Sagg Moon Rebel

Douglas Friedman

Sod the stupid guests and fuq staying indoors on a beautiful day.  Who stands around talking social rot when all i want to do is be free and be me again. Screw social constructs and bourgeois expectations. All i need is enough money to fly to a fab beach. Hopefully by the Full Moon.  Or snow-boarding. In Japan. I feel like the temple space. I always meet the best people in temples.

24 thoughts on “Sagg Moon Rebel

  1. Hell yeah.. wonder if I just switched off my computer and walked out.. would I be noticed.
    Incidentally my very industrious Sag sister-in-law.. who bought her first house at 21.. gasp! Told me that she has trouble going to airports as she always has an irresistable urge to run to the nearest International counter and just buy a ticket to go.. there is her Saggieness…

  2. I’ve scored Neptune in the 9th house, only thing in Sagg, and I now have serious Sagg envy !

  3. Wagged it until 3pm today and enjoyed it hugely. Am now at my desk, actively procrastinating!

  4. yeh, mutables – feeling the freedom??!…. Spent the day with the kids frolicking on the beach!! yay for the sagg moon – ALWAYS!!…
    Mystic – always finds the coolest pics of gorgeous models doing the archer thing?!! love it….

    • Love the pix too, Mystic – but next Saggo moon, can also we have some pix of bareback riding types who look as if they and the horse are one? Sagg Sun tightly conjunct mercury and pandora, here, but sadly, I discovered that I suck at archery…
      Bats about horses, though…one of the most exhilarating, and homecoming experiences of my life was the first time I had one take enormous fright at a rabbit or something and bolt on me – for miles, it seemed – and having to grip legs like mad (no saddle) and get right down low with my arms around its neck to stay on/avoid low-hanging branches. So much power and will and freedom underneath me, and no choice but to hang on for dear life till its adrenalin was all run out. Had grin from ear to ear for days afterward. Side-benefit: best thigh workout ever…

      • been there….nothing like a riding a horse going at full bolt to make you realise their strength! and stubbornness…when they don’t stop. all you can do is like you say…duck the branches and hope like hell they don’t stomp into a rabbit hole or ditch! or swerve suddenly and you find yourself winded and dazed sitting on the ground wondering wtf happened! lol

  5. I have been completely swamped by unwholesome, x-rated thoughts of the New Toro, who happens to have moon in Sagg. how am i supposed to read boring work reports in this state of mind?

  6. I’ve a lot of work on but last week felt the fun factor was missing. So today I met a couple of friends i’d not seen all year and walked along the beach and had coffee then one left and after taking 40 minutes to say goodbye in the car park the other friend and decided to go and have another coffee. A very good day. Then I read this by Mystic and understood that something was in the air today.

  7. my beautiful sag sister flew out heading for the greek islands today! i’m soooo incredible jealous sooo excited for her!!

  8. Oh dear, i must confess this Sagg Moon + Mars Scorp must be making me more upset than I should be…

    My bro-in-law was very cold to me at a family do the other day and he made no friendly noises at my baby, who he has never met and is now 8 months old.

    I feel so hurt, I made such a fuss of their child when he was born. Ugh, Taurus with Leo Moon and Cancer Asc, he’s just so up himself and moody. Feel angry now.
    Kataka sis has decided that she doesn’t want to talk to my other sis and I except at family gatherings, but that is her decision and nothing to do with him. Yuk vibes. I feel so cross, but must do right thing.
    Little nephew may want a relationship with my boys one day.

    • I’m sorry to hear all that Andromeda. When I had my first, my sister in law did not speak to me for a year! I used to walk along, strolling the baby feeling very hurt. My neighborhood was apparently not good enough to park her Corvette either. Eventually she apologized but alienated everyone meanwhile. She was very spoiled but she could not buy a baby. Sadly, she ended up losing her first.

      Things have a way of working themselves out in the wash. I used to just stand back and watch and time always did tell….


      • Thanks Sweetness. Your sis in law sounds special. :o

        Yes, I hoped the sis having a baby would soften, but it only highlighted her issues.

        She is Cancer, Rising Virgo, Moon in Leo. (Her hub being Toro, Cancer Asc, Leo Moon).
        Sis & her hub remember every slight, real or imagined (pride of Leo Moon) and harbour grudges (Cancer) for yeeeeeaaaars (all that earth). It’s amazing how well they evade the truth of their own behaviour while focusing on others.

        Actually my mum said something similar, that your behaviour also reaps results eventually, that they will have to live with that. Harsh words from her gentle Scorpio mouth!

        I am just astounded by the anglo coldness and resentfulness. Must say I am always surprised, after living in south america by this culture in a family. And it’s my own family!

  9. Can’t say I’m feeling it. I have Sat-Ur conj in Sag, but the whole “fuck it-and-run” thing isn’t so appealing these days.


  10. Only Sagg I have is Sagg in Saturn, and doesn’t Sagg in Saturn cancel Saturn out? ‘Cause every time Saturn is all, We should do this..we should do that, Sag says, Why bother? It will al work out somehow. Let’s go do something else! It’s in my money sector which means I like to buy exotic things and give my money away and know with certainty there’ll be more tomorrow. But I do hate clothes shopping. Probably because I haven’t been doing it on a Libra moon.

  11. oOo how similiar thoughts consume me with Moon in Sagg. However, my Sun in Virgo always seems to snap me back into reality whether I wish to be or not. The moment I balance these signs will be the day my reality and dreams become one.


  12. Ha! MM’s Daily scope for today is SPOT ON. Says I might hear from someone sudden communique, or flash from someone out of bounds.

    Just spent the last hour with 3 mediums who asked me to come in “for practice”. They’ve not worked together before. So I did. And yep! ‘Suppose ancestors from Scotland count as “out of bounds”?

    Was fascinating. I’m adopted and know nothing about my birth family except that one side is Scots/Irish and the other English/German. I did not tell the mediums this, except that I was adopted. Some interesting tidbits came through and I have much to ponder. Nothing glamorous, no communiques from Mary of Scots or William Wallace saying I’m really royalty. But good stuff all the same. Feel like I’ve got a Big Vision –which is what my Sagg rising loves!!

    Btw, I did not schedule this; they set the date. AND the Jupiter/Uranus she-bang is happening right on the end of my 3rd/beginning 4th house cusp. VERY COOL.