goes round ;-) xox