Saturn For The People

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Obey Giant

You know, quite apart from what it does to Librans, the Libra bits in your chart and relationships in general, Saturn-in-Libra can be all about social justice and fairness for all, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, class background, religion etc. There is a purity and beauty to Saturn (exalted) in Libra that we may well see manifest as major societal shifts for the better. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

if old paradigms are just irrelevant and dysfunctional, leading to a less dynamic workforce and potential inefficiency, why shouldn’t Saturn in Libra help to give them the flick?

Also, how many of you are thinking in terms of beginning or furthering really cool partnerships – i mean, apart from the fab fresh civilized love paradigm ideal of Saturn in Libra – like creative partners, better help & advisers, working in tandem with another to brilliant effect.

Because that is good Saturn in Libra in motion.  Saturn is biz and Libra is partnership…

34 thoughts on “Saturn For The People

  1. Having finally accepted that my old funk has to go/end. Its time for the new and authentic. I’m real scared. Though in truth it is now more painful to go back than it is to move forward. So bring on the balance. I shall work with and embrace it.

  2. “we may well see manifest as major societal shifts for the better” – this is sounding awesome, go Saturn go!!!!!

  3. Well it’s sure as hell activating my natal Saturn in Libra and the ridiculous stellium of Libra I have going on to be even more hysterically in need of life being ‘fair’. Even in normal, less Libran times I go cross eyed at the thought of anything unjust but at the moment, ugh.

    • But yes, forgot to say that absolutely thinking more about partnerships in the broader sense, especially with creative endeavors which is very unlike me.

  4. Yes please Saturn on the large scale change for the people. But gently please with a bit of magic, nothing to drastic just a series of really good choices from the people in the big boots as well as all us in the little boots.
    Bring on the new harmonic world!!

  5. hell yeah!!

    in past fortnight Taura client 1. disassembled her design studio & we’re about to launch brand new concept upon her return from the tropics
    then collaborator 2 – Libby larrikin – & I cooked up mobile Vintage Fair concept going live in a nano-sec

    plus am starting to shoot my book next week / & moving office & Arian gay husband moves in …..

    ALL BRAND new ways of working / living / operating ….. utterly overloaded from attempting pull it all off – & NOT in mood for bday this week ……

    • PS – began collecting Shepard Fairey in late 90’s – following OBEY / Andre the Giant bill posters thru Harajuku & falling into THE BEST rock poster gallery that – to this day – have ever been to!!

      Returned with ‘The Giant Rock n Roll Swindle’ (Sex Pistols OBEY) – later adding ‘OBEY Vicious Subversion’ (Sid Vicious OBEY) & OBEY Motorhead – can see them from where I type.

      He was arrested at his own show (for graffiti) – Chicago Museum ? – 1st street artist to have retrospective or something … the only work am not nuts about is the Obama image – probly cos its been so OVERUSED!

      • Gee I’m awfully sorry, Sid memorabilia made by Fairey in 2001 is just.. just.. rgrgrgrhrrgrgrggrh.. must.. remain.. calm.. when.. ripoff posers are cannibalizing my generation’s icons…

        Let me show you something that Fairey can never make, something totally original and authentic. I put the lapel of my leather jacket on my scanner so you can see it:

        That is a button I purchased in Feb 1979, about a week after Sid died. It has been on the lapel of my leather jacket pretty much continuously since then. It is almost illegible, it is scratched, dented, and has nearly faded away in the 31 years since I first wore it, so you can barely read what used to be a bright red inscription, “Sid Vicious No Future.”

        Shepard Fairey was 8 years old when I bought that button.

        • Charles – yr comment sounds like my bfrnd – grimacing at new media interps of stuff he holds sacred & i gently remind him his paintings give more than a nod to Francis Bacon (& Brett Whitely)…..

          your jacket looks cool. love it!!

          I sit around Shep’s age & was in grade school when Sid kicked it, not knowing what heroin was …
          even so I have several original ISLAND record pressings of each of my Sex pistols albums, god knows what they’re worth but aint selling – the Shep Sid stuff I got was in the 90’s & agree it’s over done now but I keep my collection as it represents a time in my life – snowboarding in Japan in the 90’s when I found OBEY!

          reappropriating (is that a word?!!) images of icons is nothing new – my aunt winged at Warhol churning out Liz Taylors.

          the beauty of art is remains in the eye of the beholder – even when it comes to a graphic designer who practises street art with posters. ;-)

      • Coincidently, just emailed daughter today about Libran baby doll g.d’s birthday the 5th. “What’s her fave colors right now fashion wise? What’s her latest cool toy crush?” 9 years old soon and different things/interests going on. Fun stuff like that. Saturn will be coming up to conjunct her Sun and will need to look into that as pertaining to a youngin’.

        Am hoping daughter and I can collaborate on my writing material so that’s a partnership of a creative type.

        • Oh, what I think is very interesting about my g.d and Saturn is that my son in law is trying to adopt her and it’s getting ugly (per Gem daughter. Court date tomorrow). He’s raised her since she was four and been a great guy (Pisces Sun, Leo Moon but Saturn is conjunct his Leo Moon so he’s a bit more subdued/chill than over proud at times Pisces, Leo Moon-Mars ex).

          But I think this holds a key to trans. Saturn coming up to conjunct her Sun as she has Saturn retrograde in her natal and according to Noel Tyl, this can mean that the father, or a father type figure was absent in some way. I’m grateful Son in law is there for her as her real father owes $40,000 in child support…yeek gads..

        • Well, on your birthday it’s YOUR day so knock em all out!! :)

          The Solar Return is when the Sun returns to your birth position degree. Astrodienst has a chart for the Solar Return on their drop down and will calculate it for you automatically.

          The house the Sun is in in your S.R. chart is the theme for the coming year. And the ~Ascendant~ of the S.R. brings that sign and house of your natal to “first house importance”- Kim Falconer. She has a wonderful section on Returns and I’ve learned much from her (like our lovely MM).

          Some astrologers don’t care much for the Solar Return but it’s been pertinent for me. The year I moved my Mom out with me my S.R. had her exact North Node degree and sign on my S.R. Ascendant. My Saturn conjuncted her NN and I was her caretaker until she passed (I had a soul agreement on some level no doubt and often felt like ~her~ parent even as a kid or, at least felt responsible even if dysfunctional at times ). Anyway, it was eerily accurate and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. x

          • I’ll give it a whirl – the astrodienst stuff plays havoc with my dyslexia (really) ….. is so frustrating when can grasp complex theories but when numbers & angles are involved my brain scrambles….. will have a crack anyways – thanks SP xox

        • I did one for this year. I’m not sure I completely get how to use/intergrate, but it is kinda interesting to look at. Got a Scorpy Asc to manage.
          I second Kim being wonderful/super helpful with regard to them, and she recently advised me she’ll be doing solar returns charts again soon. Like the beginning of Oct.
          Sounds like stuff is going off in your world Rockstar.
          I bet you’ll manage a rockstarish birthday no matter how hetic your week has been :)

          • shell- good tip – will get Kim to do it!! thanks for the heads up …..

            Le Ram bought us tix to Peter Hook (Joy Division) & co here playing entire Unknown Pleasures album + other Joy Division gems – but he’s o/s on a job & most of my besties are either too you to get it or away somewhere fabulous – so yet to locate my gig buddy for sat nite!!

          • I’m going to that on fri. Mega excited! Sounds like a fab birthday treat now matter who you take. I’m sure they’ll be lining up to accompany you when the words out.

  6. That pix looks like Angela Davis, activist and double Aqua.

    ~We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.~

    • omg, my gemini friend and I have just been talking about that all morning.

      i could go on….

  7. Sweetpea, come on now, I know we both have compassionate pisces rising BUT I AINT STEEWPID!

    How about trading secrets on both?

        • Oh gee darling thanks but actually, over the weekend, I did a Sabian Symbol Oracle question about my path and it said I have to give some stuff up, was terribly accurate (question was about my writing/book) and I’ve felt my guides guiding me lately. Surely tho I can play a bit after work at Mystic’s? Have been terrible about staying up late lately tho and been paying for it a bit.

          11:00 pm Cali time and off to bed. x

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